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Wednesday 3 September 2008

UMNO! Renew thyself or Die.

It is now common knowledge that Pak Lah has nominated Dato Najib as his heir apparent. In 2010, Dato Najib will take over as UMNO president.

What kind of party condones such an arrangement? More prominent people than I have said that there is no provision in the UMNO constitution that allows such kind of picking leaders. UMNO has 3.5 million registered members and each year over 2000 delegates attend the annual general assembly. In their hands alone, rests the right to decide on UMNO and its future. And they carry in their bosoms, the voice of the common Malay man.

Ah…a right. In my humble opinion, a right is earned, fought for, defended and expanded. It is never and must never be thought of as something given to you. If something is given, it of course can be taken. This is the fate that has fallen onto the right to elect the UMNO leadership.

The acceptance of this power transfer arrangement tells a great deal about what UMNO has become. It is becoming an intolerant party, cowed by its own members. UMNO is afraid of its own shadow. Hence, the secrecy and urgency to strike a deal between the top leadership of UMNO to stave off, challenges from the road masses.

And it has also shown to us what UMNO or its leadership has become. An organisation that has been corrupted by the baneful influences of power and easy living. Years of docile acceptance and unquestioning deference has turned UMNO into an un-robust and un-rugged generation.

Can this kind of party with an effeminate leadership lead our country into the future? The hastiness by which the power transfer plan was carried out, suggests strongly, that the leadership is only interested in saving Pak Lah and Dato Najib. The survival of UMNO, the party, is of secondary concern. It must also be based on the premise, that the survival of UMNO depends on Pak Lah and Najib.

It is just not in the nature of things in an open competitive society, to nominate one’s successors. The essential feature of an open competitive society is to allow for the maximum choices be made available to UMNO members. What has happened is just another example of an Henry Ford job- you can have any colours you want, as long as its black. That translates into- you can have any leaders you want as long as it’s Najib.

Such a proposition is beset with its own internal fallacies. Many things have been said about Najib, in particular his character, that I do not wish to repeat. To me the greatest fallacy is to assume that the future of UMNO depends on the character of one person. This is wrong.

Whereas UMNO’s main interest was to make available to us, long before the exit of the present leaders either voluntary or forced, a whole bunch of leaders with the steely resolve, determination and capabilities that are needed for political leadership.

What do we see in the proposition that the top two posts in UMNO must not be contested? Why only the top two? Why not the whole 25 member strong supreme council? You see, this kind of arrangement, self serving to many, goes fast and well down the lines. Hence at division and branch levels, the same modus operandi operates. No competition for top posts. If there are challenges, then reprisals such as that exemplified by Othman Jais’s Palong Timur branch will happen.

Just stop for a moment and ponder what is really happening. This kind of shamefaced political manoeuvrings have become a habit in UMNO. When it becomes a habit what happens? The creative and imaginative parts of the human being are stifled. What happens afterward?

UMNO induces its own rigor mortis!.

And so my fellow UMNO brethren, ask yourselves. Do you want to save UMNO?


Anonymous,  3 September 2008 at 20:43  

On one hand, the "destruction" of the existing UMNO if Anwar aka Katak King grabs federal power may be the beginning of a renewal. ;)

Anonymous,  4 September 2008 at 17:45  

hey, don't blame the messenger, in this case the members. it's the tradition of umno and the feudalistic system of traditional malay hierarchy. we need to preserve tradition, we're eastern people, we have our ancient values that must be preserved at all cost.

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