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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 27 January 2014

God's Political Subsidy- aka The Mandate from Heaven.

People don’t seem to learn from history- you can never get to status quo ante- to what it was before. Dr Mahathir had his 22 years- whether he comes back as mentor and be an indirect PM or arranged for his horse to lead the country, it will not happen. Similarly, the joker who stakes a claim as the Sultan of Melaka as well as some others, they forget that lesson in history. We can never go back to what it was before. The days of absolute rulers and discretionary rule are over.
The difference between some of us in wanting Najib to step down as leader of this country is; one side wants a return to strongman politics, while the other wants to usher in a progressive government which governs according to the rule of law and carries out  more just and equal policies.  The first group wants status quo ante- to what it was before. What it was before were the halcyon days of Mahathir’s rule. The tactical advantage the first group has is that it  can point to a central figure representing its particular political preference while our side, sad to say cannot provide such a figure yet.
Are we going to allow the return of the good old days of better organized pillage and plunder instead of the free-for all dip in the teller under the current leadership?  We don’t want status quo ante and we certainly reject the hubristic government of Najib.
Let me say at the onset here- the reason why Najib enjoys an extended political life much more than he actually deserves is because decent people like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, too refined and principled, refuses or is hesitant to move in. to my mind, he is the only credible central figure able to command respectability and the widest appeal. It’s puzzling why he is slow off the mark. So allow me to respectfully remind Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah of the statement: ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’.
The admiration for autocracy is reflective of the general rejection of indecisiveness and detachment associated with the current leadership.  The Najib leadership is not helped either by stupid remarks from insensitive political duds. Eat less sugar to prevent diabetes, eat other things if chickens are expensive, use other roads if you don’t like paying tolls, leave this country for another if you don’t agree with Putrajya. These are intellectually lazy arguments coming from thoughtless persons. Why are these confused signals thrown around contemptuously? These things happened, because Najib overplayed the elegant silence game. He doesn’t have the courage and conviction to step in and stop these nonsensical sound bites being spewed. He is not seen as stoic, cool and collected but viewed as disturbed, withdrawn and empty-headed. There is a large vacuous space between those ears.
The idea of an over-assertive and decisive leadership is appealing. More so when people now realise that Najib leadership lacked firmness and decisiveness. Perhaps it stems from a taciturn and timid personality who wants to please everyone. When he took over as PM, one of the advice he sought from a former DPM was how to handle Dr Mahathir. Imagine that!
Now, that is a revelation. His idea of managing the country is to please everyone. Things like weeding out corruption, selecting the best men for a good government was far from his mind. Using government machinery as a tool to bring about progress and cultural change.
Managing the ship of state was far from his mind- pleasing everyone was his primary objective. He was told to treat Mahathir like a child throwing tantrums- pay attention and treat Mahathir well and all will be all right. Obviously he hasn’t- because strongman Mahathir exercises more influence over the UMNO warlords than just being a spoilt child.
Our side wants Najib to leave in order to pave the way for the creation of a just government- democratic, upholding the rule of law, carrying out policies that give all round decency to our citizens. Admittedly, the problem with our side, we haven’t yet got a central rallying figure who can command all round respect and confidence.
When the ship is captain-less, it is directionless. When the ship of state is leaderless, the country is aimless. There’s a sense of hopelessness in the air, emitting the stench of decay.  How do we describe our leader? Only one word comes readily to mind. Hubris: which means, extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.  As I have said in an earlier article, after completing his presidential speech, Najib remarked that he has given a good speech. Of course it was a good one given the adulation and the usual ululating from a sanitized crowd. There is a saying attributed to a Greek Philisopher that  Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.
The Chinese in particular have no limiting sentimentalism to change a government. They have this cultural concept of the mandate of heaven. When a leader is blessed to rule, he receives the mandate from heaven. The mandate is withdrawn when he is no longer fit to rule. The Mandate of Heaven was a well-accepted and popular idea among the Chinese people. It places the problem of political choice in a simple manner; leadership is changed in accordance to the giving and withdrawal of the mandate of heaven. The concept was often invoked by philosophers and scholars in ancient China as a way to curtail the abuse of power by the ruler, in a system that otherwise offered little other checks to this power.
The Mandate of Heaven had no time limitations, instead depending on the just and able performance of the ruler. Throughout the history of China, times of poverty and natural disasters were often taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement.
Malays on the other hand has an inbuilt limiting sentimentalism. They complicate political choice. We can’t change because who will look after us? We can’t change because our religion will be threatened. We can’t change because our rulers will be removed. We can’t change because there is no alternative to UMNO. We cannot remove Najib because he is the son of Tun Razak and because he has red lips. Whereas, if we simplify the matter, we only need to evaluate the performance of Najib and the members of his  government. Najib is worse than sleep-prone Pak Lah.
Just look around us. We are plagued with an increasing number of problems with catastrophic implications. As a result of financial imprudence, the government needs to increase taxes. It does that to finance the burgeoning bureaucracy and to spend on projects by cronies. That’s all to it. No mystery there. Spending on welfare is reduced and cut to allow more balance with the government to pursue other business projects. The cost of living is rising, evidenced by the all-round increase in prices of essentials such as clothing, food, housing and education.
Now, those are clear signs, the mandate of heaven or God’s political subsidy must be withdrawn. It must be returned to us, the rakyat.


