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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 20 May 2023

Umnos recalcitrance and the beast within. Part 2

1. As usual umno is true to form. It's cocksure and full of itself. It's behaving primus inter pares-first among equals.

2. Accordingly,it thinks what it believes is all that matters. Others must follow suit.

3. So when it believes that Ali babavum Najib is innocent and the victim of politically motivated prosecution and persecution, others in the unity government must conform.

4. That's how umno defines what means as being united in the unity government means. At least that's how herr oberleutenant Lokman Adam defines what unity means.

5. Obviously, the monumental loss in the last election has not taught umno any humility. It remains it's cocky self.

6. The reality is, nobody gives two hoots to what umno says anymore. That's why it won only 20 seats. To disagree with umno now is the norm .

7. Let's not kid ourselves. As BN, they may have 30 seats. But the others are not ideologically loyal to umno. They are loyal only to their interests .

8. With that kichi mayung number umno wants to behave like a big bully it is. First they said let's wait for the Agong and the pardons board to discuss Najibs case. Then they want to force the pardons board to review Najibs case.

9. Why is umno so anxious to see Najib pardoned and freed? Is he going to save Malaysia? Remember, the bloody man was responsible for src and the mother of all theft-1MDB. He must take responsibility for that .

10. Is getting a pardon, a hak istimewa melayu? Anwar Ibrahim had to spend 12 years in jail before being pardoned. Najib has barely clocked 1 year, already umno is flexing it's dystrophic muscles. Wait your turn and don't jump que

11. Sycophantic vblogs, portals and obviously moronic Najibs cyber-troopers have resorted to reading tea leaves and chicken entrails. Every small statements by it's leaders are taken as something that would lead to Najib being freed by a certain date .

12. Some have gone to the streets, interviewing housewives whether it is appropriate for Najib to be pardoned and release. Pardoning and released are not things amenable to referendums la .

13. But why is it that many misguided souls continue to think that Najib deserves to be freed? Even though he is convicted?

14. Is it because the bloke is a Malay? That would mean your Malay Muslim ethnicity entitles you to commit transgressions like embezzlement?

15. Or is it because he is former PM and has done a lot of good things? Well, in politics, one bad deed wipes out all your good deeds. Najib knows this

16. Perhaps they are thinking more as malays and less as Muslims. For, as Muslims they should be aware of the meanings behind Al maidah 78-79.

17. Applied to today's context,these ayats could possibly mean that God curses or laknati the community because they refuse, disobey, object and reject to do what is righteous and right , but instead embrace what is unrighteous and wrong.

18. When they see their friends and leaders do wrongs, they refuse to censure and condemn them but instead turn them into folklorish heroes. When they see Najib committing massive corruption,they find all ways to absolve and excuse him, turning him instead into a folklore hero like the infamous alibabavum Najib.

19. These are the fundamental things refused and objected by the Malay community that will do them in and destroy the community. When they refuse to do what is right but instead elevate wrongs as virtuous. God laknati and curses them. As Muslims, do we want God to curse us eternally! De eternally? Only hadi's son in law wants to be cursed and dilaknati.

20. I am sorry to say asking the makcik, ah so and achi on grocery shopping , whether it's appropriate to jail diarrhea afflicted Najib, insults our intelligence. It's part of the social media induced dumbing down us .

21. Then we don't require experts in their respective fields who are better informed to deal with the issue. Appoint the makciks, ah sos and achis as judges and one of them replaces yaa tengku maimun as CJ.

22. Najibs followers are jubilant that the authorities are bringing back some of the thirudargalum back to Malaysia. They believe somehow, their testimonies will ameliorate or even absolve their beloved Ali babavum.

23. By all means, bring back Tim 'the fornicator' leissner, Roger 'rabbit' Ng or anyone. They will only confirm that Najib is the kapla of the high council of thieves.

24. Umno is stubbornly insisting that Najib be pardoned and freed. Why the urgency? It's not as though that only Najib can miraculously saved the nation, where pm Anwar couldn't is it?

Who cares if Najib misses his cat Kiki or his caramel machiato or even his conjugal duties. These are mere entreatments to endear him and paint him as human. He wasn't so when he was in power .

25. Najib should only be pardoned after serving time for his conviction. Otherwise, it will make a mockery of the law. Anwar himself served 12 years prison time before getting pardoned. He also missed many things.

26. In mounting activities to get Najib pardoned, umno has only shown it's true character. It is willing to break the law. It wants to make corruption a way of life. It protects only the elite .

27. By stubbornly demanding that Najib be pardoned, umno has behaved recklessly and irresponsibly. It doesn't care about it's integrity and to it's duty of representing the malays .

28. First, it has destroyed the trust, goodwill, it's credibility and it's reliability as a party representing the good and God fearing malays.

29. It can no longer be recognized and acknowledged as the party representing malays . It does this by endorsing corruption as a way of life, it's addeen, willfully breaking the law and supporting those who do mungkar .

30. Also by doing all these intransigence and kemungkaran, it has exposed it's weaknesses and can no longer defend itself .

31. How to defend itself? It has openly endorsed evil deeds, willfully disregard the law and protects only the elites like Najib. It's a party of the Malay bourgeoisie, by the Malay bourgeoisie and for the Malay bourgeoisie.

32. In scrambling to get Najib pardoned, umno is behaving like a drowning man clutching at anything afloat, trying to save Najib and itself .

