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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 25 December 2012

The Current and Next PM visit Sabah

At the end of this month, DS Najib and DS Anwar are going to Sabah. The former will see a bleak future for BN in Sabah. Anwar will be basking in increasing support from Sabahans, tired of being the 12th state in Malaysia. Sarawak on the other hand enjoys more autonomy. UMNO is not there, and its CM is determined by Sarawakians. Sabahans take stock of what is happening in the neigbouring state.
The CM of Sabah on the other hand, is determined by Kuala Lumpur. The non-Muslim majority has seen its dominance diluted by the infamous Project IC. Immigrants were given free passage into Sabah and were given citizenship. Most of them are Muslims thus swelling the number of Muslims in Sabah to about 40-45% now.
Anwar will be experiencing so many more Pensiangans. Pensiangan is a remote rural constituency south of KK. You have to undertake hazardous travel to get there. Yet when Anwar visited Pensiangan not too long ago, 7000 came to greet him.
Every child, old men and women chant ini kalilah continuously. Children tell their parents to take the RM500 that Najib gives because it’s our money from the taxes KL takes from us, but they still chant ini kalilah.
At weddings, guests come to visit the hosts. When their hands shake, guests say ini kalilah, prompting the hosts to plead, please don’t say that expression because this is a wedding. But the cries of ini kalilah, resonate across the whole of Sabah.
These are signs that BN cannot ignore. It reveals the changing political mood in Sabah. They point to the defeat of BN in Sabah despite the billions of Ringgit that will be poured into Sabah.  An old woman in a remote area, when asked who she will vote this time, does not hesitate to say she will vote Anwar Ibrahim. She doesn’t know what party Anwar represents, but she and countless other `peasant’ voters will vote Anwar and his party.
Sabah has, if I am not mistaken gone through 11 elections. Only once did the Kadazans and Chinese support the Muslims and that was during Tun Datu Mustafa. Kadazans could become CM until UMNO came into the state. Now, the CM is determined by KL and this has raised the ire of Sabahans.
Muslims form about 40% of the population in Sabah. That’s about even to the population of Kadazan and Dusun. The Chinese constitute about 15% of the population. Now, if the Chinese combine with the KadazanDusuns, they will form the majority group in Sabah, at 55%. Or slightly more.  Judging from the historical fact that Chinese/Kadazans supported Muslims only once during the 11 elections, there is more likelihood that the majority will throw their weight behind PR.  That will give PR some 12 seats.
Some of the Muslim seats will also side with PR. Lajim Ukin is likely to take his Beufort seat. Yahya Lampong a political stalwart will probably stand in Kota Belud where he is expected to vanquish the incumbent. Bumburing will deliver his seat.
Let’s look at the political realities in Sabah. The Kadazans are unhappy at being sidelined most of the time. They have had to play second fiddle to the Muslims who are not the majority. Their dominance has been eaten away by Project IC where aliens were given citizenship in what is seen as a political project by Muslims to dilute the dominance of Kadazans and other non-Muslim Bumiputeras.
The Non-Muslim Bumiputeras enjoy better relations with the Sabah Chinese who are emerging as the crucial playmaker. It’s not difficult to see where the allegiance of the Chinese is with. They will combine with non-Muslim Bumiputeras to defeat the Muslim minority.
Sabah looks at Sarawak as a comparison. It sees the state enjoying more autonomy, has control over its resources and can determine their CM free from interference of KL.
How has UMNO governed Sabah all this while? It governs Sabah as how a ketua cawangan handles his cawangan. Assume a residential area with a population of 200. To set up a branch, the UMNO leader needs 50 members. So he gets 50 members, 26 being close relatives or close friends. He needs to take care of only the 26 ignoring the 24 members and the rest of the 150 residents. The UMNO leader distributes the spoils of political power among the 26 people, ignoring the rest of the 174.
That is how UMNO has run Sabah. It takes care of the bare minimum to ensure it stays in power and ignore the rest of the population.  After years of doing that, it now suddenly realizes that the ignored majority has come of political age and is now going to assert their power.
So when Najib goes to Sabah this weekend, he will be met and cheered by those who have benefited from spoils distributed. When Anwar goes to Sabah , he will be met and cheered by the marginalized majority who has come of age. They will chant ini kalilah! And there are many of ini kalilah shouters than there are we love PM shouters.
There will be a revolution in Sabah.


Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 01:57  

Alhamdullillah !

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 03:16  

Kalau DS Anuar memilih seorang wanita Sabah sebagai Isteri beliau pasti kemenangan 100 peratus.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 December 2012 at 06:18  

Petikan Temu Bual Wilfred Bumburing Timbalan Presiden UPKO, Ahli Parlimen Tuaran,Sabah Pada 3hb Ogos 2012.

Mengapa menyertai Pakatan Rakyat?

Kita lihat keadaan politik tanah air Malaysia dan Sabah. Saya sebagai Timbalan Presiden UPKO, Ahli Parlimen Tuaran melihat keadaan politik dan cara pemerintahan di Malaysia, pertamanya tidak ada perkongsian kuasa. Dalam BN, yang memerintah sepenuhnya ialah Umno. Parti komponen hanya ikut telunjuk. Hanya ada setiakawan semasa pilihan raya, selepas itu Umno yang menguasai. Kita juga lihat keadaan kerajaan BN amal rasuah. Ini dilaporkan media, disentuh dalam Parlimen tapi tiada respon sama sekali.>>

>>Ibu kepada semua masalah di Sabah ialah kebanjiran pendatang tanpa izin. Kalau kita pisahkan dari segi kaum, sudah melintasi semua kaum yang lain. Pendatang sudah 27 peratus sedangkan Melayu (22%), Kadazandusun (17%). Kita dapati ada 250,000 pendatang tanpa izin sudah jadi pengundi. Itu yang jelas dilihat sebagai Filipino, Bugis tapi mereka dapat kad pengenalan dengan berselindung dalam suku-suku lain, Melayu, Bajau. Mereka mendatangkan pelbagai masalah. Dari segi ekonomi, mereka kuasai teksi sewa, bas mini, tamu (pasar). Sejak PRU 10 dan makin ketara PRU 11. Apabila pilihan raya, mereka diangkut dengan bas untuk mengundi. Dan PRU 13, kita jangka tidak kurang 300,000 sudah masuk. Jadi, kenapa BN biarkan orang asing menentukan masa depan negara? Ini masalah terbesar Sabah.>>

>>BN Sabah, mana ada masyuarat. Dari dulu sampai sekarang, ada satu kali saja tapi itu bukan mesyuarat – datang pun marah-marah sahaja. Buat gaduh. Selain itu, kita di Sabah dikenali sebagai fixed deposit (deposit tetap). Kita dibagi lima peratus hasil minyak, diangkut ke Semenanjung dan dibelanjakan dalam projek-projek mega. Dan dibagi kontrak kepada kroni Umno. Sedangkan kita di Sabah makan habuk.>>

>>Kita suarakan semua ini, dalam parlimen, berapa tahun kami bersuara tapi respon tidak konkrit. kita dikenal sebagai fixed deposit (deposit tetap) tapi peruntukan tidak dibagi sama rata. Di mana keadilan BN? Itu yang ketara sekali. Jadi kita perjuangkan dalam Parlimen, dalam mesyuarat tapi tidak diberi respon yang konkrit. Soal projek, jangan ceritalah. Selain Umno di Sabah ini, jangan harap dapat satu sen pun kontrak kerajaan.Tapi, di Parlimen, perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat selari dengan hasrat rakyat.
Saya lihat perbahasan, saranan dan dasar yang dibawa pemimpin Pakatan baik untuk rakyat.>>

>>Saya lihat, masalah yang disebut itu, pemimpin BN tutup telinga sahaja. Maka saya berpendapat, penyelesaian masalah Sabah tidak ada. Saya tidak lihat apa-apa cara kalau masih dalam BN. Itu sebab saya dan rakan-rakan sertai Pakatan. Apabila saya suarakan hasrat rakyat, saya dianggap pembangkang. Sebabnya, BN tidak sedia dengar suara rakyat. Apabila kita bersuara tidak ikut lagu BN, dipanggil pambangkang. Mereka tiada hak untuk tutup suara saya, yang penting saya wakil rakyat dan saya sampaikan apa yang diminta oleh pengundi. Saya juga tidak anggap Pakatan sebagai pembangkang tapi kerajaan alternatif kerana sudah jadi kerajaan di Selangor, Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan Kelantan. Dengan adanya perubahan di Semenanjung, ia bangkitkan semangat di Sabah. Kali ini, perubahan lanskap politik negara akan terjadi.


