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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 31 July 2021

A clown Act.

1. What's wrong with the above press statement? And further compounded by a social media portal that insists 3 ministers from PN must resign?

2. Even a respectable news portal says the PM and Taqiyudin must resign. What banality!

3. The press release was, signed by Mr Thicky Zahid Hamidi. The news portal were authored, I suspect, by form 5 dropouts. Not that I have anything against fifth formers, but please do some research la.

4. Newsflash! Understand the constitution, boleh tak? IT ONLY NEEDS THE PM ALONE TO RESIGN, THE WHOLE CABINET RESIGNS. Ada faham?

5. So there's no need to ask 2 others or taqi to resign. The whole cabinet goes.

6. I can understand the umno press release. It's signed by not so bright Zahid asking the PM and Taqi KB to resign.

7. But the umno press release also suggests a shameful umno/Malay trait. That umno wants power gratuitously. It thinks umno can take over just like that. No can do! As Milton Friedman says, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

8. Umno thinks it can get anything for free. It's not as if someone from umno(Ismail Bera maybe) can just walk in the PMs room and occupy the swivel chair. No siree!

9. The man has gone to the dark side. And once you go black, you never go back. Or in this case, once you go brown, you never turn around. Isn't that right, Azmin?

10. In this instance, like the Malay-saying says - "matlaon tu jadi galang ganti". He became PNs spokesman. Saying bertenang. Kerajaan masih ujud. Kita ada 110 kerusi.

11. Let Zahid, in his 'infinite wisdom' deal with these umno Benedict Arnolds. Those who haven't left PN are with PN. That's how it is.

12. So far the sanest statement issued was the one by Mamu Mahathir when he said Mahiadin and the whole cabinet must resign.

13. When Che Det resigned last time, Wan Azizah who was DPM then didn't take over. She and the entire cabinet resigned. They understood the Constitution.

14. The bluring of resignation and retiring exists in the mind of the primus inter pares man. He must be the first among the apes in the JB zoo at Bukit Serene.

15. But I know of 2 other guys who should be put to pasture. They are the 2 lapdogs -Fart Harun and the 4th college boy, the AG.

16. Vanakkam, Mr Nadararajah and Mr Parera.


Wednesday 28 July 2021

Truth And Reconciliation Comission. Part 1.

1. One of the things Mandela did was to establish a Truth And Reconciliation Commission.

2. Its primary objective is to examine and evaluate the atrocities done in the name of apartheid. From there, to recommend appropriate remedial action.

3. In a sense, its violence in the form of a Truth And Reconciliation Commission. There must be consequences.

4. It's a tooth for a tooth. Responsibility is followed by accountability. An action produces an equal reaction. The chickens come home to roost.

5. Like SA we need to have our own Truth And Reconciliation Commission. It will investigate 3 things:-

  • 6. the pervasiveness of corruption in the government and civil service. 
  • Racism
  • political crimes.

7. The transition from one government to the next cannot be a smooth affair. It's not like eating Mee Abu in Alor Staq or Pesembur in Penang or eating Nasi Ganja or vangay in ipoh.

8. There must be some form or violence involved. A Truth And Reconciliation Commission is our form of violence. Confound those who say that is a political vendetta or political McCarthyism.

9. Where the hell that these mothereffers got the money to hire a helicopter to buy 36 miserable packs of nasi ganja from Ipoh? The rope is probably more expensive than the ape!

10. Or the immigration officer arrested for having a fleet of cars, including some Bentleys. These things happen during the regime of Din sembab.

11. Corruption is endemic in our country and has become full-blown under Din sembab. Take the case of the police officer betting RM400k, on the betting table without even blinking an eye. Where did he get the money. Ohh like Rosmah,he saved from small, did he?

12. Or the army general who inflated the price of chocolate bars. If he can do it to chocolate bars, imagine what can happen to conventional and specialised arms. Our soldiers will be fighting with toy guns, man.

