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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 16 April 2021

The Uses And Misuses Of Religion.


1. Now, tell me after watching this video, would the innocent and God-fearing Malay, the farmer, the fishermen, the self-employed and the lumpenproletariat would want to listen to the men of God with their pompous humility? They would rather be cynical at all these religious fakers and not fakirs, mind you.

2. Going to Riyadh on a private plane was the Minister of Religious Affairs and his cabal, entertained and serviced by miniskirted cabin crew or ladies in belly dancing attire? I see a bed on the plane- did the trip also come with happy endings and some 'pepek' pleasure?

3. Did it involve some physical pepek inspection? After all these religious fakers must see with their own eyes and their own dicks.

4. I sincerely hope the female cabin crew did their Brazilian bikini waxing. Otherwise, it's heavily forested down there were even using Waze couldn't find you the direction.

5. But believe me when I say they don't need Waze or Qiblah Founder. They will just bulldoze their way there rapacoiously.

6. Heck, I have often said the dicks don't have eyes and ears. They don't know if they are attached to the torso of a Haji, a Cleric, a Mullah, a Mufti or an oily labourer. They just do a Star Trek -to boldly go where no man has gone before. I bet you some of them are VVIPs, preferring the back entrance to avoid nosy reporters.

7. Ouch! Some of the female cabin crew will have loose bowels! Sirs, I apologise for being irreligious in the sense I refuse to listen to the nauseating mouthing of official religious sermons and pontifications.

8. Their mouthings are just talk- celestial or spiritual licenses if you may, to keep Malays servile, docile and meek whereas for them all is permissible under religious pretexts. Yes the same mouths used for cunnilingus.

9. I would rather listen to the bawdy jokes of Joanne Kam Poh Poh about pepeks and teteks and her urgings for the girls to have more sex lest the poison water from the vigina get to the faces and heads causing splitting headaches. All hail to Joanne Kam!

10. This bloody trip to Riyadh may be a small matter but have wider political and religious implications.

11. Where is the supposed humility and ordinariness that you bloody preached about? So you have one set of religious injunctions for the people and one set for you? You are a hypocrite my man!

12. So you have one set of religious injunctions telling you not to rebel against the ulil amri even if they are incompetent in governance or are corrupt and so on. You never complete the verse saying you don't rebel as long as these people do as Allah tells them.

13. Meanwhile, for the holy camel dung men, everything is permissible even bonking the sexy servants and maids. Corruption is allowed for these men of God.

14. Selected edicts in the Quran are used to justify a host of litanies and indiscretions. Flying in a private jet we may be told, advances the grandiosity of Islam. Muslims, even though the come from a 3rd world country know style.

15. So let non Muslims use the term Allah because the claim that the term is understood to mean specific things to Muslims is hollow. Allah is just an unseen 'concept' easily manipulated by the men of god. Under it everything is permissable. But only exclusively to them. People like the minister of religious affairs.

16. This deviant form of Islam is of course supported by the State, keen to keep the masses servile and under control. Religion thus becomes an opiate for the majority.

17. Whatever esteemed titles you have before your name-whether you are called Tuan Haji, Ustaz, Sahibus Samahah etc, dont necessarily mean you are a good person. Indeed, you may be the pits.

18. Because of all these, I am sorry to say dear sirs, that I have an inherrent distrust for these religious fakers. I am speaking from observations and my own personal experience.

19. It reminded me of a despicable sorry excuse of a son, a person who used to be my friend. Let's call him Tuan Haji L. With a friend like him who needs enemies?

20. When a lady friend then, and I invited him for breakfast, he later asked me whether there are similar lady friends as mine then, available? He wants to befriend one. Little did I know that all he wanted was to get under my friend's knickers. When I confided in him to tell some good story about me to the friend he went to tell the lady friend to leave me. He can introduce some suitable person of interest to the lady. Of course, he will try out my friend first.

21. Once when I was short in cash, I asked him for rm400. He said he can only do that if he sells his Rolex watch. I said if it amounted to that then don't. But what did he tell my lady friend? That I asked him to sell his watch. That was a lie, yet he didn't bad an eyelid. This came from a person with the title Haji.

22. When I told him if I have my own money I will buy houses for my children, he told my lady friend that I plan to take the latter's money to buy houses for my chldren. Is it wrong for a father to do that for his children using his own money?

23. That came from a person with the title Haji and one who will stop at every R&R to pray.

24. Clearly that's a person who misuses religion to mask his real self. No wonder he quarrels with his siblings and disowned his own father. When he served in Thailand he had a Thai language lady tutor. He bonks the tutor several times. He told me that.

25. Therefore, how do I not lose faith in men who paraded their religiosity? The behaviour of the Minister Of Religious Affairs served only to accentuate my cynicism.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

But Some Stupid With A Flare Gun, Burned The Place To The Ground. Smoke On The Water -Deep Purple.

1. Either his diffidence or hesitancy have emboldened his enemies within the party.

2. This is expected from a dullard trained in the umno 'factory'. He likes to listen to his own voice and sees his image in the mirror.

3. Because of his idiocy and lethargy the following festering irritant has arisen. It's his fault.

4. If the ignoramus that he is, Zahid has not struck at them a mortal blow politically, it could be that Zahid wants to strike deals with Wak Mahi.

5. Its one crook dealing with another. Perhaps he wants the court charges against him and his court cluster colleagues dropped. Well these are charges in rem. Or he wants to be made deputy PM. What do you expect from a catfish mouth megalomaniac like Zahid?

Except When 2 losers combine what can they achieve?

6. You know what people say about a person with a catfish mouth personality. He will eat everything including the shitty material at the bottom.

7. Fortuitously, the Bersatu cluster overestimated their own strength and influence but nevertheless must be dealt with, mercilessly. Unless of course Zahid has a death wish. If that is so, then it's his funeral. Nak buek camno.

8. I don't think the pro bersatu has got much influence. The umno people will rally behind Zahid not because they loved Zahid but simply don't want to work with bersatu.

9. I think sane umno people cannot accept the excesses of the Mahi government. Therefore, it follows that pro ppbm cluster will also not be tolerated. They will be expunged.

Menteri ugama n the geng Naik private jet ke riyard 


10. So the ppbm cluster will fizzle out, but Zahid needs to deliver the coup de grâce. Unless he's busy making phonecalls to VVIP Anwar Ibrahim. You know, Anwar the vvip who prefers the back entrance-to avoid the paparazzi.

11. The majority of umno people remain purists. Righ now Zahid is aligned to them and will get their support against the ppbm cluster.

12. Remove the pus from the pesky boil fast and next deal with Zahid. The weapon is in the hands of the delegates. It's not Zahid or a bunch of selt gratifying idiots who determined the future of umno.

13. As long as Zahid remains in umno and as do people of his ilk such as Mat Hasan they shackle umno. It's the duty of umno people to liberate themselves. They have nothing to lose but their chains!

14. I am telling you the future of umno lies in the hands of right-thinking umno members. The objective is to reboot umno. Its salvation lies not by placing umno in the hands of more of the same. So the thinking that Mat Hassan is a natural is erroneous.

15. Habih nak buek camno. Habihkan boreh je.


Sunday, 11 April 2021

Zahid Is Not Fit To Lead Umno.

1. Zahid and Anwar share the same strategy. Deny defy and lie.theirs is the same because both are liars. Like the famous line in the movie:fuck the truth.

2. Wanting to cooperate with a political adversary is not a crime. Owning up to the phone conversation is not because Shahidan or Anuar said so.

3. These monkeys have their own ulterior motives. Be aware they are eager to see Zahid be removed. So that their romance with Wak Mahi goes uninterrupted.

4. I don't think the Malaysian public is easily fooled into believing the audio is fake. Maybe only the yahoo PKR boys believe it is. Listening to Anwar we immediately know he is a motheffing liar.

5. Therefore, it begs the question -why is it so difficult for shyster Anwar and thicky Zahid to admit the fucking truth?

6. Because lying even to their flock is second nature to Zahid and Anwar. Because they thought their conversation is private forgetting that big brother is eavesdropping. Like the herder they look out after their flock only to slaughter them later.

7. I don't understand the need to deny if wanting to cooperate with your political adversary and talking over the phone are no crime. Is it a crime if Zahid regards Anwar as his teacher in the art of lying with a straight face? Zahid's only mistake is that he should have learnt the art of lying and appearing stupid from Najib.

8. In fact Zahid can use the phone call issue as political capital. It has exposed the rats in umno. People like Anuar Musa, Shahidan, KJ and some other woodworms that are coming out. This is a chance for Zahid to purge the pro ppbm cluster.

9. It is clear a group in umno wants to weaponise the phone call issue to oust Zahid himself. But maybe he is too dumb to know that.

10. What is a crime is the wire-tapping of the phones. It cannot be done without a court order and can be perhaps traced to the clandestine authorisation of the interior minister.

11. So instead of the police investigating the phone call which is not a crime, they should investigate the covert wire-tapping. Is the government spying on its own citizens?

12. To me the issue of illegal wire-tapping is more serious. In the US when Nixon authorised wire-tapping on the Democrats and later found out, he has to resign. So the person responsible for the ZA- gate must be investigated.
Are Zahid and Anwar tax evaders, leaders of organised crime or pimps running prostitution rings?

13. Be that as it may, the phone call issue has not cleared wimpy Zahid. As to Anwar let the PKR bozos evaluate Mamoo Anwar.

14. There are 2 things here. First he has betrayed the trust of umno delegates. Second by his own admission its easy to manipulate the MKT.

15. By planning to betray the trust of umno delegates and thinking he can manipulate the MKT raises the issue of integrity.

16. He has destroyed TRUST which is the basis of social cohesiveness. It's a crack waiting breakage. Destroying it he has destroyed reciprocity. The umno delegates gave him a bouquet of flowers-wihat did he give in return? He threw shit at them. He has no integrity.