the toothless fella,  25 December 2012 at 06:25  

Umno/BN paid goons are ambushing and bushwacking PR supporters from entering Felda schemes to campaign and for ceramahs.What has Malaysia became under Umeeno.A gangster and pariah state,where gangsters armed with rocks,baseball bats and machangs beat and chopped up opposition supporters.

manmanlai,  25 December 2012 at 06:31  

If Sabah falls,Umno/BN is as good as gone.Then Anwar is destined to become the next PM.Although Anwar is not my first or second choice,it is better then any creatures from Umno/BN.Anyway like Dr Mahathir says,it is better to vote for the angel you know,then the devil you do not know.

monsterball 25 December 2012 at 08:17  

I have never seen Umno/BN so desperate before....using gangsters to throw stones ans snap car windscreen to stop PR guys visiting Felda voters.
What are they so afraid of?

monsterball 25 December 2012 at 08:24  

With Sak's permission...I wish to wish all Christians visitors in this blog...a Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year.
Santa Clause is coming to town..but out Santa Najib has started to give presents some months before Christmas.
I wonder what he will give for coming Chinese New Year to Malaysian Chinese voters?
That must be productive and effective to get votes.
I think hundreds of millions will do the job...but alas!!..all stack up overseas...cannot come in.
So how?

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 09:01  

Mahathir says that he will kick out Najib after PRU 13,if he cannot get back the 2/3 majority.Whether Najib's BN wins or lose,it doesn't matter unless he wins back the 2/3 majority.Then he can remain the PM,or else Najib is history.

the insider.,  25 December 2012 at 09:46  

I would like to tender for the contract to build twenty more bamboo dormitories to house Umnoputras after the GE.Plus to cater for nasi kandar operator for the inmates 24/7 365 days/yr.If the new PR gomen need my services please let me know through this blog Thany you in advance.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 09:55  

Politic of religion had done a lot of permanent and long term damage.....even to the extent of marginalising Sabah's bumi.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 10:26  

A cornered rat is more desperate and dangerous than a cornered dog.Because a cornered rat knows that it is deat meat.Whereas a cornered dog knows that it will get beaten up like a dog.

Now Umnoputras and their cronies are beginning to look like cornered rats.That is why they can be very dangerous,because they are so very desperate.Be very careful of cornered rats.

OneMalaysian,  25 December 2012 at 10:28  

Dear Sakmongkol

Yes, it is about time the Sabahans stood up. The UMNO government for too long has neglected them. On 15 February 2012 Najib on a campaign trip to Sabah proudly announced that Sabah was no longer the poorest state in GDP per capita terms. It has finally pipped Kelantan whose residents are now officially the poorest. Great achievement for Sabahans who joined the federation 49 years ago! They have gained just one place in the rich rankings, from last to second last.

This result couldn’t have been what they had in mind when they joined Malaysia. They had a chance to be an independent country. But now they are merely a state, the same as tiny Perlis or Malacca. But the fact is they joined as one of 4 territories or states – Malaya, Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore. Singapore had the good fortune of being kicked out. They are now the richest country in the world in per capita terms despite the lack of natural resources if we do not consider their industrious people and their talents as being “natural”.

Look at Sabah. Its poverty rate is 23%, far above the national rate of 6%. The UMNO/BN government has decreed a minimum wage of just RM800 for Sabah and Sarawak against RM900 for the peninsular. This minimum wage is below the official definition of “poverty line” of RM960 for Sabah. So this wage is guaranteed to keep working Sabahans below the poverty line. Contrasts this with the minimum wage of RM1100 in Penang and RM1500 in Selangor state GLCs. That’s progress under a PR government.

Over the past 40 years as a result of corruption at the state level, neglect by the Federal government in infrastructure development, and the vile Project IC that stole political power from original peoples of Sabah, Sabahans have got a really rotten deal after joining Malaysia. But they cannot turn the clock back. For a more prosperous and a fairer Sabah they must now shout in unison, INI KALILAH!

