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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 31 August 2021

A Personal Interlude: Raub, Temau and Kg. Budu.

1. Many people thought I was born in Raub. I was the MP during the 13th parliament

2. Respectfully I wasn't. I was born in kampung Parit, Pekan. Pahang.

3. But Raub is my ancestral home. My great great-great-grandfather Tok Shahrum and his children- Hjh Maimunah, Ranting Emas, khatib Rasu aka Tok Gajah, khatib Amin my great-great-grandfather and khatib Arif first settled in Kampung Temau Raub.

5. Probably after the death of my great-great aunt, Ranting Emas, after a family fued, they moved to Kampong Budu Kuala Lipis and settled permanently there.

5. That's why I have relatives in kg. Budu and K. Lipis, regrettably many of whom I don't know.

6. When I was MP for Raub, I made it a point to visit Budu both because of filial piety and nostalgic reasons.

7. To me, Budu is an ancient Malay village where time stood still. It consists of many traditional Malay houses. It is now famous for gula kabung.
In the 19th century Hugh Clifford was said to bring a gunboat to this village. The Malays engaged Clifford on a clearing in the village.

8. Of course, I went to Temau frequently. To search for my relatives. In particular, I found one- an uncle belonging to the line of khatib Amin who I believed settled in Tanjung Besar in Lipis.

9. I visited the graves of my great great aunt Ranting Emas and her husband, Hj Hassan, who were buried in Temau.

10. Because of this lineage, I have relatives in Dong, in Felda Tersang, in Felda Klau and in Raub town itself.

11. When I arrived in Raub in 2013, I didn't know anyone. I left aware that I have relatives all over in West Pahang. Raub is my ancestral home. It occupies a special place in my heart. Budu is also a special place. I think my granfather Hj Mohd modern was born there in 1900.


Sunday 29 August 2021

Prepare For Political Instability.

1. I don't like to be bearer of bad news, but I have to tell things as they are. The following photos do not bode well for the PM.

2. These photos are an early indication of what's to come. They tell of a PM who doesn't care or has no inkling of how to build a strong country. Instead, he can't wait to partake in the trappings of power.

3. In the absence of unequivocal statements and policies from the PM, we may only infer what maybe true from these pictures.

4. The photos show the PM unconcerned about the welfare of the people. He's more concerned to manage inanimate objects.

5. People are just digits. 20 thousand cases a day, 1500 dead and over 1.5 million affected by COVID are of no significance. It will come to pass by natural effluxion.

6. The SOP and whatever safety protocols seem to apply only to common people. Those near the PM are immune because of their social status? Is that it?

7. Hence, the PMs first official visit to Yan Kedah, saw his entourage consisting the whole of Malaysia without any regard for safety protocols.

8. Does he look as someone who cares about the COVID pandemic? It's just an inconvenience preventing him from more machination politics.

9. Hence, calling the opposition maybe just a ruse and just following the motion, as decreed by the King. Nothing more.

10. So that the PM can dupe the people, many of whom are made dumb or are already too fatigued:-hey look people, I have called in the opposition to talk in my sincere effort to form a stable government.

11. "If my plan to form a stable government fails, you can blame the bull headed opposition. "

12. It may be just a ploy to soften up the opposition by seemingly acknowledging them, to get easy passage in parliament.

13. In a way, the PM accepts the fact that he may not survive a vote of confidence. But he must get cooperation from the opposition.

14. He is in a situation where to swallow, the mother dies, spitting out, the father dies.

15. He fails the very first condition-to be serious in managing the COVID pandemic. As evidenced by his cincai attitude.

16. To me the PM is not serious in courting the opposition nor is their support forthcoming.

17. The PM is just calling the opposition to show the Agong that he has satisfied part of the King's command. Calling the opposition and actually incorporating them in the cabinet are 2 different things, my friend.

18. The photos show a PM who knows how to spend but doesn't know how to earn income.

19. Because of that, I think our deficits will get ever larger and the statutory limit habitually breached.

20. I am in favour of fixing the deficit as a fixed percentage of the GDP. The breach of that becomes an objective assessment of the government. It's also a sign of frugality.

21. To the PM, frugality is a dirty word. Why, for instance, are we retaining the private planes owned by the government?

22. Couldn't domestic travel be done with helicopters owned and maintained by the military? And international travel in 1st class by commercial flights?

23. The decadent and bourgeois lifestyle, which are the legacy of the embezzler in chief, ought to be expurgated.

24. As it is, the PM is perpetuating a decadent lifestyle which is the hallmark of despotic 3rd world leaders.

25. Sell off the private planes, yatchs and f**k houses. If The PM wants to meet his friends, couldn't he do so in army safehouses in Bellamy road?

26. Sorry, but I don't think a PM who doesn't understand the meaning of frugality and economics knows how to revive our drowning economy.

27. Instead, he can't wait to enjoy the trappings of power. His mantra seems to be spend, baby spend. Bila lagi?

28. Failing the 2 conditions put up by the opposition, will the opposition now keep quiet and let Ismail Sabri get away scott free?

29. If the opposition keeps quiet, I think they are blatantly ignoring the wishes of the rakyat

30. Combining the 2 factors, I don't think the Ismail Sabri government can last long.

31. Woe betide us. We casted our votes once, we got many PMs. They don't last.


Friday 27 August 2021

Vote Of Confidence. Part 2.

1. Obviously, she's a babe in the woods when it comes to politics. You can't see the issue of the confidence vote from a purely legal view. The specs may be blinkered.

2. Because her thinking on the issue can be changed with ease, it means the concept is open-ended. You can go either way.

3. But the majority of legal thinkers say, it ought to be done. That puts her thinking not only in the minority, but also unpersuasive.

4. As between the majority view and the minority, we opt for the former. Even in Islam, we have jumhur ulama view. A dissenting view, albeit from a professor, is insignificant.

5. The business of politics cannot be reduceable in terms of legal arguments.

6. If that is so, then might as well specify that all MPs be lawyers.

7. So despite her ultimate 'not necessary' a vote of confidence in parliament is necessary and ought to be done at the earliest.

8 It's to validate the PMs claim that he has a majority. Test it then.

9. Is it illegal to do it? If it is not, there shouldn't be any objection.

10. The good professor may think she is helping Ismail and if the PM chooses to hide behind the professor's new-found insight, then it suggests he has something to hide.

11. That's what you get when you evaluate the business of politics from purely legal perspectives.

12. In a sense, that is hubris thinking. You think that everything is solvable by law.

13. If as the professor admitted it's a decree from the King, to openly contradict it means what?

14. That's highly disrespectful and even borders on treason.

15. My other objection is reading the constitution in a technical and mechanical way.

16. Whereas in my opinion, the constitution is a living organism. It's just a skeleton without muscles, flesh and sinew. It must be tempered and edified with lots of common sense logic.

