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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 22 January 2014

UMNO- A Party of the Merry-Gang and the Lumpenproletariat

It looks that way. UMNO is degenerating into a party for miscreants and ill-willed people. The good UMNO members can protest all they want. If they don’t assert themselves, they will just be cannon fodder for the Finance and Political aristocracy. The UMNO leaders- the Merry Gang,  are aware of the psyche of the lumpenproletariat.
The French call these people la boheme. These are the people who serve as willing underlings for the finance and political aristocracy. Misguided pekida people, right wingers, trouble makers. UMNO is fast becoming a party made up of lumpenproletarat- that fraction of people who have lost any sense of hope. They serve the purpose of the political aristocracy headed by Emperor Najib.
The lumpenproletriat and the rent-seeker share a similarity- each has no role in productive activity. The rent-seeker earns money from his rent, i.e. ownership of licenses, APs, monopolies etc. they don’t produce anything. The lumpenproletariat just earn anything given.
Who are the lumpenproletariat? Lumpenproletariat is a term to describe that layer of society that is unlikely to ever achieve class consciousness and difficult to become socially useful. It comes from the German term Lumpenproletarier, a word literally meaning "miscreant" as well as "rag".
How do we actually identify them? The lumpenproletariat includes roués or rakes with dubious means of subsistence and of dubious origin. They include the ruined and adventurous offshoots of the bourgeoisie, vagabonds, discharged and listless soldiers( like those who did the bare-butt dance at Ambiga’s house), discharged jailbirds, swindlers, mountebanks, pickpockets, tricksters, gamblers, maquereaux/pimps, — in short, the whole indefinite, disintegrated mass, thrown hither and thither by the political and finance aristocracy. The French as I said call them la bohème.
What useful role do these people play? The lumpenproletariat as a "class fraction" serves as political power base for people like Reezal Merican, Musa Sheikh Fadzir, Noh Omar, people with Pekida-mentality. These are friends to people like Zahid Hamidi. People like Reezal Merican, Musa S Fadzir and eventually Najib himself resort to the 'lumpenproletariat' as an independent base of power, while always advancing the material interests of the finance aristocracy. These are the type of people who will kick camping students, violate and assault people and intimidate kangkung protesters by invoking the May 13 infamy.  
As a fraction of the Malays, they stand isolated and do not represent the Malays.
Because UMNO is a party for the lumpenproletriats and the finance and political aristocracy, it is the enemy.
I have just come back from Raub. People are angry. I tell these people, direct your anger at the right target. Aim at the government.
I tell my voters- we are not enemies to each other. We don’t kill each other. Our enemy is the same. Our enemy is government’s incompetence. Our enemy is corruption. Our enemy is the leadership bent on setting us off against one another. Our enemy is bigotry and extremism in any form, by any group or race.
The enemy to the Malays is the government of, by and for the top 20% Malays. Its current chief spokesman is PM Najib. Its windbags are people like Ahmad Maslan. These people are the least bothered about the rising cost of living. That stupid balding Malay- Arab in the name of Syed Hamid Albar was reported as saying bus fares increase because parents want them to.
PM Najib can come out with any rationalisations he wants about his kangkung reference. His defence of his faux pas is irrelevant against the sea of anger and enrage. No one, more so the people can be forced to apologise for his insensitivity and stupidity.
Can a kilo of rubber buy a kilo of sugar? The licensed rubber buyer buys rubber from the tapper at RM2.80 per kilo. The rubber tapper shares 50/50 with the landowner. He gets RM1.40. Can RM1.40 buy a kilo of sugar? How many kilos can he tap in a month?
While the price of kangkung is at RM2.50 per kilo in Raub, his RM1.40 per kilo rubber can’t still buy a kilo of kangkung. While kangkung is indeed still cheaper, does he eat only kangkung? What about rice, the condiments that go into it, fish and other morsels?
His children go to school. The-tarik costs RM1.20. A piece of kueh is now 30sen. A plate of nasi lemak? Can the rubber tapper earn enough to give his children RM3 each per day? The electricity bill for the PM’s official residence in 2012 was RM6100/day. His water bill was RM850/day. So, tell me, why should the people heap praise on Najib? If PM Najib needs his quick fix, he only needs to go back to Pekan to get his doze of self- aggrandization.
Najib has no basis to be surprised when people mocked and parodied him on his reference to kankung. No, people don’t ridicule and shame the leader of this country. People ridicule and shame him for his insensitivity and stupidity. The rubber tapper is incensed. The price of rubber in Thailand is RM3.40 per kilo while in ‘poor’ Indonesia the homeland of the pendatang tanpa izin, is RM3.70 per kilo? How come the price of rubber in Malaysia, which quality is reputed to be the best in the world, is RM2.80 per kilo?
So, why should the Malays get paranoid at all when Najib got parodied? The mamaks in Penang want to be more Malays than Malay and more assertive than assertion itself. The Malays should realise that UMNO does equal the Malays. UMNO Malays. The Malays are bigger than UMNO. Malays are a race, while UMNO is just one political party. For a while, it did give the Malays the most credible avenue to further their political interests. Perhaps even viewed as The Voice of Malays. But the halcyon days are over. UMNO is discredited and Najib deserves to be ridiculed and parodied.
UMNO people should know by now, words like papa kedana, bangsat, haramjadah come naturally to Emperor Najib. What is kangkung? An infinitesimal and irrelevant term.
The fact is, Najib and UMNO do not represent the Malays. Malays must now get used to the idea, that Malays as a race is bigger than UMNO. UMNO is just a political party presented as a choice among several. Najib has shown that he is incompetent and a bloody hypocrite.
Malays in Penang are being manipulated by a bunch of mamak political bozos. Why don’t Reezal Merican, Musa Sheikh Fadzir and others of their ilk, represent the mamaks in KIMMA? Why should these people bring their brand of political gansterism into the Malay psyche? And why should the otherwise cool and collected true Malays willingly submit to these bozos? Do they get paid by these rich artificially grafted Malays?
I have only one explanation. The subscribers and adherents to this kind of short-fused political method are the Malay lumpenproletariats- the directionless poor and the side-lined, the day labourers, the UMNO storm troopers and layabouts, vagabonds, all sorts of miscreants. La bohemie as the French call them. The majority of Malays spurn the putsch-style politics of desperate UMNO politicians. They might as well join PERKASA.
To equate Malays with UMNO is to invite ill repute. All the vices and wrongdoings committed by UMNO leader and the governmental machinery build on UMNO values will be borne by the shoulders of Malays. Why should we? Why should we be readily identified with incompetence, racial and religious bigotry, corruption, abuse of power, megalomaniac inclinations? We Malays as a race are bigger than UMNO. Why should we stand in harm’s way to defend a hypocrite and wasteful PM? Why should the Malays be weighted down by UMNO’s negativities? As the Malay folksong says- biarkan silunchai terjung dengan labu labu nya. biarkan, biarkan.
As Malays, for once, why not be fair on ourselves? Let’s not be willing and pliant participants to the UMNO game.  


