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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 16 October 2021

The Pandora Papers. The Speaker Sins Again. Bertaubatlah! Part 1.

1. Two quotes that were embedded in my mind are as follows.

2. The first came from Karl Marx. Yes, from Uncle Commie himself. Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.

3. The second came from a witty and somewhat eccentric Economics professor of mine. Statistics, he says, is like a bikini. What it reveals is suggestive, but what it hides is vital.

4. That's how I propose to approach the voluminous data revealed by the Pandora files. Are we going to suffer a brain freeze as a result of the deluge of data therein?

5. Combining the two quotes, the question then is- what are we going to do with the information?

6. We are glad that some people have prepared the Pandora Papers and shared them with us. We are shocked to see the names of Malaysians there.

7. We are more glad that brave and conscientious soul like Mamu Anwar wants this urgent and specific issue debated in parliament. Kudos to him.

8. Unfortunately the repugnant speaker refuses to have the issue debated. That seems to be his habit and vocation. Otherwise, he occupies his time scratching his balls.

9. All right-thinking Malaysians are aghast at his refusal. This is an important issue. His refusal only confirms he has no conscience.

10. The speaker must be suffering from Baldrick's disease. The Pandora Papers were mistakenly taken to be Baldrick's trousers.

11. Things can get a little whiffy down there. Accordingly, the speaker is right when he charged Anwar not to open Baldrick's trousers.

12. But we are not talking about Baldicks trousers here. The speaker is right; there is nothing of interest therein, especially to a chauvinist pig like the speaker is.

13. We are talking about the Pandora Papers. The Greeks wrote, in legend, of a container in which all the evils of the world are contained. They call it Pandora's box, which to us is the Pandora Papers.

14. If opened, it will unleash all the financial tomfoolery that was visited upon us.

15. So the issue is urgent, specific and of public interest. The refusal by the speaker to have the motion debated is unconscionable. It's clear on whose side he is on.

16. I am no supporter of Mamu Anwar because of personal judgement. But on issues based articulations, in this instance he is heroic.

17. Perhaps of little notice, save for some attentive sleuths, were the disingenuous answers given by Fart Harun, the partisan speaker.

18. We are not impressed when he quoted the House of Commons. First, he is no Betty Boothrroyd or John Bercow or Tip O'Neil or Nancy Pelosi.

19. He employed a bit of sophistry when he distinguished between Illicit money outflows and, presumably, legitimate share holdings.

20. Whether its€5 or €5 million, all the more reason to have the motion debated. To establish the truth, not continue to deceive. In any case does the value of the shareholdings comes out of thin air?

21. Let's not forget the unashamedly solipsistic slant of his arguments. He thinks reality only exists if it's thinkable by him.

22. Accordingly, he thinks that the reality of the Pandora Papers is according to his reading and what he thinks of it.

23. The indisputable point is dear readers, reality can exist independently of his thinking and reading. His reading is limited, and he is not that clever.

24. He is stoically conceited. That conceit and hubris are induced by the fact that he occupies the speaker's chair and is flanked by obedient bentara.

25. He has erred yet again. He falls into a hole he himself has dug. He has to excavate more dirt to lift his big arse out of it. He is hoisted by his own petard!


Thursday, 7 October 2021

The Scourge Of corruption.

1. One expatriate investor, amongst many, was asked why he left Malaysia. He said he left because of the odious level of corruption.

2. When he first arrived, corruption was a crime. The country was following the rule of law. That suited him fine.

3. He became exceedingly nervous, when corruption later become acceptable. Or, in the language of Din sembab, it's the new normal.

4. And he said he'd better leave before corruption becomes compulsory. Many others did the same thing. As a consequence, Azmin Ali was left cupping his genitalia.

5. He looked askance when FDI dropped in Malaysia. Many of us were and are not surprised.

6. The dangerous level is reached when corruption is treated as a given. Much like as when Lee Kuan Yew said incarcerating political opponents is like making love to a virgin. It's painful the first time, but gets pleasurable the subsequent times. Perhaps Shahidan Kassim can enlighten us on that.

7. The expatriate community as are us are shocked and appalled at some Malaysians'adulation to corruption. And to the blokes who perpetrated the scourge of corruption.

8. As though it's a virtue and, to Muslims, does not contradict Islamic values. It's theft, for God's sake and the people who commit it, are thieves.

9. Therefore, it's a crying shame and facetious to call Najib, for example, as amirulmukminin.

10. It must be an inappropriate humour and flippant remark. But more serious, it might reflect the cincai attitude of the Malay.

11. It seems that corruption if committed by a Malay, preferably an umno Malay, is permitted. By extension, that would mean it's alright for a Malay and more so simultaneously an umno appatchik, to enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters.
Rejoice and give thanks to God for that! Is that it?

12. So now corruption began as a crime, accepted as a new normal, became legal and soon to be compulsory. Provided it's done by a Malay and preferably an umno dolt.

13. The way corruption is cavalierly treated, it is both incredulous and also comical. In fact it has become a national shame, same in rank as Britain's massacre of Africans. It's our poetic injustice.

14. Just where do these sobs want to bring their nefarious and ill-gotten gains to ? Najib and Zahid with their millions and probably billions? Can najib feigned imbecilic ignorance? Can Zahid back-pat his way past the ominous figure with the scythe?

15. Can the immigration officer, with his fleet of cars including Bentleys, plough his way past Munkar
and Nakir and maybe mow them down?

16. Can the government officers, who rented a plane to air freight some packs of nasi ganja, smoked their way past the angels of death?

17. You all will bring nothing to your permanent domicile, except wrapped in burial shroud.


Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Masih Relevan Kah UMNO? Bahagian 2.

1. Masihkah umno dan parti2 uber nasionalis releven untuk orang melayu?

2. Saya akan berhujjah tidak, kecuali umno mahu melakukan adaptasi. Sesungguh nya adapt or perish.

3. Manakala kehidupan kita secara umumnya telah membaik, dan itu adalah tanggungjawab pemimpin dan kerajaan,matlaon2 ini melakukan banyak keburukan dan kebejatan.

4. Bila matlaon2 seperti Najib mulut merah, Jowo Bagan Latoh, Anuar Budu atau waris pak'ndak Endot Pasir Salak melakukan rasuah, pecah amanah, penipuan serta membuli -penganiayaan2 itu bererti mereka engkar kepada Tuhan.

5. Yang lebih mencelakakan keadaan, ialah apabila rakyat dan ahli umno berdiam diri apabila pemimpin2 haprak ini melakukan angkara murka.

6. Tidak syak lagi itu adalah tanda2 kehancuran dan Allah akan melaknati kabilah tersebut. Seperti Tuhan melaknati bangsa Israil kerana membisu seribu bahasa seperti dalam ayat al Maidah 78.

7. Orang2 umno dan bangsa Melayu akan dilaknati jua apabila bukan saja membisu, bahkan memuliakan kejahatan2 yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin2 Melayu.

8. Bahkan ada yang kata tahniah, yahoo dan hooray apabila krook2 ini mendapat kemenangan awal dan sementara. Bukan saja mereka engkar tapi tidak takut akan Tuhan.

9. Tapi saya percaya majoriti ahli umno meluat menengok perilaku pemimpin2 penyangak ini. Ini mententeramkan kita sedikit.

10. Maka seperti kata WS Rendra, sesalkan apa yang mesti disesalkan. Tapi jangan bikin dirimu jadi korban.

11. Sudah pasti ramai yang menyesal tidak memberi tentangan yang wajar. Yang penting sekarang mereka enggan dikorbankan dan diperbudakkan oleh pemimpin haprak ini.

12. Tapi masih ada sosok yang memuliakan krook2 ini. Bukan saja mereka 'perpetuate' pemerintahan elitis dan reaksioner, tapi yang lebih dasyat, membelakangi rakyat.

13. Birahi mengekalkan pemerintahan reaksioner, terzahir umpamanya seperti berikut:-

14. Na'uzubillah, janganlah ini terjadi. Jauhkan malaikat 44.

15. Kegilaan apakah yang telah melanda Mat Bera ini? Si matlaon ni menasihatnya, Jho Low pula menasihati matlaon tersebut!

16. Apa nak jadi ke Malaysia kita? Kita seolah olahnya mendapat buah yang terburuk dari tandan nya.

17. Perkara pertama yang harus dibuat adalah mengenyah dan membuang semua krook dari pimpinan umno dan parti angkut sampah. Dimana janji dalam 5 hari Malaysia jadi negara Islam? Pochi!

18. Ada perkara yang tidak betul dalam kepala orang Melayu. Kaki krook dimuliakan. Rakyat biasa di tindas . Kebodohan dianggap sesuatu yang terpuji.

19. Dan seperti ada yang tak kena dengan sistem kehakiman kita. Undang2 di buat oleh orang atasan untuk melindungi yang kaya dan bekuasa. Rakyat bawahan di tindas dan di aniayai.

20. Dalam bahagian 3, kita akan menghalusi asas2 perjuangan umno.


Sunday, 3 October 2021

Penggunaan tepat dan hipokritikal isme.

1. Samuel Johnson, orang yang membuat kamus inggeris, berkata patriotism adalah kubulindung(refuge) penjahat2. Dia menentang kepalsuan penggunaan patriotism untuk mengabsahkan segala kejahatan.

2. Sehubungan dengan hal itu, orang2 yang menentang hipokrasi penggunan patriotism, dianggap sebagai pembelot dan penderhaka bangsa.

3. Me-labelkan penentang anda sebagai pembelot dan penderhaka, adalah senjata senjata kesukaan yang berkuasa dan kaya.

4. Penlabelan di weaponised. Ini mengingatkatkan saya, betapa satu masa orang kulit putih melabelkan orang kulit hitam sebagai gila, hanya untuk menyisihkan mereka dan memasukkan mereka ke rumah sakit jiwa.