17. When Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi were appointed PMs, they went before parliament to test their majority. They were confident because they had 2/3rds majority.

18. Now, as the present PM claims he has a majority, he ought to do the same. If the majority is contentious, there is the more reason to test it to allay fears of suspiciousness.

19. In the end, getting a verification in parliament is necessary because the King wants it, as do the people.

20. Of course, the penultimate test is a GE. That's not permissible at the moment because of the f****d up COVID management.


Wednesday 25 August 2021

Vote Of Confidence. Part 1.

1. The 4th estate generally refers to the press. It plays the role of advocating a certain opinion or moderating it.

2. The 5th estate is what I consider groupings with outlier viewpoints. These include networked individuals enabled by the internet, bloggers, public intellectuals, writers and the like who try to influence opinions and policies. It also includes non-mainstream social media groups and journalists.

3. Whatever estates you belonged to, you advocate a certain opinion or policy. You either agree or disagree.

4. I put it simply, whether you are a rightist or leftist. It's up to you to so classify it, and probably you are not wrong. You are entitled to your own opinion.

5. As for me, I am contented with my opinion or opinions. They are enough for me unless out argued rationally and intelligently. Or proven wrong by the facts.

6. The most important question to me is on which side do you stand? On the side of the oppressors or on the side of the oppressed? Black or white? No shades of gray for me. For some, it's 50 Shades Of Gray after the provocative sexual book.

7. Now that the issue of where one stands is out of the way, I now turn to a burning issue of the times.

8. The issue is whether a vote of confidence against the PM is to be taken or not.

9. The controversy arose because a celebrated professor did a volte-face.

10. Initially, she said it must be taken. But 3 days later she said it need not be taken. But my analysis on her about face shall be in the next part, plus other issues.


Monday 23 August 2021

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown. Part 1.

1. Congratulations to Ismail Sabri for being appointed our 9th PM.

2. Although I have been rooting in for Ku Li, I accept the choice. So be it.

3. Now that he has the post, can he hold it? I hope he can. It depends on what he does.

4. At the top of his priority is the management of the COVID pandemic. We have reached 22000 cases a day and an accumulated number of 1.5 million cases. There have been a total of 15000 deaths. Many have committed suicides.

5. Wasn't Ismail the architect of our Gulag? Citizens have been subjected to repeated MCOs and FMCOs.
I hope the FMCO does not mean Free Malaysia's Corrupted Officials.

6. It maybe true that the pandemic is a Godsend, but the solutions to overcome it are definitely man made.

7. So far, the government management of the COVID pandemic has been lousy.

8. The previous PM said that herd immunity would be achieved by October 2021. That is bull. Already we heard of vaccination centres running out of stock.

9. More allocations were given for the COVID management. But it's also true that we were and will continue to be donated with millions of dollars worth of vaccines. Also, why is Pharmaniaga allowed to buy vaccines in bulk and allowed to retail them?

10. It seems to me the management of the pandemic is subjected to excessive regulations. It's as though someone is out to make money out of people's misery.

11. Hence, there were cases of fellers selling vaccines, frontliners injecting empty vials and selling appointments. Why are these happening?

12. The implementation of the rmco has been topsy-turvy and seems to be done whimsically and made up as the authority goes along.

13. And the person responsible for the confused Gulag is Ismail Sabri.

14. To illustrate our management of the pandemic :-


M'sia PLUNGES from 16th to 51ST out of 53 RANKING in Bloomberg's Covid resilience rankings.

Singapore is ranked 13th while Thailand and Vietnam are 39th and 40th respectively.

"Now we are even worse than Brazil (41), Peru (45th), Bangladesh (46th), Pakistan (47th), Colombia (48th), Indonesia (49th) and India (50th) and only better than Philippines and Argentina," Lim Kit Siang said.

Published June 29, 2021 🔗

⚠️ BLOOMBERG: The COVID RESILIENCE RANKING - The Best And Worst Places to Be as The World Finally Reopens

Published June 28, 2021 🔗

15. Pray for Malaysia, not its leaders

Got this msg from my doctor today.

Starting next month, Khairy is selling Sinovac to private hospitals and clinics. Meaning that hospitals have to buy them from middleman Pharmaniaga (which is owned by Khazanah, chaired by the PM and his cronies). Cannot buy directly from the manufacturer, because then how else to makannn?

According to Harian Metro, the market price of Sinovac is US$5 (RM20) per dose. Now look at the price my doc quoted. Selling at RM180 per dose, and that is still below cost price! (Not sure which one is the cost price, but it sure ain't RM20.)

Factories also have to pay to jab their employees. No jab, no open. Oho.... do you see where this is going? How the govt twists our arms? Factories have to pay RM90 for 2 jabs.

I was talking to this pakcik today. He was very angry. He said, "You see, so many countries gave us free vaccines, and what do they do? They sell them. They get them for free, but they sell them to us. They make factories pay for it. You see how much money they are making???"

Wowww....... Factories have thousands of employees. 80% must be jabbed if they want to open. They are forced to buy these grossly overpriced products whether they like it or not, and they must buy it from the only one govt-appointed crony supplier. The money is not going to the govt and back to the rakyat, it is going to Pharmaniaga and into the pockets of Moo and his cronies. So Japan, UK, Saudi giving us free vaccines is not actually giving the people free vaccines, it is taxing the people and putting more of our money into our ministers' pocketses!!!

And this, boys and girls, is how you make money off a pandemic. This is why they will never approve ivermectin. This is why they are letting people die sitting up in chairs and on hospital floors. If everyone recovered quickly, to whom would they sell vaccines? If you can treat a patient for less than the cost of a pillow at a quarantine centre, what else is there left to makannn???

This is why they made the darurat. The chairman of the board of Khazanah is always the PM. Makan for as long as he can. Jab as fast as they can before they get kicked out, even if means packing 20,000 people into one stadium per day and creating huge clusters of infected people. And then blame us tak jaga SOP. Khairy, Hisham, Adham, Moo and the lot of them are going to a very, very dark place where the sun won't shine for a billion years. All the people who slept sitting up in chairs, suffocating from lack of oxygen, dying on hospital floors, died because of them.


How many more need to die for their greed?

Pharmaniaga is selling 14 million doses of Sinovac. It is being retailed at RM388 per dose. 14 million x RM388 = RM5.4 billion. This is all going into Pharmaniaga's pockets, not the govt.


Friday 20 August 2021

A Plea To Our HRH The King. Long Live The King!

1. If the King summonses those umno people supporting Ismail Sabri to the Istana, it can only mean the King does not trust their choice.

2. How could that be? That bugger is too associated with the previous failed government and has caused bitter internal enmity in umno to be even considered.

3. Has umno gone off its rockers? Thus, despite its loud claims of loyalty and fealty to the King, It's possible for them to turn traitorous.

