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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Malaysia's Kangkung-gate

Ungku Aziz had his sarong index. To those not old enough to remember, Ungku Aziz was once the VC of UM and is the father of the present governor of Bank Negara. He has always been a keen social and political observer and his views can be rapier sharp as they are acerbic. To the establishment that is.
On the recent Kagkung-gate faux pas committed by an insensitive PM, Ungku Aziz penned down the following verses:-
Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
tak sedar akar terendam air parit,
rakyat mengeluh lelah dan sakit,
sedikit diberi banyak diungkit..

Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
Tak sedar akar diair parit,
Bagaikan melepas anjing tersepit,
Dah jadi pemimpin , rakyat digigit.

When researching into the issue of poverty, Ungku Aziz came up with sarong index- a measure of the level of poverty. The level of poverty can be measured by the number of sarongs a person has. When Ungku Aziz did his poverty study in Kuala Kemaman many years ago, many people there had only one sarong. People were very poor.
Najib, the man who some alleged did not complete his degree at Nottingham has his kangkung index. As long as a family can still afford 1 kilo of kangkung they are not poor. Maybe now, we can have kangkung as the medium of exchange. I kg of kangkung for 5 kg of rice. 2 kg of Kangkung to pay toll at Duke.  If people are poor, they can always shop at kedai 1Malaysia. They can use roads with no tolls. They can eat less sugar. If meat is expensive eat fish and if fish is expensive insects are now gourmet food. If they are still not happy, they can migrate elsewhere.
But where can the 3.4 million UMNO members migrate to? Azeez Raheem, Rizal Merican and KJ may qualify to go back to India. The Chinese can go back to China. The Malays can go back to Sumatra or Java. The orang aslis? Where will they go?
Where is the leadership in this country? We have a leader who has no courage to lead. We have no doubt, the PM and his ministers all have physical courage. They are always surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards.  Even with bodyguards, one’s physical wellbeing is not guaranteed. The bodyguard who failed to protect Kamalanathan should be sacked for failing in his duty. Kamalanathan should now realise, he is in the company of manic people in UMNO.
Our leader has no moral courage. I was told after delivering his speech at the recent UMNO General Assembly, Najib patted himself on the back and said, that was a good speech. He told that to a former UMNO deputy president who responded by feigning agreement. Of course it was a good speech because Najib did not have balls to go against the current. He was just being a bigger sounding board to the manic urges of the UMNO crowd- kill everyone opposing UMNO in sight. He was speaking in a hall packed with his devoted fans and the ladies are orgasm-ing at the sight of his red lips. He was playing to the gallery and this is a clear indication of a lack of leadership courage.
Lee Iacocca some time ago wrote a book titled where has the leadership gone? We might as well ask the same question. We all must be outraged at the bunch of clueless bozos in Putrajaya who are taking this country over the cliff. Najib thinks we are sailing in a Star Cruise ship- asking us to stay the course. This is our country he is talking about not a cruise ship owned and operated by the gambling behemoth in which his grandfather has interests in.
On courage, Iacocca said;
A leader must have COURAGE. I'm talking about balls. (That even goes for female leaders.) Swagger isn't courage. Tough talk isn't courage. George Bush comes from a blue-blooded Connecticut family, but he likes to talk like a cowboy. You know, my gun is bigger than your gun. Courage in the twenty-first century doesn't mean posturing and bravado. Courage is a commitment to sit down at the negotiating table and talk. If you're a politician, courage means taking a position even when you know it will cost you votes. Bush can't even make a public appearance unless the audience has been handpicked and sanitized. He did a series of so-called town hall meetings last year, in auditoriums packed with his most devoted fans. The questions were all softballs.
We have our own George Bush junior in Putrajaya.
This is the courage to take a different position in the face of popular mood and perception. It is the courage to persevere in the face of shame and personal scandal. Winston Churchill said, without courage all other virtuous personal traits are gone.
Najib has none of that. Instead he chose to insult and mocks the people by pointing out the price of Kangkung/water spinach/river spinach, has gone down. So that Najib know, a long time ago, in Indonesia a close cousin of the water spinach known as Genjer was a symbol of abject poverty. In Malaysia so that he knows, Kangkung was once the vegetable consumed by poor people.
Because Najib hasn’t showed leadership we have acute racial tensions stirred up by UMNO zealots, religious schisms also stirred by UMNO and dire economic problems also the result of the government’s incompetence and its cronies rapacious greed. Like my colleague Charles Santiago rightly pointed out, these issues are the answer to UMNO’s survival. These are the re-hatched issues of the 4R’s- race, religion, rulers and riots. All designed to instil fear in the hearts and minds of our citizens. A leader, who allows these to build up unmitigated, is a useless leader.
Many people are now hurling curses at Najib. Remember when he haramjadah Felda settlers who opposed his policies but came to take the RM15,000 windfall? The same term is being used against him now. What goes around, comes around. The chickens have come back to roost.


Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 07:50  

Salam MP Sdr Arif,

Sekarang saya dapat bayangkan kenapa ahli2 umno meroyan sangat bila pemimpin/parti mereka di komen,selama ini mereka mengidap KANGKONG "overdose".
Pemimpin mereka menghidapi "KANGKONG sindrom".
Dalam satu-dua minggu ini kami nak sangat dengar respond ahli2 parti kangkong berhubung bangganya ketua mereka dapat menurunkan harga sayur kangkung.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 08:18  

could the parliamentry members from the pakatan rakyat table an alternative economic plan to ease our current financial limbo?

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 10:05  

Dato Sak,

Thanks for the article. Its right on the dot. My friends and associates "Kangkung prime minister" with all the connotations associated with kangkung. There's no better way to describe this kangkung prime minister as his so called leadership is pure "longkang" and he is bringing this country down the "longkang".

johnphoon,  15 January 2014 at 11:12  

he is a disgrace to our nation....not worthy of any post with responsibility

Tiger 15 January 2014 at 13:13  

So, our country's deficit has doubled just like US doubled their deficit during Bush administration.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 18:55  

Lenggang lenggang kangkong.. Kangkong di tepi parit.. Manalah nak beruntong.. Dapat PM fikirannya sempit..

Unknown 15 January 2014 at 18:57 : Eating Kangkung And 11 Other Money-Saving Tips This 2014.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 20:00  

One thing I really admire Najib is that he has the courage to tell "unbelievable" lies even at the international stage. As for his leadership, the only word I can think of to describe a person who goes and hide when there is trouble is...coward.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 20:38  

What do you expect from a useless PM who is also a skirt chaser? Only fools will believed this hypocrite.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 21:09  

Our late Tun Abdul Razak is a great man & a true leader. His beloved son is a complete opposite of him. Incompetence,useless, hypocrite,coward & totally no leadership qualities at all. Najib will be remembered as a total failure.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 21:12  

Salaam Dato
It was reported over the mainstream media that Professor Ungku Aziz did not penned the Kangkung pantun. Neither does he has a Facebook account. Damage control? Could anyone confirm whether the report is accurate?

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 22:05  

I guess you hv to omit the words attributed to Ungku Aziz, now that he has denied penning them.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 23:40  

Subsidy cuts play into UMNO rebellion

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak enters 2014 beset by growing hostility from both the public and within his own political party, the United Malays National Organization, characterized by a deluge of New Year messages across cyberspace celebrating the “year ofbarang naik,” Malay language for rising prices of items.

That is a play on the initials BN, for Barisan Nasional, the national ruling coalition. It has become an opposition battle cry to the point where Najib mentioned it himself in a recent speech

Najib is making an astute move now, after national and intraparty elections have been completed, taking on the necessary but unappetizing task of dismantling decades of subsidies that have driven government debt close to the statutory limit of 55 percent of gross domestic product. In the wake of both sets of elections, he is temporarily invulnerable to both opposition and intraparty assaults.

However, electricity tariffs have risen by 15 percent, sugar subsidies have been cut. Last September, Petronas, the national energy company, cut fuel subsidies in a move that it said would save the government RMB1 billion annually. Public anger at the cutting of the subsidies is substantial and growing

In addition, many in the party rank and file are still furious over widespread spending to keep the current leadership in place in the September intraparty elections.