5. Kepada mereka yang menggunakan patriotism yang gila, fakta2 tidak penting asal saja patriotism di slogankan dan penentang naratif kamu di balun sesuka hati.

6. Tapi patriotisme yang digunakan olih si kaya dan si berkuasa adalah vulgar patriotism. Patriotism sepatutnya didirikan atas cinta kepada bangsa, bersandarkan nilai2 dan kepercayaan.

7. Nilai2 dan kepercayaan atau beliefs seperti merasuah, mencuri, menipu, berselingkuh serta berkomplot dengan negara asing, tentu bukan nilai2 dan kepercayaan kita. Sebab itu saya kata vulgar patriotism.

8. Itulah yang terjadi bila Trump diketahui bersekongkol dengan Russia dan Ukraine dan membayar perempuan2 yang ia tiduri. Shahidan buat begitu dan 'tatap' dilantik menteri.

9. Trump pusing dan menuduh penentang2 nya tidak patriotik. Dia menuduh mereka sebagai deep state dan yang menggugat proses demokrasi.

10. Jika demokrasi adalah memilih orang yang cocok, ertinya memilih krook2 umno ialah kegiatan yang menghakis atau undermine proses demokrasi. Demikian juga melantik mereka. Memperkosa demokrasi.

11. Di negara kita,ism yang terlebih guna ialah Islam dan Islamism.

12. Mereka yang menentang pegangan status quo, dianggap kurang Islam bahkan bukan Islam.

13. Bila Wak Jahid mempersoalkan keislaman Saifuddin itu adalah refleksi penggunaan Islam yang fake.

14. Kerana Islam dalam lexicon umno atau pas atau pembaca doa yang bernama Din al sembah adalah :-

15. Tidak sah Islam kamu kalau tak ada 10 kalimah shahadah ini.

16. Saya kurang yakin dengan orang Melayu yang bercakap pasal 'isle'. Lama2 kita kena 'sele'. Maapuh kito.

17. Melayu Islam yang menjustifikasikan 30 juta lebih Sri Perdana, tengok ni.

18. Dalam menulis artikel ini, saya telah mendapat input2 yang bernilai dari sahabat2 saya,Tan Sri Ng, Arif Nasir Abdul Rahman Talib, Affendi Abdul Aziz dan nona Hanida Alang Ahmad. Tapi bahan2 yang di dispute kan serta kesilapan2 adalah tanggung jawab saya. Terima kasih kepada mereka.


Friday, 1 October 2021

Idealism Is The Last Refuge Of PH Scoundrels.

1. Recent events seem to vindicate my objection to the stupid MOA signed by PH.

2. The signing seemed to give a licence for criminals in the government to run amok.

3. The blue collar criminals appear to get away with their intransigences.

4. Thus, we have the obnoxious environment where the rich and powerful get away with their unlawful activities while the powerless and moneyless hoi poloi go to jail.

5. While all these nightmarish events take place, PH can hide behind its sanctimonious idealism and take refuge behind its political ceasefire.

6. They are left cupping their balls while all the injustices take place.

7. Samuel Johnson may have said that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. We may now add, idealism is the last refuge of PH.

8. The MOA is an act of political cowardice on the part of PH and a Machiavellian sleight of hand on the part of the government.

9. It also means we can't trust the opposition after all. They are also, as an infamous Sarawakian politician says, 'kung kali kung'.

10. Some of the recent events which I averred to include:-

Hidup maslan 💪🏽💪🏽

11. And while the people are suffering, the opposition condones:-

Seremban: Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Negeri Sembilan menahan seorang guru besar bagi membantu siasatan berhubung kes tuntutan palsu berjumlah hampir RM2,500, dua tahun lalu.

WOW!!!! Banyaknye tuuuu... 😱😱😱..

Syabas, Cekap & Amanah Penguatkuasa Ketuanan Melayu SPRM.. 🤠🤠🤠..

12. That's our Malaysia for you. The happenings in our country can inspire a Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book 2.


Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Melayu Itu Pemaaf Tapi Tidak Mudah Lupa.

UMNO yang hilang.

The Lost UMNO.

1. Saya tidak akan dapat menyalini analisa tajam Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Dia melalui tahap umno asal dan tiruan.

2. Dia percaya masih ada ahli umno yang 'pure', yang mahu mengembalikan umno kepada prinsip2 pertama/first principles perjuangan. Itu tidak pula bererti umno kekal rigid, beku dan jumud. Mungkin ia mesti melalui proses rekayarsa/reengineering, membuang segala unsur2 buruk.

3. Kesilapan para pakar atau experts ialah menganggap umno itu satu monolithic bloc. Terdiri dari type2 Najib, Zahid, Tajuddin atau orang yang tak bertamaadun seperti Bung dan pemangsa seksual Shahidan atau Nuar Musa. Kajian mengenai umno bukanlah satu exact science, Be.

4. Orang2 umno pun ada tipping point, meluat dan menyampah pada gelagat2 crook2 umno ni. Cukuplah keperibadian umno diwarnai oleh sosok2 reaksioner ini. Jadi ingatan Ku Li sangat bertepatan waktu. Membuktikan telahan experts salah dan meleset.

5. Bukan saja experts silap, tapi mereka underestimate kesugguhan dan iltizam satu individu dan orang2 yang sepemikiran dengan Ku Li.

6. Yang 'uphill battle' dan tidak berpijak di alam nyata ialah Najib dan hastrat nya untuk kembali sebagai presiden dan membentuk umno mengikuti imej nya sendiri? Yakni perampuk dan maling?

7 . Najib overestimate sokongan terhadap nya. Mungkin terlalu banyak mendengar idolisasi dari bakian pencuci bontot dalam umno yang memekik melolong, bosku bosku! atau amirul mukminin.

8. He is not only a fool, but a bloodyfool. Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labu nya. Biarkan. Biarkan!

9. Yang pelik bin ajaib nya, ialah hasrat Najib sipenjenayah itu, di muliakan dan di murnikan oleh sesetengah media massa. Astagha.

10. Nyatalah Najib hanyalah hasilan/product media massa yang di over hyped yang dihebohkan oleh media serupa yang sycophantic. Sepatutnya hasrat Najib itu menjadi bahan ketawa dan suatu mimpi seram atau nightmare.

11. Melayu boleh memaafkan tapi mereka tidak lupa. Tak hendak lagi pemimpin macam Mahathir, Najib Mahiaddin dan seumpama matlaon2 ini. Syukur blur Zahid tak jadi pm! Simpang malaikat 44!!

12. Ada bebera perkara yang telah disentuh oleh Ku Li. Patut kita sama2 teliti.

13 . Parlimen tidak lagi menjadi intitusi yang dihormati rakyat. Ia jadi objek jenaka. Ianya bukan lagi tempat membahaskan isiu2 dan dasar secara bijaksana dan siuman.

14. Sedikit bahas yang bernas digerhanai oleh jerit pekik serta maki dan hamun.

15. Sosok2 haprak seperti Tajuddin pembuli Anuar Budu, sianjing gila Nazri atau orang tak bertamaddun Bung dianggap wira. Sepatutnya mereka tidak ada dalam Parlimen.

16. Mereka adalah hasilan suatu sistem yang korap. Yakni yang mementingkan diri dan dimana kejayaan diukur oleh kekayaan tak kira bagaimana ia diperolehi.

17. Sistem korap itu sebetulnya di ujudkan oleh Dr Mahathir. Melalui pengharaman umno asal, Mamu Mahathir mengujudkan satu sistem crass materialism.

18. Lahabau2 yang saya sebut tadi serta crook2 seperti Najib, Zahid dan Wak Pagoh adalah hasil kerja tangan Mamu Mahathir. Anwar, sekurang kurang nya enggan melanggani sistem Mamu Mahathir.

19. Mamu Mahathir lah yang membunuh umno asal dan menggantikan ia dengan parti yang menyembah vulgar materialism yang tidak ada jiwa atau roh.

20. Vulgar materialism yang mengukur kesuksesan seseorang dengan kekayaan, tidak kira cara ia didapati dan kejayaan negara dengan monumen2 besar termasuklah Mahathir's erection-petronas twin towers.

21. Jadi supaya Mamu tahu, Melayu itu memaafkan tapi tidak mudah lupa.

22. Maka jalan selamat untuk umno ialah tidak lain dan tidak bukan, kembali kepada prinsip2 pertama perjuangan nya.

23. Ku Li mesti jadi presiden umno. Jika Najib 'Mr Bean' Razak ada hasrat jadi presiden oomno, Ku Li juga berhak dan ada lebih kredibiliti untuk jadi presiden umno. Secepat mungkin dia kena bertemu semua ketua bahagian umno membawa mesej mengembalikan roh dan jiwa umno. Semoga jaya! Selamatkan umno!


Monday, 27 September 2021

Perletakan Jawatan Tengku Razaleigh Dan Implikasi nya.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah atau ku li meletak jawatanya sebagai pengerusi jemaah penasihat parti umno.

2. Jemaah erti nya bukan dia seorang. Dan nasihatnya tidak didengar olih umno.

3. Secara tidak langsung, ini bererti umno tidak percaya kepada Ku Li hingga terpaksa 'mencairkan' nasihat nya dengan mengujudkan satu jemaah.

4. Ramai orang umno dan awam berpendapat tindakan itu wajar kerana Ku Li diperlakukan demikian rupa.

5. Konon nya keujudan jemaah penasihat memberi gambaran bahawa umno mempunyai suatu mekanisma timbang dan periksa.

6. Kebenaran nya bukan demikian. Umno tetap tidak demokratik dan terus dikuasai oleh geng2 kleptokrat dan kunco2 mereka.

7. Yakni golongan yang mendahulukan kepentingan peribadi dari kepentingan awam. Ada 2 golongan. Yang pertama adalah golongan neo feudalis dan elitist. Golongan ini mahu mengekalkan kuasa dan mengelak tindakan wajar mahkamah.

