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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 18 June 2021

Some Contrarian Views.

1. Are Malaysians resorting to reading tea leaves and chicken entrails? Or better still, looking at the pail of water with pieces of cut lime. If you can't see anything, that means you have a short life.

2. Then you involuntarily say I see it, I see it! That's what Malaysians appear to do when they slavishly subject themselves to some nincompoop ish journalistic trash.

3. The one that overeads Anwars audience with the Agong. As though he will be invited to form the next government on account of some worthless Sds. Anwar may have tried to push the Sds but the Agong may be suffering from Sd fatigue. He was once lied about sds. The audience was the same as meetings with other political heads.

4. Frisky Anwar had the same audience as did the other leaders. There's no need to overead the meeting. It's a waste of time to write felicitations and congratulatory messages. Its ink wasted on paper.

5. If Anwar were appointed PM, do you think he would keep quiet? The man's mouth is a 7-11. He suffers from verbal diarrhoea and given to convoluted monologues. He would be rattling off as soon as he was out of the Istana gates.

6. Wasn't it earlier reported that Anwar and his errand boy from Bagan Latoh ma, were pimping frantically to get sds from umno and pkr? To me, these are actions of drowning men clutching straws.

7. Why the underhand tactic? The person who claims to have the majority support of parliamentarians must have the claim validated by parliament, not a piece of sd. Dolts!

8. The Agong should not entertain this political sleight of hand. Prove it in parliament.

9. The bozos who have a fetish with sds are really undermining the supremacy of parliament. They are conspiring to subvert parliament. They don't understand the notion that whatever is passed by parliament is all supreme.

10. Despite their years of experience as MPs they don't understand the concept of parliamentary supremacy.

11. Sds, pale in comparison to the acid test in parliament. Go before parliament and see whether you have majority support. But then sds are the avenue of the perverted. The usage of sds is, but a variant of the rear entrance preferred by some. They are vvips avoiding the paparazzi by using the rear entrance.

12. Suddenly I read the PKR director of communications feigning ignorance and pompous shock about the proliferation of sds. How can he justify ignorance when the sd craze was started by Anwar and the penorogo Zahid?

13. I see the following written on the faces of these bloody politicians.
They are of course aided and abetted by paid and just reached puberty journalists. Every day, we are inundated by tahniah this tahniah that. I will wait for them to say tahniah for being well hung!

14. Written on the faces of these politicians is:-

15. People like Anwar won't agree to any arrangements unless he is made PM. As though some miracles will happen if he were made so.

16. I also heard about the idea of MAGERAN government being floated around. Somebody must be on a fishing expedition.

17. The main elements of a MAGERAN goverment are as follows. Its chief proponent is of course the 'old man by the sea' Dr Mahathir.

18. It's essentially a watered-down version of an Emergency Government with bright promise but dismal performance. Parliament would be reduced to a mere rubber stamp shop.

19. Perhaps, like Hemingway, Mahathir is on a fishing trip for marlins. But be careful, marlins have pointed and spearlike snouts. If he gets pierced, it may prove fatal to him.

20. Just take a careful look at the Mageran Plan. Its condescending and has a look down tone. People are just digits. It's as though only Mahathir has the solution to all our ills. Is he a bloody clairvoyant? Can you stomach Mahathir as PM for the third time?

21. Didn't we all clamor for an end to the ignominious Mahiadin emergency? Do we want to end it by another emergency? From a Wak emergency to a Mamoo emergency? It's like wanting to introduce democracy to Iraq by bombing it . Sheesh!

22. I find a good retort to Mahathir's proposal to become a 3rd time PM from DAP's Dr Boo Cheng Hau. I shall quote him verbatim.

Boo Cheng Hau of Johore DAP

Dr Mahathir a/l Kutty

You are not too old to do more damage to Malaysia - If you become the PM again ....

Yesterday, we saw in your press conference where you declared you can make Malaysia great again by becoming the PM - not only the tiger but the Lion of Asia...Hahaha...😅 So funny

I think in February it was an incompetent person, sitting in a valid PM post and allowed it to be stolen.. Hahaha.. 😅
And wanting to be PM again?
You obviously forgot how much damage you did to Malaysia from 1981 to 2003 when you were the PM.

So much damage that we lagged so so far behind Singapore, a nothing, tiny country who split from Malaysia with zero natural resources..

