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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 28 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul. Part 2.

1. The redeeming feature about the Awani program is asking about our economic revival. At least that's asking about national interest. It's the concern of all of us. Asking about umno is not about national interest however big the party is.

2. Except asking Najib about it, is like asking Mr Bean. Mr Bean will pull out the main plug and the whole shopping mall suffers a total blackout.

As for Najib he'd rather form a giant ATM machine.

3. The only economics Najib knows, is how to line his pockets. He didn't even graduate from Nottingham. Ask anybody then. So asking red lips is an exercise in futility.

4. Who then shall we ask? What's good for our country? One man's meat is another man's poison.

5. Do we ask old man by the sea Mahathir? He's had 22 years of continuous leadership after which he left a dubious legacy which even the sissy Mukhriz can't even follow.

6. He has the pompous belief that only he can solve the problems faced by Malaysia. The doctor's prescriptions are no longer workable. Perhaps his beliefs are only sustained by copious consumption of ketom transported from Alor Stak.

7. Shall we ask puffy faced Wak Muhyi? The man who became PM not because he was voted by the people but rose to power through a coup d'├ętat.

8. The person who secures the loyalty of sycophants by paying political dowries.

9. As he stands on shaky grounds he has to hide behind the declaration of a false emergency.

10. Can we ask about the future of this country from a person whose DNA is founded on devilish machinations, paying off mercenaries, and who will do anything to save his own skin? A person who has no scruples whatsoever. Might as well ask Jinjang joe

11. The person whom Musa Hitam once said will sell off any land except the grave plot of his mother.

12. The man who will lie, cheat and even ill-advised the Agong to subvert democracy. If he can do that to the Agong, who cares about the common people? They can eat Mee Abu.

13. As the Alpha Male he sets the tone, pace and direction of governance. The tone he sets is that everything is solvable by kickbacks. The whole administration operates on the principle of what's in for me. The pace is to make hay while the sun shines. Because he knows by the next election his unelelected government is out. Unceremoniously. The direction -all monies into my pocket.

14. So ask him at our peril. Better ask him about birdies. The peril seems to grow exponentially as the golf games increase.

15. Let's ask the Java Man from Bagan Datoh. He has the unenvious largest number of court cases in this country. He has two chances to extricate himself. Slim and none. He is not a person to be trusted and most likely to abuse public office.

16. Let's investigate his possible involvement in the visa requirements for tourists from China. Heck, I would even investigate all his previous business ventures to see whether Bumiputera quota allocations went to him first.

17. The whole point of this argument, is that you give the position of power to such a man, he is likely to abuse it. It goes further than that. It suggests that there is something defective in your constitution. You were never taught about honesty and integrity in your upbringing. You suffer from serious character flaw.

18. Retaining him as leader shows that umno is a poor judge in character. Know this- the power to do good, means also the power to do evil. The Zahid character is likely to do more evil than good. Dump him.

19. Moreover, the Java Man will forever be Najib's minion. He served as the embezler in chief's political secretary when the former was Minister of Defence. He is likely to be cut from the same cloth. Ever heard him saying anything distancing himself from the Malaysian Clyde?

20. The answer will be no, nein nyet, nahin na, bu, illai, gak, tiada, etc.

21. The man has got this habit of talking in riddles, sprinkling his speeches with some exotic Arabic words. That's how he masks his duplicity to the captive and servile audience. And the irony is, they are not aware of Wak Jahid's duplicity.

22. Can you therefore trust the destiny of this nation to this duplicitous man? As Mrs Jiggs would say- Horrors!

23. Shall we ask the ayam den lapeh man? He is said to be the least corrupted umno man. What does the least corrupted mean? That he is only 10% corupt?

24. Because of that he's alright? Oh, I didn't rape the girl. I did not have full penetration only one quarter.

25. Wasn't he the joker who sent RM10 million through a money changer? The fact he didn't send the money through banks which will have official records mean he has something to hide. And where did he get the bloody RM10 mil?

26. Let's ask the smooth player from Bera. He has stayed clear from the umno-MN rift. That suggests he's more interested in keeping his ministerial position. His personal interest is more important than the country's.

27. Let's tap the wisdom of the younger chikkus. Ask KJ for example. He's like the man full of ringworms/kurap drifting downwind.

28. Always playing to the gallery he's like the lawyer and the jellyfish. One is spineless and poisonous and the other is a form of sea life.

29. He's making a big brouhaha about becoming the first person to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer. He wants to become the village champion. From Tamil Nadu no doubt.

30. In that case, let the person with the drunkard Indian look, who had a few bottles of thali merah with unshaven facial hair, quarrel with Bung Mokhtar.

31. The Sabah neanderthal had also wanted to be injected first. I hope both get injected with Pfizer's viagra instead.

32. So lets ask the 'aw aw' man from Sembrong instead. I am afraid he's late for our appointment. He's more at home answering questions on Game Box, Sony PlayStation or the latest PS2. The destiny of this country is but a game.

33. So there you are- we have a smorgasbord of characters in charge of the destiny of our nation. All of them are sampah sarap. We are asking the fox fo guard the hen pen. We will be robbed to the last kopek.

34. We have the man of God wanting to find some verses in the Quran justifying corruption. That's like the 15 men who raped a girl. All of them brought before the shariah court. The qadhi says he can't say whether the 15 men are wrong. But from the evidence the girl had sex many times. You must be sentenced to stoning. The 15 men will do the stoning.
The rapists like the graft taker are justified in what they did because a man of god says so.