4. Thus, despite Ahmad Maslan's external claim that umno is following its hierarchy, the decision is seen as faulty.

5. The umno decision flies in the face of logic. The umno general assembly had rejected working with Din sembab's Bersatu, PKR and DAP(wrongly), umno has embraced Bersatu. Umno even regarded Ismail as traitor.

6. Umno now sleeps with the enemy. But more damaging that, the double-dealing means the umno people cannot trust their leadership and its forked tongue culture foisted onto the Malays.

7. Umno is untrustworthy to the bone. How do you reconcile its present stance with the many diatribes by umno leaders towards Bersatu and Ismail ?

Aw, don't hide behind the farcical 'let bygones be bygones' saying. The cut may heal, but the scar remains. Let's make up and forget the past, is it?

8. It would mean that Ismail was really a trojan horse? All along, umno was planning to grab power by the backdoor?

9. Your Majesty has said no backdoor leaders.

10. I am sorry but Ismail who is my friend, is playing the role of an insidious Trojan horse.

11. Just so Your Majesty won't think that this lowly being is opposing for the sake of opposing, listen to the following:-

I believe whoever becomes PM ( Ismail Sabri or Anwar) will not last. Assuming, on Friday, Sabri is appointed. He may be voted out by the confidence vote in Parliament next week. Then Anwar becomes PM. He too won't last long as a few groups will also hold Anwar ransom if Anwar don't give in to their ridiculous demand (like Zahid's demand on TSMY). I believe a political government cannot work now in Malaysia. Too many frogs jumping, ugut, ransom holding....I believe, Agung will prolog the Parliament when all the chaos, stabbing, cheating, betrayal are done for a short period. Then, Agung will appoint Ku Li as the PM of a Caretaker government until GE15. Ku Li got a free hand to appoint anyone to be in his cabinet. Not threat or ransom holding. Ku Li need not get MPs to be his ministers. Then there will be peace. I can bring in FDI to help Malaysia recover. Free, I talk to you on my economic plans that Malaysia can excel in view of US/ China trade wars. Let the clowns show to be over first. Stay at home and be safe. TS Lau

12. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun!


Thursday 19 August 2021

Decide, Free From Political Cartels.

1. As I understand it, the King and his brother rulers will meet this Friday to decide on our next PM.

2. Today, all our MPs have sent in their SDs. They are just like stock market ticker tape ribbons which can later be thrown like confetti.

3. Now more than ever, our PM cannot be determined by pieces of paper. Sending in the SDs just mean all our MPs participated in the process of determining our PM by Your Majesty. That is all.

4. The acid test, as Your Majesty has pointed out, is to get the vote of confidence in the Dewan. See if that person can command majority support.

5. Also, now more than ever, all Malaysians are banking on Tuanku to decide. Decide wisely on our behalf. We beseech Your Majesty. We have no one else. Your Majesty with the concurrence of the other Hrhs the Malay Rulers.

6. In my lowly opinion, Your Majesty's decision ought not to be made on the basis of someone being able to commandeer support from his bloc.

7. Hence, Ismail Sabri is supported by kleptocratic umno and Anwar by 'hope for the wrong thing' Pakatan.

8. In essence, support from political parties as such is just like cartel induced support. Not much different from organized crime induced support. With their proxies.

9. Our PM and the future of Malaysia cannot be determined in such a manner. By cartels, but in the more refined forms of political parties. Or to put it more bluntly, by political gangsters.

10. Choosing our PM on the basis of the 'cartelisation' of the race horses, will only produce the business as usual things.

11. It will inevitably produce corruption, theft, power grabs, incessant interparty squabbles and so on.

12. Deciding and choosing in such a manner is the same wine in a new bottle. Do something different, please Your Majesty.

13. Please choose a good person free from the tentacles of respective political cartels. A good person means a person who will not use his office to pursue his personal interests, perpetuate his rule etc.

14. Your subject, a lowly being, beseeches Your Majesty to do the right thing. Your Majesty is our only hope.

15. The good person, if this lowly being is allowed to say his piece, is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. A thousand pardons, your Majesty.

16. He can save our country and set things right.

17. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun.

18. This writing was inspired by my friend, Dato Zaid Ibrahim. Bless him.


Wednesday 18 August 2021

Much Ado About Nothing.

1. First, the rulers will be meeting this Friday to discuss the issue of who is to be PM. His
Majesties will receive the ticker tape ribbons aka SDs by 4pm.

2. Subject to deliberations, It's highly unlikely that the decision as to who our PM shall be will be made today.

3. So waiting for that decision today is like waiting for Godot.

4. If it is true that umno proposes Ismail, it's got a death wish.

5. It means it doesn't want to be in power, nor does it want Mail to be PM.

6. Like the Malay saying says, its support that brings collapse.

7. Mail is too associated with a failed government to be considered. He will be too polarising a figure.

8. This crisis has also exposed who the real celestial dictators, PAS are.

9. They are indeed thinking with their dicks in pursuit of their insatiable lust for power.

10. It's up to the King to choose an MP whom he thinks is likely to command majority support in the dewan.

11. The political parties are at liberty to submit the names of Tom, Dick or Harry.

12. Di Gerhayu Tuanku.


Why we need Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as our next PM.

1. When we gained independence in 1957 no one thought we can become a bustling economy. An umno leader from Kelantan said how can we be independent when we can't even make a needle?

2. It was another kelantanese, cosmopolitan in outlook, who helped steer Malaya's economic growth.

3. The man's name is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. What did he do?

4. The first thing to do is to make the economy work. There's got to be the required infra, a bustling mercantile community, the strengthening of enabling institutions, liberalisation of the economy etc.

5. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah understood these and single-mindedly helped develop these.

6. At every level, he helped develop these requisites, content to assist Malaysian PMs who were good at broad leadership.

7. That's where you see buildings, roads, railways, ships, ports etc. These were the foundations of a robust economy.

8. I remember him mooting the idea of constructing a railway service traversing west Pahang and linking remote areas in Terengganu and Kelantan.

9. The idea is for people and goods from these areas to get into centres of economic activities. People from the interior becoming integrated into the modern economy.

10. Ku Li understood the importance of spatial economics- with its centripetal and centrifugal forces.

11. What this means is to have administrative and commercial centres become the generator of consequential economic growth.

12. Take Gua Musang for example. It has kesedar, police field force complex, public housing, schools and a robust commercial community. It became a growth pole. Gua musang I think generates the germinal idea of a Putrajaya.

13. It is important to deregulate and liberalise the economy. After independence, the economy was by and large liberalised with little government interference. This I believed made it possible for Malaysia to become an Asian tiger. Tengku was a firm believer in laissez-faire economics. No doubt nurtured in an economics student in Belfast.

14 . Unfortunately, I think because of creeping bumiputraism, big government expanded in the economy in the form of increasing regulations. Instead of becoming promoters of economic growth, the government become fetters.

