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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Tales by an unknown Malaysian. No. 1

1. One of the nicest books I have read was a book called the autobiography of an unknown Indian. It was written by one N. Chaudhuri. It's a narration of his rites of passage . That's the way I looked at it .

2. It has now inspired me to start a series of article in my blog. Fittingly it is called The Views of an Unknown Malaysian.

3. Let me begin with a legal conundrum, a vexed question,a thumper. I am referring to the unexplainable dropping of the 47 charges proffered to the Javanese neanderthal, Zahid Hamidi.

4. He may have been a student and taught by our present PM at Yayasan Anda, the school for 2nd chancers. But that won't stop me from describing him in the most despicable of terms. Hey, whenever he appears on TV explaining the need for healthy living, I change channel. Fearing it can cause me nightmares later. If his posters are strategically placed in the padi fields, they can scare away pests.

5. Whenever the PM says he or his government does not interfere in the judicial process, that statement sent shivers down my spine . There are dark linings in the silver clouds , not noticed by many.

6. Laissez faire in the judicial system? Anwar may have been influenced by a heavily perfumed french A hole who asked a group of industrialists - what can the government do to help them prosper?

7. The answer the industrialists gave was leave us alone- translated into meaning allow them to do as they please. The term in French literally means, allow to do .

8 . It's an economic doctrine that opposes intervention by the government in any forms except intervention in the natural monopolies.

9. The PM applies the same principles to our judicial system, which often leads to absurd and ridiculous results .

10. Well, Mein Fuhrer, there is no absolute non interference. Judicious interference is necessary to correct the wrongs, to moderate the excessive-ness etc.

11. When Lee Kuan Yew was asked whether he believes in the economic isms, he replied no. To him, one should always answer does this particular work? If it does, accept it.

12. Anwar's pompous declaration of wholesale non interference leads to absurd results. First of course it freed the Javanese neanderthal from culpability. It opened a can of worms. It also showed the PM didn't show leadership when it is required. He's a political invertebrate really blowing where the winds blow .

13. It opened a can of worms. Remember, the AG said he does not have to give reasons for the DNAA. Wow, that's a good value to teach the public. You can defiantly say, you are not accountable for anything. That's an axiom of the entitled inbreds .

14. Lawyers, looking out for one another are quick to say, you can't blame the judge, you can't blame the government... ad nauseum

15. What lawyers say are not etched in stone. They are opened to disputations and disagreements. Besides, a predator will generally not attack one of its own kind. That's professional courtesy.

16. We, the public don't care two hoots what lawyer say. We say all is to blame. Including the judge.

17. If one charge is found to be faulty and causes a domino effect on the other 46 charges, the same principle applies to the justice system.

18. If one law practitioner in this case is rougish, the whole gangbang including the judge is.

19. To us, the reasonable man on the Clapham omnibus, the judge should have harshly reprimanded the lawyers from the AGC.

20. Having found that Zahid had a prima facie case to answer, the AGC lawyers did a volte face and gifted the Javanese neanderthal with a DNAA . The judge concurred.sheesh!

21. The conduct of all the judges presiding zahid's cases are hardly commendable. Indeed the deserved disapprobation and opprobrium.

22. The judge at Shah Alam for instance dismissed zahid's case on account of the half past six job done by the prosecution team and on technical grounds.

23. Perhaps that particular judge has not heard of A4 sized envelopes and couldn't count past one .

24. Wasn't there a possibility that more than one A4 sized envelopes were used? And the money denominated in thousand USD or Singapore dollars?

25 . The judge in the 47 charges case froze and acquiesced at the request of the prosecution team. He did not have the testicular fortitude. Sorry sir!

26. That was the time when we expect him to indulge in some judicial activism. That was required to correct the wrongs and mend things. But he did not and his conduct can hardly be said to be blameless. No siree!