35. These mother effers think they can bleach themselves white by going for the customary umrah. While they do that with all the pomp, can we, the people sleep?

36. We can go to sleep, close our eyes, but we dare not open them. For to open our eyes, we will see the evil wreaked by these people. It has become stage 4 cancer. And there's no stage 5.

37. That's the sad story faced by our country. The men who are exasperated stand aside and watch the rot. Those who don't give a damn have left. Men who are serious, have substance and want to do something, like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, can't.

38. They are blocked all the way by the party commissars and the low level party stooges and apparatchiks.


Thursday 25 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul: Part 1

1. Asking Najib about the direction of UMNO and our economic recovery is like imagining an angel descending from heaven. But metamorphoses in our dream as a nightmarish apparition.

2. That's how I see Astro Awani's decision to ask Najib these important questions. It's an exercise in futility. What intelligent answers do you expect from a fellow who only knows how to turn the country into a personal ATM machine?

3. It fortifies my belief that the media like Awani is an instrument for the oppressive Malay bourgeoisie class. Such as that represented by baby face Najib.

4. By asking Najib, Awani is perpetuating the decadent and reactionary ideas of Najib which are simultaneously bourgeois and dumbing down.

5. Najib's ideas must necessarily reflect the views of his class- big brotherly and feeding off innocent and ignorant others. That, in itself is exploitative.

6. Whereas UMNO is the party of the lumpenproletariat, the common man uninitiated by the trickery and machination politics of people like Najib and his ilk. Najib therefore cannot represent the views of the common man. Maybe he represents the views of the conman.

7. So why the hell ask that buffoon Najib? Not that his anwers are earth-shattering. Of course if the grassroots want it the leaders must accede. Might as well ask Halim Yazit, Fendi Kelana or Awi Ikan Duyung about UMNO than ask Najib.

8. So if Awani does not yet know who the F**k Najib is, I will be pleased to tell the mother-effers at Awani who the fellow is.

9. The deference given to convicted felon Najib, can only mean there are some candy ass lickers at Awani. The same treatment ought to be given to some jailbirds at penjara Penor, Kuantan.

10. So hiding behind the tattered banner of journalistic or press freedom, Awani is just giving voice to the oppressor class.

11. It will also be responsible for the dumbing down of the Malay common man. Having to listen to the archaic ideas of people like Najib.

12. Najib is just a fun-loving stud, predisposed to sowing his wild oats here there and everywhere. Including possibly into the unfortunate C4red Altantuya.

13. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth given by a man perhaps responsible for the 513 infamy. His views are therefore shaped by his decadent lifestyle.

14. The rotund man with the superlicious smile. Thinking he knows more than everyone else. Unashamedly walking the corridors of power ignoring the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. The sword in the form of a sojourn in Sungai Buloh perhaps.

15. So why ask Najib about where UMNO is going? UMNO wants to govern Malaysia in the right way, is the answer. As for Najib he would rather turn the country into a giant ATM machine.

16. It is the party that decides where it is going. It cannot be determined by one person nor by a committee like UMNO's MKT. In that manner, it is wrong for the MKT to decide on the PM candidate. If the fate of the party is decided in such a way, then those mediums have usurped the rights of the grassroots.

17. The party must decide whether it wants to govern the whole country or become a mere cog in the wheel.

18. If it decides on the former which must be, then it has to do several things.

19. The first order of things is to get rid of all the feudalistic minded, court plagued and dinosourish leaders like Najib and his band of thieving UMNO leaders. Even Mohamad Hassan is not blemish free.

20. Getting rid of such leaders would result in no dire consequences. The sky isn't going to fall down. It's akin to bloodletting. It would involve expelling bad blood to get a healthier body politic.

21. Unfortunately, under the clueless leadership of the Jawa Penorogo of Bagan Datoh, umno is devolving itself into insignificance. It's not behaving like the largest Malay political party at all but a man drowning clutching straws.

22. What convoluted logic is he blabbering about? A sprinkling of Arabic words does not make the rubbish he's talking about elevated or esteemed. The man is constantly talking in riddles never finishing his sentence hoping others to complete his shit!

23. He's hinting about Alliance 3.0 lah. He's blabbering about muafakat, mufarakah and other bull lah. Alliance with whom? With losers? Remember what Cao Cao said. When losers combined, what can they achieve?

24. Talking in verbal semantics like this, confirms the necessity of getting rid of Mandarin like leaders like Najib, Zahid, Anuar Musa et al. to be done in great haste!

25. Don't be coy about it. New political realism demands aligning with winners. Don't be sentimental about MIC and MCA. You can't walk with an albatross around your neck!

26. If MIC and MCA can't prove themselves, ditch them. Accordingly, we see the unfounded and unthinking admonition of 'No DAP No Anwar' as a death wish and should be discarded as cat's vomit.

27. In Part 2 we will analyse the issue further. It's not asking where UMNO is going that is the relevant question. Its asking where the country is heading is the more pertinent question.


Tuesday 23 February 2021

Negara Yang Hilang Rohnya.

1. Bertanyakan Najib mengenai hala tuju umno ibarat mimpikan bidadari turun dari syurga tapi menjelma dalam mimpi kita sebagai jembalang yang menyeramkan.