17. Even the MKT cannot trust him. He has told Anwar its easy to control the MKT stooges. They are just bulls with ropes through their nostrils.

18. Certainly he has no vision. His road to victory is through collaboration with an adversarial enemy. Perhaps he sees his own salvation there. The greater betrayal from Mamoo Anwar is yet to come.

19. He has no integrity, cannot be trusted and has no vision. As Tengku Razaleigh said he is not fit to lead umno.

20. But it's not like what loudmouth Nazri Aziz said -replace him with Mat Hassan. The latter is quieter but cut from the same cloth as Zahid. The only person who can reset umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Menjinakkan Kerbau-Kerbau Liar.

1. Si tongong dan lembab Zaid telah melaga lagakan parang nya.  Macam kata perpatah Cina, ribut dan taufan banyak, tapi hujan tiada. Kenapalah bebal sangat wok?

2. Mungkin saya kena omong dalam Bahasa Jawa agaknya baru matlaon ni faham.  Makanya rungokno aku.  Dah faham?

3. Sahabat saya, seorang profesor mengatakan penyakit Zahid ni ada dua. Kepimpinan yang lemah dan IQ otak yang rendah. Celakanya orang Melayu taksub menyokong Jawa kaki pukul ni.

4. Phd dia Phd kopi o ke? Dia tidak lansung berkelakuan sebagai seorang sarjana.  Malah dia lebih bersikap macam gangster.

5. Dengan gegak gempita dia telah mendesak semua mothereffers yang masuk lubang bersatu keluar.  Malah telah mengarahkan penyibaran satu risalah mengistiharkan seorang pemake budu dari kelate sebagai seorang pembelot.  Wah hebat MP  dari Bangla ni.  Wira umno kan.  Hero cerita Tamil nombor wahid.

6. Tapi si tongong ni belum buat  perkara yang terpenting sekali yakni mengisharkan umno memutuskan pertalian dengan Jawa ponorogo tu. 

7. Hai, susah rupa2nya nak cabut dari lubang bersatu ini.  Makumlah makan bubuk jawa kan.  Macam Kamal Amir cakap ambil masa nak panggil mereka, menyantuni mereka.  Wak Jahid bingkas pukul orang dan mengawan je nampaknya.  Nak kencing pun kena buka zip dulu.

8. Satu hal yang menerangkan kelembapan Wak Jahid ialah besar kemungkinan nya, mahu bernegotiasi dengan Wak Mahia kes nya dan kes2 kluster mahkamah.

9. Kelewatan umno hanya menguntungkan orang2 seperti Zahidi, lahabau perglih yang membohongi kelayakan nya. Dia belajar jadi paderi kan?

10. Sementara itu keadaan Zahid ialah kill or be killed. Orang2 seperti keling mabuk KJ Mammoo Naina serta Anuar Musa mendesak supaya pemilihan umno dilakukan.  Untung2 Zahid tersingkur.

11. Dalam pada itu, senyap2 Tajuddin Rahman mengumpul tanda tangan ketua2 bahagian umno untuk menyingkir Zahid. Itulah rasmi umno.  Kalau tak kelahi dengan orang lain akan kelahi sesama sendiri.

12. Jadi Zahid buatlah apa yang patut dibuat. Yang didahukan di dahulukan.  Yang kemudian di kemudiankan.

13. Istiharkan secara rasmi umno  putus dengan pacarnya bersatu. Persetankan PAS.  Lihat apa alasan yang mahu digunakan oleh pembelot2 umno.

14. Jangan beri kita cerita nenek moyang nanti bulan Ogos lah atau ianya hak MP  lah. Kalau gitu lebih baik nanti tempoh pilihanraya 15.

15. Panggil satu AGM Perwakilan untuk menentukan nasib2 pembelot umno.  MKT sahaja bukan boleh dipercayai.  Strike  while the iron is hot.


Monday, 5 April 2021

Taming the Shrew.

1. Mr blur and thicky Zaid has issued a lot of sabre rattling. Like the elected pig he huffs and puffs, yet the brick chimney still stands.

2. Perhaps I must speak to him in Javanese. Then he can understand. Rungokna aku. Ada faham?

3. A professor friend texted me and told me what he thought of Zaid. Weak leadership and low level brain IQ. No wonder Nazri Aziz lambasted Zaid for his unleadership.

4. Is his doctorate a Kopi O doctorate? None of the scholarship seems to rub into him. He doesn't behave scholarly at all but more like a thug.

5. He has loudly proclaimed that the umno mothereffers in Bersatu leave the clandestine regime. And even autorised the distribution of leaflets declaring a particular budu eating umno luminary as a traitor. That's a cowardly act. But we are not going to debate that here.

6. But the idiotic Zaid has not done the most important thing. That is to declare officially that umno is severing ties with bersatu with immediate effect. Do that first.

7. Its already 1 week yet Zaid has not done that. He seems to be quick only at walloping people or doing things of sexual nature.

8. Do it now and do it officially. Then lets see what excuses the umno renegades come out with.

9. Don't give us the bs about staying till August or what not. Might as well stay on until GE. Delays are good only to people like Zahidi who cheated on his qualifications.

10. The only reason explaining Zahid's procrastination is him wanting to parlay something advantageous for him and the court cluster clique with captain Jack Muhyi. Both are pirates anyway.

11. To legitimise and validate everything call for a special AGM of the umno delegates to decide the fate of the umno renegades. They have a stronger legitimacy than the MKT or the useless disciplinary committee.


Sunday, 4 April 2021

To Sack Or Not To Sack. That is The Balsy Decision.

1. What is there to be shocked at when the Pagoh Ponorogo succeeded in appeasing umno renegades? He must have used a combination of the carrot and stick.

2. When I was working in Batu Pahat a long time ago the term ponorogo was used derisively. It was used to actually mean the worse of the Javanese community.

3. It was used to refer to a particular group of Javanese who have caught all the dirty habits and will use any means necessary, including unscrupulous means to achieve what they want.

4. It's not used to refer to the Javanese in Malaysia famed for their kuda kepang dance or to a kabupaten in Indonesia.

5. So, applied to Muhyi we know what it means. It means a man who will use all means including dirty and unethical means to get what he wants. And he wants the umno turncoats to remain with him. Of course, he himself is the biggest turncoat.

6. When the turncoats made a beeline to Muhyi the Pagoh ponorogo exploited their weaknesses. It's like shoving a pillow to a sleepy fellow.

7. Blur and thicky Zahid appears not to know what to do. His hesitation allowed Muhyi to say he has succeeded in appeasing the umno turncoats. It has also allowed smart ass KJ to call for umno polls and allowed budu man Anuar Musa to call the same.

8. That only serves to show that Wak Muhyi calls the shots not Zaid. Zaid shows he is a hapless dumbass.

9. Of course KJ and Anuar Musang are hoping by some satanic miracle, rubbed off from backstabber Muhyi, the umno polls will knock of the Bagan Datoh kaki pukul.

10. Thicky Zahid must now make a balsy decision. He must sack the besatu ball lickers. And let that be a lesson to the straggling supporters of the trojan horses. Toe the line or face the sack.

11. Not sacking them is like fanning fire in sawdust. They will engulf Zahid eventually. Finish them once and for all.

12. Once the pro bersatu faction is removed like the pesky pimple it is, it's the duty of people like Tengku Razaleigh to contest the umno presidency.

13. Its like he said. Contest not for the sake of contesting but contesting to correct the wrongs in umno. And listening to the banal speeches in the PAU recently, God knows what wrongs beset umno.


Friday, 2 April 2021

Mutiny on the Umno Bounty.

1. This is certainly a test of leadership mettle for Zahid Hamidi. 15 of the umno ministers and deputy ministers chose to defy the umno President. What is he to do?

2. When umno ministers met Muhyi telling him they were shocked by the anti Bersatu rhetoric they were in fact one leg in Bersatu already.

3. Saying that the anti Bersatu rhetoric was orchestrated by Zahid himself and the court cluster clique does not diminish the fact that the action of the Bersatu clique was mutinous.

4. It is their fault not to insist that those facing court charges resign. So now they will have to face the consequences meted out by the court cluster clique. Its just smaller crooks facing the wrath of bigger crooks. Serve them right.

5. If they have held their peace during the umno general assembly it is now not open for them to make nuisance noices. That is akin to the Malay proverb when the house is completed only then the chisel makes noice.

6. Excuse me, wasn't the resolution for umno ministers and deputy ministers and glc heads to leave Bersatu came from the delegates? A mandate was given to the president and MKT. Per force, they have to implement it to the letter.

7. To not implement what the delegates resolved, will show that Zahid does not have the testicular fortitude to do so. He has no leadership gumption.

8. But more importantly it shows that delegates cannot trust the leadership of sissy Zahid. Delegates will realise that giving mandates to the leadership is like pouring water on taro leaves.

9. By running to 'Papa Doc' Muhyi they showed they don't respect Zahid as leader and trivialised what the delegates decide. They are just country yobos anyway.

10. Zahid must be man enough to do the right thing. Issue them letters to leave ppbm by end April. Sack those who refuse.

11. By allowing the umno turncoats and traitors to do what they did is allowing others to thump his nose and shove his head. If Zahid choose to do nothing its clear he has no amour propre. Dump him at the next party elections.

12. By sacking these people and that include Ismail Sabri, Anuar Musang and grinning monkey Hishamuddin, will umno suffer adverse consequences?

13. It will not- Because the pro Bersatu faction is a small one. Sack them to remove a malignant tumour.

14. Sacking them will not cause a government surviving on an artificial emergency to fall. And Muhyi will not be man enough to call an election until 2023.


Wednesday, 31 March 2021

In Memory of Dear Friends. Part 2.

1. The last text I received from Wan Iqbal read:-saya sakit bang. Get well soon I said. He said he didn't know what his ailment was. I thought it was normal.