8. Ketahuilah, tindakan mahkamah itu semua bukanlah political vendetta bahkan balasan terhadap angkara durjana dan celaka yang mereka lakukan.

9. Rompakan, pencurian, rasuah, pecah amanah, salah guna kuasa dll adalah kejahatan dan kedurjanaan yang dipandang dari sudut manapun, mesti di kondem sekeras keras nya.

10. Apalagi kita orang Islam yang hari2 mengistiharkan celupan Allah atau sibghah Allah adalah celupanku, dan solatku, ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku adalah untuk Allah, tidak wajar mempertahankan dosa2 yang saya sebut.

11. Yang dilakukan oleh matlaon2 ini adalah jenayah terhadap negara. Tidak boleh kita yang mengampunkan nya. Jangan lah memberi gelaran2 Islamik kepada sosok2 ini. Najib sebagai contoh, di gelar sebagai amirulmukminin. Malulah sikit!
Dia terbukti mencuri duit SRC dan tidak dapatnya menerangkan macam mana ada 100 juta lebih. Dia jual goreng pisang ke?

12. Malu kita orang Melayu yang beragama Islam.

13. Marilah kita orang Melayu bersikap 'businesslike' dan 'as a matter of factly'. Jika ada pemimpin Melayu yang bikin onar, biar mereka yang menanggung nya.

14. Janganlah kita dok menyibuk pulak, gadai gelang dan emas sebagai, mengujudkan dana pembelaan. Mengapa kita ujudkan dana pemnelaan untuk si Najib yang dah kaya raya? Suruh dia jual jam tangan. Mengapa kita bersyusun syusun pergi ke mahkamah dan terpekik terlolong? Yang turut pergi ialah Wak Maslan.

15. Tatkala ketua2 MCA bersalah atas kesalahan masing2 ada kita tengok orang Cina membela mereka? Takde, sebab masyarakat Cina faham apa yang ketua2 mereka buat.

16. Dah lah ketua2 Mca- ling, Chua Soi Lek atau Tan Koon Swan kaya raya, tapi kalau buat silap tanggung sendiri.

17. Masyarakat Cina tidak ujudkan dana untuk pemimpin2 mereka yang bersalah. Mereka berdana hanya bila merasakan seorang pemimpin dianiaya kerajaan atau oleh napoleon2 kecil, seperti membela Guan Eng.

18. Orang Melayu khusus nya orang umno, mesti bersikap macam ni. Jangan sibuk sampai mengujudkan dana pembelaan. Itu bermakna kamu bersubahat dalam kesalahan undang2. Jangan murnikan dan muliakan jenayah.

19. Jangan jadi pak sanggup:-


20. Golongan ke2 yang membawa musibah kepada umno ialah golongan anjing2 larian atau 'running dogs' kerajaan gagal yang terdahulu. Ramai antara mereka menjadi menteri dalam kerajaan ISY. Ini termasuklah pemangsa seksual dari Perghlih tu.

21. Maka apabila oghang tua tu Dr Mahathir, kata dia tidak mahu ada kaitan dengan MOA yang termetrai antara PH dan kerajaan ISY, ternyata dia berpandangan lebih jauh dari PH.

22. Kerana dia tahu MOA tersebut tak kemana mana. PH boleh terus bersembunyi disebalik alasan berkerjasama untuk menangani covid dan memulihkan ekonomi tapi tidak meyokong kerajaan ISY.

23. Tidakkah 2 perkara tersebut yang mutually exclusive, mengensel satu sama lain? Al hasIl balik asal. Pi mai pi mai dok tang tu jugak. jadi mengapa ada MOA sebermula?

24. PH boleh bersembunyi disebalik alasan berkerjasama mengenai covid dan memulihkan ekonomi gedebak gedebuk, tapi hakikatnya kamu membenarkan rakyat sengsara dengan kerajaan yang gagal sehingga PRU15.

25. Cukup dengan MOA dan sikap PH yang memelikkan. Jalan selamat untuk umno ialah menyingkirkan 2 kumpulan ini. Umno kena melakukan purge nya. Buang segala dedalu supaya pohon umno tidak di talqin kan.

26. Ku Li mungkin frust tak dapat jadi PM. Seperti yang dikatakan oleh 'mad dog' Nazri Aziz. Atau apa saja alasan lain.

27. Mengimpikan jadi PM bukan nya satu jenayah macam curi wang SRC atau 1MDB atau merompak TH atau Felda jadi apa masaalah jika mimpikan jawatan PM? Nazri mestilah sokong ISY yang jadi geng dia dan yang mungkin lantik MP padang pokok gatal itu sebagai duta Perancis. Kalau tak siapa nak jaga ranch 50 juta nya?

28. Yang tak diberitahu kepada kita ialah pembohongan dan tipu helah yang dilakukan umno. Berbohong atau deceitful adalah keperangaian kedua umno.

29. Kalau tak tipu orang lain, tipu sama sendiri. Tengku Razaleigh kena tipu sokmo.

30. Umno berjanji memilih Ku Li sebagai PM. Sampai masa habuk pun tadak. Dalam kes memilih calun PM, Ku Li tidak diberitahu dan dipanggil pun.

31. Macam dah ada komplot untuk memilih ISY sebab kawan tu mudah di kontrol. Maka, alasan Ku Li tidak dapat dihubungi adalah satu alasan yang kartun.

32. Frust tak dapat jadi PM satu hal, tapi lebih frust umno terus bersifat deceitful. Jadi Bila Nazri beri pencerahan kita waspada. Bila buka mulut takde lain keluar melainkan dusta.

33. Sebaliknya kita mesti teliti akan sebab utama TRH meletak jawatan. Ku li mungkin alasan saja, tapi keengganan umno bermahasabah mengekalkan umno sebagai sebuah parti reaksioner yang
dipenuhi dan di kontrol oleh pemimpin2 neo feudalis seperti herr Nazri.

34. Adapun sebab utama dan sebab yang tersurat perletakan jawatan Ku Li, ialah disebabkan bantahan totalnya terhadap penubuhan kabinet ISY.

35. Lain2 sebab seperti apa ada dalam hati se2orang hanya orang seperti si anjing gila Nazri Aziz saja yang tahu. Ia bersifat spekulasi semata mata. Nilai spekulasi tersebut sama dengan apa yang keluar dari bontot saya.

36. Apa yang ada dalam hati siapa yang tahu wok? Kalau kita kata sebab utama perletakan jawatan Ku Li adalah disebabkan frust tak dapat jadi PM, kita juga boleh katakan Nazri tidak mahu bertanding lagi dalam PRU yang akan datang sebab frust tidak dilantik sebagai menteri. Baru adil kan?

37. Saya dah kata, kalau apa yang keluar dari lubang atas sama dengan apa yang keluar dari lubang bontot, lebih baik jangan keluarkan lansung!

38. Orang2 seperti Nazri ni sepatutnya dah lama kita rehatkan. Seperti tajuddin rahman bung mokhtar, shahidan kassim dan ramai kaki2 busuk lain.

Kita pilih mereka jadi MP, bukan untuk jadi angkuh, sombong, rakus atau untuk melampiaskan nafsu kebinatangan mereka. Bukan kasi mereka ruang untuk bergelagat seperti samseng kampung Dusun.

Jadilah standard mereka sama seperti ADUN Melaka yang membabikan pihak lawan.

39. Terlebih mengecewakan ialah sikap umno yang tidak tegas dan tidak berprinsip dan tidak akur akan nasihatnya sendiri. Bukankah umno berapi api mengarahkan ahli mereka yang berjawatan dan dilantik ke badan2 bekanun oleh bersatu, meletakkan jawatan? Sehingga ada ahli umno yang setia, keluar dari kerajaan. Percuma saja tindakan mereka.

40. Umno yang keluarkan arahan mereka sendiri yang ingkar. Ini menandakan mereka tidak tegas dan tidak ada disiplin. Mana tak frust kawan tu?

41. Yang belot dimartabatkan. Malah yang bukan saja ingkar tapi juga berkelahi dengan umno diberi ganjaran. Termasuk ISY sambil menipu Ku Li. Kemudian kata tak dapat telepon kawan tu. Apa punya binawe umno ni. Umno punya reward system mengherankan.

42. Umno menjilat kahak hijaunya sendiri bagaimana orang Melayu nak dengar cakap parti yang tak dengar cakapnya sendiri?

43. Kepada saya, perletakan jawatan Ku Li adalah suatu damning indictment atau dakwaan mencelakakan keatas kepimpinan si Jawa penorogo tu.

44. Umum menganggap pimpinan Zahid adalah lemah bodoh dan dungu. Lemah kerana tak berdaya melaksanakan disiplin. Bodoh dan dungu kerana membenarkan umno digasak oleh bersatu. Tambahan pula Zahid tidak ada wawasan untuk umno selain jadi pak turut. Macam mana orang Melayu nak ikut parti yang tak tahu erti memimpin?

45. Zahid telah mengeciskan resolusi ribuan perwakilan umno PAU tahun 2020. Orang yang reti bahasa faham bahawa menarik diri dari ppbm, ertinya berhenti menyokong serta merta atau secepat mungkin.ASAP ertinya as soon as possible bukan as slow as possible. Faham?

46. Mereka yang meremehkan resolusi perwakilan, sebenarnya menganggap perwakilan sebagai picisan. Pandangan mereka bolih diciskan.

47. Sebagai balasan ahli2 umno pulaukan mamat2 ni. Yakni golongan kluster mahkamah dan anjing larian pembelot parti. Cukup lah setia membabi buta. Seperti kata komrad kassim:-

Ada besok pasti ada suria
Aku akan pergi
Dengan seribu jebat si anak tani
Sekian lama kita mati setia
Kali ini kita hidup dalam derhaka.

