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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Zahid Is Not Fit To Lead Umno.

1. Zahid and Anwar share the same strategy. Deny defy and lie.theirs is the same because both are liars. Like the famous line in the movie:fuck the truth.

2. Wanting to cooperate with a political adversary is not a crime. Owning up to the phone conversation is not because Shahidan or Anuar said so.

3. These monkeys have their own ulterior motives. Be aware they are eager to see Zahid be removed. So that their romance with Wak Mahi goes uninterrupted.

4. I don't think the Malaysian public is easily fooled into believing the audio is fake. Maybe only the yahoo PKR boys believe it is. Listening to Anwar we immediately know he is a motheffing liar.

5. Therefore, it begs the question -why is it so difficult for shyster Anwar and thicky Zahid to admit the fucking truth?

6. Because lying even to their flock is second nature to Zahid and Anwar. Because they thought their conversation is private forgetting that big brother is eavesdropping. Like the herder they look out after their flock only to slaughter them later.

7. I don't understand the need to deny if wanting to cooperate with your political adversary and talking over the phone are no crime. Is it a crime if Zahid regards Anwar as his teacher in the art of lying with a straight face? Zahid's only mistake is that he should have learnt the art of lying and appearing stupid from Najib.

8. In fact Zahid can use the phone call issue as political capital. It has exposed the rats in umno. People like Anuar Musa, Shahidan, KJ and some other woodworms that are coming out. This is a chance for Zahid to purge the pro ppbm cluster.

9. It is clear a group in umno wants to weaponise the phone call issue to oust Zahid himself. But maybe he is too dumb to know that.

10. What is a crime is the wire-tapping of the phones. It cannot be done without a court order and can be perhaps traced to the clandestine authorisation of the interior minister.

11. So instead of the police investigating the phone call which is not a crime, they should investigate the covert wire-tapping. Is the government spying on its own citizens?

12. To me the issue of illegal wire-tapping is more serious. In the US when Nixon authorised wire-tapping on the Democrats and later found out, he has to resign. So the person responsible for the ZA- gate must be investigated.
Are Zahid and Anwar tax evaders, leaders of organised crime or pimps running prostitution rings?

13. Be that as it may, the phone call issue has not cleared wimpy Zahid. As to Anwar let the PKR bozos evaluate Mamoo Anwar.

14. There are 2 things here. First he has betrayed the trust of umno delegates. Second by his own admission its easy to manipulate the MKT.

15. By planning to betray the trust of umno delegates and thinking he can manipulate the MKT raises the issue of integrity.

16. He has destroyed TRUST which is the basis of social cohesiveness. It's a crack waiting breakage. Destroying it he has destroyed reciprocity. The umno delegates gave him a bouquet of flowers-wihat did he give in return? He threw shit at them. He has no integrity.

17. Even the MKT cannot trust him. He has told Anwar its easy to control the MKT stooges. They are just bulls with ropes through their nostrils.

18. Certainly he has no vision. His road to victory is through collaboration with an adversarial enemy. Perhaps he sees his own salvation there. The greater betrayal from Mamoo Anwar is yet to come.

19. He has no integrity, cannot be trusted and has no vision. As Tengku Razaleigh said he is not fit to lead umno.

20. But it's not like what loudmouth Nazri Aziz said -replace him with Mat Hassan. The latter is quieter but cut from the same cloth as Zahid. The only person who can reset umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Menjinakkan Kerbau-Kerbau Liar.

1. Si tongong dan lembab Zaid telah melaga lagakan parang nya.  Macam kata perpatah Cina, ribut dan taufan banyak, tapi hujan tiada. Kenapalah bebal sangat wok?

2. Mungkin saya kena omong dalam Bahasa Jawa agaknya baru matlaon ni faham.  Makanya rungokno aku.  Dah faham?

3. Sahabat saya, seorang profesor mengatakan penyakit Zahid ni ada dua. Kepimpinan yang lemah dan IQ otak yang rendah. Celakanya orang Melayu taksub menyokong Jawa kaki pukul ni.

4. Phd dia Phd kopi o ke? Dia tidak lansung berkelakuan sebagai seorang sarjana.  Malah dia lebih bersikap macam gangster.

5. Dengan gegak gempita dia telah mendesak semua mothereffers yang masuk lubang bersatu keluar.  Malah telah mengarahkan penyibaran satu risalah mengistiharkan seorang pemake budu dari kelate sebagai seorang pembelot.  Wah hebat MP  dari Bangla ni.  Wira umno kan.  Hero cerita Tamil nombor wahid.