33. It drags and wants to implicate every Tom, Dick , Harry and Jane alongside Najib. Dr Mahathir, zeti and her husband, tim the 'fornicator' leissner and Roger 'rabbit'Ng and others

34. Doubtless to say, these people will get legal comeuppance. When they do, still it will not exonerate nor absolve red lips Najib. Najib is the Klaus Barbie of the financial world. He has Auschwitzed sane minded Malaysians.

35. I hope the Anwar government will remain steadfast and unyielding over corruption in any form by anybody. Umno stand in defiance of this underlying objective. It is umno that must be censored, not amanah or dap which stand in solidarity with the unity government

36. Umnos recalcitrance has unleased the beast within . The enemy, my dear sir, is at the gates .

37. I don't envy the thankless duties of the present government of Pak sheikh. It's true as Milton Friedman says, much of the work of the present government, is devoted to the herculean task of cleaning the shit left by previous governments.


Wednesday, 3 May 2023

The pardon of a convict, umnos recalcitrance and Amanahs apology. Part 1


1. Adam Smith was a famous Scottish economist. He wrote a famous book called the wealth of nations. It established the principle that rational self-interest leads to economic wellbeing in a free Enterprise economy.

2. As an economist, I would love to elaborate on the ideas of Smith. But I want to focus on a less quoted statement by Smith.

3. The statement reads, mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. The statement is so prescient, pertinent and relevant. Plus, it has currency in the present maddening climate.

4. Mercy to guilty Najib is cruelty to millions of innocent and God-fearing Malaysians. That statement should shock many people and knock some senses into people who have sworn by some things.


# the Agong has sworn to look after the people, not lookout for Najib alone
# the judges have sworn to uphold justice
# police have sworn to uphold the law
#politicians have sworn to uphold the constitution.
#the people know to distinguish right and wrong.

6. The government is assiduously cultivating an image of uncompromising intolerance towards any forms of corruption. Consequently, any party allied to the unity government must concur with its policy of anti corruption.

7. So when umno stubbornly and continuously agitate for the release of convict Najib, it stands in defiance to the underlying policy of the unity government.

8. It is the recalcitrant and mutinous attitude of umno that must be faulted, not the pronouncements of Khalid Samad and Amanah .

9. Khalid Samad need not be apologetic about his statement and if it does, it has turned it's back on the people. If it does, it means it has capitulated to the black mailings of umno.

10. Umno has shown its black hand in this issue. It will bend the law until the law is in its favor and it supports corruption. A component party that acquiesces in umnos underhand tactic, shows also it will manipulate the law and willing to accommodate corruption.

11. Umno may argue that seeking pardon and clemency for a convict is its own policy, but threatening a component party to sever ties with it because the other party beseeches the Agong to reject pardon and clemency is, black mailing others .

12. By the same reasoning, since the official policy of the government is zero tolerance of corruption, will umno threaten to sever ties with the unity government? Go ahead!

13. Umno will always be its petulant and recalcitrant self, having a high opinion of itself. May I remind readers, that umno is a passenger and not the driver of this unity government? It's just a melukut di tepi gantang. Sedarlah diri sedikit samdol!

14. And how is it, that is its interference with the Agongs wisdom in deciding whether to pardon Najib , when OPPOSING that request ,but asking for clemency and pardon is not?

15. Or, what umno asks is ok, but what others ask, is not ok.

16. When an umno leader says that this is a case where a friend stabs a friend in the back, he needs to be reminded of what Islam says about the principles of friendship.

17. First of all, the business of backstabbing and treachery is second nature to umno. It therefore thinks others are doing the same when not agreeing with them.

18. Islam lays down clear principles about helping and working hand in hand with a friend. And that is, you help a friend in the commission of good and raises taqwa or fear of God. You do not help or work hand in hand in the commission of evil. Fear God as God's punishment is most severe.

19. Umno is implicitly inviting other component parties to support an evil, to wit pardon and release convict Najib. Both choices are no option. It's an invitation all component parties must decline .

20. What can we make of Amanahs tucking it's tail in between it's leg like a mongrel?

21. It was just a show. Obviously there must be a lot of rank pulling in amanah. In the end, Amanahs deputy president apologized to umno. It was an exercise in damage control. It was to prevent a tiff from boiling over into open hostility and animosity. It was necessary to preserve the unity in the unity government

22 . Curiously, it was Amanahs deputy president, Salehudin Ayub,who issued the apology and not the man who was alleged to be the loose canon, Khalid Samad. Will umno accept that?

23. The man who said that Khalid was a loose canon was the primus inter pares, shahrir Samad, who is an umno veteran and half brother to Khalid. It was our own Cain and Abel.

24. If shahrirs statement came after the apology was issued, it shows that umno not only wants meat but also blood

25. The true character must come out in the end. The scum rises to the surface. Umno is a recalcitrant and bolshie child that feels it's entitled to special treatment. It can't escape a sense of entitlement.

26. But the apology is also injurious to Amanah. It will be perceived as an unprincipled and spineless party . It has managed to rahmah-nise or cheapen itself. Let's see how AMANAH saves itself .


Friday, 28 April 2023

The ministry of labour trafficking?

1. A number of aides to minister Sivakumar have been interrogated by sprm .

2. These series of interrogation is in relation to these officers allegedly acting as middlemen collecting fees from agencies bringing in foreign workers, notably Bangladeshi workers.

3. There is a strong presumption of guilt on the part of these officers, as minister Siva saw it fit to suspend them.

4. There are no court charges against them. Yet the minister saw it fit to suspend them. that could only suggests that the minister thinks they are guilty as alleged .

