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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 17 February 2024

The Sungai long Caesar and the bad rap. Part 3.

  1. In this part of my essay,we will discuss the bastards at large. Let me begin by reconstituting some of what Christopher Hitchens said .

  2. In part I become a blogger so I don't have to depend on the press, vlogers and YouTubers for my information.

  3. They either lie, misinform or conspire to form a certain public opinion about an issue.

  4. That is asserted without evidence, can also be dismissed without evidence. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let us hate stupidity especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition. And we hate lazy stupidity couched in emotional hyperventilating.

  5. Don't be seduced by irrational pleadings, however transcendental and pious they appear especially if uttered by silver- tongued maverick like mamu Anwar. Never surrender our independent thinking . Dispute and disagree for disagreement sake.

  6. Don't care two hoots if you are regarded as arrogant or disagreeable person. You want to retain a free spirit of inquiry .

  7. Points 2 to 6 are reconstructed sayings of Hitchens. With that we are ready to discuss the ubiquitous bastards in our community. God, there are many of them. Some people's children. Habis camno !

  8. When Najib got convicted for the SRC crime, after 4 to 5 years, it restored somewhat the people's faith in the Malaysian justice system. It also raised people's expectations,, that perhaps mamu Anwar with his Samy vellu mane, will bring good changes.

  9. But when Zahid got DNAAed and now, Najib got his najibfication, it shatters the expectations. Anwar does more of the same .

  10. It has broken people's faith in him. He's not even a reformist, but a conservative and a revisionist. He wants to restore the business as usual ethos. Only it's now flavored by nasi kandaq

  11. Readers must know that I support mamu Anwar; won't throw him under the bus but will not hesitate to criticize him, speak forthrightly and with candour. But he has to tolerate my colorful and at times pejorative description of him. Mamu, BossNon or Fuhrer undt Reichkanzlor etc .

  12. I criticize him to make him aware,to point to what I think are the errors of his ways. This is opposed to PNs criticisms of him, the objective of which is to unseat him. That's why they are constantly conniving to oust him by extra parliamentary and undemocratic ways .
  13. There are consequences to the najibfication of the SRC crime. The consequences can't be controlled by mamu Anwar anymore.

  14. First, it shows the inability of Anwar to govern Malaysia as a country ruled by law. If one of the principles of the supremacy of the law is that no one is above the law, that principle is already violated.

  15. By getting a najibfication, it shows that Najib is certainly above the law. He gets an early board hearing, a 50% discount on the jail time and over 70% of the fine imposed . The law varies with the dilation of mamu Anwar's nostrils.

  16. It doesn't matter who has the prerogative to pardon, it is the pardon itself that is contentious. Mamu Anwar seems oblivious to the fact that more people are angry over the pardon. More than the number of UMNO bastards and social media lackeys.

  17. So don't be sidetracked by lawyers argle bargle about who has the prerogative. We, the people, the reasonable man riding the MRT, are not arguing nor interested in who has the prerogative. It's the pardon, stupid!

  18. Anwar appears not to be thinking about this matter seriously. His callous and insensitive remark that Najib got the najibfication was in consideration of the contributions made by the convicted felon, exacerbated people's anger.

  19. That remark was given at the assembly of civil servants in Putrajaya.anwar was too scared to even say it to the public, fearing the backlash from the people.

  20. Remember , it's not the contributions of Najib that are being judged here , but the crimes committed under SRC .

  21. That remark is also a terrible indictment on the justice system administered by the courts, especially the federal court.

  22. Najib's guilt was affirmed by the federal court. That remark makes it appears that the top judges at the apex court, were incapable of appreciating or failed to consider Ali babavum Najib's contributions .

  23. AU contraire, I think enough consideration was given at the apex court. What if Najib's sentence were to run consecutively instead of concurrently? The idiot would have gotten a 72 year jail sentence instead of a watered down 12 years . The 12 years jail time have taken into account his dubious contributions.