27. Many of you think of judges as being priggish, sanctimonious, sacred cows and endowed with superior intellect more than they actually have. Other judges and respectful lawyers refrain from criticizing them. But some members of the public such as I, like Rhett Butler said, don't give a damn.

28. If I think you err or are defficient somewhat, the postman will ring the door. Sorry you cannot reply us publicly, but you know how some of us think of you . You too eat belacan.

29.lets look at the 47 charges. It's mathematically impossible for at least some of the charges to stick. They must be practising some strange maths in the courts .

30. If the prosecution team discovers some charges were flimsy, why not expunge them. Retain the robust ones which can stand assault by the defense team.

31. Finally, it's a case of believability. Do you believe Zahid? Look, here's the man who said he met the invisible Arab donor to najib.if it's proven he lied there, his whole credibility is flushed down the toilet.

32. But here's the man UMNO wants as it's leader. We can only be perplexed. And to exclaim, some people's children. God have mercy on us!


Thursday 13 June 2024

Views of a non-lawyer.

1. I think it was lord Denning who said that the law is not a technical game left to technicians only to administer it.

2. I think the import of the statement means, if left to the technicians only, the law in the hands of tricky lawyers, will turn into a grotesque uncontrollable being.

3. That's where the judges must intervene to prevent the law becoming an enemy to public interests.

4. Public interest at the moment, demand that whomsoever breaks the law must be punished and those who plunder this country must meet the force of the law.

5. With reference to the monies in the 1MDB case, the public would simply ask, how did the billions get into Najib's account or the accounts in which Najib has controlling interests?

6. Did the monies walked on their own there, flew there, brisk walked there, jog or get there by some effing serpentine ways?

7. The answer to that simple question, would demolish any artful , obfuscating and intended to confuse arguments by artful talking and shyster lawyers.

8. Judges can humour the strained and overstretched arguments of these artful lawyer but must remain steadfast in preserving the purpose of the law in this instance, to punish the wrongdoer.

9. So when Najib's lawyers warned the courts that this 1MDB case will spillover to 2026, that self serving assertion raises in us the public, much emotions of despair and utter disbelief. It is capable of making us loose faith in our justice system .

10. First of all, right thinking persons in our society, will take such statement, as blackmailing or holding the Court at ransom. It's saying if you call Najib to enter defense, the case might continue till 2026. So the prudent thing to do, is to drop the charges against najib. if that happens, then the monies walked, jog and flew on their own. Then, it will become a case, an elephant can fly because it's determined so by the courts.

11. Taxpayers time and money have been extraordinarily expended such that an incremental expenditure of time and money is no longer relevant. The law must never lose its purpose, which is to punish the wrongdoers.

12. If the court countenances the assertion of Najib's crafty lawyers, then its giving a wide berth to the rich and powerful while being harshly punitive to the lumpenproletariat .

13. The Court must never take lightly this kind of soft blackmailing and arm twisting. It must be met with the most robust objection by the Court.

14. It will be a crying shame that because of some alarmist assertions, the court will capitulate and does something unjustifiable and non-justiciable. If the price to punish the author of a most heinous crime, the Heist of the century is time overrun, so be it .

15. The lawyer for Ali babavum Najib has chosen to publicize his assertions, so it invites an equal counter assertion. It's the working of Newton's 3rd law of motion my friend, an action invites an equal reaction .

16. Except the manner of the riposte cannot be predetermined by the author of the action. It maybe supportive of his assertion or it maybe not. Roll the dice and see the outcome, brother .

17. The entitled inbred social media, the sychophantic social media and the UMNO DNA-ed busybodies are working overtime to create public opinion that Najib is pristine and super clean.

18. These toady, bootlicking and smarmy online social medias are overzealous in asserting that as the putera in the term Bumiputera, red lips Najib is naturally entitled to special privileges. And his minders are quick to embellish that.

19. Fortunately the number of these obsequious degenerates is few. The majority of the people are law abiding citizens who want to see the full force of the law is judicially applied. Without fear or favour.