Saturday 25 January 2014

Bila Bahtera tidak berNakhoda, Negara Tidak Berketua.

Bila bahtera tidak ada nakhoda, haluan nya tak tentu hala. Bila negara tidak ada pemimpin, negara huru hara dan kacau bilau. Lihat dikeliling kita. Akibat boros berbelanja, negara kehabisan wang. Kerajaan naikkan cukai untuk menampung kos birokrasi dan mendanai projek2 kroni. Itu sahaja rahsia nya, cukai naik, belanja keatas kebajikan ditarik balik supaya kerajaan ada wang untuk belanja yang bukan2. Kos hidup naik dicerminkan oleh kenaikan harga hampir semua barang keperluan. Pakaian, perumahan dan bahan makanan.
Keadaan masyarakat huru hara. Melayu digambarkan sebagai diancam oleh musuh sana dan sini maka sasaran kemarahan orang Melayu ialah orang bukan Melayu. Ada puak pelampau dalam agama. Tidak cukup dengan menuduh orang berfaham syiah, hari ini Zahid Hamidi hendak mengujudkan polis syarie. Adakah mereka akan mempolisi perlakuan rakyat dan dibenarkan masuk kedalam rumah? Masyarakat berpecah belah dan dianjur berkelahi. Para pemimpin hidup dalam serba serbi kemewahan, rakyat menanggung derita.
Inilah akibat kalau kita membenarkan orang2 bodoh naik dan jadi pemimpin. Mereka akan memaksa keatas kita, keterbatasan dan kekurangan yang ada pada diri mereka. Pendidikan terhad, pembacaan kurang, pergaulan terbatas, pengalaman sempit- semua kekurangan ini dikenakan keatas masyarakat. Mundurlah masyarakat yang dipimpin nya jika demikian. Kalau orang bertanya saya mengapa bangsa Melayu agak mundur, jawapan saya ialah lihat dan kaji kualiti pemimpin mereka.
Saya hendak beritahu pemimpin kerajaan, tugas pemimpin disetiap lapisan termasuk mendidik masyarakat dengan pencerahan. Bahwa dalam kehidupan ini ada standard2 tinggi yang harus diterapi, bukan berselaput dengan comot daki dan kesempitan pengalaman pemimpin bodoh.
Lihat kepada pimpinan Dato Najib. Sejak dahulu lagi saya sudah  nyatakan- cara Najib menyelesaikan masaalah ialah dengan membayar jalan keluar. Bukan mahu laksanakan dasar kebajikan yang menyeluruh dan berjangka masa panjang- bahkan setiap kebaikan yang diberi kepada rakyat mahu ditonjolkan sebagai cerminan ehsan dan baik hati kerajaan dan diri. Ini bukan suatu langkah yang memerdekakan minda rakyat melainkan menjiwa-hambakan mereka.Najib mahu dipuja seperti dewa.
Setiap isiu besar yang Najib depani, didahului dengan pemberian rasuah dan tumbuk rusuk. Lihat sahajalah dahulu ketika merasuah para peneroka dengan RM15,000 seorang, dia mengharamjadahkan sesetengah peneroka. Kemana RM15,000 itu membawa peneroka?Ianya membawa peneroka Felda kearah neraka dunia.
Elok kita mengaku sahajalah-dikalangan warga Felda tidak ada setiakawan. Sebahagian tidak buat apa2 bila melihat sebahagian yang lain diharamjadahkan. Ini lah yang UMNO lakukan- memecahbelahkan perpaduan dikalangan peneroka. Saya menyeru warga Felda atas nama setiakawan warga felda, bersatulah menentang pihak yang menindas. Kamu tidak akan hilang apa apa kecuali rantai belenggu sang penindas.
Hari ini akhirnya 112,635 peneroka hanya ada tanah 10 ekar yang semakin hari semakin mengecil sebab tanah tersebut dikongsi antara anak2. Jika mereka membeli sedikit saham FGV, harga nya hari ini RM4.50 kurang dari harga terbitan awal. Segala harta milik Felda Holdings seperti kilang pemerah sawit, kilang penapis, lori pengangkutan, bangunan semua nya digadai kepada FGV. Termasuk 360,000 hektar tanah Felda Holidngs dengan bayaran yang 40% bawah pasaran selama 99 tahun. 360,000 hektar yang boleh mencipta hampir 89,000 peneroka baru terlepas dari tangan peneroka. 360,000 hektar yang sepatutna sudah menempatkan peneroka sejak mula lagi.
Berapa billion yang felda dapat dari penyenaraian FGV setelah RM5 bilion diberi kepada jabatan PM penjaga Felda? Dari bahagian Felda, berapa Felda bayar ke EPF? Dari baki setelah bayar hutang berapa yang diperolehi oleh peneroka melalui pegangan mereka dalam Felda Holdings? Berapa yang didapati oleh 220,000 pencarum saham Felda Holdings?  Kita belum tahu berapa banyak, sebab harta peneroka sudah dirompak penyamun2 dan transaksi dilakukan dalam suasana rahsia.