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 10:53  

Sabahans generally don't like people from Semenanjung to lord over them. Their dislike were further compounded by actions taken by the federal govt to facilitate the influx of foreigners into Sabah as legitimate citizens.But they have no choice but to choose political parties with KL power like it or not.

Their choice will be between parties they HATE less. Neither is perfect for their own good but which one gives the better option.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 11:13  

INI KALILAH halau keluar dari Parliman dan Dewan Undangan adik-beradik bernama Kittingan. Terlalu lama politik di Sabah dipermain dan perlekehkan oleh kedua-dua ini.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 11:21  

there are just too many cooks who will spoil the soup. STAR,SAPP, Pakatan, wonder with all their huge ego, can they ever sit down and thrash out their difference and work as an united team against a common foe.
for all the rhetoric and posturing, thats the reality on the ground.

monsterball 25 December 2012 at 12:17  

Glad to note Sarawakians support Anwar.
We know DAP is getting stronger and rural areas Sarawakians is getting a taste of politics they have never experience before.
It is after the 12th GE...Sarawakians start paying attention and know how important they are to Malaysians vote out the rouges and thieves ...once and for all.
Urban areas voters....DAP is getting stronger and stronger.
It is the rural areas seats that Anwar must help to win and it looks like....he is doing a wonderful job.
Come 13tyh GE....Sarawak will never be Najib's security blanket.
His famous "I help you. You help me" was an insult to Malaysian Chinese which he thought can be bought easily....and as time went by....who is Najib....everyone knows.
In fact...within UMNO b ...the members are split into 3 groups...the haves...the haves before and not having now...and the have not.
Corruptions is a disease that reached a stage in Mahathir's party...that cannot be cured. unfolded are unbelievable sickening....gangsters beating PR members with Police doing nothing.
Worst of all...."People First" has again proven..hollow words by Najib.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 13:07  

You're spot on. Nobody could have describe succinctly the politocal scenareo in Sabah than what you have written. The so called umno leaders in Sabah is still oblivious to the present reality of people wanting change. I asked an old man in a remote village in Ranau whether he is afraid of changing the umno govt. He said why should he afterall the rakyat of Sabah had changed thw state govt a numbet of times previously. What's the worst thing can happen if we change the govt ? He said.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 13:24  

Percakapan awak ini sungguh bodoh, Tolong beri pandangan yang membena!

Patrick 25 December 2012 at 14:34  

Yes, I think Sabah will fall to PR in the next GE, and hopefully, bring the BN government to an end. Many businessmen from Sabah on visit to peninsula have also described similar ground sentiments favoring PR.

BN/UMNO has screwed themselves royally in Sabah. Najib has also made instant enemies with UMNO in Sabah by allowing the RM 40M money laundering case to go unpunished, and seize Musa's own RM 40M for himself in the name of political fund. Also Najib and cabinet has not updated nor moved with progress on the Project IC royal commission at all since it was announced a few months ago. UMNO Sabah is in disarray and without humungous financial support from Najib (which is all Malaysians tax money) to buy the few UMNO supporters votes, Sabah will fall. Along with Najib and BN.

So this trip by Najib will be a very interesting event to monitor closely. There will be alot of wheeling and dealing as well as dirty plans to retain power in Sabah. For only Najib can authorise the huge covert funds disbursements from the national coffers to prop up a failing and unpopular regime in Sabah. We wont be surprised if najib will use the same old trick of Project IC version 2 to retain power. And this is something the opposition and concerned Sabahans will have to watch out for.....

monsterball 25 December 2012 at 20:06  

Sabah will be a quite difficult to predict.
Lets face facts....influential Sabahans...mostly Malaysian Chinese are wellknown to be very corrupted.
All the big businesses stations...are owned by them...and in Sabah...what the boss says...workers usually obey....thus many voters will vote without the abilities to think independently.
Sabah will be a 35% for PR and 65% for BN.
That is already a very big successful achievement for PR.
Sarawakians...are more patriotic Malaysians than Sabahans ...simply because Sabahans are much richer and selfish blokes than Sarawakians.They are simply more selfish people.
Both my comments are based on my personal knowledge doing businesses with these 2 States.

