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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 28 April 2022

Mengapa membisu seribu bahasa,lidah kelu tidak berkata kata. Divine justice and corruptible PAS.

1. Kimora Lee, the Korean-American model, must be especially proud of her husband, Tim leissner. The husband admitted in a Brooklyn court that he had bedded 3 Malaysian Malay ladies.

2. That proved to me, in a way, that superintendent McBride in the film A Passage to India was correct. He said it's an axiom, that the darker skinned people are attracted to fairer skinned people.

3. That prompted the sharp defence lawyer, Amrit Rao to remark, even if the fairer skinned person is ugly?

4. Leissners admission came at the trial of Roger Ng, one of the robbers of 1mdb. The others will meet their comeuppance.
Kimora Lee, on the other hand, must be laughing, because it proved that once you go Asian you never go back. In this case, Malay.

5. The scrawny looking leissner isn't exactly Brad Pitt material, but obviously the Malay women fall into McBride's generalisation. As to leissner who can blame him? To him, all asians, Malay ladies included, are all virgins.

6. Compared to his kind, the ladies have a piece of real property even the Japanese Showa Maru can make a U-turn.(in the 80s Japan's Showa Maru was the biggest ship)

7. As to our Malay ladies, maybe they are phallic worshippers and in particular, they worship the caucasian phallus.

8. Ke jelobak ke jolobu
Tuai padi 3 tankai...... ...
The 3 Malay comfort ladies are Rohana Rozhan, Nur Anis jamaluddin jarjis and Elia Geneid.

9. The names of these comfort ladies came to the fore in an admission made by leissner under oath, before a NY court.

10. The admission was part of the trial of Roger Ng, our own Gordon Goodly, in the great 1mdb robbery. (Goodly was one of the, in the UK's, great train robbery.) Roger 'rabbit' Ng was found guilty as charged.

11. The admission of leissner was under oath and before a judge. It is both admissible and usable. Our authorities can use it for a number of purposes.

12. Of all the comfort ladies, the most notorious is perhaps Rohana rozhan. She has agreed to return the usd10 million she fleeced from Leissner.

13. It was a commendable thing that the harlot has agreed to return the usd10 million. But the agreement has it good and not good aspects.

14. Agreeing to return is good, but actually returning it is better. Then, we need to know who the recipient of the money is and proper documentation, receipts and so on attesting to it be issued. We don't want another case of returned money going missing.

15. If the usd10 million belongs to the government because it came from stolen 1mdb,why should its return has to depend on whether Rohana agrees or not. Seize it if it is authorised.

16. There is the possibility that she got the money through subterfuges. She may have blackmailed him, threatened to spill the beans, or used sexual persuasion. Each of these acts are legally chargeable. If she had threatened to spill the beans, wouldn't that mean she has knowledge of the stolen funds but withheld information?

17. One thing is puzzling here. If the money belongs to the government and is regarded as something that should be returned, then why are the chattels, jewelleries and watches stolen by our Bonie and Clyde, obtained with stolen 1mdb money to be retuned to Najib and Rosmah?

18. Come on, la authorities, wake up. Don't tell me you too are besotted with Rohana's stunning looks that you go easy with her. And please stop this judicial duplicity. Where one set of rules apply to the rich and powerful and a different other for the poor and powerless.

19. Then, if Rohana got usd10 million,1million for each year of intimate services, the other 2 comfort ladies elia and nor anis, may get something for similar services. Investigate them too.

20. Remember, once you go Malay, you never go back. Leissner had 3 or maybe more.

21. Now that the stories about sexual tryst are over, let me get to the crux of our issue. The deafening silence of the pas GOONS-guardians of our nation's soul. Aka the ecclesiastical dictators, the pas mullahs.

22. Tim 'the stud' leissner admitted that he had bedded 3 muslim women, namely rohana rozhan, nor anis jamaluddin jarjis and elia geneid. Of course, in the bedroom he did nothing. They were playing marbles and shooting elastic bands.

23. The 5-day Malaysia an Islamic state and other Islamic and civil authorities are therefore deemed to have direct, imputed and constructive notice. Simply, they effing know.

24. Yet he and the various authorities did nothing. Perhaps they are busy with the issuance of money generating halal certificates or with raiding seedy hotels.

25. Uncharacteristically, they are silent as a mosque mouse. I don't want to use the term churchmouse, as that would give them a chance to regard it as blasphemous or even apostate.

26. Perhaps they are waiting for the capo dei capo, Don Hadi to issue an edict. While waiting they enforced the omertà, applicable to eveyone in the pas 'la cosa including the 5-day Islamic State ustaz.

27. An edict that says illicit sex between 2 consenting adults among the rich and powerful is permissible.

28. The rich and the powerful are responsible people. Even when they have secret and illicit sex. They don't produce idiotic children. You must forgive forbidden sex among the rich and selected. The forbidden has great allure. Even Adam and Eve succumbed to the forbidden fruit.

