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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 28 April 2012

7 indicators of the homegrown imperialist or why we are not power crazy but must wrest power from crazy people.

The title of this article is fairly long. I have deliberately chosen it to reproduce the extended comments sent in by Walla. I present here his thoughts, verbatim. Sakmongkol.

UMNO was formed to fight imperialism. Yet its offspring called UMNO Baru has become even worse imperialists.  Worse because it wears the cloak of wolves to entice the flock of sheep that it wants to keep in its fold as meat for its own dinners.
 Even little Red Riding Hood can see through the scam, what more the millions in this land who are daily facing the new imperialist order that has already usurped the nationalism all had forged together over fifty years ago.
Because they are dullards, the new imperialists have also copied word-for-word the divide-and-rule tactic of the old foreign imperialists by pitting one brother against another.
 That is also why it is hard to understand how someone can say tomorrow's marchers are bad parents.  If they are bad, then UMNO is even worse to have produced UMNO Baru whose yellow-livered leaders have already decided to tear-gas and bludgeon the rakyat of Malaysia who are marching against imperialism inside the present government.
One is tempted to ask since these so-called leaders of the present government are yellow-livered, why are they so against those who wear yellow? It's just a colour, like blue. Is even colour subject to monopoly in this land?
Secondly, the same character tried to tar the leader of the Opposition by saying he is power-crazy. But what has that leader been doing so far other than to articulate for changes?
 So if UMNO is fighting against the Opposition on the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ground that their leader is power-crazy, how are the rakyat not to conclude that UMNO is therefore fighting against the changes that he has personified?
  Since those changes are also what the marchers are asking for, why has UMNO not realized the changes more honestly, for that matter protect the rights of the marchers instead of planning to harm them, starting with barricades at a place with the word 'Merdeka' that was first ever roared on the very night this nation was freed from imperialism?

You see this same contradiction in UMNO - it says it is for our Malays but it enchains them in the wrought iron of subservience to an imperialist order made sneaky by friendly pats on the shoulder and thin wads on the palm while it vacuum-cleans the entire national coffer behind their backs.
 That explains why today we have one humungous national debt which is growing faster than it can be reduced. Because the government we are presently having is neither clean nor fair and yet only good at flip-flopping and cheating.
 However a tiny doubt remains. Imperialists, it is asked? How does one recognize the imperialist in our midst?
(1)   How about the guy who invited the poor to his mansion of elephantine size built on low-cost land and then explained his generosity by saying, "if not here, how else can they taste this luxury?"
(2)   Or, the other guy who showed how good he was to be able to negotiate a mansion at below market rate despite having given up his dental practice?
(3)   Or, the chief of a state once caught laundering money overseas who now decides to monopolize the billboard business in a single company so that rates can be raised tenfold, purportedly to fund his favorite charity.
(4)   Or, the quantum leap from rearing cows to rent-collecting of expensive condos, with the rent paid by associate companies of the same beneficiaries funded in the first place by public money issued under dubious circumstances, money now gone up in smoke thicker than the haze from Kalimantan because it was really a huge amount....for a low-level appointee.
(5)   Or, the slush funds amounting to hundreds of millions deposited in offshore accounts but somehow only detected by a foreign anti-corruption agency while the local one sits silent awaiting higher orders from those yang mengikut perintah yang tak akan datang. Too shy, perhaps?
(6)   Or, the GLC honcho suspended for money politics but reinstated out of the blue, however best only for wisecracking on the one hand, and yet on the other hand losing his cool to tell poor farmers to get out if they cannot accept his boss, the one who already has enough problems of his own trying to explain why he had walked away from answering honest questions by the rakyat. Again, shy, perhaps?
(7)   Or, the super-rich shopping tastes, flying allowances, monarch-level accommodations, super-class limousine services, not to forget the entertainment allowances that smoothen bed sheets at discreet rendezvous three times a week, fifty two weeks a year.
 The only thing missing in the picture forming in your mind right now is a lowly servant from some kampung, standing behind the new brown mat salleh of this 21st century, fanning away with a large feather fan the draining heat of each day that starts with a late morning and ends with an early night, a day at best pushing paper on the table, speaking nonsense to the masses, and generally causing trouble and mess all over the place, and paid a gazetted salary that in a thousand years will never explain all the excesses the calculator has already collapsed from trying to compute.
 In such a situation, how are our Malays and other Malaysians ever to make real progress? How can real progress be made when the economy is as fake as the government leading it?     Meanwhile, despite all the machinations, bamboozling and chicaneries of UMNO layered like lard on the rakyat, the peoples of Malaysia are united more than ever.
 And the greatest hope for Malaysia was already shown in the singular action by so many millions of our Malays when in their finest hour in GE12 they had collectively rejected UMNO and turned enough of the popular vote in the peninsular to give the Opposition a simple tipping point majority.
 If UMNO thinks it can leap, why not the voters? They too can quantum leap to enlarge that majority even more in GE13 and in one stroke redefine the tired and jaded political landscape of Malaysia for the first time in the history of this nation.

