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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Saving Malaysia: We Must Not Lose Our Moral Responsibility

Why must we save Malaysia? From what?

Firstly it is our moral responsibility to do so. Secondly, we must save Malaysia from its number 1 menace- Najib Razak.

What has he done? He has placed Malaysia in economic harm’s way. His stewardship of 1MDB shows many qualities which make him unfit to become our leader. It shows a man who will do behind the scene private dealings, ‘mandor’ of clandestine operations and licentious profiteering, it shows he is complicit and instrumental in stealing money from 1MDB with his gang.He has destroyed any notion of accountability.

It had to come out. The man said ‘gang’. What’s buried in the subconscious finally emerged- the concept must be been there all the time. He is the boss. A boss must have a gang. He and his gang will corner Malaysia.

In the beginning it was bossie Najib and Jho Low and Tarek Obaid. The latter two were aided by Patrick Mahony, Casey Tang, Li Lin Sit, Tiffany Heah . Of course Shahrol Azral, his tonto in Malaysia.

Then comes Prince Turki, Kazem al Qubaisi, Badawi al Husseini, Dato Subuh, Nik Faisal, and finally Arul Kanda.Many more.

As Dr Mahathir says, all those who have aided and abetted in the mother of all heist, must be brought to justice.  The gang will be indicted.

These are his gang members. It is a pointed description. Those who follow him are members of his gang. Adenan Satem must now realise that his induction into Najib’s gang is not celebratory.

It shows he is a serial liar, a man who breaks the laws with impunity, cannot be trusted, will not hesitate to use intimidation and repressive laws, and undermines the pillars of democracy- the police, army, the civil service, the law enforcers and the judiciary. The mainstream intelligentsia is muted and pliant; the high priests pronounce nothing on the evils of dishonesty, corruption, thievery, and so on. Not a squeak.

The gates of hell will be entered first by the high priests who sold eternal profits for worldly gratifications.

If UMNO protects him which means protects his wrongdoings, that must mean UMNO has lost its moral responsibility. If the Malays in turn protect Najib inspite of the overwhelming indications that he has done wrongful things, it will also mean that Malays have lost their moral responsibility.

What If he has done wrong, no supplications or prayers can save him. Because many more are also praying to the same God as Rosmah Mansor does, to deliver us all from Najib. The prayers of the victimised are more potent and reciprocated. We Malaysians are the victims, Najib and his gang are our tormentors.  

The save Malaysia campaign is gaining momentum. The other side, the side that is creating all the mess we are in today, will say, the campaign will amount to nothing. Najib’s foot soldiers will repeat the usual twaddle and cackle- this effort is useless, it will fail, this is a treasonous coup, so on and so forth.

But why is it that everywhere we go, people are openly cursing Najib and his wife and his supporters? The pasar Malays are saying pukimak, the Chinese in Hokkien say puah chee bai, and the Indians in Tamil say punda mavanae and the Melanau are shouting tuu’ke.

Why are people praying to the same God Rosmah prays to, beseeching God to rid us of this fellow?  People are willing to put down their signatures in support of the campaign.

You see, Najib and his gang (his word) do not understand why the people are willing to endure calumny and anathema rather than acquiesce in a lie. People are saying enough is enough. People want to exercise their moral responsibility.

1MDB is a big lie. All the way from the ganging up with Petrosaudi and Jho low; the investment in the segregated portfolio managed by dubious managers, the sham spending on real estate business and energy assets. 
Why was the gang willing to take over companies with inherited debts- petrosaudi with an ‘inherited debt’ of USD700 million (RM2.8 billion) and the energy assets with an inherited loan of RM6 billion).

The initial USD700 million that went into Jho Low’s account was clearly an embezzlement. Good Star Ltd did not belong to Petrosaudi. Najib must have authorised the remittance of the USD700million into a separate account.
 All the money, our USD1 billion should be parked in the JVco account and the further spending therefrom authorised and supervised by the BOD of the JV. The Board was to include 3 and not 2 Malaysians. Casey Tang, Jho Low’s Trojan horse was positioned as a bod member of the JVco.

The initial USD1.83 billion was lost for nothing. We did not get our money. We loaned the Arabs more money and then reinvested in another company which had not assets. We sold our share in that company believing we made more than USD2 billion to a fund manager. All we got were units.

Nobody wanted the units. We entered into some agreement with another Arabian Peninsula based company who co guaranteed our IOUs. What has Najib and his gang given to the Arabs who guaranteed our loans and IOUs?
We were still cheated when we sent RM3.5 billion to a bogus company with similar name- Aabar BVI. The real Aabar said it did not receive the payment of USD3.5billion. But 1MDB said it send USD 3.5 billon somewhere. We lost another USD3.5 billion.

