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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 27 March 2022

Bailism is najibnomics's.answer. Part 1/2

1. The government shouldn't use taxpayers money to bail out ailing companies. Whether it's air asia, mas, brahims, barakah. Certainly not sapura.

2. Asia x, scomi, barakah offshore, konsortium transnational, china automobile parts, whatever.

3. The issue of bailing out inefficiently run companies, came to the fore recently when bossku the felon, came out with the imbecilic idea of saving sapura.

4. Even I hitherto had subscribed to the erroneous idea of using taxpayers money to bail out sick companies. MAS, for example because of national pride.

5. But when bossku recently mooted the idea of using taxpayers money to bail out sapura, i had a sudden epiphany. Why should we be using taxpayers money to save sick companies like sapura?

6. Those who don't pay taxes and the crooks who evaded paying taxes, ought to shut the fuck up. We don't need your unsolicited hare brained ideas.

7. It's simply good money rescuing bad money. Enough of these financial shenanigans.

8. No sir, we are not missing the big picture. We simply do not wish to be fools, parting with our money. If the government uses its power to do. What we oppose, it's a bloody fool!

9. Our economic system is a profit and loss system. It's wrongly often described as only a profit system.

10. The loss part is just as important as the profit part. Its what that rids us of the laggards. It's the economics version of the natural selection process of weeding out the sick. Sapura is now the sick calf.

11. It's bad economics in the management of scarce resources. That's economics 101. Najib and his cyber yahoo boys are inviting us to be profligate bad boys using taxpayers money. That's an invitation we are going to, politely refuse. Thank you.

12. Once again, i say the loss part is even more important than the profit part. It's what that get rids of poorly managed and badly operated companies.

13. Why should we pay for sapura? We are asked not to pay for the services of sapura but to pay for the mistakes of sapura. Sapura privatises the profits, but want to socialise its costly mistakes? Where can la?

14. Furthermore, when the idea of saving sapura came from thieving and lying bossku i would be extra cautious.

15. Something is suspicious when a convicted felon becomes the spokesman for sapura. Is sapura a company of buccaneers? Sapura may have buttered the bread for the soon to be vip Bamboo River Hilton resident.

16. Didn't he say during an interview that the usd23 million rings to the missus was a gift from an uae sheikh? He lied.

17. To add insult to injury, auntie rosie said the ring was bought using savings she started when she was a child, or maybe a glint in the milkman's eyes.

18. Years ago I spun a quatrain/pantun adapted from Hashim Gera which I learnt while doing a ceramah in perak.


One two three four
Satu dua tiga empat
Rosmah mansor cincin besor
Rakyat jelata hidup merempat.

20. The point is, najib the liar, is the wrong choice for a spokesman. Both of them told different lies. Najib is about to lie about sapura.


Wednesday 23 March 2022

DAP's eminence grise

1. I feel sad that Lim Kit Siang has retired. But he deserves a rest. The man now must be in his eighties.

2. He deserves the outpouring of love showed by the dap delegates. But he leaves a stronger and forthright DAP. He has laid the foundation.

3. Many in the DAP called him lao da. I don't know what that means, but it must be a term of endearment. Out of deference, I refer to him as Mr Lim.

4. Now, allow me to say something about LKS in my own way. What he represents and the way he lived.

5. It was probably in 1976 when I first read LKS in his time bombs in Malaysia. Here was a man with an indomitable spirit. He argues for a non-racist and corruption free Malaysia. I was a 2nd year UM student in economics.

6. I first saw LKS in UM at the DTC. He was participating in the GED with, among others, the late Dato Asri. While Dato Asri was long-winded LKS was direct and plain speaking.

7. LKS's explanation for all the corruption, the intransigences and the blatant racism in this country was straightforward.

8. It's because we allowed the powers that be, to do as they pleased. That explanation stucked with me until today.

9. That's an earthy version of the quotation, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to sit and do nothing.

10. By the way, that quotation is routinely but wrongly attributed to Edmund Burke. It was actually said by the economist JS Mill.

11. What Kit Siang says has got resonance until today. It is because the good men keep quiet, the bad men come to the fore.

12. The bad people celebrate and adulate crooks who plunder the country. They flatter crooks like Najib and Zahid. We allowed them to spun cock-and-bull narratives.

13. We allowed the country to be run by incompetent fools. We are also severally liable for ruining the country.

14. The majority of us trivialised what lks said, regarding it as just an off the cuff response. Many students can't wait to join the bourgeois class.

15. But some of us modelled ourselves from the unflinching resolve of Mr. Lim. But never in my wildest dream that one day I will join DAP and obtained the friendship of Mr Lim. It is a singular honour.

16. Dap then was not attractive to me. I was more attracted ideologically to the theoretical psrm, when komrad kassim was still alive. I owed my ideolical fervour to reading a book written by a Chinese gentleman in Malay, named as Mr Lee Ban Chen.

17. The single mindedness, the Determination, and resolve of the man are elements of his pièce de résistance.

18. If I remember correctly, he had been a journalist. He earned a law degree while under the Draconian ISA. That's a testament of his determination!