29. The same dispensation cannot be given to the mustadaffin. They are irresponsible. They breed like rabbits. They produce dullards who can cause harm to society as a whole. Because of that reason, we are keeping quiet on leissnars admission.

30. So speaks Don Hadi. Heil tghha.

31. On a matter involving 3 Muslim comfort women, pas can zip its mouth, please don't waste our time on RUU 355. There, PAS is long on rhetoric but terribly short in substance.

32. It can't even implement RUU 355 in Kelantan and Terengganu where it's in power, what more at the national level where it's a mere adjunct to the real powers that be. Where are the hudud laws?

33. Pas continuously talks about sophisticated and complicated issues of religiosity because the issues make them stay relevant.

34. Precisely because they damn well know they can't implement any of these issues or there's a high degree of probability they can't, but talking about them makes pas relevant.

35. So it does nothing but talk and talk until blue in the face. They are NATO-no action, talk only.

36. Thats how the cookie crumbles. Pas is silent on real and daily issues. It talks on utopian issues to stand out on the island of relevancy. It hides behind the cloak of religiosity.

37. Pas is blackmailing all of us spiritually by using religion. It forces us, especially muslims, to agree to its narrative of things because disagreeing with pas can lead us being accused of being irreligious, blasphemous and even apostate.

38. Pas can only function in one unique environment. A totalitarian state where it countenances absolutely no opposition. It delights in playing the role of Orwellian big brother running our lives. Pas is a spiritual communist party.

39. The 'Islamic state' which pas is talking about is akin to Kim Jong Un's North Korea.

40. That makes pas the most dangerous political party which we have. Its open alliance with umnos fascism, acquiescence with corruption, its approval of open illicit fornification, its hidden infatuation with totalitarian tendencies make pas an objectionable ogre.

41. Chinese and Indian readers, let's modify the political landscape with your unemotional cool-headedness. We can't depend on the shameless Malays to change. As the Muslim scholar redhuan tee said, we can't depend on the Malays. Not when it's alright for Malays to steal and fornicate.

42. Please reject pas. The enabler and apologist for all these intransigences. Don't be mesmerised and besotted with these budu eating and keropok lekor consuming ularmamaks!

43. To pas, I would say what P. Ramlee said in a famous dialogue. Mengapa tuan hamba membisu serbu bahasa? Lidah tuan hamba kelu tidak berkata kata.

44. Like the late Normadiah says:-
Mengapa kelu.. diam membisu,
Mengapa malu undur selalu

Janganlah bersembuyi
Lagak benci dengan kami
Janganlah masam sahaja
Lagak marah dengan saya.

45. Don't expect any divine justice from pas. Tiada keadilan ilahi nya.


Tuesday 12 April 2022

Satu Legal Tragicomedy.

1. Saya telah kata kita nampaknya tersepit antara justice rushed is justice crushed dengan justice delayed is justice denied.

2. Saya salah. Di Malaysia, justice delayed is Justice denied, deleted and ommited.

3. Bila Mr dimbleby dihadapkan ke makamah kerana memukul isteri nya, sang hakim berkata. Undang2 menganggap bahawa semua isteri mendengar cakap sisuami.

4. Mr dimbleby berkata:- Jika undang2 menganggap demikian, undang2 adalah seekor baghal. The law is an ass.

5. Dalam zaman sains dan teknocoli ,(bukan teknoloji) ini mana ada isteri mau dengar cakap suami? Malah isteri bukan berkata can I advise you something tapi listen to my advice you fool.

1MDB: Bekas pegawai Goldman, Roger Ng didapati bersalah di mahkamah AS

6. Saya tergamam terhadap kepantasan keadilan di as. Di Malaysia, undang2 tersebut terpakai hanya keatas orang kerdil miskin, tak berkuasa, yang curi susu, sardin dan tabung masjid.

7. Keatas orang kaya dan berkuasa, undang2 bersifat pondan dan khunsa. Boleh berkempen, tengok anak bersalin dan main golf 19 dan 1 lubang.

8. Malah keberadaan lanun bugis dimahkamah di sertai oleh himpunan manusia2 bodoh. Pesalah di tabalkan sebagai amirulmukminin, bossku dan apa nak malu?

9. Adakah melayu muslim itu istiqamah mencuri? Bossku itu bukankah ketua penyamun dan penjenayah?. Melayu tak malu mencuri dan mencabul undang2?.

10. Itulah konklusi yang boleh kita nukil dari bangsa melayu.

11. Bangsa seperti inilah yang Tuhan akan laknati. Ingat, bangsa Yahudi yang menganggap diri mereka bangsa terpilh disumpah oleh Nabi Daud dan Isa anak Maryam.