15. In a sense, what ku Li helped build, was hijacked by overzealous government functionaries.

16. In Ku Li's mind, business and economic growth must always be people centred. That is why he doesn't want the ordinary folks to be afraid of government officials, especially the political leaders. Leaders rise as a result of support from the people. As a result, they must always be humble. Humility promotes candour.

17. Ku Li has always pursued the greater good over the particular good. I have told readers about the story of a car importer asking Ku Li(who was then MOF) for concessions not to pay tax first. Ku li asked the man to come back after Friday prayers. After prayers, Ku Li approved the creation of bonded areas in car importer premises. For all. Many don't know that the idea of bonded areas in car importers premises is the idea of Ku Li.

18. Ku Li is behind most of the important economic institutions. Entities like Pernas, pnb, bbmb, bank pembangunan. And of course petronas. He took a salary of only RM4000 pcm after persuasion from Tun Razak.

19. I believe that Malaysia needs a steady hand as PM. I have no doubt that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Not only does he understand the economy, we also need a firm hand in dealing with the deadly c19 pandemic.

Bolehkan kita dipimpin dan bangkit dari krisis sekarang ni?

Is there a credible leader to lead us out of the current crisis?

Seorang pemimpin yang sedia diterima oleh semua golongan di Malaysia....


In 1975, as the Chairman of Petronas, Ku Li single-handedly brought the oil & gas giants (Exxon & Shell) to the negotiating table to RENEGOTIATE the terms of their Agreement with the Govt of Malaysia.
Backed by the Petroleum Development Act 1974, which he had helped craft, (most of which he “stolen shamelessly” from Indonesia and then perfected) he made these giants, our ‘Contractors’ (versus being Concessionaires) and made them accept 41% of the profits versus 95% of the Production.

I was then a young accountant with Exxon and was only allowed to sit at the back, as an observer/notetaker at the negotiations.
I watched in awe as he literally told Exxon that they are free to walk away, if it did not make business sense to them and that there were many others in the wings waiting to step into their shoes.

Exxon & Shell decided to play poker and walked away BUT 18 months later they came crawling back and accepted Ku Li’s terms in full!

The rest is, as they say, HISTORY.

This single act, made Malaysia what it is today, economically.

This fact has been wiped out from our history books by you know who ...

- David Dzulkifli


Tuesday 17 August 2021

The Sacking Of Mahiadin And The Interim PM.

1. Some people gleefully say that the king cannot sack the PM. It's not provided for in the constitution. Mahathir they further say, removed that right in the 1990s.

2. You can say no and feel smugly comforted because you have cited the coup de grâce that snuffed out the yes-Mahathir's 1992 constitutional amendments.

3. Then you can join the bandwagon and say padan muka ini semua mamak kutty punya hal.

4. He was the one who removed the right to sack. You think you have demolished the arguments that say, yes, the king CAN sack the PM. Blame it all on Mamu Mahathir for not being able to.

5. You are not wrong-if you are answering an academic exam paper in consti.

6. Similarly, if you had answered, YES the king CAN sack the PM, you are also not wrong. It all depends on how cogent are your reasoning.

7. In the end it's up to the examiner evaluating the cogency of your arguments.

8. Similarly, I say, it's up to the King to evaluate the noes and the yesses.

9. How do the two positions measure up to:-a) whether it's justiciable to sack or not sack. B) the reasons you adduced and C) the necessity of sacking or not.

10. In my mind, you are guided by the need to remove the source of the mess and the necessity to overcome the grim impasse.

11. Based on the need to remove and necessity arguments, you conclude that the source of this mess is Mahiadin.

12. In an earlier article, I have cited the cases of Gough Whitlam and Zambri Kadir. To show that sacking is justiciable and justifiable.

13. There is a more recent case. It involved Mahathir himself.

14. In April 2020, because of the clearest of vision, he resigned.

15. That event, should be treated as an object lesson. What happened?

16. First, when Mamu Mahathir resigned, the entire cabinet resigned as per the constitution.

17. Wan Azizah was the DPM then. She did NOT take over Mamu. As per the constitution.

18. So you landlubbers, banish the thought that 'il duce' Ismail Sabri will take over Din Pagoh. That thought exists in the mind of the primus inter pares man only. In others, it exists as a wet dream.

19. Secondly, the king appointed an interim PM. But the previous administration's PM must first resign.

20. That was what the king did. He persuaded Puff Abah to resign, but the latter stubbornly stuck to his guns. He refused to resign, believing that he can command majority support.

21. Mahiadin may not have majority support now,but I said he can. He can entice the froggies.

22. Persuasion it seems, is possible only with a reasonable person. With an unreasonable and bull headed person like Mahiadin, the only option is to sack him!

23. The King will be reluctant to sack Wak Din,unless there is universal condemnation and revulsion against Wak Din.

24. So continue to write to the King, demonstate and fly the black and white flags. Heeding the wishes of the rakyat, the King will sack Din Pagoh.

25. In theory, its possible fo appoint Ismail Sabri. But the fellow has to resign first. And continue the reign of a failed goverment.

26. But appointing Ismail is too far fetched of an idea. He is too associated with the PN goverment and must share some of the responsibilities of the failed government.

27. Especially in the management of the covid pandemic, despite the many hare brained strategies and plans of the Mahi government.

28. So eliminating Ismail the court cluster and the boisterous Mamu Anwar, the only person of interest,fit and able to lead this country as interim PM is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

29. Then, choose him. The King should be guided only by one consideration. Is choosing Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah good for the people and the country?


Sunday 15 August 2021

Puff Abah's TV Flick. Bright Promises But Sure To Be, Dismal Performance.

1. Now for a more sober analysis. My blood was boiling at Din sembab's TV appearance earlier. Sorry.

2. Puff Abah appeared before TV offering the opposition a slew of goodies. Clearly, he's an opportunist out to exploit the frailties of some opposition MPs. He's the devious and biggest carpet beggar. Sure, in giving out the concessions, a lot more goes into his sack.

3. Of course, the 'lotest' that goes into his sack is hopefully retaining the plum post of PM.

4. Puff Abah is hoping for the wrong thing. I can only recall TS Eliot's poem To Hope For The Wrong Thing. I said to my soul be still and wait without hope. For hope is to hope for the wrong thing....

5. So Puff Abah can hope for manna from heaven. He's not going to get any. If he hasn't got a majority, please quit. Don't come before us with a sob sob story.

6. His TV appearance was, a hideous apparition of a master briber. Sprm should take note of that.

7. Obviously, he's making a slew of offers because he is desperate. The offers he mentioned do not have to emanate from him. They can be written in the constitution.

8. Allocations can be written in the constitution. They ought to be available to all MPs.

9. Term limitations as PM can be written down. The leader of the opposition be written down. Voting age should be lowered to 18 and so on.

