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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 22 September 2008

Sakmongkol on a political Whodunit.

besides Muay Thai, Sakmongkol loves Sherlock Holmes. Picture of the book he has.

Sakmongkol cannot wait until Mr. anonymous finishes his story. Since he wishes to remain incognito, we shall call him Mr Anon. Mr. Anon has posted a series of comments on the political scene. He has posted them on Sakmongkol’s blog. It has 4 parts at this time of writing. Sakmongkol has re-produced them verbatim as feature articles. The title of the series was named as Political Whodunit. His intention is to open up a debate on the postings by this Mr Anon. it has become more nail biting than an Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller.

It tells us, of the following main points.

  1. That UMNO is in the throes of death. Some say, it is in comatose. Its main cause is the decaying forces from within. They take the form of internecine wars between the UMNO warlords.
  2. The only way to re-constitute UMNO , reform it, rejuvenate it, is to allow UMNO to die. Readers will remember that Sakmongkol has posted an article, shall we do a Kervokian on UMNO. It tells us the story about euthanasia- or doctor assisted demise. Mr. Anon has responded by posting his comments there. The result of his action has now placed everyone of us in suspense and some agitated.
  3. Now, the doctors assisting the death of UMNO are the honest to goodness Pak Lah and Khairi Jamaludin. The euthanasia on UMNO shall be done in both manners, i.e. passively, by Doctors Abdullah Badawi and the Oxford trained Khairy Jamaludin.
  4. It shall also be done the aggressive euthanasia way by Dr. Anwar ‘Mengele’ Ibrahim. Remember the story ‘The Boys from Brazil’ starring Gregory Peck as Dr Angel of Death, Hans Mengele who injected boys with some substance to turn them into blue-eyed Aryans? Yes the same Gregory Peck who played Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird( the story so well loved by our blogger friend, that connoisseur of the English Language, Mat Bangkai). Well, in our case, Anwar Ibrahim will undoubtedly inject some enthusiasm in the new emerging UMNO that will be headed, as per the scheme of Mr Anon, Khairy Jalmaludin.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Whodunit series, are vainglorious attempts to recast Khairi Jamaluddin as the emerging force within UMNO. Mr Anon appears to be in a hurry to force a conclusion. His analysis appears to be a rush job and disjointed at that. That the man, UMNO can rely to salvage UMNO is Khairy. This high speed attribute makes the whole story seem rushing and desperate to acquire self fulfilling prophecy overtones.

The UMNO which Mr Anon describes is an UMNO The Day After. It is the successor of the UMNO which has been despatched by Anwar Ibrahim’s aggressive euthanasia.

Mr Anon projects the image of khairy as the man who will one day lead a re-constituted UMNO sans the warlords, sans the old guard, sans Najib and leaders of the same genus.

Sakmongkol wishes to suspend judgement as to the exuberant way Mr Anonymous has painted Abdullah an Khairy. Clearly, this is a blatant attempt to recast these two central figures in favourable light in the unfolding drama. Hence, the benign phrase that Pak Lah is a nice fellow etc. and Khairy of course as the brain box being Oxford trained and all that.

That aside, Sakmongkol agrees with the observation as to the character of UMNO. If Mr Anon is an UMNO insider and who walks on the fringes of the corridors of powerful people, his admission of the ills that are ravaging UMNO now serves to do this. It would confirm once and for all that UMNO is nothing but an elitist political party, dominated as always, from the beginning, by powerful party bosses.

Leadership in UMNO then becomes a race among those not civil of men to secure control of the party and then extract as much benefits and gains as possible. Subsequently the spoils and loot of incessant power struggles would be shared among enforcers and foot soldiers.

In the meantime, the meek public, always fearful of reprisals and at the same time dependent on the vast protection racket devised by the Mafiosi dons, received the one thing that has been elevated to the status of all important life giving elixir- PROTECTION.

Hence UMNO is the only defender of RELIGION, RACE and COUNTRY.

The writer would have us believed that the principal protagonists in UMNO, Pak lah and khairi have been sent down to earth to save UMNO from itself. The question that follows then, is what has UMNO done that merits saving by such elaborate scheme? By positing Pak Lah and Khary in such a favourable light, ignoring the fact that these two are part of the UMNO problem, Mr Anon really wants to salvage whatever semblance of credibility is left from these two players.

Whereas in reality, UMNO finds itself in total disarray today is because of Pak Lah’s flaccid leadership. That leadership is further weakened by the schemings and machinations of the young, ambitious and reckless Khairy Jamaludin.

That UMNO has become rancid and bad because of political warlordism is also true. That would suggest on the reverse and quite to the contrary to Mr Anon’s thinking, the need for strong and resolute and determined leaders, ruthless in political finishing, to unite the dispersing forces that are pulling UMNO apart. But it is mischievous for Mr. Anon to suggest that Khairy Jamaluddin fits the bill.

To be continued- in the spirit of the serialised thinking of Mr. Anon.


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