2. Demikianlah saya melihat Awani kurang bijak menanyakan si tongong Najib mengenai hala tuju umno. Jenerasi tongong yang melahirkan jenerasi bahlul yang terkemudian.

3. Najib seorang penjenayah- mecuri wang SRC, felda, 1MDB, dll diharap menerangkan hala tuju umno? Umno sudah hilang akal kah? Baik tanyakan pemikiran seorang banduan di penjara Penor,Kuantan.

4. Berselindung disebalik prinsip kebebasan kewartawanan, apa yang dilakukan olih Awani ialah perpetuate the life of reactionary ideas yang diterbitkan olih minda Malay bourgeoisie, aristocrats dan neo feudalists macam Najib.

5. Bukankah pedoman mudah ialah jika hendak tau keadaan sebenar parti kita, kita tanya orang yang menentang kita? Pastinya bukan Najib.

6. Siapa Najib? Tidak lebih dari pembiak/stud dengan senyuman yang supercilious. Yang lahir dengan sudu perak diperolehi dari seorang yang mungkin telah mencetuskan 513.

7. Senyuman supercilious yang berlagak seolah2 dia lebih tahu dari orang lain. Kepala bapak aok! Dia tidak tahu lebih dari orang lain, wok.

8. Pandangan nya sudah pasti ditempa olih kehupan Melayu yang bourgeois. Mengapa mahu tanya dia mengenai pemulihan ekonomi? Dia tidak lulus pun dari Universiti Nottingham. Lebih baik tanya pakcik yang jual apam balik!

9. Seorang Matlaon yang berlenggang dilorong2 kuasa, tidak kisahkan tentang pisau pancung yang berada atas tengkuknya . Senyumlah wok sebelum kamu jatuh!

10. Maka siapa yang kita hendak tanya mengenai hala tuju umno?

11. Siapa yang hendak kita tanya? Orang tua Mahathir yang terus 'pretend' bahawa hanya dia yang bolih menyelamatkan Malaysia dengan bercakap semberono? Daun ketom mana dia tibai?

12. Tanya sijawa penerogo yang memecah rekod mempunyai dakwaan mahkamah yang paling banyak? Yang pernah kata pada seorang kawan 'baik kita berhenti cakap Inggeris. Letih lah'.

13. Tanya Wak Muhyi yang menyorok disebalik deklarasi dharurat yang palsu, yang telah merampas kuasa dari rakyat. Barang kita telah di curi. Kita nak tanya pencuri? Siapa yang bodoh?

14. Tanya KJ? Yang macam seorang 'keling mabuk' dengan jabuk yang tidak terurus. Seperti biasa berkelakuan seperti sikurap menyusur angin,playing the gallery. Seperti seorang jaguh kampung yang telah mengistiharkan dia sanggup menerima suntikan vaksin covid yang pertama. Hurrah!

15. Elok tu,biar dia kelahi dengan Bung Mokhtar yang juga mengistiharkan dia bersedia menerima suntikan viagra, eh vaksin covid yang pertama.

16. Atau mau tanya Hishamudin Hussein? Takut dia lebih senang menjawab mengenai permainan komputer yang terkini atau mengenai PS11? Ow Ow!

17. Faktanya dah takde dari kalangan pimpinan umno yang kita bolih tanya. Kebanyakan mereka adalah sampah sarap. Mereka menunggang harimau Malay supremacism buatan mereka sendiri dan tidak bolih turun dari tunggangan mereka.

18. Mereka yang bolih peduli sudah putus asa dan lepas tangan. Mereka yang sudah tidak peduli sudah meninggalkan umno. Yang mahu berbuat sesuatu seperti Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah disekat pada setiap peringkat oleh pimpinan bangsawan dan neo feudalists serta kucing kurap ahli2 bawahan.

19. Lihat sajalah- penyangak2 ini bukan sibuk bagaimana hendak menbangun negara tapi berkomplot dan berintrig mendapat kuasa.

20. Berintrig merebut kuasa bukan untuk melakukan kebaikan dan mahabbah umum,tapi untuk mengikis kekayaan negara hingga ke last kopek. Memberi mereka kuasa ibarat meletakkan musang menjaga reban ayam.

21. Pintu reban bukan saja terbuka luas, bahkan ter- robek kekal.

22. Bukan saja kekayaan negara kemarau, pelaburan asing pun lari. Beam me up Mr Scotty,no signs of law respecting life here.

23. Negara kita telah hilang roh nya dan dosa itu tidak tertebus.

24. Pukiwak2 ini ingat dosa mereka bolih di klorox dan mereka menjadi putih bersih. Lalu mereka memejamkan mata sembahyang tunggang terbalik tidak berani membuka mata. Kerana kalau membuka mata, akan nampak segala kejahatan yang telah menjadi barah meresapi tulang belulang.

25. Sementara itu orang Melayu kita terus membiak menuju kepupusan. Jadilah mereka jenerasi tolol. Menyangka pemimpin2 umno tadi akan melindungi mereka.

26. Semua amaran dan hujjah2 kita di ketepikan olih mereka yang berkuasa. Yang mendapat kuasa bukan dengan mandat rakyat tetapi dengan tipu muslihat dan membayar mahar/dowry politik.
Plot tanah yang belum terjual adalah plot pusara si ibu. Semua yang lain bolih di beli.


Sunday 21 February 2021

Merekayarsa/re-engineering umno. Bahagian 1.