2. It was not. He was admitted to the general hospital in kuantan. He passed away later. I lost another dear friend.

3. His full name is Wan Iqbal Afza bin Wan Abdul Hamid. I knew his father Wan Hamid very well. He has supported me while I was in umno. Except probably when I contested against Wan Hamid's elder brother, the late Wan Razali.

4. I called him Za or simply dinda. In return, he referred to me as abang or kanda. Even though I am a DAP member he regarded me as a friend regardless of party affiliations.

5. He was the one who gave me the moniker panglima harimau berantai on account of my controversial blog articles. I have immortalised the nickname on my blog.

6. So that you all know now that there is a reason why I put panglima harimau berantai on my blog logo. It's not because of self inflation. I don't care how others view me.

He was masterful at the Malay quatrains or pantuns. He invented a special one for me to be used in my speeches.

7. It read thus:-

Antan dan lesung lagi bertingkah
Suami isteri bertikam lidah
Saya tukar wadah bukan aqidah
Kepada Allah jua yang saya sembah.

8. He hails from a village called kampung belimbing in Pekan. That's in the constituency of Pulau Manis. If you were to travel there, at the entrance of the village you will come across a stone monument of a star fruit.

9. Admittedly I do not know much of his childhood. But I do know that he graduated from a university in Jordan in islamic studies. He even took a second bride from there.

10. His first wife is a Malay lady from Pekan. He has a daughter with her. Whenever he invited me and a few other friends to his house, I would jokingly ask Tanah Melayu atau Tanah Arab?

11. He is a frequent visitor to Indonesia. Perhaps he has some businesses over there. I don't know. But I know he visits and learns from various kiyais or holymen there.

12. During my visit to Bandung at his behest I met 2 kiyais. One was at a place called Indramayu near Bandung and another in Bandung.

13. He would show me photos of these kiyais at their various pesanterens and villages.

14. Whenever he was in Kl he would call and looked me up. Usually he would bring some herbal medicine which he claimed was good for the male libido.

15. When I was the MP of Raub he visited me there. He got a lot of flak for remaining a good friend to me. But he explained to people that I was a friend who differs in political bearing only. But a friend nevertheless.

16. When I was struck by a stroke he would visit me often. Always he would offer me prayers. We also talked about politics.

17. He would ask me to recite shalawats. He sent me a shalawat to read. And a few other doas.

18. Once when he was in Indonesia he visited a kiyai to pray for me. He sent me a video recording of that meeting and I listened at the doa of the Kiyai.

19. I was very moved when he did that. It was after that i think he got sick.

20. I was shocked to hear of his untimely passing. But then man can only propose, but it is God who disposes.

21. Like my other friend ustad mat, may God places his soul among the virtuous. Aamiin. I will miss my two friends. 


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

In memory of Dear Friends. Part 1.

1. I am taking a break from writing about politics. Instead, I want to write about two friends who unfortunately passed away. May they rest in peace and may God bless their souls. Aamiin.

2. The first friend is Tuan Haji Ahmad bin Jaafar. Almarhum. Like I, he was a one term adun of Kuala Tahan Jerantut.

3. I called him affectionately Tuan Haji or simply Ustaz. He was a jovial fellow and fun to be with.

4. He hails from Jerantut and was a graduate in Islamic Studies UKM. What field exactly I don't know.

5. In the Dewan Undangan Negeri he would spice up his speeches with jokes. That would leave everyone in stitches. I have never heard him proselytize (berdakwah) but I suspect, he did them with jokes too.

6. After not being selected as ADUN for a 2nd term, not many knew that ustaz did some direct selling for a while. He was bitter not needed any longer. When the government wanted religious trained people they were recruited in droves. When the government got stronger its like the proverbial when the honey is finished the honeycomb is discarded.

7. All of us the one term aduns were bitter about being ditched. But we had not a single harsh word against the then MB Dato Adnan Yaakob. We believed he was and is kind-hearted albeit having an unwelcoming exterior. He only looked a fierce man.

8. Whenever he was up in KL, and I was around he never failed to look me up. He also became close to one of my few friends Kamarudin Endot. He would also ask the whereabouts of Wan Iqbal whom we addressed as adinda.

9. We were happy for him when he was appointed as a special officer to Dato Adnan. Through that office he can still be in touch with the new ADUNs then. And to stregthen relationships with old adun colleagues.

10. Whenever we met up, we would discuss a wide range of subjects. We would talk about politics, he would clarify some religious issues, about life and man stuff. In between jokes he said he will get a jampi from someone in Jerantut that's good for the libido. We certainly asked to get it with much enthusiasm.

11. It was around 2017 that he began to talk about recontesting in the next GE(2018) in an opposition party. He was disillusioned with umno.

12. He had made some sort of comeback in Jerantut umno, but he knew deep down that he won't be chosen to recontest. He even tried to contest for a seat in umno's MKT but lost. Those experience may have steeled his desire to contest as an opposition.

13. Ustad, I said a person like you will not fit in the DAP culture. You are better off at a party like PKR. Yes he said I plan to talk to the Pahang PKR chief.

14. We talked about this a few more times. There are many things you have to consider ustad. Chiefly the sensitivities of Dato Nan.

15. If I do decide on that course of action I will have a heart-to-heart talk with Dato Nan. I owe much to him. I was glad he stayed the course and did not join any opposition party.

16. When I was struck by a stroke later that year he visited me. Being religiously trained he recited some prayers for me. Little did I know that was the last time I would see him.

17. He is sorely missed. I wish I could tell him, hey ustad I have found the jampi you were looking for.
May God place his soul among the virtuous. Aamiin.


Monday, 29 March 2021

Fake News Portals. Najib's Handiwork.

1. I am amazed at the adulation of some people at crooks like Najib and Zahid. Every day, we are deluged by some sycophantic media coverage congratulating these two, especially Najib on some insignificant things. Like Najib's opinion on the continued adjournment of parliament.

2. Congratulations Najib on this and that screamed these cheap tabloids. The best news to Najib. Yay! For all you know these news portals are paid for by Najib. Like the one proclaiming that crook Najib will stand as umno president.

3. Ironically the portal proclaiming that Najib will stand as umno president showed Najib reading some material behind bars. Behind bars! Now, that's symbolic of what's to come.

4. I urge the Malays to think carefully. Would electing a certified crook like Najib, win umno a national election?

5. Out of a population of around 32 million there are about 3 million umno members. Can the obnoxious umno members convince 29 million other Malaysians(both Malays and Non Malays) that a crook like Najib is vital for Malaysia?

6. Don't we find it detestable jokers like Lokman Noor Adam or an Ahmad Maslan with their look down attitudes talking to us about the crook Najib? Or the despicable Anuar Musaa pontificating to us? We feel like throwing up.

7. Suddenly you find many of these ball polishing news portals mushrooming after the rain? But unmistakably pro Najib? Obviously financed by the embezzler in chief.

8. The Goebbelsian imprimatur here is obvious (after Joseph Goebbels nazi propagada chief). Repeat the lie continuously, eventually people will accept it as the truth.

9. Our poor, poor Najib is a victim of a grand conspiracy. He is our messiah done in by his political enemies. He is a good person. We won't be able to enjoy his red pouting lips any more. Confound his enemies.

10. The falsity of some of these mosquito news portals are easy to spot. They are overenthusiastic and unashamedly pro Najib. They ignore the fact that Najib is a plunderer and philanderer. Clearly they are written by hired dullards. The intellectual value is nil hiding their falsities behind sensational headlines.


Sunday, 28 March 2021

The mountains moved.

1. I have been saying constantly that the only person who is fit to lead and save umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I have been unflinching in my conviction. I don't give a damn if others don't agree.

2. He has got the wisdom, intelligence and sensible to know what the grassroots want. Zahid and Najib are too engrossed in their personal interests. Ku li can put umno back on first principles.

3. My nom de guerre on my blog has AK47 on it, named after the Kalashnikov favoured by Freedom fighters all over. But the real 47 is the Jawa ponorogo Zahid. He's got an unenviable 47 court cases.

4. Don't tell me out of the 47 at least one will not stick? He's a goner. He will spend a long sabbatical in Bamboo River Resort.

5. He is untrustworthy, dishonest and a bloody crook. Remember he is going to jail not on account of his kindness but because of his lawbreaking activities

6. Clyde Najib, one half of the infamous Malaysian Bonie and Clyde couple is the embezzler in chief. He thinks by roping in Zetis husband and asking for bank documents he can do a Houdini. He will also be a guest of the government. But unlike Aziz Ishak who was guest for political reasons Najib is one for criminal reasons. I will advise him not to bend down in the communal bath.

7. So what do I make when the two goons meet up with the hermit of Langgak Golf? I wouldn't read chicken entrails and decipher too much from the meeting.


8. They may have just talked about party matters. Or the two goons may have gone to kiss the hand of Don Corleone. He is the godfather of umno politics.

9. But there's no denying that 189 out of 191 divisions agree with Ku Li. To break off the flirtation with the illegitimate Bersatu and end the tryst with PAS. Both are unchaste.

10. Their(Zahid and Najib) physical presence at langgak golf is open to many interpretations. To me, it means the mountains have moved.

11. In Kurosawa's Kagemusha when the mountain moves it leads to a loss. And boy, the two goons have lost on many grounds.

12. On the legal front both Zahid and Najib have all but lost. They will spend jail time at either Bamboo River Resort or the kajang Hilton.

13. If they had entertained any thoughts of Consummating their flirtation with PPBM the grassroots have spoken against them. They cannot defy the grassroots.

14. They have overestimated spineless pas which is but a political whore. By the latter's actions its clear pas is a closet totalitarian riding on religion.

15. But most importantly by going to Langgak Golf they have implicitly acknowledged Ku Li as the de facto leader of umno.

16. So stop being selfish bastards. Leave the leadership of umno by placing umno in the hands of Ku Li. To save and resurge umno.

17. Can they leave their seats to their children while they sort out their legal problems? No they can't. The seats are not theirs to give at their pleasure.