6. Tapi si tongong ni belum buat  perkara yang terpenting sekali yakni mengisharkan umno memutuskan pertalian dengan Jawa ponorogo tu. 

7. Hai, susah rupa2nya nak cabut dari lubang bersatu ini.  Makumlah makan bubuk jawa kan.  Macam Kamal Amir cakap ambil masa nak panggil mereka, menyantuni mereka.  Wak Jahid bingkas pukul orang dan mengawan je nampaknya.  Nak kencing pun kena buka zip dulu.

8. Satu hal yang menerangkan kelembapan Wak Jahid ialah besar kemungkinan nya, mahu bernegotiasi dengan Wak Mahia kes nya dan kes2 kluster mahkamah.

9. Kelewatan umno hanya menguntungkan orang2 seperti Zahidi, lahabau perglih yang membohongi kelayakan nya. Dia belajar jadi paderi kan?

10. Sementara itu keadaan Zahid ialah kill or be killed. Orang2 seperti keling mabuk KJ Mammoo Naina serta Anuar Musa mendesak supaya pemilihan umno dilakukan.  Untung2 Zahid tersingkur.

11. Dalam pada itu, senyap2 Tajuddin Rahman mengumpul tanda tangan ketua2 bahagian umno untuk menyingkir Zahid. Itulah rasmi umno.  Kalau tak kelahi dengan orang lain akan kelahi sesama sendiri.

12. Jadi Zahid buatlah apa yang patut dibuat. Yang didahukan di dahulukan.  Yang kemudian di kemudiankan.

13. Istiharkan secara rasmi umno  putus dengan pacarnya bersatu. Persetankan PAS.  Lihat apa alasan yang mahu digunakan oleh pembelot2 umno.

14. Jangan beri kita cerita nenek moyang nanti bulan Ogos lah atau ianya hak MP  lah. Kalau gitu lebih baik nanti tempoh pilihanraya 15.

15. Panggil satu AGM Perwakilan untuk menentukan nasib2 pembelot umno.  MKT sahaja bukan boleh dipercayai.  Strike  while the iron is hot.


Monday, 5 April 2021

Taming the Shrew.

1. Mr blur and thicky Zaid has issued a lot of sabre rattling. Like the elected pig he huffs and puffs, yet the brick chimney still stands.

2. Perhaps I must speak to him in Javanese. Then he can understand. Rungokna aku. Ada faham?

3. A professor friend texted me and told me what he thought of Zaid. Weak leadership and low level brain IQ. No wonder Nazri Aziz lambasted Zaid for his unleadership.

4. Is his doctorate a Kopi O doctorate? None of the scholarship seems to rub into him. He doesn't behave scholarly at all but more like a thug.

5. He has loudly proclaimed that the umno mothereffers in Bersatu leave the clandestine regime. And even autorised the distribution of leaflets declaring a particular budu eating umno luminary as a traitor. That's a cowardly act. But we are not going to debate that here.

6. But the idiotic Zaid has not done the most important thing. That is to declare officially that umno is severing ties with bersatu with immediate effect. Do that first.

7. Its already 1 week yet Zaid has not done that. He seems to be quick only at walloping people or doing things of sexual nature.

8. Do it now and do it officially. Then lets see what excuses the umno renegades come out with.

9. Don't give us the bs about staying till August or what not. Might as well stay on until GE. Delays are good only to people like Zahidi who cheated on his qualifications.

10. The only reason explaining Zahid's procrastination is him wanting to parlay something advantageous for him and the court cluster clique with captain Jack Muhyi. Both are pirates anyway.

11. To legitimise and validate everything call for a special AGM of the umno delegates to decide the fate of the umno renegades. They have a stronger legitimacy than the MKT or the useless disciplinary committee.


Sunday, 4 April 2021

To Sack Or Not To Sack. That is The Balsy Decision.

1. What is there to be shocked at when the Pagoh Ponorogo succeeded in appeasing umno renegades? He must have used a combination of the carrot and stick.

2. When I was working in Batu Pahat a long time ago the term ponorogo was used derisively. It was used to actually mean the worse of the Javanese community.

3. It was used to refer to a particular group of Javanese who have caught all the dirty habits and will use any means necessary, including unscrupulous means to achieve what they want.

4. It's not used to refer to the Javanese in Malaysia famed for their kuda kepang dance or to a kabupaten in Indonesia.

5. So, applied to Muhyi we know what it means. It means a man who will use all means including dirty and unethical means to get what he wants. And he wants the umno turncoats to remain with him. Of course, he himself is the biggest turncoat.

6. When the turncoats made a beeline to Muhyi the Pagoh ponorogo exploited their weaknesses. It's like shoving a pillow to a sleepy fellow.