1. Umno mempunyai 3 juta ahli. Ini satu jumlah yang besar. Tapi sebagai proporsi dari keseluruhan bangsa Melayu ia patut meng insafkan umno.

2. Saya bukan hendak merendahkan umno. Tidak syak lagi ianya sebuah parti orang Melayu yang terbesar di Malaysia.

3. Jumlah keahlian bukanlah asas untuk jadi sombong dan angkuh.

4. Bukanlah perkara yang mustahil satu kumpulan yang besar ditewaskan oleh kumpulan yang lebih kecil.

5. Terutama bila pemimpin atasan nya korap dan penyangak dan tidak dihormati, diyakini serta tidak disegani oleh ahli bawahan. Tambah pula ahli bawahan golongan hoohah yang tidak ada disiplin.

6. Golongan hoohah yang saya maksudkan termasuklah golongan 4T. Yakni golongan Tapau, T- shirt Tambang dan Tunai. Golongan ini disuruh kencing atas pusara mak bapak pun sanggup.

7. Contoh golongan ini adalah ahli2 umno yang didatangi dan di Tambangi, dari setiap pelusuk negara untuk menyokong Najib dalam kes SRC tempoh hari. Mereka diberi T shirt, Tapau, dan Tunai. Lalu memekik dan melolong, si Najib mangsa fitnah. Bahkan ada yang memanggilnya amirukmukminin. Amirulmunafik lebih tepat rasa nya.

8. Nyatalah, mereka ini penegak2 kepalsuan yang cuba bulldoze kebenaran dan haq dengan kekuatan jumlah konon.

9. Tidak syak lagi mereka sendiri munafik dan bersubahat dengan pendusta. Sebagai orang Islam mereka tidak setia pada janji dengan Allah.

10 . Mereka membelakangi satu prinsip penting dalam Al Quran. Yakni menggunakan kepalsuan untuk menyembunyikan kebenaran terutama ketika mereka tahu bahawa rompakan yang dilakukan melalui SRC adalah benar.

11. Mereka telah melakukan kemunafikan yang terbesar. Yakni melanggar janji dengan Allah. Bukankah mereka telah berikrar dengan Allah bahawa sibghah Allah itu adalah satu2nya sibghah yang mewarnai kehidupan mereka?

12. Mereka munafik kerana melanggar ikrar dan janji kepada Allah. Mereka melanggar janji jangan menyembunyikan kebenaran dengan kepalsuan. Yakni menyangka ada kekuatan dalam jumlah yang ramai. Dengan berkumpul beramai ramai mereka ingat mereka bolih menenggelamkan kebenaran yang disahkan olih mahkamah. Itu kepalsuan terbesar mereka lakukan.

13 . Walaupun mereka berjumlah 3 juta dan benar pula mereka parti politik orang Melayu yang terbesar, mereka tidaklah mewakili kesemua orang Melayu.

14. Perhatikan fakta2 ini. Keahlian umno ialah 3 juta. Jumlah orang Melayu semuanya sekitar 18 juta.

15. Bermakna 1 dari 6 orang Melayu adalah ahli umno. Jika 1 orang umno/ Melayu mati, 5 lagi orang Melayu bolih hidup tanpa umno.

16. 1/6 hanya merupakan 16. 66% dari jumlah orang Melayu. Satu jumlah yang besar tapi tidaklah menyombongkan.

17. Sementara jumlah 3 juta bolih dibanggakan ia bukan sesuatu yang patut meng angkuhkan.

18. Fakta ini patut menjadikan umno merendah hati dan parti yang bermaruah.

19. Dan dibawah pimpinan si Jawa penorogo Bagan Datoh sekarang, umno jadi parti yang tidak bermaruah dan berintegriti. Apabila memilih untuk bersekongkol dengan kerajaan pintu belakang Wak Muhyi. Rupa2nya dalam umno ramai yang suka main pintu belakang!

20. Bersatu dengan sebuah kerajaan yang illegitimate yang akan pasti melahirkan 'anak'2 yang illegitimate. Mana maruah umno?

21. Umno hendak perintah siapa sebenarnya? Jika hanya orang Melayu saja ia hanya wadah untuk Malay supremacists dan neo feudalists yang reaksioner! Orang macam Zahid dan Najib dan orang suka kelahi macam Tajuddin.

22. Realiti politik nya, umno mesti hendak memerintah Malaysia yang berbilang kaum. Dan dengan jumlah 3 juta dari 30 juta, umno hanyalah 10%. Itu jauh dari angka 30% yang suka di guna oleh Malay supremacists sebagai aras tanda majoriti. Apa yang umno nak banggakan?

23. Maka nya daripada kita bercakap dan menyibukkan diri dengan2 tokoh takguna satu sen seperti Zahid, Najib atau Adnan Mansor lebih baik kita memikirkan bagaimana merekayarsakan/rengineer umno.

24. Tidak payah kita nak tahu Najib beratur nak beli nasi lemak ke, berak ke, atau kencing ke. Ia membuang waktu kita je.

25. Dalam bab ini kita harus sedar bahawa untuk merekayarsakan umno kita harus melakukan perubahan pada kepimpinan umno dan pada kualiti ahli nya. Dalam bab 2, kita akan menghalusi asas2 falsafah perjuangan umno.


Friday 19 February 2021

When LKY Wept: Lessons In Leadership. Part Two.

1. Corruption is not tolerated at all in Singapore and is weeded out. In Malaysia, it is a way of life and indeed the s.o.p of the Malay based political parties like umno and Muhyi's ppbm.