5. While on the subject of immigrant workers, a few months ago, the PM publicly talked about this issue .

6. He was lamenting that it was unconscionable that an immigrant is fleeced up to 20k to work in malaysia. his emphaty towards the immigrant is very laudable.

7. For that empathy, I am inclined to rhyme a song chanted by Oxford students thus:-

8. Row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Belts off, pants down
Isn't life a scream!

9. The PMs empathy which was vociferously and volubly said was indeed laudable. But as Lenin asked a long time ago, what is to done?

10. If the PM is serious about eradicating corruption as regards the immigrant workers, why doesn't he outlaw the usage of agencies and middlemen by the immigration department?

11. Cut off the main source of corruption. Then redeploy immigration staff to process immigrant workers. Or are they too busy collecting luxury cars?

12. If the immigration department still insists on using 3rd parties to process it workers, select 2 or 3 on open tender basis. Evaluate what are some of the benefits that can be gotten by the immigration department from them, legally .

13. Now back to the Siva saga. I can't reconcile one thing. No court charges are brought against the 3 officers of the HRM, yet the minister saw it fit to suspend them.

14. If the officers are suspended on account of being investigated by sprm, this begs one question.

15. Minister Siva himself was questioned by the sprm on a few occasions. On the same reasoning, he ought to also go on leave.

16. A few DAP luminaries have defended Sivakumar. That is understandable. I, however choose to suspend judgement until the sprm has completed it's investigations.

17. I take a very different view from them, unfortunately. I think minister Siva SHOULD go on leave, for the following reasons.

18. He should go on leave not because that's an admission he's guilty but:-
A. Show that Dap people are made of sterner moral stuff
B.use his leave as a challenge to dumbass Zahid, who doesn't know how to respond.

19. Going on leave poses a challenge to Zahid who ought to respond appropriately.

20. If Zahid is aware of toynbee's challenge and response hypothesis, he has stronger reasons to go on leave . If Siva goes on leave on account of only being investigated by sprm, Zahid who has court charges should also take leave ..

21. Or is Zahid hiding behind the protective clause of hak istimewa melayu dan BUMIPUTRA or hiding behind the overused phrase of innocent until found guilty?

22. And so he clings on stubbornly to his post disregarding any moral compunctions/

23. We would have expected that a person who has massive doubts cast upon his integrity would do the honourable thing and go on leave. But then, Zahid, where got honour?

24. So, go on leave minister Siva not because you are guilty but to show dap people are made of sterner stuff and are principled . Also to serve as a mock and rapier sharp sarcasm to the thick skulled Javanese neanderthal and others in the court cluster .

25. I hear what is talked about by the pasir gudang mp. He has vociferously and intensely suggested that Siva go on leave. He cited collective responsibility as a chief reason and blah blah.

26. His reasonings are indeed persuasive, but I don't see the same intensity and vociferous -ness directed at Zahid. Or if has spoken about it initially, the heat has dissipated from the chicken shit!


Friday, 14 April 2023

Clemency and pardon for a convict- in- chief.

1. An umno leader from batu pahat, prayed in front of the holy kaabah. He prayed for the release of ds Najib.

2. He can pray for whatever he wants. But don't be angry if there are people who pray and entreat God to punish the thieving felon . Comprende?

3. That's typical umnoist behavior. When they are in trouble, they think God will only help them.

4. That's the trouble with umno people. They think God is an umno member just as the republicans think God is a republican.

5. Hence, they presume that their doas and supplications will be granted by God.

6. Most fair God does not distinguish between the dia of a plebian and an a patrician . The doa of a fuad zarkashi is not given more weight over the doa of a wak sontoloyo or wak jarwo.

7. Fuad may doa for the release of the convict while wak sontoloyo is praying the convict pays for his sins.

8. Umno doesn't have complete faith in doa , that's why it asks it's members to sign a petition asking clemency from the king.

9. But there's a glitch. The letter or warkah asking for clemency has not been sent yet by Najibs lawyer, prison lawyer or a lawyer representing Najibs family.

10. That's a bloody faux pas, gaucherie or peccadillo on the part of umno. Because of the indiscretion, umno enters the prn in the 6 states, as the weak link.

11. The faux pas is a poor reflection of umno.
It does not respect the law
# it will bend the law until it suits them
# it will use political pressure to subvert the law
# opens up umno to all form of criticisms imaginable.

12. So, it's not a good strategy for PH to sacrifice seats in all the 6 states. In fact, PH needs to limit umno . But as usual, umno will act as if the tea spoon is bigger than the dinner spoon .

13. Meanwhile , convict Najib is behaving like a privileged prisoner. Special rights of BUMIPUTRAs perhaps? He goes to court not handcuffed and escorted by a fleet of cars and a phalanx of state paid escorts.
He is seen carrying a hand phone
He wears zegna or Gucci suits instead of prison garb .

14. Hey,sob sob other daddies are also spending raya with fellow inmates.

15. It is a demonic and fiendish evil move by umno to circumvent the law .

16. So I must say sorry beforehand as I shan't leave this subject of clemency and pardon to the Agong alone. The issue is of paramount importance and it's significance wide ranging, that I shall be remiss in my duty as a loyal subject if I do not give my opinion on it.

17. Whether my opinion is listened to by HM is immaterial. I am one of the many conscientious objectors who wants Najib to pay for his crime .

18. Clemency and pardon ought not to be given cavalierly. The issue must be studies meticulously,all round. It's not like playing polo at padang polo or plucking pauh in permatang pauh or eating temosa raja.

19. Let me give you the irrational reasons first. Why Najib alone? Why not pardon too the rapists, murderers and the incestuous convicts?

