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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 12 April 2012

Judging the UMNO President

I was reading with interest what PM Najib just said. He is asking the people to judge him on his ideas and track record.
He is asking for trouble. This is the thing that Dr Mahathir and Daim fear most. Of course, the UMNO people will dismiss the view of the 2 jaded grey eminences. They will treat the views of others with contempt- that is the stock in trade of UMNO people.
So I read somewhat amused, people urging me to give me back my datoship and all that. Let me remind readers that our Kings and Sultans are kings and Sultans of all Malaysians not of UMNO people only. They give honorific titles to anybody they please. In the past people with underworld links were also recipients of honorific titles. But because these people gave UMNO people money, UMNOans are prepared to go to bed with them.
But we must also remind ourselves that it’s the UMNO people who once were after the blood of our royal houses. In the constitutional crisis some time ago, the movement to downsize and humiliate and ridicule the Malay rulers was started by the prince with the Kerala roots. In Batu Pahat, the then DPM, Musa Hitam called a group of 7 UMNO young leaders, the Magnificent Seven. One is the present PM and another is the current opposition leader.
Let us get back to the issue at hand- Najib asking the nation to judge him on his track record and his ideas. We will take him on that.
Is he contesting in an American presidential election where the presidential candidate from party X fights against the incumbent? Then it’s all about himself. Najib isn’t a strategic thinker at all. He has done it all since 1976 but is now showing, when push comes to shove, he is actually a novice.
He is like I have said many times, just like UMNO; he makes it up as he goes along. What’s wrong with having a massaged and char-kuat-ed 69% rating on himself and couldn’t care less how UMNO rates? Then it becomes easier (not easy) to defeat UMNO. If we destroy Najib’s credibility as a leader, then UMNO can easily be defeated. And Najib‘s credibility? Alamak!. And the person to blame is Najib because he cares more about himself than with UMNO.
Hence, judge me on my ideas and track record.
He fails to understand the nature of UMNO’s existence as Daim told me. UMNO does not depend on one individual. When Onn Jaafar left UMNO, the party continued under Tunku Abdul Rahman. When Tunku was removed by a palace coup, UMNO continued by the person behind the removal- Tun Razak. When Tun Razak died, UMNO continued under the straight arrow Hussein Onn.  When Hussein left, the party was led by the man who can walk on water. Even he is not indispensable. He was succeeded by Rip Van Winkle who was then removed by another palace coup initiated by the son of the man who started the first palace coup. The present PM aided and abetted by the man from Pagoh.
So, if he reads UMNO history, which i doubt he does, it was not and will never be about the UMNO president.  If we judge him on his record and his ‘ideas’- Najib will still go on to win. We want him to, so that he enters the 13th Parliament replacing Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition leader. Then we will know what mettle is Najib made of.
The UMNO president is not indispensable. So why is he asking the people to judge him on his ideas and track record? What about UMNO’s?
Was that the reason he was apologizing for UMNO in Kedah some weeks ago? Because he knows UMNO is rotten to the core. That epitaph by the way was given by Dr Mahathir, the man who will be credited largely for sowing the seeds of destruction within UMNO. All the smart people have left UMNO as Dr Mahathir said. They have joined PAS, PKR and DAP. So only the riff-raffs remain in UMNO and that is also a reason for Najib asking the people to judge him alone.
Why must we judge him? He is cultured in the same UMNO mold. If he hasn’t found the way to lead the nation since 1976 when he was given the Pekan MP seat, why should we, the people believe that he has found some new political aphrodisiac to Viagra the nation? It’s all Apco inspired bull which Najib takes like a duck takes to water.
All his ideas are rejected by his UMNO people-hence that is the reason why he is a general who has no soldiers nor second in commands.
2 years ago, at the UMNO General Assembly, he was  humiliated. But you know Najib, he will maintain his cool exterior. He won’t say anything but his other features show he is under tremendous pressure. Even his eye brows have turned white.
When he was selling the idea of One Malaysia, the UMNO delegates insisted on Malay first approach. He has since backtracked and has postured that he is more Malay than other Malay. He is the 1Malay. But that is for the consumption of his Malay audience. His 1Malaysia slogan is effectively used to shuffle his non Malay audience into showing that he is an inclusive man. The non-Malays are better off to be circumspect about Najib’s real political motives. Why should the Malays be asked to place a higher value when UMNO befriends MCA ( a Chinese party) but are berated when they are learning to accept DAP( a Chinese dominated but not wholly Chinese party). Which party is more racist? MCA or DAP?
When Najib spoke about his NEM, the UMNO delegates insisted on a DEB like economic policy. In the end, all Najib had in his armor is to say that he is Tun Razak’s son. That, no one can dispute. But when somebody has nothing to offer in his defense other than to say who he is, he actually has nothing to offer his people.
So if he has nothing to offer what can we judge him on? We are judging UMNO not the UMNO president. He is not an island. No man is.
To be continued………with pleasure. Written from Terengganu doing the ceramah circuit.With Aspan Alias.