2. I need to get something off my chest. There appears to be a positive relationship by the more intense you profess to be a Malay and a Muslim with corruption.

3. It seems the more Malayness and more Islamic you claim yourself to be, the more is your propensity to commit corruption. Your pompous claims as to your ethnicity and your religiosity means nothing if you are not honest.

4. The measure of man is not his claim of ethnicity and religiosity but as to whether he is honest. That to me, is more relevant in our discussion.

5. That is how I would measure people like Najib, Zahid, Teuku Adnan, Tajuddin and the court jester, Bung. Clearly they are not the right leadership for Malaysia. Nothing personal, its just business.

6. Once corruption is dealt with we move on to the next ingredient. The other factor is pragmatism.

7. By pragmatism, I mean the adoption of a theory and belief as long as it works. The acid test as to whether a policy works is to ask does it work here. It is the refusal to be menacled by any one theory.

8. This rule is best described by the phrase I don't care whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

9. When LKY wanted to develop Singapore, he wasn't tied to the theories of Friedman, Keynes, or a Samuelson. Rather, the test is does it work here?

10. It involves the hard-headed choice of a set of policies that work in the Malaysian environment. All other considerations are ignored.

11. It does not involve the need to play favourites, play God to pick winners and to cater to special interests groups. It is the creation of an impartial system within which the actors operate to the best of their abilities.

12. This leads us to the other requirement for economic success. It is meritocracy.

13. It simply means management by the best of talents. The best talents for leadership, for the judiciary, for the civil service etc.

14. It is the opposite of kakistocracy- management by the least able. It suggests to just accept the mediocre.

15. That would mean leadership comes willy-nilly, perchance and happenstance. Then we get people like the embezzler in chief like Najib and his cohorts.

16. Meritocracy on the other hand is purposeful and deliberate. Its the positive cultivation of talent and not leaving it to chance.

17. One of the tools to get meritocracy is education. The other is a rigid vetting process. In Singapore those wanting to become MPs and ministers go through a series of interviews. These are designed to get the best.

18. It may sound elitist, but it is necessary to eliminate those who rise to prominence because of their ascribed status. This would include those who rise to the top because of their family socio-economic status, or we assume people somehow inherit family leadership traits. Not necessarily so. Not only the cream rises to the top so does the scum.

19. Kishore Mahbubani,a former dean of the LKY School of Government, summarised Singapore's success in the acronym, MPH.

20. It stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. I had earlier added resolve and a sense of noblesse oblige and a score to settle.

21. These are necessary requirements but not sufficient. I would add two more. The quality of the people and the elimination of any forms of extremism.

22. By quality of the people, I mean they should be robust, disciplined and possessed of correct and strict values set. They should be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

23. Any forms of theft and corruption are wrong. People who commit them must never be worshipped and adulated. They must be ostracized and heavily censured. And deservedly so.

24. Any forms of extremism must not be allowed to jeorpadise the cohesiveness of society. That includes Malay supremacism, religious bigotry, Chinese chauvinism or Indian gangsirterism. Deal with them with an iron hand.


Wednesday 17 February 2021

When LKY Wept: Some Leadership Lessons. Part 1

1. In 1963 when Singapore was ejected from Malaysia, Harry Lee cried uncontrollably.

2. That was a cry of anguish and agony. He never expected Malaysia was so mean to apply a scorched earth policy on Singapore.

3. The cry masked a steely resolve to disprove Malaysia which has committed an unpardonable faux pas. The best form of revenge was to make Singapore a roaring success.

4. Right off the bat, Lee decided to do the opposite of every major policies carried out by Malaysia.

5. What is the recipe for Singapore's success?

6. When we talk of recipe there are a few ingredients. Some are undeniably universal by nature.

7. First of all, there must be an overriding and consuming sense of noblesse oblige. Its meaning no longer confined to the nobility with a sense of duty of doing the common good to the people.

8. It must now mean any person of position and authority with a sense of duty to do a common good to the people. It's an awareness that people trust and depend on you to elevate themselves out of any forms of misery.

9. The man of position, carries on his shoulders the dependence, trust and hope of the people. These provide the driving force for the man and I suspect, the cause for settling scores with a bullying overlord.

10. In Lee's case it was Malaysia and to us, the Malay bourgeoisie, aristocrats reactioners and their compradores. For us, its also against an incompetent and corrupt government holding us all back.

11. First of all, there must be zero tolerance on corruption. Public office holders must be squeaky honest. And if anti corruption is enforced, it must be enforced against the big fish first.

12. Corruption robs society of vital and scarce resources. We get not our money's worth of public good.

13. Corruption is exceedingly injurious to society. It diverts resources from public good to private interests. We overpay to satisfy personal private interests. That is wrong because it satisfies the interests of one instead of the community.

14. It results in an economic 'Dutch Disease' where the rise in corruption leads to sub optimum development. That's why it's important to have the right leadership. Najib, Muhyiddin and even harmful benevolent Mahathir, are wrong leadership for Malaysia.

15. When Najib stole from SRC, from 1MDB, from Felda etc., he should not be adulated but must be condemned all round. The mothereffer is not a hero. He's a zero.

16. When defence ministers overpaid for substandard assets they are putting the lives of our soldiers in danger. When we overpay but get substandard infrastructure, our country is destroyed. When judges are corrupt, justice disrupts. When Najib stole he enriches himself but victimises millions. Think about that.

