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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 31 July 2021

A clown Act.

1. What's wrong with the above press statement? And further compounded by a social media portal that insists 3 ministers from PN must resign?

2. Even a respectable news portal says the PM and Taqiyudin must resign. What banality!

3. The press release was, signed by Mr Thicky Zahid Hamidi. The news portal were authored, I suspect, by form 5 dropouts. Not that I have anything against fifth formers, but please do some research la.

4. Newsflash! Understand the constitution, boleh tak? IT ONLY NEEDS THE PM ALONE TO RESIGN, THE WHOLE CABINET RESIGNS. Ada faham?

5. So there's no need to ask 2 others or taqi to resign. The whole cabinet goes.

6. I can understand the umno press release. It's signed by not so bright Zahid asking the PM and Taqi KB to resign.

7. But the umno press release also suggests a shameful umno/Malay trait. That umno wants power gratuitously. It thinks umno can take over just like that. No can do! As Milton Friedman says, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

8. Umno thinks it can get anything for free. It's not as if someone from umno(Ismail Bera maybe) can just walk in the PMs room and occupy the swivel chair. No siree!

9. The man has gone to the dark side. And once you go black, you never go back. Or in this case, once you go brown, you never turn around. Isn't that right, Azmin?

10. In this instance, like the Malay-saying says - "matlaon tu jadi galang ganti". He became PNs spokesman. Saying bertenang. Kerajaan masih ujud. Kita ada 110 kerusi.

11. Let Zahid, in his 'infinite wisdom' deal with these umno Benedict Arnolds. Those who haven't left PN are with PN. That's how it is.

12. So far the sanest statement issued was the one by Mamu Mahathir when he said Mahiadin and the whole cabinet must resign.

13. When Che Det resigned last time, Wan Azizah who was DPM then didn't take over. She and the entire cabinet resigned. They understood the Constitution.

14. The bluring of resignation and retiring exists in the mind of the primus inter pares man. He must be the first among the apes in the JB zoo at Bukit Serene.

15. But I know of 2 other guys who should be put to pasture. They are the 2 lapdogs -Fart Harun and the 4th college boy, the AG.

16. Vanakkam, Mr Nadararajah and Mr Parera.


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