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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 26 December 2021

A Shared Dream.

I think this post is worth our effort to make it viral to the whole nation !!!
If this does not move a patriotic Malaysian,nothing can.
Copied from BBC write up by Mej Mior Rosli TUDM (Rtd)

Good afternoon to all. The fight for a free Malaysia must go on!
Let us get one thing clear – the country and the government are separate entities. Governments come and go, the country is eternal.

We owe our allegiance to the country, not to the government.
Therefore, saying bad things about a bad government is not being anti-national. Most important of all, voting against a bad government is not being anti-national.
A bad government does not deserve loyalty. Disloyalty to the government is not disloyalty to the country; in fact, voting out a bad government is being loyal to the country.

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken.

We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated.

We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice.

We lost not to a better system, but we lost to the lack of integrity.

We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights.

We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption.

We lost not to a better policy, but we lost to deceit.

But we will, and must not, lose heart.

We may feel sad, but we must not give way to despair.

We may feel angry, but we must not lose our righteous ways.

We may feel cheated, but we must fight on.

We may feel like leaving, but we must stay together.

We may feel like giving up, but we must now let the dream carry us.

We may feel like nothing will change, but we must now become that change.

Bersih spirit lives on!
We will rally.
We will fight on.
We will not give up.
We will become a Better Malaysia.

Clean elections
Clean government
Right to dissent
Save our economy
Strengthen parliamentary democracy.


If you agree, please share with all your friends and relatives before it's too late.


Friday 24 December 2021

Measuring The Productivity Of Our Ministers.

1. I have a corrupted version of Parkinson's Law. It says that useless work expands so as to justify a bloated cabinet.

2. By the end of this year, China is expected to have a GDP of 15.6 trillion USD. And according to econometric models her GDP in 2022 is expected to reach usd16.6 trillion and in 2023, USD 17 4 trillion.

3. In contrast, Malaysia, in 2020 had a GDP of around usd336 billion. Singapore had 340b and
Philippines had USD 360b.

4. Let's take Germany. In 2020 Germany had a GDP of USD 3.806 trillion. Many times ours.

5. China has a cabinet of 35 while Germany has one of 15. We have a cabinet of 70+.

6. That means that the productivity and intelligence of our ministers is half that of China's and almost 5 times less that of Germany.

7. Hence, my watered down Parkinson's Law. Useless work expands so as to justify the bloated cabinet

8. So what are our ministers doing? Perhaps two to scratch Ismails testicles, one to comb his hair, one to apply deodorant to his armpits and one to wash his bottom.

9. I now charge our ministers to produce a GDP of usd1 trillion like that of Indonesia's.

10. That ought to be the measure of our cabinet. Otherwise, like a late friend in kampung Ubai, Pekan says, 'you failed'!

11. Our GDP is now overshadowed by even Vietnam. Our ministers are not paying attention to the people's productivity.

12. If we keep sending the wrong reward signals, people will promise to work less. Perhaps we are busy taxing those who work abroad.

13. These people work hard abroad, pay taxes there, and you want to tax them again? That's double taxation, the bean counter at mof should know.

14. You are encouraging a climate for the working of a perverted backward supply of labour curve. People want to work less not because working less is sufficient to earn an acceptable level of living, but producing more will be taken to pay for the upkeep of a pernicious government. Abdullah Munsyi spoke about this more than a century ago.

15. The energies of the people are wasted in unproductive pursuits. One, for example, is you insist on infusing your Malayness in every aspect of life. You create tension instead of focusing on productivity. But in so doing you are dissipating the enemies of the people and using the tension to divert peoples attention in measuring your functionality. The reality is, you are worthless.

16. Ponder this too. One of the reasons why countries like China and Indonesia are successful is because they abhor corruption. In China, corruption invites the death penalty. In Indonesia, there are suggestions that corruption be punished with death. Indonesia progresses from a poor country to a rich one because they want to exterminate corruption.

17. Malaysia progresses from being a rich country to a poor one, because it embraces corruption. Where corruption invites even a death penalty, in Malaysia, it is defended to the death!


Wednesday 22 December 2021

The Impending Umno War.

1. Zahid Hamidi sowed his own seeds of destruction when he appointed Ismail Sabri as pm. It wasn't a show of magnanimity when umno approved Ismail as pm.

2. The Bagan Latuk mp was beset with a slew of court cases. He recognised he would be a liability to umno. In a way, it's an admission of guilt on his part.

3. Zahid had no choice, but to give way to the next ranked leader of umno to be proposed as pm. Clearly it wasnt a show of goodwill on his part.

4. Do you think Zahid doesnt want to be pm? A position that gives him power over life, death and taxes? He certainly could find some pliable enough judges to make his and his ilks's cases go away.

5. En passant(not the chess move) it means that not all judges are made of stout constution. As for Zahid, he must have rue the day when he made the fatal decision to allow Ismail be the pm.

6. Its water under the bridge, rice has turned into porridge. But such a stupid decision is expected from a dullard like him.

7. To Zahid, Ismail is now the Sword of Damocles, pointing direct to his heart. Ismail is no more the obsequious subordinate.

8. You can already read the writing on the wall. Ismail Sabri has already ignored several of Zahid's and umno's policies. He's rubbishing them.

9. But Zahid is too much a dullard to see these. Ismail has blatantly disregarded the umno general assembly's resolution and mkts directive that all umno members to resign from holding ppbms government posts.

10. Ismail himself never resigned. Indeed, he and 'mad dog' Nazri did some last minute manoeuvrings to seize power.

11. The actions of Ismail and several others, who ignored umnos resolution and directive, were acts of insubordination and mutinous. They were acts of betrayal.

12. Zahid forgot that a rule of a pack like umno is that forms of betrayal must be avenged and punished, and not rewarded.

13. Hence, people like Nazri, Shahidan, and Anuar Musa will forever think that Zahid is the thickest of all umno presidents.

14. To add insult to injury, Ismail appointed Zahid's detractors to cabinet posts. Recently, these people held a pc of defiance. That's a declaration of war to Zahid, essentially.

15. I am not judging Ismail, saying it's good or bad. But those are signs of quite ruthlessness to seize and retain power. All hail to him.

16. Ismail must now exploit all the advantages and fight a battle he can win.

17. The chief advantage he has is a psychological one. The umno people are unaccustomed at seeing the PM NOT the party president. He has won the battle of the mind.

18. There is thus a ready mindset to accept him as also the party president.

19. Then, he has the support of Zahid's detractors, who can serve as his warlords. By appointing many of these to cabinet and GLC posts, he has ensured that Zahid's loyalists are out of orbit.

20. Zahid's eventual downfall is the result of his own doing. He did not expel his enemies and did not avenge betrayal.

21. Why should he help the court cluster group? Let them die a natural death. Let them be too preoccupied, and in particular let Najib shout himself coarse and blue in the face.

22. Ismail must now send his emissaries and cultivate the ketua perhubungan and bahagian.

23. On the ashes of this war, he can start building an honest government and please downsize the bloated cabinet.

24. By having such an agenda, he can win the alliance of party seniors who have been duped by Zahid and his accomplices. Its no loss cultivating people like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

25. Ismail must strike while the iron is still hot. Carpe  Diem!


Friday 17 December 2021

Title. 'If the law presupposes that,the the law is an ass. Mr Bumble. Part 1.

1. I had to have a part 2 to my article, the Malay Enigma because I felt compelled to write this.

2. Common sense should prevail, rather than the twisted and strenuous logic of the shyster lawyer.

3. When Mr Bumble, the spouse of a domineering wife, is told in court that the law presupposes that the wife follows the direction of the husband, he replied:-

4. If the law presupposes that, said Mr Bumble, then the law is an ass.

5. I am of course referring to the conviction of the most infamous felon, Najib Razak. You convict a person, then on the next breath, sets him free. Where is the common sense?

6. In my opinion the court of first instance, the high court made a mistake last time and now the CoA compounded the mistake. It's a case of you fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me.

7. When the courts made such an asinine mistake, I am inclined to agree with Mr Dick the Butcher.

8. The first thing we do, is let's kill all the lawyers. The judges, pardon me, should be killed twice.

9. What happened to Najib Razak is such an asinine mistake. Let the judges never forget that justice, must not only be seen to be done, it must actually be done.

Let our judges remember the dictum of Lord Hewart, CJ that justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

10. I think in the case of Najib Razak, it seems that justice was done, but we didn't see it.

11. So I ask the question again-you convict a person and then set him free? Where is the effing logic? You can get punch drunk in trying to understand the illogic.

12. To me, it has reached a comical point, that I want to add the following snippet:-

13. The joke is especially severe on the Pahang people in general and on pekan people in particular:-

14. I am surprised the judges didn't consider the importance of the common good. Instead, they directed their minds to inconsequentials. That implicitly showed their capitulation to the rich and powerful.

15. If the law presupposes that by freeing Najib, the felon will behave with remorse and behaves circumspectively, then as Mr Bumble says, the law is an ass!

16. In fact, the felon behaved with wanton abandon and recklessly. He played golf with a billionaire buddy from Singapore.

17. Whether they played 18-hole or 1-hole golf, that is not our business. Playing golf is not the issue. The issue is what the particular golf represents.

18. That particular golf game represents defiance and mocking of the judiciary. It represents the felon's recalcitrance. That's the issue.