13. Was corruption at the top caused some civil servants selling free vaccines? The teacher urinates standing, the pupils urinate while running.

14. Did professional negligence, fatigue or even corruption the cause of some frontliners injecting empty syringes? The vaccine can always be rebottled and resold later.

15. Was corruption the reason behind the ministerial decision to allow Pharmaniaga to buy COVID-19 vaccines in bulk and retail them? And now the decision to sell the vaccines to the highest bidder?



16. We have one word for all these. The prices have been umnonised. Umno is synonymous with corruption, and Zahid Hamidi does not feel any shame about it.

17. These sobs and dobs should be hauled up before the Truth And Reconciliation Commission. Bare all, then we heal.

18. In lieu of not going to jail, the corrupted sons and daughters of bitches must surrender 80% of their ill-gotten gains to the government. Immediately, they must retire and not re-enter their respective jobs. They must not re-enter politics or be employed. They have to pay tax of RM5 million. They forfeit all their pensions and benefits.

19. Those who think they can get lucky in law, we now promulgate a law that says all appeals must not exceed one year. If they lose, slap them with the maximum sentence.

20. That's how we get the truth, reconcile and heal.


Friday 23 July 2021

The phantoms of the Malaysian parliament. Serie 1. Legitimacy and parliamentary fraud.


1. One of the articles of the umno constitution is to defend constitutional democracy. The definitive place to defend it is parliament. Unfortunately, many of the umno MPs have no inkling that the sacred constitutional democracy is raped by non-other than Wak Mahiadin.

2. For example, I hear 'amirulmukminin' Najib Razak the convicted felon, talking about constitutional democracy. Which for him means absolute rule. Thus, any violation on the constitution, for as long as it doesn't rock absolute rule, is not spoken against by Najib.

3. Indeed, it's in his interest to remain indifferent whenever democracy or the constitution is violated. As long as it promotes absolute rule, he will shut up. Because he and his cabal hope to enjoy the benefits of absolute rule.

4. Not so to the true democrat. He will always be vigilant and sensitive to any violations on the constitution. Ready to do battle. He and other right-thinking MPs will speak against any violations. Especially when the violator in chief is the backdoor PM.

5. I suspect a true long serving democrat like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah would be extremely horrified at the unchecked abuse of the constitution, nay democracy itself.

6. A clear and present assault on parliament and the constitution is the abuse of article 55(1) where the PM cavalierly dismissed the rule that 6 months must not lapse between the present sitting of parliament and the last sitting.

7. Needless to say that this is a clear violation of article 55(1). I wished there are many more right-thinking MPs who would challenge this violation.

8. Under that article, it behoves the PM to advise the King of a date of summoning parliament sitting, but not do the opposite.

9. That is, the PM cannot act, omit or advised the King NOT to summon parliament. Nor can he prevent the sitting of parliament on the pretext of an emergency or because of the covid pandemic.

10. Those arguments, to me, are spurious. The PM can avail himself to an eid prayer congregation of 300 people, but cannot call for parliament to sit? Good grief!

11. The PM has not advised the King nor the speaker to reconvene parliament, on purpose, I may add.

12. Because he has not done so, it is my contention that such a contemptible act, disqualifies the PM from interfering in any form, in the due process of parliament.

13. That power now, I submit, rests with the king. He may command the speaker by way of giving notice of 28 days or shorter to reconvene parliament.

14. This needed to be done in compliance to Article 55(1). It is mandatory.

15. Therefore, I hail brave souls like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for wanting to write to the speaker alerting him of the 6 months timeline, otherwise parliament is in default.

16. The actions of the PM is a severe violation of the constitution. By withholding the right advice is tantamount to blackmailing parliament and is therefore a form of coercion.

17. Parliament is the most supreme of our institutions. It is the custodian of our constitution. It makes the laws of the land. It represents democracy and freedom.