You have done so much damage and lose out to their PM, Lee K…

23. There's an ode to Mamu Mahathir as follows.

A “Tribute” to Dr M
By Andrew Cheng
A Doctor In The House wry and sly,
The Malay Dilemma you feign to cry,
Soon after the tragedy in May 69,
Rising from the ashes you became mighty and high,
A good 22 years you reign in style,
Shedding crocodile tears when the time to say goodbye.
A crooked man with a crooked mind,
Wanted a crooked bridge, the rational hard to find,
Billions vanished without any trace or sign,
Plundering the country is never a crime,
Corruption, cronyism and racialism, all are fine,
Leaving this beloved Bolehland way far behind.
Ketuanan Melayu, Hidup Melayu is your battle cry,
You scream all these to cover your deception and lie(s),
Many saw these but pretend to be blind,
Mercy upon those who do not toe your line,
Know not why you lose your memory when in a bind,
Another intelligent devil like you we hope not to find.

What a lovely poem befitting Mahathir. The last sentence says it all.

24. Thank you, Mr Andrew Cheng. The poem is so prescient.

25. I urge all Malaysians to put on their thinking caps. All these donkeys are talking about getting power. None talked about what the country needs. Anwar and Zahids route to power through their backdoor sd. Mahiadin clings to power through the creation of emergencies. Mahathir through his Mageran.

26. Thus far, only one person speaks about what the nation needs and appears to understand the situation. He is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Malaysians need this person to helm Malaysia.


Tuesday, 8 June 2021

A case of schadenfreude and mob masochism.

1. Tun Dr Ismail was our second DPM. To me he was an anglophile, a strict disciplinarian and a no nonsense man. As a medical doctor, he would not tolerate the schadenfreude climate thats engulfing us now.

2. That is a psychological disease that, afflicts some people who derived pleasure from the pain of others. Certainly included in this group are the people(there must be a group) who conspire to corner the covid vaccine market with cheap vaccines which efficacy is only 55%. That amounts to murder. That is the reality, readers.

3. Also included in this unenviable group must be the 'vaccine' minister who allowed the importation of cheap vaccine from China or Vietnam in bulk -to be rebottled by pharmaniaga.

4. Yes I am talking about the minister who looks dark enough, but apparently it seems the printer ran out of ink. He certainly looks like a dishevelled drunk Indian who had taken too much of 'thali' merah. Those who had lived near indian JKR labourers quarters as I did,know what is thali merah.

5. Its our own Game of Chances trying to register for vaccination. Its like playing a game of roullete. If we are lucky enough we get a date . Why is this happening? Not only are we competing with fellow Malaysians, God forbid, againts ilegal immigrants too- allowed in by corrupt immigration officers in the first place. So that they can buy their Lamborghinis and Bentleys.
Tun Dr Ismail would not tolerate this kind of shenanigans.

6. I shudder to think of the kampung people without computers or smart phones. And of children wanting to register their aged and infirmed parents.
Hopefully the goverment provide physical registration and automatic vaccination.

7. Joining the minister of vaccine infamy in the rouges gallery, will be the drink more warm water Minister, the imbecilic Home Minister who seems to know how to fine 50,000 arrest and jail people, the knows nothing Defence Minister.

8. All we keep hearing are the repeated MCO declarations. Its laughable we can shop for groceries for only 2 hours but people can patronise the casinos and fuck shops all day and night long. Lionel Ritchie would be ashamed.

9. Regrettably our vaccination programme seems to be in a bloody mess. We have too many ministers looking after the vaccination programme but no coordinating minister . Perhaps they didnt teach you that in the Johor Civil service.

10. We have a population of 32 million, but at best only 2 million have been injected thus far. Why the snail pace? Too many people looked after 1 programme reminded me of what my old professor Harcharan Singh Khera said- theres no unemplyment in Russia. Bless his soul.

11. How not to have no unemployment when you have 10 people looking after 1 cow. In our country too many cows are looking after the covid problem. Jeepers creepers!

12. These clowns, whose whole bodies are only worth half of Tun Dr Ismail's brain, are making Tun Ismail roll over in his grave.

13. I first saw, Tun Dr Ismail when I was part of many school children told to gather in the Kuantan Padang Besar. We, formed part of the welcoming committee.

14. Then the man of the hour stood up. He came across as an impeccably well dressed Malay gentleman complete with red muffler. A distinguished man with grey moustache.

15. Then he proceeded to give a speech. Being so long ago, I cant remember most of them. I do remember 2 things though.

16. First he spoke about the importance of Muhibbah living. Remember Muhibbah? We are all living in the same bloody boat. If it leaks and sink we are all in deep waters.

17. It amazes me. Here is an umno leader publicly talking about muhibbah living. Todays umno leaders are morbidly talking about defending Malay rights. Who has the siege mentality now? If the boat sinks what is left to defend? Your balls?

18. The second thing is a nuance really. He has a perculiar way of pronouncing Malaysia. He pronounced it as MalayZIA.

19. I believed he was strict but fair. As I said earlier he would not tolerate the pleasure some effers get from the suffering of people. People trying to get a date for vaccination is like boarding a mini bus (when mini buses were around then). Government hospitals are inundated with calls. Trying to get one is almost impossible . In my case I have been trying repeatedly to call Sungai Buloh Hospital but to no avail. I called because I am immobile.