That has brought the prime minister under unprecedented attack from bloggers aligned with the wing of the party controlled by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who are delivering an extraordinary onslaught on his lifestyle and that of his wife, even going so far as an unprecedented call for attention to corruption within UMNO itself. The attacks had been expected from the time Najib blocked Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz, from becoming one of the party’s three vice presidents in the September polls.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 23:40  

Najib has sought to deflect criticism, saying the price hikes have been caused by factors such as theglobal economy and extreme weather that cut into the fish catch and drove up the price of vegetables. The government has also sought to spread the pain by cutting government ministers’ allowances by 10 percent, banning civil servants from business class flights, restricting expenses on official government functions. However, that hasn’t mollified voters, who staged public protests over New Year’s.

Najib also enraged voters by leaving for most of the holidays, going to Las Vegas and other watering holes with his wife, Rosmah Mansor, whose free-spending ways have alienated large swaths of the conservative Malay Muslim community. He is being called “Mr Nowhere” because of his absences from the country.

“A putsch is in the air, definitely, as the frustration with Najib’s free spending and extravagant lifestyle increases,” a Malay businessman told Asia Sentinel. “Najib is in the weakest position any prime minister in Malaysia has ever seen.”

Calls have been rising to have Mohamad come back to the government administrative center of Putra Jaya as an “adviser” to right the ship, something that appears highly unlikely. Mahathir himself made light of the idea.

In the meantime, bloggers who have been described as aligned with Mahathir have been raising their game, making broadly based attacks on Najib and even other UMNO officials, calling attention to what appears to be corruption in the award of highway contracts.

Anonymous,  15 January 2014 at 23:41  

Kadir Jasin, a former New Straits Times editor and close longtime Mahathir ally, wrote recently that “To many UMNO leaders, the measure of the party’s success is big cars, big houses and expensive watches whose names they can’t even mention.” In particular, Rosmah has been criticized repeatedly for her taste in vastly expensive watches.

Kadir also called attention to “people with no formal appointments and duties (who) are known to use government on pretext of serving the country,” an apparent reference to Rosmah’s November commandeering of an official government jet to fly to Qatar to attend an international forum.

“Do they know that even the Queen (of England) uses trains and charters planes when travelling overseas? They should because many like the PM studied in the UK. Air transport for the British Royal Family and the government of the UK is provided, depending on circumstances and availability, by a variety of military and civilian operators. But most often they fly using scheduled commercial flights, normally the British Airways.”

“We are complaining about the wrong things he is doing in accommodating the wishes of his wife,” Kadir wrote. “We are asking the government to be accountable. The PM should answer these allegations. The way he bragged about his wife in public, he was in fact saying that his wife has more influence than him with foreign leaders.”

“Outsyedthebox” suggested that Najib, who had never finished his economics degree, actually “imbibed from the “Proton school of management” (the money-losing national car) “where it is a good thing to buy something high and sell it low. Or buy something high and then sell it even higher to people who have few options.:

“Mahathir’s and (former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin’s) hands are all over the place but the point is that Najib and his wife are providing all the ammo,” a source said. “Without the ammo, Mahathir would be hard pressed to rally his troops against Najib.”

Everything “down to the price of ice has increased in a manner of two weeks,” said another UMNO loyalist. “Everything in Malaysia shot up in one month without notice. The government keeps the ringgit so weak against the US dollar, the cost of living keeps bouncing, salary increases are nothing. Crime is up, corruption is up. People are getting really upset.”

During the waning days of the premiership of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as the rank and file sought to push him out, “similar contempt was restricted to some segments of UMNO and the ruling elite,” a source told Asia Sentinel. “With Mahathir, it was disgust and contempt from intellectuals and rights groups. But with Najib – it’s across the board and it extends to his wife and friends.”

Anonymous,  16 January 2014 at 00:03  

orang naikkan najib ialah orang umno bangang .Orang yang menangkan UMNO ialah orang kampung yang dibangangkan atau megah dibangangkan..
Ramai engineer yang belajar diNotingham Uni 76/77 tahu Najib tak habis pun dan apa yang dia belajar pun dia pun tak tahu ha....It has been UMNO tradition that the leaders at every level must be bangang ...