This means what we owed Aabar is still not paid. We lost USD3.5 billion, we have not paid USD3.5 billion. That means we cannot account for USD7 billion. Plus the USD1 billion loan, we cannot account for USD8 billion.

Where has the money gone to? Somebody stole our money. Maybe the Arabs, maybe Jho Low and maybe Najib’s gang.


Friday 22 April 2016

The Business Executive and the Politician.

When I was working for an international oil company, we executives were the subject of jokes by the old timers and seasoned veterans. 
Said in Kedah slang, one joke would go like this.
These people- they come back from America, they think they are very cleva, smoke there smoke hiya, they spoil the atmosfiya
Now that I have entered politics, I really think business executives think they are so cleva. Too cleva sometimes. They think all politicians are dolts and dummkopfs.

After several repeat readings on the literature about 1MDB and the PAC Report, I feel we have only barely touched the surface of the issue. To unravel the serpentine machinations by those involved in 1MDB  require the minds of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi combined. Fortunately we have many talented and agile minds.
Many things were not told or concealed from us. In this article, I am electing to use some profanities. Those who are prudish are encouraged not to read.I apologise beforehand.

The business executives who are appointed to office by political masters don’t give a fuck about politicians. These high-nosed executives think politicians are bungling oafs interested only in positions, wealth, titles and women.

Perhaps business executives appointed to high office( there are many in celcom, axiata, khazanah, glcs) must have been accustomed only in dealing with the passable cikgu types, the ex kemas inspectors, vernacular school ustazs and the like. These are chosen by UMNO.

So when Shahrol Azral, a product of a prestigious American university was instructed to stop taking up the IMTN by the bungling politicians, he simply ignored them. He went ahead in appointing Ambank as the lead manager. Ambank of course was paid RM11 million.

He couldn’t care two hoots or a rat’s ass about what the owners of TIA were unhappy about. He was its CEO and also one of the 3 directors. He, a Terengganu Princess and CEO of Tabung Haji Ismee Ismail. Three of them were the early directors of TIA.

He went ahead despite being told by the owners of TIA to hold on. He merely told people the train has left or it had to go on because it was a bought deal basis- whatever that means. To me, it meant, the TIA owners were fucking late but more so, Shahrol Azral didn't fucking care.

Because of this insolence, he was removed as director. The Terengganu princess resigned from the board. So on the crucial date of 27th may 2009, the only remaining board member of TIA was Ismee Ismail. But Ismee together with Shahrol signed a resolution authorising and permitting shahrol to go ahead with taking up the IMTN. On the same day, Ismee Ismail reappointed Shahrol as director of TIA.

Obviously Ismee also doesn’t give a fuck about the political masters of TIA. The gravy train has left the station.

At this point, readers may ask under what authority did Ismee Ismail reappoint Shahrol? He wasn’t the owner of TIA. I would have thought the owners of the business have the authority to appoint board members.Shahrol was already removed as director yet he signed. This is the man who was asked to run 1MDB.

The man who reappointed him, was running Tabung Haji then and still is. He sure as hell doesn't fucking care about its chairman who is a politician and a serving MP.

How did Shahrol explain his brazenness to go ahead with the IMTN? He said he only answers to the shareholders of TIA. His action was in accordance to article 117 of the MnA of TIA. Who were the shareholders and owners of TIA?  The MB, Sultan?

Next comes the more telling part. Asked why the IMTN must be hurried, Shahrol says the urgency was at the behest of special advisors to the TIA. They needed the money to develop Pulau Bidong.

Who were the special advisors? I thought because it was under the patronage of HRH Sultan Terengganu, it ought to be his Majesty. It turned out, the two special advisors to TIA were Dato Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Akher and Low Taek JHo.

Abdul Aziz may have ceased functioning after MOF took over TIA in July 2009, but Jho Low continued to play an active part in wheelin’, profilin’ and stylin with the money he was to get from 1MDB.
By September 2009, TIA morphed into 1MDB. It has become 1 Malaysia Dalam Bencana.


Thursday 21 April 2016

The Heist of the Century that puts Malaysia on the map of villainy.

I will tell you a story which is unbelievable.  It is the story about 1MDB. It is the story about the RM2.6 billion donation of which part of it was allegedly returned. The act of returning has created a new term in Islamic Finance. It is called Najibah. This is a singular contribution of PM Najib to the Islamic world.
We have been lied to. The PM and his cheer on boys and girls lied to us. Now, there is no one left to lie. Perhaps they will start lying to each other. Sadly, the majority of us are the ones hoodwinked. As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me thrice, I am an idiot.