10. The claim that he doesn't want to give a chance to the kleptocrats is hollow. When he usurped power previously, he can work with the kleptos. Now he even has a DPM from the klepto party. So how?

11. If he had wanted to reform parliament, he could have done so earlier. The opposition would have supported him.
While we are at it, why don't we do away with the archaic belah bahagi nonsense?

12. Why don't we install electronic tallying machines?. Parliament need not be a fishmarket.

13. The fact that Din Pagoh did not do all these when he had almost absolute powers.

14. Therefore, whatever he said-things that should come out from the rear of the anatomy, came out from his mouth. They are indeed a dollar short and a day late.

15. Puff Abah even took a leaf from the leader of the kleptos. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Except, his back has transmissible ringworms.
Go ahead then -scratch his balls, eh, back. Sorry, I am suffering from Freudian Slip. Luckily it's not Spanish Fly.

16. So he dangles a lot of carrots, thinking the opposition MPs are burden carrying horses. Otherwise, he wields the big stick.

17. The televised broadcast was essentially an admission that Puff Abah has all, but lost, the majority support.

18. Then, by the terms of our constitution, he should resign immediately or advises the Palace to dissolve parliament.

19. Except, the dissolution of parliament is not suitable at the moment in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic spiked when we had the Sabah Elections. The elections which saw every sop violated and caused the pandemic to escalate should be an object lesson to us. So no to dissolution.

20. So move aside, Mr Mahi. It's not that the reforms you mentioned cannot be implemented by a new government sans you!

21. So dont waste time accepting his invitation. We have reached a point that whatever you say are nauseauting!


Saturday 14 August 2021

Friday the 13th. Freddie Kruger Din's tv flick.

Apologies to readers. This is a rushed article.
1. Are we being made stupid or what? The blasted PM has the audacity to appear before TV and offer, essentially, bribes to those opposing him so that he can stay in power?

2. If he has conceded he has lost support of the majority of MPs, he has to resign immediately as per our constitution. No ifs or buts. He has to go. Pack your bags.

3. The country is not only his to save, but by all of us by lawful means. Through a democratically elected government. Definitely not through a backdoor government using rear means.

4. Appearing before TV and offering 300k allocations to all MPs is buying compromises from the MPs.

5. Don't we all see what he's doing? He's just asking for a reprieve and an outstretched hand to save him from drowning.

6. At what price? So that he stays on as PM and keeps his bloated cabinet?

7. If the opposition MPs cave in, it means that they are complicit in retaining a moron as PM. For that they must be punished too. At the GE.

8. Have they forgotten of the mess he created for the economy? The high unemployment figure, the flight of foreign investors the mess in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suffering of the people, their haplessness etc?

9. For that, he and his bloated cabinet deserve the following :-

10. That is not an overture nor an olive branch. It's just naked bribery by a desperate man.

11. If he no longer has the majority support, he must quit immediately. He should have appeared before TV to announce he and his cabinet are resigning.

12. The Palace ought to just go ahead and appoint an interim PM. Hopefully the Pagoh ignoramus understands the implications.

13. Hes just doing the Pagoh shuffle buying time through naked bribery . The people of Pagoh are better off dumping him.

14. GE15 is not his to pledge. It will definitely come. When it comes, with or without his pledge, drive a stake through his behind.


Wednesday 11 August 2021

What Must UMNO Do?

1. It will be interesting to see what Mr Thicky Zahid will do to the umno traitors-the umno Benedict Arnolds.

2. In case readers don't know, Benedict Arnold was initially a hero of the American war of Independence, but later turned infamous traitor and fought with the British.

3. Just like the umno driftwoods who fought for PN now.

4. That group is led by il duce Ismail Sabri, Anuar 'Budu' Musa, Hisham Aw Aw, the man who lied about his qualification, Zahidi 'sawadeekarp' and others.

5. What will umno do to them? The looked drunk KJ has problems with Zahid. Some say they istiqamah and will stay with, PN. Let them.

6. How will Zahid treat those who hunt with the hounds and run with the hare?

7. Zahid must remember:-
a. Size let them rule. If these people are out, umno will not be diminished at all. 
b. Betrayal must be avenged and 
c. Unity with the rest of umno, is strength. Without them.

8. Sure, only now Anuar Musa says that umno is an open party. Not so opened when he had a bone to pick with umno. Sure, open to reject him. He can still be friends with umno right?

9. Would umno consider an ustable political chameleon like this?

10. Najib once called him 'brother'. He now calls Najib, bastard. That may be right, but unbecoming of Nazri.

11. These people can read the writings on the wall. We can detect a mellowed tone from them. Soon they will sing a different tune about umno.

12. When Mahiadin resigns, the entire cabinet will gulung tikar it's not as if umno can just take over and form another back door government. There must be an interim government.

13. Umno must wait until the next GE. In the meantime, it must undertake reforms.

14. Expulsion of the umno traitors is one part of the equation. The other part, the more important one, is that the court cluster must volunteer to quit the party.

15. The destiny of umno is no longer in the hands of the elite and the neo feudals. It is in the hands of 3 million ordinary Malays and their right-thinking delegates.

16. Do what is right for our beloved country!

17. The right thing to do is to rally behind 'Gu Li'.

18. It's crazy if Puff Abah calls for the dissolution of parliament. The covid pandemic spread like wildfire because of the Sabah elections. Unless he doesn't care.

19. The most honourable thing for Puff Abah is to commit the ultimate political seppuku-resign


Don Mahi Makes An Offer Nobody Can Refuse.

1. Let's not underestimate Puff Abah. He will do anything to stay in power.

2. It's comforting to hear Mamu Anwar saying it's impossible for mahiadin to have a majority. The late AR Tompel was also fond of saying Impossible!

3. It pays not to underestimate the Javanese from Pagoh. Wasn't the 'impore-ssible' man the one who ousted the perennially make the wrong choice, 95-year-old man?

4. So guard your own house. Puff Abah knows there are many yahoo boys in the opposition.

5. He also knows there are many umno fellows with weak knees. He can buy them off or make legal problems go away.

6. The first to blink is the kleptocrat and former embezzler in chief 'baby face' Najib Amirul mukminin.

7. Sure, the response came as a result of the snide remarks Mahi made against the court cluster in umno, during his perutusan khas.

8. Not only does Mahi believed the umno court cluster was behind umnos 'unsupport' for PN, it is also umnos Achilles heel.

9. Maybe Najib thinks he can win his case, being defended by a hot shot lawyer. But the rest, who are suspiciously quiet, are thinking spending time at home is better than spending time at Bamboo River Resort or the Kajang Hilton. Maybe they can get some shopping money.

10. Hence, the snide remark was actually a hint saying the bookie is now open for bets. Mahi could easily pay off the not so shiny umno luminaries. I think their eyes will pop out of their sockets hearing RM20m. For those facing court cases, maybe RM10m plus their legal problems will go away miraculously.