 In doing so, our voters will show the imperialists in our midst that our Malays are no different from any other human beings on this planet in their capacity to improve their lot. It is bad training which has impeded them. It is bad policies which have eroded all the goodwill so necessary for building networking and contacts for bigger markets and better exchanges. It is bad economics which have given to the imperialists a head start for a few at the expense of the many.
 And that is why there is a new wave of courage in this nation that says the rakyat will rather do the right thing and fail than continue to see the present government do the wrong thing and succeed.
 Avoid this sad tragedy. Bring about changes. Go beyond the tipping point. Make the quantum leap. After that, it gets easier. After all, the buck stops with us and not UMNO. If it stops with us, you will know it won’t be miss-spent; it’s your own money in the first place. But if it stops with UMNO, first hilang, then habis.
 Only a few more hours to wait before dawn breaks on a day where the same courage will be shown. The will of the rakyat cannot be weaker than the will of those who have chosen to do wrong because the riffraff in UMNO still think they can fool the rakyat when the only people they are fooling are the people they see in their own mirrors every day.
 walla, for all of you.


Friday 27 April 2012

The UMNO Parenting Skills

In 1927, some 85 years ago, the Malay intellectual named Zainal Abidin Ahmad wrote:-
mereka telah di perabdikan dan kena picit dan perah dan ramas di tangan pemerintah2 yang pada zaman dahulu itu- iaitu pemerintah2 dari bangsa mereka sendiri…
It’s true. The biggest oppressors turned out to be the Malays who have power among them. The Malays are dehumanized under UMNO hegemony. How would you feel, to wake up every day to tell your sons and daughters that you can’t be as good as the Indians and Chinese because you were born Malay? You are less a person because you are Malay? That you are not able to compete because you are genetically and inherently deficient and lacking in so many things? What kind of Malay do your children grow up to become?
What do the Malays look for salvation?  In an absolutist UMNO very much similar to the absolute monarchy of old – that ruling system to which Zaaba came to ruefully write about.
And what will the Malays turned out to be? They will become the underdeveloped being- imprisoned by false characterization, dwarfed and stunted because each day, your UMNO parents tell you, you are not good enough. Your UMNO parents will tell you that you are what you are today, because the non-Malay forces are conspiring to decimate all things Malay.
What does UMNO offer as solution? Absolute dependence on UMNO. Therefore in order to level the playing field, give us UMNO absolute and unbridled power? Power to do what? To pillage and plunder this country and keep Malays forever enslaved?
This is the biggest lie and fallacy that UMNO has infused into the pliant minds of the Malays. Malays are a pliant putty, shaped and formed in any way UMNO deems suitable for the times.
When wishing UMNO be given absolute carte blanche to pillage and plunder, Malays are intimidated and terrorized with the idea that they will simply be overwhelmed by the non-Malays. That all things Malay- race, religion and emblematic institutions will be eliminated when non Malays take over.
The non-Malays combined do not make the bigger portion of the population. This fact alone is sufficient to demolish the UMNO web of deceit and lies. 