20. Being the son of a diplomat KJ did not have the experience of commuting on minibuses . I went through that . Number 14 for example, travels from Old Town, Petaling Gardens, Old Klang road to Foch Avenue or bastand kelang. I saw people jostling to get on these minibuses and ladies getting groped . Hey the raba raba culture was, around already. Of course some umno ministers are not to be outdone in this aspect.

21. I know having the experience doesn't make me a better person. But I believed I feel the heart of the common people better. For example I feel for the Chinese lady telling off KJ about trying to get her ageing parents a date for vaccination.

22. Its a comedy of errors committed by these dumbasses handling the covid pandemic. Damn it, I can also say I have a plan when everbody makes noises. It looks suspiciously like he is making it up as he goes along. Baldrick in the comedy Blackadder, also has a plan for every occasion. Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the face.

23. Just so readers know, it was reported that the blasted mysejahtera application was said to cost RM70 million. But it can accomodate only a limited number of applicants before stopping. There are many other funny things going on behind the scene. The government has imported cheaper but only 50% efficient vaccine from China, to be rebottled by Pharmaniaga. And it is also strange that private hospitals and private medical practioners are not included in the vaccination programme. If you cant do the job, move over dude. Somebody else can take over.

24 . Will we, the people take this hogwash laying down? Like the dangdut singer Amelina says, nak menadah ke nak membontot ke buatlah sesuka kau .

25. The answer is a resounding no! The no comes not from a particular section of the community alone, but all and sundry despised the incompetent and clueless government. Led by the incompetent generalisimo Moo and his cabal.

26. A strict and a disciplinarian like Tun Dr Ismail would have none of these. He would ask them to resign or the better political solution nowadays, purge them from the party.

27. In a way, I am glad the umno traitors are part of this incompetent government. That way, I don't have to assume they are a distinct group, but is really a group which is part and parcel of the goverment that has turned this country into a pariah state.

28. Accordingly I can condemn them freely and speak with candour, call a spade, a spade . I can regard them as part of the PN government.Umno people can do the same too, if they have the balls.

29. So it is not open for blur Zahid to say umno is not part of the policy fuckups of the PN government. You dip your fingers in an oil sump, take them out and you claim your fingers are clean?

30. The question now is who has the discipline and is strict enough to clean umno of these skin warts? Can we expect sissy Hishamudin or the ayam den lepeh, boleh blakang kira man, to do it? Not in a million years.

31. Whether you like it or dont like it, learn to love it. The only person bold enough and respectable enough to do it is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. That is, if you are not thinking of what you want, but of what umno needs.

32. The other thing Tun Ismail would be horrified at, is the vacillating, self abasement and self belittling attitude of the Malays especially of the umno Malays.

33. Tun Dr Ismail would have liked the Malays to be a disciplined, robust and rugged community. This is especially so of the umno Malays to honourably represent the Malay community.

34. Tun Ismail would be conscious of the fact that Malays are not necessarily honest. Umno leaders habitually abused and compromised their positions. They lacked discipline . Having lost power once, they seemed to have lost their will to fight. They are willing to prostitute themselves to PN just to stay unashamedly in power.

35. Despite their brouhaha and the virulent vitriol emanating from publicity seeking speakers at the umno general assemby, they are timid and meek really. They just find courage in numbers.

36. But we know talk is cheap, they are not bold enough to do the one thing that is necessary now. Outside the box and revolutionary thinking.

37. The revolution we are talking about is not the indiscriminate destruction of the values and system in umno, much like the morbid 'bumiputraism' mouthed nauseatingly by umno speakers. Rather it is the rejection of an archaic hierarchical system that serves only to perpetuate the stranglehold of self enriching leeches in umno.

38. Its time for the umno hoi poloi to stop treating the lordly leeches as larger than life figures. They are lordly because you made them so. Adopt the Si Tanggang attitude,(portrayed by Jins Shamsusdin who liked pisang salai). Not that part where he is cursed by his poor mother. But that part when he said the lordly figures are but ordinary people. When the are hungry they eat, when sleepy they sleep, when they are cut, they bleed. For once put them in their places.

39. Unfortunately the umno majority are free loaders. They are willing to sell their souls for freebies. The umno leeches know this and will exploit it. Needles to say Tun Ismail finds this trait so repugnant. And loyalty? Malays are generally not loyal. Because its not based on principles but situational expediency. They may say publicly the dont want to work with PN but find it not contradictory cavorting with PN.

40. So when Ku Li becomes PM he has a Herculean task to clean up the Aegean Stables. Its full of shitty material.

41. Theres a great accumulation of filth and corruption therein. Its not surpising if the ascension of a principled man like Ku Li is opposed by many quarters. And the umno majority follows blindly as usual. Its a tale of the sad race.