  24. 24. There are at least 3 issues here.
    (a). Anwar has broken faith with the people. Or rather people's faith in him is kaput
    (b) his inability to rule a country according to the rule of law
    (c) he has dishonoured, brought the country into infamy and disrepute.

  25. At this juncture, I would like to ask a question not asked by many including the bastard lawyers. Is this najibfication not only retrospective but also prospective? Will it also cover possible felonies under 1MDB?

  26. This najibfication phenomenon will bring terrible consequences upon Malaysia. They are never envisaged by BossNon.

  27. Any of the factors mentioned in #24 or a combination of them will turn Malaysia into a pariah state. Quality investments will stay away from Malaysia. It will attract investments from sharp business people who believe that the law is a negotiable commodity.
  28. There is a real likelihood that our economy Will contact somewhat. There will be reduction in our gdp growth .

  29. Domestic investments alone are not enough to compensate for the nett loss in FDI. And contrary to what the Economist Magazine said that the najibfication incident will not affect our Ringgit, it will. Our Ringgit will fare worse against uncle Sam's currency. In the next few months, we will breach the 5 Ringgit to the USD mark.

  30. When that happens, we have to grudgingly accept that our economy is managed by an imbecilic government headed by mamu Anwar. Wasn't Anwar the person who said that the reason why our Ringgit fared badly against the USD, was because the government is run by bangangs? It still is..

  31. There is bound to dissension in the ranks. Only UMNO, which is complicit in the contrived pardon supports PKR. I don't think Amanah and DAP fully agree in the pardon.

  32. There will be an upsurge in corruption and a abuse of positions. For instance, PKR has remained silent over the flood mitigation projects. When they were tendered out by Tuan Ibrahim, it costs us 7b. When it was re tendered by a PKR minister the cost goes up to 11b. And there was allegations that up to 1b will be pocketed by someone. Why the silent treatment?

  33. Now that people feel that Anwar's position is precarious because of the najibfication incident, everybody wants to make hay while the Anwar sun shines.

  34. It's a case, the scum rises to the top. The true colors of UMNO or people DNAed by UMNO values come out.

  35. I am afraid that and others will be discussed in another installment of an article or articles.


Sunday 11 February 2024

The Sungai long Caesar - Featuring The Inglourious Bastards. Part 2.