18. It's not them who decide. It's the people who do. It's time for the people to exercise their own 'call out' culture. That is to ostracise the crooks and bad leaders. Be stoic and elect Ku Li.


Thursday, 25 March 2021

Umno, Own Up!

1. Here are some things Malays don't realise and never learnt. Let me, say them bluntly and in plain words.

2. After 60 years of uninterrupted rule, umno and its insignificant BN partners were voted out.

3. The person who presided over umnos defeat is Najib. Read my lips-Najib Razak. Najib is the first umno PM causing umno its first defeat.

4. Najib and his bloody team. There must be something in him that causes people to find him revolting.

5. He cannot just claim all the glory like he did in the SRC trial he must also claim responsibility. By the way, all the claims in the SRC trial was his duty as PM. What do we pay him for? To scratch his balls?

6. The fact is that Najib lost the election. Don't forget and excuse him for that. Tell everyone. The phony Bugis issue lost the election.

7. Equally, liable are the senior umno leaders. These would include the deputy president, the 3 VPs ,the information chief, the treasurer, the auditors heck all the office bearers. They are all accountable.

8. They should all resign en block and get the hell out. Let new faces replace you all. The sky will not fall down if you do.

9. That's the way of democracy. There's no democracy where's there's no accountability.

10. By choosing to stay on, they are only showing their true nature. They are really totalitarian and closet despots.

11. These mothereffers have lost touch with the people. They lived disengaged. Years of living comfortably and deceptively have alienated them. They believed they are invincible.

12. Then came the 2018 GE. The smirk illusion was shattered. They were voted out of office.

13. Why should the people give them a second chance? So that can live out their deceit and lead us into another round of debauchery? You are finito fellas. Get it into your brainless skulls.

14. Expectedly these discredited leaders have their lackeys and running dogs cleaning their shit cleansing and excusing them.

15. But no amount of chlorox can bleach them. The filth is so deep-seated and interwoven in the fabric that it's better to throw them away. You can't put back the toothpaste in the tube. You know what they say about this kind of politicians -they are like diapers. You throw them away for the same reasons.

16. The storyline from the hired spin-meisters are so bizzare and unbelievable. These mothereffers stole, are corrupt or abused their powers because they are victims of some conspiracies. Those are the reasons given by the shyster lawyers of the Menendez brothers who killed their parents citing emotional and physical abuse.

17. Hence, the pompous and haughty generalissimo Lokman Adam spun the story that Clyde Najib stole because of some conspiracies and grand machinations by Mahathir and now Muhyi. Who is this goat trying to kid?

18. It's like saying that Najib boinked the murdered Altantuya because Mahathir conspired. Hello, that conduct is wilful, fool!

19. It's not as if the people woke up one morning and decided they don't like the faces of these mothereffers or don't like the umno logo. The simple truth is they don't like dishonest people. Ada faham?

20. Some umno fools said they asked people how they(the people) feel about umno. These fools concluded things are favourable now and people will come back to umno. Well, they must have asked the deaf and dumb.

21. Some people told me they will go back to umno if leaders like Najib, Zahid and their thieving cohorts are thrown out!

22. So umno people, decide which entity you want to save. The few mothereffers or umno as a whole?

23. Sorry folks. My style of writing is in your face and take no prisoners type. I hit them and hit them hard.
I expect those who disagree with me to do the same to me.


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun.

1. The news making the rounds now is the intention of Zahid to expel 2 umno turncoats. They are members of Umno's MKT.

2. The reasons for the intense umbrage on the part of Zahid are because the 2 Benedict Arnolds have the mouths of a vase.

3. These two idiots were said to reveal information to Muhyi. They acted as sounding board to the swollen face elected pig.

4.Obviously they are ingratiated with Muhyi. Either they were given money or were given positions. They were given an offer they can't refuse.

5. Anything is possible from the tempe eating Pagoh man. The man who seized power through a political coup d'état, cheated the Agong and who can sell all land except the plot of his mother's grave. His is a backdoor government which doesn't know how to wish Salam. Jumping through the window like a thief.

6. His only means for longevity is through subterfuges and the continuance of the dedak culture.

7. Netted in his subterfuges and kickbacks are the sexual predator Shahidan Kassim and khaidiriah 'Dira' Abu Zahar. There are probably more. Easily identifiable by their constant assuages and apple polishing of Muhyi's government.

8. Probably included in the rouges' gallery are people like it's not that I love you less, but that I love umno more' town planner, Anuar Musa, the Siamese boygirl grinning like a monkey, Hishamudin Hussein and many more.

9. With no tempest and gushing wind, the sexual predator MP from Arau issued a warning that Perlis umno is willing to be excommunicated from main umno whose religion is corruptilogy.

10. That sounds to me like a pre-emptive strike from a guilty party. Perhaps that Dira lady is planning to shashay infront of Zahid?

11. Only after being castigated all round by Perlis umno, did he retract his prematurely ejaculated ultimatum.

12. Even so, the retractment seems phony and hollow. Despite the proclamation that umno Perlis will stay loyal to the mothership, it still contains hints about the foolishness of not working with Muhyi's Bersatu. Can the voice of the majority of umno divisions be drowned by one voice of the Perlis menace?

13. Whenever, however and whatever Shahidan said, is an act of defiance, insubordination and mutinous. Can the umno Bounty countenance such mutiny?

14. It seems that sissy Zahid is trapped between the lash and the gun. What is he to do? Everybody knows his brain is like a baby carrot. Or as the Malay would say:- To swallow is like letting your mother die, to regurgitate is like letting your father die.

15. The umno president must show he is made from sterner stuff. He cannot tolerate such waywardness. He must represent the voice of 3 million members.

16. He has no choice but to bite the bullet. Expell the 2 idiots to serve as examples. But don't do it alone. Haul the two idiots and others before Umno's disciplinary committee and let them expel the bastards. Sanitize your hands.

17. Shahidan can still light up his fat Havana cigars. Dira can go act in dramas portraying a woman with a 7-Eleven mouth. That never closes!

18. I tell you, in these turbulent times, you need a voice of reason and sanity to lead umno. Whether you agree or not, only Tengku Razaleigh can do that. He's the PM and umno president you never had.


Sunday, 21 March 2021

Mengembalikan asas perjuangan umno: The Big Lie, Paranoid Nationalism.

1. Pembohongan Besar atau the Big Lie umno diasaskan atas beberapa perkara.

2. Pada pendapat saya perkara2 tersebut adalah paranoid nationalisme, Islam sontoloyo, budaya korapsi dan kepercayaan umno mesti dipimpin oleh pemimpin2 berketurunan.

Saya bercakap atas dasar saya orang Melayu. Kerana umno itu parti terbesar mewakili bangsa Melayu, saya hendakkan ia mempunyai ciri2 yang saya rasa mesti ada.

3. Dari 1990 hingga 2011, saya ahli umno. Saya pernah menjadi AJK bahagian, ketua penerangan dan ADUN umno. Bahagian mana? Saya tidak bangga menyebut nya ialah Pekan Pahang. Bahagian penyamun tarbus.

4. Dari 2012 hingga sekarang saya ahli DAP. Dari 2013 hingga 2018 saya adalah ahli parlimen Raub Pahang, tempat nenek moyang saya.

5. Jadi, saya rasa saya bukan saja layak bercakap mengenai umno, tapi saya juga melihatnya dari perspektif Melayu dan bukan Melayu.

6. Budak2 hingusan dan orang2 redneck umno akan memperrtikaikan pandangan saya. Takde hal. Nak baca, baca- taknak baca bacalah komik gila gila.

7. Perkara pertama yang mencengkam minda ahli umno dan orang Melayu ialah nationalism paranoid dan schizophrenia .

8. Binatang apa yang saya cakap ni? Selalu orang guna istilah paranoid schizophrenia. Makna nya mendanya?

9. Yang pertama nya ialah kebencian keatas bangsa pendatang secara membabi buta. Sebab warna mereka lain, agama lain, budaya lain dsb nya.

10. Hanya sebab mereka lain, dijadikan alasan untuk membenci mereka . Bangsa Cina sebab asal datang dari negeri Cina boleh dibenci. Orang India asal dari negeri India boleh dibenci. Walaupun mereka warga negara Malaysia.

11. Unsur kedua dalam nasionalisme sempit ini ialah sentiasa mencurigai dan syak wasangka terhadap bangsa target.

12. Unsur ketiga ialah merasakan sentiasa dianiayai dan dizalimi oleh bangsa target.

13. Segala kekayaan dan stok pengkayaan dalam negara ini bersifat zero sum game. Dimana kemajuan bangsa lain tidak boleh berlaku tanpa memiskinkan bangsa lain. Orang Cina kedepan hanya dengan membelakangkan bangsa Melayu.

14. Setiap jenerasi bangsa bukan- Melayu membawa DNA tidak mengenang budi kepada pengorbanan bangsa Melayu. Dari tidak mempunyai kerakyatan, bangsa lain diberi kerakyatan oleh bangsa Melayu. Orang Melayu merelakan diri mereka menjadi diri bangsa minoriti dalam negara sendiri ketika itu.

15. Sikap kacang lupakan kulit ini menjadikan bangsa bukan- Melayu komuniti yang arrogant, sombong dan angkuh. Ia melahirkan perasaan yakin diri yang sombong lagi angkuh. Ia membimbangkan bangsa Melayu.

16. Seterusnya penghujjahan sesudah fakta(after the fact) bangsa bukan-Melayu, tidak meredakan kebimbangan dan keraguan bangsa Melayu. Bangsa Melayu melihat diri mereka sebagai suatu bangsa under siege yang bertubi tubi.

17. Ada 2 hujjah yang erroneous yang saya lihat disini. Pertama,ialah hujjah yang mengatakan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri satu bangsa yang berhijrah dari negeri2 lain. Kedua, pendapat yang mengatakan orang 'asli'itu adalah penduduk asal tanah Melayu. Saya akan debunk kedua dua hujjah ini.