20. Najib raped and murdered this country by his corruption. He is the same class as the other degenerates .

21. Will the pardon if given, also cover possible future convictions? There is a strong possibility that Najib may also be convicted for 1MDB offences. Let's not kid ourselves. The tributaries are polluted, it's impossible for the main river to be pristine.

22. The other supporting actors in the 1MDB scandal have all been convicted, it's impossible to believe Najib will be exonerated. Hence to give the felon-in-chief a pardon, is like giving him a carte blanche to murder .

23. We must not allow umno, Zahid and Najib to make a mockery over the law. If we believe that no one is above the law, it must also mean to refrain from doing anything that prejudices the law .

24. Asking for a royal pardon is therefore inimical to the concept that no one is above the law. On the other hand, it sends the message of ' break the law, ask for pardon later '.

25. Asking for a royal pardon is not just asking for a relief of one person. Imagine the damage and hurt it does to the country, it's reputation, her good name, the trust to it, national amour propre and the country's value system.

26. The country will be seen as having no honor, it has no dignity, no respect for universally accepted values system. It is the refuge and den for crooks .

27. Is Najib the felon in chief bigger than Malaysia, or is Malaysia worth fighting for. Shall we abandon this country for a crook?

28. Consider also the damage done to the King, PM and the judiciary. All these people and institution will not be unscarred.

29. The king will no longer be seen as a fountainhead of justice. He no longer protects the weak and the powerless. He will be seen as protector of the privileged and the rich. He is seen as a compromiser , siding with the secondhanders ie those who compromised for convenience. All these caused by red lips Najib.

30. We are looking at the king to protect the good name and reputation of the country. Malaysia is a law abiding country and not a haven for privileged crooks

31 . People are looking at the king to affirm what is right and not to bend the law for the pleasure of one person.

32. The PM's reputation will also take a bad beating. It's good to know he's in the pardons board. He is expected to do what is right .

33. And the right thing to do is to uphold the sanctity of the law. If he were to support clemency, it could only mean he has sacrificed the law for political gains. Or it could mean, umno has blackmail him into capitulation.

34. I hope, he has not forgotten the fact that he himself had to spend a long time in prison before getting pardoned.

35. Ignore the opinions of the council of kangkung professors. They are a fraternity of sexual perverts wanting recognition for something. Najib is a bane for the unity government. It's wrong to say that Najib is popular among the malays - perhaps popular only among the sex starved ignorant makciks, ah sos and achis . There are enough God fearing malays who will support the unity government.

36. The judiciary too will be scandalised. After conscientiously rebuilding it's image after being butchered by Mahathir in the judicial crisis in 1988 I think, the judiciary will be seen as being buyable.

37. It has sold the scales of justice for political expediency

38. The judiciary will lose its credibility and along with it, the trust of the people in the judiciary. That will happen if it bends over to rescue one crook. When it bends over, it will get a good shagging.

39. Seems to me, the basis for clemency and pardon is based on 2 faulty premises. One is the one dissenting judgement over 4 concurring judgements. Is 1 bigger than 4? Is that BUMIPUTRA math? Second, is the conspiratorial findings of sprm when it acted ultra vires, when investigation Mr justice nazlan.

40. Judge Rahman sebli must have rue the day he made the dissenting judgement. To eventually know that his judgement is going to be mischievously used to get a pardon for a bloody crook.

41. I think, at the high and apex courts, a dissenting judgement is just a difference in opinions. We should not read it as more than it deserves.

42. In my opinion, the findings of sprm are essentially wrong. It was supposed to investigate corruption on the part of justice nazlan. Where is it?

43. In particular, the case of the rm 1 million . Instead it made findings on the judge code of ethics which it is not authorized to and is no authority on. It has therefore acted ultra vires.

44. So, minister Azalina aids and abets an ultra vires conduct, when writing a letter to Najibs lawyers.

45. That would give the impression than an umno minister is conspiring with sprm to get Najib pardoned. The PM and the judiciary must stand firm against this unholy alliance .

46. The people of Malaysia must be mad to condone and countenance the pardoning of a crook . As to why they are afflicted by this mad cow disease , I can only conjecture.

47. Many years ago, I read a book edited by the famous Indonesian literati, hb jassin it's a book called langit Kian mendung .

48. It contained the short story langit kian mendung by a fictitious writer, kipandjikusmin.

49. The short story caused a religious furore much like kassim Ahmad's sidang ruh

50. A group of angels petitioned God to 'turba' or turun bawah to earth, particularly a place called Malaysia.

51. The wanted to research because of late, few Malaysians qualify for heaven. So they rode the celestial buraq down to earth .

52. Suddenly, kaboom! they crashed against an American satellite but were catapulted to Malaysia.

53. There, they observed people have gone mad and drunk because of ridiculous fatwas from mullahs from a religious party and the web of deceit spun by Najib and his minions.

54. So, dear readers, I can't in all conscience leave the issue to the Agong alone. He needs all the opinions he can get, including from a lowly person such as I.

55. There you are, I have given my opinion. A pardon should not be given to Ali babavum Najib.

56. Whether you agree or not with my opinion, is no skin off my nose.

57. As to my opinion, I would like to paraphrase Christopher Hitchens. My own opinion is enough for me .And I reserve the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anytime, anywhere,any place.

58. And if anyone doesn't like it, pick a ticket, que up and kiss my ass.


Monday, 10 April 2023

M's reactionary and revisionist politics.

