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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 19 February 2023

Selected topical issues.

1. Each week, I hope to comment on several chosen subjects. These may form extended articles later.

2. For this time, I have chosen to comment on:-
A. The recent umno cleansing.
B. Kjs blonde moment when he says he wants to be PM.
C. Nurulizzahs appointment as econ advisor.

3. We should not be rolling on the floor and pulling our hair about what happened, is happening, and what is going to happen to umno. They have no bearing on the destiny and fate of the malays and Malaysians.

4. It's not as though, the sky will fall down, or we will suffer Armageddon, if umno perishes. The umno people, who a high opinion of themselves, would like to believe that if umno sneezes, the whole of Malaysia, catches a cold.

5. The fact is, umno is fast becoming irrelevant, and it's recent pau and the ensuing events, showed its just hosting a huge Tupperware party where umno idiots were jostling with each other showing their idiotic remarks.

6. The great purge is normal. Political bloodletting and cupping are carried out to remove irritants.

7. Hence, the purge is just zahids way to remove threats to his absolute leadership. The purge took the form of mkts approval to give it a semblance of collective decision. In fact, that was what Herr zahid wanted personally.

8. The purge is a normal thing, and we shouldn't be alarmed. This is because, it's expectable, predictable and foreseeable.

9. In his amanat president, zahid alluded to the existence of 10 traitors. Obviously he was not going to tickle their feet with soft feathers. He was going to smash their feet and shins with a kayu berlian stick

10. The purged dirty dozen knew what exactly was coming to them. Their utterances and conduct either breached party discipline or are regarded prejudicial to the political health of IL presidente.

11. The rouge umno elements, the main leaders, behaved in their own bizarre ways.

12. Khairi jamaludin and noh Omar behaved like the baung fish out of water. Hishamudin was more obtused and sulked like a petulant child having his lollipop snatched. He let his sembrong division go under the guillotine. Very selfish of him.

13. Would the exit of these rouge elements, harm umno? In my opinion, it would hasten the irrelevance of umno.

14. Thus, I find Ismail sabris admonition that umno must change(read zahid must go) is akin to the house is already completed, the chisel is now making noise. The reality is, umno is already brain-dead.

15. As a result of the purge, would the main leaders of the revolt, joined pn for instance? I don't think so, for that would confirm what Zahid said, was true all along. The purge would only hasten umnos implosion.

16. The other reason why the purge and cleansing was normal, is because the rot in umno is part of the big picture

17. The big picture, which I refer to, is that all dynastic rule will inevitably come to an end when it loses the mandate of heaven. There is, therefore, nothing to fret about it.

18. The dynastic rule of umno comes to pass, when it loses the mandate of heaven. It is done in by its own internal contradictions. Chiefly by corruption, internal dissension and ceaseless internal squabbles.

19. The ancient Chinese call it was losing heaven's mandate. The modern Chinese, especially under the CCP, stated that what is united event becomes disunited. The whole will break up.

20. If you look at business cycles theory, umno is at the bottom trough now. How long the trough is, timewise, is anybody's guess. The longer, the better.

21. We can see signs that umno is finished. It's leader, Najib, is imprisoned. That represents what is to become to its other leaders. We see a lot of natural disasters -floods and COVID. Umno doesn't know how to handle these. Most fatal, is that people no longer believed in the vulgar and tawdry nationalism it pedals . Umno lost heavily in pru15

22. The end of umno does not mean the end of the malays. We don't carry the sins of umno leaders. We don't own them, therefore we shouldn't be defending umno.

23. When Najib was imprisoned, did the sky over Pekan fall down? Did we see people lining up on the sultan Abu bakar bridge to jump into the pahang river? It's no Armageddon for us. Apocalyse did not come.

24. So if umno closes shop, don't get upset over it. Let the people who just got their puberty wailed over it. The end is a natural eventuality of a natural phenomenon. It's losing the mandate of heaven. It's united, becoming disunited. Umno is at the bottom trough of the business cycle.

25. We only ask, why was Ismail sabri spared the chop? He was because he didn't utter the forbidden words-challenging numbers 1 and 2. If he did, he too would be given the boot. Perhaps, too, a certain decorum was given to him as he is a vice president.