11. And don't think the froggies are from umno only. MPs from PKR, Sabah and Sarawak are in the loop too. The pas mullahs are however missing the gravy train this time.

12. Come on! Why do you think Mahi wants to be tested in September? Bringing cash money and comfort girls take time, man.

13. So don't do an AR Tompel saying, 'impore- sibble'! The fact you are saying it means you are thinking maybe this chap has got something up in his sleeves.

14. What I find disturbing somewhat is the Stockholm syndrome admiration for Wak Mahi in some people. Wak Mahi's fighting spirit becomes attractive somewhat. Maybe an alluring sexual trait. I don't know.

15. Wak Mahi's stance is just brinkmanship and a confidence Don Mahi can make an offer nobody can refuse.


Saturday 7 August 2021

A Diarrhoea-ic Special Communique.

1. Puff Abah is a stubborn bloke. That's recalcitrant for you.

2. The King, in effect, is politely asking him to leave. Citing the relevant articles in the Constitution.

3. But Puff Abah is stubborn. He refuses to believe he has lost majority support. As leader of the Klingon tribe, he stays on as PM.

4. As a face-saving gesture, he'd rather take his chances in parliament. In September.

5. Just listen to his tone. That's the voice of a very defiant person trivialising what the King said.

6. It's as though the King and whatever the King represents do not exist

7. Might as, well abolish the monarchy. All hail Puff Abah. The Emperor!

8. What does the rebuff do to the King? He loses face among his brother rulers. He has failed to do what is expected of him by the people.

9. But his failure is not because of his doing. It's because Mahiadin refused to talk and listen as a civilised person.

10. Mahiadin has conducted his own rebellion. That's defiance and treasonous. Derhaka!

11. Perhaps he deserves this:-

12. The King, meantime, must be rolling on the floor pulling his hair. ROTFPHH. Lamenting how duff and stubborn the Wak Pagoh is.

13. But puff abah is not beneath doing all means necessary. He's sly, shyster, shylokian etc. He's calling parliament only in September. Even one day is a long time

14. Enough time for him and his under hands to buy off his detractors or make deals.

15. What's stopping him to start his bidding from RM20million? What if he promises to remove all the court cases? He has a useful idiot in the person of the AG, hasn't he?
16. Politics is the dark art of possibilities. 


Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has agreed to step down as prime minister and has agreed to hand over all his powers immediately to Tan Sri Mahiadin Yassin.

17. He mocks the King. Having failed to persuade the King of his satanic machinations, he now wants to use parliament, which he has steadfastly avoided. He wants parliament to validate his position. Oh! I forgot, he has a lapdog there.


Thursday 5 August 2021

Part 2. Can the king sack Mahiadin?

1. Can the Agong sack the PM? It depends on on whether the agong wants to and bold enough to.

2. If the King does sack Mahiadin, we are not going to court, are we? We can't if we want to.
The king can do no wrong.

3. Of course, the king is controlled by our constitution. The above argument is to illustrate that Malaysians looked up to the King to clear the current impasse.

4. Therefore, we look at the constitution to clear the bloody jam. That requires more of the construction process of the provisions in the constitution. Rather than mere mechanical interpretation.

5. True, the constitution has no article or subsection that provided for the sacking of the PM by the head of state.

6. It only provided for the appointment of a PM. Meaning, the King has the ability to create a not being entity 'A' to a being entity 'B'. From A to B.

7. If the King has the ability to create 'B' from 'A' then he must be able to do the reverse. Create A from B. He can sack the PM.

8. It's unconscionable for us to put up semantical hurdles on the King's ability to sack the PM.

9. Perhaps this was what Lord Reid had in mind, when he drafted the article that the King can sack the PM when the latter can no longer command majority support from MPs.

10. Unfortunately, the drafted article was not inserted into the Constitution. To me, it remained a persuasive legal opinion which has relevance presently!

11. There were instances where a PM and a chief minister were asked to quit. These instances became legal precedents on which judgments and judicial decisions are made.

12. The Australian PM was sacked by the Governor General. The Perak Chief Minister in Malaysia was sacked by the late HRH Sultan Azlan Shah.

13. Hence, the sacking of the chief executive is both justiciable and justifiable.

14. Can the paucity of cases be used as a general rule? The paucity is because a sacking of a PM is not done lightly. It's not like buying fish in the market. It's never a joyful frolic in the countryside.

15. There must be extremely damaging reasons for the sacking. In the case of Puff Abah, there are many.

16. Lord Reid gave 2 reasons:- a) not having the support from majority of MPs and b) refusing to leave. Both reasons stuck out like sore thumbs on Puff Abah.

17. The fact that Puff Abah is not willing to test his majority in parliament, suggests that he does NOT in fact have the numbers.
That, despite the 'Voodoo' arithmetic of Mr 'Bojangles' Shahidan, 'mad dog' Nazri and Ismail.

18. Like the petulant child, Wak Din refuses to vacate the PMs seat. The refusal, produces a raging urge in the discipline teacher to whack the living daylights from the Pagoh Neanderthal.

19. And like Nero the mad emperor before him, Puff Abah plays the fiddle, while the country burns. The people ashed to the ground.

20. We now know, on fallacious grounds he managed to dupe the King, to declare a fake Emergency.

21. Under the emergency, despite the lockdowns and repeated restricted movement controls, the Covid cases rose. People are dying from the Covid pandemic and suicides. We have our own Gulag.

22. And the man responsible for our 'imprisonment', is il Duce Ismail Sabri, from umno . Of course, what he did, was supported by 'Führer' Puff Abah.

23. Note too, another umno guy, Kaiser Khairy is in charge of the lacklustre vaccination program. Right from the start it's a series of blunder and bungling.

24. With a, war chest of over RM5 billion, we don't know the budget is managed. The blasted mysejahtera application costs RM7 million. Some vaccines were donated by donor countries. Kaiser kJ allowed pharmaniaga to retail the sinovac vaccine, increasing the probability of contamination.

25. Perhaps because the rot is in the head as it is insidious, we have cases of vaccines being sold, people injected with empty vials frontliners getting infected and vac centres being swarmed.

26. It seems that imbecility is infectious. Puff Abah is the carrier- in- chief.

27. The notable aspect of the vaccination programme seems to be the song:-

Saya cucuk, awak cucuk, kita cucuk
Haziq cucuk, Rawther kata kena cucuk,

29. The whimsical proroguing of parliament has threatened and will threaten democracy in our country. It may be a joke to Wak Din, but we are not amused.

30. It endangers and threatens our democracy because the new normal is absolute despotism and dictatorship.

31. For that reason, Puff Abah uses any means necessary, to postpone the sitting of parliament.

32. That enables him to govern without being answerable to parliament. More damaging, his stooges can spend money as they wished.

