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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 13 December 2012

What They Did Not Teach At The UMNO Assemblies

Self-respecting Malays don’t cry when listening to the quality of speech Najib was making. He was stoking the fears of the Malays, affirming the fact that Malays are boarders of the huge plane called UMNO. He was also shouting on top of his lungs as though truth is measured in decibels. 
At this point in history, having its beginning in 1987, UMNO is just one big plane. Hence the safety and the future of the UMNO plane passengers depend on the conduct of the captain, crew and ground support staff. If the UMNO plane crashes, the Malay passengers on board are indeed doomed.
But there are now several planes which Malays and Malaysians can board. Choice is the basis of democracy. Liberty and freedom are protected when power is dispersed. In 2008, power was no longer concentrated in the hands of UMNO/BN. it won 140 out of the 222 parliamentary seats, failing to get a 2/3 majority. In other words, Malaysians chose to board different planes and by doing that, dispersed power from UMNO to other parties. In Kelantan, Penang, Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor and Kedah, the people chose decisively to board the PR planes. Their choices have proven to be beneficial.
The comparison of UMNO to a plane is timely.  If the UMNO plane crashes, only those on-board perish. Others not on the plane go on living. There are 18 million Malays in the country. If the 3 million on the UMNO plane perish, there are still 15 million Malays carrying on life without needing the UMNO plane to move on. They have other planes which they can catch.
The welfare of the passengers is entirely in the hands of the captain, crew and the support staff related directly to the plane. The welfare of others not on the plane is entirely independent of the conduct of the captain, crew and the support staff. The captain, crew and support staff is entirely irrelevant to the welfare of the rest of the country who elected not to be on the UMNO Plane.
The characterization of UMNO as the devil we all know with whom we can be friends with, is both ominous while it is most fitting. The UMNO government displays a devil may care attitude in the country’s finances. Since 1998, this is our 16th year in budget deficit. The danger with budget deficits is that they can be indicators of financial indiscipline. Even in good times, the budget is still in deficit indicating that this government has permanently incorporated debt into the structure of the economy. Debt becomes structural and a bad habit. Next year, the federal government’s debt will reach RM503bn
After 55 years, Malays are made to believe that they depend on UMNO. Thus after 55 years, the vocation of a sizable number of Malays is to get themselves bussed and transported into stadiums, onto fields and inside buildings, ululating 1Malaysia and deifying St Najib. That is the insult of the highest order.
Making Malays UMNO-dependent is enslavement in miniature. When Najib makes it out that without UMNO, Malays are finished , he is affirming his and UMNO’s feudal nature. That UMNO is the master, the people are slaves.
What UMNO did during its General Assembly was to encourage Malays to look into the mirror and tell their reflections, how good they are. Malays are a race par excellence, Malays this and Malays that. Self-respect is not achieved that way by daily mutterings of some success mantra. Najib and UMNO are deceiving Malays into believing that group-hug mentality is sufficient to help out Malays. Continued reliance on UMNO’s patronage is like giving a life jacket to a non-swimmer. He stays afloat for a number of hours, but does not learn to swim.
Continue to think meanly of ourselves, we will continue to sink into our own estimation as well as in the estimation of others. MCA Chinese and MIC Indians are laughing at seeing how stupid the Malays are.


Anonymous,  13 December 2012 at 09:28  

Dear Datuk Sak

You wrote:

"In Kelantan, Penang, Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor and Kedah, the people chose decisively to board the PR planes"

Err ... you did not include Perak.
Remember the Perak plane was
hijacked in a most unprincipled
manner? My impression is that the
passengers are still fuming over it, and the hijackers will pay most dearly in the next General Election.

Phua Kai Lit

Patrick 13 December 2012 at 09:44  

The BN government is addicted to the Petronas opium. The more they consume, the more brain dead they become. Thus endangering almost 30 million people in the process. In turn, UMNO/BN uses its own repackaged brand of opium to shackle the mass population as much as they can.