19. It is regrettable the judges did not have the far-sightedness when freeing Najib. Or perhaps Najib's aura extinguished that.

20. The reasonable common man, want Najib imprisoned. It is regrettable that the judges, having the sophisticated reasoning they do, failed to give expression to the wishes of the reasonable common man on the Srijaya omnibus.


Friday 10 December 2021

The Malay Enigma. Part 1.

1. I am at odds to explain the bizarre mindset of the Malays. In a way, they have a death-wish. The famous saying attributed to Hang Tuah 'takkan Melayu hilang didunia', means exactly the opposite. Malays will wither as in layu.

2. They will eventually perish if they refuse to adapt. Its adapt or perish. That is the rule of all living organism.

3. Unfortunately, they refuse to adapt to changing social, political and economic changes. They feel comforted with their closed minds. The late Sanusi Junid said the main preoccupation of the Malays is finding ways on how to increase their libido.

4. The observation by the eminent Malay thinker, Zaaba that the most salient feature of the poverty of the Malays, is poverty of the mind.

5. Their homes are devoid of reading material. They prefer reading' Gila Gila' and books on ghost stories. They read, on average, 2 pages a year.

6. Hence, like Zaaba said, they are more moved by all sorts of tahyul, pelesit, bajangan, will 'o' the wisp, etc. Rational thinking is non-existent.

7. The same is generally true of the East Malaysian natives. How they react to the elections is interesting. Or are they more interested in erections? Will they throw rational thinking out the window?

8. As a result of their refusal to adapt and their laziness to cultivate their minds, their brains become stunted in relation to their bodies. Body like a buffalo, brain like a pea.

9. If the government of the day promises to upgrade 1000 schools, electrify and supply water, wouldn't whoever becomes government be able to do the same?

10. Because of these afflictions, among others, the Malays developed dinosaurich features. Most notably, a smallish brain incapable of rational and right-thinking.

11. Because the Malays refuse to adapt and adopt honest and for the common good thinking, they will sadly suffer the same fate of the dinosaurs -go extinct!

12. If we Spinosaurus, with no backbones, want and continue to elect Tyrannosaurus, what more can we do? We reap what we sow.

13. We elect a tyrant when we allow such a bugger to foist the government's incompetence, injustice, blatant racism, endemic corruption which is acculturalised and accepted as a norm, a country riddled with its 1MDBs- such a decision is tyranny on ourselves.

14. We are sadists and masochists, enjoying hurting ourselves and deriving orgasmic pleasure from it, what can we do?

15. And allow me to be blunt and speak with candour. The people, chiefly to blame for the mess and implosion we are now in, are the Malays. They are responsible for the outcome of our politics.

16. If they choose to elect a Malay led government that is incompetent and corrupt, they can only blame themselves for it.

17. Isn't it the tanah melayu that they dream of. Decadent and incompetent, filled with all kind of Intransigences?

18. The warnings about placing the country under mismanagement is evidenced in one of the celebrated passages in the Quran.

19. The verses in question are verses 15 to 17 from the surah Saba'.

20. One possible interpretation is this. They tell us of a story about the people in a country called Saba'. They were initially blessed with fertile lands where they were able to draw bountiful living. Their lands were divinely blessed.

21. They soon become haughty and forgot the meaning of sabr, dilligence, syukur and forgot to offer benedictions. They elected an evil government and countenanced its corruption, decadence and debauchery. The voices of upright men were ignored. They rebelled against God.

22. Divine retribution came quickly. God sends a great flood that turned the once fertile land into a desolate and barren place. The once prosperous country became a poverty-stricken nation.

23. Its society imploded, the country destroyed, while the leaders fiddled as the country burns because of 3 reasons.

24. First, the people voted in an evil government. 2nd,the people countenanced and acquiesced in the evil. 3rd,the voices of upright people are ignored.

25. What's happening in Malaysia parallels what happened in Saba'. Our country is moving in that direction unless we change our mindset. Woe betide us.

26. Didn't Allah says in Ar Ra'ad: 11, that he will not change the destiny of a people unless they change what's inside the first?

27. Instead, the Malays seem to have a new Weltanschauung:-

28. The first order of the day is:let's form an HONEST government. When Kishore Mahbubani was asked about the secret of Singapore's success, he answered: MPH.

29. That stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. Except in our country, we need honesty first before we can apply meritocracy and pragmatism.


Sunday 28 November 2021

The Post Hoc Fallacy.

1. No sir, there's no any sort of silence over alleged Zetis involvement in 1MDB money. There's no deafening, hushed or muted silence from anyone, more so from anti kleptocrats.

2. The reference to anti kleptocrats is an inadvertent admission that kleptocracy, which every conscionable Malaysian must oppose, does exist.

3. Unless, of course, that heinous activity, is supported by Shabery Chik the keropok lekor vendor. That besmirches the good name of other keropok lekor vendors.

4. Indeed, by asking that patronising and rhetorical question, Herr Shabery shows that he is an unabashed supporter of kleptocracy. Nnatang mung!

5. There's no mystery over the lack of action now, awang wok. How do we bring Zeti or members of her family to court, if there's no investigation and the AG has not proffered any prosecution against her?

6. That the AG has not done anything yet, shows that the government is a laggard and does not have the political will to extinguish corruption and kleptocracy. And Shabery is an unrepentant and an unapologetic supporter of such a regime.

7. There's no RCI, no investigation by PDRM, SPRM, the AGC chambers etc. Why should the opposition be expected to do the government's dirty work? The opposition marches to the beat of its own drum, not Shabery's. Certainly, they are not going to apologise for the lacklustre and mediocrity in these departments. Nak buek camno, jang?

8. Instead of asking the question to the anti kleptocrats, which means most of us, direct the question to the government and the prosecutorial supporting departments. Guana mu!

9. Clearly those parties asking for RCI or any sort of investigations on Zeti or any other persons of interest, have more sense than drooling at the corner of the mouth man from Kemamang.

10. And don't think we don't know what Najib and his psychophantic supporters are trying to do. By imputing guilt by association onto others, Najib is employing scorched earth and diversionary tactics to mitigate his own wrong doing. It doesn't work that way, sir.

11. By trying to rope in others into your own orbit of infamy, doesn't absolve you from your own wrong.

12. Have you heard of the post hoc policy? As in post hoc ergo propter hoc? If Zeti, Mahathir or others caused some misdemeanours, it does not mean that they caused Najib to do SRC and 1MDB. I hope the judges do not misdirect themselves because of these frolics of Najib.

13. Be assured that there is no love lost against anybody who commits corruption or kleptocracy. If investigations provide foundation for prosecution and consequently their guilt, so be it. Let Zeti or Mahathir get their comeuppance.

14. No, Sir, we are not silent. Not deafening, hushed or muted.


Sunday 21 November 2021

The MOA is a Sucker Machine.

1. Right from the beginning, I had a bone to pick with the ph-government MOA. To me, it's nefarious.

2. It's just Mamu Anwar's wet dream to appear gentlemanly. For what? The government gets a licence to do anything it wishes. Certainly Mamu Anwar cannot contemplate the shenanigans the government hides.

3. You think we are comforted when you say that despite the MOA, it does not mean PH supports the government or without the MOA, this government wouldnt last 3 months. Its no comfort at all, Tuan.

4. MOAs are not legally binding. And so if either party does not honour it, its no skin off their noses. Its like you write something on a toilet paper,wipe your buttocks and throw it away expeditiously!. Thats probably what the government does with it.

5. Your objective,dear PH sirs, is to overthow the goverment by democratic means. By acquesing, you are not being revolutionary enough. By any means neccessary, says Malcolm X. Political power grows from the barrel of a gun says Chairman Mao. Compare to these , you are mild still.

6. The political detente or armistice has only allowed the BN government to surreptitiosly does what wants until its too late for PH to realise. PH is left cupping their balls.

7. I will cite 2 examples. The first is,3 or 4 months ago,the government quietly withdrew its appeal on the corruption charges it proffered against Teuku Adnan Mansor. The government is not balsy at all. It cowers before the rich and powerful.

8. Instead of pursuing its apppeal vigorously and dilligently,the government wilts. Perhaps it has not taken the blue pill.

9. PH was caught off guard. It wasnt leading right thinking Malaysians in opposing this grossly unfair decision. To impute innocence on the fake Tengku, is indeed insulting to our intelligence.

10. The other issue I refer to, is the following:-

Revealed: Najib to get free house worth RM100 million in posh KL neighbourhood

11 . Rightfully,it has elicited the following responses.

‘Bina bangunan untuk banduan’, Dewan Rakyat kecoh Najib mohon rumah RM100 juta

KUALA LUMPUR: Menteri Kewangan Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz mengesahkan penerimaan permohonan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak untuk mendapatkan rumah bernilai RM100 juta dan akan dimasukkan dalam bajet tambahan jika dana mencukupi.

Kami ingin tahu sumbangan beliau (Najib). Dia seorang banduan…dan kerajaan mahu balas budi.

“Wang yang dicuri diberikan semula. Inilah kerajaan baharu. Hadiah itu harus dijelaskan.

“RM60 juta untuk beli tanah dan RM40 juta untuk membina bangunan untuk banduan ini,” soalnya.

