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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 23 April 2012

UMNO's own The End of History- Part 2

Some of my readers will recognize that my previous article borrowed its title from Fukuyama’s hugely popular book. I am skeptical however that someone who writes of Najib as being the PM of this blessing land instead of this blessed land has read Fukuyama’s book. That if he does, can understand the import of Fukuyama's thesis. I haven’t got the time to enter into a useless polemic with this fellow as it would only serve to dignify his blog which isn’t widely read anyway.
One admission. My blog nowadays does not pretend to be a forum for unbiased debate. Since I joined the DAP, while I try to present an objective viewpoint, I am functioning increasingly as a pamphleteer with a specific political objective. I don’t have to explain myself as many know what I am inferring of.
Back to Fukyuma’s End of History. It tells the end of totalitarian and undemocratic rules all over the world. Whether it has brought about the emergence of liberal democracy in exact terms as described by Fukuyama remains to be seen. What is happening all over the world is this- ALL totalitarian and undemocratic rules in the world have had to adjust to the new realities brought about by the empowerment of people.  This is what is happening in our country too.
As a result, despite the shamefaced claim of  the rise of the PM’s popularity, of promises of development of which they have failed for so many years, there is an unmistakable sense of nervousness in the ruling government that this time; it’s not going to be business as usual.  
The prominent feature of this government is that it has trampled over the people and stampeded through them with tyrannical policies and programs designed to shackle the spirit of freedom. At the worst receiving end are the Malays, forever blinded and bonded to UMNO’s lying machine.
In this article I am following up and using much of the material written by the intrepid and much loved commentator in my blog, Walla. He has observed that along a similar trajectory to Fukuyama’s thesis, the same is happening here because our rakyat have all woken up to what UMNO has been doing. UMNO is a machine that is just racketeering to protect its coterie of cronies while spinning short-term spurts of feel-good vibes around. UMNO is nothing but a mere syndicate of well-heeled crooks and liars playing on the emotions of our simple-minded rakyat.
Take last night's event at Dataran Merdeka. While they had paid performers to gyrate around and smile for the cameras so that viewers around the country can get zapped and bedazzled by sights and sounds, our youngsters were huddling at one corner in cold tents in the same square that is emblematic of how national their plight remains.
The students had sacrificed themselves to bravely voice out their sense of injustice at how a political party can at its whims and fancies dish to its own cronies millions while denying poor students a basic scholarship for their education even to the extent of hiring thugs to bully them and take away their tents the morning after.
This is as stark as you can get that UMNO has walked the opposite direction of its so-called people-centric talk. If that's not hypocrisy against the interest of the rakyat, what is? And Najib is talking cock about his track record and big ideas. Even his big ideas are rejected by the UMNO people; elsewhere we want to be thick faced so as to want to delude ourselves and forced ourselves and families to accept all the theatrics and rhetoric that Najib is selling. He is a snake oil salesman.
Meanwhile UMNO's paid lackeys launch ad hominem attacks on people like Aspan. Doesn't one of them remember how he had sat timidly next to Aspan during one get-together when Aspan was sincerely and humbly discussing issues faced by our Malays in the country?
If one can do that to a fellowman of distinction and honour, what residual value can possibly remain in any defense of the corrupt paymaster that is UMNO?
And this is what UMNO has done to our country and society. It has divided and separated itself above us. More than that, it has also debased us. Didn't someone just confess in a previous post he was not such a cheapskate to want only two hundred ringgit?
What they don’t know is, the paymasters consider those who had taken that money from UMNO are actually considered cheapskates. The RM 200 paid to these lackeys are but loose change to people who had dispensed money taken from the rakyat. The RM 200 loose change are just alms given back but in little amounts disproportionate to the vast sums stolen in broad daylight by the paymasters under the protection of all the federal institutions of the country. Perhaps it’s all part of a soul cleansing ritual. This kind of scheming tomfoolery must end at GE13.
Just look at the clowning- watch for instance the Pemandu TV ad on anti-corruption. Ask yourself how can a government ask companies to pledge not to be corrupt when the government itself is corrupt? Collect for yourself any number of A's you like if you can honestly answer that question. Muhyiddin and Khaled won't mind but that's because they would never miss any they never had.
Now, some may still wonder what will happen to UMNO after GE13. The answer has already arrived. Look at the Pakatan-run states today. UMNO is in the opposition in those states. And that's how it will be if Pakatan routs Barisan in GE13.

In those Pakatan-run states, are our Malays worse off by a long shot? Have they lost their Ketuanan by any chance? Isn't it odd that the occasional bellyaching is only made by a few 'Malays' who don't even look like our Malays?
As was written before, the best way to see for yourself the true colours of a political party is to look at it when it is NOT running the country. When it is the opposition, see whether it really cares for the rakyat.
Has UMNO as opposition reps really cared for the rakyat in Pakatan-run states as much as Pakatan has been caring for the rakyat as their opposition reps in Barisan-majority states?
Let us next ask ourselves - if Najib has to hire flag-waving motorcyclists and UMNO's NGOs can bully their keris-threatening way through against student and social movements of the rakyat, on which side does the word 'rakyat' sit? Therefore, on which side does Najib and his UMNO NGOs sit? Sorry, limit's up on A's.
Are you on the side of the Oppressor or the Oppressed?


Anonymous,  23 April 2012 at 20:31  

Dato Sak, you need to write more in Bahasa Melayu.A lot of malays does not understand english. How many peneroka Felda knows about your website? let alone to understand your well written english article.The average malays only watch TV3 and read Utusan Melayu to get news.Most of them are completely clueless about whats happening in our country.