By the way, just so the linguist nationalist must know, Zainal Abidin whom the Malays know as Pendita Zaaba, wrote the original lines in English. He was writing about the Malays and the above passages loosely translate as follows;
they( the Malays) have been enslaved, suppressed, oppressed and abused at the hands of their own rulers who were then, the ruling classes from within their own kind…………
Zaaba was then 32 years old. He was the first Malay to sit for the senior Cambridge examinations who went on to become a teacher and later lecturer at the Sultan Idris Training College.
What is my point? My point is if the Malays were to now look for the real people who are holding them back, they don’t have to look beyond themselves. It’s almost universally true all over the world, that the worse oppressors of any race are their own race. That old school feudalism looked disdainfully at Malays is infamously captured through the eyes of a representative of that social class remarking that;
“....i do not like the idea of the children of rajas and chiefs sitting side by side with the children of people who were once our slaves.”
The old school feudalism has been replaced by new school feudalism. None practises it more expertly that UMNO. UMNO has never rid itself of this inherent belief in ascriptive leadership. By that we mean, leaders are chosen on account of who they are naturally.
To UMNO and this is what the UMNO leadership drums into the mind of the UMNO heartland- UMNO leaders are born and only the select few, with the right denominations such as by having the correct surnames and who operate within the right social milieu can lead UMNO and Malays.
New school feudalism may no longer have the social Berlin walls but the underlying characteristics of the old feudalism remains. By the underlying characteristic we mean the continued enslavement of the Malay mind perpetrated by the present day rulers of the Malays- UMNO.
UMNO has not only debased the rakyat, it has also debased our society. It is encouraging the thug-mindset of our 21st century while others have raced ahead to be more cultivated and critical in their thinking, more rational and moderate in their behavior, and more just and honest in their decisions.
Let us candidly ask ourselves. If such a situation continues, what will be the final result? Kleptocracy at one corner, hypocrisy at another, followed by a thuggish police state at another corner, and lastly an income-widening gap in a mythical high-income economy in the last corner. We'll be surrounded on all four corners by mediocrity and lunacy.
Is this how we want our Malaysia to become? Spins and lies, threats and blows, debasement and injustice, low standards and obsolescence, yawning debt and weakening performance propped by act-big spin?
Then it won't just be the end of the history of UMNO Baru. It'll be the end of the short-lived history of Negara Ku.
Bangkitlah bangsa Malaysia!


Thursday 26 April 2012

The Cheating Basterds-alih bahasa oleh Zaidi

 Sekali lagi saya meminjam idea daripada Walla secara bebas. Dia ini memang bagus. Menjadi satu penghormatan untuk berkongsi pemikirannya. Saya rasa khalayak pembaca terhutang budi kepadanya. Sehingga kini saya berharap ramai yang sedar bahawa beliau merupakan seorang intelektual yang hebat
 Walau apa gaya sekalipun anda menggambarkan khayalan kemenangan BN, gemilang atau sebaliknya, rakyat yang tahu sudahpun membuat kesimpulan bahawa BN akan menipu pada hari mengundi kelak. Anda bebas untuk mengatakan Najib adalah pemimpin agung kita. Kesemua pemimpin Korea Utara daripada keluarga Kim juga dikatakan sedemikian juga. Memetik kata Edmund Blackadder – “Kita akan menang menerusi isu, mengenai personaliti. Tetapi yang paling penting kita akan main tipu”. Perhatikan bagaimana Rang Undang-Undang berkenaan pilihanraya di luluskan dengan begitu pantas. Ini mengingatkan kita tentang kempen Blitzkrieg seperti dilakukan Hitler yang datang dari perut busuk sebuah parti BN yang bangkrap dan hanya bertindak balas diketuai oleh mesin penipuan UMNO. Kesemua ini menghasilkan bau busuk kerana ianya satu pengkhianatan!
Satu kaedah penting untuk menghalang penipuan ialah kebenaran untuk calon meletakkan agen atau wakil pilihanraya atau wakil undi. Mereka ini bertugas untuk memeriksa pengeluaran kertas undi dan memerhatikan pengiraan undi dan penjumlahan undi. Parlimen telah bersidang sehingga ke awal pagi untuk mengeluarkan peruntukan ini daripada undang-undang. Kenapa?
Inilah sebabnya saya mengatakan di dalam ceramah saya bahawa BN mempunyai satu lagi parti komponen iaitu Parti Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (PSPM) untuk memenangi pilihanraya dengan apa cara sekalipun.
Jika wakil calon tidak boleh memerhatikan apa yang berlaku di dalam pusat-pusat mengundi dan pusat penjumlahan, ianya adalah seperti menyala dan memadamkan lampu untuk menukar, membuang, menggantikan atau merosakkan undi.
Di dalam pilihanraya yang lepas, terdapat 35 kerusi marginal yang boleh dimenangi oleh mana-mana pihak. Siapa yang boleh mengatakan hari ini bahawa kerusi-kerusi yang dimenangi BN sebenarnya adalah kawasan dengan undi majoriti untuk Pakatan yang mungkin telah memenangi sejumlah besar kerusi-kerusi tersebut dan boleh bertindak untuk menangguhkan daripada lulusnya rang undang-undang pilihanraya baru-baru ini?
 Ditambah pula dengan muslihat dan tipudaya seperti pensempadanan semula, ugutan kepada pejawat awam dan tentera, bayaran wang suapan untuk pilihanraya, mengugut pengundi tentang pembangunan masa depan, taraf warganegara segera untuk pendatang asing, memindahkan pengundi secara besar-besaran dari satu tempat ke tempat yang lain, menggalakkan pelajar menukar alamat, menghasilkan pengundi-pengundi hantu yang lebih ramai daripada asalnya dan mewujudkan dua pengkalan data pengundi – mungkinkah Google map sudahpun menggantikan Malaysia dengan Zimbabwe?
 UMNO dan anjing-anjing barunya sedang merancang untuk menipu rakyat didalam PRU13 ini. Pengerusi PSPM mengatakan kita mempunyai pengkalan data pengundi yang paling bersih. Pengkalan data yang mana Tan Sri? Parlimen meluluskan peruntukan untuk wakil-wakil calon. Kenapa?
Jawabannya : Ini satu penipuan. Dan penipuan memang tidak adil.
 Itulah sebabnya mengapa pelajar mahukan pendidikan percuma. Kerana mereka nampak dengan mata kepala mereka sendiri bagaimana UMNO melanggar kesemua peraturan dan menghapuskan hutang-hutang kroni, yang dahulu dan sekarang. UMNO yang sama juga mempunyai patong DBKL dan Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang mengatakan mereka hanyalah menurut undang-undang.
 Benar, tetapi undang-undang untuk saya tidak sama dengan undang-undang untuk mereka.
Dunia sudah berubah. Dulu mee goreng dijual pada RM3.60 sepinggan. Sekarang sudah RM4.50 sepinggan. Mereka tetap mengatakan Indeks Harga Pengguna (merujuk kepada inflasi-penterjemah) adalah rendah menyebabkan kita diselimuti dengan perasaan selesa. Sedarlah adik, Indeks Harga Pengguna sudah tidak ada maknanya di Malababwe-land (iaitu gabungan Malaysia dan Zimbabwe – ihsan Ajib Gor).