Greenbug 16 January 2014 at 00:16  

Nowadays whenever I am in Jakarta and people ask me if I am from Malaysia, I will answer NO! I am from Singapore... malu to be a Malaysian nowadays...

Unknown 16 January 2014 at 12:00  

same here, last time i used to said I'm a malaysian & proud to be a malaysian,,,but now, when i was in Australia, people ask me, i will answer ---NOPE, I'M FROM SINGAPORE ...malu now of days because of our PM

Anonymous,  16 January 2014 at 12:12  

We can scream until the cows come back to the Condo. Najib and Rosmah will be around for the next 4 years.

Anonymous,  16 January 2014 at 14:34  

sejak biler awak kutuk si KJ ni? dah tak dapat allowance dari KJ ke? kesian jugak awak ye!!

nick 16 January 2014 at 17:55  

It looks like the word PM now is short for "Parit Minister". You know as in cultivating "kangkong" beside the parit. So Najib graduated from "menanam tebu di tepi bibirnya yang pink" (lying and breaking his promises) kepada "berkebun kangkong ditepi mulut" (nothing much comes out of his mouth except sewerage)! That's what you get for calling those poor FELDA folks as "Haramjadah". Justice has been served!


nick 16 January 2014 at 18:09  

Christina Yap,

Najib is not our PM (to the majority who did not vote for him or BN or UMNO). He is a pretender who has no moral standing to be the PM. So stop acknowledging him as our PM and then you can proudly admit that you are a Malaysian. ONLY UMNO members should be ashamed to say that they are Malaysian (due to Najib being their President).


Anonymous,  16 January 2014 at 19:02  

greenbug and christina yap,

both of you should have taken flight back straight to singapore and throw your passport into the ocean. good riddance!!!

Anonymous,  16 January 2014 at 21:50  

Malaysians are really a dimwitted lot aren't they? The opposition actually believes that they can change anything when it is guaranteed that they will simply continue to be capitalist whores... Whilst the government in power is simply to ill-disciplined for its own good...
At this rate, we will have a civil war which will inevitable break along religious lines, and then the chinese kafir will be slaughtered en masse.
Good times ahead.
"Initiate blood purge, Coalition in massacre..." -- Slayer

Sam,  16 January 2014 at 22:59  

greenbug & Christina Yap,

You guys are in serious need of a re-examination of your value system. Or else a re-examination of your heads, maybe some screws came loose.

If you are so ashamed to be a Malaysian, there is nothing to stop you from burning your IC cards and passport, and apply to Singapore for citizenship.

Good riddance too!

Anonymous,  17 January 2014 at 06:40  

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However for one who relishes taking tea with ginger whilst others who may enjoy fruit punch of grapes & olives for healing properties, or even decaf coffee, you are urged to top up your healthy drinks with short intervals of light exercises, catnaps, sharp humor and recreational activities daily.

Anonymous,  19 January 2014 at 09:21  

Dear Datuk

Thanks for your articulations.

In view of yesterday's demo in Penang ratcheting up the temp

Is another racial confrontation inevitable.

Would appreciate your insights?


Anonymous,  19 January 2014 at 16:28  

You are lucky liao. Last time hor when I was studying, there was one PM called the speculator MORON. Ringgit fell to 7.70 to a pound. This is the time when some privileged Malaysian students feel the pinch. All government sponsored students were order to go home.
Hahahaha! Malaysians got to face the butt jokes because of their leaders ever since the guy who walks on water becomes PM. Ask Hisham Rais la

the cuckoo guy who know's,  20 January 2014 at 03:46  

Now Najib's moronic joke is called Umno's crazy tango wardance,"KANGKONG STYLE".Stupid political fools we have in the gomen.

Anonymous,  20 January 2014 at 20:40  

melayu dan tionghua ok, jangan biarkan mamak yang menghasut sesuka hati...mari mulakan kempen boikot mamak batu api supaya mereka bertaubat

Anonymous,  22 January 2014 at 03:04  

mamak dah menuntut hak bumiputra

Anonymous,  28 January 2014 at 10:49  

We have a Deaf and dumb PM.What's hope Malaysians have over next 5 years ?Malaysia will continue to go down the drain economically.Do the rural Malays still think UNMO is their saver ?

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