48. Jadi, implikasi perletakan jawatan Ku Li ada banyak. Jangan mengeluarkan pandangan simplistik sebab frust tak dipilih sebagai PM atau mengatakan ianya tiada kesan.

49. Janganlah orang Melayu bersikap si luncai. Bukan saja fools tapi bloody fools terus diperbodohkan olih pemimpin2 reaksioner. Supaya kita tidak berteriak si luncai terjun dengan labu2 nya. Biarkan biarkan.

50. Tengku Razaleigh bukan keseorangan dalam tindakan nya. Ramai ahli umno menyertai pemikiran nya kerana meluat dengan gelagat2 sesetengah pemimpin oomno.

51. Jadi, cakap siang pandang pandang
Cakap malam, dengar dengar.


Saturday, 25 September 2021

Pantun Bangsa.

1. Hamka menulis pada tahun 1943:-

Diatas runtuhan Melaka lama
Aku merenung seorang diri
Mengenang Melayu kota jayanya
Masa kebesaran nenek bihari

2. Burhanuddin alHelmi, 1946 menulis:-

Diatas robohan kota melaka
Kita bangunkan jiwa merdeka
Bersatu padulah segenap baka
Membela hak keadilan pusaka

3. Dalam tahun 1949, Usman Awang atau Tongkat Waran menulis:-

4. Diatas robohan Kota Melaka
Kita dirikan jiwa merdeka!


Thursday, 23 September 2021

Perjanjian Dengan Setan Dan Isiu2 Lain. Part 1.

1. Saya tidak langsung rasa 'gumbira'bila MOA antara kerajaan dan PH termeterai.

2. Ianya hanya kertas yang ditanda tangani yang bukan legal dan perkara2 yang jadi isi perjanjian tidak diniatkan menjadi legal.

3. Puluhan tahun yang lalu, MOA yang tersohor dan istilah tersebut menjadi masyur, bila seorang lahabau Naim, bikin MOA dengan Ku Yah untuk kahwin.

4. Heboh dan gegak gempita seantero Malaysia akibat nya. Sama seperti heboh nya MOA antara PH dan kerajaan ISY sekarang ini.

5. Tak kahwin pun lahabau tu. Tapi pihak perempuan nak buek camno. Ianya bukan sebuah kontrak. Main free lah si anak Melaka tu.

6. Pengajaran pertama sini ialah satu pihak memungkiri bagian janjinya. Pihak yang dicedera tak boleh ambil tindakan sebab ianya bukan satu kontrak.

7. Berkenaan dengan MOA le ni, walaupun diberi amaran oleh Saifuddin Nasushiyon, kalau tebuk bumbung...

8. Kalau tebuk bumbung hanpa nak apa? Hang ingat kerajaan ISY takut dengan gertakan hangpa? Pii la.

9. Penalti atuk hang. Ini bukan satu kontrak. MOA bukan sahih dan butiran2 nya tidak dimaksudkan untuk jadi legal. Jadi urang rawa nak beri amaran sampai muka dia naik biru, biak pii la.

10. Memanglah kita jadikan campur tangan dalam mahkamah sebagai sempadan MOU dan hendakkan kluster mahkamah mendapat hukuman setimpal, kerajaan ISY ada cara mengatasi sempadan itu.

11. Belum pun sempat dakwat MOA kering, secara diam2 kita diberitahu hal ini. Secara diam2 kerajaan ISY dah sabotaj perjanjian ala hudaibiyyah ini.

Berita Gembira - Pengampunan Diraja untuk Pemimpin UMNO yang terlibat dengan Rasuah .. Semua Pemimpin UMNO yang telah dijatuhkan Hukuman Penjara atau pun masih dalam perbicaraan Mahkamah kerana Kes Rasuah layak bertanding dalam PRU 15 nanti . Proses Pengampunan Diraja untuk Pemimpin UMNO sedang giat dilakukan oleh Kerajaan Ismail Sabri... Najib mahu bertanding PRU15 -

12. Kalau berita ni betul, kerajaan ISY akan kata, dia tak campurtangan kebebasan mahkamah, tapi MOA tak sebut pasal usaha2 dengan Agong.

13. Bercakap mengenai ampun mengampun ni, saya heran bin ajaib dengan sikap sesetengah orang Melayu.

14. Seolah olah nya ada orang Melayu melompat kegembiraan bila ada gerakan minta ampun ketas kumpulan jarah dan jalang Melayu ini.

15. Sedangkan yang dilakukan kumpulan ini adalah kesalahan2 undang2- mencuri, merompak, korupsi, rasuah, pecah amanah dsb.

16. Tidak mengapa, kerana pelaku2 nya Melayu dan oomno lagi. Tidak mengapa kalau geng2 ini menceroboh rumah kita dan meniduri anak serta bini kita, sebab mereka Melayu dan oomno pula.

17. Perkara2 yang mereka lakukan mulia. Bahkan ada yang memberi gelaran amirulmukminin kepada ketua negara kleptopia.

18. Maka kita bertanya: dimanakah nilai2 Islam orang Melayu bila perkara2 kebejatan dimartabadkan sebagai murni?

19. Takpe, kalau Melayu tak tolong Melayu, siapa lagi? Kepala bapok awok-kata orang Pekan.

20. Hello, yang mencuri duit negara ialah Melayu, yang pecah amanah ialah Melayu, yang kebas duit TH ialah Melayu, yang sekor duit MAS ialah Melayu, Felda hancur sebab Melayu. Pendek kata dibelakang jahanam sesuatu, ialah mim.

21. Saya belum habis Tuan, yang kebas duit GLC2 ialah Melayu. Maka tidak ada makna jika tunggak sesuatu itu Melayu.

22. Keberadaan Melayu dipuncak, bukan jaminan mereka bantu Melayu. Orang Melayu rasa tenteram saja tapi takde gerenti.

23. Dari ketua2 kampung, penghulu, SS, DO MB,ketua2 jabatan, PM dan raja2, semua Melayu. Tapi keadaan orang Melayu tak banyak berubah juga. Tetap miskin dan bodoh. Tetap berjiwa hamba. Jadi keberadaan Melayu bukan gerenti mereka bantu Melayu.

24. Bahkan tanpa kita sedari, kita telah mengujukan inbuild racism dalam masyarakat Malaysia.

25. Nah, baru2 ini kita dengar ada pegawai immigration yang jual IC. Melayu tu! Siapa pengkhianat?

Heboh satu negara bangsa DAP bagi IC pada warga asing..
Bila di siasat rupanya bangsa Melayu sendiri yg kianat pada negara sendiri..
Ini lah dia wajah2 yg kianati negara..
Kerajaan wajib jatuhkan hukuman yg berat kepada pengkianat ini...


1-Nama:YBHG,Dato' Haji Saadon Bin Othman
Jawatan:Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pendaftaran Negara (Pengurusan)

2-Nama:YBRS,Tuan Haji Jasri Bin Kasim
Jawatan:Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pendaftaran Negara (Operasi)

DUA puluh individu termasuk kakitangan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) Pulau Pinang ditahan polis bagi membantu siasatan kes penjualan MyKad kepada warga asing.

Serbuan dilakukan 19 Ogos lalu oleh sepasukan anggota Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Pulau Pinang dan Bahagian (D14) Siasatan Jenayah

Ditahan mengikut Seksyen 26E Akta Antipemerdagangan Orang dan Antipenyeludupan Migaran (Pindaan) 2010.

Siasatan ke atas mereka dibuat mengikut Akta Keselamatan (Langkah-Langkah Khas) SOSMA 2012 dan direman selama 28 hari di bawah Seksyen 4(5) Akta SOSMA 2012.

26. Fuyoo, ada title Dato dan Haji pula. Saya percaya 20 yang lain pun Melayu.

27. Tuan, hendak melakukan kejahatan tak kira siapa. Dato , Haji atau orang biasa.

28. Sama seperti mahu berkehendak/berkendak. Konek tu bukan tahu ia melekat pada jasad Tan Sri, Dato, Haji, Ustaz atau preman dan otang biasa. Sampai masa dia mencangak.

29. Ianya hormat pada semua orang. Tua dan muda. Dengan orang muda ia tegak berdiri. Bila tengok orang tua ia tunduk hormat.


Tuesday, 21 September 2021

A Pact With The Devil.

1. As I understand it, an MOA is not legally binding. There's no intention to make it so.

2. So if one party most likely umno were to renege, so what? You may call umno all the dastardly names, they mean nothing.

3. To UMNO, reneges may be unconscionable, but what you feel in the heart is not legally amenable.

4. So if UMNO were to renege, or not keep its part of the Faustian bargain, it's no scabies/kudis to them.

5. Look, I was in umno from 1990 to end of 2011 and even became its adun. I know a little bit of umnoism. I came from the rank and file, paid my dues. Anwar too came from umno, but he came from the heavens.

6. He's cheese, I am chalk. To lie, cheat or otherwise be dishonourable, is second nature to umno.

7. Therefore, I won't be surprised if Ismail Sabri goes back on his words. Lying is part of umno ethos.

8. Would he send Najib and Zahid to jail? Would he limit himself to 2 terms? Would he implement undi 18 if most of the 18-year-old are anti-government?

Nahi nahi. Fulfilling part of the bargain is no full bargain.

9. To implement the anti-hopping law and spending RM45 billion are good for everyone anyway. It's a function of any government. They are going to be done anyhow.

10. Therefore, the MOA which is not too legally binding, is so chuckable into the dustbin.

11. The toilet paper is worth much more. At least you can wipe your buttocks or clean your nose.

12. Except in this case, the opposition are wiping their buttocks and then cleaning their noses.

13. That's gross!

14. The impact of the MOA on umno is an iffy subject. It depends on so many iffs. In economics, iff means if and if. The MOA is assumptions based.