Februari ini Najib akan bayar BR1M #3. Hampir 8 juta orang akan dapat pemberian purata RM550 seorang. Kerajaan Najib akan berbelanja sekitar RM4.4 billion lagi. Lagi berjuta untuk mendiamkan rakyat yang resah. Berapa lama bayaran2 ini boleh menyelesaikan masaalah? Mungkin untuk sebentar ia meminjamkan kepada Najib nyawa politik nya. ini menujukkan Najib sudah bengkrap wawasan bagaimana mengangkat martabat rakyat.
Apa yang terjadi kepada negara ini?
Masaalah pokok negara kita sebenarnya  ialah kes tidak berkepiminan. Our country is leaderless. Our ship of state is rudderless. Apakah pilihan kepada rakyat? langkah pertama ialah mencari pemimpin negara.
Semakin hari, semakin rakyat memerlukan kuasa ke3 untuk tampil menyatukan kumpulan politk yang mahukan suatu Malaysia yang baru. Rakyat yang berbilang bangsa berhak mendapat pemerintah yang lebih baik. Pemerintahan yang demikian hanya boleh dibina oleh kumpulan individu yang terbaik. Yakni mereka yang melihat usaha menubuhkan kerajaan sebagai suatu tanggunjawab yang serious. Barisan individu terbaik yang komited kepada idea mengujudkan suatu pemerintahan yang memerintah mengikut prinsip undang2, menjalankan dasar2 yang adil dan saksama. Kita mahukan kerajaan yang mentadbir negara ini tanpa rasuah. Kerajaan yang tidak mengutamakan kepentingan kroni menghisap darah negara ini. Kerajaan yang tegas membenteras semua macam ekstremism- perkauman, agama, reich-wingers. Rakyat mahukan sebuah kerajaan yang mendisiplinkan rakyat nya mengikut peruntukan undang2.
Apakah punca utama yang menyebabkan keadaan huru hara negara kita? Perkara yang paling asas ialah ketiadaan pemimpin yang cukup kredible dan di hormati untuk memimpin negara. Dimana pemimpin seperti ini?
Mana dia pemimpin seperti Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah? Dalam keadaan negara yang huru hara dan dibanjiri dengan pelbagai isiu yang gagal ditangani oleh pemerintahan Najib, Tengku Razleigh jangan buang masa duduk dalam UMNO. Lebih baik dia keluar dan mengetuai kuasa ke3.
Sebagai orang Melayu dia sudah memenuhi syarat bahawa pemimpin utama negara ini mesti bangsa Melayu. Ini sebagai refleksi reality politik negara ini dan komposisi kaum. Dia orang Melayu dan saya yakin ramai pemimpin Melayu yang lain akan menyertainya untuk membentuk kerajaan. Saya amat yakin bahawa ramai kumpulan bahkan pemimpin2 UMNO akan menyertai beliau untuk meyelamatkan Malaysia. Tengku Razaleigh mempuntai noblesse oblige untuk tampil memimpin negara kita.
Jika Tengku Razaleigh mempimpin negara ini, dia boleh mendapat kerjasama dari parti2 dalam pakatan rakyat. parti di Malaysia Timur yang bukan UMNO pun mempunyai tanggung jawab menyelamatkan negara ini dari pimpinan yang bercelaru. Tinggalkan BN dan ajak Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah bentuk kerajaan baru. Tengku Razaleigh boleh mengisi leadership vacuum yang ada dalam negara kita sekarang.
Jika Tengku Razaleigh mahu menubuhkan kerajaan yang demokratik, yang memerintah mengikut prinsip undang2 dan menjalankan dasar2 pentadbiran yang adil dan saksama, wawasan nya akan disokong.
Marilah kita mengakui bahawa negara hari ini memerlukan seorang tokoh penyatu. Apa kita ingat muslihat sesetangah pihak mahu mengembalikan Dr Mahathir? Cadangan itu mengandungi harapan bahawa kehadhiran Dr Mahathir dapat menyatupadukan orang Melayu khususnya dan menyuntik hala tuju yang konkrit. Ia juga mengesahkan bahawa kepimpinan yang Malaysia mahukan ialah pimpinan tegas.
Namun jangan kita ulangi asas ketegasan pimpinan Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir memerintah atas dasar strongman. Apa dia cakap, itulah undang2 nya. ini stail kepimpinan yang autokratik. Kita tidak sedikit pun takut sama ada Najib mahu membawa balik Mahathir atau tidak, tapi kita mesti menentang autocracy. Ini dia asas penentangan dan penolakan kepada idea lapuk yang datang dari beberapa pensiunan politik. Tak ada idea lain kah untuk membangunkan negara ini?


