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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 31 December 2012

End of Year Madness

Last week, Ong Tee Keat a former MCA president recommended the present MCA president go see a psychiatrist. May we get the same services for the people at LTAT? Some people have gone mad at LTAT.
Why buy a useless company called Astacanggih? The company has no value. It has no property. It has an outstanding liability of RM98 million with Kuwait Finance House. It’s entangled in a legal dispute with a company called Awan Megah Sdn Bhd. All it has is a claim on the rights to 3 parcels of land totaling 200 acres which once belonged to MINDEF/kerajaan Malaysia. Its madness to pay RM30millon of LTAT’s money for a messed up company. Quick! get a psychiatrist or the son of a particular psychiatrist.
In an earlier article, I asked why buy 80% from Deepak and other minority shareholders? What about the balance of 20%? It must be held by a friendly party. The name of the 20% holder is Putra Nazrain bin Abdul Jalil, presumed to be a close friend to Raja Ropiaah or some proxy for people within LTAT itself.  
It was not LTAT that gave the land to Awan Megah. It was the government through MINDEF. MINDEF screws up. MINDEF can sue RR for the return of the 200 acres. It can further sue her until she’s left with her panties for failing to deliver the RM100 million Puspahanas. Nothing to do with LTAT.
Ask her back for the 223 acres since she and Awan Megah have not delivered the Puspahanas. Ask her to return the RM27 million too given by the government.
Next please send a psychiatrist to examine the state of mind of the LTAT spokesman who went on record saying they bought 200 acres from Awan Megah to expand their land bank. Expand its land bank? It already has 700 acres next door. If it wanted to expand, it could have asked the government a long time ago for the 200 acres or ask LTAT to buy from the government.It could have purchased at a cheaper price.
The land in question, 223 acres initially, belonged first of all to MINDEF/Government of Malaysia. LTAT is majority owned by Koperasi Angkatan Tentera. So many generals sit on the board of LTAT. If LTAT wants to expand its land bank, why not ask the government to sign rights over all the land MINDEF owns? It could get the land cheaper on go on JV directly with the government. So why spend another RM130 million to buy the land that belonged to the government?
The issues with LTAT in this particular case involving Astacanggih and Awan Megah are whether it has exercised prudence and exercised proper fiduciary duty. It appears the decision to buy Astacanggih and Awan Megah was made not on sound commercial reasons, but caused by mental breakdown- hence the need to procure the same psychiatric services Ong Tee Keat recommended for Chua Soi Lek.
The next big issue is one vote for UMNO means you elect thieves to guard our treasury, robbers in charge of our assets. One vote for UMNO means putting into office people who makes use of their office to steal and plunder and plot their way to personal riches.
Raja Ropiaah, a wanita UMNO leader, a member of the infamous fraternity of thieves usually dressed in white and red scarfs, owns Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd. Awan Megah was given a contract by the government to construct the National Defence Research Centre (Puspahanas) in Putrajaya. As agreed, the Defence Ministry would pay the company RM27 million plus 223 acres or 90.24ha of land in Klang worth RM72.5 million.
Awan Megah cannot come up with the land bond of RM72.5 million. So, RR shops around and she spies the Hindustani Hero- Deepak Jaikishan. Ah ha- that Sahrukh Khan got money. Maybe I can make a deal with him.
Mr Deepak love- I have this project ma. Najib your friend has awarded this big project to me. Why don’t you help me out? Since I have 223 acres- I sell you 200 acres. You pay me RM 23 million. Then you tolong I pay land bond of RM 72.5 million. Maybe you do development there and sure boom one.


Sunday 30 December 2012

Where is our Puspahanas? (2)

Rose- Dont you worry about Deepak babe!