15. Iffs is a term. If is another.

16. Because it's based on so many assumptions, I am afraid it's going to make an ass of you and me.

17. It's a test whether umno and PN2 has integrity and is honourable or not. Will the Ismail government keep its part of the bargain? I think not. Its integrity is not to have any integrity.

18. The MOA is just a public relations gimmick. To prove to everyone, the government is big-hearted. Actually it wants to prolong its longevity which is its main aim.

19. Already the government is showing its condescending attitude. The Gaultier from ketereh for instance, is saying the MOA proves that the government is big-hearted. What he is really saying is, the government doesn't have to come up with the MOA at all.

20. Only the opposition wants to make it a big hooha. It's a case where the nose is not pointed, to make it seem so, you push your cheeks.

21. IF the government does not interfere with the courts which are maybe already compromised with monetary gratifications, the court cluster would receive its comeuppance including going to jail.

22. That would contribute to cleansing half of umno from crooked leaders. I say half, because the betrayers are in power still.

23. Only if Ismail feels he is fortified by support from the opposition, will he launch his own night of the long knives or Rohm purge.

24. But that would make Ismail seem to depend on the opposition for his political succour. That's not acceptable by umno with its current mindset.

25. So I don't think Ismail will do anything to the court cluster. They will not flounder/menggelupur, will not stem corruption, not stay away off the courts. Zilch! The opposition can kiss that part of the bargain goodbye.

26. Would the PM limit his tenure to 2 terms? That would be like asking him to shoot at his own feet.

27. Would the government implement the undi 18? Not if that pulls the rug under their feet

28. The 45billion stimulus package? Probably yes, but not because the opposition pressed for it. It is still good news from the government. The government will come out smelling like a rose.

29. The anti-hopping law? Probably yes, because it would prevent desertion from umno. Members can't wait to leave the Grand Corrupt Party(GCP).

30. I think the MOA is one Bridge Too Far for the opposition. Initial euphoria will turn into irreversible despair.


Sunday, 19 September 2021

The MOA: A Mephistophelian Bargain.

1. The signing of the pugnacious MOA will not stop politicking.

2. Politicians and people will be politicking as they liked despite the MOA.

3. It depends on government policies, actually. If they are bad, people will talk anyway. If they don't or like them, they will agitate.

4. So you think people give two hoots if a Tony Pua says the MOA will stop politicking?

5. So even if there is a ceasefire, armistice, stand down etc some people will still fire their katyushas.

6. The apologists of the MOA, with their cock-and-bull rationales, are just trying to straighten a wet thread.

7. You think a piece of paper signed by the elected pigs can mollify pent-up frustrations of the people?

8. I would not like to become Pollyannaish to think that what the opposition asks will be incorporated into government policies.

9. Ohh.. I am sure there will be some concessions, but not the ones that go to the heart of umnoism.

10. The Anti-Hopping Bill, the 45 billion covid assistance will, perhaps reluctantly, see the light of day.

11. But things like limiting the PMs term to 10 years, interference with the courts and undi 18 will be ignored. The opposition can shout themselves coarse.
These are what make umno survive.

12. It's just implausible to think that Ismail Sabri has the testicular fortitude to send the umno court cluster to jail. Good if he does.

13. Especially red lips, Najib and Wak penorogo Bagan Latoh.
That bold non-interference with the courts would eliminate the entire leadership of umno.

14. So it's not good sense that prevailed, but bad judgement call and excessive optimism that reigns.

15. People are not going to be assuaged hearing unproven promises of opposition's requests being incorporated or affirmation that the opposition is not supporting Ismail Sabri.

16. I am afraid it's not a bite of the sweet cherry with Ismail Sabri but a bite of some inedible jungle fruit even monkeys will stay clear.

17. One needs to understand the psychology of people. Their response is herdish by nature. A failed government is not going to be saved by a few cosmetic changes.

17b. Once the blockage is removed, people will be on the rampage.

18. They will also feel betrayed by the opposition. The DAP in particular, will rue the day it signed the MOA.

19. What has the opposition got itself into? It's stupid of them to believe umno.

20. To lie, obfuscate, back pedal, circumambulate and to renege is second nature to umno.

21. Mamu Anwar especially, has got a lot of cents but no Dollars.

22. DAP and Amanah may be inadvertent participant in Anwar's narcissistic fix. It's indeed a new thing in the anus of Malaysian politics.


Friday, 17 September 2021

The Infamy Of Signing The MOA.

1. If by year-end the covid situation and our economy has not improved, the signing of the MOA by PH and the government is an exercise in futility.

2. It's just like the charge of the Light Brigade. It's much thunder but little rain.

3. Some apologists are saying that the signing of the MOA does not entail PH losing its maruah. They are just following the command of the King. The MOA has in fact been likened to the Muslim perjanjian hudaibiyyah.

4. First, likening it to a Muslim truce over 1400 years ago, does not make the MOA any more Islamic and that because it's regarded as Islamic, we are supposed to shut the fuck up?

5. We are not going to keep quiet. Like the poet says, 'berikan aku lidah. Aku mau berkata kata. Bagaikan laut yang menghempas pantai yang merdeka'.

6. Where is Mamu Anwar going? He's not going on a pilgrimage. Mat Sabu or Fahmi or Saifuddin aren't. LGE certainly is not.

7. These people will be sucked into the whirlpool of the government's politics, which is just after its self-preservation.

8. The Ismail Sabri government is putting up proven failed people to handle the covid situation and the economy. Hence, PHs involvement through the MOA, only serves to validate a failed government.

9. That puts PH as an accomplice to a plan to deceive people. PH will become complicit in deceiving the people.

10. What PH should have done is to let the government die its natural death. Let it drown in its own shit. The government negotiators are probably saying- suckers.

11. PH can always give constructive criticisms by being not with the government. And if the government ignores them, then it alone is guilty for making partisan and unilateral policies.

12. PH can become guilty by association. The mud from the buffalo gets splattered to the PH cows.

13. Mamu Anwar is no prophet and the other buggers are not his sahabahs. Each party has its own agenda. You may sleep on the same pillow, but you dream different dreams.

14. PH does not send one Othman Affan to negotiate with the PN2 musyriks. Many went. The negotiators thus cannot speak with one voice.

15. Will there be a cessation of politicking? I doubt it. Will there be a political armistice for 10 years? No sir.

16. Is Mamu Anwar going, with the others, on a holy pilgrimage to the city of kleptopia? To look see?

17. Will those who hopped from BN to PH be allowed to return to the dark force? But those who hopped from PH to the dark force need not be taken back? It will be interesting to see whether the private members bill by Laoda will be passed. Hehe.

18. Let's see whether the reforming ideas of PH can expand into the umno mindset. Can the signing elevate PHs prestige?

19. Will the rakyat enjoy a politicking free environment? This government inherited and now exacerbate kleptocracy. I doubt these Intransigences will tame the opposition.

20. Hence, the less than holy cavorting with the devil, the unprophetic personalities, kleptocracy, the failings of the previous government now perpetuated by the Ismail Sabri government, will not make the rakyat winners. No sir.

21. Therefore, I am less enthusiastic about the MOA than my thongzhi/comrade, Tony Pua. The MOA is so chuckable into the dustbin.

22. Likening the MOA to the Perjanjian Hudaibiah does not make the MOA sacrosanct.

23. The comparison is inappropriate. And why do I get the feeling the usage of religious anecdotes is meant to quell contrarian views?

24. And don't use the excuse of signing of the MOA was the result of 'following the king.' I have said in an article, both in English and Bahasa, there are circumstances where to disagree with the King does not amount to derhaka.

25. Don't elevate the importance of the king more that it should be. We lived under a parliamentary monarchy, not an absolute one.


Saturday, 11 September 2021

Kerelevanan UMNO. Bah. 1.

1. Beberapa peristiwa semasa telah menjadikan saya seorang sceptic. Yakni saya curiga terutama bila umno bercakap mengenainya.

2. Peristiwa2 yang saya maksudkan termasuklah sokongan umno terhadap kerjaan PN 02, perlindungan umno keatas kluster mahkamah dan layanan remeh umno kepada nilai2 Islam serta 'kesetiaan' umno terhadap raja.

3. Selalu nya apa yang umno lakukan adalah sebalik dari apa yang ia katakan. Atau bikin tak serupa kata.

4. Seolah olahnya umno tidak menghiraukan suara terbanyak ahlinya dan suara majoriti rakyat.

5. Kalau sikap elitis dan fiudal ini tidak diperbetulkan, umno akan menjadi tidak releven pada orang Melayu dan rakyat.

6. Apa yang terjadi, ialah orang Melayu dan ahli2 umno telah membenarkan pimpinan eltis dan bourgeois menerapkan nilai2 salah keatas orang2 umno.

7. Akibat nya nilai2 seperti rompakan dan korapsi dianggap mulia, jalan pintas diutamakan dari jalan berkesan, mimilih pemimpin ikut baka, pembohongan lebih mulia dari ketelusan dsb nya.

8. Himpunan nilai2 reaksioner inilah menyebabkan orang umno menganggap seorang perompak dan terbukti penjenayah, sebagai seorang amirulmukminin dan digelar bosku, seorang yang mempunyai pertuduhan pecah amanah yang tak terkira banyak nya dianggap pemimpin unggul, perasuah2 dilihat sebagai pemimpin tak ada galang ganti dll.

9. Akibat perasuah2 dimuliakan, kita mendapati keadaan yang terjadi hanya di Malaysia dan di bajai oleh umno.

10. Keharmonian kaum diganti dengan permusuhan kaum yang tidak kunjung padam, nilai universal Islam diganti dengan nilai2 buatan sihaprak, institusi raja berpelembagaan diganti dengan institusi raja mulak dan seterusnya.

11. Jadilah umno itu sinonim dengan rasuah, pembohongan, pembelotan, segala nilai2 dan perilaku yang reaksioner.

12. Koruptor dimuliakan. Najib yang mencuri duit rakyat terus disanjung. Jadi memuliakan nilai2 Islam itu hanya omongan kosong aja.