Anonymous,  23 April 2012 at 20:40  


I have followed your blog for as long as I can remember. I have to admit that I was not into politics before 2008 and my knowledge of what was going on and who's who in the political arena was very much limited.
Then, there were only a few prominent opposition blogs on line and I followed them religiously until I came across yours through one of their links.
I remembered saying to myself, " Oh Sh*t! UMNO's has got someone on their side that could really influence their readers". The level of fear was very high then because I thought to myself, "It's not fair! They've got the money, the reach and now, they've also got you!". Since then, I've always followed your postings with great anticipation. I always wanted to write something but It was always intimidating, to say the least. I don't know how to penned my thoughts into words in a way you do it so I've always held back because you've always desire intellectual responses and ideas which I know I lack.
However, I do need to say this, I am truly relieved that you're now on "our" side and I pray that God will continue to Bless you & your family and keep all of you safe always.

bruno,  23 April 2012 at 21:11  

Dato,maybe you should changed the title of the article to 'The Beginning of History-Umno After Putrajaya'.

It should be about how Umnoputras got too greedy,forget about their own and drove themselves down the cliff into the ocean.But that is my personal opinion only.Hahaha.

OneMalaysian,  23 April 2012 at 21:29  

Dear Sakmongkol

“UMNO is nothing but a mere syndicate of well-heeled crooks and liars playing on the emotions of our simple-minded rakyat.” Walla.

I feel Walla’s passion, emotions and anger. I cannot agree more with how he depicts UMNO. While UMNO has failed to fool the urban and better-informed citizens, I do fear they have the rural, less informed – dare I say, ignorant – Malaysians feeding off their hand.

Poverty and ignorance tempt people to accept small bribes in exchange for forfeiting their long-term future. This is what UMNO is attempting to do with the 220,000 Felda settlers and stakeholders. This is what they hope to do with the BR1M RM500 handout. This is what they achieve by handing little wads of notes to folks in the longhouses in Sarawak, and in the Kadazan kampongs in rural Sabah. These Malaysians never knew what a bright future might look like. So RM500 looks pretty good. This must be from a good and caring government.

They have not seen Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipeh, Seoul or Tokyo. So they cannot imagine what freedom from poverty means. They are trapped in their kampongs and longhouses. And UMNO/BN wants to keep them there - ignorant, with a benighted future, and serving as a guaranteed vote bank.

Anonymous,  23 April 2012 at 22:35  


If you really love Malaysia and want to see a new goverment formed after GE 13, kindly forward this important message ( link ) to friend and people as many as you can. Please support us and do your part !


School Of Tots 23 April 2012 at 22:55  

Very well articulate piece of mind, TQ sir. The propoganda game is always ON at BN's disposal. How to counter it? Just think the opposite of what the propoganda machine presented. eg. "Rakyat Di Dahulu kan" can means, "Rakyat Di Kemudian kan." As DSAI mentioned the other day, PETRONAS generate RM80B per year, and all we needs is RM5B per year to provide free educations to the poor. Looks so possible & logical, isn'i it? Yeaaah I think so..

Zaidi,  23 April 2012 at 22:57  

Dato' Sak,
I would like to volunteer for translating your posting to BM. My BM may not be as polished as Dato Kadir Jasin but I can write.For example "Berakhirnya Sejarah untuk UMNO Bahagian 2 - Ramai yang sudah menjangka bahawa tajuk di atas diambil daripada tulisan Francis Fukiyama ....sekadar tawaran

Tecumseh Troy,  23 April 2012 at 23:04  

Dear Anonymous 20:31,

No, I disagree when you wrote the average Malay watches TV3 and read only Utusan. NOBODY reads Utusan nowadays. That paper is losing money and the only reason it's still in business is because it's being subsidized by UMNO. Go to 7-11 or the petrol station or anywhere they sell newspapers and you will find lots of Utusan still unsold.

As for TV, most Malaysians (malays included) watch Astro channels. Maybe the kampung folk watch TV3 but those people are hard core UMNO anyway and won't change no matter what.

nahraf 24 April 2012 at 00:18  

What about the recent election laws amendment, in my opinion the laws were amended solely to facilitate cheating on a mass scale, how do PR counter this? frankly I'm in despair, BN will still retain federal gov and take back selangor through cheating and nothing can be done about it.Why bother with election anymore

bruno,  24 April 2012 at 01:46  

Dato,first of all there was no need for Umnoputras to sent out the goons to whacked the students.The moronic Umnoputras never bothered to check with Najib if Malaysia is still a democracy(free country) or a cowboy state.

Afterall,hundreds of billions have been used to bail out their cronies.And their debts are all forgiven.So if hundreds of billions of their cronies debts can be forgiven,why can't the students asked for their debts to be forgiven too.Is it a crime to ask?

And look at the carrots Umno is dishing out.Just look at Najib.Handing out keys to houses for the nine Indian High Chaparal holdouts and on the way hitting the Penang state government below the belt.And houses for the Lebuh Pantai area too.

He and his Umno,MCA and MIC lackeys should have repratriated all their offshore funds and buy the election outright.It should be cheaper,makes more sense as it gurantees a sure outright win over the opposition.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 07:32  

Dato, i'm afraid that BN people don't know how to become opposition in the dewan!!! They will all the ways object.......

yum,  24 April 2012 at 07:52  

Isn't it odd that the occasional bellyaching is only made by a few 'Malays' who don't even look like our Malays?

That gave me a chuckle when I thought of Penang.

There are just too few Umno bloggers who can argue their case in a sane, even-handed way. With you and Aspan leaving the Umno fold, make that NO Umno bloggers.

machang cowboy,  24 April 2012 at 09:41  

Remember, Remember Revenge of the People will be Brutal.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 11:23  

To UMNO Baru yang haram hanyalah babi.

FMZam 24 April 2012 at 12:06  

The thought of UMNO/BN winning the coming GE by cheating is really really disturbing. Democracy has been manipulated by UMNO to grow themselves into neo-feudal and totalitarian monsters in disguise. Shit man! UMNO has mastered the skills of winning a losing battle while Pakatan has not been able to convert the opportunity into real gains. So much exposes of UMNO's shits yet its wall is only cracking but not falling. Pakatan has been battering UMNO from all sides of the wall so much so even Pakatan's battering ram is now starting to crack! While we may have thought UMNO is in untennable position we must not forget to think for the worst that come GE13 Pakatan may be losing many winning battles!