  1. In the film ' the eagle has landed ' the character Michael Caine says, it's foolproof Hans, I can always see a thorough going bastard when I see one.'
  2. But never you mind.' I am a bastard too. I love bastards. I am a bastard begot. Bastard instructed. Bastard in mind. Bastard in valor . In everything illegitimate.'
  3. Let me begin with the Bastard UMNO or rather the UMNO bastards. They are tricking us really .
  4. Using its right hand, which to Muslims, is used to perform clean tasks,it pompously declares it respects the decision of the king. Really, it's the decision of the pardons board.
  5. But really, it uses the name of the king to protect its evil machinations .
  6. It uses the name of the king to protect itself from universal condemnations. How can we allow UMNO to use the name of the king to straighten a wet thread? Which is the crime committed by Ali babavum Najib? Isn't UMNO exalting a crime?
  7. UMNO makes it seems that it alone is uber loyal to the institution of the monarchy fuyoo, no one is more loyal to the institution of the monarchy than 'oomno'. That's bullshitology. the true loyalists are the the Malay people and peace loving Malaysians.
  8. That claim is just for show, fleeting and ephemeral. In the past, during the constitutional crisis, UMNO people said all sorts of nasty things against the monarchy. Plus, they were willing to do all sorts of nasty and shocking things to the Malay rulers.
  9. During that constitutional crisis, 7 people were hailed as heroes. They were called the magnificent 7. One of them, is our Fuhrer und Reichkanzlor, Anwar Ibrahim.
  10. And as usual, it's left hand is doing all the devious, underhanded and evil machinations.
  11. Immediately after saying it respects the decision of the king, showing off its uber loyalty, it launches a signature campaign. The purpose is to agitate for the overturning of the king's earlier and accepted decision.
  12. It will launch a Nationwide campaign mobilising the UMNO hoi poloi to actually dispute the decision of the king. A decision done by the king, as said by UMNO
  13. That looks suspiciously as sedition to me. Instigating the people to pressure the king to revise his earlier decision. It could lead to enmity towards the institution of the monarchy. The police should investigate UMNO for sedition instead of Tony Pua .
  14. The utterances of some UMNO bastards worsened the issue. These utterances were imbecilic and mindless . It's UMNOspeak , what can you expect ?
  15. By the way , I use the term bastard not to mean issues out of wedlock. I use it as a generic term to describe obnoxious, irritable, disagreeable, objectionable, bad persons.
  16. There was an UMNO bastard who warned others not to let the Najib issue be the cause resulting UMNO to break off from the chapcheung government. Don't talk big. If he has the testicular fortitude, move such a motion at your agm or mkt meeting . See whether it can see the light of day. Perhaps, it will cause the bastard to be expelled from UMNO. Please carry our your threat .
  17. The cocky bastard UMNO still refuses to accept that it is no longer the government. It can't dictate the terms of its presence. It must adjust itself as a 'boil' or 'pimple' within the unity government. If it's not happy, then get out . It's a case of come not called, go not asked to .
  18. Then, there is this sanctimonious UMNO bastard, who has this habit of quarrelling with non UMNO parties especially with DAP over non consequential matters . As if quarrelling makes him to be seen as a hero and therefore he shouts himself coarse till blue in the face .
  19. His behavior is of course reflective of the inherent hubristic and cocky UMNO attitude itself. That is the attitude which causes UMNO to be rejected by the people in the first place . UMNO is not able to see this.
  20. With a bastard like this in UMNO, UMNO doesn't need enemies to see its own demise and extinction. Not only does this chap suffers from non compos mentis, forgetting that UMNO is no longer the government, but also suffers from the Don Quixote mentality, seeing that UMNO is besieged by a non existent Chinese dragon.
  21. So the bastard tells the UMNO fighting cocks to assert their supremacy by way of brutalizing the non UMNO public especially the non Malays. He advises the UMNO fighting cocks not to be cows pulled by the nostrils. What to do if you are cow-brained?
  22. What do you get when you vote UMNO?
    • You get a party that uses all underhanded tactics to subvert the law.