33. The emasculation of parliament is no small matter and not to be taken lightly.

34. Parliament is the custodian of our democratic way of life. It debates government policies, holds it accountable, provides checks and balances and ensures spending is done responsibly. An emasculated government weakens all these.

35. An enlarged and uncontrolled government is an enlarged tyranny.

36. It's the unleashing of the 666 beast, just as Mamu Mahathir's resignation unleashed Wak Din.

37. That is why I say Puff Abahs proroguing of our parliament has threatened and will endanger our country.

38. To realise his devilish aims, Wak Din has 2 lapdogs to do his biddings. The Speaker and the invertebrate AG.

39. Mahiadin is an untrustworthy fellow, sly, shyster, Shylock kind of person. He lies to the rakyat, to parliament and to the King. But untrustworthy is more than just lying.

40. Untrustworthy means his whole being is an embodiment of a natural-born liar. There not an ounce of flesh that says you can trust him.

41. If it's occasionally lying, that's bad enough, and politicians lie all the time. But Din sembab is a 7-eleven lying machine. If he's talking, he must lie.

42. That disqualifies him as a person you can honestly deal. If he can lie to the King, what chances do the rakyat have?

43. What disturbs me most is his insistence that the King can only act on his and the cabinets' advice. It's treating the royal institution as non-existent. Is this a harbinger to the abolition of the monarcy? What's there to stop them?

44. Look at what's happening to our economy. It's imploding, caused by an incompetent and failed government helmed by Mein Führer, Puff Abah.

45. The income, reflected by our GDP, is now below that of Vietnam. There's high unemployment. People are losing jobs or cant find any. To me, that's a ripe recipe of stagflation. Investors are running away. They have no confidence in Puff Abah. Ours is long gone. The value of our currency is that belonging to a Banana Republic.

46. Perhaps the greatest reason and disapprobation that can justify the sacking of Mahiadin, is the universal suffering and haplessness of the rakyat. People are suffering. They have to beg for food. They want the sacking NOW!

47. But as usual, the celestial dictatorship tendencies of some mullahs forbid the flying of the white flag. While the government frowned upon the flying of the black flag.

48. It's a coincidence that the state, from which the King comes from, has a flag incorporating both colours. Shall we burn it?

49. The sacking of a PM is both justifiable and justiciable. We have had cases and precedents. We have given our reasons to justify the sacking.

50. So in my opinion it's both necessary and possible for the King to sack Wak Din.


Tuesday 3 August 2021

Suanpan Arithmetic And Sacking The PM. Part 1.

1. I am baffled, and I think many are too. First, Ismail Sabri said be calm. The government is stable. We have 110 seats.
Then he says 40 umno MPs support Mahi.

2. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Both statements are not proven. As the old lady in the Wimpy advert says, 'Where's the beef?

3. The statements remained unproven claims. Speaking with candour, they are just hot air and BS.

4. Sorry. I promised myself never to use expletives. I simply can't resist. However, I am comforted by the fact that almarhum Ustaz Nik Aziz said 'Tuhan pun mencarut'. I am sure He is all-forgiving.

5. The validity of Ismail's statement can only be tested in parliament. Go through the vote of no confidence. See how?

6. So when 'mad dog' Nazri Aziz insists that the statement about the 40 thieves is true, it probably is NOT.

7. As to the figure of 110, I am still puzzled. The simple majority in our parliament is 112. Is 110 greater than 112?

8. I am suspicious of the figure 110. Given the 30% Bumi discount, the figure, I believed, is only 77. At the most, PN has 80 votes.

9. But don't take my word for it. Test it in parliament. Like Russell Peters said-be a man. Test it.

10. If you patronize the Menate steak restaurant you will find its worker wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the motto 'be calm recite the selawat'. Ismail is giving free T-shirts saying be calm, we have 110.

11. Enter Shahidan Kassim with his imaginary 40. Umno has 37 MPs. MCA has 2. MIC has a kichimayung 1. PBRS has 1. Total BN is 41. Out of 41,7 will not support PN. That leaves 34. So where is the 40 shahidan?

12. Maybe I have to give our friend, a Chinese Abacus or Suanpan. Yes? To learn counting and maths.

13. Unless these claims about 110 votes or 40 BN supporters are tested and proven in parliament, to me, they are just empty talk and a load of BS.

14. For instance, why should we believe loose canon Nazri Aziz? He just came back from France -did he impose quarantine?
Wasn't he the feller who said the Emergency Ordinances need not be debated? That's an idiotic suggestion.

15. Here's why it's an idiotic suggestion. Readers take note, ya.

16. If the ordinances were cancelled on 21st July, on the ground, expenditures on them were still made weren't they? Meaning, the expenditures were illegal. Expenditures were made on illegal ordinances!

17. Why should we believe someone who insisted the number 40 is real woi, but doesn't care about spending government money illegitimately? That's why the EOs must be debated.

18. Now we come to the matter of what should the King do and can the King sack the PM?
I am not a lawyer and these are merely my opinions. But I will argue for them. You be the judge.

19. Last week we witnessed an unprecedented episode. The PMO rebutted the King. Publically. The King was shamed and had his face smeared with charcoal.

20. The rebuttal by the PMO was an open challenge to the King. As I have said it was a reflection of defiance, utter disrespect and even treasonous.

21. Cis! Pantang raja Melayu dihina!

22. The king has lost face among his brother rulers and to the rakyat!

23. The King can't remain indifferent and pretend to be stoic. 
24. The hands of Mahiadin, which had fondled Nika Gee at unmentionable places, are behind this political time bomb.

25. Mahiadin has lost the trust, confidence and whatever affection the king had for 'Puff Abah' Wak Din.

26. Accordingly, the King has no other choice but to ask 'Puff Abah' to leave.

27. There's no denying that Mahiadin has lost the confidence, trust and affection of the King. There must be brewing animosity. The King is human too, right?

28. You can't govern when there's festering animosity. You got to meet the king every week. Lock the gates. Let 'Puff Abah' park his car outside. Or let him wait for hours. Give him plain water only.

29. So the self respectful option for Wak Din is to leave, resign, be sacked, vamoos! Just go.

30. When Wak Din leaves, in accordance to our constitution which follows the Westminster model, the whole cabinet goes. No playing favourites here.

31. In this sense, I gritted my teeth when I heard Wak Maslan says umno is against Wak Din but not PN. Pray, explain the logic.

32. Can we separate the head of the snake from its body, or can the body exists separately from the head?

Tak faham aku. UMNO hanya tolak Muhyiddin tetapi tetap bersama PN.

Ini macam kari babi. Daging tak makan, kuah hirup licin.


33. Is umno not ashamed, wanting to align with a failed and despised government? Umno has no amour propre, is it? If it does that umno will inherit the people's hatred.

34. The King then invites a leader of a political party who has his confidence, trust and working affection and whom he thinks can command majority parliamentary support to be the PM.