FMZam 24 April 2012 at 12:06  

The thought of UMNO/BN winning the coming GE by cheating is really really disturbing. Democracy has been manipulated by UMNO to grow themselves into neo-feudal and totalitarian monsters in disguise. Shit man! UMNO has mastered the skills of winning a losing battle while Pakatan has not been able to convert the opportunity into real gains. So much exposes of UMNO's shits yet its wall is only cracking but not falling. Pakatan has been battering UMNO from all sides of the wall so much so even Pakatan's battering ram is now starting to crack! While we may have thought UMNO is in untennable position we must not forget to think for the worst that come GE13 Pakatan may be losing many winning battles!

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 12:06  

Salam Sak & bloggers,

kerjaan Selangor bawah PK, MB TS Khalid memang prihatin terhadap rakyat biasa serta rakyat yang miskin. Mesti Undi PK, DAP Beramai-

Sak, Sdr Aspan & bloggers, cuba melawat perpustakaan canggih
yang mereka renovated dari dewan komuniti underused by the previous umno govt. Malu betul umno neglected rakyat Pandan Jaya berdekad - dekad.

Venue : Pandan Jaya, Jln 4 untuk membangun intelek anak - anak penghuni- penghuni flats yang merangkumi seluruh blok flats bermula dari Jalan 1, Pandan Jaya.

Siap dilengkapi komputer- komputer canggih, suasana yang sangat bersih, selesa, air-conditioned and with fans, conducive, modern ( tanpa silly frilly curtains , plastic flowers ), perabut yang functional serta moden.

Kos bangunan pun tak lah ridiculously high reaching sejuta rm. Tak perlu mega itu ini lagi, semua garbage huge egocentric has to stop !

Semua esco PK, DAP must get these expectations from the rakyat right. Kerajaan Selangor bawah naungan PK BERSIH, ADA INTEGRITI with hard evidence, TIDAK KORUP.

PK punya prihatin, jujur, bertanggungjwab walaupun Pandan Jaya masih di bawah Ong Tee Keat.
Rakyat tak dianak-tirikan macam the corrupted umno menghina hambakan rakyat di sg siput, atau mana - mana constituency di bawah jagaan PSM, PK, DAP tanpa memberi mereka allocations.

Hasilnya kerajaan ikhlas Selangor anak - anak rakyat miskin serta golongan yang tua di kawasan setempat boleh diberi jagaan rapi untuk pembangunan mental, penggunaan masa secara produktif untuk kebaikan masyarakat semua, seterusnya negara.

Setiap undi untuk PK, DAP, akan menjamin lebih kerusi untuk PK menerajui sebagai kerjaan baru, semestinya menjamin pembangunan pesat yang long overdue, serta penjimatan wang, tenaga, efficiency and accountability !

TS Khalid mesti menjemput Sultan Selangor yang prihatin, esco Selangor, semua penyokong bloggers untuk celebrate, without the circus, jomheboh, pomps, not our style. Ours is of quiet, intelligent, humble, dignified statue.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 13:00  

Salam Dato,

Sudah terang lagi bersuluh :

Projek IC percuma kepada pendatang asing adalah menunjukkan UMNO@BN dikepalai oleh NajRaz adalah pengkhianat bangsa dan negara Malaysia yang kita cintai ini.

Kalau boleh hebohkan kepada penyokong totok UMNO di kampung seluruh negara bahawa pimpinan UMNO sudah melakukan pengkhianatan dan penipuan terbesar dalam sejarah politik Malaysia.

Contoh poster "UMNO@BN pengkhianat negara, beri IC percuma kepada pendatang asing"

Siapa yang ada urusan dengan Israel? Walaupun dinyatakan tidak ada hubuingan diplomasi, wak ima selagi ada urusan (perniagaan/perkapalan) maka sah UMNO pengkhianat negara Malaysia dan umat Islam.

Siapa yang mentiris wang RAKYAT? Kalau tidak UMNO@BN siapa lagi??? PAS??? DAP??? Siapa cakap? Audit?

Macamana pendapat ustaz UMNO dan Professor Kangkung?

Kalau lembu merempit tengah jalan tak usahlah. lagi bodoh campur bahlul.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 13:09  

Terima kasih Zaidi.

Dato, izinkan lah Zaidi buat translation tulisan Dato.

Ramai pembaca2 diblog Dato lebih paham bahasa Malaysia. Jadi kita boleh sebar seluas-luasnya tulisan Dato mengenai keadaan yang sebenarnya di hadapi kaum Melayu.

Biarlah kaum Melayu buka minda dan fikiran nya selepas membaca tulisan Dato.

Dengan kepintaran, kepandaian dan kejujuran Dato, Dato sepatutnya boleh jadi seorang menteri yang handal. Saya doa semoga Dato akan jadi menteri kita bila UMMO/BN di kuburkan. Biarlah puak2 UMNO tu dijatuhkan dari jawatan yang asyik merompak wang rakyat aje.

Saya berdoa agar Dato sihat. Jaga-jaga dan berwaspada bila pandu kereta. Sentiasa jaga keselamatan sendiri...entah lah apa puak2 UMNO tu akan buat...

penduduk kampung

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 14:06  

Saudara Sak,

Agree with Anon 23 April 2012 20:31... more articles in Bahasa Melayu for the masses please.

Sorry cannot volunteer as mine is "passable" but definitely not "credit" material...