13. Teringat saya satu lagi sajak WS Rendra.

14. Dalam negeri, kata2 serupa dikeluarkan oleh bukan penyajak tapi pak polis.

15. Sang koruptor yang dirundingi mengenai hal2 ekonomi, membuat lapuran keatas LHDN. Jika begitu semua pembayar cukai buatlah lapuran polis. Cukai itu peras ugut si kerajaan!

16. Apa yang kita maksudkan dengan puak reaksioner? Ia adalah golongan yang menentang perubahan. Golongan ini mahu mengekalkan keadan ex ante. Iaitu sistem beraja dimata, bersultan di hati.

17. Sedangkan kita tahu keujudan yang enggan mengadaptasi, akan hancur. Hukum alam ialah adapt or perish. Tapi cara atau sistem yang lama lah yang disukai oleh puak reaksioner.

18. Sistem pemerintahan fiudal tentu disukai oleh pemimpin elitis dan neo fiudal dalam umno serta pemimpin2 kiriman Tuhan ecclesiastical dictators parti ajaran sesat.

19. Mengapa tidak? Dibawah sistem lama, golongan ini boleh buat apa saja mereka suka tanpa bantahan dan bangkangan.

20. Yang demikian menjadikan rasuah, penipuan dan pembelotan sebagai perkara biasa. Itu semua pakaian basahan umno. Bogel, dan segala pekong terdedah.

21. Ianya terjadi sebab kita belajar menerima kekoro-an dan ke cekai ian serta senang menerima kesakitan dan penindasan.

22. Sedangkan keadaan tak sepatutnya begitu. Kalau kita lihat, pemimpin elitis dan reaksioner umno dan pemimpin anugerah tuhan, mereka tidak lebih 5% dari jumlah ahli.

23. Maka sepatutnya nilai2 yang majoriti lah yang mewarnai keperibadian dan laku perangai se2buah organisasi.

24. Sebaliknya rakyat menerima nilai2 puak reaksioner dari umno atau dari parti ajaran sesat yang minoriti. Bererti kita menerima Tyrany Of The Status Quo seperti tajuk buku F. Hayek.

25. Jadi berentilah! Dari membiarkan diri saudara di ganyang oleh nilai2 reaksioner. Bangkitlah! Saudara2 semua tidak kehilangan apa2, melainkan rantai minda yang membelengui kalian!

26. Dalam bahagian 2 kita akan menghalusi nilai2 reaksioner!


Thursday, 9 September 2021

Shaping The Bamboo.


1. We can't always compensate for our deficiencies by insisting on our might, as in might is right.

2. Just because we are Malays, doesn't mean we can ignore, for lack of an appropriate word, stupidity.

3. Therefore, you may think that pronouncing oomno, Malaysia gazatay, dateleener, da- ap or nasushiyon as something you can celebrate you are mistaken.

4. In fact, I think you are lazy, does not have the basic education and are likely to occupy the lower end of jobs.

5. Therefore, when the economy is bad as it is now, who do you think will get retrenched first?

6. I have no doubt Malay lower end workers will get retrenched first. Then perhaps you get jobs with sensation grabbing internet news portals. Which will fizzle out in the long run.

7. But don't rush to turn your retrenchment into a racial issue by saying, "See, more malays are being retrenched"

8. Get the figures from the labour office or official government statistics, we will probably find more Chinese and Indians are retrenched.

9. So it's probably not true that Malays are retrenched in higher proportions than Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

10. What is perhaps true is that Malays doing lower end jobs get retrenched more. More so if the employer were Chinese and want Chinese employees.

11. Certainly, I wouldn't employ an idiot who can't pronounce correctly.

12. One of the solutions is to educate oneself, cultivate oneself, learn new skills and learn new ways to do the same thing.

13. The idea is to make oneself useful and as indispensable as possible, to the firm and to the country.

14. It's the same of the country -make itself useful to the community and the world.

15. One of the advices I would give to our 1.6 m civil servants, is never to stop educating and cultivating yourself. Certainly, never to make an idiot who thinks it's fashionable to keep mispronouncing words and verbs as a role model. Learn never to accept mediocrity.

16. I can't resist this jibe-when the PM consults a convicted felon on how to manage our economy, either mediocrity is the new normal or he himself is mediocre.

17. Might as well consult massacre Muthu of Raub or the heavenly king on how to run our economy.

18. Learn new skills to make oneself useful because in times of economic hardships, collateral damage is part of the attrition.

19. The government can't tell companies not to retrench or trim down. Because that would send wrong economic signals. Companies have to trim down to stay competitive.

20. Only the government is adamant about scaling down or trimming to stay competitive. Thats because our leaders don't understand economics.


Monday, 6 September 2021

To Shape The Bamboo Must Begin With The Shoot

1. Many times, the dumbing down of the Malaysian public is exacerbated by clownish social media.

2. Sometimes I wonder how on earth did the head of the media entity employ such idiots.

3. These people are a bad influence on the public, especially on the younger generation who go to national type schools.

4. How exasperating when we hear UMNO being pronounced as "oomphno", Malaysia Gazette as "Gezatay", Nasution as "nasushion", DAP as "da-ap", dateline as "date-leener".

5. This bloke is torturing us. He should be permanently locked up and circumcised a second time.

6. I am not an Anglophile and take pains to suffer fools. But if you Google up, it teaches you how to pronounce words. Don't be lazy. Do a bit of research. Raise the public's intelligence.

7. Don't drown the minds of the public with your deliberate mispronunciations because a generation will grow up accepting the mispronunciations as normal.

8. You may think that this mispronouncing thing is trivial and not something to be fussed about, but there are more sinister implications.

9. By and large, the people guilty of mispronouncing are Malay youths. To me that may indicate mental laziness to look up, do research and all sorts of mental inertia. On the other hand, Chinese and Indian youths take the extra mile and try to pronounce nouns and verbs correctly.

10. That may indicate a cerebral gap between the races. The future favours the industrious and smart. Where will that leave most of the Malays?

11. It's also indicative of a failed education system. Teachers failed to correct the deficiencies early.


Sunday, 5 September 2021

Wa'adat Sang Sapurba

1. Satu lagi isiu penting yang saya ingin bangkitkan adalah bagaimana kita bolih ingkar perintah raja atau enggan mendengar perintah nya tapi perlakuan kita itu tidak bolih dianggap sebagai menderhaka.

2. Untuk tujuan tersebut, kenalah saya rujukkan minda pembaca yang budiman, kepada perjanjian dizaman antah berantah, antara Sang Sapurba(SS) dan Demang Lebar Daun. (DLD)

3. Ceritera atau cerita atau hikayat antara dua tokoh tersebut mungkin suatu metos, tapi ia meletakdasarkan satu prinsip terpenting yang akan saya huraikan dalam perenggan2 berikutnya.

4. Cerita mengenai mereka berdua dalam Hikayat Melayu atau Sulalatus Salatin mungkin satu metos sahaja, tapi prinsip sumpah setia atau wa'adat terpahat dalam benak masyarakat Melayu zaman berzaman.

5. Prinsip apa yang saya maksudkan? Ia nya Ialah hak rakyat engkar pada suruhan atau perintah raja jika raja terlebih dahulu engkar atau tidak mengendahkan kemahuan rakyat. Dan keengkaran rakyat itu, tidak boleh dianggap satu penderhakaan.

6. DLD berkata kepada SS. Jika anak cucu hamba melakukan kesalahan pada tuanku hendaklah ia jangan di aibkan dimalukan atau dicaci nista. Kalau salah besar bunuh lah ia kalau itu sesuai dengan syarak.

7. SS bersetuju.

8. Pada bahagian nya, SS menuntut dari DLD. Hendaklah anak cucu tuanhamba sentiasa setia pada raja walaupun dia jahat dan zalim sekalipun.

9. Naam kata DLD tapi jika pihak raja mengubah bahagian janjinya maka rakyat akan engkar.

10. Maka berbai'ahlah kedua mereka dan menyanggupi bahawa sesiapa yang mungkir janji akan mendapat tulah.

11. Hamba melihat dua prinsip yang tidak tergoncang/unshakeable disini.

12. Yang pertama lagi utama ialah rakyatlah yang mempunyai kata akhir. Unggul sungguh rakyat. Keunggulan rakyat bahkan mengatasi keunggulan raja.
Hari ini suara kenggulan rakyat dikemundangkan di parlimen.

13. Maka jika kemuliaan dan kedaulatan parlimen di persia siakan oleh sosok2 penjual ikan, maka keberadaan mereka di parlimen hanya percuma!

14. Prinsip kedua yang tidak boleh dipertikaikan, tapi selalu dilupakan oleh rakyat yang sentiasa dibodohkan, ialah mereka mempunyai hak yang inherrent untuk engkar pada titah raja, jika raja yang dahulu tidak menghiraukan kemahuan rakyat.

15. Maka pada pendapat pacal yang hina ini, apabila Raja memilih Ismail Sabri, baginda telah membelakangi rakyat. Dia telah memungkiri janji Sang Sapurba.

16. Dan apabila kabinet ditubukan dengan dianggotai oleh mereka yang terpalit dengan kerajaan gagal, serta sosok2 penyamun2 umno, nyatalah rakyat telah di berakki.

17. Apabila Raja hilang sengatnya, ceritanya ada persamaan dengan sejarah China kuno.

18. Dalam sejarah China kuno, apabila keadaan gawat demikian berlaku, Sang Raja dikatakan telah hilang mandat dari kayangan.

19. Dalam masyakat kita, bolehlah dikata Raja mungkin hilang mandat dari Yang Maha Esa.

20. Mungkin sebab telah hilangnya mandat itu, kita berdepan dengan malapetaka2 dasyat seperti pandemic covid 19 dan kegawatan ekonomi yang mencengkam. Mungkin.