    • You get a party that reverses Dennings statement, ' be ye ever so high, the law is above you. In Malaysia, people like Najib and the selected are above the law . Courtesy of BossNon.
  23. 23. You get a party whose world view is based on everything extreme and dangerous to Malaysia.
    • It is uber nationalist
    • It is uber religious
    • It is uber royalist.
  24. But you know these are hollow claims. It projects itself as uber aggressive to stay in power and gets allegiance of ignorant Malays . It's purpose is always to establish a thievocracy or as you know it, kleptocracy. It reaches the height of infamy under Ali babavum Najib.
  25. You get a party which asserts its supremacy by faulting, blaming and demonizing all other Malaysians, including Malays who don't subscribe to UMNO world views. It asserts it's supremacy not by its achievements, but by entitlement claims and by virtue they are god gifted Malays.
  26. Then there's jolly and Randy Jo, who gives a bizzare advice. He advises all the right mined Malaysians to accept the decision of the pardons board and move on .
  27. 27. That advice applies only to those who object the decision. Strangely, it seems to exclude the UMNO fighting cocks.
  28. Immediately following a special MKT meeting, discussing the najibfication by the pardons board, UMNO launches a signature campaign and will or has now launched a Nationwide campaign to petition the king to modify his decision.
  29. What do you make of these actions? To the reasonable man, these actions are in defiance of the king, dispute his decision and insulting to the king. To me, the police ought to investigate UMNO for insulting the king and not Tony Pua.
  30. And yes, a new phrase has entered our lexicon. Its called najibfication which means getting a discount overall, for a crime proven and committed. The first beneficiary of najibfication is Ali babavum Najib himself. Malaysia boleh, lorr
  31. We must now reject the narrative given by UMNO on how Malaysia works. It's one that subverts the law unless the law confers benefit to UMNO .
  32. The case of Najib represents the obsession of UMNO to bend the law as it were unless the law is below them. Justice to Najib to UMNO is only realised when Najib is completely exonerated. If the law doesn't provide that, it will execute all kinds of evil machinations including getting a criminal pardoned.
  33. What does that tell you? It means Malaysia works according to the law as defined by UMNO. We can't accept that. Its discretionary rule instead of rule by objective law, even if the law has creases here and there .
  34. The narrative UMNO gives as to what works in Malaysia include the following elements:-
    • The law must always be subservient to UMNOs interests
    • Is driven by racial supremacy. Progress is always seen as to whether UMNO Malays dominate other races.
    • Malaysia is driven by ultra religiosity. Islam is used to suppress and discriminate non Muslims.
    • UMNO claims its more loyal to the monarchy than others. Hence our level of monarchism quota determines your Malaysianess.
  35. In short, UMNOs weltanshauung is always laced with defiance of the law, extremism in everything, racism, xenophobia and paranoia. It can only enslaved the Malay people by perpetuating mistrust and adversarial social relations. UMNOs prescription is the sure road to serfdom .
  36. The fatal mistake committed by BossNon is that he forgets one important reminder given by uncle nick Machiavelli.
  37. 'Never bring others to share disproportionate power'. He gives that to UMNO. Fatal mistake , BossNon.
  38. UMNO, the implacable enemy is allowed to recover its power base. UMNO now controls Felda, Risda, mara and a host of federal regional development bodies. Lu Mahu mati ka?
  39. Tiu Nia Seng, cibai .
  40. In the next part of my essay, I will discuss:
    • The bastards in the 4th estate , the press.
    • The bastards in the legal profession
    • The politics of the pardons board.
    • The PKR bastards.
  41. Hey, I told you people, I support BossNon. I won't throw him under the bus, but that won't deter me from speaking frankly, forthrightly and with candour.
  42. Do I care if the UMNO people show me the 2 fingers or call me with unmentionable names? These are no skin off my nose. Like the pontian gnome says, ada Aku kisah?
  43. Aku ini bintang jalang
    Dari kumpulan nya terbuang
    Biarpun peluru menembusi kulitku
    Aku akan tetap meradang menerjang
    Luka Dan duka Ku bawa belari Lari
    Hingga hilang pedih peri...