Like all drug addicts, those not infected by this opium and crazed delusional speeches should administer drastic action to remove the drug addicts fast. These drug addicts has got so good at the art of self delusion and creative plunder that it has become a self fulfilling prophecy and the cycle perpetuates itself for infinity. They do not realise that the oil drug/opium is finite, and the governments fiscal deficit is suicidal. Since UMNO/BN are drug addicted delusional waste, lets quickly remove them before we all are doomed. Our fiscal deficit is already into Greece territory. Opium addicts dont see this as they need their opium to continue living in their delusional LA LA LAND.....with the 3M other addicted followers...

Asrul Sani 13 December 2012 at 10:20  

Yeah....I pray so that the UMNO plane would suffer catastrophic crash as soon as possible and all the passengers on board perish without trace because they carry various deadly diseases, very damaging to the country and society.

lagi cepat kapal ni jatuh terhempas atau tenggelam ke dasar laut, lagi baik untuk mankind.

Anonymous,  13 December 2012 at 10:57  

Superb analogy.

Anonymous,  13 December 2012 at 12:16  

I just wish to make an analogy here. Remember Communist China years under Chairman Mao? How did the Chinese survive then? They lived just to live. Apart from the upper echelon party cadres, everybody earns(gets?) the same, WHETHER YOU WORK OR YOU SLEEP. Do we have economic growth? I seriously doubt it else they wouldn't have the need to have "The Great Leap" or "Cultural Revolution" on a regular basis. Fast forward to today, China is the second largest economy in the world,overtaking England, Europe and Japan in a short spade of time. What make the transformation( not the ala Najib type of transformation)? It was the farsightedness of Premier Teng who practically liberated the Chinese masses to be ACCOUNTABLE to one's well-being. Communist China today is as communist as any REAL capitalist FREE MARKET and one will be shocked how the masses try to grap every opportunity to make money(with its negative implication no doubt). The Malays will have to work for their keep and the Malay mind must be FREE. Most importantly the Malays must believe they can survive ON THEIR OWN and not on the mercy of their masters. Malaysia needs competitive Malays to survive globally.

monsterball 13 December 2012 at 14:27  

They all assemble... shouting insults to PR parties.
It looks more like an election campaign.
What a low class Umno b Assembly it is...formed by Mahathir to teach all things evil.

OneMalaysian,  13 December 2012 at 14:57  

Dear Sakmongkol

“MCA Chinese and MIC Indians are laughing at seeing how stupid the Malays are.”

You are very generous with the MCA and MIC crowd. If they were smart they would have left MCA and MIC already. Racial politics is a dead end, especially if you are a minority group. You would always be under the thumb of the major racial group. In 1957, this kind of racial grouping might have worked. But time has passed. This is a new era. We no longer unite based on race and then cooperate with the other races. We now unite under non-racial political ideals, where people of all races come together to pursue their political agenda.

That’s why the politics of DAP, PKR and even PAS are more attractive. Only non-racial politics can take this nation forward. Consider PAS’ “Negara Kebajikan” or benevolent state. This idea has merits, especially to the lower income groups. But the policy framework needs fleshing out. The key is that the policy puts the welfare of the people first (not just dishing out money to the needy), and that politicians are at their service. This is quite different from Najib’s empty “people first, performance now”. The Malays dominate the lower reaches of the income curve, so such an approach should be attractive to them.

DAP’s multi-racial “Malaysian Malaysia” is timeless. It is a bedrock political philosophy for a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious country like ours. It embraces pluralism, and contracts sharply with the Ketuanan Melayu ideal that UMNO surreptitiously supports.

The central idea that PR must get across to rural Malays is that the ideas of UMNO are past their sell-by dates. After 55 years of stewardship of the “Malay interest”, the Malays are still far behind the others, except for the small group of UMNO Malay plutocrats. More importantly they will have no way to catch up until they reject UMNO. Why stick with a political party that hasn’t delivered for 55 years and is now ossified by corruption? The ideas of the Opposition have merit. The Opposition is not an ogre that will destroy the Malays. The Opposition, if the UMNO supporters don’t know yet, is mostly Malay. So race, religion, customs and Malay rulers are not issues to fear about. Simply let smarter and more able Malays take the place of corrupt and inept Malays.

patrick,  13 December 2012 at 15:12 the moment Najib's trying to get off the magic carpet ride of his life!A ride he will not soon forget,courtesy of the deep-probe carpetman!