17. Corruption must be repulsed as a matter of principal. It represents a wrong reward system. Its unearned income. You get rewards money, sex etc because of your powerful position. It ought to be regarded the same as the Muslim riba.

18. But here, we find some religious clerics, once regarded as fundamentalist firebrands but get rotund with food and sex trying strenuously finding something in our holy book that can justify corruption.

19. How can a Kind God reminded always in the utterance Bismillah hirRahmani Rahim, countenance such inequity and atrocity? Think about that.


Thursday 11 February 2021

Ku Li: A Lifetime Of Service.

1. Tengku Razalegh's consuming aim is to see that his Malay race is equal to any other race everywhere.

2. Although born of nobility the man is filled with a never ending sense of noblesse oblige.

3. He's always seeking ways to improve the economic lot of his race without robbing Peter to give Paul. Without a doubt that principle was ingrained in Tengku Razaleigh by his late father Tengku Hamzah. Never take the rights of others.

4. The unending search for ways to improve the life of Malays and the lot of the country leads him to hold frequent discussions with luminaries. Both Malays and Non Malays. He's not averse to good ideas no matter where they come from. He believes in pragmatism. He doesn't care if the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

5. He holds meetings with eclectic groups picking on their ideas. I have attended several of these meetings. I, a DAP MP at that time, was continuously humbled to be included in such meetings. Doubtless he believes in the concept of a unity government.

6. His willingness to do public service, saw him elected as MP for Ulu Kelantan, now Gua Musang in 1974. He has never lost since.

7. Under his watch Gua Musang has grown by leaps and bounds. From having one primary school and one secondary school, it now probably has more than 40 of the former and at least 10 secondary schools.

8. It has KESEDAR, a field force camp, public housing, hospital and a felda scheme. It now has a sekolah Menengah Agama. A train connects Gua Musang to major towns.

9. The transformation of GM is spectacular. It used to be dominated by Chinese, but now Malays are the majority.

10. But being the majority shouldn't lead the Malays into a false sense of security. The real determinant for success, is the right mental attitude and values set.

11. How clever you are, if your being is predicated with the wrong attitude and values set, you will fail in life.

12. That is what ails present day umno. The fact that they group under one organisation i.e. umno, shows they are indeed clever.

13. The absence of the right attitude and values set make them continue to adulate untrustworthy leaders, crooks and political charlatans.

14. Bring people like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to preeminence to save umno and the country.

15. The substance of the man is captured by the following video clip.


Monday 8 February 2021

Umno Tuai Apa Yang Ia Semai.

1. Marjorie Taylor Greene adalah seorang ahli kongres USA daripada parti repablikan, telah dilucut dari semua jawatan nya dalam jawatakuasa2 kongres.

2. Perlucutan itu disebabkan Marjorie telah mengeluarkan beberapa pernyataan anti semitic, perkauman, bigoted dan menyokong pembohongan besar, bahawa terjadi konspirasi yang telah menyebakan Trump kalah PRU Amerika.

3. Dia juga telah menghasut penyokong2nya membunuh House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

4. Tapi Marjorie Greene enggan memohon maaf mengenai sikapnya. Alasan yang digunakan oleh Greene ialah mereka telah 'membenarkan' dia bercakap demikian. Siapa 'membenarkan' Greene?

5. Alasan yang digunakan oleh Greene adalah picisan dan palsu. Kalau alasan demikian digunakan ia menunjukkan kamu orang yang lemah.

6. Dahlah kamu lemah, kamu juga tidak ada maruah dan tidak berprinsip. Kamu not fit for any job. Kamu letak jawatan atau dipecat.

7. Bagaimanakah kamu membiarkan persekitaran mengontrol kamu? Kamu bangang. Kamu bukan pemimpin.

8. Dan parti kamu yang menyokong kamu, tak ada tulang belakang dan hilang keyakinan rakyat.

9. Demikianlah saya melihat Wak Jahid berhiba mahukan peruntukan yang lebih.

10. Lima orang dapat RM100 ribu setahun. Tengku Razaleigh tak dapat satu sen pun.

11. Apa yang Wak Muhyi pedulikan? Dia akan kata 'ada aku kisah'

12. Apa jenis pemimpin Zahid ini yang membenarkan alasan picisan memperlakukan diri dia demkian rupa? Alasan palsu dah dapat kalahkan Zahid?

13. Marjorie Greene menggunakan alasan 'membenarkan' untuk mengabsahkan kenyataan2 nya manakala Zahid membenarkan Muhyi memperlakukan dia sesuka hati Muhyi. Alasan yang dangkal sudah dapat mengalahkan Zahid.

14. Jika Zahid di alahkan dengan satu alasan yang dangkal bermakna zahid seorang yang bangang. Dia membenarkan Muhyi memperlakukan dia begitu. Sedangkan alasan membenarkan itu palsu.

15. Zahid mewakili umno, membenarkan Muhyi memberi dia 100 ribu setahun sedangkan alasan 'membenarkan' adalah satu alasan palsu.

16. Jika kepalsuan mengalahkan Zahid, ia memperkuatkan hujjah bahawa PhD nya ialah Penyakit Hasad Dengki dari universiti BD. Dia kurang cerdik yop!