 Abang – mee goreng dibuat daripada tepung, minyak, sayur dan perencahg. Ini barang-barang tersenarai di dalam Indeks Harga Pengguna. Kenapa inflasi masih rendah? Kenaikan paling tinggi adalah kos buruh. Satu jenis buruh yang ‘khusus’ – yang diimport terlebih dahulu dari polisi gaji minimum. Ianya kos memproses yang telah menambah inflasi kepada harga barang keperluan. Memproses melibatkan sewaan, kejatuhan nilai ringgit dan kos sosial yang diterukkan lagi dengan janji-janji ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi yang dibina di atas rajah-rajah yang meragukan di dalam power point oleh mereka yang memakai barang berjenama dan tidak pernah melihat keadaan kilang yang berterabur dan kosong kerana kehidupan mereka yang senang lenang itu.
Itu hanya puncak yang ternampak oleh kita yang ditawarkan oleh kerajaan kepada kita. Dibina semua ini dengan keuntungan tetap kepada kroni pada kadar yang tinggi – setinggi belon panas di karnival Jom Heboh itu. Apa pula di bawah puncak tersebut? Menteri-menteri yang hampas dan tidak berguna satu senpun. Mereka itu sangat bersifat perkauman dan taksub yang memecahbelahkan masyarakat dan meyebabkan masyarakat terpisah dan terasing di mana kita dan generasi akan datang mesti hidup bersama dengan harmoni dan berkerjasama.
 Rakyat marhaen yang terkebawah sekali di dalam kehidupan ekonomi apabila dihamburkan wang kepada mereka maka akan segera berpusu-pusu melakukan apa sahaja untuk orang yang telahpun menjual Negara.
 Jangan kita lupa orang yang sering menafikan yang akan mengatakan putih sedangkan segalanya adalah hitam seperti hitamnya biji mata mereka. Adakah masa hadapan Malaysia tercinta ini akan bergantung kepada kumpulan enam badut jahaman ini?