Anonymous,  13 December 2012 at 17:48  

Majority of Malays are not independent and could not compete in the globalised world....many worked for the public sector with job, income and retirement security.

These people will suffer the worst as a result of decades of bad leadership....there is no quick fix.

Sumpitan Emas,  13 December 2012 at 19:30  

Incredible. Even self-respecting young Malaysians don't cry in public not even when there face a barrage of rabid emotional dialectics from politicians. They seem to know intuitively when truth doesn't relate to decibel levels; they might in fact actually believe that truth varies inversely with loudness of voice. Najib shouting on top of his lungs would most likely have triggered quite different reactions in a more sober crowd.

I shall now take readers back to the 'fortune-tellers' and 'fortune-sellers' I mention earlier, here specifically, Yvonne Tan Hong Yean, of Eastspring Investments Bhd Chief Investment Officer (Equities), whom I wrote previously. She is also on record as reiterating that the market is "nervous" and that there was already "a lot of selling".

Query: Does it not occur to Yvonne that the "nervous" large-scale selling that is reported to have taken place, and presumably is still happening is directly related to the strong energetic decibels coming out from the PAU assembly hall?

The newspaper states that " Tan said at the Malaysian Equity and Bond Outlook for 2013 presentation on Monday that the market would be quite positive with the country's economy set for a 10% growth next year in terms of earnings from listed companies, if there was no change in the ruling government and the incumbent Prime Minister.

A confident Prime Minister could have helped strengthen Yvonne's prognosis had he not spoken in such a strident manner. That he was followed by equally noisy speakers making outrageous seditious remarks did not strike at the heart-strings of most Malaysians, hence the alarm detected by Yvonne, but given who she and colleagues are and who they represent, this is understandable.

But, grovelling is still grovelling.

Anonymous,  13 December 2012 at 21:26  

Buruk ya tengok oghang tua nangis. Kalau Boy QD nangis tahanlah sikit.budak tu agaknya nangis tak berlagu memikirkan Uncle Najib dia dah nak tumbang. Sebab tulah dia hilang sekarang.

Uncle no despair

bruno,  13 December 2012 at 22:29  

After observing the caught on tape crying babies at the Umno GA,we have to come to a conclusion.That although the crying participants were grown ups,the crocodile tears were real.

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan 13 December 2012 at 23:18  

Salam Dato' Sak,
Orang Pahang tanya kenapa Dato' tidak bertanding Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Pusat (CEC) DAP?

Please refer:

2020,  14 December 2012 at 00:39  


I think we can safely make a case study of fuedalism gone astray - for those doing MBA maybe... I mean, here is a classical case where adat is controlling a segment of a population. Dont get me wrong here - there is nothing wrong with adat, each has their own but end of the day the people should control the adat since each will have its good & bad, so we improve by removing the bad and adding in the good accordingly.

Looking at the assemblies itself, the structure are to ensure fuedalism will thrive unabated. The assemblies are reperesentative of representative (bahagian) where the leadership ensures (thru various technicality) overall opinion will be moulded accordingly. Hence, all the proposal proposed, all the issues raised and critism highlighted will be at the end - similar in nature. Remeh-temeh.

This is what happens when fuedlism is nutured without restriction. There will be no critical thinking or ideas which is essentially the seeds for future adapatation, enhancement and survival. To be a calon, one need to have certain amount of pencadang... and even if one does get one, then is no guarentee of an elections.

Cahaya Qalbu,  14 December 2012 at 04:51  

Not A Choice But Responsibility

All those BN loyalists, local/international political & economic analysts that can be bought for propaganda purposes, commending BN’s administration, still don’t get it or pretend not to understand that voting PR is not about the economy or other issues anymore but the BN leaders:

>Rampant corruptions, power abuses and denial of their misdeeds.

>Habitual of creating repressive laws to consolidate their power.

>One set of law for the ordinary people, another for BN elites, families & cronies.

>Practicing capital cronyism/nepotism to the maximum.