Monday 5 February 2024

The Sungai long Caesar. Part 1

  1. You can never trust lying UMNO. It pompously said it respected the decision of the king. On the same breath it launches a signature campaign. Brainwashed Malays will sign.
  2. The second action negates the 1st one. It actually means UMNO defies the king. It is disloyal. In ancient times a person committing disloyalty was impaled . So, in the next elections, you crucify UMNO punishment
  3. UMNO actually disputes the decision of the King. Therefore it has no moral authority to stop other people from disputing the decision .
  4. What do you expect from double faced and duplicitous UMNO? Now you know the true colors of UMNO .
  5. The agenda of UMNO is clear. Free all crooks
    Exalt the corrupt and the embezzlers.
    Ensure UMNO is led by the elite, the feudalistic minded the decadent.
    Bully all non UMNO people
  6. It is clear that UMNO wants to subvert Justice. Justice for them is when the foremost kleptocracy is completely exonerated
  7. So they are lawbreakers or even criminals in potentia. The government should have a preemptive provision to put them in jail. After they cause trouble, it's no use jailing them .
  8. The existence of the pardons board is an anomaly. If it's created by the constitution , it can also be undone by the constitution. Scrape it .
  9. It is an anomaly in the Islamic sense. If you were a Muslim, if you regularly read the sayyidul istigfar, the last sentence says, none has the power to pardon except You .
  10. So if mere mortals assume the power to pardon, equaling the power of God, that is blasphemous. Isn't it?
  11. Herr oberstleutenant inFahmy Fadzil warned people not to overcomment on the Najib pardon. It may result in punishment. In other words, be quiet, fools .
  12. Can you close the mouth of the earthen jar. Closed, it's no longer a jar idiot! Can you legislate silence?
  13. I assume he is speaking on behalf of the Fuhrer und Reichkanzlor, Herr Anwar, the dictator perpetuo
  14. At this juncture, I would like to repeat something similarly said by Mr Churchill. Never has so much credibility lost by so many over a pardon of a convict .
  15. In asking the people to keep quiet over the pardon of the biggest crook, Anwar has indeed ,like Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the point of no return.
  16. Anwar has committed the unpardonable sin, which can't be pardoned by the pardons board ie break the faith of millions have in him.
  17. It's the Sungai long Bolshevik helping the Bukit Tunku menshevik. A bourgeoisie helping another bourgeoisie.
  18. In crossing the Rubicon, ie breaking faith with the people, BossNon seems to utter the words Caesar did, Alea iacta est, the die is cast. Indeed it is, you have shown you don't need the support of people like us .
  19. And please Lah sir, don't pontificate to us anymore. It's becoming truer , that anything coming out your mouth are half truths and outright lies .
  20. You are fast becoming a case of what is supposed to come out from the rear end of the anatomy, comes out from your mouth .
  21. As to what Herr oberst inFahmy said, I can only say something Churchill again said .
  22. Never give in never give in. Never , never, never, never. Nahi, Nahi Nahi, Nahi. Never-in- nothing . Except to a higher sense or honour
  23. Never yield to force, never give in to the intimidations to a two bit actor. Never succumb to the apparent might of the enemy. Yes sir, inFahmy is now our enemy. People of lembah Pantai, kick him out!


Saturday 3 February 2024

The scales of injustice. Part 1

I read this joke. A long time ago. In Readers Digest . Younger people may not know of this magazine. It is good for learning the English language .

An engineer, architect and an economist were marooned on an island. They have nothing to eat save for a can of baked beans. With no tools, how to open, Maa?

The engineer said. We will build a fire to heat the can . It will expand, burst and spill the beans. The architect says. Yes, but unless we build an enclosure, the beans will spill to the ground. Semua habis Lor.

In desperation they turned to the economist . The economist safely says, Assume a can opener!

Now let us assume that what's reported about Ali babavum Najib is true. Allow me to give a not so a agreeable view .

Remember, it's all Assume !

Red lips Najib gets a discount on the jail sentence. From 12 years to 6 years. Better than Lazada discount. He also gets a discount on the fine imposed. Tak Tahu bulapa, Lor!

Further, red lips Bijan is eligible for a 30% bumiPutra, err, good behavior discount, Najib, the convicted felon, the embezzler-in-chief will be freed sooner .

It is therefore safe to Assume that the law has got a vested interest to perpetuate the dumbing down of all right thinking Malaysians. Hooray, Mali kita yam Seng sampai muntah, Maa .



Isn't this a cause for celebration? Life is certainly a scream. Belts off, pants down,dicks out. Show what they can do .

In the words of the Indonesian poet, Rendra:-
Prostitutes of Kuala Lumpur city
Unite! Bun up your hair, discard your bras
Flag high your knickers
Let the UMNO Roughnecks ravage you at a discount
Then you regret what needed to be regretted
When the UMNO Roughnecks give you STD.
Katakan kepada mereka
Bargaimana Kau dipanggil ke kantor Menteri
Bargaimana ia bicara panjang lebar soal reformasi
Tiba2 tanpa ujĂșng pangkal
Ia berkata Kau inspirasi reformasi
Sambil tangan nya membuka pakaian mu


By now, right thinking Malaysians ought to be aware that the law is like the BN scales, lopsided . Favouring the elite and the feudal bourgeoisie. The ordinary man or woman, caught stealing loafs of bread or tins of Milo, gets sent to jail without mercy
Najib , a member of the decadent aristocracy who stole millions, never showing an iota of remorse and apologising to honest Malaysians gets a ' happy ending '.


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