Friday 24 January 2014


UMNO dibawah pimpinan Najib amat bercelaru sekali. Najib kelihatan tidak tahu membuat apa2. Benarlah kata bekas seorang menteri kewangan- Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run the country. What has Najib got? He has an indisputable claim on being Tun Razak’s son. That’s all.
Maka kedengaran lah cubaan dan cadangan membawa Dr Mahathir sebagai mentor kepada Najib.
Apa maksud cadangan itu? Membawa kembali Dr Mahathir is as good as menjadikan Dr Mahathir PM sekali lagi. Maknanya, Najib must be a real dud and nitwit. Adapun alasan membawa kembali Dr Mahahir ialah supaya dia memimpin tangan Dato Najib dan jadi mentor kepada Najib. Najib baru pandai berjalan kah? Atau mempunyai kerencatan akal?
Bukankah Najib sudah melalui mentoring dan apprenticeship sejak tahun 1976 lagi? Bukan sedikit tokoh2 besar yang boleh dipelajari oleh Najib. Pada zaman Tun Hussein, dia boleh belajar dari pimpinan Ghazali Shafie, Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh. Pada zaman Mahathir- dari Mahathir sendiri dan dari kaisar ekonomi negara Daim Zainudin. Ertinya, jika mahu pengajaran dan tunjuk ajar, jika dia cergas otak- dia sudah boleh jadi PM yang terbaik. Kecuali ketika itu, Najib tidor atau sibuk dengan extra mural activities yang lain.
Dia sudah mendapat mentoring sejak tahun 1976 lagi setelah megambil alih tempat Tun Razak. Ketika itu, tidak ada orang tahu pun potensi pimpinan nya. kerana dirundung kesedihan maka rakyat Pekan menerima pergantian nya takut2 baka Tun Razak tidak ada di Pekan. Kini, Malaysia menuai apa yang kita tanam. Kita telah tanah pokok mangga jantan yang tidak boleh menghasilkan buah.
Cadangan membawa kembali Dr Mahathir, megesahkan Najib ialah seorang pemimpin tongong. Berapa lama dia sudah di mentor? Sejak Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah. Dia jadi menteri sejak 1976. Pada tahun 2009 jadi PM ertinya dia sudah pun di mentorkan selama 32 tahun( 1976-2008) kalau dia tidak cukup lagi menimba ilmu memimpin negara, apa yang dia lakukan selama 32 tahun tersebut?
Jika Najib disahkan sebagai useless, mengapa tidak diganti? Soalanya kenapa mesti diganti oleh Dr Mahathir? Jika Mahathir dilantik sebagai mentor, it is as good as saying Dr Mahathir PM sekali lagi.
Jika terlalu bangsat sengat UMNO dari segi kepimpinan, kenapa tidak Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah? TRH satu2nya pemimpin UMNO yang boleh mengatasi kepandaian Dr Mahathir. Ramai tidak tahu bahawa idea mengujudkan pusat pentadbiran adalah hasil fikiran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Tengku mahu membina Gua Musang sebagai pusat pentabiran Kelantan. Tapi bila Dr Mahathir jadi PM, idea tersebut ditamat riawayatkan. Idea itu kemudiannya mencetuskan penubuhan Putrajaya. Maka semua orang ingat Dr Mahathir memikirkan kelahiran Putrajaya.
Jika UMNO mahukan orang Melayu menyokong UMNO semula, panggil Tengku Razaleigh jadi presien UMNO dan PM.
Tapi buat masa ini, amat baik jika gerombolan God-King and Country membuat lapuran polis keatas Zainudin Mydin kerana cadangan nya mencela dan menghina PM Najib. Tunggu apa lagi? 