The Cheating Basterds. ( note the spelling please)

Once again I have borrowed the ideas of Walla quite liberally. He is that good. It’s an honor to be able to share his thinking. Readers owe him a great debt. By now I hope many will realize that he is an intellectual powerhouse.

However manner you describe your hallucinations of the BN win, glorious or otherwise, the rakyat who know have already concluded BN is going to cheat on polling day. You are free to describe Najib as our glorious leader. All the North Korean leaders- the Kim family were described in similar manner too.
As Edmund Blackadder says- we will win on issues, on personalities. But most important we will cheat.  Look at how an important bill concerning elections was pushed at such blitzkrieg speed recently. How apt to describe the speed by which it was pushed. It reminds you of Hitler-like machinations that are coming out from the innards of a bankrupt and reactionary BN party led by the UMNO lying machine. And they stink precisely because they are treasonous!
An important safeguard to cheating has been the ability of a candidate to position his or her election agent and polling agent. These respectively function to check on issuance of polling papers and to observe vote counting and tallies. Parliament sat up to the wee hours of the morning to evict these provisions. Why?
That is why I have been saying in my ceramah, BN has another component party in its stable- parti Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (PSPM) to win the elections at all cost.
If a candidate's representatives cannot observe what is going on inside the polling and counting station, it will be like turning off the lights again in order to present opportunities to switch, discard, replace or spoil the votes.
In the last general elections, there were at least 35 marginal seats which could have gone either way. Who can tell today whether those that had gone to Barisan had actually been majority votes for Pakatan in which case the Opposition could have won such a number as to call for postponement in the passing of that election bill?
Add the other unfair tricks like gerrymandering the constituency borders, arm-twisting the civil service and armed forces, paying election inducements, blackmailing voters with promises of future development, double-tracked postal voting, polaroid citizenships for foreigners, moving voters en-masse from one site to another, persuading students to change their addresses, creating more phantom voters than even Aragon can take, and creating two different voter databases - has Google map replaced Malaysia with Zimbabwe?
UMNO and its newest running dog is planning to cheat the rakyat in this GE13. The chairman of PSPM says we have the cleanest voter database. Which database Tan Sri? Parliament passed the removal of provision for candidate agents. Why?
The answer: it’s cheating. And cheating is not fair.
That's why the students want free education. Because they saw with their own eyes how Umno is just breaking all the rules and erasing the debts of its own cronies, past and present, with a promissory note to those of the future as well.  And this same Umno has for its puppet the DBKL and Home Ministry which say they are just following the rules.
Yes, rules for me are not the same as rules for you.
The world has changed. Your mee goreng was selling at RM 3.60 a plate. It's now RM4.50 at least. Yet the CPI they go by, wraps you in comfort that inflation is minimal. Hello kitty, CPI is obsolete in Malababwe-land. Malaysia combined with Zimbabwe, courtesy of Ajib Gor.
Brother- the mee goreng is made of flour, oil, veges and egg. These form CPI items. These have all gone up in prices. So why is inflation still that low? The biggest ncrease is labour. A particular type of labour – one that is imported ahead of our minimum wage policy. So it is processing cost which has added inflation to household bills. Processing includes rental, ringgit weakening and social costs magnified by promises of high-income economies built on dubious data charted on powerpoints produced by those who wear Bally's who have never seen the inside of an empty paper-strewn factory before all their white-starched lives.
And that is the only apex the present government has to offer you. Construction pre-wired to cronies at inflated rates and hot-air balloons at your next jomheboh carnival.
What is beneath that apex? Ministers who are next to useless. They are racists and supremacists who break us up and polarize the society we and all subsequent generations must co-live in mutual harmony and cooperation. Simpletons and dullards who are so far down in their economic lives that the moment a wad of small-time cash is flashed before their eyes, they will gladly do any bidding of those who are already cashing out of this country.
And let's not forget the denialists who will say white when everything is already as black as the calculating pupils in their eyes. And on these six bunches of jokers the fate of the great Malaysian nation depends?