18. Hujjah pertama mengenepikan pemahaman konsep Tanah Melayu kepada bangsa Melayu. Kepada bangsa Melayu 'Tanah Melayu' adalah kawasan2 yang dihuni orang Melayu.

19. Maka ini termasuklah sebahagian kawasan selatan Thailand, Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, Temasek, Borneo, Brunei, sebahagian Filipina, Indochina Indonesia etc. Penghijrahan kumpulan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat lain dengan itu berlaku dalam dunia Melayu dan merupakan perpindahan biasa.

20. Maka nya perpindahan biasa tidak mengiktiraf persempadanan fisikal. Sempadan fisikal hanyalah 'constructs' imperiasm dan colonialism . Orang2 yang menggunakan hujjah ini, pada pendapat saya, adalah golongan revisionists.

21. Juga istilah 'orang asli' tidak tepat dan suatu kesilapan sejarah yang diulangi 'Orang asli' bukan bererti penduduk asal tapi dekat dengan alam semula jadi atau asli. Terma yang lebih tepat pada saya, ialah orang rimba.

22. Jika mereka penduduk asal ada kita jumpa sistem kerajaan dan undang2 yang seragam? Tidak ada, kecuali anda mahu jadi petty.

23. Demikianlah perkara2 yang saya sebut tadi dan hujjah2 revisionists dan berbaur imperialists lackey, telah meghasilkan paranoid nationalism.

24. Ia membenarkan beberapa tokoh political charlatans dan neo feudalists menggunakan paranoid nationalism untuk memenjarai minda bangsa Melayu ke arah kehancuran.

25. Dalam bab yang seterusnya saya akan menghuraikan perkara2 yang saya telah sebut. Saya akan cuba 'debunk' perkara2 tersebut. Juga saya akan membicarakan penggunan tafsiran Islam yang salah telah menyekat kemajuan bangsa Melayu.


Friday, 19 March 2021

Pas and Political Prostitution.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the man who should lead and save umno described Pas as a political prostitute. That is a most derisive description that is unfortunately apt.

2. That encapsulates pas's proclivity of sleeping around with so many political parties. It has shared beds with semangat 46 and umno once. It slept with PH and cavorted with DAP. It formed union with umno through MN. Now it sells its body to Muhyi's ppbm.

3. Comfortable and cushiony life has edified the ideological sharpness of pas. Many of their leaders are compromised.

4. Many have become ministers. Haji Hadi became the ambassador to the Middle East promising to bring in Arab investments but just hot air thus far. Many got body guards, got to travel overseas and not a few casting their lusty eyes planning to take another bride. Bismillah.

5. Protecting their jobs and positions become the overriding objective rather than implementing Islamic principles.

6. Instead of proselytizing umno with Islamic principles they abandoned that role. They are closer to ppbm than with umno. Umno suddenly finds itself as the jilted old wife and consigned to the maids room in the kitchen. While in power pas is silent about article 355.

7. Pas has jilted umno and has become the unabashed apologist and justifier of all the egregious policies of the Muhyi's government.

8. Thus, Haji Hadi is strenuously trying to find some verses in the Quran or some thinking by some obscure Muslim jurists that justify corruption. Maybe he can look for something that justify prostitution too.
Taqiyudin is looking at some dusty law books
that support defying the Agung and letting parliament to adjourn sine die permanently.

9. The bitter truth is that pas is a closet totalitarian and fascist. It uses any means necessary to justify its chameleon like position at any one time.

10. Pas has a, ready bogeyman to blame for all the predicaments facing the Malays -DAP. DAP is the spectre responsible for all the ills befalling the Malays. Sap sap suey ma!

11. Hence, pas is our spiritual big brother watching over us. Most damaging, regimenting and straight jacketing our lives.

12. So when Tengku Razaleigh likens pas to a political prostitute, it is most appropriate. Pas accommodates the 'size'of our problem.

13. Only an unrepentant and romantic fool like the MB of Kedah, whom I suspect is reading allergic(he is allergic to reading) and therefore ignorant waxes lyrical over the unholy union between satanic pas and umno

14. Which century is he living in? In about 10 years we Muslims will be about 85%.

15. All the suppression, oppression and plundering against the Malays and Malay institutions, are done by Malays.

16. Look at Tabung Haji, Felda felcra, Mas and even Jakim-who did the shit there? All inspired by spiritual licensing.

17. So don't trust these holier than thou blokes in flowing robes. They got their dicks concealed.

18. The Kedah Neanthertal also sarcastically said an 80-year-old man would be better off advising the party to unite. Why form an onholy union fool?

19. Half the brain of the 80-year-old, is probably worth more than the whole body of the Kedah ignoramus.

20. Tengku Razaleigh is still polite comparing pas to a prostitute. He is a refined and a noble man. He looks at the issue at his level. But I am a country bumpkin. Looks at the analogy at a rougher level.

21. To me a country bumpkin, a prostitute has more morality and principles than pas has. Pas is worse than a prostitute.

22. The gentleman describes the analogy better than I can:-

#Prostitutes dont take your money and sleep with someone else unlike the politicians who takes your votes and support someone else

#Prostitutes dont disguise themselves as virgin nun unlike the politicians who disguise themselves as holier than thou and end up raping the people.

#Prostitutes serve you as promised unlike the politicians who's promise in their manifesto are all lies

#Prostitutes use their body to give you satisfaction unlike the politicians who use promises to trick you.

So, please don't compare them with some of our politicians. They are way more noble, professional, and ethical.
By Karuppiah Indra

23. Talking about prostitutes remind me of a poem by WS Rendra entitled 'bersatulah pelacur2 kota jakarta'. Enjoy some excerpts:

Katakan kepada mereka
Bagaimana kau dipanggil ke kantor menteri
Bagaimana ia bicara panjang lebar kepadamu
Tentang perjuangan nusa bangsa
Dan tiba-tiba tanpa ujung pangkal
Ia sebut kau inspirasi revolusi
Sambil ia buka kutangmu

Mogoklah satu bulan
Dan mereka akan puyeng
Lalu mereka akan berzina
Dengan isteri saudaranya.

24. So please don't lecture me on these holy dicks. Don't tell me to unite only to plunder the voiceless.


Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Mengembalikan Asas Perjuangan Bangsa Yang Asli. Bahagian 1.

1. Ramai pemimpin umno menghadapi kes2 jinayah di mahkamah.

2. Sedar atau tidak jumlah yang begitu ramai berlaku pada zaman Najib dan selepasnya.

3. Kebenaran nya Najib pembawa musibah pada umno dan bangsa Melayu.

4. Akibat karenah Najib ramai pemimpin umno berkelakuan serupa. Kalau guru kencing berdiri anak murid kencing berlari.

5. Maka kita ada tokoh2 haprak seperti Azeez Raheem, Teuku Adnan, Zahid, Bung dan lain yang belum terdedah. Undang2 belum menangkap mereka sahaja lagi.

6. Bahkan saya syak 70%dari MKT umno terjebak dalam salah guna kuasa atau rasuah. Ianya bukan persepsi tapi benar2 berlaku. Hanya undang2 belum memerangkap mereka.

7. Tapi bagaimana kita menerangkan perihal ahli2 umno terus dan bersemangat menyokong penyagak2 ini? Adakah mereka diserang penyakit gila babi?

8. Yang menjadikan demikian ialah hanya gila babi atau hilang kewarasan sementara saja yang menjustifikasikan sokongan kepada perompak, perasuah dan kaki betina.

9. Namun penyakit gila babi atau hilang kewarasan sementara ini berlarutan selama 61 tahun. Tapi jangan heran kalau penyakit gila babi di justifikasikan untuk apa2 tindakan dan perbuatan.

10. Notorious Najib sebagai contoh, telah menggunakan penyakit gila babi untuk menceraikan isteri pertamanya. Tapi berbeza dengan penyakit bini Najib yang dikiranya kekal, penyakit orang umno dan Melayu bersifat sementara dan boleh dibuang.

11. Tidak ada dalam budaya Melayu atau peinsip Islam yang memperuntukkan orang Melayu atau umno mempertahankan yang memberi musibah.

12. Prinsip berkawan dalam Islam dinyatakan sebagai:bersahabatlah dengan orang yang membawa kebaikan dan yang meningkatkan ketaqwaan. Jauhi dari yang membawa kejahatan. Takutlah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya azab Allah itu maha dasyat.

13. Kalau demikian bagaimana kita menerangkan segelintir kumpulan telah berjaya menguasai minda majoriti orang umno dan Melayu?

14. Yakni kesalahan2 yang mereka lakukan seperti rasuah, rompakan dan salah guna kuasa adalah umpama lencana hormat bangsa Melayu?

15. Pertama dan utama, segelintir puak kanan telah merampas kuasa atau hijack perjuangan umno yang legitimate dan mengganti ia dengan perjuangan kepentingan sendiri.

16. Perjuangan untuk kepentingan peribadi ini, yang lahir dari prejudis2 peribadi pula dijadikan identiti perjuangan umno dan bangsa Melayu keseluruhan nya. Ianya ialah The Big Lie yang telah memenjarai minda orang umno dan Melayu.


Sunday, 14 March 2021

Can The Carcass of an Elephant Be Covered By A Tiny Leaf?

1. There are many selfish bastards in umno. Although they faced numerous criminal cases they still hang on to umno.

2. By remaining in umno they drag the party into the quicksand of complicity. It makes it seems as though that umno supports their crime.

3. By doing so they hoped they can overturn negative legal results by the force of numbers.

4. It clearly shows they don't respect the law if it's not in their favour. Why should we continue to support transgressors?

5. If you are Muslims please heed the warnings of Allah. Allah said curses were pronounced on the Israelites because they are transgressors. When they saw their friends committing all kinds of wrongs they swept all under the carpet. For that, they received God's condemnation/laknat.

6. If you believed you are an umno member and is therefore shielded from punishment, remember that God's promises are never reneged.