20. We, the common people, the reasonable men must stop thinking that only lawyers understand the concept of justice. We the people will always be the reality check on unobstructive and most often self serving legal narratives.


Wednesday 5 June 2024

Reading KKB ex post.

  1. I believe I have the bragging rights in predicting DAP victory in KKB. In arriving at that conclusion , i didn't read chicken entrails or read tea leaves.
  2. Nor did I cut green lemon over a basin of water and decipher the hidden messages therefrom. And proclaim that those who cannot read the messages will have a shortened life .
  3. I gave reasons for my opinion. It is a perfectly rationalised opinion if I may say so.
  4. My opinion, as Hitchens said, is enough for me. And I reserve the right to have it defended against any consensus, majority opinion any time any place anywhere. those who disagree with me can go and fly kite or better still, kiss my ass.
  5. I heard an interview between a Malay centric , entitled inbred online media and Zaid Ibrahim, the Hampstead liberal. Therein is the main problem in our society.
  6. It was an ensemble of master race persons singing the song of unmistakably racial supremacy. Disguised by nervous laughter.
  7. The online paper , probably consisting of SPM 3rd graders and just reached puberty journalists was overeager to suggest that KKB will be better served by a Malay, albeit mediocre, as long as a Malay.
  8. Hence they eagerly prods the DAP to field a Malay candidate.
  9. Zaid Ibrahim, on the other hand slyly remarked, that it's a candidate from DAP, it must be a Chinese. And because of that it can win KKB, at the most by 500 votes .
  10. Remember, Zaid was the person who said ' I am also a malay'. He disavows the UMNO route of becoming a Malay, but actually wants to be a better ' UMNO Malay '.
  11. In a strange way, that's a Frantz Fanon logic. You condemned the oppressor but eventually become one yourself
  12. Zaid Ibrahim is my personal friend. I compliment readily but will unhesitatingly criticize him. Like many others, I was and am shocked that he is on the side of the embezzler in chief . Now he is even agitating for the mother effer to be under house arrest. As I understand it, there is no law for it under the constitution. Also, we are a constitutional monarchy. The king does not override the constitution.
  13. In discussing KKB, his hypocrisy as a non racist and liberal is exposed. In the final analysis, the man perceived to be a liberal and non racist, regrets that it wasn't a Malay fielded by DAP. His master race politics comes to the fore finally. Sheesh!
  14. The voters in KKB refuse to be pigeonholed into racial stereotypes and must therefore be at odds with one another. Tension isn't the way to build a country.
  15. As I said earlier, the people in KKB voted for what is good for business. And what's good for business is to vote in a party that propagates inclusion, promises to fight against all forms of social injustices, preaches mutual respect, shared happiness, shared prosperity and most importantly shared responsibility. The last being the awareness that ALL of us, all race, culture and religion are collectively responsible for creating a society that we all want.
  16. That means deciding what kind of society we want should not be decided by the politicians alone. As long as they served as our mouthpieces, they are relevant to us. Once they are against us, we the people, reject them .
  17. 17. Clearly, with that mindset, the people in KKB reject parties that preach religious bigotry, racial supremacy, social anarchy as a devisive tool etc.
  18. The ecclesiastical mullah, aka the spiritual, that he actually is a closet dictator, Hadi of marang spoke like an entitled idiot n that he actually is when he said that a DAP victory in KKB will turn KKB into a Singapore and KKB Malays into Singapore Malays.