Jamal,  12 April 2012 at 15:14  

"Najib will still go on to win. We want him to, so that he enters the 13th Parliament replacing Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition leader. Then we will know what mettle is Najib made of."

The Opposition Leader is an important post in a parliamentary democracy. Najib is already said to be Malaysia's worst PM; so please don't give him the opportunity to be Malaysia's worst Opposition Leader.

Kamal Sanusi 12 April 2012 at 15:16  

Salam Dato

Reference is made to your recent posting and would second your statement that we should ignore those pencacai UMporNO's comment.

When they have nothing to say, they would try to divert the focus to other things which is not related at all to the title of the posting.

Example when we talked about those Pendeta and Pendita, they tried to push to your datukship.

I still obtaining more info & views in judging this president. My "otak seminit" would say Najib is no different than kakak tua who know nothing on what he is talking round-about. His grass-roots lagi laaaa.....

Anonymous,  12 April 2012 at 16:07  

"So only the riff-raffs remain in UMNO and that is also a reason for Najib asking the people to judge him alone."

UMNO is composed of and supported by riff-raffs. Alamak - Rahim Thamby, Khir Toyol, Kinabatang, Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali,Awang Selamat and some rotten SOBs. To many to mention here.

And Najib is one of them. Didn't he threaten to soak the keris in Chinese blood?????
I will judge him on that... and is Port Dickson exploits.... and the Mongolian connections.

Foo 12 April 2012 at 16:07  

Yah, the pressure on him is SO REAL - not just his eye-brows, his hair is white and "semakin jarang", a lot of kedut on his face and his "pink lips" that so captivated those people in Sin Chew Jit Poh seem to have lost its glow. My he must have aged 10 years after just 3 years as PM! What will happen next?

Anonymous,  12 April 2012 at 17:20  


Are you jealous with Najib performance ?.

He is the best leader and PM in the world. View at

Donplaypuks® 12 April 2012 at 18:20  

Even in a recent TV interview while in China, he once again pullled out this "my father said when he made that historic visit....blah and blah....that we must have trust...blah blah blah."

Yet in his own country no one trusts Najib any further than they can toss him and Najib trusts no one because he is a worst flip flopper than Badawi.

He acnt't even aspire to be leader in Opposition because all these years in all these years in Parliament before becoming PM, he has not raised or spoken up on a single issue of any worth.

He can only lead backed up with APCO spin and $billions from the taxpayers' cofers.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

OneMalaysian,  12 April 2012 at 18:49  

Dear Sakmongkol

UMNO people and many Malays might find it hard to imagine UMNO in opposition, and Najib as the Opposition Leader. Thinking about this might cause them cognitive dissonance.

Just about a year ago, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Ali Saleh were still brutally hanging on to power after 30-40 years. But they are all gone now. They fell into infamy, just like the corrupt Marcos, Suharto, Chen Shui Bian, Arroyo and Estrada before them. When these corrupt leaders were in power, they were seen or made out to be demigod-like – indispensible and irreplaceable – to lord over the people. Right now Basha al-Assad is en route to join the pantheon of the most evil, corrupt and oppressive leaders.

What makes UMNO’s leaders so special that they have this mandate to govern forever however incompetent and corrupt they become? Is Malaysia so unique and blessed that only other countries suffer from bad leaders? Our ASEAN neighbours have awoken but we are still in a slumber while these crooks continue their plundering ways. Wake up, Malaysians. Let’s vote for change.

As for that 69% popularity, it would be salutary for UMNO and Najib to remember the law of small numbers. Simply put, we should be extremely suspicious of results coming from small samples, which themselves are biased. 69% of Malays might like him but can we believe 69% of non-Malays, especially the Chinese, also like him? If we do then we must also believe elephants can fly.

Anonymous,  12 April 2012 at 21:06  


Najib R : Angkat bakul sendiri

This sweet talk only man will TRANSFORM himself into another DICTATOR if he wins the GE13.