Ariff Sabri 24 April 2012 at 16:11  


to en zaidi and others- pls feel free to translate any of mu articles into bahasa melayu. kadang2 saya pun menulis dalam bahasa melayu juga.
t kasih diatas semangat sukarelawan saudara.
ariff sabri

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 16:51  

Anon 8:23pm

Tak tahulah betul ke tidak statement sdra. Ada satu blog melapurkan seorang exco kanan perak berugama islam telah mengadakan satu majlis untuk bukan melayu di ipoh siap dengan bakar babi. Penulis tersebut siarkan dengan gambar-gambarnya sekali. Dari foto yang dilampir sekali nampak memang ia. Tapi tak tahulah nak kata sbb aku xgi majlis tu. Tengok sendirilah. Lagi siap pangge artis cina yang seksi. Acara tersebut dibuat sebelah ceramah Pakatan.

mat pendang

Patrick 24 April 2012 at 17:24  

UMNO and BN are imploding spectacularly. This is obvious from the total lack of controls and firm leadership. The top officials want to remain in power with many legislative maneuvering. The middle and lower govt ranks are disillusioned by all the revelations of corruption and plunder and abuse of power and will resist execution of changes. This attitude is already grinding the govt machinery to lower gears.

We are now witnessing a snowball effect where more and more people are becoming whistleblowers voluntarily. These whistleblowers are not bought off or coerced into revealing their own little first-hand events of blatant corruption, bribery, abuse of power, etc, etc. These are volunteers, who are fed up of the high handedness and UMNO arrogant swagger.

The imploding is now functioning on its own and picking up steam. The merry old men or UMNO Old Boys Club that so alienated the majority of people it was supposed to represent, are collapsing. Look at the media noise from them. Its either haphazard and illogical or none at all. Their supporters and cronies have been put into disarray, which creates a cycle of revenge and whitleblowers organically.

UMNO will make a weak opposition. It will not have the resources to live up to their expectations. The resources are either drained out of Malaysia or hoarded. Its everyman for himself in UMNO/BN. This attitude will accelerate the vicious imploding cycle of UMNO. So in essence, there will be a new political reality after GE 13. The landscape will be totally different. Expect chaos to rule in this tumultuous transition period. Before the calm sets in and open the road to prosperity and harmony.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 18:45  

23 April 2012 20:40

you write eloquently, not worries, the more mindful writers, the better with GE looming. Welcome On Board !

we have fans, supporters, bloggers who are eloquent in English, or Bahasa Malaysia or both, or trilingual, it is a personal choice and rights to communicate ideas MOST effectively, efficiently within the time constraint, as some political ideas are espounded in English,

in reaching out to the rakyat, in the cities as well as the rural areas, hence, those who are apt at translation, could assist Sak in translating his articles into Bahasa Malaysia or vice - versa.
Terima kasih. Salam.

Anonymous,  24 April 2012 at 23:33  


to be able to express eloquently in English in both spoken and written is kind of the soul being given fresh air to breathe, wings to soar literally, the mind opens up to a myriad of phenomenal ideas, selectively good or brilliant if one chooses to.

m eternally grateful for my beloved late parents who were visionary, strong in the sense that they were courageous not to deny us, siblings to be educated in English
despite the fact we were from the beautiful kampung, however, without neglecting Bahasa Malaysia. As a result both my siblings are gainfully employed as experts in their respective fields abroad.

Hence, ones can choose to write in either English or Bahasa Melayu in your blog, we need the best of ideas to develop the nation, be they be in any language, don't we ?

Let's ponder why those in the diplomatic corp are multilingual, why should the common rakyat be denied their rights, it is not a privilege, it is not an option, it is a must, to be bilingual or multilingual, with lots of knowledge of excellence with fine character to be competitive, employable in Asia and globally.
Merci. Salam.

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 00:07  

It is gratifying to know that we have brave and enlightened Malay leaders like you who dare stand up to revel the rot and evil in UMNO. As a Malaysian Chinese and fellow citizen, I have the highest esteem for you and all your fellow heros and heroines in PAS, PKR, and DAP who are fighting for justice against the evil and dark forces. My friends and I of all races give all of you are unconditional support.


Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 01:31  

Teruk betoi puak puak UMNO ni. Macam orang meroyan jadinya depa. Aku memang tergelak keras perut bila tengok TV acara pelancaran Kelab alias NGO TIBAI yang turut disertai Ibrahim Ali.

Patutnya NGOK depa tu diberi nama CIBAI...lebih sesuai dengan pembawaan dan perangai pelaq pemimpin2 spesis macam tu. Nampak sangat parti karat UMNO BN ni dah terdesak, sebab tu tindakan dan perangai pemimpin dan penyokong mereka akhir2 ni haru biru.

Paling teruk...senator2 lantikan baru Najib semuanya spesis lidah ular dan pengemis rezki. Kalau tak kerana lidah depa berbelit berputar, dah lama depa ni mampuih.

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 08:39  

mat pendang....semua binatang di dunia ciptaan Tuhan/Allah, termasuk babi, lembu and kambing!

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 09:34  


Anon 25 April 2012.

what ? acronym TIBAI ? punya bodoh, tak da akal leadership PERKASAr, nama semacam itu memang dah dikaitan. ishhh, bodohnya !

Zaidi,  25 April 2012 at 10:14  

Asm Dato' : terjemahan saya. Tak tahu alamat e-mel Dato'. Zaidi

Sebahagian daripada pembaca sudah dapat meneka bahawa artikel saya yang lepas meminjam tajuk daripada buku Francis Fukuyama yang masyhur itu. Saya ragu-ragu tentang seorang penulis yang menulis Najib sebagai PM bagi Negara yang memberkati dan bukannya Negara yang diberkati (ini merujuk kepada kesalahan bahasa bagi seorang blogger daripada Jerantut –penterjemah), saya tidak yakin dia pernah membaca buku Fukuyama tersebut. Jika dibacapun, mungkin dia tidak faham isi kandungan dan gagasan idea buku tersebut. Saya tiada masa untuk berdebat dengan beliau yang mana akan memuliakan lagi blog yang tidak mendapat sambutan itu.

Saya mengaku satu perkara. Blog saya kini tidak lagi berselindung sebagai forum perbahasan yang tidak berat sebelah. Semenjak menyertai DAP saya cuba mengemukakan sudut pandangan yang objektif dan semakin berfungsi sebagai orang yang menyebarkan cebisan-cebisan pandangan dengan objektif politik yang khusus. Saya tidak perlu menjelaskan dengan terperinci kerana ramai yang tahu apa yang saya maksudkan di sini.