18. Hence, violation of the constitution by the swollen faced man from Pagoh, is the dagger pointing at the heart of our democracy and freedom.

19. And freedom, says F. Hayek, is to be free from coercion, explicit and implicit. Violation by the Pagoh Neanderthal is coercion.

20. Silence, to these violations, is not an option. Silence means you are agreeable to these indiscretions and that you are really absolutely despotic in thinking.

21. You can't have the sanctity of parliament defended by the convicted felon, the Java man from Bagan Datoh, the catfish mouthed man from Peringat, the guard dog from Pasir Salak, the half past six lawyers from Rengas, or the uncivilised 'FU' buffoon from kinabitangan et al.

22. They are more interested to preserve the indiscretions, for they hoped to continue with the same despotic rule. The solution is never to admit these mothersffers to parliament again!

23. Its no coincidence that the treatment to parliament coincided with the presence of a no confidence vote against the Pagoh Neanderthal. Therefore, there is a strong suspicion that parliament is emasculated to avoid that motion!

24. That particular motion calls into question the legitimacy of the Mahiaddin government.

25. The inevitable conclusion will come. When it does, lets charged Mahiaddin for the following :-


  • A. For violating article 55(1). 
  • B. Failure to advise the King and Speaker to reconvene parliament. 
  • C. For declaring a false emergency. 
  • D. For fraud ing parliament. 
  •  E. Other charges which can be cooked up by the shyster lawyers. 


Tuesday 20 July 2021

Eid al adha Mubarak



Saturday 17 July 2021

Shecums Holmes And The Case Of The Spanish Fly. Special Thanks to Dr Jason Leong.

1. Is this chap suffering from a severe case of Freudian slip? Or is Mahiadin deliberately surrounding himself with dickheads so that he cunt appear brilliant?

2. He wants to say the right thing, butt-ends up saying another thing.

3. Wasn't he the one who suggested drinking more warm water, and that he has spoken to so many cuntries than the world has? What a dumbass.

4. Now as I was lying in my masturbate he spoke about people dying from Spanish fly.

5. Isn't that a sex drug? I need to go a hack to correct this Freudian Slip, as continued bloopers are not good for my blowjob.

6. These continued slips are not good for my general erection prospects. So instead of watching blue films I should be taking more of the Blue Pill. And I should be watching more serious films. And stop my fetish with blue films.

7. Films like The Amazing Sperman, Sperman and Buttman. Local films like Sex In 7Siti, Jangan Masuk Belakang. Films like Lawrence of A. Labia, Just Jizz Lick, Tetekan, In Diana Jones etc.

8. Perhaps I need to do more voluntary and charity works. Perhaps I also ought to do more missionary positions.

9. But I am aware that I need to balance mysef. Otherwise, I will be spread-eagled.

10. The sad truth is that, the majority of our politicians are dicks, cunts and assholes.

11. All Malaysians, must now be like a matador. Grab the bull by the balls. But not before giving it some doses of Spanish fly.

12. A long time ago, Wak Dollah a medicine peddler in kuantan, would regal onlookers with stories about Spanish fly.

13. But Spanish Fly Minister will of course use the Manikavasagam sleight of hand argument. He will not resign, but stay on to correct the mistakes and inefficiencies. Covid naik sebab Tuan Alah punya kerja maa.


Wednesday 14 July 2021

Resigning And Retiring.


1. The AG says there no clear signs that Mahiadin has lost the confidence of the majority of mps.

2. Then all the PM has to do is to appear before parliament to test that claim. Get that vote of confidence as Apandi Ali said. Then he ought to get the clearest of signs.

3. We must sympathise with the AG. He may be suffering from acute myopia or extreme mental blockage. We must pray for him.

4. If the PM doesn't feel he commands majority support of MPs, then in accordance to our constitution, he must tender in his resignation.

5. If the PM resigns, then the whole cabinet including the DPM ceases to function. That's in accordance to the constitution.