1. In this country, we don't mindlessly and thoughtlessly jail a 98 year old man. So, Dr Mahathir can ventilate all sorts of diatribes against Anwar. I am afraid, despite the urgings of some people, Dr Mahathir will not be charged under sedition laws.

2. Dr Jekyll Mahathir was to unveil a Malay proclamation, not unlike the previous Malay dignity proclamation. It was scuttled by pm Anwar, as it should be .

3. The preservation of a harmonious and multiracial society is paramount. Any that's to it, even from a pesky old man, must be extinguished. PM Anwar did the right thing.

4. Mahathirs constant bitching of Anwars government is personal in nature. The truth comes out in the end. Mahathir seems to nitpicking on everything. It seems that what is not thought of by Mahathir isn't good for Malaysia.

5. When he resigned after 22 months, it was done only to derail Anwar from being PM. That shows Mahathir is vengeful and thinks highly of himself alone. That without him as pm, Malaysia will fail .

6. Well, Mahathir is not the measuring stick by which to measure Malaysia's success. Indeed, Mahathir showed us what not to do.

7. Among other things, we must not be soft bellied when dealing with corruption, we must not play God and choose winners in a free market, we must not create unnatural monopolies and oligopolies, insist on creating a deregiste economy where big government is the preferred choice and say that's good economics and so on.

8. What you had were Mahathirism and Mahathirnomics-
Social and economic policies widely regarded, wrongly, as panacea for most of our social ills.

9. They were not. To say that Mahathirism and Mahathirnomics did a disservice to Malaysians especially the malays is an understatement. For 22 years, the twin evils deluded Malaysians in general, and the malays in particular into believing that the thoughts of Dr Jekyll Mahathir were a blessing for them. They were in fact more of a curse for them. For 22 months, Malaysians were bullied and the sullied ideas of mahathir were foisted on them.

10. It is indeed a case of fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me. We should all be ashamed into believing that ailments requiring aspirin, were prescribed with off the shelf Panadol.

11. Even worse, Mahathir this time around, did not even want to prescribe Panadol but to apply arsenic on Malaysians especially the malays

12. Indeed, to quickly cover up and prevent people from scrutinizing the deficiencies of Mahathirism and Mahathirnomics, the crafty doctor, was planning to hold a public gathering which would listen to a 12 point Malay declaration, authored by the ghoulish doctor himself .

13. The planned gathering was stopped by the government authorities. And the hotel near the PETRONAS twin towers which was to provide the venue for the gathering, cancelled the booking by the Malay rights group.

14. It's not a question of' is the government scared of the gathering, but because the intention of the gathering being malicious. Hence, the gathering was outlawed .

15. The intention was not to enlighten the public and the listeners, elevate intelligence or expand reason . No, it's purpose was to heighten Malay paranoia and xenophobia and simply, hatred towards non malays.

16. PM Anwar did the right thing to outlaw the gathering. Unchecked, it could lead to the escalation of bigotry, jingoism and open hostilities. The preservation of a harmonious society is paramount. The action of the PM, showed he is firm to preserve such a society. He acted responsibly.

17. Ironically, Dr Mahathir would have let the dogs out and outlaw such a gathering.

18 . PM Anwar is doing exactly different from what the Dr prescribed. That causes Mahathir to go maniacal .

19. We see corruption being eliminated slowly but surely, no more playing economic favorites, economic liberalization instead of pervasive deregister economy, free market instead of monopolies and monopsonistic business deals etc .

20. The horrified Mahathir is looking at his legacies being dismantled one by one by Anwar. He can't take it and responded like a cornered (paper)tiger.

21. Mahathir responded in typical mahithirisqe way. He may be taking a leaf from the playbook of a Mussolini or Hitler or a Kim IL sung.

22. Mahathir said a lot of piffle and poppycock in his many PCs. He would have said the same things had the gathering taken place.

23. Only to show his personal animosity towards Anwar. So he pours out arsenic over everything Anwar does . Mahathir is behaving like if something is not thought of by him, it's no good for Malaysia.

24. The world, dear sirs, revolves not because of M, but despite of M. Dr M comes across as a depraved, demented old man unhappy about him being treated as insignificant. Certainly, he fits the description of non compos mentis.

25. Among the things he said via his many press meets, were
Anwars government is not Malay centric
Anwar is a dictator
Anwar is too liberal about religion and by implication, Islam is under siege
Anwar will be tolerant towards lbgts
Anwar government talks more than deliver
That mps have rights to oust Anwar .

26. The linchpin of M's criticism is that anwars government is not Malay enough. This accusation falls flat upon closer scrutiny.

27. It's obvious that racial Superiority and Malay triumphalism is on top of his mind. He's so obsessed with his master race thinking, that he forgets the government is already Malay and BUMIPUTRA centric .

28. M's not being Malay centric enough, ignores the fact that almost the entire government institution is already BUMIPUTRAcised. The cabinet for instance is composed overwhelmingly of BUMIPUTRAs.

29. The Dap has only 4 ministers in the cabinet. It's incredulous to believe that 4 non Malay voices can overwhelm the voices of the bumis.

30. So what really is the main intention of the Malay Declaration? If the intention is to provide inputs to the Anwar government, that can be achieved by less militant way.

31. If such a declaration is in name only and will never mean the forceful taking away of non Malay interests, then why is there a need for a declaration in the first place?

32. Hence Malay rights and interests are vigorously implemented with or without a declaration.

33. In my opinion, the intention of the gathering and declaration is to accentuate Malay paranoia and siege mentality driving them into a maniacal frenzy.