12. Dont add insult to injury. Dont feign shock and dismay. Its bridge under the water. Its like the Malay says. The house is completed, the chisel wants to make noise.

Kenyataan Media
18 November 2021

Mengejutkan tatkala mendapat pengesahan daripada Menteri Kewangan bahawa Kabinet sebulat suara telah menerima satu permohonan untuk menghadiahkan sebidang tanah dan sebuah rumah kepada Ahli Parlimen Pekan yang dianggar bernilai RM100 juta.

Perkara ini tidak pernah dibincang atau dimaklumkan kepada kami dalam sebarang pertemuan dengan wakil pihak kerajaan.

Pada saat rakyat sedang menderita, para doktor kontrak yang masih tidak jelas nasib mereka, anak-anak B50 berdepan pelbagai rintangan dan halangan untuk belajar, dan begitu ramai rakyat Malaysia yang hilang pendapatan, tempat tinggal, malah juga nyawa, tindakan Kabinet untuk ‘menghadiahkan’ tanah dan rumah kepada seorang yang telah disabitkan kesalahan oleh mahkamah ternyata keputusan yang paling tidak bermoral dan langsung tidak masuk akal.

Rakyat pasti tidak lupa bagaimana Ahli Parlimen Pekan telah mengakibatkan kerajaan dan rakyat Malaysia terpaksa menanggung hutang setinggi RM32 bilion akibat kebobrokan dan kecurangan 1MDB.

Malah beliau sehingga hari ini tidak dapat menjelaskan bagaimana sejumlah wang dan barang kemas yang dianggarkan bernilai ratusan juta ada dalam milikan beliau dan isteri.

Keputusan yang amat mengejutkan ini memaksa kami untuk mengkaji semula segala bentuk persefahaman yang wujud sehingga kini.


13. PH must have wished, to show sincerity to the MOA, the goverment should have discussed the matter with them.

14. The MOA should have veen predicated on sincerity. Only then has it got, meaning.

15. As things have developed, better to burn, baby burn. Burn the MOA. 


Tuesday 16 November 2021

Adakah Mahkamah Sentiasa Menyebelahi Yang Kuat Dan kaya?

1. Kalau benar Najib si musibat tu, dimalukan di satu warung di Melaka, apa yang hendak kita herankan?

2. Dia tidak malu mengapur 42 juta dan mungkin berbiliun duit 1MDB,apa yang nak malu peniaga tak mahu melayani nya? Sap sap suei mah..

3. Orang2 yang kata tu semua fitnah, tak ada disitu jadi apa mereka tahu? Pandai guna ugama mengkategori hal ini sebagai fitnah seperti makan daging manusia,mencuri dari segi ugama,apa pulak wok?

4. Bahkan menuduh orang yang berada disana sebagai melakukan fitnah, berdasarkan telahan saja adalah fitnah jua. Ianya fitnah yang lebih besar.

5. Maka janganlah nak berlagak seperti sanctimonious bastard, dengan sikap patronising berselindung disebalik ayat alquran al fitnatu asyad duminal qatl. Entah2 tak baca pun quran seperti ramai matlaon umno.

6. Kalau Najib diperlakukan demikian rupa, ianya layanan yang patut bagi seorang penjenayah.

7. Jangan kita lupa bahawa Najib telah didapati bersalah. Sehingga rayuan nya didengar dan
diterbalikkan, dia seorang penjenayah yang bersalah.

8. Kita tercengang melihat bagaimana seorang maling di benarkan oleh mahkamah bergentayangan dalam PRN Melaka. Ya ampun!

9. Najib mempersendakan mahkamah. Dia mendesak mahkamah memberinya keistimewaan dengan memohon
Kebenaran menunda pemergian nya ke Singapura. Si anak boleh kata cup dulu. Jangan beranak lagi. Tunggu bossku kingpin perompak datang.

10. Tidak cukup dengan sendaan pertama, mamat ni bubuh garam dalam luka, mendesak mahkamah memberinya kebenaran mengurus kempen di Melaka.

11. Maka heran lah kita berbanyak banyak, bagaimana mahkamah begitu luntur dengan pdsalah pembesar. Siapa yang lebih besar Najib atau mahkamah?

12. Ia mengundang fitnah yang lebih besar daripada mamat bugis palsu tu tak dapat melantak. Akibat Najib seorang, hasil nya ialah pencernaan. Dan apa2 yang dicerna hanya najis jamban dan kencing yang melantung.

13. Pertama,ia boleh menandakan bahawa secara resam, mahkamah itu sentiasa menyebelahi si kaya dan berkuasa. Kedua,ia membayangkan bahawa sistem kehakiman kita korup dan rasuah.

14. Bukan saja hakim2 mungkin ditumbuk rusuk, tapi juga korap kerana membiarkan campur tangan politik dan dirasuk oleh sentimen peribadi tertuduh yang berkuasa.

15. Jadi kita berasa heran bagaimana mahkamah boleh lentur dengan tekanan orang2 atasan tetapi bersikap menindas serta memicit orang2 bawahan. Orang seperti Najib menunda kes nya dengan seribu satu alasan manakala kes orang2 bawahan segera dilampiaskan. Bukah keadilan yang dilengahkan itu adalah keadilan yang dinafikan?

16. Kerana memikirkan mereka boleh memanipulasi mahkamah dan bahkan negara, mereka terus menghina intelijens rakyat. Tidak ada penghinaan intelijens yang menghancur leburkan segala hati yang bernadi seperti:-

17. Lihatlah,betapa satu keputusan penghakiman yang silap,melahirkan pelbagai kemungkaran. Dan kita golongan manusia yang terbaik jika kita mengerjakan amar maaruf dan mencegah kemungkaran. Tepuk dada tanyalah selera. Sayugianya, ini satu pilihan yang sukar terutama setelah menerima sogokan. Sesungguhnya untuk meyakinkan monyet,bahawa madu itu lebih manis dari pisang amat sukar.


Sunday 7 November 2021

The Sick Race And The mischievous Court.

1. I am thankful to my friends, Tuan Haji Ariff Nasir Rahman Talib and Tan Sri Ng for their valuable inputs. How I craft the ensuing storyline is not their responsibility at all. All fault is mine entirely.

2. I watched several videos and Tik Tok clips serenading Najib. I feel disgusted about them. Some Malays continue to adulate a convicted felon and not feel ashamed by it. I am appalled by the absence of shame by a crime done.

3. The whole episode surrounding Najib is bizarre. A wrong is considered a right. A crime, an intransigence and corruption is considered a good virtue.

4. Some incorrigible persons regarded him as an amirulmukminin. That means commander of the faithful. Stealing is thus considered virtuous.

5. That estimation is, of course, nonsensical. A more appropriate description would be amirulmunafiqqin or amirulmusyrikin.

6. Then, there is the ubiquitous but nauseating bossku. Thus, bossku,apa nak dimalukan. Bossku, what's there to be ashamed of?
Steal more, please. That will make our day. That brings honour to our race.

7. When we have no shame but feel proud, then we are just like animals mating in public. But more disastrous than that, it's symptomatic of a decaying society.

8. When God wants to destroy a society, he sends crooks to become its leaders, and we acquiesce with it.

Surah Al-Anaam, Verse 123:

وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَا فِي كُلِّ قَرْيَةٍ أَكَابِرَ مُجْرِمِيهَا لِيَمْكُرُوا فِيهَا وَمَا يَمْكُرُونَ إِلَّا بِأَنفُسِهِمْ وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ

Dan demikianlah Kami adakan pada tiap-tiap negeri penjahat-penjahat yang terbesar agar mereka melakukan tipu daya dalam negeri itu. Dan mereka tidak memperdayakan melainkan dirinya sendiri, sedang mereka tidak menyadarinya.

9. Something is terribly wrong with our Malay values system. A wrong, instead of being condemned and eliciting revulsion, is being elevated to a position of adulation.

10. When will it sink into our thick heads, that a wrong if committed by everyone is still a wrong and a right even if it's done by one person, is right.

11. Truly, this is a sign that our society is sick. We feel comforted and complete, when we elect people like Najib, Zahid, Rauf and the Melaka pirates to public office. We know they will pillage and plunder. We are political masochists, deriving pleasure when pain is imposed on us.

12. We are indeed sending the wrong messages to our Malays and future generations. Crime is rewarded handsomely and virtue is punished. We ignore the warning signs ahead and resolved to become politicians for the wrong reasons.

13. Like the infamous Al Capone, whose 'public service is my motto', Najib and his ilk's motto is also public service. Besides the usual gambling, prostitution, liquor the additional public service is relieving the public off their public treasury and now, sand.

14. Something must be grotesquely wrong also with our judicial system. A convicted felon is given liberty to do anything he fancies. The most famous felon, Najib Razak, is endorsed by the court to galavant in Melaka.

15. I would have thought that a person found guilty, until his appeal is heard, is guilty. No more presumed innocent until found guilty. The court of first instance has found him guilty. Yet he is free to roam free in Melaka. Respectfully, I think the decision giving him freedom is wrong.

16. As a result, he is free to do all sorts of mischief.

17. Hence, the court is also liable for the mischief caused. Judges, please don't feel infallible. The people will judge you in turn.


Sunday 31 October 2021

Cucu Cicit Hang Tuah Kena Tipu

1. Saya melihat geng2 Abu Lahab dan Abu Jahal berhimpun menipu bangsa Melayu. Geng pukiwak ini terus menipu bangsa yang lena dalam masabodoh/kelalain mereka.