The PM and his screamers must take us all as idiots. We are sorry to tell him, Malaysians are not fools. No one believes the fiction about the donation. There was no donation and there was no Arab Sheikh. 
The majority of Malaysians believed all the money that got into Najib’s account, that went into the accounts of Jho Low, of Tarek Obaid, Patrick Mahony, Prince Turki, Khadem al Qubaisi, Badawy al Husseini, got into all the accounts of those who aided and abetted these people came from only one source- 1MDB.

No Arab donor, no mysterious Santa Claus- all from 1MDB.

The 1MDB issue is not finished. The wrongs, criminal offenses, money laundering, embezzlement are not erased by restoration of the monies. Crimes have been committed. They remain as crimes even when full compensation has taken place. The crime of theft remains such even when the item stolen is returned.

The issue of the RM2.6 billion donation is not closed. What is the source of the RM 2.6 billion that got into Najib’s account? Where is the proof that Najib returned RM2 billion? How was it returned? Why can’t the PM answer these questions himself?

If the Arabs said they donated RM2.6 billion to Najib, where is the proof? The money must have been sent through the banking system there; we now ask the Saudi Arabian government to furnish us documented proof showing the remittance of this donation.

Where is the missing USD4.2 billion which the Swiss AG is investigating into? Who took them?

To whom were billions of money paid to? IPIC/Aabar said they never received the money paid to Aabar PJS.  They don’t even own such a company known as Aabar PJS Ltd or Aabar BVI. Aabar BVI does not belonged to them. It belongs to Qadem al Qubaisi and Badawy Husseini.  These two Arabs stole our money.

Who took this money besides these two Arabs? USD3.5 billion. That’s RM15 billion at the exchange rate of RM4.3 to the USD. If RM4.2 billion went to Najib’s account, who the hell pocketed the remaining almost RM11 billion? Somebody stole RM11 billion. Catch the two Arabs and let them tell how they spent the USD3.5 billion.

For all we know, the money that went into Najib’s account came from this USD3.5 billion that came from 1MDB. Hence all the monies Najib got into his account originated from 1MDB.

1MDB is a story about fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and flow of money into bogus companies. All these happened under the responsibility of the PM.

So, even if all the money embezzled is replaced, the crime of embezzlement remains. The story-line about 1MDB narrated by the PM’s cheerleaders are lies.

We can see from the beginning the creators of 1MDB wanted to run it as a personal fiefdom. For some time, the front-line general is one Shahrol Azral. He reports to the overlord Jho Low who reports to the supreme overlord- the man who occupies the seat of PM and FM. The PM reports to the FM and the PM advises the FM or vice versa.

Let us see how 1MDB is structured. I have said it before. The 3-tiered authorisation level is not designed to shield Najib from responsibility. To be fair, the 3 levels of authorisation may be seen as measures of meticulousness and diligence. But the meticulousness and thoroughness are applied to ensure no money goes out without his approval. I believe that is so.

And he has that bestial article 117 of the M&A of the company. That article confers on him absolute discretion. He is the final arbiter on the use of the money in 1MDB.

The 1MDB and the donation issues are not settled until we catch all the thieves. Let us accept at the outset that the donation is a big lie meant for the consumption of unthinking people.

I am still puzzled as to how RM2 billion of the RM2.6 donation was returned. Through the banking system? Then there must be supporting documents. BNM must come forward and show us the remittance was done in accordance to the banking laws of this country.
The other possibility was that the money was physically placed on board of several planes and then transported to the donor.

Was Najib detached throughout the wheelin' and dealin' and stealin’ of moneys in 1MDB?
The answer is no and cannot be. Every financial transaction requires his stamp of approval. And the proof of his approval is his signature, his signature carries his stamp of approval.
So, forget about the lawyer’s inclination at verbal semantics in trying to trivialise the significance and full import of a signature. We must not allow our intelligence to be insulted.

Right from the beginning, 1MDB had the intention of it being managed by a group of people anointed by the PM. The entire board of directors was kept outside. Article 117 in the M&A of either 1MDB or SRC in fact allows anybody acting through it, to bypass their respective BODs. And the BODs included representative/s from the most important shareholder- MOF’s MKD. The MKD was totally kept outside the loop at all material time about the shadowy businesses of 1MDB.

This seems to be all the familiar economic con game. Privatise profits, make public the responsibility. 1MDB which replaced TIA was already dreamt of as being a business vehicle to make private profit under the protection of public responsibility.
If anything were to go wrong, the people behind the businesses of 1MDB can fall back on the government especially the MOF to bail them out. And that is what they are going to do.

There was the thunderous announcement that 1MDB will remain as a shell company, all the assets and liabilities are transferred to the MOF. It means we are going to pay for the debt until our grandchildren beget their own grandchildren.


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