34. That could lead to catastrophic consequences. The PM is therefore right to stop M's manipulation.

35. Also, I find such a declaration to be superfluous. If Malay rights and interests are already protected by various clauses in the constitution, looked after by the King, guaranteed by the numerical superiority of the malays, implemented by overzealous bigots, why the need for a declaration by a 98 year old man?

36. I am weary of the use of Malay fears and paranoia. Or for that matter of special rights clauses. Like Samuel Johnson said, patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

37. Similarly, the false use of Malay paranoia and fears, is the last refuge of scoundrels. It is nothing but reasons to ignite Malay suspicions and distrust.

38. And I find the various special Malay rights clauses in our constitution as being offensive,ie their false uses

39. Because just as patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, Malayism is also the last refuge of scoundrels, of bellicose, belligerent and pugnacious people.

40. False usage of the various special rights clauses hides a litany of repulsive self entitlements. Under them, the Malay is entitled to be lazy and indolent, to be mediocre, to steal, to be corrupt, to ravage the law, entitled to be pitied on, entitled to be pardoned, entitled to have an RCI where none is justified and so on

41. So the declaration is just melodramatic and prima donnish only .

42. I want to address 2 other issues raised by M. That Anwar is a dictator and mps have the right to our Anwar. Both are patently wrong.

43. The right of a sophistical, spurious and perverse statement by M. The purpose of mps is to be the mouthpiece of the rakyat, to better their lot, to give voice to the voiceless etc.

44. Not to undermine a government or to effect a governmental change by evil machinations. Then, mps are nothing more than power crazed individuals.

45. If the vocation of mps is to scheme and plot the downfall of a ruling government like anwars, then we have a sorry excuse for electing such characters. M is sedetiously the inviting these characters to constantly cause turmoils, upheavals and instability.

46. Instead of busying themselves in making the lives of the community they served better, they would rather engage in the power grab proposed by M.

47. They behaved like a group of mob- thus we have a mobocracy, a mafiacracy, a yakuzacracy with boss M at the helm.

48. Have we forgotten the rule that in a democracy, we change or replace a government through the ballot box. Not by some evil machinations expounded by the devillish doctor.

49. On a very general level, power grabbers are by definition, corrupt people. Lord Acton says that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That must mean that those who seek power for power sake, must be corrupt or will eventually be one .

50. Others have widely condemned M for calling Anwar a dictator. I feel inadequate to follow them in their footsteps. I shall however try to debunk M in other ways.

51. During M's time, we saw autocratic rule, sanitized corruption, what was not thought of by M M was not good enough for Malaysia. He chose winners over free economic competition, that's how the term crony arose, created a plethora of monopolies from cooking oil to onions, established a deregiste economy and so on-the unmistakable characteristics of a dictatorial rule .

52. Anwar is doing exactly the opposite . There is no autocratic leadership, as much consensus is reached, Anwar will not tolerate any variants of corruption, doesn't play God in picking economic favorites, slowly dismantling monopolies and liberalarizing the economy.

53. The actions taken by Anwar have earned the ire of a horrified M. He's looking at his legacy going up in smoke before his very eyes.

54. Mahathir wants to talk about Malay paranoia, fears and siege mentality. He wants to rescue his dying relevancy. Nevermind if the community is destroyed as long as his evil plan succeeds .

55. We all must reject his evil machinations. We must support Anwar where support is due. The way of Mahathirism is over .

56. Mahathir's politics is reactionary and revisionist. He wants to return to the old days of doing things. Well , those halcyon days are gone . Anwars way is the new way.


Saturday, 18 March 2023

Political prosecution, persecution and other fairy tales from grand wizard Din.

1. Like many others, I also know of mahiadin's arrest by sprm. He is out on bail. Therefore we are in no doubt, he was arrested .

2. 6 charges are proffered to him. 4 for abusing position inducing corruption. Or influence peddling. 2 for money laundering.

3. The amount involved is rm427.5 million. He is out on bail for rm 2million.

4. When he was arrested, we heard of the ubiquitous, moronic and thoughtless claim that this selective and a political prosecution. Pendakwaan.

5. The moron and the imbecile claimed, this prosecution does not diminish mahiadin's esteem as it did in the sodomy case. Obviously alluding to Anwar s former case .

6. Now I know, BUMIPUTRA rights entitle one to steal and that stealing does not result in injuring self worth and dignity. One who does that must have a Teflon skin

7. So stealing, pilfering, corruption and so on are emblems of respectability and self worth. It's the malay amour propre . Only sodomy is not .

8. What we are hearing now is political defense. Really,Mahiadin must offer legal or technical defense.

9. Political defense actually is an admission that the subject matter of the charges did take place. You try to cover them up by shouting political defense. It's a ploy and a ruse.

10. Because they are just political dust stirrings, you can say anything under the sun. They are diverse as much as they are ridiculous .

11. You can shout fight against tyranny, long live abah, down with Anwar, Anwar is vindictive, justice for tsmy, tsmy is innocent, rise o malays and Islam and so on you can shout all these until you are blue in the face. They won't change the outcome. If abah moo is guilty, he will be convicted and spend sabbatical leave in Kajang Hilton.

12. Ahh, the malays and Islam rise with corruption, do they? The malays must have gone mad!

13. Mahiadin, in particular may ventilate ceaselessly that his prosecution is politically motivated. He may accused all he wants about agencies being used by the government to embark on a McCarthy like corruption blitz. This run counter to the statements he made in the past.