Berubat di German..
Anak bersalin di Spore..
Anak belajar di Amerika..

2. Setiap tahun,semasa PAU saya dengar bukan main gegak gempita dan goga wira dan wirawati umno memekik iidup Melayu! Pada hal yang sebenar mereka mahu ialah fulus dan meratah benda Allah yang ada di celah kankang mangsa jantan betina.

3. Hai,bilakah kita Melayu nak sedar, terutama Melayu cucu cicit Hang Tuah! Tidakkah kita Melayu nak muntah bila disajikan poster lahabau ini?

4. Izinkan saya memberi beberapa contoh. Setiap lapisan kepimpinan ialah Melayu. Tapi keadaan bangsa am nya tidak banyak berubah. Yang berjaya ialah yang menunggang bangsa dan golongan atasan.

5. Yang kedepan ialah PUTERA dalam bumipetera. Yakni putera raja dan putera atasan. Putera kedepan,BUMI ketinggalan di belakang. Bumi-PUTERA!

6. Poster jawa penorogo tu betul2 mempersendakan orang melakau. Lahawau betul!

7. Yang mengkhianati bangsa Melayu ialah Melayu sendiri. Terutama umno. Bila mereka memerintah mereka membagi bagi tanah sesama sendiri. Kunco2 yang dapat jual ke cina bukannya DAP.

8. Penjualan tanah berlaku ketika umno memerintah. Dalam zamah PH memerintah, ia tidak berlaku. DAP hanya sebagian dari PH dan tidak pernah merintah. Dan DAP tidak pernah meminta tanah.

9. Di Pulau Pinang ada kita dengar kerajaan nya berikrar tidak mahu beri Melayu tanah walaupun seinci? Dan kita jangan lupa pegawai2 pejabat daerah ramai Melayu. Yang khianat Melayu ialah Mim.

10. Umno itu bukan saja menipu, tapi ia juga mengkhianati bangsa dan bapak rasis.

11. Saya melihat dalam perhimpunan geng2 Abu Lahab wa Abu Jahal mein fuhrer Najib ada dibarisan depan. Bukankah si lahabau ini pernah berkata akan membasahi keris dengan darah cina? Wow!

12. Ini lah satu sikap hipokrasi pemimpin Melayu umno. Anti Cina hanyalah satu rhetorik saja. Takde telur nya . Orang Pekan kata takde pelir. Mereka hanya suka memantat Ah Moi Cina je.

13. Demikian juga dengan sikera yang suka mengerenying tu. Suka mencium keris terhunus dan mengancam bangsa lain terutama bangsa Cina.

14. Begitu juga dengan Din sembab 'saya Melayu dulu kemudian baru Malaysian berdiam saja. Mail Bera pun diam je.

15. Sikap hipokrasi peminpin Melayu ini saya persoalkan bila kapal perang dan pesawat negeri Cina menganggu industri minyak dan gas negara.

16. Yang heran nya tidak pula kita melihat 2 wira tin kosong ni bangkit membela petronas bila diancam negeri China. Tidak pula kita mengerahkan 2 kapal selam kita bertindak.

17. Malah ke-2 nangoi ni dan pemimpin2 Melayu umno lain membisu dan berpura pura macam takde apa berlaku. Malah mengikut Asia Maritime Transparecy Initiative yang berpengkalan di Washington,kapal2 petronas diganggu oleh China hampir setiap hari. Dimana aok simpan batu aok, wok

18. Saya bercakakap mengenai kawasan cari gali minyak kasawari dan kawasan pemasangan paip sapura 2000. Apabila ke2 kawasan2 ini diganggu, pemimpin umno berpeluk tubuh

19. Yang kata mahu membasahi keris dengan darah Cina dan yang suka kucup keris terhunus dengan rakusnya seperti mengucup teman lelakinya,tak buat apa2.

20. Mahiadin lagi hebat. Din sembab dengan retorik saya Melayu dulu, tidak lansung menunjukkan apa2 kemarahan.

21. Jelas,pemimpin2 Melayu ni semua hipokrit. Berani membuli orang Cina tempatan, tapi tak berpelir dengan negeri China.

22. Tapi dibelakang kita mereka ada rakan niaga Cina dan endut Cina. Ingat Nika Gee tak?

23. Respon kita yang lemah ialah menghantar pesawat hawk lama. Dan tak juga buat apa2.

24. Yang pelik nya tak pula kita memperagakan kapal selam scorpene kita. Ngapa ye.

25. Kapal selam yang dibeli pahlawan bugis fake, dengan harga lebih RM1 bilion sebuah dan RM159m komisyen. Dan menyebabkan pembunuhan Altantuya

26. Jadi, bagaimana kita nak harap mereka menjaga dan melindungi anak cucu kita kalau negara pun tak terjaga? Dasar pembohong!

27. Si monyet mengerenying dari Sembrong menipu kita bulat2. Dia kata semasa Kementah bawah jagaan nya tidak ada pencerobohan dari China. Bukan Kementah tapi Jementah dalam negeri nya Mengikut lapuran odit negara, antara 2016 hingga2019, terdapat 89 pencerobohan China. Bukan kah matlaon ini juga yang kata pada Wang Yi, you are always my big brother?

28. Makanya, terdapat banyak alasan konkrit mengapa orang Melaka harus menolak pemimpin2 Melayu umno dan parti Din sembab.

29. Mereka itu penipu, pengecut, perompak, perasuah, pecah amanah, hipokrit . Mereka sangat tidak jujur dan jauh dari suci. Talqinkan mereka.

30. Hai anak Melaka, bersatu dan bangkitlah! Kamu tidak kehilangan apa2. Kecuali kemungkaran yang berleluasa!


Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Sad Race.

1. 'The first thing we do' said Dick the butcher, 'is let's kill all the lawyers'. I am not accepting the line to mean how lawyers stand in the way of violent mobs. Rather, our society is meek and acquiescent.

2. Rather, I take it to mean how lawyers contrived to protect the rich and the powerful. It also means how the rotten bureaucracy aids and abbets an injustice. Finally, to me, it also means a perversion and travesty of justice.

3. Oh, I am sure it became a moot subject by tipsy lawyers, over glasses and jugs of beer, perhaps in Selangor Club. Or it could become a subject of debate by the Gauche Caviar, the Hampstead liberals The Café Latte Crowd, the Bollinger Bolsheviks, The Smoked Salmon Crowd, the Salon socialists etc.

4. It has not reached a tipping point where I see lawyers marching on the streets or the bar council protesting. The Muslim lawyers would probably condone the gallivanting of felons.

5. Nor did I hear of the subject being debated by our elected pigs in the Dewan Rakyat. Never mind the use of the pejorative term. I have been called DAPig and Kit Siang's dog before.

6. Some of us were indeed shocked that Najib and the missus were allowed to travel to Singapore. I wrote a bit about it in my blog in an article entitled the lost tribe. Perhaps it was regarded as obiter dicta though.

7. The accused in high-profile cases can enjoy freedom of travel where common folks and PTPTN students were denied such privilege.

8. How can I not agree with Mr Dick the Butcher?

9. Especially when lawyers from the AGC meekly said, let the matter be dealt by the judges. This was just a CYA strategy.


10. Clearly, the Singapore netizens are more politically conscious and sophisticated. They protested vociferously on the internet, over the presence of the Malaysian Bonnie and Clyde couple.

11. The response here, especially from the Malay heartland, was Neanderthal. They saw the evidence based prosecution of the discredited couple as continued persecution by some Non-Malay lawyers led by Shri Ram.

12. And the protests from Singapore netizens were seen as an inconvenience caused by Chinaman provocateurs.

13. Thus, the Malays, with their bunker mentality, reduced the whole situation as a public row between non Malays and Malays. The situation was embellished by mosquito internet portals. 'Tekaan liike dan shaare'.

14. Forced to see the situation in that racial context, the passports of the accused impounded by the high courts, sprm and lhdn were dismissed. How can the appeal court dismissed the decision by 3 institutions?

15. It seems that where a situation is reduced to a clash of races, produces a judicial decision, no matter how absurd and illogical it is. Is that the ratio decidendi?

16. Mind you, Mein Fuhrer Najib owes more than 1 billion Ringgit to LHDN. The monies owed by common people and graduates are a pittance.

17. Najib mocks and ridicules the courts further by asking the courts to delay his travel plans. This is because he has been tasked to manage the Melaka prn. He determines what the courts can and cannot do. Isnt that ridiculous?

18. What has that got to do with his trial? I am glad a reader from Pekan texted me to say if only Singapore can jail the bugger. There are still sane people in Pekan. Furthermore, he can still be ably represented by tiger lawyers. He should be tried in absentia. No hal.

19. That means his trials are further postponed. His trial seemed to be taking forever. How can the courts entertain such shenanigans?

20. That being the case, people are wondering if there's something seriously wrong with our justice system. Isn't justice delayed, is justice denied?

21. People are not stupid, only uneducated. They are talking loudly that if the laws do not protect you from the authors of avarice but protect them from you, then society is doomed. Ayn Rand said this. Rafidah Aziz said this.