  19. He is an idiot for wanting us to believe that a DAP victory in KKB will turn Malaysia into a Singapore, which by the way, is a 1st world country. A DAP victory in KKB is like pouring salt in the ocean. Has he not heard of one swallow does not a summer make?
  20. But we get it. He is warning the KKB Malays that they will be like the Malays in Singapore.
  21. He's got a sad vision of the Malays forever being a sad race. He wants the Malays continue to be freeloaders . A race entitled to having special rights, entitled to preferential treatment, entitled to being stupid and mediocre, entitled to break the law, to steal and to serve time at home and to have breakfast in bed.
  22. As progressive Malays, we find this paternalistic and patronizing treatment, abhorrent and repulsive. He can go fly kite off the coast of Rusila .
  23. I am glad that his divisive and antiquated argument was rejected by the KKB Malays save for some Malay rednecks and UMNO DNA-ed inbreds.
  24. Al fadhil Hadi can continue cavorting with Bersatu and UMNO Ku Klux clan people.
  25. Part of being not stupid, as said by one of Malaysia's podcast 2 ronnies, isn't confined only to be able to read through Nga Koh meng's gift but also includes the following:-
  26. Empowerment. The threat to manipulative politics is empowerment. With empowerment , people are capable of independent thinking.
  27. With independent thinking people can read through and laughed off outrageous claims and manipulative narrations. Such as the outrageous claim by a ecclesiastical clown that a DAP win KKB will start Malaysia becoming a Singapore. Or manipulative statements which are vindictive in nature harping on government adminstrative shortcomings which require time to solve. Hey, even if you want to piss, you have to unzip your pants
  28. 28. People don't care two hoots about name calling. You can display photos of the pm or Agung, people just don't care. They have independently decided. The photos are materials of interest to the police only.
  29. You are accountable for your deeds or misdeeds. If you sow seeds of deceit and dissension, these will catch up with you. If you steal and plunder from the country you will get the proper comeuppance. There's no such thing as house arrest where you can indulge in your conjugal rights . Only entitled inbreds and their shyster spokesmen think you deserved so .
  30. People are protective of their religions and do not take kindly of anyone group mocking, ridiculing or disparaging his religion. Intentionally or not. Take the case of the KK mart socks issue. But they will not respond in the way stormfuhrer Akmal wants. The people responding in the way baby face Nelson Akmal wants are the UMNO inbreds and those spoiling for a fight.
  31. People care about food security, about having affordable homes and about preserving racial harmony. Master race politics is out
  32. They take the following as given and must be provided by a good government. Health services, security and social amenities including good transport system.
  33. What do all these things mean? Collectively it means that voter profile and "ordinal' preferences have changed. Only some parties stick to their ' carnal' utility curve .
  34. That should be an object lesson for those parties pursuing ecclesiastical dictatorship and pushing for the creation of an Orwellian society. It's an object lesson too for parties pursuing master race politics. It is particularly of interest to UMNO with its swashbuckling politics. Akmal may think himself as an Erol Flynn at the moment. UMNO that doesn't know how to adapt won't know what hits them.
  35. To me, what happened in KKB is a watershed in Malaysian politics. It points to the future of our politics. Certainly the parties that do not adapt will perish. Let's pray it's UMNO.