Kembali kepada buku Fukuyama “Berakhirnya Sejarah”. Buku ini menerangkan tentang berakhirnya pemerintahan kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di seluruh dunia. Samada berakhirnya jenis pemerintahan tersebut dan digantikan dengan demokrasi bebas dengan maksudnya yang sebenar masih belum pasti. Apa yang berlaku diseluruh dunia adalah seperti berikut – SEMUA pemerintah kuku besi dan tidak demokrasi di dunia sekarang terpaksa menyesuaikan diri dengan kenyataan baru yang akibat daripada beralihnya kekuasaan kepada rakyat. Inilah yang berlaku kepada Negara kita ini. Hasilnya, walaupun banyak cakap-cakap besar yang “tidak malu” bahawa PM semakin popular, janji-janji pembangunan yang gagal di laksanakan setelah sekian lama, jelas kelihatan kerajaan yang memerintah pada hari ini semakin resah dan gelisah ; nampaknya keadaan sudah lagi tidak seperti biasa.

Perangai yang jelas kerajaan hari ini – suka memijak rakyat dan merempuh mereka dengan polisi-polisi yang menindas dan program-program yang membelenggu jiwa rakyat yang bebas. Yang paling teruk ialah orang Melayu, selamanya dibutakan dan terikat dengan jentera penipuan UMNO.

Di sini saya akan menyambung dan menggunakan kebanyakan bahan yang telah ditulis oleh seorang yang rajin member komen di blog saya iaitu Walla. Pemerhatiannya adalah perkara yang dikemukakan oleh Fukuyama dari segi perkembangan sejarahnya juga sedang berlaku di Negara kita kerana rakyat telah mulai sedar apa yang UMNO lakukan selama ini. UMNO ini seperti sebuah mesin yang berkerja bersama-sama untuk melindungi kroni-kroni sambil mengeluarkan berita-berita baik setiap hari bagi memberikan perasaan gembira kepada rakyat. UMNO tidak lebih dari kumpulan perkongsian penyamun dan penipu yang memainkan emosi rakyat yang lurus itu.

Sebagai contoh peristiwa di Dataran Merdeka kelmarin. Sambil mereka mengupah penghibur-penghibur untuk menari di situ dan menujukkan senyuman kepada kamera supaya penonton-penonton di seluruh Negara terpaku dengan persembahan cahaya dan bunyinya, ada pula pelajar-pelajar kita yang berkumpul di satu sudut di dalam khemah-khemah mereka di dataran yang sama – begitu simbolik masalah Negara kita ini. Pelajar-pelajar ini telah berkorban dengan beraninya menyuarakan rasa ketidakadilan bagaimana satu parti politik dengan sewenang-wenangnya memberikan jutaan ringgit kepada kroni-kroni tetapi menafikan biasisiswa kepada pelajar miskin dan mengupah kaki pukul untuk membuli mereka dan merampas khemah mereka.

Zaidi,  25 April 2012 at 10:14  

Ini adalah bukti “sudah terang lagi bersuluh” bahawa UMNO mengambil laluan yang bertentangan dengan kata-kata “Rakyat didahulukan”. Kalau ini bukan hipokrit yang bertentangan dengan “rakyat didahulukan” apa lagi yang tinggal? Dan Najib berkokok ayam tentang rekod pencapaiannya dan gagasan –gagasan idea beliau. Sedangkan UMNO sendiri telah menolak idea beliau. Adakah kita akan menebalkan muka dan memperdaya diri sendiri dan memaksa diri dan keluarga kita untuk menerima sahaja lakonan dan cakap-cakap kosong oleh Najib? Dia memang seorang penjual obat.

Sementara itu pencacai-pencacai UMNO mula menyerang Aspan membuta tuli dengan perkara yang tidak masuk akal. Lupakah sipencacai ini bahawa dia pernah duduk di sebelah Aspan dan secara ikhlas dan penuh bersopan membincangkan masalah yang dihadapi oleh orang Melayu kita di Negara ini?
Jika pencacai ini tergamak melakukan perkara sedemikian kepada rakannya yang jujur dan budiman , apakah lagi yang kita boleh harapkan daripada budi pekertinya untuk mempertahankan Tuan Besarnya iaitu UMNO?
Inilah apa yang UMNO telah lakukan kepada Negara dan masyarakat kita. UMNO telah memecahbelah dan memisahkan dirinya daripada kita. Malah lebih teruk lagi, UMNO telah menghina kita. Bukankah sebelum ini ada orang yang telah mengaku bahawa dia bukan murahan yang akan menerima dua ratus ringgit ?
Apa yang mereka tidak sedar ialah UMNO menganggap orang yang menerima duit daripadanya sebagai murahan. Wang RM 200 yang di bayar kepada pencacai adalah duit syiling kepada orang yang menabur duit yang sebenarnya dikutip daripada rakyat. Syiling RM 200 ini adalah sedekah daripada mereka tetapi ini terlalu sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan betapa banyak duit yang telah dirompak di siang hari oleh Tuan Besar di bawah perlindungan institusi persekutuan di Negara kita ini. Agaknya ini adalah sebahagian daripada proses penyucian jiwa mereka. Perangai bengap ini mesti ditamatkan menjelang PRU 13.

Lihat sahaja lakonan badut-badut sebagai contoh iklan di TV oleh Pemandu mengenai anti rasuah. Tanyalah diri kita bagaimana sebuah kerajaan boleh meminta syarikat-syarikat untuk membuat akujanju untuk tidak rasuah sedangkan kerajaan sendiri menghadapi masalah rasuah? Kita akan mengumpul banyak markah A jika kita jujur di dalam menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut. Muhyidin dan Khaled tentu tidak kisah kerana mereka tidak pernah terlepas perkara yang mereka tidak pernah dapat – mereka sendiri jarang dapat A .