42. Some in umno opposed Ku Li because they want to perpetuate the rule of the umno oligarchs. Its a question of integrity. To preserve self interests or save the country. Obviously they have chosen the former.

43. Anwar Ibrahim opposes everyone unless he is treated as the only Prima Donna. In his mind, only he is fit to become PM. To me only anarchy awaits us if he becomes PM. As Shell staff used to say he will shit at his own workplace .The PKR yahoo boys will rob us dry.


Monday, 24 May 2021

What Ails Umno? Saving Umno. Part 2

1. When I wrote several articles about umno, a friend texted me to say:- Brother don't bother about umno,let it be self extinct. Those were his words which I quoted verbatim.

2. I wrote those articles because I felt that an analysis of the umno conundrum requires a detached and an objective thinking.

3. Having been an adun and an mp, Umno and DAP, I feel a little qualified to present my thoughts on the subject. Forgive the titles dropping.

4. Hence, my debatable thoughts on the subject can be contrasted with some submissive articles written by some journalists hiding behind a big name social media organisation.

5. That way, readers can make an informed judgment on the umno debacle. To accept my frank opinion or to give credit to that unthinking journalist. I can live with my own limitations.

6. Recent events have fortified my belief that it requires a radical and an out-of-the-box thinking to avoid umno from reaching the end it wishes to avoid-destruction and demise.

7. An atrophied thinking and an inclination for business as usual attitude will likely lead umno to self-destruct and meet its demise. It will end that way, all because of the umno majority refusing to adopt a radical thinking.

8. That refusal to think outside the box, reflects in general, the umno majority's laziness to think and their fixation to mediocrity. Those are the hallmarks of the umno hoi poloi. Nak buek camno.

9. One manifestation of the want a 'business as usual' regime, the group mental rigor mortis and a don't rock the boat attitude, to retain an obsolete arrangement is the persistent and stubborn wish to let the leadership of umno go to ayam den lapih man, Mat Hassan.

10. Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the man. He seems a nice fellow, saner than most others. As usual umno people puts a premium on conserving an obsolete tradition and always value aesthetics over substance. Plus they get mesmerised over his minang ascent. Apa kono eh jang?

11. What umno needs now is a leadership that can deliver, not a nice fellow. If you want that, go to the mosque or musalla. Even that is no guarantee. You may get groped or even worse -sodomised by the holy dick. Bless you my child!

12. My contention, is that this joker in the pack is cut from the same cloth as the previous reactionary umno leaders. He will likely continue the same unchecked rule.

13. The mangkuk is just the same wine in a new bottle. His enforced silence may be a sign of dimwittedness and we may rue the consequences in choosing the biso bona man.

14. I was horrified to hear an umno senior leader say in effect he and his colleages are indispensable. This innocent statement has got many ramifications.

15. First of all fool, no one is indispensable. Any umno fellow with above average intelligence can do their work as good as them or better. It's their conceit that undo them.

16. Its both disingenuous and duplicitous to say that because you are appointed a minister, you have a duty to do your job. For the umno renegades, that duty cannot override the duty owed to the umno people. That excuse is just akin to trying to erect a wet thread.

17. The umno people have spoken: sever all ties with PN. Translated, it means the umno renegades must leave Muhyi's government. No ifs and buts. Why be part of an illegitimate government and continue issuing inane and illegitimate policies?

18. If the umno traitors/shitheads continue to defy, deny and lie to the umno body politic, it is due to their general hubris and high class mentality. Then the umno people need to exercise their call-out culture-ostracise them like you do to lepers.

19. Bringing these mothereffers to their senses is nothing new to the umno people. They are so used in bringing down clever people to their own level of common stupidity. So why not bring these undemocratic blokes to their own level of pedestrian democracy? What ever that means because to umno people,.democracy can mean anything at the spur of the moment.

20. In part 3 we shall ask like Lenin did, what is to be done.


Monday, 17 May 2021

What Ails Umno. Part 1.

1. In 1924 the Malay writer Zaaba, said the distinguishing feature of the Malays that crushes the pulse of all, is their poverty.

2. He wasn't just talking about conventional economic poverty. He was talking about all round poverty or abject poverty-poverty of behaviour, of work ethics, poverty of the tools that enrich the mind.

3. Thus, they become a servile people, kowtowing like the Indian thamby inhibited or tak lepas laku, terkernying-kernying.

4. It was an emblem of national shame not thought of by the Malay leaders. The archaic Malay rulers sat arm folded contented to rule over a self belittling people and servile majority.

5. Tun Razak had a notion about this. He wrote about it as a student in MCGaygay. But then Tun Razak grew up in a proletarian society. Unfortunately he didn't have time to rectify the problem. He passed away too early.