Tuesday 7 May 2024

The battle for KKB -part 2

1. One of the podcast two Ronnies, derided minister NGA Kor Meng . He said the people are not stupid.

2. Nga had announced a few million allocation for KKB . He said, the allocation was on account of KKB being an 'ong' place. It wasn't given because of the impending by election .

3. Its unavoidable. Nga can foam at the mouth saying that the allocation wasn't an election allocation. The people in KKB in particular, will insist that it was an election "grease' .

4. That's because people are smart. They do read in between the lines. They are not just commuters on the toon foong omnibus.

5. That's the state of mind the people possess as they go into the KKB polls. People getting smart is the Achilles heel of any party that propagates extremism in all forms, racial supremacy and religious bigotry.

6. Because people are not stupid, IE because they are smarter enables them to reject extreme right wing political parties like UMNO and the successor of UMNO, PN. Smartness and fair-mindedness is actually a boon for pragmatic political parties

7. There is an inverse relationship between smartness and the fortunes of political parties at least now, in Malaysia. The smarter people are, the more politically aware, more informed, more enlightened, the less acceptable parties that expound extremism in all forms, racial supremacy and religious bigotism , become .

8. So when one of a popular podcast 2 ronnies say people are not stupid, that's actually a boon to PH especially DAP.

9. Clearly as the intelligence and wisdom of the people increases, fortunes of parties like UMNO travel south . The same will happen to PN.

10. Then, they will looked askance, puzzled at what happened. Their conceit and arrogance will prevent them from discovering the causes

11. Look at what happened to UMNO. The recent anarchy created by one Akmal will hasten the demise of UMNO. The same will befall PN .

12. The people 'not stupid' IE politically sophisticated, aware etc., is the state of mind with which they go to the polls in KKB.

13. The voters of KKB, as do many people in the country are tired of the scorched earth politics of PN .

14. Because people are not stupid and are politically aware, the will enter KKB and vote according according to what is good for business.

15. And what's good for business is to vote in a party that supports inclusiveness, mutual racial respect, shared prosperity and happiness. They will shun a party that preaches divisiveness, perpetual racial tensions, religious bigotry and racial supremacy.

16. They will also vote in the party that promises to fight against all forms of social injustice and will not compromise against corruption and abuse of power.

17. Does the PN publicized these principles? It hardly talk about these intransigences

18. The pas mother-effers are quiet on the warnings of Allah in Al Maidah 78-79 on the children of Israel.

19. The people in that community were cursed by God through the pronouncements of David and Jesus. This was because they kept quiet when their brothers commit corruption, abuse of power, excesses and other intransigence.

20. The same refusal to correct wrongdoings will be perpetuated if people choose the PN candidate.

21. What can you expect from a candidate , who at first proudly published his so so a academic results. Getting into University in Pahang is nothing to shout about.

22. I said at first, because the seemingly misogynists PN people especially the actually sex crazed PAS people thought their candidate's academic results cant possibly be bested by a woman .

23. They were shocked to see Pang's excellent academic credentials. To now compare apple to apple, why not publish the PN's candidate UPSR, PMR and SPM results. Ada berani? The PN already lost here . It's the harbinger of ultimate defeat.

24. To control the damage done and embarrassment felt, PN questioned Pang's vernacular education.

25. The keen mind can see the ecclesiastical and racial supremacist principles at work here . The ecclesiastical dictator and the racism in them couldn't countenance differentiation in educational pathways except that permitted by them .

26. So beware, voting in one vermin even at state level will be the start of establishing an Orwellian society. Our freedom is at stake voting in the PN candidate.

27. The UMNO people, at least those who helped in the election will have no trouble in debunking these underlying extreme right wing principles. For over 60 years they have been drilling the very same principles on right thinking Malaysians. Snuffing them out will be easy-peasy to them .

28. PN can't hide its religious bigotry and racial supremacy principles behind issues which concerned ALL of us and are not unique to KKB alone.

29. Things like the cost of living, economic direction of the country, the exchange rate of the ringgit, rice issue, free supply of water etc. All problems associated with these will not disappear over night by giving a WIN to PN in KKB.

30. Assuredly, these things are tackled in earnest and given a sense of urgency. But it takes time to produce the desired results, encik!

31. We can't get instant results as demanded by such anarchists like papagomos, YBs viral, cikgu bards, the various tik-tokers and so on. If I plant a rambutan tree it takes 3 to 5 years to mature and grow fruits. If you take a piss, you have to unzip your pants and take your dicks out. Ada butot?

32. The people in KKB will also look at the candidate. Clearly Ms. Pang is superior. Choosing a person with better academic excellence is a no brainer. You will also want to choose a person with humility and approachable by all races. The Ah Moi has that. She is also ready to serve with dedication and is EVEN willing to physically move to KKB.

33. Apa lagi PN Mau? Nang bohtee Nang, kui bohtee kui!

34. Finally I want to address this issue. Which is the obsession by many Malay centric on line media to insist that KKB is better off with a Malay candidate. And with the same insistence by a certain Tropicana ' Hampstead liberal, sarcastically wanting a Malay candidate from DAP. Because of not choosing a Malay, PH can only win by 500 votes.