See how people in positions abused their power?  The PM, defence Minister, the management of LTAT. A division of LTAT, Boustead Holdings answerable to the Defence Minister, buys 80% of Astacanggih Sdn Bhd for RM30 million.
What does Astacanggih have? It has no property. It has no track record. It has an outstanding loan with Kuwait Finance House. That is a liability. It has an unsettled dispute over rights on a land of 200 acres that on paper, is still owned by Awan Megah Sdn Bhd.
So why buy Astacanggih? Where is the value? Why not ignore Astacanggih and concentrate on Awan Megah the company that has value? It has a contract to build a RM100 million Defence Research Center and legal rights over an estate of 223 acres in Kelang. Who the hell in LTAT recommended the purchase of Astacanggih?
The answer to the mystery is because Astacangih is majority owned by Deepak or his nominee companies. This guy is giving nightmares to the PM and his missus. He is also dragging the good name of Tun Razak’s family. It must be in the interest of the Great Leader, Kim Il Najib, that LTAT sprang into action. Stupid pun takpe. LTAT buys off Deepak for RM30 million and he has no standing any longer to sue RR (Raja Ropiaah). It is now clear; RR is more important to Najib and Rosmah and must be saved. 
But why buy only 80%? Why not the whole 100%? Who owns the balance 20%? Maybe Raja Ropiaah or some Defence people. It’s funny why LTAT did not buy out 100% knowing the owner can do a Deepak stunt too. Unless that 20% is owned by friendly parties.  In which case, we might as well say LTAT owns 100% of Astacanggih now.
We will have to assume that Astancaggih is 100% owned by LTAT through Boustead Holdings. Semua sama sahaja- penyamun tarbus.
That settles the amount which Deepak paid to Raja Ropiaah to gain control of a piece of land planned by MINDEF to build a defence training center.  The purchase of Astancanggih by LTAT serves to confirm that Depak indeed has grounds over his dispute with Raja Ropiaah.
How did the amount of RM30 million come about?
Deepak pays money to Raja Ropiaah.
This is how: Deepak paid out RM13 million to Raja Ropiaah, RM8 million in political contributions, RM7 million of financial costs and RM2 million in legal and miscellaneous costs.  Total RM30 million. The lady got RM13 million buta money, plus RM8 million for political contributions.
Where is the RM8 million?
The UMNO people in Raja Ropiaah’s division better checked how much was given to the division.  The SOP of UMNO leaders is when they meet up with the Minister who will be the end user of the training center, will say- “boss, I promise to give X amount to the division. You know we need to spend money to regain Selangor and also ensure the coming delegates are solidly behind you. Najib will smile and write on the proposal paper- saya tidak ada halangan untuk cadangan ini, sila ambil tidakan dan beri saya lapuran susulan.
The actual usual practice among the thieves in UMNO is, they paid nothing to the division. The RM8 million may have been pocketed by her or may be given to the Defence Minister then or maybe to MINDEF people. Maybe. Many buayas there.
Let’s see how this scandal started. One day, Raja Ropiaah met up with Defence Minister Najib. Raja presented Red Lips Minister with a proposal. Boss, said Raja Ropiaah- I have checked.  There’s this 223.33 acres plus land belonging to MINDEF. Its tanah milik kerajaan persekutuan. The state government has no jurisdiction. The stutterer MB cannot do anything. They are in 3 lots. Why don’t I propose to build a National Defence Center for the government on a cross subsidy basis?  I build the center for RM100 million, the government pays me a certain amount in cash while the balance paid for by the MINDEF land in Klang.  You pay us cash RM27 million and the balance in the form of land. 223 acres in Port Klang- Kementerian Pertahanan punya.
We will build you a national research center valued at RM100 million. We shall name it Pusat Pengajian Pertahanan Nasional (Puspahanas). Its 1 Malaysia standard.
Najib will say- have you checked with Bahagian Pembangunan to make sure we have title over the land? To which RR would have answered: - I have checked boss- indeed I have kautim some key people in Pembangunan. Sure the land is MINDEF’s.
Ok lah itu macam. Without waiting to be asked- boss, I am not greedy, I won’t take all the money. I will give some to the division and some to your slash fund. That Muhyidin has got the hungry look. His people are going around the country building support and will challenge you next year. We better get ready. I will make sure wanita members support you. Moreover they like your red lips.


Saturday 29 December 2012

Where is our PUSPAHANAS?

First we must ask- where is the RM100 million Defence Center? If there is none- how could MINDEF transfer title over the 3 lots of land totaling 223.33 acres to Raja Ropiaah? We must assume she has title to transfer. Otherwise she could not have entered into agreement with Deepak Jaikishan to sell him 200 acres and sold one lot to Guppyunit Sdn Bhd.
Raja Ropiaah does not only receive RM 13 million from Deepak. She was paid RM 13 million and RM 8 million in political contributions. That’s 21 million. Deepak spent RM7 million on legal fees and RM2 million in miscellaneous. He did spend RM30million. RM9 million kira burnt until LTAT gave back RM30 million. But Ropiaah has sapued RM21million cash. From Deepak.
Raja Ropiaah, owner of Awan Megah which has legal title over 223.33 acres of land belonging to MINDEF, which is supposed to build the RM100 million Research Center got the following amount:-
1.      RM13 million cash from Deepak
2.      RM 8 million cash for political contributions passed on to her.
3.      RM 2 million cash from Guppyunit Sdn Bhd.
4.      RM16million OD facility from Guppy Unit
5.      Now- RM130 million for 220 acres of land originally belonging to MINDEF. MINDEF buys its own land back for RM130 million.
Why would LTAT be stupid enough to buy a messed up company for RM30million, unless it was meant to silence Deepak Jaikishan? Why would LTAT pay RM130 million for the land which it originally owned? LTAT spent RM160 million in one day to get rid of a problem for PM?
The woman in the center of this controversy- got money but where is the National Research Centre she promised to build? Has she started building it? At the end of the day, if LTAT steps in and builds the Center- and spend more than RM100 million, LTAT would be spending more than RM260 million.
Ex-servicemen!  Perajurit yang memperjudikan nyawa untuk negara UMNO- See how your money is being used by LTAT? That’s your egg nest you know.