Masih ada yang tertanya-tanya apakah yang akan berlaku kepada UMNO selepas PRU13. Jawabannya sudah ada. Lihat sahaja di negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh Pakatan. UMNOlah pembangkang di negeri itu. Inilah yang akan berlaku jika Pakatan menumpaskan Barisan di dalam PRU13.

Di dalam negeri yang di kuasai Pakatan, adakah orang Melayu di situ lebih teruk keadaanya? Sudah hilangkah ketuanan Melayu ? Pelik bukan bila beberapa orang “Melayu” yang mengadu ditindas dan dianiaya itu tidak menyerupai orang “Melayu”?

Seperti yang saya nukilkan sebelum ini, cara terbaik untuk mengetahui perangai sebenar sebuah parti itu ialah ketika parti itu tidak memerintah. Apabila parti itu menjadi pembangkang adakah mereka benar-benar membela rakyat. Adakah UMNO yang menjadi pembangkang benar-benar cakna dan prihatin dengan masalah rakyat seperti mana pembangkan di negeri yang dikuasai BN?

Mari kita tanya diri kita sendiri – jika Najib terpaksa mengupah penunggang motosikal untuk membawa bendera dan NGO UMNO boleh membuli dengan menghunus keris melawan gerakan pelajar dan rakyat, di sebelah manakah UMNO? Justru di sebelah mana pula Najib dan NGO UMNO? Maaf kerana markah A amat terhad.
Adakah anda bersama yang menzalimi atau yang dizalimi?

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 10:23  

Anon 00.07, can't u see so far what the BN has done despite whatever complain u got. As Malay i could see how free, rich and suceesfull the the majority of Chinese got in this beautiful land called Malaysia.

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 11:19  

Refer :

Ini Umno/Bn main taik!!!

Pengecut mcm bibir merah iitu. Org tanya dia lari. Org heboh sana sini dia senyap.

Tak guna punya bapa dlm keluarga mcm ini

Quiet Despair,  25 April 2012 at 13:12  

Hola dear brother

I think the apt headline is UMNO owns The End of History. It's pertinent of you to use the title of Francis Fukuyama's book The End of History And The Last Man to support your prediction of the end of UMNO.
It was described as a seminal book and a required reading for students of world history, economics and politics when it was published in 1992.
But it was later described as precocious and controversial treatise
The Japanese American historian and philosopher has held that age-old struggle over political ideologies had ended and that liberal democracy was the victor.
But for the past several years with the rise of Russian authoritarism, China's huge economic growth and the failure of neo-conservative ideals in Iraq, where he argued earlier to dislodge Saddam Hussein, have cast doubts on the premise.
And bro and others have brought the Arab Spring to demonstrate UMNO/BN Malaysia will follow suit.
It's not gonna happen, bro. Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenis etc are all Arabs with different religions.
But Malaysia we have different races and different religions which will not win the approval of the Malays to bring down the government.
And what have we to protest against? Our leaders are not despotic or authoritarian that they must be rid off.
And to be replace by the wanna-be tin despot PM who is more repressive and iron fisted? Hahaha.
Bro, you have sold your soul to the company store. Best you mind the store.
Your Pakatan coalition is slip slidin' away. The only strong one is your party.
Guard it jealously. Don't let it slip away. Ensure you do not lose the ones in your grasp.
I see PAS is slowly inching away to UMNO dan distancing itself to Pakatan.
Note the fatwa amendment in Kedah for example. Don't be surprise if Azizan be an UMNO MB. The DAP and Keadilan leaders are impotent on this and chose to remain mum.
PAS's Nasharuddin is with the UMNO sponsored LBGBT group demonstrating against bi-sexuals becoming our leader.
He is also against Ambiga leading Bersih. He wants PAS to be in the fore-front.
And Ustaz Hadi is against Anu-war's proposal to do away with the PTPTN loan.
If Anwar can come out from his pocket the RM43 billion to finance the students, then only he can become PM. Not?
You mentioned the sit-in students were out in the cold at Dataran Merdeka.
Well, it's their choice. They seem to be enjoying it. Did you see the shaved head gal smoking away with the PTPTN money.Pity the father, who may be a farmer or rubber tapper.
Why can't they be like the Chinese who took the loan, study hard and convert the loan to scholarship.
If it is my mom or nanna, the students will be dragged home, consign to the basement and made to study in a light single bulb.
There is no such thing as free education. You have to earn while you learn like what most of us did.
If you dont want the PTPTN, dont accept it. Get a job and dont go to college. Easy as that.

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 14:02  

Dear Dato Sak

"These are the times that try men's souls" Thomas Paine, pamphleteer, American Revolution, circa 1776

Keep on pamphleteering !


Phua Kai Lit

Ariff Sabri 25 April 2012 at 20:11  


e mail saya tertera di sebelah kiri blog saya di bahagian pengenalan diri. t kasih diatas terjemahan tersebut.
ariff sabri

Anonymous,  25 April 2012 at 20:39  

Zaidi, 25 April 2012

That was hard work. Excellent, Zaidi and thank you for your invaluable support to Sak and all of us here to reach out to our brothers in the kampung2.

Zaidi, could i suggest you liaise with Sak and upload your masterpiece translation and placed it next to his original text, would you mind ?

Terima kasih.

walla 25 April 2012 at 22:01  

Whichever seat BN may win, glorious or otherwise, the rakyat who know have already concluded BN is going to cheat on polling day.

In advance of Saturday's event, let us consider the dire implication of the fast-tracked approval of the Election Bill which had required Parliament to freeze its clock.

The conclusion is that such an important bill was just slipped through on a BN ticket without national debate that would have opened the eyes of all voters in the country. Considering how important the changes are, it's treason against our democracy.

One critical change is what will happen at the polling site. In the past, the candidate could position his or her election agent and polling agent. These respectively function to check on issuance of polling papers and to observe vote countng and tallies.

In one stroke, BN has just canceled these provisions. You ask yourselves why and are at a paralyzing loss for a credible answer.