the mean machine,  22 January 2014 at 11:58  

These Lumpenproletariat are like the pimps with their ladies solicitating for clients on the roadside,sidewalks and lorongs.

Anonymous,  22 January 2014 at 17:04  

Lew Rockwell has the answer:

Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society.

Big stick,  22 January 2014 at 21:34  

Hundreds of billions of ringgit are being funneled out of the country,by the politically corrupted in power and their cronies,year after year.What more do they want.To suck every last cent from the honest,hardworking rakyat?

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 00:07  

It is as clear as daylight that the Malays are used by UMNO to maintain political power in order to plunder the country of its wealth.

With regard to Najib, he is also a coward and compulsive liar who wants the PM job but not its responsibility and accountability. Judging from his behaviour with regard to the many issues facing the country, he doesn't care for the country and the Rakyat.

To me, he is the 2nd worst ostrich PM of Malaysia after Dr. M.

the cuckoo guy who know's,  23 January 2014 at 00:27  

Recently Malaysia had made international news by the Allah and bible seizure issues.Now they have come up with a new gimmick to replace the Korean horse dance by Malaysia's own kangkung water spinach dance.Next will be a comedy starring Rosmah and Sharizat having a catfight,mud wrestling style.

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 02:46  

I still could not figured out how the water bill came out to be $850 a day. He could have many staffs. Maybe someone has been using swimming pool as bath tub???

Three Amigos,  23 January 2014 at 04:48  

Leaders come and leaders go.But elections after elections the rakyat has elected the corrupted morons to lead the federal gomen.And the rakyat has been screwed from the behind,time and time over again.When will these people who voted for the corrupt politicians ever learn.