Sunday 24 October 2021

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah:Umno's Lost Leader.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah ( from henceforth TRH) wrote about the lost umno or in Malay, umno yang hilang.

2. To many, it's not just about a return to the halcyon days, but a real re embrace of true umno values. Of course, to his detractors, the call is dismissible and just a will o the wisp.

3. Born of royal family and immersed in corresponding etiquette, he has had the interest of the common people at heart.

4. He wants to see the Malays progressed but not through the repression or suppression of other races or conferring self entitlement edifices.

5. The robust Malay who rises through open competition, hard work, talent and ability.

6. Such a Malay would find it absurd and preposterous to impute a 30% handicap in employment, education, wealth creation, the banning of sending Christmas cards by Muslims, the unnecessary banning of Oktoberfest, depriving minority races of places in public universities etc.

7. Perhaps the common people's interest first, was honed in by the person who opted for Anderson school in Ipoh instead of the usual bourgeois MCgaygay.

8. Any umno Mrs Williams would find such egalitarian thinking dangerous and destructive to a feudalistic umno.

9. Remember the liberal Mrs Williams mate? I was studying in England when Mrs Williams was prominent. Blimey!

10. I was watching a video on Tony Benn entitled Tony Benn: Labour's lost leader. Well to me, TRH is umno's lost leader.

11. it's the levelling and democratic ideas of TRH that are dangerous and threatening to the bourgeois and feudalic umno financial oligarchy. For that, TRH must be marginalised at all costs and by any means necessary.

12. It's saddening and funny, the person who is a royalty adopts egalitarian ideas, but the umno leaders who rose from poverty become the bourgeoisie and undemocratic. It's Franz Fanon's The Wretched Of The Earth. The oppressed becomes the oppressor.

13. I have read a facebook posting by a well-meaning person. He says that TRH is a consummate gentleman. This, and other fine qualities, ought to make TRH the leader of this country.

14. I could not agree with this person more. Only that I think trust on TRH should not be based just on the pious hopes and pleadings of a plaintiff.

15. Support for TRH based on pious hopes and pleadings maybe ephemeral. Support based on beliefs and convictions are unshakeable. They are more preferred.

16. First, there must be a complete and total rejection of the culture of corruption that has paralysed umno. It signifies a total loss of pride and self-worth. It also means our reward system is wrong.

17. We must reject a reward system not based on diligence, hard work, talent and ability. We must be aware that our reward system is based on shortcuts, subterfuges and plain blackmails. They are intrinsically wrong, not wrong when caught only.

18. In part 2 we shall examine the principles upon which umno is founded. They must re- assessed or rejected altogether .


Thursday 21 October 2021

The Lost Tribe.

1. Ramai netizen singapura protes kedatangan najib amirull mikminin dan kak rosie ke negara itu.

2. Tujuan dua ekor nangoi ni pergi ke singapura ialah untuk menziarahi cucu mereka. Al maklum sajalah Malaysia mana ada kemudahan hospital yang top class. Penuh hutan belantara weh.

3. Seorang lagi kepala dang yang deberi pasport oleh makmah ialah presideng oomno.


4. Apa jadahnya sistem kehakiman kita? Orang atasan yang tertuduh dan tersangka, boleh mendapat kebenaran mahkamah . Makcik limah yang curi lampin dan pak teh busu yang curi ayam, biar mampus lah.

5. Seolah olahnya sistem kehakiman kita menyebelahi yang kaya dan berkuasa, makakala yang miskin terus menjadi binatang malang dan jalang.

6. Orang Melayu ni kalau arak letak nama timah saja tahu bengkeng. Ketidakadilan didepan mata didiamkan.

7. Orang melayu kita benar2 lost and sad tribe

8. Ketahuilah wahai rakyat jelata, ada precedence la ni. Kalau hangpa ada kes mahkamah hangpa masih boleh dapat paspot. Hangpa boleh kautim dengan mahkamah. No hal.

9. Apakah reaksi kita, sekurang kurangnya oleh sesetengah internet news portal terhadap protes netizen singapura? Ia nya tidak lebih dari satu pompous indignation.

10. Sikap kita adalah suatu contradiction in terms. Kita pura2 marah pada netizen singapura tapi kita melompat bergumbira krook2 ni dapat kelonggaran. Bersikap munafik adalah keperangaian kedua orang melayu.

11. Bangsa kita Melayu hilang punca sebetulnya. Rasuah, rompakan dan pecah amanah dimuliakan. Kita berdegar degar lagi kata kita mendukung nilai2 Islam. Nilai2 Kepala bapak awok. Bahkan rasuah mahu dihalalkan.

12. Kita terus disakiti meningkat keseronokan kita. Tambah seronok dan ghairah, semakin dipergambakan. Tak apa lah la lagi. Kuat lagi bang...

13. Mengapa kita nak marahkan netizen Singapore? Sebab majoriti mereka Cina? Adakah memusuhi apa2 Cina merupakan protokol semula jadi, bangsa Melayu, terutama oleh orang umno?

14. Mungkin itu reaksi normal bangsa yang merasakan tak menjadi kudis, anak2 mereka menyaksikan porno sebagai soalan perperiksaan.

15. Oh itu Cina DAP yang cakap. Biak pi lah. DAP memang jaki kat bangsa kita Melayu. Kita bangsa tersohor. Ada isle lagi.

16. Netizen Singapore meluahkan rasa amarah mereka kerana mereka memuliakan undang2. Mereka membenci rasuah dalam bentuk apa pun. Itu dah menjadi new normal pada mereka. Sedangkan kita asyik menerapkan nilai2 rosak kedalam otak jenerasi muda kita dan menonton porno. Dan saya tak ada dengar pun ustadz2 kita kondem penyiaran porno. Mungkin Haji Hadi fatwakan itu halalun kot.

17. Kebencian terhadap rasuah diterjemahkan kepada kebencian terhadap pelaku2 nya. Sedangkan kita menganggap rasuah itu dan penganiayaan itu sebagai darah daging dan nilai bangsa Melayu. Jadi kita bersikap pompous indignant.

18. Secara tidak langsung amarah netizen Singapore, adalah suatu terrible indictment kepada sistem kehakiman kita. Secara instinct, mereka dah tahu orang2 seperti Najib dan mama Rosie bersalah. Itu patut menjadi pengajajaran kepada hakim2 kita yang merasakan mereka bebas dari pengadilan masyarakat. Bahawa ada kuasa rakyat yang mengadili pengadil!

19. Sedarlah wahai bangsa Melayu. Ingatlah pesanan zaaba puluhan tahun yang lalu. Bila dia mengungkap sajak Longfellow A Psalm Of Life.

20. Lebih kurang yang saya ingat:-

Tell me not in mournful numbers
Life is but a dream
For the soul is dead that slumbers
And life is not what it seems.

21. Bangsa Melayu! tidurlah terus. Seperti kata P. Ramlee-tidurlah wahai pemaisuri.


Saturday 16 October 2021

The Pandora Papers. The Speaker Sins Again. Bertaubatlah! Part 1.

1. Two quotes that were embedded in my mind are as follows.

2. The first came from Karl Marx. Yes, from Uncle Commie himself. Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.

3. The second came from a witty and somewhat eccentric Economics professor of mine. Statistics, he says, is like a bikini. What it reveals is suggestive, but what it hides is vital.

4. That's how I propose to approach the voluminous data revealed by the Pandora files. Are we going to suffer a brain freeze as a result of the deluge of data therein?

5. Combining the two quotes, the question then is- what are we going to do with the information?

6. We are glad that some people have prepared the Pandora Papers and shared them with us. We are shocked to see the names of Malaysians there.

7. We are more glad that brave and conscientious soul like Mamu Anwar wants this urgent and specific issue debated in parliament. Kudos to him.

8. Unfortunately the repugnant speaker refuses to have the issue debated. That seems to be his habit and vocation. Otherwise, he occupies his time scratching his balls.

9. All right-thinking Malaysians are aghast at his refusal. This is an important issue. His refusal only confirms he has no conscience.

10. The speaker must be suffering from Baldrick's disease. The Pandora Papers were mistakenly taken to be Baldrick's trousers.

11. Things can get a little whiffy down there. Accordingly, the speaker is right when he charged Anwar not to open Baldrick's trousers.

12. But we are not talking about Baldicks trousers here. The speaker is right; there is nothing of interest therein, especially to a chauvinist pig like the speaker is.

13. We are talking about the Pandora Papers. The Greeks wrote, in legend, of a container in which all the evils of the world are contained. They call it Pandora's box, which to us is the Pandora Papers.

14. If opened, it will unleash all the financial tomfoolery that was visited upon us.

15. So the issue is urgent, specific and of public interest. The refusal by the speaker to have the motion debated is unconscionable. It's clear on whose side he is on.

16. I am no supporter of Mamu Anwar because of personal judgement. But on issues based articulations, in this instance he is heroic.

17. Perhaps of little notice, save for some attentive sleuths, were the disingenuous answers given by Fart Harun, the partisan speaker.

18. We are not impressed when he quoted the House of Commons. First, he is no Betty Boothrroyd or John Bercow or Tip O'Neil or Nancy Pelosi.

19. He employed a bit of sophistry when he distinguished between Illicit money outflows and, presumably, legitimate share holdings.

20. Whether its€5 or €5 million, all the more reason to have the motion debated. To establish the truth, not continue to deceive. In any case does the value of the shareholdings comes out of thin air?