Yes ... UMNO supporters said, see what BN had done for the country. Many high rise buildings ...bla .bla .bla.

Yes ... in Eygpt Mubarak regime also give all sorts of facilities example higher education until post graduate.

This RTM, TV3, almost everynight"terimakasih kepada PM, terimakasih kepada kerajaan BN ..bla..bla ..bla.."

We must knew that Kerajaan serves RAKYAT. NOT TUAN RAKYAT. All facilities of Government are HAK RAKYAT. Bukan HAK UMNO.

Apa dah jadi kalau UMNO banyak main politik dalam menggunakan HARTA RAKYAT.

He.. he.. pasukan bolasepak Malaysia pun dah rendah RANKING dari Bangladesh dan Palestin.
Politik sudah banyak sangat dalam induk bolasepak negara.

Jumlah pelajar di terima masuk Harvard Univ sudah ZERO. Apa dah jadi?

Ini semua kerana UMNO suka angkat bakul sendiri.

So.. berhati-hati atau becareful, if kampung folks still vote for Najib, tengok nanti Najib will reveal his TRUE COLORS right after the GE13.

Anonymous,  12 April 2012 at 21:24  

This is what Mahahthir said today :

"In my time UMNO was strong. Now it is not. If you support so and so, you get contracts, you get all these perks. Whether the party is down or not, it is irrelevant to them. They must be holding their posts and getting their perks," he said.

"So if somebody who is better than them comes in, then they feel their position is threatened. So they try their best not to allow better-qualified people to come in, he added.

Question : How to solve it?
Answer : Change the Government.
Reason? : Current Government has
no political will to
institute real reforms.
Result? : Malaysia will be a
better country.

bruno,  12 April 2012 at 22:59  

Dato,Najib is asking the people to judge him on his ideas and track record.But he has to state what he wants the people to judge him on.His failures or his success.With Uncle Jibby's popular rating at sixty nine percent,what more is there to judge.

So let us ask Najib,if the sixty nine percent popular rating is not good enough to convinced him to lead his Umno/BN to the people to get a mandate for him?The prolonging of the inevitable GE speaks for itself.Najib is afraid of facing the people.

Under Najib's leadership we have a kankaroo court decision on the Altantuya murder case.We have two accused murderers attend their trial with their indentities hidden.Where in the civilised world have accused murderers been accorded such priviledges.Even after they have been found guilty,we still have to wonder if these two hired killers are apes or monkeys.There is still no closure in this murder case as the principle player is still on the loose.

Then under Najib's watch we have witnesses flying out of windows of MACC buildings like UFO's.And they are termed as forced suicide.It can only be classified as forced suicide if a person or persons forced the witnesses to jump out the windows.So how come the culprits are still on the loose.Still no closure.

How about suspects having their bodies blue,black and purple and falling like nine pins while in police custody.Police brutality or forced suicides.And the endless list of dissapointments goes on and on.

And corruption like the NFC,an outright abuse of public funds dragged on and on with no finality in sight,to be forgiven if Umno/BN retains federal power.

And the useless bald headed son of a minister in Najib's department flaunting his ill gotten wealth and power whacking a poor security guard,who is doing his job and making an honest living.And Uncle Jibby is quite as a mouse as usual when it comes down to his Umno goons.

So Najib has to be frank and blunt what he wants the people to judged him on.

walla 13 April 2012 at 00:27  

I don't know what ideas and track record he can claim for himself.

If 1Malaysia as a concept, the Opposition have had that long ago. If the ETP and GTP, those are acronym-engorged variants of the Malaysia Plans and government transformation programs of the past, this time delivered on powerpoint slides instead of the usual voluminous spiral-bound word.

Also note the Industrial Master Plan has vamooshed together with the national agriculture and biotechnology policies.

Except for toxic productions, we are hollowing out as a manufacturing hub and declining as an agro-base. Neither new significant players nor high-value intensities anywhere.

The only things happening are some pre-wired construction projects but then again where's the international financial centre in KL and others? No crane means no kickoff means no liftoff from paper proposals means no financing.

As for track record, he should be more reticent than to mention it. After all, the only record that comes to the minds of the rakyat when they think of him and UTC (Umno the Corrupt) collectively carries the hit-tune Jailhouse Rock.

They will say his track record if discernible is below zero for allowing his gang members to screw the rakyat and increase further the size of the mess left by that machiavelli from kerala.