6. The straight as a ramrod Hussein Onn was happy to manage what he suddenly inherited meticulously. The rot actually began with Nana Mahathir. He had a penchant for picking winners and creating monopolies. Most of the anointed winners he picked, failed. Of course Abdullah Badawi slept throughout. Najib didn't give a damn as long as he could skim. Najib once said to me there's nothing the Malays like than to receive freebies. And later he said the infamous cash is king. And dumb as he looks, Muhyiddin is letting go of everything with wanton abandon probably as he does when with Nika Gee.

7. After 60 years of umno rule why have we not been able to liberate ourselves from the vicious straight jacket? We remained more or less the same little people?

8. As I said, Tun Razak had a notion of the destiny of the Malays. He could have done more if not because of his untimely passing. But my wicked side refused to dwell too much of his good deeds. Let others do it.

9. To me the true revolutioner was Ghafar Baba. When Mahathir balked at going the full nine yards in curbing the excesses of the Malay royalty, Ghafar vowed to challenge Mahathir all out. Mahathir was actually a closet neo feudalist and a compradore running dog.

10. Mahathir was just posturing, actually. He was using the proposed constitutional changes to Parley. He wasn't intending to do real changes. So why should believe a nana who regards everything is just a game?

11. I don't see the excesses and the unconstitutional intransigences of the royalty being curbed but in fact accentuated. So what Mahathir proposed were just BS and the people continued to be played out and laughed at. It's all heaty chicken shit.

12. So what's keeping the Malays more or less in the vicious circle of general backwardness which Zaaba and Tun Razak averred to?

13. I think Zaaba hinted at the reasons why. But the main reason, he said, was the repressive and suppressive rule of the Malay elites. They were more interested in instant gratification. They were also decadent and vision-less.

14. The ruling elites had no notions at all about the rights of the common men. The latter existed to serve the former only. One century earlier than Zaaba, Munsyi Abdullah would write about marauding Malay chiefs and their goons going around villages and townships, brandishing weapons ready to kill the common people.

15. The subservient and slave like role of the common people was always glorified and regarded as, a virtue. Heck, Hang Tuah dived into a shit pit to retrieve an item for the slaving Sultan.

16. Tun Razak on the other hand was not interested in finding the cause. He was more interested to find the solutions. As I said earlier he died too early.

17. Zaaba was able to write from his perspective because he came from the marhaen class. Tun Razak could not be expected to write against his own class, could he? No mystery about that.

18. But to those who want to place Tun Razak in high esteem and exalt him, please do so. I have no problems with that. Ideologically I am more in tune with Zaaba. Its just that.

19. That's why I gritted my teeth when an umno leader said that umnos Weltanschauung is to defend its infamous 3Rs-race, religion and royalty. I don't know these are under threat. Against who and what?

20. It's their own kind that victimizes them. Zaaba was essentially correct when he said the worst enemy of the Malays was the leadership. Malays became like what an African proverb says-the sheep worry every moment about the wolf, when eventually it's the shepherd who eats them. The Malay leaders are like the axe but because the handle is made of wood they convinced the trees they are one of them.

21. Let me speak with candor. The reactionary umno leaders caused umnos defeat after 60 years. They are more interested in preserving their own privileged life than elevating the people's welfare. Plus they have no vision about where to bring the people.
They screwed the whole thing up, now it's our turn to screw them up. Don't get sentimental of them. Its just business. Umno people must not forget that 1 of 7 Malays is umno. There are more non umno Malays than umno men. Think about them. And only 1 of 11 people is umno.

22. Hence, like Zaaba opined in 1926, it's the wrong brand of umnos leadership that's damaging umno. The umno people must adapt or perish. Remember the Quran says if the community don't change what's within them, they will self desruct. Demand the previous leadership resign en bloc . No effing excuses!

23. In part 2, I will discuss the 'Big Lie' perpetuated by the defunct umno leaders.


Monday, 10 May 2021

The Man Most Fit To Lead Umno And The Country.

1. One advice Machiavelli gave to nice people "learn from the tyrants". That is not to become tyrants but to learn their methods. For the sad truth in politics is, bad people end up first while nice people end up last. The choice is yours:want your 5-minute fame or want to last as long as you want.

2. That's what happened to Mr nice guy Tengku Razaleigh. Unaccustomed to rough methods and being too refined, he's fodder to stupid umno people- the rough and tumble village people.

3. Hence, the one time number 1 person at the World Bank, the underpaid chairman of petronas, Pernas, Bbmb, the country's economic czar is sidelined. Instead, the umno Malays idolise and celebrate the cobra mafia, the clique of mediocre people. The grade 'c' eggs

4. By the twisted logic of the malleable umno hoi poloi, the nice people are brushed aside and the umno cobra mafia is elevated to prominence. The people like the grinning 'ow' minister, the going nowhere KJ, Anuar Musa, Tajuddin, blur Zahid et al.

5. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.

6. In more modern language, its like what Michael Porter says. If you demand mediocrity you get mediocrity. If you demand excellence you structure what you desire accordingly. Under the present circumstances, it seems the umno hoi poloi has a death wish:- wanting to see umno implode under the leadership of the cobra mafia which is at once toxic and venomous.

7. Therefore, if the umno majority thinks rationaly and business like, wanting to save umno and lead the country-theres only one person most fit to lead umno. And that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

8. I am not coy in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the person most fit. He has charisma, well known and can transform the country. He has the vision, resolve and drive to put things right. The others are just making politically right and populist noises. Plus there is a certain fellow offering us nothing but demagoguery. Which takes us nowhere.

9. Mind you, I am not talking as a dyed in the wool umno member but as a DAP man. And I can confidently tell you the chief difference between the two parties.

10. The chief difference as I see it is, that while DAP celebrates excellence, umno celebrates mediocrity. That's why the loudmouths and drum beaters are given prominence in umno. My own thinking may not be shared by the DAP denizens, but in the name of excellence I have no hesitation in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the best of the crop.

11. Beside having all the required qualities, Tengku Razaleigh is royalty himself. He is old enough to tell off wayward royals what Constitutional Monarchy means.

12. The undisputed reality is that umno is a mass based party. This fact seems to be forgotten by the cobra mafia. The person best able to interpret the needs of Malays and Malaysians is the most fit to lead Malaysia. And I believed the person most able is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He is one of us with no pretensions. Why do I get the impression that someone who says the Chinese, Indians, the ibans etc are his children is just faking it?

13. Because it's a mass based party it requires a person with the vision, drive, discipline and above all places the welfare of the people above all.

14. When he created bonded areas for car importers and only after cabinet insistence, that he took a remuneration of RM4000 as petronas charman-these showed he places the common good above all else. And he is a selfless person. When he was willing to talk about oil royalty for Kelantan that shows he is motivated by a strong sense of fair play. When he was willing to resign after losing the umno elections, that shows he is a man of principles.

15. Can we expect that from Mr Anus of ketereh, Mr Ontop of sembrong, Mr Herpes of rembau Mrs tightfit and Mrs klitoris, and Mr Aimedik from bera? Meanwhile, Mr Arsebandit is waiting in the wings fueling his ambitions.

16. Doesn't the umno hoi poloi feel guilty about ditching a good man? Isn't saving umno the top priority? Didn't Mr Maiprrik from Bagan Datoh says that a good seed thrown into the wide ocean becomes an island?

17. Umnos forgetfulness in this aspect can only be explained by the intense indoctrination and brainwashing by the umno cobra mafia. So as the late poet 'komrad' Kassim Ahmad says-for so long we die because of loyalty, now we live in rebellion.

18. Umno needs a person with stout courage to do two things. One is to put umno on its right footing and two, to clean up the government machinery. Of all the qualities demanded of a leader, courage says Winston Churchill is the most important.

19. Umno is a mass based party, in essence a revolutionary party, parti orang kampung says Musa Hitam-Tengku Razaleigh must give meaning to the term

20. Giving meaning to the term must mean to correctly interpret and give direction to the will of the people.

21. It's impossible to think that the people are so forgiving and do not seek some redress. The transition of one government to the next cannot be so orderly and smooth. All the leaders of the outgoing government must be brought into account. There's no democracy without accountability.

22. It seems to me that it's insufficient for Tengku Razaleigh to use household cleaning detergent but also needs industrial detergent to clean up the government. He has to clean up the civil service, the judiciary, the police, the GLCs etc. Previous PMs and the prima donnas mentioned in 15,.are only content to continue the pillage and plunder. None have the courage.

23. Tengku Razaleigh is not perfect but he has the courage, none of the failings of previous PMs and none of the character flaws of the clowns mentioned in para 15.

24. Finally, let me answer one off-putting question. What can one person like ku li do?

25. First he will surround himself with people who share his vision. Two, if you think one person cannot make a difference-think of what one rouge Najib does to our country. Think also of what one inept Mahiadin does to our beloved nation? Therefore, one person like Ku Li and people who share his vision can make a difference.

26. So my dear umno brothers and sisters, please think rationally who is most fit to lead umno and the country. Without a doubt that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

27. In part 3 I will try to outline what ails umno. Its up to you to accept my analysis.


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

The person most fit to lead Malaysia. Part 1.

1. When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says tongue in cheek, that he has all the qualities to be elected as PM he's not being braggadocios.