addition: Has MINDEF paid out RM27 million to Raja Ropiaah's Awan Megah as advance to build the RM100 million Puspahanas? If they have- then she gets another RM27 million!. wow- UMNO system, best in the world!


Character and Leadership

The Government of a nation itself is usually found to be but the reflex of the individuals composing it. The Government that is ahead of the people will inevitably be dragged down to their level, as the Government that is behind them will in the long run be dragged up. In the order of nature, the collective character of a nation will as surely find its befitting results in its law and government, as water finds its own level. The noble people will be nobly ruled, and the ignorant and corrupt ignobly. Indeed all experience serves to prove that the worth and strength of a State depend far less upon the form of its institutions than upon the character of its men. For the nation is only an aggregate of individual conditions, and civilization itself is but a question of the personal improvement of the men, women, and children of whom society is composed.

Samuel smiles wrote the above. Every leader of any nation has grappled with the issue. What is the secret ingredient of a good government? Samuel Smiles had the answer- the secret of good government is having good people heading it. Lee Kuan Yew tackled this issue a long time ago, and set out to cultivate good people to lead the Singapore government. He must have done something right, because Singapore is now the richest country in the world.
North of the causeway, the UMNO leader who ruled for 22 years as PM and many years as Minister and Deputy PM, must have done something wrong. Our country is getting top placing for the wrong reasons. Mahathir has admitted his failure to improve the Malays, yet the Malays still want to support him? Mahathir has admitted that after 55 years, Malays are still beggars in their own country; Malays are urged to continue supporting UMNO? Are Malays political masochists? You get high as you are abused more. You want people molded after Mahathir’s image to come back and lead us so that they can whip us further to get us high?
We are looking for people with commitment, deep-seated beliefs in democracy, resolute in putting the interests of others before self. These traits are not inherited. Otherwise we will not have Najib Razak and Hishammudin Hussein. They didn’t inherit the characteristics of the fathers.
Just look at the state by which we are governed, it is clear that indeed the worth and strength of a State depend far less upon the form of its institutions than upon the character of its men. We are like this because our leaders lack character and integrity. The man, who says he is PM to all, keeps quiet when citizens are set upon and harm inflicted upon them. The home minister in charge of the police is equally mute suggesting that he has no character and integrity to hold such office. The rakyat are being bullied and set upon, the characterless people leading the State, the Ministry, the institution keep quiet.
Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail and Tun Hussein will never countenance these things.
We look around us, we don’t see Malaysia being deficient in the number of institutions that we have. We have the judicial institutions, the law enforcement, we have the state legislative councils, we have parliament, and we have kings. Indeed we have everything. What is missing is the character of them men heading those institutions.
Where is the democratic right to move freely across this country? Interests groups are stopped from going into felda schemes because some supporters of the government will not allow NGO’s opposed to Felda to speak to settlers. What is there to hide? If the people doing the explaining break the law, charge them under that particular wrong. The felda settlers are people who can think for themselves. When I wrote about the FGV listing a long time ago, I received many e mails suggesting that I was envious of Felda people getting money. Now, Felda people are realizing that have been conned into transforming their tangible assets into paper assets tradable in the stock exchange where control over the assets depend on the quality of people managing those assets. Well, you have people like Isa Samad and his sycophants watching over the Felda assets, I am sure settlers can sleep peacefully at night.
Opposition parties hold ceramahs under the watchful eyes of the police, and the police did not stop other groups from causing disturbances and bodily harm. We know these trouble makers are UMNO people- yet the PM for all the people, maintains his silence on this infringements of democratic rights. Is UMNO, which is now led and headed by many people lacking in character and integrity, condoning violence and aggression on people?