7. Blur and thicky Zahid appears not to know what to do. His hesitation allowed Muhyi to say he has succeeded in appeasing the umno turncoats. It has also allowed smart ass KJ to call for umno polls and allowed budu man Anuar Musa to call the same.

8. That only serves to show that Wak Muhyi calls the shots not Zaid. Zaid shows he is a hapless dumbass.

9. Of course KJ and Anuar Musang are hoping by some satanic miracle, rubbed off from backstabber Muhyi, the umno polls will knock of the Bagan Datoh kaki pukul.

10. Thicky Zahid must now make a balsy decision. He must sack the besatu ball lickers. And let that be a lesson to the straggling supporters of the trojan horses. Toe the line or face the sack.

11. Not sacking them is like fanning fire in sawdust. They will engulf Zahid eventually. Finish them once and for all.

12. Once the pro bersatu faction is removed like the pesky pimple it is, it's the duty of people like Tengku Razaleigh to contest the umno presidency.

13. Its like he said. Contest not for the sake of contesting but contesting to correct the wrongs in umno. And listening to the banal speeches in the PAU recently, God knows what wrongs beset umno.


Friday, 2 April 2021

Mutiny on the Umno Bounty.

1. This is certainly a test of leadership mettle for Zahid Hamidi. 15 of the umno ministers and deputy ministers chose to defy the umno President. What is he to do?

2. When umno ministers met Muhyi telling him they were shocked by the anti Bersatu rhetoric they were in fact one leg in Bersatu already.

3. Saying that the anti Bersatu rhetoric was orchestrated by Zahid himself and the court cluster clique does not diminish the fact that the action of the Bersatu clique was mutinous.

4. It is their fault not to insist that those facing court charges resign. So now they will have to face the consequences meted out by the court cluster clique. Its just smaller crooks facing the wrath of bigger crooks. Serve them right.

5. If they have held their peace during the umno general assembly it is now not open for them to make nuisance noices. That is akin to the Malay proverb when the house is completed only then the chisel makes noice.

6. Excuse me, wasn't the resolution for umno ministers and deputy ministers and glc heads to leave Bersatu came from the delegates? A mandate was given to the president and MKT. Per force, they have to implement it to the letter.

7. To not implement what the delegates resolved, will show that Zahid does not have the testicular fortitude to do so. He has no leadership gumption.

8. But more importantly it shows that delegates cannot trust the leadership of sissy Zahid. Delegates will realise that giving mandates to the leadership is like pouring water on taro leaves.

9. By running to 'Papa Doc' Muhyi they showed they don't respect Zahid as leader and trivialised what the delegates decide. They are just country yobos anyway.

10. Zahid must be man enough to do the right thing. Issue them letters to leave ppbm by end April. Sack those who refuse.

11. By allowing the umno turncoats and traitors to do what they did is allowing others to thump his nose and shove his head. If Zahid choose to do nothing its clear he has no amour propre. Dump him at the next party elections.

12. By sacking these people and that include Ismail Sabri, Anuar Musang and grinning monkey Hishamuddin, will umno suffer adverse consequences?

13. It will not- Because the pro Bersatu faction is a small one. Sack them to remove a malignant tumour.

14. Sacking them will not cause a government surviving on an artificial emergency to fall. And Muhyi will not be man enough to call an election until 2023.


Wednesday, 31 March 2021

In Memory of Dear Friends. Part 2.

1. The last text I received from Wan Iqbal read:-saya sakit bang. Get well soon I said. He said he didn't know what his ailment was. I thought it was normal.

2. It was not. He was admitted to the general hospital in kuantan. He passed away later. I lost another dear friend.

3. His full name is Wan Iqbal Afza bin Wan Abdul Hamid. I knew his father Wan Hamid very well. He has supported me while I was in umno. Except probably when I contested against Wan Hamid's elder brother, the late Wan Razali.

4. I called him Za or simply dinda. In return, he referred to me as abang or kanda. Even though I am a DAP member he regarded me as a friend regardless of party affiliations.

5. He was the one who gave me the moniker panglima harimau berantai on account of my controversial blog articles. I have immortalised the nickname on my blog.

6. So that you all know now that there is a reason why I put panglima harimau berantai on my blog logo. It's not because of self inflation. I don't care how others view me.

He was masterful at the Malay quatrains or pantuns. He invented a special one for me to be used in my speeches.

7. It read thus:-

Antan dan lesung lagi bertingkah
Suami isteri bertikam lidah
Saya tukar wadah bukan aqidah
Kepada Allah jua yang saya sembah.