In fact, the removal of both point to something even more sinister, namely a potential loophole in the use of indelible ink that will be used as the sole arbiter in GE13.

All this in turn points to inherent bias of the EC ahead of what will be the most important general elections in the history of this country.

It is sickening just to think how our voters are going to take time and trouble to walk into their polling stations on GE13 day, exercise their rights as citizens, make their choices in the hope of a better government and then have their vote nullified under their very noses by people who want to win at all costs.

These people have not only stolen your money paid as taxes, contributions and dues from the soil of this land, but they are also stealing your right to make changes already argued to the last drop of your national blood.

They are stealing your only right as a concerned citizen and parent so that they can do it again to steal from you what's left of our common tattered future sugar-coated by them to lull your minds and weaken your resolve.

If a candidate's representatives cannot observe what is going on inside the polling and counting station, it will be like turning off the lights again in order to present opportunities to switch, discard, replace or spoil the votes.

In the last general elections, there were at least 35 marginal seats which could have gone either way. Who can tell today whether those that had gone to Barisan had actually been majority votes for Pakatan in which case the Opposition could have won such a number as to call for postponement in the passing of that election bill?

Add the other unfair tricks like gerrymandering the constituency borders, arm-twisting the civil service and armed forces, paying election inducements, blackmailing voters with promises of future development, double-tracked postal voting, polaroid citizenships for foreigners, moving voters en-masse from one site to another, persuading students to change their addresses, creating more phantom voters than even Aragon can take, and creating two different voter databases - has google map replaced Malaysia with Zimbabwe?

As Bersih 3.0 comes to technicolor life this weekend, start preparing for Bersih 4.0 before GE13.

Let everyone ponder carefully what is going to happen after GE13 when all will conclude that Umno and its BN have cheated the rakyat in every polling station.

The EC said we have the cleanest voter database. Throw back - which one. Parliament passed the removal of provision for candidate agents. Throw back - why?

Our voters must have an answer they can accept BEFORE any move to start GE13.

Otherwise the results after will in the hearts of all the rakyat, including the cowards of Umno reading this, bring anger and a sense of injustice no time, money or persuasion can heal.

Because it is cheating.

brave wave 25 April 2012 at 23:23  

Dear Sir,
As a political scientist, I am familiar with Fukuyama's 'The End of History', and I see your point. Fukuyama had it wrong on many points, but not on the claim to democracy, arising from the young and the masses and the grassroots, an apparently 'weapons of the weak' approach, as theorized by Prof. James Scott, from Yale (who incidentally wrote his thesis on this theme based on fieldwork in Malaysia. Its coming to pass that, like the Arab spring, we are seeing the Msia spring, even if it is not (thank God) as violent and dramatic as in the Arab world and elsewhere...please keep on writing and telling it as it is, cos it is REALLY the end of umno, whether they win the elections or not - the majority of the rakyat already are convinced that they are an elitist, cronyistic, corrupt,idiotic, murderous, lying, cheating, hypocritical bunch of morons that remain in power because of nepotism, a civil service bureaucracy, a military, polics and judiciary systems headed by their cronies, who are also sucking and squeezing the taxes of the rakyat for their own ends and handbags and shoes...its utterly despicable, it just cannot remain this way, AND IT WILL CHANGE by one means or another...umno and bn must go if Malaysia is to move, Sir, I support you and your thoughts, analysis and speaking out against an evil regime

walla 25 April 2012 at 23:24  


And cheating is not fair. That's why the students want free education. Because they saw with their own eyes how Umno is just breaking all the rules and erasing the debts of its own cronies, past and present, with a promissory note to those of the future as well.

And this same Umno has for its puppet the DBKL and Home Ministry which say they are just following the rules.

Yes, rules for me are not the same as rules for you.

What kind of a cock-and-bull crap country have we become? Assets are frozen but it's business as usual in the land where business is no longer as usual. Confused?

The world has changed. Your mee goreng was selling at three sixty a plate. It's now four fifty at least. Yet the CPI they go by wraps you in comfort that inflation is minimal. Hello kitty, CPI is obsolete in Mababwe-land.

The mee goreng is made of flour, oil, veges and egg. These form CPI items. But the increase is labour. Frankly, imported labour ahead of our minimum wage policy. So it is processing cost which has added inflation to household bills. Processing includes rental, ringgit weakening and social costs magnified by promises of high-income economies built on dubious data charted on powerpoints produced by those who wear bally's who have never seen the inside of an empty paper-strewn factory before all their white-starched lives.

And that is the only apex the present government has to offer you. Construction pre-wired to cronies at inflated rates and hot-air balloons at your next jomheboh carnival.

What is beneath that apex? Ministers who are next to useless. Racists they use to break us up and polarize the society we and all subsequent generations must co-live in mutual harmony and cooperation. Simpletons who are so far down in their economic lives that the moment a wad of small-time cash is flashed before their eyes, they will gladly do any bidding of those who are already cashing out of this country. And let's not forget the denialists who will say white when everything is already as black as the calculating pupils in their eyes.

And on these six bunches of jokers the fate of the great Malaysian nation depends?

In a land where over seventy percent of the workforce are only piang-chiaking on the global scale, as the chinamen will say, we want to talk about game-changing? Let me try again in their dialect. Are we changing from kau-tim to umm-tim? Does that come from self-syioking, you wonder?

walla 25 April 2012 at 23:41  


What do the rakyat need to do now? The rakyat need to change their own game and they must do it before Umno does its own.

We have seen how Umno has been changing its game. Even Houdini will be puzzled how you can change a brood of cows into prime deluxe condo's, furthermore using money that is not yours. And then getting away in the greatest escape since Alcatraz.

It is time to stop all this nonsense and insensate bleeding. Give Pakatan one term this GE13. What damage can it do in that time that has not already been done by Umno and its Barisan? If you don't like it, then vote Barisan back in once GE14 comes. It's only a couple of years compared to having had Barisan for 55 years, of which the last thirty was notable for some animal farm type of rule. After all, the power is vested in each and every voter and you can show thugs and hired-hands exactly how it can be wielded in the way you want this country to be ruled from now on.