7. The problem is you have taken the fear of God from both the transgressors and complicitors. Its now necessary to put the fear in both.

8. The transgressors must be punished as severely as the law permits. The complicitors must be punished by some law.

9. That's why I looked askance when some misguided fools collect money for Najibs tax evasion. That man stole billions, and you want to part off with your hard-earned money. You are not a fool but a bloody fool.

10. You are furthering the commission of some felonies. Therefore, you must be punished. You are abettors after the fact.

11. More than that, it shows the values' system among the umno lumpenproletariat is wrong. A wrong is a wrong no matter what.

12. Therefore, it is unconscionable for those facing criminal charges to fall back on the party. The political party must not be a partner in crime.

13. The party must therefore jettison off these criminals.

14. Those facing criminal charges must volunteer to cease being a party member for the time being. Don't hide behind the principle of innocent before found guilty. As a politician, you must subscribe to a higher principle. The higher principle is the reverse.


Thursday, 11 March 2021

Pak Sontoloyo.

1. When I was small, my late mother would always use the term 'wak sontoloyo' derisively. As when we dressed up shabbily. Or when we do work in a cincai manner.

2. My late mother who was born in Pontian Johore doubtless picked up the term from the Javanese community in Johore.

3. It is a term used to describe something you do, anything you have done in a shoddy and lousy manner or done out of touch with reality.

4. Hence, if you wear baggy baju Melayu and wears your songkok across and not along the head, you are said to dress like Pak sontoloyo. Pak sontoloyo is akin to Pak Pandir.

5. The first person to apply the term sontoloyo on Islam was Soekarno. He was assailing againts official islam ignoring political and social realities.

6. At that time Islam failed to use its dogmas to free the Indonesians from their own vicious circle of allround backwardness.

7. For failing to function as It should be, It became a shackle and a fetter. Therefore, it's referred to as Islam sontoloyo.

8. The same thing is happening in Malaysia today. The tenets of Islam are not used to lift up the Malays out of their malaise, but instead their energies are dissipated in non-productive pursuits.

9. The fault lies with the leadership and people with vested interests in the religious industrial complex. That is to keep the religious industry as a repressive and indoctrination tool.

10. It simply means you have got the wrong people in positions. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says when that happens wait for the day of destruction.

11. Like the mullahs screaming berserk over Sajat's renunciation of Islam. The chap has chosen to go to hell. If these people are so concerned about one Sajat, accompany Sajat to hell.

12. Not to be outdone, there's a mothereffer in Perak, the PAS information chief who uttered something ridiculous. In celebration of Women's Day he said the best gift a wife can give to her husband is another lady. There's thinking with the dick for you!

13. Thats the kind of thinking that keeps the Malays down. Previously under umno now under Wak Muhyi.

14. The thinking that produced an imbecilic Malay who elevated Najib as Amirul Mukminin. Both he and Najib are dickheads.

15. Even that cannot beat the presence of Pak Sontoloyo personified. His name is Abah Moo from Pagoh. The most hated PM thus far eclipsing even Mr albino Red Lips.


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Islam Sontoloyo.

1. The political reality is that the Malays are trapped in a vicious circle of general backwardness.

2. I would have thought that the dogmas of Islam would have been used to free the Malays out of the circle.

3. But it is not to be. Instead, the energies of the people(both mental and physical) are dissipated in pursuits not directed at taking them out of the vicious circle. But they are employed by the mental retarded ustazs to hold the umno masses back.

4. We are pontificated on unproductive mental pursuits such as what is the shariah ruling on watching porno films, that corruption is permissible according to deeper shariah meaning, that's it's permissible to masturbate because you are far away from the wife, that heaven is filled with scream of virgins because the pious are busy deflowering them. Sheesh!

5. Why are we not preached on the importance of education and skills, on being productive, to be rich is glorious, business as a devotion etc.

6. Official Islam is run by dullards, the Ustaz wa retards, who like nothing better than to have their dicks suckled by some unfortunate harlots. While they issue nonsensical imprisoning edicts.

7. Haji Hadi for instance, would very much like somebody hide underneath his xxl robe while he finds some obscure reasoning to justify corruption.

8. They are mostly sexual perverts practising multiple standards. While they huff and puff like pigs over Sajat's decision to renounce Islam they are quiet over other possible lbgts like Azalina, Khaled Nordin or Hishamuddin. Perhaps they get some cheap orgasms too.

9. This suggests that official Islam is run as a matter of convenience according to officialdom's wishes. Never directed at freeing the Malays out of the vicious circle.

10. This is the reason why official Islam is portent. It is beyond questioning. They are the words of God albeit beng transmitted by dullards.

11. The truth is that official Islam can only thrive under a totalitarian regime. What it says, even though coming from the cerebrally challenged, are accepted without question.

12. That is why the claim that Islam is a total solution is repeated ad nauseam. The irony is total is the first five words of TOTALITARIAN.

13. Unfortunately there's an inverse relation between what it claims and what it wants to do. When it says it wants to cure society's ills it actually causes more ills.

14. The inverse relationship happens because true Islam in intermediated by mortal minds. Now, where there is intermediacy by mortal minds, the actions by the Islamic industrial complex are always challenge-able.

15. Because their actions are unchallengeable their misfeasances, malfeasances and their nonsensical spending are never questioned. That could only happen under a totalitarian regime.

16. Rather than being a religious gendarme spying on couples in seedy hotels, allowing Muslims to eat frozen kangaroo meat, greedily issuing halal certificates and so on, the religious departments are better off seeing they are well-equipped and have well-trained personnel.

17. But perhaps some of these religious brown shirts, get their orgasm watching couples copulating and cavorting. Some people!

18. Because they neglect the supervision of religious schools, madrasahs and pondoks some of these places become harems to rape young boys and girls. Some ustazs can't keep their dicks under the robes.

19. What is the response of official Islam if you challenge and defy them? They will quickly declare you an apostate and a heretic. They are happy unchallenged and content being conferred a monopoly over the lives of others.

20. Not to liberate people or free them from the vicious circle but keep them mentally shackled. They become a repressive tool of the ruling class. After all they are financed by the ruling class.

21. Just look at JAKIM. They got lots of money through the recent anti people Budget. What do they do?

22. To sow the seeds of dissension, exhorting Muslims to defend Islam. Against whom? In about 10 years Muslims will be about 85%of the population. Thus, the only threat to Islam will come from their own reactionary dogmatism.

23. Accordingly, they get Muslims all ruffled up on issues not at all related to political realities such as debating excitedly about what are the sexual organs of Sajad? Is that productive?

24. The money they got will definitely be used up to live out their sexual perversions. They asked ladies to dress accordingly while they looked lewdly at certain parts of the female anatomy. They asked women to wear hijab, burqa, veil and so on, but can't wait to grab them by the pussy. Anyway that is the way to ascertain the sex of the other person, isn't it?

25. So what is our objection to the indoctrination of official Islam? As practised by umno for a good part of its 61 years and now continued by the dressed stupidly and looking stupidly, man from Pagoh?

26. First, for failing to provide the Malays an ideological basis to free themselves from the vicious circle of general backwardness.

27. Because of its glaring dereliction of duty, it becomes a repressive tool of the ruling class holding the people back, acting as the priestly big brother.

28. We also find it objectionable by it unilaterally conferring upon itself absolute authority. Not to be challenged or questioned.

29. By stealing the right of the Malays, the right to challenge and question it is unmistakeably behaving like a totalitarian entity. Under such a regime every type of intransigences are permissible by the religious commissars.

30. That, the Malays cannot accept. Like a poet once said. Later the light in high places will be extinguished. And people will get more drunk. For the transgressors God is dead!


Friday, 5 March 2021

UMNO's 'el cucuy': Xenophobic Nationalism.

1. Umno must carry out its own revolution. It must:-
A) expunge its xenophobic nationalism
B) free itself from religious bigotry and reactionary religious interpretations
C) reject corruption
D) reject elitism

2. The idea of using irrational hate towards a particular race is both abhorrent and unconscionable.

3. But that is exactly what the umno bigwigs do. Using unfounded fears and ethnic differences to stir up resentment.

4. Primal fear and ignorance is used to justify hating others. It's also used to justify and hide a host of litanies committed by the Malay elites.

5. Hate is anathema to the Malay psyche. They are naturally tolerant and accommodative. Its also so againts one principle in Islam which so guided the Malays.

6 . There are in fact so many principles that shaped the Malay psyche, but we cite two. Didn't the Quran says that God created the different races of different sex so that the Muslims could befriend them? And isn't Islam claimed to be the religion of peace?

7. So if Islam is the religion of harmony and cordiality and religion of peace how can the Malays commit all the atrocities, violence and corruption and other intransigences?

8. If it is not permitted to do that on its own flock, it also cannot do it on non Muslims. But here in Malaysia the chinese in particular are subjected to Malay COON-ization.

9. If it's not a natural part of the Malay psyche where does it come from?

10. It's drilled onto the receptive minds of umno members by its feudalistic minded leaders. Who thrived and prosper and derived political longevity on the first 4 letters of feudalism and its variants-viz FEUD.

11. A minority has hijacked the Melayu ness and self appoint themselves as spokesman for Malay ness.

12. By hijacking the Melayu- ness they are able to convert the usual placid Malays into instantaneous hate groups, belligerants and bellicose groups.

13. They are just inciters and agent provocateurs by any other name.

14. To be sure, not to assume the majority in umno is not just a pliable putty to be shaped at will, there are elements of Malay supremacists among them.

15. Ready to accept the prognoses of the false prophets as comforting fodder. Its comforting to be able to blame someone for your shortcomings.

16. Hence all forms of shotcoming-poverty, missed business opportunities, missed educational opportunities, are stolen by the 'chinks'.

17. Masking behind this gnarling belicosity, these mothereffers are able to commit a number of intransigences with impunity. All under the name of Melayu- ness

18. The plunder at MAS, TH, felda, felcra and 1MDB were done by Malays. All possible because of xenophobic nationalism. Wrongs commited by Malays are excusable otherwise they will be done by the yellow menace.