14. Or to save his own neck, he may blame other equally tainted lackeys.

15. He may say that throughout his 75 years, he has never been charged. Well, that's because all previous governments, umno, his own and Ismail sabris were not serious about corruption by the big fishes. It's a case of crooks looking after their kind .

16. Mahiadin says he will have his day in court. So why does he rant about political motives, schemes and intrigues?

17. The truth is, the more he stirs up political dust, the truer are the dastardly acts he committed .

18. Now he's slapped with another charge of receiving a bribe of rm5million. The man on the Clapham omnibus or on the Malaysian commuter bus , would rush in to say ,this is polical vendetta. You may say so because you have imperfect knowledge.

19. Sprm or the procedural team may have access to a more complete information to press such a charge .

20. The looking stupid peja said the charges against mahiadin did not make sense. A thief would have hidden the monies stolen.

21. Mahiadin is a clever thief. He may have hid the monies with friends or because he think he is untouchable, in banks he thought couldn't be investigated. Only peja is a stupid thief .

22. An interesting thing that emerged from the mahiadin's case, is the careless revelation from the moss/lumut man .

23. He said he had possibly incriminating files on certain individuals but to be used when needed. At that material time, he was the home minister.

24. That would open him to 2 possible misdemeanors. One, the concealment of possible judicial material . Two, possible blackmailing . That's why I say, he is a careless idiot.

25. Mahiadin should stop taking refuge behind the political prosecution and persecution allegations. Of course he will stubbornly persist, but to his own peril.

26. The more political shit stirring he does, the more he is admitting that the allegations of abuse of power and corruption did take place .

27. This political persecution issue or political persecution thing is tiresome as it is a rancid outpouring. We all have heard that the ag and sprm boss were appointed by. Mahiadin. Suggesting that they wouldn't sabotage mahiadin. That didn't stop them doing the right thing

28. Are we asked to believe that just because some jokers label an action as being political, then we should stop legal actions? That would be ridiculous wouldn't it?
Then all crooks can see refuge behind political prosecution.

29. Political persecution is the last refuge of bloody crooks just as patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

30. Is mahiadin prosecuted because he leads a civil disobedience movement? Certainly he is no martin Luther king or the fakir Gandhi. A faker perhaps.

31. Is he like the Christians being fed to the lions by the Romans? Is he prosecuted because he leads bersatu or on?
If the answers to all these are no, then he can't claim political prosecution and political persecution .

32. Are the charges against mahiadin too loose and open ended able to be lumped under political prosecution? Thus far the charges against him are very specific.

33. Is he denied the minimum legal safeguards?
He can have his day in court
He can have lawyers of his choosing
He can speak about anything under the sun
He can move freely domestically
He is not robbed of habeas corpus.

34. So mahiadin's claim, the the charges against him are politically motivated, is just a load of cow dung.
Before the legal and technical defense, he spins all sorts of nenek kebayan stories. The unthinking Malaysians will listen with jaws dropping.


Sunday, 19 February 2023

Selected topical issues.

1. Each week, I hope to comment on several chosen subjects. These may form extended articles later.

2. For this time, I have chosen to comment on:-
A. The recent umno cleansing.
B. Kjs blonde moment when he says he wants to be PM.
C. Nurulizzahs appointment as econ advisor.

3. We should not be rolling on the floor and pulling our hair about what happened, is happening, and what is going to happen to umno. They have no bearing on the destiny and fate of the malays and Malaysians.

4. It's not as though, the sky will fall down, or we will suffer Armageddon, if umno perishes. The umno people, who a high opinion of themselves, would like to believe that if umno sneezes, the whole of Malaysia, catches a cold.

5. The fact is, umno is fast becoming irrelevant, and it's recent pau and the ensuing events, showed its just hosting a huge Tupperware party where umno idiots were jostling with each other showing their idiotic remarks.

6. The great purge is normal. Political bloodletting and cupping are carried out to remove irritants.

7. Hence, the purge is just zahids way to remove threats to his absolute leadership. The purge took the form of mkts approval to give it a semblance of collective decision. In fact, that was what Herr zahid wanted personally.

8. The purge is a normal thing, and we shouldn't be alarmed. This is because, it's expectable, predictable and foreseeable.

9. In his amanat president, zahid alluded to the existence of 10 traitors. Obviously he was not going to tickle their feet with soft feathers. He was going to smash their feet and shins with a kayu berlian stick

10. The purged dirty dozen knew what exactly was coming to them. Their utterances and conduct either breached party discipline or are regarded prejudicial to the political health of IL presidente.

11. The rouge umno elements, the main leaders, behaved in their own bizarre ways.

12. Khairi jamaludin and noh Omar behaved like the baung fish out of water. Hishamudin was more obtused and sulked like a petulant child having his lollipop snatched. He let his sembrong division go under the guillotine. Very selfish of him.

13. Would the exit of these rouge elements, harm umno? In my opinion, it would hasten the irrelevance of umno.

14. Thus, I find Ismail sabris admonition that umno must change(read zahid must go) is akin to the house is already completed, the chisel is now making noise. The reality is, umno is already brain-dead.

15. As a result of the purge, would the main leaders of the revolt, joined pn for instance? I don't think so, for that would confirm what Zahid said, was true all along. The purge would only hasten umnos implosion.

16. The other reason why the purge and cleansing was normal, is because the rot in umno is part of the big picture

17. The big picture, which I refer to, is that all dynastic rule will inevitably come to an end when it loses the mandate of heaven. There is, therefore, nothing to fret about it.

18. The dynastic rule of umno comes to pass, when it loses the mandate of heaven. It is done in by its own internal contradictions. Chiefly by corruption, internal dissension and ceaseless internal squabbles.