21. Let's not forget the unashamedly solipsistic slant of his arguments. He thinks reality only exists if it's thinkable by him.

22. Accordingly, he thinks that the reality of the Pandora Papers is according to his reading and what he thinks of it.

23. The indisputable point is dear readers, reality can exist independently of his thinking and reading. His reading is limited, and he is not that clever.

24. He is stoically conceited. That conceit and hubris are induced by the fact that he occupies the speaker's chair and is flanked by obedient bentara.

25. He has erred yet again. He falls into a hole he himself has dug. He has to excavate more dirt to lift his big arse out of it. He is hoisted by his own petard!


Thursday 7 October 2021

The Scourge Of corruption.

1. One expatriate investor, amongst many, was asked why he left Malaysia. He said he left because of the odious level of corruption.

2. When he first arrived, corruption was a crime. The country was following the rule of law. That suited him fine.

3. He became exceedingly nervous, when corruption later become acceptable. Or, in the language of Din sembab, it's the new normal.

4. And he said he'd better leave before corruption becomes compulsory. Many others did the same thing. As a consequence, Azmin Ali was left cupping his genitalia.

5. He looked askance when FDI dropped in Malaysia. Many of us were and are not surprised.

6. The dangerous level is reached when corruption is treated as a given. Much like as when Lee Kuan Yew said incarcerating political opponents is like making love to a virgin. It's painful the first time, but gets pleasurable the subsequent times. Perhaps Shahidan Kassim can enlighten us on that.

7. The expatriate community as are us are shocked and appalled at some Malaysians'adulation to corruption. And to the blokes who perpetrated the scourge of corruption.

8. As though it's a virtue and, to Muslims, does not contradict Islamic values. It's theft, for God's sake and the people who commit it, are thieves.

9. Therefore, it's a crying shame and facetious to call Najib, for example, as amirulmukminin.

10. It must be an inappropriate humour and flippant remark. But more serious, it might reflect the cincai attitude of the Malay.

11. It seems that corruption if committed by a Malay, preferably an umno Malay, is permitted. By extension, that would mean it's alright for a Malay and more so simultaneously an umno appatchik, to enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters.
Rejoice and give thanks to God for that! Is that it?

12. So now corruption began as a crime, accepted as a new normal, became legal and soon to be compulsory. Provided it's done by a Malay and preferably an umno dolt.

13. The way corruption is cavalierly treated, it is both incredulous and also comical. In fact it has become a national shame, same in rank as Britain's massacre of Africans. It's our poetic injustice.

14. Just where do these sobs want to bring their nefarious and ill-gotten gains to ? Najib and Zahid with their millions and probably billions? Can najib feigned imbecilic ignorance? Can Zahid back-pat his way past the ominous figure with the scythe?

15. Can the immigration officer, with his fleet of cars including Bentleys, plough his way past Munkar
and Nakir and maybe mow them down?

16. Can the government officers, who rented a plane to air freight some packs of nasi ganja, smoked their way past the angels of death?

17. You all will bring nothing to your permanent domicile, except wrapped in burial shroud.


Tuesday 5 October 2021

Masih Relevan Kah UMNO? Bahagian 2.

1. Masihkah umno dan parti2 uber nasionalis releven untuk orang melayu?

2. Saya akan berhujjah tidak, kecuali umno mahu melakukan adaptasi. Sesungguh nya adapt or perish.

3. Manakala kehidupan kita secara umumnya telah membaik, dan itu adalah tanggungjawab pemimpin dan kerajaan,matlaon2 ini melakukan banyak keburukan dan kebejatan.

4. Bila matlaon2 seperti Najib mulut merah, Jowo Bagan Latoh, Anuar Budu atau waris pak'ndak Endot Pasir Salak melakukan rasuah, pecah amanah, penipuan serta membuli -penganiayaan2 itu bererti mereka engkar kepada Tuhan.

5. Yang lebih mencelakakan keadaan, ialah apabila rakyat dan ahli umno berdiam diri apabila pemimpin2 haprak ini melakukan angkara murka.

6. Tidak syak lagi itu adalah tanda2 kehancuran dan Allah akan melaknati kabilah tersebut. Seperti Tuhan melaknati bangsa Israil kerana membisu seribu bahasa seperti dalam ayat al Maidah 78.

7. Orang2 umno dan bangsa Melayu akan dilaknati jua apabila bukan saja membisu, bahkan memuliakan kejahatan2 yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin2 Melayu.

8. Bahkan ada yang kata tahniah, yahoo dan hooray apabila krook2 ini mendapat kemenangan awal dan sementara. Bukan saja mereka engkar tapi tidak takut akan Tuhan.

9. Tapi saya percaya majoriti ahli umno meluat menengok perilaku pemimpin2 penyangak ini. Ini mententeramkan kita sedikit.

10. Maka seperti kata WS Rendra, sesalkan apa yang mesti disesalkan. Tapi jangan bikin dirimu jadi korban.

11. Sudah pasti ramai yang menyesal tidak memberi tentangan yang wajar. Yang penting sekarang mereka enggan dikorbankan dan diperbudakkan oleh pemimpin haprak ini.

12. Tapi masih ada sosok yang memuliakan krook2 ini. Bukan saja mereka 'perpetuate' pemerintahan elitis dan reaksioner, tapi yang lebih dasyat, membelakangi rakyat.

13. Birahi mengekalkan pemerintahan reaksioner, terzahir umpamanya seperti berikut:-

14. Na'uzubillah, janganlah ini terjadi. Jauhkan malaikat 44.

15. Kegilaan apakah yang telah melanda Mat Bera ini? Si matlaon ni menasihatnya, Jho Low pula menasihati matlaon tersebut!

16. Apa nak jadi ke Malaysia kita? Kita seolah olahnya mendapat buah yang terburuk dari tandan nya.

17. Perkara pertama yang harus dibuat adalah mengenyah dan membuang semua krook dari pimpinan umno dan parti angkut sampah. Dimana janji dalam 5 hari Malaysia jadi negara Islam? Pochi!

18. Ada perkara yang tidak betul dalam kepala orang Melayu. Kaki krook dimuliakan. Rakyat biasa di tindas . Kebodohan dianggap sesuatu yang terpuji.

19. Dan seperti ada yang tak kena dengan sistem kehakiman kita. Undang2 di buat oleh orang atasan untuk melindungi yang kaya dan bekuasa. Rakyat bawahan di tindas dan di aniayai.

20. Dalam bahagian 3, kita akan menghalusi asas2 perjuangan umno.


Sunday 3 October 2021

Penggunaan tepat dan hipokritikal isme.

1. Samuel Johnson, orang yang membuat kamus inggeris, berkata patriotism adalah kubulindung(refuge) penjahat2. Dia menentang kepalsuan penggunaan patriotism untuk mengabsahkan segala kejahatan.

2. Sehubungan dengan hal itu, orang2 yang menentang hipokrasi penggunan patriotism, dianggap sebagai pembelot dan penderhaka bangsa.

3. Me-labelkan penentang anda sebagai pembelot dan penderhaka, adalah senjata senjata kesukaan yang berkuasa dan kaya.

4. Penlabelan di weaponised. Ini mengingatkatkan saya, betapa satu masa orang kulit putih melabelkan orang kulit hitam sebagai gila, hanya untuk menyisihkan mereka dan memasukkan mereka ke rumah sakit jiwa.

5. Kepada mereka yang menggunakan patriotism yang gila, fakta2 tidak penting asal saja patriotism di slogankan dan penentang naratif kamu di balun sesuka hati.

6. Tapi patriotisme yang digunakan olih si kaya dan si berkuasa adalah vulgar patriotism. Patriotism sepatutnya didirikan atas cinta kepada bangsa, bersandarkan nilai2 dan kepercayaan.

7. Nilai2 dan kepercayaan atau beliefs seperti merasuah, mencuri, menipu, berselingkuh serta berkomplot dengan negara asing, tentu bukan nilai2 dan kepercayaan kita. Sebab itu saya kata vulgar patriotism.

8. Itulah yang terjadi bila Trump diketahui bersekongkol dengan Russia dan Ukraine dan membayar perempuan2 yang ia tiduri. Shahidan buat begitu dan 'tatap' dilantik menteri.

9. Trump pusing dan menuduh penentang2 nya tidak patriotik. Dia menuduh mereka sebagai deep state dan yang menggugat proses demokrasi.

10. Jika demokrasi adalah memilih orang yang cocok, ertinya memilih krook2 umno ialah kegiatan yang menghakis atau undermine proses demokrasi. Demikian juga melantik mereka. Memperkosa demokrasi.

11. Di negara kita,ism yang terlebih guna ialah Islam dan Islamism.

12. Mereka yang menentang pegangan status quo, dianggap kurang Islam bahkan bukan Islam.

13. Bila Wak Jahid mempersoalkan keislaman Saifuddin itu adalah refleksi penggunaan Islam yang fake.

14. Kerana Islam dalam lexicon umno atau pas atau pembaca doa yang bernama Din al sembah adalah :-

15. Tidak sah Islam kamu kalau tak ada 10 kalimah shahadah ini.

16. Saya kurang yakin dengan orang Melayu yang bercakap pasal 'isle'. Lama2 kita kena 'sele'. Maapuh kito.

17. Melayu Islam yang menjustifikasikan 30 juta lebih Sri Perdana, tengok ni.

18. Dalam menulis artikel ini, saya telah mendapat input2 yang bernilai dari sahabat2 saya,Tan Sri Ng, Arif Nasir Abdul Rahman Talib, Affendi Abdul Aziz dan nona Hanida Alang Ahmad. Tapi bahan2 yang di dispute kan serta kesilapan2 adalah tanggung jawab saya. Terima kasih kepada mereka.