19. Throughout the years, the single-mindedness of his purpose-to redress, articulate and write about the injustices of an increasingly invasive government, never wavered.

20. He succeeded in attracting countless, many talented and equally determined people. People like Anthony Loke, Liew Chin Tong, Lip Eng, Tony Pua, Ong Kian Meng, Yeo Bee Yin, the persistent and BN-anoying Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh, Neoh Nih chin and many others chose DAP.

21. His enthusiasm and messianic zeal must have rubbed off to ordinary DAP members too.

22. I remember in my teens, when my late uncle Zulkifli Mohd contested against Tun Razak in Pekan, there was this DAP man who was a teacher then, would cycle every day to my grandfather's house to help out in any way in the campaign. Not paid at all.

23. Nothing is too trivial to him. When I contested in Raub, on the evening of vote counting, Kit Siang called me to find out how is it going.

24. We were already leading in two of 3 duns. But I was circumspect, saying that the results from 1 dun were not out yet.

25. OK he said. We will say you hoped to win. As it turned out, we carried the raub parliamentary seat and a state seat of teras.

26. LKS came to Raub on a number of occasions. When he came, the people showed genuine affection. Especially the love shown by the Chinese comminity. Even the malays warmed up to him. The dispossessed Indians adored him.

27. For example, when he came to Sempalit, people come out in droves, including the retinue of SB officers. The handicap would come out in their specialised vehicles to hear him. When he went to Sungai Ruan, he got the same reception. Ah sos would come up to him asking for his autographs to be signed on their shirts.

28. The genuine love shown did not arise because he was born from so-and-so. The outpouring was in response to LKS being consistent over the years and being true to his principles. The love based on these are enduring. He is very unlike bossku.

29. Other DAP luminaries came to Raub after him. Teresa kok came on a number of occassions. Tony Pua and Kian Meng came to qthis musang king district. Ronnie
Iiew came to his hometown. Nicole Tan from negri sembilan went there too. Kashturi Patto stepped foot in felda tersang. Anthony Loke also came. 'Superman' of Perak was also there. And others whom I may have forgotten. I hope i will be forgiven.

30. The true measure of lks which elicited genuine affection is because he lived mostly because of his principles.

31. The lesson I personally learnt from this man was like what Churchill said...never never never give up.

32. Let me end this short essay by quoting Churchill once again. It should be a guidance to my DAP comrades. It's also a reflection of lks's principles.

33. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.


Saturday 19 March 2022

Kemenangan yang mengundang kekalahan. Bahagian 1.

1. Majoriti dari 50% rakyat johor, boleh ber'gumbira' sakan. Mereka boleh meraikan kemenangan dengan cara kebiasaan mereka.

2. Mereka bolehlah minum soda gumbira, air gus dur dan buat anak ramai-ramai. Maka akan lahirlah banyak jenerasi oomno.

3. Bolehlah wak jahid ngomong bangga atas kemenangan BN di PRN Johor. Ini hasil kerja keras bosku.

4. Wak jahid bisa datang bergaya dengan disambut oleh barisan penyambut segala. Bahkan mungkin ada anak dara dan ibu2 'ullulate'.

5. Itu memang dah cara orang oomno meraikan kemenangan. Mempamerkan keangkuhan dan kesombongan mereka.

6. Mereka menari terkinja kinja dan melampiaskan nafsu kebinatangan. Makcik dan pakcik pun menari sakan sebelum ke kamar mungkin, untuk meneruskan tugasan yang sakral

7. Of course, tidak ada orang boleh menentukan bagaimana cara mereka mahu meraikan kemenangan. Nak tunggang terbalik ke,nak melalak ke, apa kita kisah?

8. Sementara kita memperakui hak mereka merai'kan ikut cara mereka sendiri, mereka mestilah merperakui kebebasan kita mengkitik mereka.

9. Kita nak jilat bontot mereka ke atau mengkeronyok dan merobek mereka, itu hal kita.

10. Pada zahir nya yang dirai'kan ialah kemenangan BN. Seperti yang di nyatakan oleh si ketot Pontian, dah kalah, kalah lah. Keangkuhan yang merendahkan pihak yang kalah.

11. Sosok ayam den lapeh pula kata menang tetap menang. Sekurang-kurang nya tidak merendahkan pihak yang kalah. Tapi dua-dua angkuh. Oomno kan. Maka bergemalah teriakan adakan pru.

12. Menang dalam kelahan sebetulnya. Pengundi berdaftar sekitar 2.59juta. Umno dapat 600ribu undi. Yang menolak umno, 800ribu. Yang tak keluar mengundi 1.1juta.

13. Jadi bagaimana umno menang? Ia boleh menang sebab ini PRN bukan PRU. Umno boleh menang dengan menipu dan menyogok wang. Umno boleh menang mungkin disebabkan manipulasi persempadanan.

