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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 6 September 2008

Our Pious wishes

Our pious and virtuous wish is for PKR to wrest power democratically. Meaning, if you want to topple the present government, do it the dignified way. Through general elections.

Our pious and virtuous way to carry out leadership change in UMNO is through the ubiquitous way of direct negotiation.

One, we insist on general elections. In the other, we say it is alright. It’s the tradition. We support tradition.

The PKR people and the would be renegades and turncoats will say, they answer to a higher cause.

If our answer is to encourage our people to desert us, when the going gets tough, it is also possible for the leaders to abandon us, right?

I am with those, who stand up and fight.

Pious and virtuous wish? Just a comforting thought.


Anonymous,  7 September 2008 at 06:32  

Yeah, Malay/ Islamic leaders in this challenging time could well learn from the indomitable spirit of Tok Janggut (the picture of his dead body being hanged upside down by the civilised British now widely circulated), Lt Adnan (already on film), the mass Malay movement against Malayan Union...(the long list of real fighters of modern time and historial counterparts can go on and on).

Some would even argue Azhari should also be on the list. Do you agree?

Never mind. The best model of all time is Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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