Anonymous,  25 December 2012 at 22:48  

Dato Sak, you wrote:"An old woman in a remote area, when asked who she will vote this time, does not hesitate to say she will vote Anwar Ibrahim. She doesn’t know what party Anwar represents, but she and countless other `peasant’ voters will vote Anwar and his party." I have been told that many simple folk like her are duped at the polls by BN folk who confuse them with party logos, cos many can identify the candidate by looks but not by name or party logo, as they are illiterate. Is sufficient steps being taken to help them not be duped in casting their votes?

Anonymous,  26 December 2012 at 01:10  

Najib should go to Parliament to redefine to correct the error the term 'Bumiputera' set in the early days. It should be along the Paternal lineage. This will directly disqualified Mahathir and Muhkris from UMNO.
Many Malays will be so happy.

Sabah Sifu 26 December 2012 at 01:14  

Dear Dato’, the call of “ini kalilah” in Sabah does not refer to Anwar, it is a call made by the STAR supporters throughout Sabah. The STAR leader is the same person which Anwar arrogantly put aside. So he left PKR and borrowed STAR from Sarawak. Until today, Anwar still doesn’t look at Sabahan as humans only as voters, basically to be used by him to achieve his own goals – PUTRAJAYA.
In Sabah, we don’t look at Anwar as our savior at all, Anwar is the same as Najib – they both come to Sabah to take NOT to give. Najib takes 95% of our oil while Anwar is slightly better taking only 80% of our oil. The end result are the same they both wants Sabah’s wealth NOT to look after the welfare of the poor “orang Malaya” but to feed the Malaya’s Elites – their comprador conspirators. Same game is it not?
For both Najib and Anwar better brush on their knowledge about Sabah because the oil & gas don’t belong to the Nation, it belongs to the oil & gas producing states namely Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak. If you total them up these states control 94 Parliamentary seats, add another 56 seats you control 2/3 in Parliaments. Therefore is it Anwar that we talk about in Sabah? Or should it be PAS?
Tok Guru Abdul Hadi Awang made progress in Sabah by apologizing to the people in Sabah on broken promises and shattered dreams made by some of the leaders from Malaya. Tok Guru Abdul Hadi made the right opening but till today Anwar remain arrogant to Sabahans.
Gerakan Nasionales Sabah or GANAS in short has taken the initiative to sue the State Government and PETRONAS that the PETRONAS Agreement 1976 is null and void based on the fact that Land is a State Matter, protected by the Constitution as well as safeguards established in the Malaysia Agreement 1963. Therefore, the letter to PETRONAS signed by Tun Razak in 1975 was done even before the PETRONAS Agreement 1976 for Sabah & Sarawak was signed. Tun Razak had NO rights to give away Sabah land. IF there is still doubt that Sabah land extends to the limit of Malaysia’s Exclusive Economic Zone, then, please read North Borneo (Alteration of Boundaries) Order in Council 1954 as well as the recent Exchange of Letters between Brunei and Malaysia. The Petroleum Development Act 1974 according to GANAS is also unconstitutional. Please read the Writ at the end of this page .
Sabahans prefers PAS rather than PKR to lead in Sabah because Sabahans sees PAS leaders as committed and unpretentious. Otherwise PAKATAN should forget about Sabah & Sarawak, none of what you have predicted will ever come to pass.

Anonymous,  28 December 2012 at 02:13  

For as long as political parties in sabah and sarawak are members of either BN or PR, there will never be autonomy for those 2 Federation partners. The amendment to the Federal constitution which degraded sabah and sarawak to the status of merely states of same ranking as states in Malaya happened because the then parlimentarians from sabah and sarawak were members of parties which were part of the Alliance/BN. The petroleum development act which took away sabah's and sarawak's control over its oil resources happened because of the same reason. These events took place long before UMNO entered sabah. Sarawak may not have UMNO till now but the price of 'independence' from UMNO is backwardness if the ruling parties there do not generally toe the BN line as they are members of BN. I have often heard that sarawak have to beg KL for development fund.
Under an Anwar led Federal Govt things will be even worse for east malaysia and especially so for sarawak because PR parties are already there. In PKR, their state leaders are 'chosen' by Anwar and Azmin.
Sabah and Sarawak parties should not be part of BN or PR. This way the winners there can form a coalition federal govt with either PR or BN on their own terms. This will make whoever is head of fed govt more sincere about the borneo territories' interests.

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