Friday 1 October 2021

Idealism Is The Last Refuge Of PH Scoundrels.

1. Recent events seem to vindicate my objection to the stupid MOA signed by PH.

2. The signing seemed to give a licence for criminals in the government to run amok.

3. The blue collar criminals appear to get away with their intransigences.

4. Thus, we have the obnoxious environment where the rich and powerful get away with their unlawful activities while the powerless and moneyless hoi poloi go to jail.

5. While all these nightmarish events take place, PH can hide behind its sanctimonious idealism and take refuge behind its political ceasefire.

6. They are left cupping their balls while all the injustices take place.

7. Samuel Johnson may have said that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels. We may now add, idealism is the last refuge of PH.

8. The MOA is an act of political cowardice on the part of PH and a Machiavellian sleight of hand on the part of the government.

9. It also means we can't trust the opposition after all. They are also, as an infamous Sarawakian politician says, 'kung kali kung'.

10. Some of the recent events which I averred to include:-

Hidup maslan 💪🏽💪🏽

11. And while the people are suffering, the opposition condones:-

Seremban: Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Negeri Sembilan menahan seorang guru besar bagi membantu siasatan berhubung kes tuntutan palsu berjumlah hampir RM2,500, dua tahun lalu.

WOW!!!! Banyaknye tuuuu... 😱😱😱..

Syabas, Cekap & Amanah Penguatkuasa Ketuanan Melayu SPRM.. 🤠🤠🤠..

12. That's our Malaysia for you. The happenings in our country can inspire a Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book 2.


Tuesday 28 September 2021

Melayu Itu Pemaaf Tapi Tidak Mudah Lupa.

UMNO yang hilang.

The Lost UMNO.

1. Saya tidak akan dapat menyalini analisa tajam Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Dia melalui tahap umno asal dan tiruan.

2. Dia percaya masih ada ahli umno yang 'pure', yang mahu mengembalikan umno kepada prinsip2 pertama/first principles perjuangan. Itu tidak pula bererti umno kekal rigid, beku dan jumud. Mungkin ia mesti melalui proses rekayarsa/reengineering, membuang segala unsur2 buruk.

3. Kesilapan para pakar atau experts ialah menganggap umno itu satu monolithic bloc. Terdiri dari type2 Najib, Zahid, Tajuddin atau orang yang tak bertamaadun seperti Bung dan pemangsa seksual Shahidan atau Nuar Musa. Kajian mengenai umno bukanlah satu exact science, Be.

4. Orang2 umno pun ada tipping point, meluat dan menyampah pada gelagat2 crook2 umno ni. Cukuplah keperibadian umno diwarnai oleh sosok2 reaksioner ini. Jadi ingatan Ku Li sangat bertepatan waktu. Membuktikan telahan experts salah dan meleset.

5. Bukan saja experts silap, tapi mereka underestimate kesugguhan dan iltizam satu individu dan orang2 yang sepemikiran dengan Ku Li.

6. Yang 'uphill battle' dan tidak berpijak di alam nyata ialah Najib dan hastrat nya untuk kembali sebagai presiden dan membentuk umno mengikuti imej nya sendiri? Yakni perampuk dan maling?

7 . Najib overestimate sokongan terhadap nya. Mungkin terlalu banyak mendengar idolisasi dari bakian pencuci bontot dalam umno yang memekik melolong, bosku bosku! atau amirul mukminin.

8. He is not only a fool, but a bloodyfool. Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labu nya. Biarkan. Biarkan!

9. Yang pelik bin ajaib nya, ialah hasrat Najib sipenjenayah itu, di muliakan dan di murnikan oleh sesetengah media massa. Astagha.

10. Nyatalah Najib hanyalah hasilan/product media massa yang di over hyped yang dihebohkan oleh media serupa yang sycophantic. Sepatutnya hasrat Najib itu menjadi bahan ketawa dan suatu mimpi seram atau nightmare.

11. Melayu boleh memaafkan tapi mereka tidak lupa. Tak hendak lagi pemimpin macam Mahathir, Najib Mahiaddin dan seumpama matlaon2 ini. Syukur blur Zahid tak jadi pm! Simpang malaikat 44!!

12. Ada bebera perkara yang telah disentuh oleh Ku Li. Patut kita sama2 teliti.

13 . Parlimen tidak lagi menjadi intitusi yang dihormati rakyat. Ia jadi objek jenaka. Ianya bukan lagi tempat membahaskan isiu2 dan dasar secara bijaksana dan siuman.

14. Sedikit bahas yang bernas digerhanai oleh jerit pekik serta maki dan hamun.

15. Sosok2 haprak seperti Tajuddin pembuli Anuar Budu, sianjing gila Nazri atau orang tak bertamaddun Bung dianggap wira. Sepatutnya mereka tidak ada dalam Parlimen.

16. Mereka adalah hasilan suatu sistem yang korap. Yakni yang mementingkan diri dan dimana kejayaan diukur oleh kekayaan tak kira bagaimana ia diperolehi.

17. Sistem korap itu sebetulnya di ujudkan oleh Dr Mahathir. Melalui pengharaman umno asal, Mamu Mahathir mengujudkan satu sistem crass materialism.

18. Lahabau2 yang saya sebut tadi serta crook2 seperti Najib, Zahid dan Wak Pagoh adalah hasil kerja tangan Mamu Mahathir. Anwar, sekurang kurang nya enggan melanggani sistem Mamu Mahathir.

19. Mamu Mahathir lah yang membunuh umno asal dan menggantikan ia dengan parti yang menyembah vulgar materialism yang tidak ada jiwa atau roh.

20. Vulgar materialism yang mengukur kesuksesan seseorang dengan kekayaan, tidak kira cara ia didapati dan kejayaan negara dengan monumen2 besar termasuklah Mahathir's erection-petronas twin towers.

21. Jadi supaya Mamu tahu, Melayu itu memaafkan tapi tidak mudah lupa.

22. Maka jalan selamat untuk umno ialah tidak lain dan tidak bukan, kembali kepada prinsip2 pertama perjuangan nya.

23. Ku Li mesti jadi presiden umno. Jika Najib 'Mr Bean' Razak ada hasrat jadi presiden oomno, Ku Li juga berhak dan ada lebih kredibiliti untuk jadi presiden umno. Secepat mungkin dia kena bertemu semua ketua bahagian umno membawa mesej mengembalikan roh dan jiwa umno. Semoga jaya! Selamatkan umno!


Monday 27 September 2021

Perletakan Jawatan Tengku Razaleigh Dan Implikasi nya.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah atau ku li meletak jawatanya sebagai pengerusi jemaah penasihat parti umno.

2. Jemaah erti nya bukan dia seorang. Dan nasihatnya tidak didengar olih umno.

3. Secara tidak langsung, ini bererti umno tidak percaya kepada Ku Li hingga terpaksa 'mencairkan' nasihat nya dengan mengujudkan satu jemaah.

4. Ramai orang umno dan awam berpendapat tindakan itu wajar kerana Ku Li diperlakukan demikian rupa.

5. Konon nya keujudan jemaah penasihat memberi gambaran bahawa umno mempunyai suatu mekanisma timbang dan periksa.

6. Kebenaran nya bukan demikian. Umno tetap tidak demokratik dan terus dikuasai oleh geng2 kleptokrat dan kunco2 mereka.

7. Yakni golongan yang mendahulukan kepentingan peribadi dari kepentingan awam. Ada 2 golongan. Yang pertama adalah golongan neo feudalis dan elitist. Golongan ini mahu mengekalkan kuasa dan mengelak tindakan wajar mahkamah.

8. Ketahuilah, tindakan mahkamah itu semua bukanlah political vendetta bahkan balasan terhadap angkara durjana dan celaka yang mereka lakukan.

9. Rompakan, pencurian, rasuah, pecah amanah, salah guna kuasa dll adalah kejahatan dan kedurjanaan yang dipandang dari sudut manapun, mesti di kondem sekeras keras nya.

10. Apalagi kita orang Islam yang hari2 mengistiharkan celupan Allah atau sibghah Allah adalah celupanku, dan solatku, ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku adalah untuk Allah, tidak wajar mempertahankan dosa2 yang saya sebut.

11. Yang dilakukan oleh matlaon2 ini adalah jenayah terhadap negara. Tidak boleh kita yang mengampunkan nya. Jangan lah memberi gelaran2 Islamik kepada sosok2 ini. Najib sebagai contoh, di gelar sebagai amirulmukminin. Malulah sikit!
Dia terbukti mencuri duit SRC dan tidak dapatnya menerangkan macam mana ada 100 juta lebih. Dia jual goreng pisang ke?

12. Malu kita orang Melayu yang beragama Islam.

13. Marilah kita orang Melayu bersikap 'businesslike' dan 'as a matter of factly'. Jika ada pemimpin Melayu yang bikin onar, biar mereka yang menanggung nya.