19. The ancient Chinese call it was losing heaven's mandate. The modern Chinese, especially under the CCP, stated that what is united event becomes disunited. The whole will break up.

20. If you look at business cycles theory, umno is at the bottom trough now. How long the trough is, timewise, is anybody's guess. The longer, the better.

21. We can see signs that umno is finished. It's leader, Najib, is imprisoned. That represents what is to become to its other leaders. We see a lot of natural disasters -floods and COVID. Umno doesn't know how to handle these. Most fatal, is that people no longer believed in the vulgar and tawdry nationalism it pedals . Umno lost heavily in pru15

22. The end of umno does not mean the end of the malays. We don't carry the sins of umno leaders. We don't own them, therefore we shouldn't be defending umno.

23. When Najib was imprisoned, did the sky over Pekan fall down? Did we see people lining up on the sultan Abu bakar bridge to jump into the pahang river? It's no Armageddon for us. Apocalyse did not come.

24. So if umno closes shop, don't get upset over it. Let the people who just got their puberty wailed over it. The end is a natural eventuality of a natural phenomenon. It's losing the mandate of heaven. It's united, becoming disunited. Umno is at the bottom trough of the business cycle.

25. We only ask, why was Ismail sabri spared the chop? He was because he didn't utter the forbidden words-challenging numbers 1 and 2. If he did, he too would be given the boot. Perhaps, too, a certain decorum was given to him as he is a vice president.

26. Nevertheless, he already has 1 foot at the door. His conduct is politically life-threatening the zahid. He will be suspended eventually.

27. Of the suspended and sacked, the noisiest is KJ. He remains a darling of various sycophantic websites, manned by just reached puberty 2 bit journalists

28. He even got support from an oily and soapy refugee blogger who described him(lol) as a PM in waiting (for Godot).

29. He is a legend in his own mind . Perhaps his manhood is too big for his breeches. He has emerged like a drowning man, with arms flailing. He is a danger to anyone coming near him .

30. Those sacked or suspended, including KJ, got an epiphany. That umno is undemocratic, intolerant of dissent and impervious to change. I got news for them. Umno has always been like that.

31. He has issued so many mindless statements. He is a slippery fellow .

32. He says everything is on the table, but no one's looking at them. His compliant websites positioned himself alongside Nurul izzah and Rafizi, saying this the best combination for Malaysia. To play marbles?

33. That's typical of the highbrow umno people. They think their inclusion in any team would elevate the value of any grouping. Let's see how will the value of some radio djs become.

34. I think the best choice, is for KJ to form a new distinct political party. Then we can see how is the support of this sivaji.

35. What if Lee Kuan Yew had not chosen hsien loong to eventually become Singapore PM? What if the senior lee were weak-kneed and succumbed to the sceptics and doomsayers who said, it smacked of nepotism?

36. Then Singaporeans would be robbed of the leadership of lee hsien loong. Singapore would suffer the Malaysian disease. The country would be run on corruption, ineffeciency and the principles of unmeritocracy.

37. Similarly, if pm Anwar had succumbed to the naysayers and sanctimonious cynics, Malaysians would be denied nurulizzahs imprimatur. We would be worse off.

38. Most of the criticisms against nurulizzahs appointment, rest, basically, on the accusation of nepotism. It was nepotism per se, pure and simple, it was morally wrong, it undermines the governments' effort to create a clean government and so on.

39. To me, such criticisms were an application of overzealous prejudice and perhaps even envy.

40. The criticisms and cynicism have reached ridiculous proportions, to the point of defining MADANI as mummy and daddy appoint Nurulizzah.

41. The nepotism we are talking about is the appointment of blood relatives to any office without academic qualifications, other than being blood related.

42. It's a gloss of the ascribe status all over again, where, because you are of the same bloodline, you are assumed to have the same good qualities.

43. That's a load of rubbish, of course. Rich boy Najib is the son of tun razak. Obviously, he doesn't have the humbling qualities of Pekan boy tun razak, but more qualities of a bugis pirate.

44. That is also the nepotism subscribed to by pompous and ivory towerish utopian idealists.

45. Inadvertently, they perpetuate the very mischief we want to exterminate-reckless government spending in the forms of corruption, abuse of office and wastage.

46. Nurulizzahs appointment must be differentiated on the following grounds.
She is qualifed.her being born as the daughter of PMX, is but an accident of nature.
We can benefit from her Hawkeye scrutiny of reckless government spending in the forms we stated above.
She does not receive any salaries., I have y read an article by a former civil servant about this. He has qualifications in finance, accounting and a doctorate in economics. Did the mountain-full of qualifications stop the government's financial shenanigans? They did not.

48. Most likely, clever people cleverly conceal the massive government as justifiable. They do not have a disdain for corruption n.

49. As to the criticisms of the utopian idealists, I never heard a murmur about nepotism when umno people appoint their sons, daughters and children in law to posts. Nor did I hear any pious criticisms when businesses were given to blood relatives.

50. PMx should just ignore the braying of these sanctimonious bastards and be firm on his intolerance of corruption, abuse of office and wastage. Let not his seriousness about zero tolerance of these evils just be argle- bargle talk. He must walk the talk.

51. So appoint nurulizzah or anyone for that matter, if he wants to pursue wasteful spending. This objective overrides any misplaced idealism by utopian dreamers

52. There you are, I have spoken on thei issues of umno purge, dj premier KJs blonde moment and nepotism as regards nurulizzahs appointment. Perhaps these will form the basis of extended articles later.


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