35. The Agong's trust, confidence and working affection are the more important critera. Choose the one the Agong feels has these qualities and then go before parliament, and he will get the majority by the end of the session. That, to me, is how things work here.

36. Under ordinary situation and by convention, the King could invite the leader of the opposition, Mamu Anwar, to form the next government.

37. I said could and the situation isn't normal. And this is the part I differ from the DAP leadership. I just don't trust Mamu Anwar. Nothing personal against him. He may actually be a nice person. Only not as PM.

38. Under these extraordinary times, the King, I politely proffer, has to think outside the box.

39. His majesty must think unconventionally and with purpose. For what purpose does He appoint a PM?

40. Surely not to play marbles with HM? But to give direction to the country, rekindle the economy, invigorate it, bring back investors, reduce unemployment, provide infra, health, housing and educational facilities. To do what a leader normally does. But to do them extraordinarily.

41. And above all, to manage the Covid pandemic and save the people. People are dying, man.

42. The new PM must eradicate corruption and nepotism, is a nationalist but not a racist, strengthen the institutions etc

43. For these reasons, I would argue the appointment of a PM must be for a purpose. That is why the king must think unconventionally and outside the box.

44. Thinking conventionally and being technical got the King 'Puff Abah'. He must never repeat the same mistake.

45. Therefore, it is not necessary for the King to invite the leader of the opposition to form the next government.

46. In the next section, I will give my opinion whether the King can sack Wak Mahi.


Monday 2 August 2021

Monday, Closed For Charkuat.

1. Wak Mahi is belabouring the obvious. He's only postponing the inevitable. He will have to resign eventually. The chickens will come home to roost. The cows will come home to the pen.

2. There is a Malay saying that says, as, clever as the squirrel is, it will fall to the ground eventually. Another says, the bird flies around but will land on the branch eventually. When that happens, let's apply elephant glue.

3. Joe Louis the boxer said he can run, but he cannot hide. The lyrics in a song say

You can run
But you cannot hide
We will always find
We will always seek.

4. Mahiadin is not beneath using all means necessary and satanic methods to postpone parliament. Which he did-for the Monday session, citing COVID-19 reasons. This was after 11 MPs tested positive for the disease.

5. But we know the actual reason is politics. It's to avoid a no confidence motion. Which will see him booted out!

6. He can run, but he cannot hide.

7. Using the Emergency as an analogy, how can when the deaths were 2000, you imposed the fake emergency but when the deaths are 7000, you annul the Emergency? Is that a Pagoh Javanese logic?


8. My friend Dr Zulkifli tweeted his unassailable logic thus:-

9. People going to Kayu Restaurant can now order roti canai Mahiadin-takde telur punya. Or as the mamak says tarak toolor.

10. Not only is it devoid of any scientific basis, it hasn't got an iota of sensible logic.

11. Even the following has got more logic. They are followed by pious Muslims. If Mahi washes his face, we get the same puffy face.

12. Is Mahiadin and his dullard cabinet blind to the following?

You can run
But you cannot hide
We will always find
We will always seek


Sunday 1 August 2021

Parliament of Piffle. Part 1

1. The first we do, is let's kill all the lawyers. Dick the Butcher.

2. What do I, a layman, make of the statement 'the king must act on the advice of the cabinet'?

3. The PMO said it had acted in accordance with the constitution. Yeah, except actually advising the King. Which constitution, I would like to ask?

4. That's an admission that the PM nor the cabinet have not advised the King.

5. The Pagoh Neanderthal is inviting all of us to think the King a liar. That's treasonous.

6. It's logical to think the Emergency Ordinances(EO) have not been signed. Anuar Budu said it's a work-in-progress. Taqiyudin says he will answer on Monday. These people are running around covering their asses.

7. Of course, the clincher is the flat denial from the King. His Majesty has not given his consent nor signed any documents to that effect, i.e. annulment of the EO.

8. Just to humour Wak Mahiadin - let's say he has advised. The process can only be deemed completed when the King has signed, consented, and I might add gazetted. That is considered notice. Both direct and imputed.

9. When the PMO cited the ruling that the King only acts on the advice of the PM or cabinet, they are really digging their own grave.

10. They are using the constitutional provision to seek refuge because 

  • A: They have not actually advised and 
  • N: They think they are at liberty to withhold advice.

11. It's like saying the King cannot act because we have not advised and b) we don't want to advise, what can the King do? So what?

12. The king can respond in many ways. One, is to issue press releases which are enough to send Mahiadin scurrying like a headless chicken and causing the speaker and AG to have nightmares.

13. The point is Mahiadin says he has annulled the EO as of the 21st of July. Which implies he has advised the king, got consent, signature and gazetted the annulment. All of which he has not.

14. That makes Mahiadin a liar, nay- a congenital liar. Just as Najib is a serial pirate.

15. The particular provision that says the King can only act upon the advice of.... must be given its ordinary meaning.

16. To me, it does not mean the PM or cabinet is at liberty to withhold advice, but means MUST give the required advice. Its imperative, mandatory.

17. By default, the issuance of the statement was an admission of guilt. No advice was given and none taken. Mahiadin lied to everyone and the lie, was compounded by the PMO.

18. The response by the PMO was a naked display of arrogance, defiance, intransigence and treasonous. All the officers authoring the statement ought to be tried.

19. By now, people know that lying is second nature to Wak Mahi. He lied about Nika Gee. He lied to the king the first time. Now he's lying again. Would you trust him?

20. Don't trust someone hiding behind fake piety, but cant seem to hide his dick in his pants. The fake piety is a just a book cover hiding the real 'Shades Of Grey' contents. The same goes to all who use religion as a cover. Takbir!

21. But what puzzles me is how can Mahiadin think consent from the king is a fait accompli? It's as though he behaves like a King below whom all shall obey? Has he been Molly-codling the king?

22. Forgive my impertinence to the King. Whether he has been compromised or not, I have to read Tamrin Ghafar or Steady Aku 47.

23. The King won't sully his hands to sack Wak Mahi. Parliament will have to do a no confidence vote to unceremoniously remove this petulant Neanderthal.

24. Like I said earlier, the transition from this government to the next can never be a smooth one. There have to be consequences. Wak Mahi must face the music. Perhaps he can be buddies with 'Baby Face' Najib.

25. What can we charge Wak Mahi with?

  • Lied to parliament
  • Ordered Taqi to mislead parliament. Following orders does not absolve you. Hitler's underlings were following orders, but were still convicted. That is the ratio decidendi.
  • Lied about annulment of EO.
  • Lied having got consent.
  • Lied about getting signature.
  • Ordered PMO officers to behave treasonous
  • Ordered PMO officers to issue treasonous statement
  • Lied to the Malaysian people.
  • Other charges not thinkable by me.

26. Wow! In memory of Pak Sako.


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