Wednesday 25 April 2012

Berakhir Sejarahnya untuk UMNO

Saya amat berterima kasih kepada seorang pembaca blog saya yang bernama saudara Zaidi yang melakukan kerja ini. beliau telah bersusah payah menterjemah artikel yang saya tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Amatlah tinggi hutang budi saya kepada beliau dan terjemahan yang beliau telah lakukan amat baik sekali. Saya mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada saudara Zaidi diatas usaha beliau ini. seterus nya saya berharap pembaca budiman terutama yang berbangsa Melayu akan menghargai usaha saudara Zaidi ini. sakmongkol.
Sebahagian daripada pembaca sudah dapat meneka bahawa artikel saya yang lepas meminjam tajuk daripada buku Francis Fukuyama yang masyhur itu. Saya ragu-ragu tentang seorang penulis yang menulis Najib sebagai PM bagi Negara yang memberkati dan bukannya Negara yang diberkati (ini merujuk kepada kesalahan bahasa bagi seorang blogger daripada Jerantut –penterjemah), saya tidak yakin dia pernah membaca buku Fukuyama tersebut. Jika dibacapun, mungkin dia tidak faham isi kandungan dan gagasan idea buku tersebut. Saya tiada masa untuk berdebat dengan beliau yang mana akan memuliakan lagi blog yang tidak mendapat sambutan itu.
Saya mengaku satu perkara. Blog saya kini tidak lagi berselindung sebagai forum perbahasan yang tidak berat sebelah. Semenjak menyertai DAP saya cuba mengemukakan sudut pandangan yang objektif dan semakin berfungsi sebagai orang yang menyebarkan cebisan-cebisan pandangan dengan objektif politik yang khusus. Saya tidak perlu menjelaskan dengan terperinci kerana ramai yang tahu apa yang saya maksudkan di sini.
Kembali kepada buku Fukuyama “Berakhirnya Sejarah”. Buku ini menerangkan tentang berakhirnya pemerintahan kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di seluruh dunia. Samada berakhirnya jenis pemerintahan tersebut dan digantikan dengan demokrasi bebas dengan maksudnya yang sebenar masih belum pasti. Apa yang berlaku diseluruh dunia adalah seperti berikut – SEMUA pemerintah kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di dunia sekarang terpaksa menyesuaikan diri dengan kenyataan baru yang akibat daripada beralihnya kekuasaan kepada rakyat. Inilah yang berlaku kepada Negara kita ini. Hasilnya, walaupun banyak cakap-cakap besar yang “tidak malu” bahawa PM semakin popular, janji-janji pembangunan yang gagal di laksanakan setelah sekian lama, jelas kelihatan kerajaan yang memerintah pada hari ini semakin resah dan gelisah ; nampaknya keadaan sudah lagi tidak seperti biasa.
Perangai yang jelas kerajaan hari ini – suka memijak rakyat dan merempuh mereka dengan polisi-polisi yang menindas dan program-program yang membelenggu jiwa rakyat yang bebas. Yang paling teruk ialah orang Melayu, selamanya dibutakan dan terikat dengan jentera penipuan UMNO.

Di sini saya akan menyambung dan menggunakan kebanyakan bahan yang telah ditulis oleh seorang yang rajin member komen di blog saya iaitu Walla. Pemerhatiannya adalah perkara yang dikemukakan oleh Fukuyama dari segi perkembangan sejarahnya juga sedang berlaku di Negara kita kerana rakyat telah mulai sedar apa yang UMNO lakukan selama ini. UMNO ini seperti sebuah mesin yang berkerja bersama-sama untuk melindungi kroni-kroni sambil mengeluarkan berita-berita baik setiap hari bagi memberikan perasaan gembira kepada rakyat. UMNO tidak lebih dari kumpulan perkongsian penyamun dan penipu yang memainkan emosi rakyat yang lurus itu.

Sebagai contoh peristiwa di Dataran Merdeka kelmarin. Sambil mereka mengupah penghibur-penghibur untuk menari di situ dan menujukkan senyuman kepada kamera supaya penonton-penonton di seluruh Negara terpaku dengan persembahan cahaya dan bunyinya, ada pula pelajar-pelajar kita yang berkumpul di satu sudut di dalam khemah-khemah mereka di dataran yang sama – begitu simbolik masalah Negara kita ini. Pelajar-pelajar ini telah berkorban dengan beraninya menyuarakan rasa ketidakadilan bagaimana satu parti politik dengan sewenang-wenangnya memberikan jutaan ringgit kepada kroni-kroni tetapi menafikan biasisiswa kepada pelajar miskin dan mengupah kaki pukul untuk membuli mereka dan merampas khemah mereka.
Ini adalah bukti “sudah terang lagi bersuluh” bahawa UMNO mengambil laluan yang bertentangan dengan kata-kata “Rakyat didahulukan”. Kalau ini bukan hipokrit yang bertentangan dengan “rakyat didahulukan” apa lagi yang tinggal? Dan Najib berkokok ayam tentang rekod pencapaiannya dan gagasan –gagasan idea beliau. Sedangkan UMNO sendiri telah menolak idea beliau. Adakah kita akan menebalkan muka dan memperdaya diri sendiri dan memaksa diri dan keluarga kita untuk menerima sahaja lakonan dan cakap-cakap kosong oleh Najib? Dia memang seorang penjual obat.