21. Nasib ada faktor penyelamat. Raja dalam kebijaksanaannya memeritah supaya di adakan undi percaya.

22. Perintah ini seolah olah nya memperakui bahawa mungkin pemilihan Ismail Sabri dan kabinet kemudian nya, adalah satu keputusan yang mungkin salah.

23. Jadi rakyat yang mempunyai kata pemutus dan boleh engkar pada perintah Raja secara sahih, mestilah membuat koreksi di Parlimen.

24. Ahli Parlimen yang menginsafi betapa besarnya suara rakyat dan menjadi juru bicara rakyat mesti membuat perkara yang serupa. Dalam Parlimen.

25. Jika dirasakan pemilihan Ismail Sabri dan kabinetnya adalah satu keputusan yang salah, mereka mesti dikeluarkan.

26. Sebab itu suatu undi percaya mesti disegerakan. Dan ahli2 Parlimen tidak mempunyai pilihan lain kecuali melakukan suatu undi tidak percaya.

27. Saya sedih bercakap sebegini rupa kepada rakan2 yang saya kenali. Saya kenal Ismail Sabri sendiri, Rahman Mohd, Ismail Said Ismail Mutalib dan Noraini Ahmad yang manis. Saya juga mengenali secara peribadi Azmin Ali dan Zuraida Kamarudin dan mungkin ramai lagi. Kepada mereka saya menyusun jari nan sepuluh dan mohon beribu maaf.


Thursday, 2 September 2021

Losing The Mandate From Heaven.

1. The other issue I want to raise is the right to not heed what the King decreed, not amounting to a treasonous deed.

2. For that, I have to refer you to the primordial agreement between Sang Sapurba and Demang Lebar Daun.

3. The story between the two maybe a myth, but it lays down the principle to which I am about to tell you.

4. The 'Sejarah Melayu' maybe a work of myth, however it is embedded in the Malay psyche since ancient times.

5. What principle am I talking about? It is the right of the people to contradict or otherwise stand in opposition to what the King has commanded if the King reneged on his part of the bargain FIRST.

6. Demang Lebar Daun told the King, Sang Sapurba:- If any of his descendants were to run afoul of the King, he must never be shamed or besmirched or have nasty things said to him. If he has committed a grave wrong, he can be put to death. But the sentence must be in accordance to sharia law.

7. To which the King Agreed.

8. On his part, Sang Sapurba as king, told DLB.thus:- that the descendants of DLB stay loyal to the King till the end of time.

9. To which DLD agreed.

10. But he added the caveat. That if the King varies the terms of the waadat or agreement on his part FIRST, then the rakyat is at liberty to rebel.

11. Two things are of importance here. First, the rakyat has always the last say and is supremer than even the King.

12. Two, the rakyat has the inherent right to rebel. Though, rebel does not necessarily mean armed insurrection or of action of violence import. Suffice that it means passive defiance. To ignore would be ok.

13. Hence, raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.

14. In Chinese history there is a corollary that says that the king has lost the mandate from heaven which invites the right to rebel.

15. Losing the mandate from heaven is evidenced by things like natural calamity(the COVID pandemic, ) political instability(choosing the wrong PM) and economic implosion.

16. When these things happened, the rakyat has a right to rebel in the form of not heeding the command of the King. And that action does not amount to treason.

17. The King has reneged on his part of the waadat FIRST by not heeding to the wishes of the people. The rakyat has the right to not heed his command. That's 0-0 then.

18. The supremacy of the rakyat will be translated in the vote of confidence in parliament. That supremacy cannot be broken asunder. Not by the King nor by some legal trickery.

19. But it is to the credit of the King that he has commanded a vote of confidence be taken in parliament. That command recognises that HRH is mortal and can be wrong. Also, it recognises that the rakyat is supreme. The king is actually below the rakyat.
The decision has to be affirmed in parliament.

20. So if you acknowledged that the rakyat is supreme and that they speak through parliament, don't stand in the way of a vote of confidence.

21. The vote of confidence must be made ASAP.

22. On which side do you stand? On the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressors? That is the question.


Tuesday, 31 August 2021

A Personal Interlude: Raub, Temau and Kg. Budu.

1. Many people thought I was born in Raub. I was the MP during the 13th parliament

2. Respectfully I wasn't. I was born in kampung Parit, Pekan. Pahang.

3. But Raub is my ancestral home. My great great-great-grandfather Tok Shahrum and his children- Hjh Maimunah, Ranting Emas, khatib Rasu aka Tok Gajah, khatib Amin my great-great-grandfather and khatib Arif first settled in Kampung Temau Raub.

5. Probably after the death of my great-great aunt, Ranting Emas, after a family fued, they moved to Kampong Budu Kuala Lipis and settled permanently there.

5. That's why I have relatives in kg. Budu and K. Lipis, regrettably many of whom I don't know.

6. When I was MP for Raub, I made it a point to visit Budu both because of filial piety and nostalgic reasons.

7. To me, Budu is an ancient Malay village where time stood still. It consists of many traditional Malay houses. It is now famous for gula kabung.
In the 19th century Hugh Clifford was said to bring a gunboat to this village. The Malays engaged Clifford on a clearing in the village.

8. Of course, I went to Temau frequently. To search for my relatives. In particular, I found one- an uncle belonging to the line of khatib Amin who I believed settled in Tanjung Besar in Lipis.

9. I visited the graves of my great great aunt Ranting Emas and her husband, Hj Hassan, who were buried in Temau.

10. Because of this lineage, I have relatives in Dong, in Felda Tersang, in Felda Klau and in Raub town itself.

11. When I arrived in Raub in 2013, I didn't know anyone. I left aware that I have relatives all over in West Pahang. Raub is my ancestral home. It occupies a special place in my heart. Budu is also a special place. I think my granfather Hj Mohd modern was born there in 1900.


Sunday, 29 August 2021

Prepare For Political Instability.

1. I don't like to be bearer of bad news, but I have to tell things as they are. The following photos do not bode well for the PM.

2. These photos are an early indication of what's to come. They tell of a PM who doesn't care or has no inkling of how to build a strong country. Instead, he can't wait to partake in the trappings of power.

3. In the absence of unequivocal statements and policies from the PM, we may only infer what maybe true from these pictures.

4. The photos show the PM unconcerned about the welfare of the people. He's more concerned to manage inanimate objects.

5. People are just digits. 20 thousand cases a day, 1500 dead and over 1.5 million affected by COVID are of no significance. It will come to pass by natural effluxion.

6. The SOP and whatever safety protocols seem to apply only to common people. Those near the PM are immune because of their social status? Is that it?

7. Hence, the PMs first official visit to Yan Kedah, saw his entourage consisting the whole of Malaysia without any regard for safety protocols.

8. Does he look as someone who cares about the COVID pandemic? It's just an inconvenience preventing him from more machination politics.

9. Hence, calling the opposition maybe just a ruse and just following the motion, as decreed by the King. Nothing more.

10. So that the PM can dupe the people, many of whom are made dumb or are already too fatigued:-hey look people, I have called in the opposition to talk in my sincere effort to form a stable government.

11. "If my plan to form a stable government fails, you can blame the bull headed opposition. "

12. It may be just a ploy to soften up the opposition by seemingly acknowledging them, to get easy passage in parliament.

13. In a way, the PM accepts the fact that he may not survive a vote of confidence. But he must get cooperation from the opposition.

14. He is in a situation where to swallow, the mother dies, spitting out, the father dies.

15. He fails the very first condition-to be serious in managing the COVID pandemic. As evidenced by his cincai attitude.

16. To me the PM is not serious in courting the opposition nor is their support forthcoming.

17. The PM is just calling the opposition to show the Agong that he has satisfied part of the King's command. Calling the opposition and actually incorporating them in the cabinet are 2 different things, my friend.

18. The photos show a PM who knows how to spend but doesn't know how to earn income.

19. Because of that, I think our deficits will get ever larger and the statutory limit habitually breached.

20. I am in favour of fixing the deficit as a fixed percentage of the GDP. The breach of that becomes an objective assessment of the government. It's also a sign of frugality.

21. To the PM, frugality is a dirty word. Why, for instance, are we retaining the private planes owned by the government?

22. Couldn't domestic travel be done with helicopters owned and maintained by the military? And international travel in 1st class by commercial flights?

23. The decadent and bourgeois lifestyle, which are the legacy of the embezzler in chief, ought to be expurgated.

24. As it is, the PM is perpetuating a decadent lifestyle which is the hallmark of despotic 3rd world leaders.

25. Sell off the private planes, yatchs and f**k houses. If The PM wants to meet his friends, couldn't he do so in army safehouses in Bellamy road?

26. Sorry, but I don't think a PM who doesn't understand the meaning of frugality and economics knows how to revive our drowning economy.

27. Instead, he can't wait to enjoy the trappings of power. His mantra seems to be spend, baby spend. Bila lagi?

28. Failing the 2 conditions put up by the opposition, will the opposition now keep quiet and let Ismail Sabri get away scott free?

29. If the opposition keeps quiet, I think they are blatantly ignoring the wishes of the rakyat

30. Combining the 2 factors, I don't think the Ismail Sabri government can last long.

31. Woe betide us. We casted our votes once, we got many PMs. They don't last.


Friday, 27 August 2021

Vote Of Confidence. Part 2.

1. Obviously, she's a babe in the woods when it comes to politics. You can't see the issue of the confidence vote from a purely legal view. The specs may be blinkered.

2. Because her thinking on the issue can be changed with ease, it means the concept is open-ended. You can go either way.

3. But the majority of legal thinkers say, it ought to be done. That puts her thinking not only in the minority, but also unpersuasive.

4. As between the majority view and the minority, we opt for the former. Even in Islam, we have jumhur ulama view. A dissenting view, albeit from a professor, is insignificant.