8. He hails from a village called kampung belimbing in Pekan. That's in the constituency of Pulau Manis. If you were to travel there, at the entrance of the village you will come across a stone monument of a star fruit.

9. Admittedly I do not know much of his childhood. But I do know that he graduated from a university in Jordan in islamic studies. He even took a second bride from there.

10. His first wife is a Malay lady from Pekan. He has a daughter with her. Whenever he invited me and a few other friends to his house, I would jokingly ask Tanah Melayu atau Tanah Arab?

11. He is a frequent visitor to Indonesia. Perhaps he has some businesses over there. I don't know. But I know he visits and learns from various kiyais or holymen there.

12. During my visit to Bandung at his behest I met 2 kiyais. One was at a place called Indramayu near Bandung and another in Bandung.

13. He would show me photos of these kiyais at their various pesanterens and villages.

14. Whenever he was in Kl he would call and looked me up. Usually he would bring some herbal medicine which he claimed was good for the male libido.

15. When I was the MP of Raub he visited me there. He got a lot of flak for remaining a good friend to me. But he explained to people that I was a friend who differs in political bearing only. But a friend nevertheless.

16. When I was struck by a stroke he would visit me often. Always he would offer me prayers. We also talked about politics.

17. He would ask me to recite shalawats. He sent me a shalawat to read. And a few other doas.

18. Once when he was in Indonesia he visited a kiyai to pray for me. He sent me a video recording of that meeting and I listened at the doa of the Kiyai.

19. I was very moved when he did that. It was after that i think he got sick.

20. I was shocked to hear of his untimely passing. But then man can only propose, but it is God who disposes.

21. Like my other friend ustad mat, may God places his soul among the virtuous. Aamiin. I will miss my two friends. 


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

In memory of Dear Friends. Part 1.

1. I am taking a break from writing about politics. Instead, I want to write about two friends who unfortunately passed away. May they rest in peace and may God bless their souls. Aamiin.

2. The first friend is Tuan Haji Ahmad bin Jaafar. Almarhum. Like I, he was a one term adun of Kuala Tahan Jerantut.

3. I called him affectionately Tuan Haji or simply Ustaz. He was a jovial fellow and fun to be with.

4. He hails from Jerantut and was a graduate in Islamic Studies UKM. What field exactly I don't know.

5. In the Dewan Undangan Negeri he would spice up his speeches with jokes. That would leave everyone in stitches. I have never heard him proselytize (berdakwah) but I suspect, he did them with jokes too.

6. After not being selected as ADUN for a 2nd term, not many knew that ustaz did some direct selling for a while. He was bitter not needed any longer. When the government wanted religious trained people they were recruited in droves. When the government got stronger its like the proverbial when the honey is finished the honeycomb is discarded.

7. All of us the one term aduns were bitter about being ditched. But we had not a single harsh word against the then MB Dato Adnan Yaakob. We believed he was and is kind-hearted albeit having an unwelcoming exterior. He only looked a fierce man.

8. Whenever he was up in KL, and I was around he never failed to look me up. He also became close to one of my few friends Kamarudin Endot. He would also ask the whereabouts of Wan Iqbal whom we addressed as adinda.

9. We were happy for him when he was appointed as a special officer to Dato Adnan. Through that office he can still be in touch with the new ADUNs then. And to stregthen relationships with old adun colleagues.

10. Whenever we met up, we would discuss a wide range of subjects. We would talk about politics, he would clarify some religious issues, about life and man stuff. In between jokes he said he will get a jampi from someone in Jerantut that's good for the libido. We certainly asked to get it with much enthusiasm.

11. It was around 2017 that he began to talk about recontesting in the next GE(2018) in an opposition party. He was disillusioned with umno.

12. He had made some sort of comeback in Jerantut umno, but he knew deep down that he won't be chosen to recontest. He even tried to contest for a seat in umno's MKT but lost. Those experience may have steeled his desire to contest as an opposition.

13. Ustad, I said a person like you will not fit in the DAP culture. You are better off at a party like PKR. Yes he said I plan to talk to the Pahang PKR chief.

14. We talked about this a few more times. There are many things you have to consider ustad. Chiefly the sensitivities of Dato Nan.

15. If I do decide on that course of action I will have a heart-to-heart talk with Dato Nan. I owe much to him. I was glad he stayed the course and did not join any opposition party.

16. When I was struck by a stroke later that year he visited me. Being religiously trained he recited some prayers for me. Little did I know that was the last time I would see him.

17. He is sorely missed. I wish I could tell him, hey ustad I have found the jampi you were looking for.
May God place his soul among the virtuous. Aamiin.


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