14. Dalam PRN dimana peratusan yang keluar mengundi adalah kecil umno boleh menang.

15. Inilah fakta-fakta realiti yang tidak terlepas dari perkiraan isy.

16. Oleh kerana itu dia tidak layan laungan-laungan keldai umno yang mahu parlimen dibubar.

17. Sejak bila alasan jangan melangkau agung digunakan? Bukankah parlimen dibubarkan atas nasihat PM? Dalam perkataan lain, isy berkata kepada perwakilan umno,up yours!


Friday 11 March 2022

Asalkan bukan najib atau oomno! Bahagian 1

1. Ketika Tun Abdul Ajak masih hidup, umno Bahagian Pekan selalu bermesyarat di Sri Taman.

2. Kalau najib ada di tingkat bawah, tun akan suruh dia ke atas. Agak nya dengan segala merengus nya.

3. Fiil najib ialah bila diatas, dia suka baling benda2 keras kebawah. Mengenai badan mamat2 kampung Pekan tu. Wabe!

4. Apa boleh buat. Nak marah Shariff Dol anak orang kaya, anak tun lagi? Yang boleh dilakukan ialah mengerenying macam kera dan ungka.

5. Apa nak buat? Tolerate je kebiadapan najib. Apa nak malu?

6. Tabiat menyakiti orang lain kekal hingga sekarang. Rakyat disakiti melalui src, 1mdb pemusnahan felda ,skendel scorpene, sukhoi dll, ecer. Daulat penyamun!

7. Kita memilih orang yang sakit mental rupanya. Dimana, menyakiti orang lain adalah keperangaian kedua samdol ni.

8. Dan tidak ada sakit yang lebih mendukacitakan semua, daripada memaksakan perompakan mega sebagai sesuatu yang tidak memalukan.

9. Biarlah Najib merompak kita bone dry, itu tidak memalukan bangsa melayu. Maka apa yang hendak dimalukan, bossku.

10. Bukan Najib yang malu, kerana dia memang dah tak malu. Yang malu ialah bangsa melayu itu sendiri.

11. Sedangkan mak bapak kita mendidik kita jangan mencuri dan jangan ambil orang punya. Adakah kita nak setia pada najib lebih daripada mak bapak kita?

12. Adakah kita nak menderhaka kepada mak bapak kita untuk sokong mat laon najib dan umno? Yang menunggang atas laungan bangsa, agama dan negara?

13. Mengundi najib dan umno bererti bersubahahat menolong umno melepaskandiri penyamun2 tarbus.

14. Saya asal pekan dan melayu jugak. Saya mengakui melayu ramai bodoh dan sombong. Tapi antara melayu2 semua, yang terbodoh sekali ialah melayu pekan.

15. Pukiwak najib dah dibuktikan penjenayah, ada betina birah pekan ni kata fitnah dan tetap bossku.

16. Kata orang pekan. Kepala bapak aok!


Tuesday 8 March 2022

Justice Antara Dua Darjat.

1. What iff the person who stole from the mosque tiller were to ask for a queen's counsel?

2. Following precedence and court procedural rules, the judge must accede to the accused's request.

3. The judge can always seek refuge and feel comforted by these procedural constructs. Hence, we can justifiably say, procedural constructs are the refuge of scoundrel and timid judges.

4. The behaviour of spineless judges can be seen in their treatment of the accused from different social classes. For judges are, essentially, bourgeois. They will always look out for their brethren.

5. When it comes to the poor, powerless, the voiceless lumpenproletariat- judges are quick to form firm opinions as to their guilt and cant wait to banish them out of sight.

6. But when it comes to the rich and powerful, the judges suddenly cower and lose their ability to form firm legal opinions and hide behind preposterous procedural constructs. Which disappear when it comes to the man on the srijaya bus.

7. Which makes me want to paraphrase Charles Dickens. It is the best of times, it's the worst of times. It is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity. It's the age of hope, it's the age of despair. We are all going to heaven, and we are all going the other way.

8. The times are very much like the present. It's the unfolding of P. Ramlee's 'antara dua darjat'.

9. Consider the case of the notorious felon, a certain Najib 'red lips'. He's given all sorts of legal dispensation, the latest being the luxury of soliciting the help of a shyster queen's counsel.

10. So, with tongue in cheek, I am asking why wasn't the thief who stole from the mosque donation box accorded the same highfalutin luxury?

11. It would be interesting to find out how will the qc argue the case of the mosque thief.

12. Clearly, in the case of the mosque thief, it's justice rushed is justice crushed. In the case of src and 1mdb, it's justice delayed is justice denied!

13. The administration of our justice seems to rest with the conscience of our judges. That is a rare commodity indeed nowadays.

14. Let this extremely precious thing, called justice, not vary with the shape of the justice's nose.

15. In the mosque thief case, the nose of the judge must be sharply pointed. In Najib's case, the noses of the justices must be like those of flat nosed Persian cats.

16. So, esteemed justices, don't think the administration of justice is only played out in the club, according to club rules. From sessions court to high court to appeal court to the federal court. No sirs, we are watching you.

17. An inconsequential fellow such as yours truly will be happy to provide a narrative to be considered by readers. To the hustings, Watson


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