It is to say the obvious that none of us wants to lambast anyone as a natural instinct. Rakyat like you would rather go to work and play instead of pondering how low Umno can be tomorrow and the day after and the day after that and.... We would rather be confident that a good government up there will always do the right thing, not be fair-weather politicians taking advantage of the weak and poor in order to advance their own personal ambitions for power, money and self-mythical glory. In fact, in their moment of weakness such as when they're talking in their sleep, they will admit they never mean a single word of promise they say. Perhaps that explains why shopping therapy is the only salvation of their other halves.

walla 26 April 2012 at 00:04  


What is the systemic difference between Barisan and Pakatan? It's the people. Barisan is made of veteran politicians hone in cat-and-mouse games with the rakyat. They the fat cats, the rakyat the thin mice. They say one thing to you today, do another thing to you tomorrow. When caught in open ground, they pretend they didn't hear your questions and just walk away, usually in a huff and accompanied with men in dark glasses, chauffeured in big cars, escorted by enough armed escorts to make even dictators in banana republics green with envy. Don't believe me? Ask any motorist tooted to get out of the way.

Pakatan is made of mice and run by people like you. Ordinary folks. Some professionals but also housewives, teachers, and so on. People who have had little experience being politicians.

Yet because of their social conscience these ordinary people have been able to run state governments until red for stop becomes green for all systems go. Unlike Umno, they never got the chance to consult Mampu or attend courses at Intan or fly overseas to attend seminars and sleep in soft beds. They just worry themselves thin how to serve you on the tenuous budgets they have. Tenuous because their state governments are prudent and don't cheat the rakyat or inflate business costs by asking for under-table money. Umno? Even the best Ikea designers are at a loss how to design those tables big enough for stealth activities underneath them.

So if you vote for Umno and its Barisan, you vote for internal hemorrhage of Malaysia. If you vote for Pakatan, at least for 1 term, you vote for ..... yourselves. Because Pakatan is systematically made of people like you.

And therefore if it screws up, it will face your wrath even more. And since it is made of people like you, it therefore knows exactly that. So how can it fail your confidence more than Umno and its Barisan has already done so many times so many terms?

Otherwise why Umno say gimme another chance? Hmm?

walla 26 April 2012 at 00:26  


Will the Umno members and lower rung politicians still have a job in the government and agency or GLC after/if Barisan loses GE13, it is heard asked?

Why not? So long as bad old things are stopped from hurting the rakyat and the country, everyone can still contribute to make this nation really greater than what it is now.

A government is just a a place you go everyday to clock in to serve the people and service the nation. Betul, no?

When you walk in and are greeted by the cheery receptionist, you feel a sense of pride that new broom will sweep clean. That's all. Old processes which would have worked if not leaking would be plugged to work. New processes that can be fitted in to serve the rakyat and service the nation will be introduced with tabik spring in your stride - because as old servant in new clothes, you have reinvented yourself just in time as a servant of the rakyat and a service personnel to their negara.

And the money saved away from corruption can be channeled to doing good all over the land - planting trees to provide shade and oxygen so as to cool tempers and aerate minds, levelling road humps erected by kiasu maniacs of the old regime, reducing income tax to return more money to the rakyat, building better schools that don't get flooded, helping the poor beyond just pocket money this year by enabling them and their children to do real activities that help them to make more without handouts that deprive them of pride of life. Because in an economy made prosperous by an honest government, it is always what is looked for by investors, domestic or foreign.

And then in such an economy with positive health tonic instead of slow-effect arsenic, the other things with happy feelings can emerge. Liberation of the mind to engage in cooperative engagement and sibling-like support, harmonized by the common objective to build a more electric and compassionate future for everyone, leaving no one behind, not even the foreign domiciled worker.

Catalyzed by good feelings, raised by common bond of national objectives and societal goodwill, then and only then can we turn all our minds - the brains of the young and the wisdom of the old - to reinvent this wonderful place called Malaysia.

All will have to run. The old may expire faster because they are already out of steam but what's a life if not to devote it to the little ones? But we need to make up for lost time. Others have caught up from behind and raced ahead to the next finishing line while our marvelous Umno policies and implementations have killed stillborn every good instinct and cleverness that had existed before.

GE13 is not about this man or that woman. It is about the collective force of wanting to change for the better so that this land we call ours can be a better place for the future of all those after us with no distinction by any artificial construct made by those small and half-primitive minds before us.

Good night, dear ones.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 09:19  

Salam Sak & bloggers,

Salam, Good morning Dear Walla,

Quote : Pakatan is made of mice and run by people like you. Ordinary folks. Some professionals but also housewives, teachers, and so on. People who have had little experience being politicians. Unquote.

* It is certainly safer and wiser and make better choice to elect leaders among the common rakyat who have conscience, who themselves carry the hearts of the rakyat, not feel good, touch and go species !

* No wonder PK leaders are committed, honest, and responsible untainted, unadulterated by all these garbage Mampu and courses stealing productive time, more aptly described as making the officer speakers from whatever department look good and legalise their " cakap kosong tak serupa bikin " to look working and to vex the participants from medical field, to the teaching profession, etc, " hey the boss is talking " followed by a round of golfing, shopping with trophies, and to claim perks.

Quote : So if you vote for Umno and its Barisan, you vote for internal hemorrhage of Malaysia. If you vote for Pakatan, at least for 1 term, you vote for ..... yourselves. Because Pakatan is systematically made of people like you. Unquote.

* Definitely Vote for Pakatan for ourselves and to ensure our next generation inherit a good future.
Thank you so much Walla, Sak & bloggers. Salam.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 13:55  

YouTube Most emotional and touchy performance on X Factor (Emmanuel)

Do not be fence Sitters, Go Cast Your
Votes for Pakatan For A Better Malaysia.

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