19. To be fair and to show that this not a love fest for the Chinese, there are indeed chauvinistic elements among them. But that can be dealt with by the full force of law. They hardly require a bunker mentality and the building of mental ramparts in the form of xenophobic nationalism.

20. How did this kind of xenophobic nationalism reign supreme? First to my mind, the agent provocateurs constitute a foreful but most conniving minority. They were able to leave their imprimatur thus.

21. The umno main body politic, provides the enabling environment because there is already a sizeable number of Malay supremacists among them. Moreover being able to blame someone for your shortcomings provides you a comforting element.

22. The umno people can pull the plug out of the socket . Never allow themselves to be bamboozled by the minority. Raise their political consciousness and see through their hypocricy.

23. They asked you to be hostile to the Chinese while they have Chinese business partners and girlfriends.

24. Lets start your own 'cancel culture'. This refers to ostracizing an indidual or groups out of your circle because they have done some unconscionable acts.

25. So you know what to do to Zahid, Najib and their cabal. Just kick them out!

Next. Islam Sontoloyo.


Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul. Part 2.

1. The redeeming feature about the Awani program is asking about our economic revival. At least that's asking about national interest. It's the concern of all of us. Asking about umno is not about national interest however big the party is.

2. Except asking Najib about it, is like asking Mr Bean. Mr Bean will pull out the main plug and the whole shopping mall suffers a total blackout.

As for Najib he'd rather form a giant ATM machine.

3. The only economics Najib knows, is how to line his pockets. He didn't even graduate from Nottingham. Ask anybody then. So asking red lips is an exercise in futility.

4. Who then shall we ask? What's good for our country? One man's meat is another man's poison.

5. Do we ask old man by the sea Mahathir? He's had 22 years of continuous leadership after which he left a dubious legacy which even the sissy Mukhriz can't even follow.

6. He has the pompous belief that only he can solve the problems faced by Malaysia. The doctor's prescriptions are no longer workable. Perhaps his beliefs are only sustained by copious consumption of ketom transported from Alor Stak.

7. Shall we ask puffy faced Wak Muhyi? The man who became PM not because he was voted by the people but rose to power through a coup d'état.

8. The person who secures the loyalty of sycophants by paying political dowries.

9. As he stands on shaky grounds he has to hide behind the declaration of a false emergency.

10. Can we ask about the future of this country from a person whose DNA is founded on devilish machinations, paying off mercenaries, and who will do anything to save his own skin? A person who has no scruples whatsoever. Might as well ask Jinjang joe

11. The person whom Musa Hitam once said will sell off any land except the grave plot of his mother.

12. The man who will lie, cheat and even ill-advised the Agong to subvert democracy. If he can do that to the Agong, who cares about the common people? They can eat Mee Abu.

13. As the Alpha Male he sets the tone, pace and direction of governance. The tone he sets is that everything is solvable by kickbacks. The whole administration operates on the principle of what's in for me. The pace is to make hay while the sun shines. Because he knows by the next election his unelelected government is out. Unceremoniously. The direction -all monies into my pocket.

14. So ask him at our peril. Better ask him about birdies. The peril seems to grow exponentially as the golf games increase.

15. Let's ask the Java Man from Bagan Datoh. He has the unenvious largest number of court cases in this country. He has two chances to extricate himself. Slim and none. He is not a person to be trusted and most likely to abuse public office.

16. Let's investigate his possible involvement in the visa requirements for tourists from China. Heck, I would even investigate all his previous business ventures to see whether Bumiputera quota allocations went to him first.

17. The whole point of this argument, is that you give the position of power to such a man, he is likely to abuse it. It goes further than that. It suggests that there is something defective in your constitution. You were never taught about honesty and integrity in your upbringing. You suffer from serious character flaw.

18. Retaining him as leader shows that umno is a poor judge in character. Know this- the power to do good, means also the power to do evil. The Zahid character is likely to do more evil than good. Dump him.

19. Moreover, the Java Man will forever be Najib's minion. He served as the embezler in chief's political secretary when the former was Minister of Defence. He is likely to be cut from the same cloth. Ever heard him saying anything distancing himself from the Malaysian Clyde?

20. The answer will be no, nein nyet, nahin na, bu, illai, gak, tiada, etc.

21. The man has got this habit of talking in riddles, sprinkling his speeches with some exotic Arabic words. That's how he masks his duplicity to the captive and servile audience. And the irony is, they are not aware of Wak Jahid's duplicity.

22. Can you therefore trust the destiny of this nation to this duplicitous man? As Mrs Jiggs would say- Horrors!

23. Shall we ask the ayam den lapeh man? He is said to be the least corrupted umno man. What does the least corrupted mean? That he is only 10% corupt?

24. Because of that he's alright? Oh, I didn't rape the girl. I did not have full penetration only one quarter.

25. Wasn't he the joker who sent RM10 million through a money changer? The fact he didn't send the money through banks which will have official records mean he has something to hide. And where did he get the bloody RM10 mil?

26. Let's ask the smooth player from Bera. He has stayed clear from the umno-MN rift. That suggests he's more interested in keeping his ministerial position. His personal interest is more important than the country's.

27. Let's tap the wisdom of the younger chikkus. Ask KJ for example. He's like the man full of ringworms/kurap drifting downwind.

28. Always playing to the gallery he's like the lawyer and the jellyfish. One is spineless and poisonous and the other is a form of sea life.

29. He's making a big brouhaha about becoming the first person to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer. He wants to become the village champion. From Tamil Nadu no doubt.

30. In that case, let the person with the drunkard Indian look, who had a few bottles of thali merah with unshaven facial hair, quarrel with Bung Mokhtar.

31. The Sabah neanderthal had also wanted to be injected first. I hope both get injected with Pfizer's viagra instead.

32. So lets ask the 'aw aw' man from Sembrong instead. I am afraid he's late for our appointment. He's more at home answering questions on Game Box, Sony PlayStation or the latest PS2. The destiny of this country is but a game.

33. So there you are- we have a smorgasbord of characters in charge of the destiny of our nation. All of them are sampah sarap. We are asking the fox fo guard the hen pen. We will be robbed to the last kopek.

34. We have the man of God wanting to find some verses in the Quran justifying corruption. That's like the 15 men who raped a girl. All of them brought before the shariah court. The qadhi says he can't say whether the 15 men are wrong. But from the evidence the girl had sex many times. You must be sentenced to stoning. The 15 men will do the stoning.
The rapists like the graft taker are justified in what they did because a man of god says so.

35. These mother effers think they can bleach themselves white by going for the customary umrah. While they do that with all the pomp, can we, the people sleep?

36. We can go to sleep, close our eyes, but we dare not open them. For to open our eyes, we will see the evil wreaked by these people. It has become stage 4 cancer. And there's no stage 5.

37. That's the sad story faced by our country. The men who are exasperated stand aside and watch the rot. Those who don't give a damn have left. Men who are serious, have substance and want to do something, like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, can't.

38. They are blocked all the way by the party commissars and the low level party stooges and apparatchiks.


Thursday, 25 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul: Part 1

1. Asking Najib about the direction of UMNO and our economic recovery is like imagining an angel descending from heaven. But metamorphoses in our dream as a nightmarish apparition.

2. That's how I see Astro Awani's decision to ask Najib these important questions. It's an exercise in futility. What intelligent answers do you expect from a fellow who only knows how to turn the country into a personal ATM machine?

3. It fortifies my belief that the media like Awani is an instrument for the oppressive Malay bourgeoisie class. Such as that represented by baby face Najib.

4. By asking Najib, Awani is perpetuating the decadent and reactionary ideas of Najib which are simultaneously bourgeois and dumbing down.

5. Najib's ideas must necessarily reflect the views of his class- big brotherly and feeding off innocent and ignorant others. That, in itself is exploitative.

6. Whereas UMNO is the party of the lumpenproletariat, the common man uninitiated by the trickery and machination politics of people like Najib and his ilk. Najib therefore cannot represent the views of the common man. Maybe he represents the views of the conman.

7. So why the hell ask that buffoon Najib? Not that his anwers are earth-shattering. Of course if the grassroots want it the leaders must accede. Might as well ask Halim Yazit, Fendi Kelana or Awi Ikan Duyung about UMNO than ask Najib.

8. So if Awani does not yet know who the F**k Najib is, I will be pleased to tell the mother-effers at Awani who the fellow is.

9. The deference given to convicted felon Najib, can only mean there are some candy ass lickers at Awani. The same treatment ought to be given to some jailbirds at penjara Penor, Kuantan.

10. So hiding behind the tattered banner of journalistic or press freedom, Awani is just giving voice to the oppressor class.

11. It will also be responsible for the dumbing down of the Malay common man. Having to listen to the archaic ideas of people like Najib.

12. Najib is just a fun-loving stud, predisposed to sowing his wild oats here there and everywhere. Including possibly into the unfortunate C4red Altantuya.

13. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth given by a man perhaps responsible for the 513 infamy. His views are therefore shaped by his decadent lifestyle.

14. The rotund man with the superlicious smile. Thinking he knows more than everyone else. Unashamedly walking the corridors of power ignoring the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. The sword in the form of a sojourn in Sungai Buloh perhaps.

15. So why ask Najib about where UMNO is going? UMNO wants to govern Malaysia in the right way, is the answer. As for Najib he would rather turn the country into a giant ATM machine.

16. It is the party that decides where it is going. It cannot be determined by one person nor by a committee like UMNO's MKT. In that manner, it is wrong for the MKT to decide on the PM candidate. If the fate of the party is decided in such a way, then those mediums have usurped the rights of the grassroots.

17. The party must decide whether it wants to govern the whole country or become a mere cog in the wheel.

18. If it decides on the former which must be, then it has to do several things.

19. The first order of things is to get rid of all the feudalistic minded, court plagued and dinosourish leaders like Najib and his band of thieving UMNO leaders. Even Mohamad Hassan is not blemish free.