6. Its not as if Mahiadin resigns, Ismail will take over. It's not like Baton passing. It doesn't work that way, Mr. Shahrir. Not according to the constitution.

7. Let's not use the constitution argument. Sharir and I are not lawyers. If it works that way, then Wan Azizah would have taken over when Mahathir resigned last time. Right?

8. It's a different issue if Mahi were to retire. But even to retire involves a timeline. Mahi must give notice for the transition. 3 months? Six bulan? A year?

9. Shahrir seems to be confused between resigning and retiring.10. But even that is politically implausible. If I were a Bersatu PM, would I hand over the PMship to a non Bersatu member?

Next :The Phantoms Of The Malaysian Parliament.


Saturday 10 July 2021

Further Contrarian Views. Part 2.

1. I am being suspicious...perhaps unjustifiably so. But, hear me out. When we had diarrhoea last time, were we admitted to hospital?

2. Normally we were given some medicines, injection and treated as outpatients. We were also told to drink more 'warm water'…

3. Therefore, the PMs admission to hospital on account of a mere tummy purging, is highly implausible unless he is perhaps afflicted with a more serious ailment. Perhaps it's a recurrence of his dreaded pancreatic cancer. I hope it's not.

4. Therefore, I believed that he is suffering from a more severe ailment than a mere purging. He could have consulted the doctors, rest at home and go to the toilet at will.

5. He is lying to us. That is not surprising. He has been living a lie since the Sheraton days. Lying about an ailment is no big deal.

6. I can't understand the ruse when the PMs department issued a statement. Why the elaborate lie?

7. In fact, the hospital can issue a comical response thus:-

**Beraking News**
We have been advised that the PM is still discharging his duties from hospital while discharging himself. It appears that the situation is still fluid and they will advise us when there is anything solid 👺

8. Which is really:-

9. But the indeterminate ailment of the PM has, not failed to produce ridiculous knee-jerk responses.

10. One of these ridiculous responses was the meeting of umno Benedict Arnolds at a safe house in jalan Bellamy.

11. The clandestine meeting was held at a mindef safe house. No guessing who's behind it. Ismail Sabri wants to be purging Mahis deputy.

12. At this point in writing, Ismail Sabri is made the Deputy PM and Hishamudin 'pee wee' Hussein a senior minister. Both got what they wanted.

13. I will expand on this point in latter paragraphs. The safe house belonging to mindef is indeed near the old istana negara.

14. But it is also near a large Chinese cemetery. This carry with it ominous forebodings. I am not superstitious. But it means 'sei'. It means the political death for some.

15. I say some- bacause those who attended the Bellamy boondocks meeting, came with varying degrees of 'traitorship'.

16. Wak Jahid knows this. That's why he opted to see these effers in batches or individually.

17. So, the agitated and excitable political realignments dreamt of by some people will not happen. And I will tell you why.

18. Right now PH with 89 seats is the biggest bloc in Parliament. Will it fill the deficit vacated by umno? Not likely.

19. PH is not a hogenous bloc. It consists of PKR, DAP, AMANAH and the Mahathir faction. Its unthinkable for DAP and AMANAH to support a failed and despicable government . I am not sure about PKR. Because Mamu Anwar is hellbent on becoming the PM.

20. The man may sell his soul to the devil. But if Pkr is a party based on principles, it too will not support bersatu.

21. As regards Mamu Mahathir Iskander, do you think he will support Mahi when the latter buggered him? And he won't support if he's not PM.

22. Its not as if Mahi will hand over the premiership to Hisham 'peewee' Hussein. The feller is only the calibre of a senior minister.

23. So the political realignment, excitedly talked about, is just some people's wet dream.

24. Now lets get back to Mahi's seemingly deft moves. He appointed Ismail Sabri as deputy PM. And ever grinning monkey Hisham as a senior minister.