Thursday 23 January 2014

This Country Needs You! Lets Kick out UMNO from Putrajaya.

LOLROTF- laughing out loud and rolling on the floor. That’s how I felt like doing when some people think they can advise Najib. To do what? To pronounce the Islamic terms correctly? To turn off the lights in the house so that it the bill will not be RM6000 a day. To save water bill? To stop using kangkung as reference?
Sometime ago, a prominent former finance minister told me, Najib is beyond advise. Why should he listen to his underlings? He pays them. His only credit is the fact that he is the son of a former much-loved PM. That was what he resorted to- his last line of defence when UMNO delegates attacked his hare-brained 1Malaysia and New Economic Model. UMNO Malays do not want his 1Malaysia and the concept has remained what it means- a slogan and a song. UMNO Malays rejected his NEM because they wanted all the special privileges that come along with being UMNO Malay- licenses, Approved Permits, negotiated contracts, and so on and so forth. UMNO is a party by, of and for the top 20%. It’ s no longer a political party even- but a club for rent seekers at every level.
Why should Najib, leader of the finance and political aristocracy listen to those beneath him. The only language Najib understand is the language of kicking him out of Putrajaya. So, if Anwar Ibrahim wastes our time trying to secure a deal with Najib, Anwar Ibrahim is truly, as Zaib Ibrahim says- the quintessential UMNO man. Closet UMNO man.  
Malays must progressively dissociate themselves from UMNO. Indeed as fast as they can. It’s now peopled by every armchair warrior, fascists, reich-wing nationalist, bloodthirsty conservative, war-crazed Malay supremacist, God, King and country bumpkin, mullah moralist, just about any person who supports the Finance and Political aristocracy. And then of course the lumpenproletariat.
Knowing that UMNO is actually the voice that speaks for the interest of the top 20%, the rentier class and supported by and large by the clueless lumpenproletrat, we are not surprised that UMNO Penang has mustered an abusive and violent demonstration. The leaders behind the spontaneous outpouring of defence of Kim Il Najib are some personalities who don’t look Malay, sounded untypically Malay, are in fact not Malay but still accepted as UMNO members.
Curiously, the Malay hoi poloi don’t seem to mind the true identity of these people for as long as they can hear something pleasing to the ears and reassuring. What else can be more reassuring and pleasing to the ears than a reaffirmation of the supreme rights of Malays over and above the others?  The reich-wing  nationalists have taken over.
The otherised group- Chinese, Indians and natives of Sarawak and Sabah do not have as much rights as Malays despite having article 153 containing provisions for protection of their interests too. Don’t tell Ibrahim Ali I am telling you this- I am already condemned as betrayer to my race. What else can be pleasing and enthralling than a confirmation of the infallibility of the great Kim Il Najib? So you Chinese, Indians and East Malaysian natives, if you don’t accept and acknowledge your othersised nature, we will unleash May 13 upon you.
The object of their abuse and derision is the PKR ADUn, Lee Khai Loon. He had dared push a bunch of kangkung into an effigy representing Kim Il Najib. For the UMNO supporters, most notably the select and anointed few, the manufactured and artificially grafted Malays and their lumpenproletariat supporters, this action is almost sacrilegious and therefore blasphemous. Doesn’t Najib represent what is morally upright and pure? Doesn’t Najib represent the Malays and making fun of his effigy, is tantamount to challenging the supremacy of the Malays? Najib is morally superior to the boy-lover who can’t even enter kinky-sexed Japan.