I was listening to an old video clip showing Zainudin Maidin’s response to questions posed to him by Al Jazeera. The TV station showed scenes of demonstrators being fired upon by water cannons and teargases. The response ex tempore, by Zainudin as minister of information minister then would make any Malaysian citizen cringe in embarrassment. An information minister talking like a person with a passable lower certificate of education.
Not only could he not answer the questions in a rational sounding manner, he went immediately into a tirade accusing the media of manipulating the news. How could a person of this caliber represent Malaysia as an Information Minister- he was simply gibberish. Fast forward to now, we can get a clear picture as to why the same person, not a Minister any longer can give the answers he gave when asked to assess former Indonesian President’s visit to Malaysia recently. Only a person of this mental caliber can come up with similarly hostile and hopelessly incoherent statements about BJ Habibie’s recent private visit to Malaysia.
And the PM of Malaysia, equally vacuous and pathetic, rationalized the incident by saying that these deranged statements are to be expected during `erection’ year.


Thursday 27 December 2012

People POwer vs The Tyrany of the Status Quo

The PM likes to thump his chest to say he is PM to all.  He will say that whenever he is away from the UMNO crowd. When he is among the brethren, he will sound the most xenophobic of all Malays. he is the same person now as he was when he unleashed the Kris to say, this will bathe in Chinese blood. So why should Chinese, Christians and non-Christians even want to believe him? Can you believe a PM who even debases himself to declare officially open a public toilet?
He is the same person, who says we will defend what is ours to the last drop of his blood. The PMship, the government, the seat at Putrajaya do not belong to him. They belong to the rakyat.
A PM of the people does not go around saying, you help me, I help you. A PM of the people helps those around him because it is his duty, he is duty-bound and he helps because he can. He does not help because he expects some reciprocity not even the utterance of thank you. If he does and demand that, then we have an insincere and untrustworthy PM. This kind of PM deserves only our rejection.
Everyone else if he/she becomes PM, is PM for all. That kind of declaration isn’t Najib’s to monopolize. If Anwar becomes PM, he is PM of all. if Tengku Razaleigh is PM, he is PM to all. anyone who is PM is PM for all.
Will the rakyat vote for him and his party? On vote for UMNO means a vote and endorsement for continued corruption, extending misrule and unaccountability, belaboring under discretionary rule. A vote for UMNO means continued pillage and plunder of our economy. A vote for UMNO means a vote for dictatorship and a concentration of power in the hands of one person. One vote for UMNO means you are giving a license for Rosmah Mansor to shop until our treasury coffers is empty.
Malays are better off not voting UMNO. Because the present UMNO is not the old UMNO which speaks on behalf of the Malays.  Since 1987 when the old UMNO was destroyed, the new UMNO is but an extension of the PM. The office of the PM represents the tyranny and power of the PM’s office.
When old UMNO ceased to exist because it was declared to be unlawful and illegal, the leader of the party ceased to coexist too. The whole, which was BN should be have also been declared illegal and unlawful too since its biggest component was illegal and unlawful. How can a whole continue to exist and stay alive when it has stage-4 cancer? How, could BN exist lawfully for that brief time in 1987, when its main component was declared unlawful? It had to take on the same stature and be unlawful too.
But Mahathir took advantage of the situation. He refused to revive the old UMNO and instead made use of BN to appoint him as leader of BN and got appointed as PM. He was for that brief time  persona non grata- he was not leader of the biggest party commanding the majority support of members in Parliament. Maybe the legal experts will have to relook as this sordid episode in our political history brought about by Mahathir. Did BN have legal status when it convened to appoint party-less Mahathir as BN chairman and PM?
Since then, all UMNO presidents who go on to become PM speak on behalf of 3.2 million members not on behalf of Malays. Mahathir and successive UMNO presidents go on to make UMNO the spokesman for 3.2 million members. UMNO no longer represents the voice of the Malay rakyat but a spokesman for the interest of powerful cliques within its 3 million members.
The BN people are also better off not voting UMNO. The BN has over 7 million members. UMNO members are 3.2 million strong. Therefore non UMNO BN members account for 3.8 million. There are more of you and less of them. Malays are not going to vote for UMNO. If Malays reject UMNO, why should non-Malays support UMNO?
In 2008- UMNO candidates got only 2 million Malay votes. 3.7 million Malay voters including 1.2 million UMNO members did not support UMNO candidates. Because Malays already knew back then, New UMNO speaks on behalf of selected cliques within UMNO. Malays have already realized there were more of them and less of Malays in UMNO. The Malays have already learnt to be assertive. Non Malays need to learn from Malays in this respect. There are more of you and less of UMNO in BN. you go away, UMNO will die.
Where do they want to get support from? They can’t even get full support from its 3.2 million members. More Malays are already decided on rejecting UMNO. Non Malay citizens can’t be less discerning or less clever than Malays in this aspect. The best thing is for all of you to withdraw support from the UMNO bully and throw your weight and ride on the crest of the waves.
The next political tsunami is inevitable. On whose side do you stand?


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