26. Nevertheless, he already has 1 foot at the door. His conduct is politically life-threatening the zahid. He will be suspended eventually.

27. Of the suspended and sacked, the noisiest is KJ. He remains a darling of various sycophantic websites, manned by just reached puberty 2 bit journalists

28. He even got support from an oily and soapy refugee blogger who described him(lol) as a PM in waiting (for Godot).

29. He is a legend in his own mind . Perhaps his manhood is too big for his breeches. He has emerged like a drowning man, with arms flailing. He is a danger to anyone coming near him .

30. Those sacked or suspended, including KJ, got an epiphany. That umno is undemocratic, intolerant of dissent and impervious to change. I got news for them. Umno has always been like that.

31. He has issued so many mindless statements. He is a slippery fellow .

32. He says everything is on the table, but no one's looking at them. His compliant websites positioned himself alongside Nurul izzah and Rafizi, saying this the best combination for Malaysia. To play marbles?

33. That's typical of the highbrow umno people. They think their inclusion in any team would elevate the value of any grouping. Let's see how will the value of some radio djs become.

34. I think the best choice, is for KJ to form a new distinct political party. Then we can see how is the support of this sivaji.

35. What if Lee Kuan Yew had not chosen hsien loong to eventually become Singapore PM? What if the senior lee were weak-kneed and succumbed to the sceptics and doomsayers who said, it smacked of nepotism?

36. Then Singaporeans would be robbed of the leadership of lee hsien loong. Singapore would suffer the Malaysian disease. The country would be run on corruption, ineffeciency and the principles of unmeritocracy.

37. Similarly, if pm Anwar had succumbed to the naysayers and sanctimonious cynics, Malaysians would be denied nurulizzahs imprimatur. We would be worse off.

38. Most of the criticisms against nurulizzahs appointment, rest, basically, on the accusation of nepotism. It was nepotism per se, pure and simple, it was morally wrong, it undermines the governments' effort to create a clean government and so on.

39. To me, such criticisms were an application of overzealous prejudice and perhaps even envy.

40. The criticisms and cynicism have reached ridiculous proportions, to the point of defining MADANI as mummy and daddy appoint Nurulizzah.

41. The nepotism we are talking about is the appointment of blood relatives to any office without academic qualifications, other than being blood related.

42. It's a gloss of the ascribe status all over again, where, because you are of the same bloodline, you are assumed to have the same good qualities.

43. That's a load of rubbish, of course. Rich boy Najib is the son of tun razak. Obviously, he doesn't have the humbling qualities of Pekan boy tun razak, but more qualities of a bugis pirate.

44. That is also the nepotism subscribed to by pompous and ivory towerish utopian idealists.

45. Inadvertently, they perpetuate the very mischief we want to exterminate-reckless government spending in the forms of corruption, abuse of office and wastage.

46. Nurulizzahs appointment must be differentiated on the following grounds.
She is qualifed.her being born as the daughter of PMX, is but an accident of nature.
We can benefit from her Hawkeye scrutiny of reckless government spending in the forms we stated above.
She does not receive any salaries., I have y read an article by a former civil servant about this. He has qualifications in finance, accounting and a doctorate in economics. Did the mountain-full of qualifications stop the government's financial shenanigans? They did not.

48. Most likely, clever people cleverly conceal the massive government as justifiable. They do not have a disdain for corruption n.

49. As to the criticisms of the utopian idealists, I never heard a murmur about nepotism when umno people appoint their sons, daughters and children in law to posts. Nor did I hear any pious criticisms when businesses were given to blood relatives.

50. PMx should just ignore the braying of these sanctimonious bastards and be firm on his intolerance of corruption, abuse of office and wastage. Let not his seriousness about zero tolerance of these evils just be argle- bargle talk. He must walk the talk.

51. So appoint nurulizzah or anyone for that matter, if he wants to pursue wasteful spending. This objective overrides any misplaced idealism by utopian dreamers

52. There you are, I have spoken on thei issues of umno purge, dj premier KJs blonde moment and nepotism as regards nurulizzahs appointment. Perhaps these will form the basis of extended articles later.


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