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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Zaid 'Zico'Ibrahim

Zaid Ibrahim has won brownie points with the opposition. Also among those who are critical of the government. He’s Da Man. Way to go Zaid.

Sakmongkol says lets not rush in with puppy love excitement. The man has only sent in his resignation letter. He says he has done it as a matter of principle. One swallow does not make an Indian summer.

He has done the right thing. That does not evaporate all the bad things he has done before. He hasn’t got enough nominations to stand as head in the UMNO Kota Bharu division. Why is he reviled in his own backyard? Because those people know better that the John Q public or the man on the Clapham Omnibus, who is easily smitten by this one concession, who the real Zaid is.

Zaid has been found guilty of money politics. And he has not been punished for that. He has engineered the very secretive back room deal of paying some sacked and some-sacked-then reinstated judges a lot of money. He has been a loose cannon in Pak Lah’s cabinet ruffling feathers here and there.

In fact his resignation is causing more problems for the already beleaguered Pak lah. If he accepts the resignation, that might give credence and legitimacy to the perception that the ISA is a repressive and draconian piece of legislation. If he insists Zaid stays, that will cause rifts in his cabinet which is already a house divided.

So Sakmongkol’s question is, Is Saul also among the Prophets?


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