Anonymous,  24 January 2014 at 04:46  


1. “ Whoever is cruel and hard on a non- Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” Abu Dawud

Reflection :

- Why the cruelty and hardship on the “otherised”to find employment or re- employment ( a switch of career ) business opportunities and business loans by subjecting companies, the GLCs, SMEs in the Private Sector (?!) whereby their procurement managers, the human resource managers, the senior accounts managers have to be skewed to one race and religion ? I travel quite regularly by air for work and have witnessed there are no Chinese or Indian staff at the KLIA duty - free shops, whilst the one or two at the fragrance counters in KLCC are just for window dressing. The swanky outlets are predominantly staffed in relation to the racial card again.

How is Malaysia going to retain its competiveness as the preferred holiday and shopping destination in Asia to sustain revenue, profits and jobs ? In ensuring outlets at major shopping malls and hotels are nearly or fully occupied ?

Someday the goons will reinvent history novels and blame them for not contributing sufficiently to the nation or for migrating ?

Hence why the defiance in obeying what is commanded ? Have the damages done to the government sector and the nation based on race and religion not catastrophic enough to inflict true remorse to return to the true teaching and right the wrongs swiftly ?

Or is it due to, for some, never even read the Quran in rumi, what more in its completeness and practice the teaching in true humility except for reciting Al - Fatihah or are verses selected for self - feel good factor only ?

Or are the verses exclusively selected to reserve the best for their own and their families whilst manipulated for political gains and cover - up or justification for doing unjust acts to others including mindful Malays outside on new good clean soil for blessings but reserving the best for their own and their families only ?

When doing unto others is akin to throwing crumbs or loose change then how does it reflect ones’ regard towards self - dignity and trustworthiness as well as respecting the dignity in others ?

Anonymous,  24 January 2014 at 04:52  


2. RM50 mil fund allocation ( tax payers contribution ) by the government

The allocation of RM 50 mil to assist young entrepreneurs aged between 10 to 30,( how crazy can it be 10 years old (??! ) – 19 years of age from the system of education designated by the top 20 percent of the elite Malays, their NGOs and cronies for us, the ordinary Rakyat ? However, there should be room for the exceptions of age, maturity with fresh new innovation and original prototype.

Oh God save us from further foolery ! or HE might allow us to reap much more foolery as we choose to do so but HE will definitely move on to choose other trustworthy leaders of good character and capabilities of all races of Malaysian.

3. Our Baby Boomers With the Muhibbah Spirit DNA - akin to the Prototype of Apple 1

It is high time the number of our baby boomers with the muhibbah spirit DNA alike the priceless prototype of Apple 1, increase exponentially in the communities and across … in offices, colleges, and universities simultaneously.

They are the grandparents and parents of the present younger generations. Why choose to be adulterated by racism, corruption, crime, bullying and so forth? Why not patten what is of the best values and irreplaceable upbringing ?

The transference of their outstanding values, their God – fearing attitude ( meaning that ones are so grateful to the undeserving Grace that we will not bully any law abiding others but do good unto them inclusively ).

The harmonious senior citizens’ accountability, true pleasantness , humility, great sacrifices, work etiquettes, remarkable knowledge in every field hold the first half of new hopes for the nation. And in collaboration within and across the young – Gen Y, then it will explode the complete miracle of fresh vibrancy, joie de vivre for our multiethnic Malaysians, yes, we can, we must generate the Muhibbah Spirit and Unity afresh, swift, stunning and exponentially !

The craziness, the unrelenting mess; and the defiance in disobeying that corruption, bullying, manipulations, crimes, arrogance and wastage, etc as abhorred in the agama will take a long while to bring upon conviction and deep remorse.
Hence, LET’s not play to their political scripts anymore.

Instead encrypt Spring in the hearts and minds, sparkling faith, breathtaking insights, hopes, calming music, meaningful songs ... rest, together with the young, connecting with and assisting others… one could provide seed money whilst other good friends provide simple tools and showing better way of doing things to upgrade quality in synchronization with rejuvenating the muhibbah spirit .. whilst those in position, with own business and successes could employ additional workers - Malaysians first, regardless of race and religion.

… meanwhile i have decided to help out by driving to ferry…..on whichever possible Saturdays, IF they let me that is when i could decelerate the speed of driving by half to 50 kmph; or hoping to apply some newly acquired skills whenever possible, and definitely will let the senior residents listen to some of the very nice songs and music or watch the hilarious / happy clips which i have discovered; definitely NO politics and blah blah ... maybe the unfeigned sadness too, will smoothen into quiet happiness...

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