17. Alasan yang palsu sudah cukup untuk membungkemkan Zahid mencerminkan Zahid pemimpin yang lemah. Ia juga menunjukkan Zahid tidak ada maruah. Sesudah diper-bocah2kan (diperbudakbudakkan) oleh Muhyi masih mahu bersekongkol dengan Muhyi. Muka tak malu. Nyata kamu melukut ditepi gantang.

18. Zahid juga tak ada prinsip. Kamu dan parti kamu di sisihkan kamu masih mahu bermuafakat dengan Muhyi.

19. Sikap Zahid meconteng arang pada muka umno. Kerana umno di ibaratkan sebagai 'ditambah tidak mengayakan, dikurangi tidak memiskinkan'.

20. Jadi, mengadu dan merengek rengek adalah perbuatan yang sia2. Ia memerlukan perbuatan konkrit dari hanya bercakap. Perbuatan Muhyi mengundang lebih dari rengekan dari Zahid. Kalau dia berprinsip, serta merta umno mesti keluar dari kerajaan.

21. Prinsip juga mahukan Zahid dan umno menilai kerajaan yang ada. Fakta ialah kerajaan Muhyi adalah sebuah kerajaan yang illegitimate. Bagaimana umno yang ada ethics mahu tidor dengan kerajaan yang tidak sah? Orang umno yang berprisip sejak sebermula ialah Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, yang enggan ada apa2 dengan kerajaan yang tidak sah. Sikap berprinsip itu harus dipuji.

22. Di bawah pimpinan Zahid, umno berlarian seperti seekor ayam tidak berkepala. Ia tidak tahu halatujunya. Semua prinsip dan kertertiban dibuang tepi. Umno hanya mahukan kuasa tapi cara nya tidak dipedulikan. Asal saja berkuasa, menumpang pun tidap apa. Sikap kemaruk umno membenarkan Muhyi memperlakukan umno sesuka hatinya. Umno deserves what is done on her dan tidak boleh menyalahkan sesiapa.

23. Marjorie Greene menggunakan kebenaran untuk menjustifikasukan perbuatan nya. Zahid pula membenarkan machinations Muhyiddin dan hanya mampu meratap sahaja. Kedua2 membenarkan alasan fiksi untuk menerangkan musibah mereka.

24. Zahid pemimpin yang bodoh, lemah, tak ada prinsip dan melemahkan umno. Itu adalah hukum umum- yakni jika kamu berketuakan orang2 seperti Zahid, Najib, Teuku Adnan, crook2 dan mereka yang korap, perompak dan pecah amanah- nantilah kemusnahan umno.

25. Jadi buang segala dedalu2 ini agar pohon umno itu dapat menumbuh. Biar orang2 bagus, amanah dan berjiwa rakyat seperti Ku Li memimpin umno.

26. Ianya satu hipokrasi untuk umno bercakap mengenai keadilan peruntukan. Sebetulnya umno tak boleh komplen apa2. Dulu semasa umno kerajaan,wakil2 rakyat pembangkang tidak mendapat peruntukan apa2 pun. Umno hanya beromongan kosong saja.

27. Kesan2 kepada parti umno lebih mendukacitakan. Parti itu teryata tidak ada prinsip dan tidak ada ketegasan. Sudah di tunjal2 kepala oleh Muhyi, ia tidak terdaya buat apa2 kecuali bising2 dan berjawatankuasa tapi tidak beraksi. Ia NATO- no action talk only.

28. Zahid adalah presiden satu parti yang berpecah sebenarnya. MP2 yang dapat RM3.7juta setahun, yang jadi menteri dan pegang GLC2 hanya mentertawakan Zahid. Umno akan berantam sesama sendiri.

29. Kalau umno kekal dengan ketua2 yang diskredited dan terus mengamalkan budaya reaksioner, ia akan hanya jadi seekor harimau kertas. Suka atau tidak, hanya tokoh seperti Ku Li saja yang boleh menyelamatkan umno!


Saturday 6 February 2021

Perbicaraan Adil adalah Satu Fiksi.

1. Saya teringat satu cerita. Seorang pedagang berjalan dengan keldainya. Orang ramai kata dia bodoh. Ada kaldai tapi jalan kaki. Lalu dia menunggang keldai nya. Orang kata dia zalim. Dia gemuk dan menyiksa keldainya. Akhirnya dia mengendong keldainya. Orang kata dia dah gila.

2. Moral cerita ini. Apa saja kita buat orang akan ada saja benda nak cakap.

3. Orang , sampai bila2 akan kaypoh. Mereka pengamal 'whataboutism'. Bila kita nak bicarakan Wak Jahid, Najis Bung, Teuku Adnan, Isa Samad, mereka akan bertanya macamana perbicaraan adil?
Kepala bapok awok!

4. Bila kita jatuhkan hukuman kita tidak ada masa akan legal niceties ini. Imbangkan hukuman itu dengan jinayah yang dilakukan. Tiba2 kita nak jadi bourgeois. Pukiwak lu!

5. Kalau orang dalam point 3 dikenakan hukuman penjara memang patut .

6. Hanya airheads saja yang ada kemewahan untuk memikir mengenai perbicaraan adil. Kita biarkan si Luncai terjun dengan labu2 nya.

7. Jika Wak Muhyi menggunakan undang2 untuk menyekat saingan2 nya ia secara kebetulan. Muhyi melihat peluang dan mengambilnya. Ia bukan jinayah manakala yang dihukum melakukan jinayah. Hal itu jangan kita lupakan. Jangan kita nak jadi cafe late socialist.