>Restricting the nation’s mainstream media akin to communist countries.

>Manipulating public agencies to be their instruments of oppression and hide their crimes.

>Families monopolizing the nation’s economy via proxies.

>Interfering & influencing SPRM, PDRM, SPR and Judiciary duties.

>Instigating and encouraging the attrition of civil liberties, hence denying Msians constitutional rights.

>Keep on harping, intimidating and instilling trepidation to divide the races further, which is irrelevant in today world of competition & globalization.

>Always threatening Msians with bloodshed to stay in power and execution of other tyrannical policies which are gradually killing the nation’s democratic principles.

Voting PR too is no more about individuals, race or religion but to stop the deteriorating of our nation by BN’s misdemeanors into the pit of desolations & miseries.

Thus, it is not a choice anymore but its everyone duty to vote a govt. that also upholds freedom, justice and truth, bringing renewed and fresh life back into our beloved Msia for ourselves, families & future generations !!!


Golden Blowpipe,  14 December 2012 at 08:58  

WZWH (Wan Zamzuri bin Wan Hasenan AMP, di sini terletak bezanya di antara DAP dan UMNO: Kalau Aspan pernah 'tunggu'45 tahun, apa salahnya kiranya beliau dan Pak Sak berundur selangkah dua kepada yang dah tamat 'probation' dulu lagi.

Lain pula dalam UMNO, ada veteran-veteran yang tunggu lebih daripada 45 tahun sembarangan dipinggirkan untuk memberi laluan bagi dua wira komando terus tembus bumbung parliament dengan payung terjun.

Yang satu, sekurang-kurangnya pernah beristirahat O.G.S.di rumah kebajikan Bamboo River. Sambil dia turun orang ramai menunggu payung terjun kedua, ketiga dan mungkin keempat membawa kotak-kotak yang mengandungi bukti-bukti salahlaku orang UMNO-BN. Tunggu punya tunggu.

Tentang Tunku Aziz kenalah tanya Shi Huang Ti DAP.

Yang satu lagi lebih hebat, the man with the golden gun. Kena kelikir diancam mungkin dihadiahkan kelikir depan perabot sialan satu masa dahulu dan kini bertempat di Senate, inilah satu-satunya kejayaaan 'personal reengineering' tiada tandingan di mana-mana saja, hingga ke akhir zaman. Siapa berani mengatakan Malaysia kurang hebat dalam kepakaran 'reengineering'?

Ibrahim Ali dan Hassan Ali minta jangan omong-omong kosong.

There's no second Nalla for another 10,000 years. Tahniah!

Anonymous,  14 December 2012 at 11:34  


sdra telah lama menjadi ahli UMNO Jerantut, lebih lama dari Dato atau Paka Aspan masuk DAP.

Jawapan kepada soalan sdra ialah:

Mengapa WZWH tidak bertanding ahli MKT UMNO atau jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO?

walla 14 December 2012 at 15:17  

Cahaya Qalbu,

((( applause! )))

Golden Blowpipe,  14 December 2012 at 21:34  

Uncle no despair,13Dec12 21:26, yoh jugok bughurk betul tengok oghang tuo kito nangis. Sampai hati merekoh ni tebulah semua kacau oghang tua. Naik kapal terbenh gi sini gi sano, balik teru' kacau pocik dan mokcik.

Sakit hati betul tengok oghang tuo nangis. Kighor tak sakit tuleh belakeh amboh nak silat teghuhs, tak kirho Tan sri kah, dato kah.

Hai yah lu sumua mau main main sama oghang tua? Apo sebab nak kacau oghang tuo? Kacau isterghi cukop lah.

Golden Blowpipe,  15 December 2012 at 07:48  

Cahaya Qalbu

"Not A Choice But Responsibility" !!!

Sama-sama Walla, tiga kali

((( SORAK! )))

Cahaya Qalbu,  15 December 2012 at 17:39  

Thanks Walla & Golden Blowpipe, always welcome..

When people have come to the stage-it’s their duties to rectify the nation’s predicament, BRIM, KRIM or whatever BN dishes out would not fracture their convictions.

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