5. The business of politics cannot be reduceable in terms of legal arguments.

6. If that is so, then might as well specify that all MPs be lawyers.

7. So despite her ultimate 'not necessary' a vote of confidence in parliament is necessary and ought to be done at the earliest.

8 It's to validate the PMs claim that he has a majority. Test it then.

9. Is it illegal to do it? If it is not, there shouldn't be any objection.

10. The good professor may think she is helping Ismail and if the PM chooses to hide behind the professor's new-found insight, then it suggests he has something to hide.

11. That's what you get when you evaluate the business of politics from purely legal perspectives.

12. In a sense, that is hubris thinking. You think that everything is solvable by law.

13. If as the professor admitted it's a decree from the King, to openly contradict it means what?

14. That's highly disrespectful and even borders on treason.

15. My other objection is reading the constitution in a technical and mechanical way.

16. Whereas in my opinion, the constitution is a living organism. It's just a skeleton without muscles, flesh and sinew. It must be tempered and edified with lots of common sense logic.

17. When Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi were appointed PMs, they went before parliament to test their majority. They were confident because they had 2/3rds majority.

18. Now, as the present PM claims he has a majority, he ought to do the same. If the majority is contentious, there is the more reason to test it to allay fears of suspiciousness.

19. In the end, getting a verification in parliament is necessary because the King wants it, as do the people.

20. Of course, the penultimate test is a GE. That's not permissible at the moment because of the f****d up COVID management.


Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Vote Of Confidence. Part 1.

1. The 4th estate generally refers to the press. It plays the role of advocating a certain opinion or moderating it.

2. The 5th estate is what I consider groupings with outlier viewpoints. These include networked individuals enabled by the internet, bloggers, public intellectuals, writers and the like who try to influence opinions and policies. It also includes non-mainstream social media groups and journalists.

3. Whatever estates you belonged to, you advocate a certain opinion or policy. You either agree or disagree.

4. I put it simply, whether you are a rightist or leftist. It's up to you to so classify it, and probably you are not wrong. You are entitled to your own opinion.

5. As for me, I am contented with my opinion or opinions. They are enough for me unless out argued rationally and intelligently. Or proven wrong by the facts.

6. The most important question to me is on which side do you stand? On the side of the oppressors or on the side of the oppressed? Black or white? No shades of gray for me. For some, it's 50 Shades Of Gray after the provocative sexual book.

7. Now that the issue of where one stands is out of the way, I now turn to a burning issue of the times.

8. The issue is whether a vote of confidence against the PM is to be taken or not.

9. The controversy arose because a celebrated professor did a volte-face.

10. Initially, she said it must be taken. But 3 days later she said it need not be taken. But my analysis on her about face shall be in the next part, plus other issues.


Monday, 23 August 2021

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown. Part 1.

1. Congratulations to Ismail Sabri for being appointed our 9th PM.

2. Although I have been rooting in for Ku Li, I accept the choice. So be it.

3. Now that he has the post, can he hold it? I hope he can. It depends on what he does.

4. At the top of his priority is the management of the COVID pandemic. We have reached 22000 cases a day and an accumulated number of 1.5 million cases. There have been a total of 15000 deaths. Many have committed suicides.

5. Wasn't Ismail the architect of our Gulag? Citizens have been subjected to repeated MCOs and FMCOs.
I hope the FMCO does not mean Free Malaysia's Corrupted Officials.

6. It maybe true that the pandemic is a Godsend, but the solutions to overcome it are definitely man made.

7. So far, the government management of the COVID pandemic has been lousy.

8. The previous PM said that herd immunity would be achieved by October 2021. That is bull. Already we heard of vaccination centres running out of stock.

9. More allocations were given for the COVID management. But it's also true that we were and will continue to be donated with millions of dollars worth of vaccines. Also, why is Pharmaniaga allowed to buy vaccines in bulk and allowed to retail them?

10. It seems to me the management of the pandemic is subjected to excessive regulations. It's as though someone is out to make money out of people's misery.

11. Hence, there were cases of fellers selling vaccines, frontliners injecting empty vials and selling appointments. Why are these happening?

12. The implementation of the rmco has been topsy-turvy and seems to be done whimsically and made up as the authority goes along.

13. And the person responsible for the confused Gulag is Ismail Sabri.

14. To illustrate our management of the pandemic :-


M'sia PLUNGES from 16th to 51ST out of 53 RANKING in Bloomberg's Covid resilience rankings.

Singapore is ranked 13th while Thailand and Vietnam are 39th and 40th respectively.

"Now we are even worse than Brazil (41), Peru (45th), Bangladesh (46th), Pakistan (47th), Colombia (48th), Indonesia (49th) and India (50th) and only better than Philippines and Argentina," Lim Kit Siang said.

Published June 29, 2021 🔗

⚠️ BLOOMBERG: The COVID RESILIENCE RANKING - The Best And Worst Places to Be as The World Finally Reopens

Published June 28, 2021 🔗

15. Pray for Malaysia, not its leaders

Got this msg from my doctor today.

Starting next month, Khairy is selling Sinovac to private hospitals and clinics. Meaning that hospitals have to buy them from middleman Pharmaniaga (which is owned by Khazanah, chaired by the PM and his cronies). Cannot buy directly from the manufacturer, because then how else to makannn?

According to Harian Metro, the market price of Sinovac is US$5 (RM20) per dose. Now look at the price my doc quoted. Selling at RM180 per dose, and that is still below cost price! (Not sure which one is the cost price, but it sure ain't RM20.)

Factories also have to pay to jab their employees. No jab, no open. Oho.... do you see where this is going? How the govt twists our arms? Factories have to pay RM90 for 2 jabs.

I was talking to this pakcik today. He was very angry. He said, "You see, so many countries gave us free vaccines, and what do they do? They sell them. They get them for free, but they sell them to us. They make factories pay for it. You see how much money they are making???"

Wowww....... Factories have thousands of employees. 80% must be jabbed if they want to open. They are forced to buy these grossly overpriced products whether they like it or not, and they must buy it from the only one govt-appointed crony supplier. The money is not going to the govt and back to the rakyat, it is going to Pharmaniaga and into the pockets of Moo and his cronies. So Japan, UK, Saudi giving us free vaccines is not actually giving the people free vaccines, it is taxing the people and putting more of our money into our ministers' pocketses!!!

And this, boys and girls, is how you make money off a pandemic. This is why they will never approve ivermectin. This is why they are letting people die sitting up in chairs and on hospital floors. If everyone recovered quickly, to whom would they sell vaccines? If you can treat a patient for less than the cost of a pillow at a quarantine centre, what else is there left to makannn???

This is why they made the darurat. The chairman of the board of Khazanah is always the PM. Makan for as long as he can. Jab as fast as they can before they get kicked out, even if means packing 20,000 people into one stadium per day and creating huge clusters of infected people. And then blame us tak jaga SOP. Khairy, Hisham, Adham, Moo and the lot of them are going to a very, very dark place where the sun won't shine for a billion years. All the people who slept sitting up in chairs, suffocating from lack of oxygen, dying on hospital floors, died because of them.


How many more need to die for their greed?

Pharmaniaga is selling 14 million doses of Sinovac. It is being retailed at RM388 per dose. 14 million x RM388 = RM5.4 billion. This is all going into Pharmaniaga's pockets, not the govt.


Friday, 20 August 2021

A Plea To Our HRH The King. Long Live The King!

1. If the King summonses those umno people supporting Ismail Sabri to the Istana, it can only mean the King does not trust their choice.

2. How could that be? That bugger is too associated with the previous failed government and has caused bitter internal enmity in umno to be even considered.

3. Has umno gone off its rockers? Thus, despite its loud claims of loyalty and fealty to the King, It's possible for them to turn traitorous.

4. Thus, despite Ahmad Maslan's external claim that umno is following its hierarchy, the decision is seen as faulty.

5. The umno decision flies in the face of logic. The umno general assembly had rejected working with Din sembab's Bersatu, PKR and DAP(wrongly), umno has embraced Bersatu. Umno even regarded Ismail as traitor.

6. Umno now sleeps with the enemy. But more damaging that, the double-dealing means the umno people cannot trust their leadership and its forked tongue culture foisted onto the Malays.

7. Umno is untrustworthy to the bone. How do you reconcile its present stance with the many diatribes by umno leaders towards Bersatu and Ismail ?

Aw, don't hide behind the farcical 'let bygones be bygones' saying. The cut may heal, but the scar remains. Let's make up and forget the past, is it?

8. It would mean that Ismail was really a trojan horse? All along, umno was planning to grab power by the backdoor?

9. Your Majesty has said no backdoor leaders.

10. I am sorry but Ismail who is my friend, is playing the role of an insidious Trojan horse.

11. Just so Your Majesty won't think that this lowly being is opposing for the sake of opposing, listen to the following:-

I believe whoever becomes PM ( Ismail Sabri or Anwar) will not last. Assuming, on Friday, Sabri is appointed. He may be voted out by the confidence vote in Parliament next week. Then Anwar becomes PM. He too won't last long as a few groups will also hold Anwar ransom if Anwar don't give in to their ridiculous demand (like Zahid's demand on TSMY). I believe a political government cannot work now in Malaysia. Too many frogs jumping, ugut, ransom holding....I believe, Agung will prolog the Parliament when all the chaos, stabbing, cheating, betrayal are done for a short period. Then, Agung will appoint Ku Li as the PM of a Caretaker government until GE15. Ku Li got a free hand to appoint anyone to be in his cabinet. Not threat or ransom holding. Ku Li need not get MPs to be his ministers. Then there will be peace. I can bring in FDI to help Malaysia recover. Free, I talk to you on my economic plans that Malaysia can excel in view of US/ China trade wars. Let the clowns show to be over first. Stay at home and be safe. TS Lau

12. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun!


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