8. Bercakap berdegar degar mengenai kita anti korupsi dan pencabulan kuasa tapi kecut perut melihat kedasyatan hukuman nya. Berhentilah berlari bersama arnab tapi berburu bersama anjing.

9. Atas dasar apa kita mendahulu andaikan/presume, bahawa matlaon2 ini tidak mendapat fair trial? Mereka berduit dan ada akses kepada peguam2 yang handal kan? Mereka kalah. So what?

10. Bahawa maneuver2 ini direncanakan untuk mempromosi Hishamudin Husein hanyalah satu conjecture. Kalau umno mahu reform Hisham, yang dipotong dari kain yang sama, patut dinyahkan.

11. Apa yang dilakukan Muhyi mungkin unethical tapi bukan illegal. Dia istihar darurat ke, memenjarai saingan dia ke dan berbagai bagai lagi, itu pandaipolitik nya.

12. Bahkan apa yang dipanggil fair trial, kepada saya adalah perbuatan mempersendakan keadilan. Lihat kes2 Najis, Teuku Adnan, Isa Samad dan Zahid dengan proses rayuan yang berjela2 long winded, vexatious dan frivolous semua nya melambatkan keadilan. Justice delayed is justice denied.

13. Kalau machinations Muhyi memenjarai matlaon2 ini, jangan kita menangisi pemasongan mereka. Dunia politik kita tidak akan sunyi tanpa mereka. Lebih baik mungkin.

14. Kalau kita serious membenteras rasuah, kita hukum ikan2 jerung terlebih dahulu daripada ikan bilis. Mereka bernasib baik mereka bukan di China. Disana mereka dihukum tembak.

15. Berbanding dengan persilatan Muhyi dan penghukuman crook2 umno tadi, apa yang dilakukan oleh Muhyi is a lesser evil.

16. Titik!


Thursday 4 February 2021

Sak-Mong-Kol ak47 not AK47

1. An article was written by steadyaku 47. It appeared as follows.


2. Another version appeared signed off by AK47 as follows:-

3. It caused some confusion as some friends thought I wrote that article.

4. I wish to say that I Sak-Mong-Kol AK47 did not write the article.

5. All my articles are written on my own blog and are never signed off as AK47. 


Thank you.


Wednesday 3 February 2021

Old vs New School Politics. A Sense of Noblesse Oblige.

1. Old school politicians may not be morally spotless. But they won't do one thing. Sell out their own race.

2. Contrast this with the new school politicians. They will sell everything. Even if the plots of their mothers graves have takers they will sell them.

3. So really the main difference between old school and new school politics is that, the former is filled with a sense of noblesse oblige while the latter has unbridled rapaciousness and's a state of mind.

4. Let me illustrate the differences between the two with concrete examples.

5. One Friday, a bumi car importer came to see Ku Li who was the finance minister then. He wanted some relaxation on the taxes to be paid on the imported cars.

6. Do old school politicians countenance any form or special interests or consider always the pursuit of the common good?

7. Tengku Razaleigh could have easily give a special favour to a particular importer and expect some forms of gratification later. Instead, for the sake of the common good, what Ku Li did was to allow all car importers to turn their premises into bonded areas. That allowed all car importers to pay taxes when a car is sold. That is the origins of bonded areas of car showrooms.

8. Imagine if Ku Li had played favours- chose and pick winners he would have created a few monopolists who would have dominated the imported car business. The importing car fraternity and the public have taken this as for granted. It wasn't a given had ku li had not made a decision for the common good.

9. There are a few things we should note here. 1) make a decision for the common good 2) avoid picking and choosing the winner and 3) create an environment for free market and open competition. That is the road to success.

10. Now contrast this with a recent example. It's a reflection of the new school politics of personal interests and the what's its in for me mentality.

11. A person came before the government with a cheaper and patient friendly COVID-19 test kit. It would have involved avoiding the insertion of a probe into our bowels. Good wasn't it?

12. But because of complete disregard and consideration for the common good and the what's its in for me attitude, the proposal was rejected.

13. The person went to another country where the proposal was accepted. Malaysia is the loser because of new school and arsenic politics.

14. You can see what's involved in new school politics.a) Complete disregard of the common good. b) Overriding personal interests. c) Picking and choosing winners. You want to be the benevolent dictator.

15. In a sense that seems to be part of Mahathir's legacy. Especially that part in choosing and picking winners. He's a lousy picker.

16. He failed miserably when picking winners. In politics and in business. He picked Ting for the damn dam, Tajuddin for MAS, Eric Chia for perwaja, Mahaleel for Proton. He picked Musa Hitam, Ghafar Baba, Anwar, supported the embezzler in chief Najis, seat warmer Wan Azizah and enabled Trump like Muhyi to launch a coup. That's what you get for indiscriminate interference in the market.

17. Forgive me for that slight diversion. It's so irresistible. Now back to the main issue.

18. A sense of noblesse oblige, pursuit of the common good and judicious subversion of personal interests, will lead you to do extraordinary things.

19. How many rank and file UMNO members know that the land on which the UMNO HQ now stands belonged to Ku Li which was given free? And when he was Petronas chairman he chose not to take any income? That is until the cabinet decided that the chairman of Petronas shall receive a monthly allowance of RM4000 at that time! Under subsequent PMs its astronomical!

20. So when it comes to old and new school politics, the choice is obvious. Choose people like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Let's save UMNO!


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