But have the police acted on the report made by several PR lawmakers on the seditious presentations of the UMNO supported roughnecks? Isn’t involving a threat of another 13 May seditious and may fall under the purview of the PCA?
If the mamak gang politicians in Penang want to do a MGR inspired theatrics, please do so, but please don’t drag the Malays into this political quicksand theatrics. It is a sad day if Malays become willing participants albeit indirectly, in this maniacal outpouring of adulation because being UMNO is not the same as being a Malay. UMNO and Kim Il Najib do not represent the 18 million Malays in this country. The majority of us don’t want accreditation from a Kangkung standard PM and his equally kangkung minded party.
The government of, by and for the 20% has been silent as warmongers bring us closer to social catastrophe. Perhaps people now understand that Kim Il Najib is a bloody hypocrite. He is running with the dog while hunting the hare. He speaks about the concept of 1Malaysia; well speaking as a concept anyway while keeping deaf and mute on racist tendencies that could lead to open confrontation. He does this, because the actions of the reich-wingers, the mullah purists , God, King and Country bumpkins and others on the same bandwagon, serve a purpose- to intimidate and pummel the people into submission. Let’s face it; I know Najib is the biggest hypocrite.
On his handling of delicate social matters, religious bigotry and economic management of this country, what’s happening to this country presently confirms what I have been saying about him; if Najib can become PM, anyone can.
Where does it say that UMNO is synonymous with the Malays? There is an increasing number of Malays who don’t want the association with UMNO. The Malay race is much bigger than UMNO. UMNO is just one of the political choices available to the Malays. It is no longer the preferred choice except for the reich-wingers and armchair warriors and the people in Perkasa.  
The false argument that Malays have returned to UMMNO is just that- patently false. Everyone now knows that Najib is a liar. He never keeps his promises. Why should we believe his explanations?
In GE13 which I have often mentioned, the UMNO candidates who must all be Malays only got 3.25million votes. The 3.25 million voters were not all Malays- because some Uncle Tom Chinese and Indians did vote for the UMNO bradah. Assuming that 90% of those voters were actually Malays, then all UMNO candidates got were 2.93 million Malay voters. 2.93 million of the 5.24 million votes BN got is 56%.
We now have a strong assumption, that 56% of all voters in GE13 were Malays. In GE13, the total number of voters was 11.23 million. 56% of the 11.23 million voters were Malays which is 6.29 million. In GE13 Malay voters numbered 6.29 million voters. How many Malay voters did BN get? It got 2.93 million. Subtract that from 6.29 million, we have the number of Malay voters who did not vote BN. how many were they? 3.36 million. More Malays did not vote for BN and UMNO in GE13. If UMNO means that they got more Malays than they did in GE12, then, that argument is maybe acceptable. But it is hardly proof that UMNO got more Malay votes than PR.
But Teflon skinned UMNO has no shame in claiming that it has captured more Malay voters. It’s good for their politics to claim UMNO is the preferred choice of Malays. Would a right thinking Malay want to support fork-tongued Najib?  
Now here is the fact that UMNO despises. If BN secured 2.93 million Malay voters, what happened to its 3.4 million UMNO members? The number of Malay voters who voted for BN in 2013 is smaller than UMNO’s membership. This proves that even UMNO members deserted UMNO in GE13.
UMNO Malays.


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