35. As though lah, choosing a Malay candidate, KKB would immediately turn into a miraculous economic enclave. Tiu Sama lu!

36. There's simply no guarantee to that. For years we have heard this-indoctrinated by UMNO. Kau tak membelit bukan India, Kau tak nenipu bukan cina. But what we have not heard is, kalau tak korap dan tak menepati waktu, bukan Melayu .

37. Many of us and I are simply dismissive of that obsession. We don't care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice!

38. Given these exogenous and endogenous reasons, Ms. Pang will win by more than 500 votes. Indeed given the state of mind of the people in KKB, as opined by one of Malaysia's 2 ronnies, ms Pang can even win by a bigger majority than previously.


Friday 19 April 2024

Affidavit vs counter affidavit.The truth is butchered

1. Reading between the lines, T. Zafrul seems to suggest that Zahid lied about the existence of an addendum that allowed Najib to serve the remainder of his jail sentence at home

2. Everyone seems, some of the press included wants to see a criminal freed.

3. Perhaps this eagerness is part of the entitlement mentality of a Bumi -Putera.

4. The Putera in the Bumi term is always entitled to some divine dispensation.

5. On the other hand, any Bumi in the Bumiputera term is subject to the harshness of the law. The counter affidavit by T. Zafrul, if true, is another reason why we should all boycott UMNO.

6. Not only UMNO consists of narcissistic, anarchic and prone to aggression individuals, it's leadership consists of congenital liars. Surely, that is not a party, sacred and honourable to represent right thinking Malays.

7. Unless of course, as Swettenham observed , Malays in general, are naturally untrustworthy.

8. I believed Malays in general do not deserve such reproach and negative description. As practicing Muslims, they observed fairness and truth.

9. Hence if Najib is wrong, he is wrong and deserves all the disapprobation. If Zahid is a liar, he deserves all the rejection or using a current term, boycott. 10. Only UMNO people, ' back roomed ' decency and truth. Never you trust UMNO people or those DNA-ed with UMNO values people.

11. Zafrul's affidavit would affirm that Zahid is a liar.

12. I am puzzled by one thing; why is it that some people are eager to see that what is haram, makan duit haram, harta haram be exonerated? That means all the virtuous values our parents taught us and strengthened by religion are simply discarded.

13. The zealousness to see Najib served house arrest seem to forget that the chap still got 1MDB to answer to. Or is there a conspiracy to let Najib off with another DNAA? That will surely turned Malaysia into a pariah state. Perhaps that also will be shielded behind the excuse, 'the government does not interfere with the judiciary ' ?.

14. Yes, certainly Zahid's affidavit would strain relationship with Nana Non, it would reveal that Zahid is a liar. Have we forgotten about the Zafrul affidavit that politely says Zahid's affidavit is false? Is there a law against a falsified affidavit?

15. This legal imbroglio can be resolved if everything is tabled by the AGC with the courts . Finito!

16. I have learnt this much. Don't listen to the thunder. Wait for the rain. Don't rush to conclusion into accepting what Zahid says is true . Don't say the government is hiding any addendum.

17. When wak jahid was the home minister, he said we don't have a law that provided for house arrest. Has the law been changed now that an UMNO Putera is jailed?

18. We are a constitutional monarchy. It's inconceivable that the king does anything to undermine the constitution and with it, the law .

19. Yes it certainly would strain the relationship between Zahid and Nana Non. It firstly may expose Zahid as a liar not partial to using underhanded machinations. It affirms the fatal mistake Nana Non makes, which is to invite an implacable and incorrigible enemy like UMNO to share power.


Wednesday 17 April 2024

The battle for KKB.

1. Soon the battle of KKB will begin. The by elections take place because the DAP incumbent passed away.

2. Since 1974, KKB has become part of the Selangor State Assembly. The seat has been won by BN and DAP.

3. When BN won the seat, people's thinking was not that sophisticated. You can almost say BN won when voters were more ignorant. They were more moved by immediate gains which moneybags BN offered.