2. He's saying it as a matter-of-factly because nowadays, that is the language people understand. Direct language is the language of choice especially when inundated with the convoluted language of Zaid. Zaid, the man with weak leadership and low level brain IQ.

3. But some envious umno people, don't you roll on the floor tearing your hair yes. Especially that asshole from Ketereh, the purveyor of piffle. Read the statement from Ku Li carefully.

4. Ku Li said he has all the qualities to be PM but won't be because (a) his own party, umno does not support him and (b) possibly he is supported by the opposition.

5. These two statements reveal a lot about the political parties. Allow me to expand.

6. I know a thing or two about the umno culture. From 1990 to end December 2011, 1 was with umno. I was an ADUN under umno.

7. From 8th January 2012 to now I am a DAP member. Under DAP I was the MP for Raub from 2013-2018. Therefore, I am qualified to say about the political cultures of both parties.

8. So, not to sound bragging about it, I think I am qualified to talk about the thinking of both parties.

9. What is urgently required of umno is thinking what is good for business. What is good for business is a complete break with dumbing conformity.

10. The first thing to do is to abandon thinking in terms of preserving the hierarchical set up and archaic traditions in umno. If their preservation leads to the destruction of umno. Its adapt or perish.

11. Its so objectionable the suggestion by umnos Rottweiler, oberleutenant Nazri Aziz to just pass the leadership of umno to another reactioner, Mat Hassan.

12. That chap is cut from the same cloth as plunderer Najib and clueless Zahid, that choosing him will only serve to perpetuate the leadership of despotic leaders beginning with the scheming Tun Razak, Mamu Mahathir, thieving Najib and blur Zahid.

13. The same antiquated idea is echoed by an imbecilic umno youth leader from Kelantan. This is worrying coming from the younger generation. It shows the rot of umno has gone to the core. And the upper echelons have not bothered to correct the anomaly.

14. This shows that the indoctrination by umnos cobra mafia has gone on for so long unarrested. It has resulted in the umno brethren to move in lock-step towards destruction and umnos eventual demise.

15. I tell you dear umno brothers, that the way to save umno is the removal of the umno cobra mafia. Don't be sentimental about them. Nothing personal its just business. The replacement of one set of leadership is not like going to a dinner party or doing embroidery or eating mee abu or pasembor in Pulau Pining. It cannot be so refined and orderly. It must be violent by nature.

16. In order to stay relevant umno must get rid of the evil trinity of race, religion and royalty. Its racism is based on irrational paranoia. Its religion is used to hold people back. Umnos defence of the royalty aside from mobilising unquestioning loyalty, is to masquerade the intention of umnos cobra mafia wanting to be the new royalty. Weren't it some cobra mafia suggesting tying up the Malay royalty and letting swarming weaver ants stinging them?

17. We come now to the question of who is most fit to lead umno and save the country? It is obvious that the person most fit must have the vision, resolve, personal discipline and wherewithal to manage the country. These are more important qualities than having charisma and being well known.

18. Musa hitam for instance, thinks that the person most fit to lead Malaysia is Anwar Ibrahim. Because he has charisma and is well known. The thinking is so 1960ish and 1970ish. Although well known can now arguably be replaced with notoriety.

19. Now, Tun Musa Hitam is my friend and is a fan of my blog. But I won't use kids gloves in dealing with his erroneous ideas. I will use bare knukcles. If after this he ceases to be both, its no skin off my nose. Like James Carville said it's the economy stupid! And I will add its good governance dumbkoff!

20. Of course, it's not a sin for Anwar to have an ambition to be PM, but it is equally not a sin if people refuse to acquiesce in that ambition.

21. In part 2 I will outline the qualities of the person most fit to lead Malaysia. And say who is in my mind.


Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Najib The Best PM? Debunking The Najib Myth. Part 2/2 .

1. Let me tell you where I am coming from so that you know what shaped my thinking. My great great-grandfather, khatib Amin died in Lebir Kelantan on the run from the fish and chips imperialists. A great great-granduncle khatib Rasu, aka Tok Gajah died in Kuala Berang Trengganu also on the run from the British. While my forebears fought againts the British, Najib's forebears lived out a life as parasitic palace feudal chiefs.

2. That is why I am offended when a great great-grandson of Tok Gajah, Nazri Aziz chose to cavort with Najib a confirmed feudal chief. Although we share the same great great great granfather, Tok Shahrum, we are worlds apart in terms of ideology. He's a right-winger and I, a left-winger. But he is combative and fearless in a certain sense. I'll grant him that.

3. I have an instinctive revulsion for all form of wrongdoings. I measure the greatness of someone in a contrarian way. Thus while Musa Hitam thinks that Najib in the greatest PM since Tunku, I think Najib is an overrated dumb ass.

4. So let me educate Musa Hitam on how to measure greatness. Not that I believe he will read it. I don't give a damn. Suffice if some readers share my beliefs.