Najib's only métier if that's the appropriate word to desecrate is to spin flip-flops and to burn your money.

Time to tidur. But something bugs the mind. And it affects our Malays. And it goes like this:

One side-effect of the 6P exercise is growing in size. Instead of just legalizing the illegal workers, it has emboldened them after their registration to just scoot off from their place of work.

They are now engaged in activities directly affecting the livelihood of many locals, especially in the food and trading sectors normally serviced by our Malays. And their employers in the farms and factories in which they were employed are now left stranded without enough workers.

Add the other things, project ic/m and electoral roll corruption, and we now have a powderkeg of guy fawkes proportion.

Sayonara, kemosabe.

apanama pun boleh,  13 April 2012 at 01:58  

Kerana dah terlalu lama dipengap oleh tempurung UMNO sehingga berlumut otak..anugerah2 Agung dan Sultan2 pun pencacai2 ni ingat UMNO punya.Jelas sangat kebodohan mereka.Kalau dah mempunyai mentaliti pandy kutty,tak payahlah nak beritahu 1 dunia.

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 02:40  

Please post your Ceramah time schedule for Pahang and other areas.

We love to listen to your speeches.

Taikohtai 13 April 2012 at 06:26  

Many a times, Najib's philosophy is simply DO NOTHING.
When you do nothing, you make NO MISTAKES.
When you make NO MISTAKES, you're GOOD.
When you're good, NAIK PANGKAT!
TDM is right of course, when he said BN today is devoid of real leaders for the future. What he conveniently left out was that he started the rot.

ms maniam,  13 April 2012 at 08:23  


Quiet Despair,  13 April 2012 at 09:48  

Status quo will remain the same. Less Pakatan MPs in Parliament with Ustaz Hadi as chief Whip. DAP will have less MPs . Hope to see our beloved Bro making his debut in the august house.
In the recent Najib interview on NTV 7 Mandarin chat time, the Chinese seems to favor Ah Jib Gor. It's with some of his Cabinet members they have issues with.
Awaiting all your ceramahs in Utube.

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 10:48  

Dear Dato,
We all know you are working very hard. UMNO Baru is paying too much undue attention to the already privileged FELDA settlers. The ignorant rural peasant is economically neglected. These folks must be liberated from the clutches of UMNO Baru. I hope they are in your ceramah circuit.

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 13:28  



A lot of pro-UMNO supporters here supports UMNO/BN JUST because of their hatred towards Anwar Ibrahim. Many does not even bother to read Buku Jingga and yet they claim to be intellectual.

Let me tell these people, (be it QD, Kampung Man, WZWH, Cik Gu Ngah and the rest), that supporting PR is not about supporting Anwar. Going on mainstream media everyday....character assasinating Anwar is not going to work. It will back fire. And it will backfire big time at least amongst the educated people.

We must understand that a lot of people voted PR in the last election not because of Anwar Ibrahim. In the larger scheme of things, Anwar is not important. The well being of our beloved country is more important than him.

They voted PR because they felt that the UMNO/BN is corrupt, arrogant, thinks only they who knows best, plundering and looting the nation, dishonest, rent seekers, serving self before people and the deep erosion of the integrity of the Judiciary, PDRM, MACC and EC. Addressing these issues honestly and sincerely will help bring back support.

In other words they are not doing the right thing. Najib promised reforms but he will not be able to do it because of the deep rooted feudal culture and the all mighty rent seeking warlords in his party.

It is not the UMNO of yesteryears, not since Mahathir almost lost the presidency in 1987. So, please. It is not just about Anwar.

Readers, please ponder upon this one. There is a lot of truth in what he said. He is still an UMNO man. We should support him as he is saying the right thing. Unfortunately he is not in the corridors of power, so he could not put it into action. But Najib can. Is Najib willing to do the right thing as well?

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 13:29  


Open our mind. Do not let it be "captive". Let us ponder why Singapore has left us so far behind economically even though resource wise, we are a far richer country than them.

Umno maverick Tengku Razaleigh today said that even though the people have power to change the country's future, they are unable to make wise decisions. This, he said, is a product of the country's education system which has created a generation of "captive minds" entrenched in racial world views.

"We have the power to cast away our misfortune by casting our votes for the right candidates, but our captive minds are unable to guide our hands in making the right choices for our future and the future of our children," he said at a book launch in Ipoh today. Quoting the late Gerakan founder and academician Syed Hussein Alatas, the Gua Musang MP described the leadership as an “ignocracy” where a government deliberate keeps its people ignorant.