14. Janganlah kita dok menyibuk pulak, gadai gelang dan emas sebagai, mengujudkan dana pembelaan. Mengapa kita ujudkan dana pemnelaan untuk si Najib yang dah kaya raya? Suruh dia jual jam tangan. Mengapa kita bersyusun syusun pergi ke mahkamah dan terpekik terlolong? Yang turut pergi ialah Wak Maslan.

15. Tatkala ketua2 MCA bersalah atas kesalahan masing2 ada kita tengok orang Cina membela mereka? Takde, sebab masyarakat Cina faham apa yang ketua2 mereka buat.

16. Dah lah ketua2 Mca- ling, Chua Soi Lek atau Tan Koon Swan kaya raya, tapi kalau buat silap tanggung sendiri.

17. Masyarakat Cina tidak ujudkan dana untuk pemimpin2 mereka yang bersalah. Mereka berdana hanya bila merasakan seorang pemimpin dianiaya kerajaan atau oleh napoleon2 kecil, seperti membela Guan Eng.

18. Orang Melayu khusus nya orang umno, mesti bersikap macam ni. Jangan sibuk sampai mengujudkan dana pembelaan. Itu bermakna kamu bersubahat dalam kesalahan undang2. Jangan murnikan dan muliakan jenayah.

19. Jangan jadi pak sanggup:-


20. Golongan ke2 yang membawa musibah kepada umno ialah golongan anjing2 larian atau 'running dogs' kerajaan gagal yang terdahulu. Ramai antara mereka menjadi menteri dalam kerajaan ISY. Ini termasuklah pemangsa seksual dari Perghlih tu.

21. Maka apabila oghang tua tu Dr Mahathir, kata dia tidak mahu ada kaitan dengan MOA yang termetrai antara PH dan kerajaan ISY, ternyata dia berpandangan lebih jauh dari PH.

22. Kerana dia tahu MOA tersebut tak kemana mana. PH boleh terus bersembunyi disebalik alasan berkerjasama untuk menangani covid dan memulihkan ekonomi tapi tidak meyokong kerajaan ISY.

23. Tidakkah 2 perkara tersebut yang mutually exclusive, mengensel satu sama lain? Al hasIl balik asal. Pi mai pi mai dok tang tu jugak. jadi mengapa ada MOA sebermula?

24. PH boleh bersembunyi disebalik alasan berkerjasama mengenai covid dan memulihkan ekonomi gedebak gedebuk, tapi hakikatnya kamu membenarkan rakyat sengsara dengan kerajaan yang gagal sehingga PRU15.

25. Cukup dengan MOA dan sikap PH yang memelikkan. Jalan selamat untuk umno ialah menyingkirkan 2 kumpulan ini. Umno kena melakukan purge nya. Buang segala dedalu supaya pohon umno tidak di talqin kan.

26. Ku Li mungkin frust tak dapat jadi PM. Seperti yang dikatakan oleh 'mad dog' Nazri Aziz. Atau apa saja alasan lain.

27. Mengimpikan jadi PM bukan nya satu jenayah macam curi wang SRC atau 1MDB atau merompak TH atau Felda jadi apa masaalah jika mimpikan jawatan PM? Nazri mestilah sokong ISY yang jadi geng dia dan yang mungkin lantik MP padang pokok gatal itu sebagai duta Perancis. Kalau tak siapa nak jaga ranch 50 juta nya?

28. Yang tak diberitahu kepada kita ialah pembohongan dan tipu helah yang dilakukan umno. Berbohong atau deceitful adalah keperangaian kedua umno.

29. Kalau tak tipu orang lain, tipu sama sendiri. Tengku Razaleigh kena tipu sokmo.

30. Umno berjanji memilih Ku Li sebagai PM. Sampai masa habuk pun tadak. Dalam kes memilih calun PM, Ku Li tidak diberitahu dan dipanggil pun.

31. Macam dah ada komplot untuk memilih ISY sebab kawan tu mudah di kontrol. Maka, alasan Ku Li tidak dapat dihubungi adalah satu alasan yang kartun.

32. Frust tak dapat jadi PM satu hal, tapi lebih frust umno terus bersifat deceitful. Jadi Bila Nazri beri pencerahan kita waspada. Bila buka mulut takde lain keluar melainkan dusta.

33. Sebaliknya kita mesti teliti akan sebab utama TRH meletak jawatan. Ku li mungkin alasan saja, tapi keengganan umno bermahasabah mengekalkan umno sebagai sebuah parti reaksioner yang
dipenuhi dan di kontrol oleh pemimpin2 neo feudalis seperti herr Nazri.

34. Adapun sebab utama dan sebab yang tersurat perletakan jawatan Ku Li, ialah disebabkan bantahan totalnya terhadap penubuhan kabinet ISY.

35. Lain2 sebab seperti apa ada dalam hati se2orang hanya orang seperti si anjing gila Nazri Aziz saja yang tahu. Ia bersifat spekulasi semata mata. Nilai spekulasi tersebut sama dengan apa yang keluar dari bontot saya.

36. Apa yang ada dalam hati siapa yang tahu wok? Kalau kita kata sebab utama perletakan jawatan Ku Li adalah disebabkan frust tak dapat jadi PM, kita juga boleh katakan Nazri tidak mahu bertanding lagi dalam PRU yang akan datang sebab frust tidak dilantik sebagai menteri. Baru adil kan?

37. Saya dah kata, kalau apa yang keluar dari lubang atas sama dengan apa yang keluar dari lubang bontot, lebih baik jangan keluarkan lansung!

38. Orang2 seperti Nazri ni sepatutnya dah lama kita rehatkan. Seperti tajuddin rahman bung mokhtar, shahidan kassim dan ramai kaki2 busuk lain.

Kita pilih mereka jadi MP, bukan untuk jadi angkuh, sombong, rakus atau untuk melampiaskan nafsu kebinatangan mereka. Bukan kasi mereka ruang untuk bergelagat seperti samseng kampung Dusun.

Jadilah standard mereka sama seperti ADUN Melaka yang membabikan pihak lawan.

39. Terlebih mengecewakan ialah sikap umno yang tidak tegas dan tidak berprinsip dan tidak akur akan nasihatnya sendiri. Bukankah umno berapi api mengarahkan ahli mereka yang berjawatan dan dilantik ke badan2 bekanun oleh bersatu, meletakkan jawatan? Sehingga ada ahli umno yang setia, keluar dari kerajaan. Percuma saja tindakan mereka.

40. Umno yang keluarkan arahan mereka sendiri yang ingkar. Ini menandakan mereka tidak tegas dan tidak ada disiplin. Mana tak frust kawan tu?

41. Yang belot dimartabatkan. Malah yang bukan saja ingkar tapi juga berkelahi dengan umno diberi ganjaran. Termasuk ISY sambil menipu Ku Li. Kemudian kata tak dapat telepon kawan tu. Apa punya binawe umno ni. Umno punya reward system mengherankan.

42. Umno menjilat kahak hijaunya sendiri bagaimana orang Melayu nak dengar cakap parti yang tak dengar cakapnya sendiri?

43. Kepada saya, perletakan jawatan Ku Li adalah suatu damning indictment atau dakwaan mencelakakan keatas kepimpinan si Jawa penorogo tu.

44. Umum menganggap pimpinan Zahid adalah lemah bodoh dan dungu. Lemah kerana tak berdaya melaksanakan disiplin. Bodoh dan dungu kerana membenarkan umno digasak oleh bersatu. Tambahan pula Zahid tidak ada wawasan untuk umno selain jadi pak turut. Macam mana orang Melayu nak ikut parti yang tak tahu erti memimpin?

45. Zahid telah mengeciskan resolusi ribuan perwakilan umno PAU tahun 2020. Orang yang reti bahasa faham bahawa menarik diri dari ppbm, ertinya berhenti menyokong serta merta atau secepat mungkin.ASAP ertinya as soon as possible bukan as slow as possible. Faham?

46. Mereka yang meremehkan resolusi perwakilan, sebenarnya menganggap perwakilan sebagai picisan. Pandangan mereka bolih diciskan.

47. Sebagai balasan ahli2 umno pulaukan mamat2 ni. Yakni golongan kluster mahkamah dan anjing larian pembelot parti. Cukup lah setia membabi buta. Seperti kata komrad kassim:-

Ada besok pasti ada suria
Aku akan pergi
Dengan seribu jebat si anak tani
Sekian lama kita mati setia
Kali ini kita hidup dalam derhaka.

48. Jadi, implikasi perletakan jawatan Ku Li ada banyak. Jangan mengeluarkan pandangan simplistik sebab frust tak dipilih sebagai PM atau mengatakan ianya tiada kesan.

49. Janganlah orang Melayu bersikap si luncai. Bukan saja fools tapi bloody fools terus diperbodohkan olih pemimpin2 reaksioner. Supaya kita tidak berteriak si luncai terjun dengan labu2 nya. Biarkan biarkan.

50. Tengku Razaleigh bukan keseorangan dalam tindakan nya. Ramai ahli umno menyertai pemikiran nya kerana meluat dengan gelagat2 sesetengah pemimpin oomno.

51. Jadi, cakap siang pandang pandang
Cakap malam, dengar dengar.


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