25. By making the respective ministerial appointments, Mahi thinks he is a political chessboard maestro. I am afraid it's a pyrrhic victory for him and the two umno idiots.

26. First, he is convinced that he has checkmated umno. He thinks the umno hoi poloi will be appeased and isolate Zahid. Secondly, the appoitments were designed to shame Zahid at every count. Mahiadin thinks he can manipulate umno from afar.

27. The usually dimwitted gangster did the right thing. He pulls the whole damn carpet under Mahi and his umno ball polishers.

28. He made no mention at all about the farcical ministerial appointments, but said the most important thing. Following umno delegates'Resolve, umno is pulling out of PN.

29. Now, that covers everything. The 'ministers ',as long as they claimed they are umno members must refused the bribe by Mahi.

30. Ismail and Hisham cannot retain their appointments unless they joined bersatu. That automatically disqualify them as umno members. Saves Zahid the trouble of expelling them and other bersatu lovers. No one is bigger than umno. Certaily not the two clowns.

31. Does umno need to notify these people to get out of bersatu first? They already got the imputed notice from the resounding delegates vote in the 2020 PAU. Imputed notice is actual notice, dumbass!

31. Anyway, they are big boys and girls. Its up to them to decide. Hence, that makes the protestations of Oberstleutnant herr Anuar Musa, mere drivel. The house is completed, the chisel makes noise.

32. Zahid and umno must at once realise that they are giving effect not only to the wishes of the umno delegates, but more important to the wishes of all right-thinking Malaysians.

33. They want to get rid of this illegitimate and failed government. Which dishes out only incompetence and buffoonery. Hence, the grandfather narrative given by anuar musa is a load of BS! Its just nitpicking.

34. Yeah- I woke up to listen to my grandmother complaining about half a story. The other half is the fact that my grandmother is dead!

35. No one in umno can ignore three important rules. a. Size ought to let you rule. Tengku Razaleigh said it rightly. Umno does not need bersatu to rule. With over 3 million members, umno ought to dominate.

36. Provided umno people have the right values. But umno under Zahid blew it. Najib, Zahid and the rest of the cobra mafia in umno are interested only to get themselves and their families in the Forbes list.

37. The second rule is:-betrayal must be avenged. The expulsion of the umno traitors is a fitting vengeance.

38. The final rule is, with the expulsion of the umno traitors and the eventual sidelining of the court cluster, unity ought to strengthen umno.

39. That leaves the question of who is best to lead umno. Its my contention, that the person most fitted to lead umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He has the substance to.

40. That is, you want to put your country in the list of the best economies in the world. But not to put you and your families in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world and leave nothing for your people.

41. So choose Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as the interim PM of Malaysia. Whether you like it or dont, learn to love it. Now, you can believe that!

42. After doing all these, you can raise your hands and pray as Rafidah Aziz said, may the Almighty save our country. Aamiin.


Saturday 3 July 2021

Yiddins Diarrhea. A Pictorial View.

1. I promised myself that I would write at 1 or one and a half week intervals, but I can't resist 'butting' in a particular topical issue.

2. The particular topical issue I refer to is the admission to hospital of the PM for a case of gastroenteritis. Or simply diarrhoea.

3. We wish him a speedy recovery. But I can assure you not a few wished the worse for him. Now, don't be angry if some people wished him otherwise. This is a free country. The fact is, many disliked him.

4. The above is a typical example of the PM's 'endearment '.

5. If the PM suffers from diarrhoea, may I offer him a solution as follows:-

6. If he suffers acute diarrhea, it maybe potentially infectious. Then as my blogger friend Shahbudin says, not only Yiddin suffers from it, the whole cabinet may suffer from diarrhea. They will be excreted too. Which is inevitable!

7. On hindsight, he may have not sought advice from experienced kaki. If he did, he may not go to hospital.

8. But it seems strange that yiddin suffers from acute diarrhoea immediately after the YDPA has commanded that Parliament be convened before 1st August or ASAP. I assumed it's acute. Otherwise, there's no need for hospitalisation is there?