This, Razaleigh said, has created instances such as the failure to intellectually inquire into why the race-based New Economic Policy had run opposite to its intent of bridging the income gap. "The longer we try the policy, the farther we are from the original goal," said Razaleigh, fondly known as Ku Li.

Gov't cannot be trusted He gave the analogy of a doctor who keeps on prescribing the same medicine that produces results opposite to that intended. In such a case, he said, something must be wrong with the doctor, and something more seriously wrong with the patient who keeps on trusting the same doctor.

To break free from the ‘ignocracy’, he said, would require the people to educate their fellow comrades as the present education system cannot be trusted to do this.

"Today we can longer trust them (the government) to act as purveyors of truth. It has become our responsibility to hold the future in our own hands."

“Therefore, through our efforts at educating and promoting political consciousness, let us hope that the people of this country, in the rural and urban areas alike, will cast away their slumber, and wake up to greet the dawn of a new day, as we did fifty five years ago when Tunku Abdul Rahman (the first prime minister) called this nation into being in the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful, a nation that ‘ever seeks the welfare of its people’,” he said.

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 13:46  

Anon 12 April 2012 17:20

"He is the best leader and PM in the world"

Ha ha ha ......this is the best joke that i have ever come across. Well done Anon!!

Anonymous,  13 April 2012 at 18:42  

See who is laughing ? My toe .

It's sheer luck he ia at the top and if it is based on merit , bagi free pun tak mahu lagi minta orang nilai credidibility dia. To me it's just a silly joke !!

Long times ago , have gun will with $$$$$ anybody can travel and talk kok. Fat mama can tell you that.

Chow Hai.

nick 14 April 2012 at 08:39  


I think we should not fall into the "verdict has not been passed since the jury is still deliberating" kind of scenario/trap, Najib and his apco "consultan" trying to convince/confuse us Malaysian when in actual fact is "the judgement on UMNO and Najib have been passed by the Malaysian voters with overwhelming votes" (and might I add that the verdict was reached decades ago) and that verdict is UMNO is guilty of treason, criminal activities (corruption) and of course "no where near fit or even remotely in consideration to helm a government, any government for that matter")!

Najib and his "clever" Apco team are trying to trick us into believing that Najib and UMNO is still not 'as bad as we think they are" and they (Najib and UMNO) should and must be given a second chance pending their "magic trick and sleight of hand performance". They are trying to do a classic "sow a little seed of doubt" on the guilt of UMNO and once we fall for that tiny innocence feeling of pity and moronic magnanimity, we could well have missed our biggest change of overthrowing a corrupt, immoral and criminal infested government or in TDM's word "Melayu mudah lupa".

It's a subtle game najib is trying to play on us, on our "big heart but small brain" nature. It's a game of sow a little doubt and shower them with gift and money (and once the trust have been gained, slaughter and plunder again)! We are all familiar with the phrase "beware of Greeks bearing gift" then we should all (after many decades of empty promises, broken pledges and worse, unbridled daylight robbery of the treasury done by UMNO) be very careful of "UMNOnites and zombies trying to be human or act humane". UMNO and anything nice, decent and lawful does not live in the same universe (an example, corruption to us is a crime but to UMNO living in UMNOverse, it is nothing but politics albeit in various denomination but mostly in millions and billions).

The verdict on Najib and UMNO have been passed and the sentence must be carried out. No more talk on judgement and performance. That time has long passed and now is the time we send UMNO and Najib to the place they deserved to be (some to jail and some to the opposition benches). The verdict is ABU and the sentencing starts now!


Anonymous,  14 April 2012 at 10:40  

Umno is like shit ! Better not touch them as their stains stinks to high heaven!
Najib is on a thin thread as he is already Finished or as the melayus say "Habis".
Quiet despair , sorry please go to the ground and if you dont hear Ptuuuuiii ??? when his name is mentioned then umno can be king!For now his Apco can't do a thing ?
If this country is given an Arab spring occassion the people will hang Him dry over his tainted dealings from A to Z..Sorry we can't find anything good about this chief of umno scum bags...

FMZam 14 April 2012 at 12:14  

Don't waste time to judge Najib anymore than we already have! He's not worth judging, he's too broad to miss, you can shoot at him from the hip and not missing anything because he's the best prime minister in the world where scandals and corruptions are bulging under his hides!!!

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