5. Can Najib be regarded as great when he was not able to free us from the resource rich curse? We have many natural resources, yet we are importer of petroleum products. We earned a lot of revenue from these resources, but they are not translated into excellent education, good public health and superb Infrastructure. Yet Najib has earned the admiration of the one time kueh seller from Johor?
When Musa was a teenager in JB, he sold kueh as did my uncle the late Zainudin Mohd.

6. Was Najib thinking about the people's welfare more than his own personal gain? I contend that he wasn't. We sell raw water to Singapore on the cheap but buy treated water from the republic. Why weren't our engineers able to treat the water? Was their inability the result of poor education?

7. Petronas is our biggest cash cow. Under Najib did we become the biggest refiner or the biggest oil rig maker? No! Can Pengerang erase the deficit? It's a bridge too far. What happened to our oil rig making facities at Teluk Ramunia? Did Najib pay attention to these? We have oil but we import petroleum products. We wasted the revenue anyway, so why not reverse the exporting strategy and increase the welfare of the people?

8. Did we apply the revenue in good health and educational facilities? Excellent infra facilities? Nein!

9. Under Najib did we have expansive industrialized agriculture? Did we have a sizeable manufacturing capacity other than being a contract manufacturer?

10. Indeed, like many 3rd world leaders Najib was obsessed with the perks and trappings of office.

11. He likes lavish offices, inflated staff and a collection of private jets. And of course a large retinue of sycophants. That's how you measure an inadequate person.

12. The fish rots in the head first. It follows then, a bad leader begets bad people. Not the other way round.

13. The quality of leadership must never be compromised. Leadership provides the direction for where the country is going. Low quality leadership is rudderless and translates itself in low education quality, poor infra, inadequate public health and inflated projects from where low quality leadership skims from.

14. Did Najib have a vision? I believed he had, but it never went beyond his dick and his pockets. He has failed to tranform the country. How is he great then?

15. A visionary leader gathers around him men and women who share his vision of transforming the country and placing the welfare of the people above all else. Najib did none of that.

16. Instead, pants caught in the arse Najib surrounded himself with sycophants and minions. Not only are these morhereffers at crossroads, but they are also looking out for their own interests. To them welfare of the people is just a so forgettable 7-letter word.

17. Hey! Didn't Najib say he prefers personal loyalty above all else. That means if you are stupid but personally loyal to Najib, that is OK. Imagine the impact of stupidity on the country. And surrounding himself with stupids, indicates that Najib in an insecure mothereffer himself.

18. Did Najib eliminate the on off morbid and xenophobic nationalism that typifies umno? No he stokes them to mobilize the umno Malays into a mindless frenzy. He needs the lash out at anyone nationalism to make the Malays run to him.

19. Did Najib remove bumiputraism from the umno lexicon, which is nothing but an elitist concept? No, he needed it to steer umno to his advantage.

20. Giving manifest substance to the special position of Malays means conferring benefits to the already rich and well-connected Malays.

21. I mean do the ordinary Malays understand the share market? Who gets the discount houses? Who sapu the educational facilities? The well-connected and the already rich Malays.

22. Therefore, he needs bumiputraism to heap the advantages to him and his cabal. That's why I say the phrase bumiputera is nuts.

23. Putera is at the front. The puteras of royalty, the aristocrats, the well-connected, the Malay bourgeoisie etc. Bumi is behind. The puteras sapu everything the bumis get the leftovers . Hellillujah! Najib was and is the spokesperson of the Malay bourgeoisie. He stands on the side of the oppressor. We are the oppressed.

24. Did Najib remove the shackling religious bigotry that's engulfing umno? No! Because religiosm permits the oppressor anything but prevents the oppressed everything.

25. For the oppressor class represented by Najib, their version of religion permits corruprion, greed, theft and all sorts of crime. For the oppressed class it's the celestial big brother holding them back.

26. So saying that Najib is the best PM since Tunku in a boisterous and garrulous manner must be a cruel joke. The speaker must have taken in a copious amount of air ketom or smoked marijuana.

27. Now that we have debunked the myth of Najib as the best PM, we turned our attention to the issue who ought to take over the leadership of umno. In particular there was a suggestion by umno's Rottweiler and Najib's attack dog, Nazri Aziz.

28. The war general has suggested that Mat Hassan ought to take over umno in accordance to umno's hierarchical system. He is being technical in this issue.

29. But this is not the time to be technical. The suggestion is not aimed at saving umno nor saving the Malays.

30. Because umno needs a complete overhaul. This means abandoning umno's hierarchical system. Mat Hassan is cut from the same cloth as are Zahid and Najib. Choosing Mat Hassan will only perpetuate the enervating system that is destroying umno.


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