4. When people's thinking became more sophisticated, they think of more long term gains, that all, irrespective of racial groups are all in the same boat, DAP won.

5. You can almost speak of an unspoken rule. When ignorance reigns, when short term gains are more prioritised, where racial and religious bigotry reigns, BN wins. When the opposite take place, DAP wins.

6. You can't avoid some people with a tunnel vision. PAS, because of its religious extremism and conservatism is confident of winning. Those with a racial supremacy complex and suffering from 'the infinite malady' of DAPhylis see their party winning. Those who suffer from perpetual divorce from UMNO disease, think PN could win.

7. They are wrong in their prognoses. Here are my reasons. 8. # political sophistication# the reality of demographics.

9. Reasonable people do not want to rule and conquer others not do they want to impose their racial supremacy as expoused by the Akmals of this world. They don't want to hate and despise one another. They want to help one another. They want to live by others happiness not misery.

10. Those negatives are necessary products of religious extremism and racial supremacy. Exactly the principles expoused by PN( bersatu, pas and gerakan who, what? Meaning PN can never win.

11. Hence the prognoses by religious extremists(pas) the racial supremacists and those suffering from the infinite malady of DAPphylis, and the people who contacted the divorce from UMNO disease are all off the mark.

12. These people ignore the reality of demography of a particular place. Demographics is indeed destiny.

13. As a rule of thumb, evinced from my own personal experience and observation of empirical evidence, is that whenever there is at least 30% of the population of a place is composed of non Malays, where DAP contests, IT will win .

14. Let's look at KKB. It's composed of around 47% Malays which means there is 53% non Malays. Ada faham Lor?

15. If DAP were to contest, it is the incumbent anyway, it only needs 80% of the non malay votes and only 20% of the Malay votes to win

16. So despite the boastful talks of the pas leutenante, the Malay supremacists infected with DAPphylis and those suffering from divorce from UMNO disease, my bet is, DAP will retain KKB.


Monday 15 April 2024

Boycott UMNO. The Malaysian Response.

1. We must rid our world of men with emperor like mentality, IE of men who dictate their fellowmen like beasts of burden.

2. The business of emperor minded people is to rule over, conquer, enslaved, subjugate, hold in bondage their fellow humans. They rule over the misery and suffering of others .

3. When people suffer or caused to be in misery, the emperor minded, the feudal lord hold control over the people . The essence of the emperor minded is the creation of an Orwellian society. A society which is controlled in every aspect.

4. This is what people like Akmal are striving for, to exert absolute control over others on account of them being different . Injury to religious sensitivity is just an excuse to exert supremacy. In this case, racial supremacy.

5. As Muslims, we are angry when our religion is made fun of, ridiculed, treated lightly, opened to contempt etc .

6. As angry as we are, feeling hurt, we don't react unhinged and go on with an orgy of destruction . We agree at being aggrieved but we cannot condone Akmal's mindless violence.

7. It's just using the socks issue to regain UMNOs relevancy and validity.

8. Because as decent human beings we ought to be able to help our fellow human beings. That's the way human beings are. We don't validate our existence by coercing others.

9. We want to live with other's happiness not misery. We don't go on hating and despising others because a small reason provides us an excuse to do so.

10. That's what the socks issue provided Akmal and UMNO. To unleash unbridled hate and violence.

11. Thus far from asserting UMNOs relevancy and validity, it gives 1001 reasons to boycott UMNO.

12. Yes, come one and all, let us boycott UMNO.

13. It seems that cleverness and intelligence has made us unnecessarily cynical and overly suspicious. More than intelligence, we need kindness and gentleness.

14. Behind that baby faced appearance (of Akmal) is an unloved person . Malays are made of better stuff .

15. Perhaps Akmal is suffering from an acute bout of paerodolia. Where people see common inkblots, he sees the figure of a Chinaman brandishing a sword .


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