12. Yang mereka telah lakukan is eerily done oleh bangsa Melayu umno sekarang. Pertama, mereka engkar pada tuhan. Apabila mereka melihat warga mereka melakukan jinayah mereka diam berpeluk tubah dan mencari 1001 helah menyelamatkan diri. Apa nak malu bossku hanya diucap oleh Melayu umno yang tak malu. Jinayah dianggap badge of honour.

13. Para hakim duduk dibelakang bench senyum lawa seolah olah puas sistem kehakiman negara berjalan lancar.

14. Ia nya tempang tuan. Yang miskin dan lemah ditindas manakala yang kaya dan berkuasa dilindungi oleh sistem keadilan.

15. Kes roger ng dibereskan dalam masa 8 minggu manakala kes serupa 1MDB,mak bapak segala durjana,melarat sampai 4-5 tahun.

16. Membolehkan algojo2 dan oberleutenant lashkar siber lanun bugis, berkata 1MDB tiak wujub dan jho low figment imagination saja. Semua nya fitnah!.

17. Apa yang terjadi kepada apek roger ng berbanding dengan layanan keatas lanun bugis, Daeng najib, adalah satu legal tragicomedy. Satu dunia melihat dan ketawa air mata membasahi pipi.


In the USA, they treat the 1MDB corruption case as a serious matter and the Justice System there shows it. The whole trial took just EIGHT WEEKS there, while in Malaysia it is still ongoing after more than FOUR YEARS. Here in Malaysia, the 1MDB court hearings keep being postponed for all sorts of trivial matters. This can be blamed on the Management of the Justice System here or possibly they don't view these cases as serious matters like in the USA. Like they say "JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED".

In the meantime, the TWICE CONVICTED FELON (once in the High Court and then in the Court of Appeal involving 4 experienced Judges) is enjoying celebrity status with police outrider escorts provided by the PDRM and by extension the Federal Government. Just imagine how ludicrous this looks, i.e. a LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITY providing protection and security to a CONVICTED CRIMINAL. The World must be watching all this, while in other parts of the World those convicted of crimes related to the 1MDB scandal are already spending their time in prison.

Malaysia Semua Boleh !!!

18. Apa yang terjadi kepada pengurusan sistem keadilan kita? Para hakim kita mabuk ketum atau makan pil spanishfly?

19. Jokes aside, perkara ini mungkin lebih tenat. Ia boleh jadi kes seperti dalam ayat 188 surah al baqarah. Na'uzubillah

20. Yakni, janganlah kamu memakan harta anak yatim dan janganlah kamu menyuap para hakim...

21. Mari kita dengar kenyataan peguam negara amerika:-

22. Mengenai ianya satu kemenangan tidak perlu saya nyatakan lagi. Orang melayu tertutamanya, bila dengar menang mudah lupa perkara2 lain.

23. 1MDB adalah sebetulnya satu skim rasuah dan mendobi wang. Ia nya bukan cerita dongeng Ahmad maslan atau mimpi basah lokman adam.

24. 1MDB embezelled billions of dollars. Roger ng mendapat billions untuk majikan nya dengan menyogok pegawai kerajaan malaysia dan abu dhabi.

25. Senaraikan nama pegawai2 malaysia. Publish them. Pihak berwajib jangan tidur. Pdrm sprm dll.

26. Pegawai2 accounting controls Goldman Sachs patut disiasat dan jika bersalah mesti di convicted.

27. Duit dari mdb digunakan untuk membeli luxury apartments, jewelery, valuable art pieces dan mendanai filem wolf of wall street.

28. Segala yang diongkosi wang 1mdb adalah milik kerajaan malaysia. Apartnents, jewellery, art pieces mesti disita dan di seized.Biaya filem dikembalikan.

29. Hakim malaysia yang mengarahkan pemulangan barang2 yang dibeli dengan wang 1mdb mesti disiasat dan jika bersalah apa2, dijel.

30. Siapa lagi co- conspirators roger ng? Dedahkan semua.

31. Kenyataan Breon Peace bahawa greed is not good kalau it leads to corruption, brought about by abuse of power,amat menarik.

32. Tidak syak lagi apa yang terjadi pada roger ng akan dialami Tim Leisner. Juga hartanah yang diperolehi oleh penyedap leisner, jika wang itu dari 1mdb.

33. Mungkin,mungkin gundek ini boleh kena caj kerana menjual body for gainful benefits. Atau peras ugut.

34. Sehubungan dengan itu, bahana yang akan menimpa si lanun bugis adalah satu foregone conclusion.jika ia berbeza, bermakna terdapat lacuna dalam our justice system yang mesti diisi dengan righteousness oleh upright judges. Hidup justice Bao!


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