Sementara itu pencacai-pencacai UMNO mula menyerang Aspan membuta tuli dengan perkara yang tidak masuk akal. Lupakah sipencacai ini bahawa dia pernah duduk di sebelah Aspan dan secara ikhlas dan penuh bersopan membincangkan masalah yang dihadapi oleh orang Melayu kita di Negara ini?
Jika pencacai ini tergamak melakukan perkara sedemikian kepada rakannya yang jujur dan budiman , apakah lagi yang kita boleh harapkan daripada budi pekertinya untuk mempertahankan Tuan Besarnya iaitu UMNO?
Inilah apa yang UMNO telah lakukan kepada Negara dan masyarakat kita. UMNO telah memecahbelah dan memisahkan dirinya daripada kita. Malah lebih teruk lagi, UMNO telah menghina kita. Bukankah sebelum ini ada orang yang telah mengaku bahawa dia bukan murahan yang akan menerima dua ratus ringgit ?
Apa yang mereka tidak sedar ialah UMNO menganggap orang yang menerima duit daripadanya sebagai murahan. Wang RM 200 yang di bayar kepada pencacai adalah duit syiling kepada orang yang menabur duit yang sebenarnya dikutip daripada rakyat. Syiling RM 200 ini adalah sedekah daripada mereka tetapi ini terlalu sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan betapa banyak duit yang telah dirompak di siang hari oleh Tuan Besar di bawah perlindungan institusi persekutuan di Negara kita ini. Agaknya ini adalah sebahagian daripada proses penyucian jiwa mereka. Perangai bengap ini mesti ditamatkan menjelang PRU 13.

Lihat sahaja lakonan badut-badut sebagai contoh iklan di TV oleh Pemandu mengenai anti rasuah. Tanyalah diri kita bagaimana sebuah kerajaan boleh meminta syarikat-syarikat untuk membuat akujanju untuk tidak rasuah sedangkan kerajaan sendiri menghadapi masalah rasuah? Kita akan mengumpul banyak markah A jika kita jujur di dalam menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut. Muhyidin dan Khaled tentu tidak kisah kerana mereka tidak pernah terlepas perkara yang mereka tidak pernah dapat – mereka sendiri jarang dapat A .

Masih ada yang tertanya-tanya apakah yang akan berlaku kepada UMNO selepas PRU13. Jawabannya sudah ada. Lihat sahaja di negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh Pakatan. UMNOlah pembangkang di negeri itu. Inilah yang akan berlaku jika Pakatan menumpaskan Barisan di dalam PRU13.

Di dalam negeri yang di kuasai Pakatan, adakah orang Melayu di situ lebih teruk keadaanya? Sudah hilangkah ketuanan Melayu ? Pelik bukan bila beberapa orang “Melayu” yang mengadu ditindas dan dianiaya itu tidak menyerupai orang “Melayu”?

Seperti yang saya nukilkan sebelum ini, cara terbaik untuk mengetahui perangai sebenar sebuah parti itu ialah ketika parti itu tidak memerintah. Apabila parti itu menjadi pembangkang adakah mereka benar-benar membela rakyat. Adakah UMNO yang menjadi pembangkang benar-benar cakna dan prihatin dengan masalah rakyat seperti mana pembangkan di negeri yang dikuasai BN?
Mari kita tanya diri kita sendiri – jika Najib terpaksa mengupah penunggang motosikal untuk membawa bendera dan NGO UMNO boleh membuli dengan menghunus keris melawan gerakan pelajar dan rakyat, di sebelah manakah UMNO? Justru di sebelah mana pula Najib dan NGO UMNO? Maaf kerana markah A amat terhad.
Adakah anda bersama yang menzalimi atau yang dizalimi?


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