9. May I remind readers that ASAP does not mean As Slow As Possible. Only yiddin and taqi seem to think so.

10. Could it be that yiddins deliberate misunderstanding of the concept of ASAP is his effort of delaying the reconvening of parliament? It could mean the death knell for him. So delay.
May I remind readers that ASAP does not mean As Slow As Possible. Only yiddin and taqi seem to think so. 

11. The decree by the YDPA must have caused him great stress and therefore the diarrhea.


12. Naughty boy Fuad Zarkashi must have refused to send some durians from Batu Pahat. That would have helped. Poor yiddin.

13. As a result of eating durians from elsewhere, the PM has suffered some memory loss. What la, Fuad.

14. But all the same, why not use the diarrhea to delay parliament?

15. The PM doesn't care as long as make the headlines. Confound parliament!

16. The mysterious diarrhea has provided the PM a reprieve.

17. In the meantime, yiddin rests and sings



Thursday 1 July 2021

Further Contrarian Views. Part 1.

1. Just so people don't think I blindly support Ku Li, please analyse the following press release from the Hermit of Langgak Golf.

2. Now, allow me to analyse the press statement a bit. My two cents analysis. You wouldn't think I will just let it go, would you?

3. To its credit, the p release acknowledges that the people of Malaysia, especially the poor, are suffering and are in despair. It's people centred and cares for the people. It's the sina qua non of a government.

4. This immediately sets it apart from the strategies of the other power grab clusters:-the sd putsch-ers and the mageran spin meister, the old man by the sea.

5. The sd pimps were originally Zahid and his boss, Anwar Bee. I see now, they are joined by Umnos Doberman, Nazri Aziz. Can a PM be validated by a legal apparatus! Go before parliament and take the acid test. Do 25 mps formed a majority? I must have studied the wrong math.

6. Through his bald stupidity he is using the discredited sds to support the perpetually grining monkey, Hishamudin Hussein as PM.

7. The latter did not waste time employing the perennial stock in trade tool-support for Anwar is support for DAP, raising the spectre of morbid racism. Didnt he just call the Chinese in China as big brother? What hypocrisy.

8. I find this hilarious: DAP appears to be some sort of std. But its alright to take money from the chinaman, to have Chinese business partners and to have ah moi girlfriends but not to be friends with DAP.

9. But enough of these asides, although I find it difficult to resist commenting on Nazri's adulterous ways, him moving the goal posts, herr Anuar Musa's bizzare logic etc. Nazri for instance will likely find himself thus:-

10. That the people are in dire despair is probably an understatement. There is a sense engulfing happlessness. People intend to resort to vaiving a white flag. That would be a terrible indictment on the Mahiadin government.

11 . What are the people capitulating to? They are surrendering to the loquaciousness,the stupidity, and the buffoonery of the clueless Mahi regime . It seems to be talking all the time, but its much ado about nothing.

12. Suddenly I hear a Pas mullah saying that people should not fly a white flag. Pardon my ignorance -but I dont think it's an Islamic edict to fobid a white flag. Its not his effing place to prevent people if they choose to fly a white flag. This is a free country.

13. If people cannot fly a white flag, can they fly a white underpants like that worn by Stopa Ali?

14. Of course I would have liked it better if the Press Statement had expanded a bit on the Malaysian economy, which is in the pits.

15. On how 80%of FDI have taken flight from Malaysia, on rising unemployment etc. According to the IMF our GDP position is in 6th place,overtaken by the Philippines and Vietnam. We have become the sickman of SEA.

16. Whats happening to Malaysia now is an ecomic pogrom brought about by the inept leadership of Mahiadin. Our economy is massacred by the swollen face Javanese from Pagoh.
17. That's Mahiadin's economic plan for Malaysia. For that he deserved the following accolade.


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