20. Getting rid of such leaders would result in no dire consequences. The sky isn't going to fall down. It's akin to bloodletting. It would involve expelling bad blood to get a healthier body politic.

21. Unfortunately, under the clueless leadership of the Jawa Penorogo of Bagan Datoh, umno is devolving itself into insignificance. It's not behaving like the largest Malay political party at all but a man drowning clutching straws.

22. What convoluted logic is he blabbering about? A sprinkling of Arabic words does not make the rubbish he's talking about elevated or esteemed. The man is constantly talking in riddles never finishing his sentence hoping others to complete his shit!

23. He's hinting about Alliance 3.0 lah. He's blabbering about muafakat, mufarakah and other bull lah. Alliance with whom? With losers? Remember what Cao Cao said. When losers combined, what can they achieve?

24. Talking in verbal semantics like this, confirms the necessity of getting rid of Mandarin like leaders like Najib, Zahid, Anuar Musa et al. to be done in great haste!

25. Don't be coy about it. New political realism demands aligning with winners. Don't be sentimental about MIC and MCA. You can't walk with an albatross around your neck!

26. If MIC and MCA can't prove themselves, ditch them. Accordingly, we see the unfounded and unthinking admonition of 'No DAP No Anwar' as a death wish and should be discarded as cat's vomit.

27. In Part 2 we will analyse the issue further. It's not asking where UMNO is going that is the relevant question. Its asking where the country is heading is the more pertinent question.


Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Negara Yang Hilang Rohnya.

1. Bertanyakan Najib mengenai hala tuju umno ibarat mimpikan bidadari turun dari syurga tapi menjelma dalam mimpi kita sebagai jembalang yang menyeramkan.

2. Demikianlah saya melihat Awani kurang bijak menanyakan si tongong Najib mengenai hala tuju umno. Jenerasi tongong yang melahirkan jenerasi bahlul yang terkemudian.

3. Najib seorang penjenayah- mecuri wang SRC, felda, 1MDB, dll diharap menerangkan hala tuju umno? Umno sudah hilang akal kah? Baik tanyakan pemikiran seorang banduan di penjara Penor,Kuantan.

4. Berselindung disebalik prinsip kebebasan kewartawanan, apa yang dilakukan olih Awani ialah perpetuate the life of reactionary ideas yang diterbitkan olih minda Malay bourgeoisie, aristocrats dan neo feudalists macam Najib.

5. Bukankah pedoman mudah ialah jika hendak tau keadaan sebenar parti kita, kita tanya orang yang menentang kita? Pastinya bukan Najib.

6. Siapa Najib? Tidak lebih dari pembiak/stud dengan senyuman yang supercilious. Yang lahir dengan sudu perak diperolehi dari seorang yang mungkin telah mencetuskan 513.

7. Senyuman supercilious yang berlagak seolah2 dia lebih tahu dari orang lain. Kepala bapak aok! Dia tidak tahu lebih dari orang lain, wok.

8. Pandangan nya sudah pasti ditempa olih kehupan Melayu yang bourgeois. Mengapa mahu tanya dia mengenai pemulihan ekonomi? Dia tidak lulus pun dari Universiti Nottingham. Lebih baik tanya pakcik yang jual apam balik!

9. Seorang Matlaon yang berlenggang dilorong2 kuasa, tidak kisahkan tentang pisau pancung yang berada atas tengkuknya . Senyumlah wok sebelum kamu jatuh!

10. Maka siapa yang kita hendak tanya mengenai hala tuju umno?

11. Siapa yang hendak kita tanya? Orang tua Mahathir yang terus 'pretend' bahawa hanya dia yang bolih menyelamatkan Malaysia dengan bercakap semberono? Daun ketom mana dia tibai?

12. Tanya sijawa penerogo yang memecah rekod mempunyai dakwaan mahkamah yang paling banyak? Yang pernah kata pada seorang kawan 'baik kita berhenti cakap Inggeris. Letih lah'.

13. Tanya Wak Muhyi yang menyorok disebalik deklarasi dharurat yang palsu, yang telah merampas kuasa dari rakyat. Barang kita telah di curi. Kita nak tanya pencuri? Siapa yang bodoh?

14. Tanya KJ? Yang macam seorang 'keling mabuk' dengan jabuk yang tidak terurus. Seperti biasa berkelakuan seperti sikurap menyusur angin,playing the gallery. Seperti seorang jaguh kampung yang telah mengistiharkan dia sanggup menerima suntikan vaksin covid yang pertama. Hurrah!

15. Elok tu,biar dia kelahi dengan Bung Mokhtar yang juga mengistiharkan dia bersedia menerima suntikan viagra, eh vaksin covid yang pertama.

16. Atau mau tanya Hishamudin Hussein? Takut dia lebih senang menjawab mengenai permainan komputer yang terkini atau mengenai PS11? Ow Ow!

17. Faktanya dah takde dari kalangan pimpinan umno yang kita bolih tanya. Kebanyakan mereka adalah sampah sarap. Mereka menunggang harimau Malay supremacism buatan mereka sendiri dan tidak bolih turun dari tunggangan mereka.

18. Mereka yang bolih peduli sudah putus asa dan lepas tangan. Mereka yang sudah tidak peduli sudah meninggalkan umno. Yang mahu berbuat sesuatu seperti Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah disekat pada setiap peringkat oleh pimpinan bangsawan dan neo feudalists serta kucing kurap ahli2 bawahan.

19. Lihat sajalah- penyangak2 ini bukan sibuk bagaimana hendak menbangun negara tapi berkomplot dan berintrig mendapat kuasa.

20. Berintrig merebut kuasa bukan untuk melakukan kebaikan dan mahabbah umum,tapi untuk mengikis kekayaan negara hingga ke last kopek. Memberi mereka kuasa ibarat meletakkan musang menjaga reban ayam.

21. Pintu reban bukan saja terbuka luas, bahkan ter- robek kekal.

22. Bukan saja kekayaan negara kemarau, pelaburan asing pun lari. Beam me up Mr Scotty,no signs of law respecting life here.

23. Negara kita telah hilang roh nya dan dosa itu tidak tertebus.

24. Pukiwak2 ini ingat dosa mereka bolih di klorox dan mereka menjadi putih bersih. Lalu mereka memejamkan mata sembahyang tunggang terbalik tidak berani membuka mata. Kerana kalau membuka mata, akan nampak segala kejahatan yang telah menjadi barah meresapi tulang belulang.

25. Sementara itu orang Melayu kita terus membiak menuju kepupusan. Jadilah mereka jenerasi tolol. Menyangka pemimpin2 umno tadi akan melindungi mereka.

26. Semua amaran dan hujjah2 kita di ketepikan olih mereka yang berkuasa. Yang mendapat kuasa bukan dengan mandat rakyat tetapi dengan tipu muslihat dan membayar mahar/dowry politik.
Plot tanah yang belum terjual adalah plot pusara si ibu. Semua yang lain bolih di beli.


Sunday, 21 February 2021

Merekayarsa/re-engineering umno. Bahagian 1.

1. Umno mempunyai 3 juta ahli. Ini satu jumlah yang besar. Tapi sebagai proporsi dari keseluruhan bangsa Melayu ia patut meng insafkan umno.

2. Saya bukan hendak merendahkan umno. Tidak syak lagi ianya sebuah parti orang Melayu yang terbesar di Malaysia.

3. Jumlah keahlian bukanlah asas untuk jadi sombong dan angkuh.

4. Bukanlah perkara yang mustahil satu kumpulan yang besar ditewaskan oleh kumpulan yang lebih kecil.

5. Terutama bila pemimpin atasan nya korap dan penyangak dan tidak dihormati, diyakini serta tidak disegani oleh ahli bawahan. Tambah pula ahli bawahan golongan hoohah yang tidak ada disiplin.

6. Golongan hoohah yang saya maksudkan termasuklah golongan 4T. Yakni golongan Tapau, T- shirt Tambang dan Tunai. Golongan ini disuruh kencing atas pusara mak bapak pun sanggup.

7. Contoh golongan ini adalah ahli2 umno yang didatangi dan di Tambangi, dari setiap pelusuk negara untuk menyokong Najib dalam kes SRC tempoh hari. Mereka diberi T shirt, Tapau, dan Tunai. Lalu memekik dan melolong, si Najib mangsa fitnah. Bahkan ada yang memanggilnya amirukmukminin. Amirulmunafik lebih tepat rasa nya.

8. Nyatalah, mereka ini penegak2 kepalsuan yang cuba bulldoze kebenaran dan haq dengan kekuatan jumlah konon.

9. Tidak syak lagi mereka sendiri munafik dan bersubahat dengan pendusta. Sebagai orang Islam mereka tidak setia pada janji dengan Allah.

10 . Mereka membelakangi satu prinsip penting dalam Al Quran. Yakni menggunakan kepalsuan untuk menyembunyikan kebenaran terutama ketika mereka tahu bahawa rompakan yang dilakukan melalui SRC adalah benar.

11. Mereka telah melakukan kemunafikan yang terbesar. Yakni melanggar janji dengan Allah. Bukankah mereka telah berikrar dengan Allah bahawa sibghah Allah itu adalah satu2nya sibghah yang mewarnai kehidupan mereka?

12. Mereka munafik kerana melanggar ikrar dan janji kepada Allah. Mereka melanggar janji jangan menyembunyikan kebenaran dengan kepalsuan. Yakni menyangka ada kekuatan dalam jumlah yang ramai. Dengan berkumpul beramai ramai mereka ingat mereka bolih menenggelamkan kebenaran yang disahkan olih mahkamah. Itu kepalsuan terbesar mereka lakukan.

13 . Walaupun mereka berjumlah 3 juta dan benar pula mereka parti politik orang Melayu yang terbesar, mereka tidaklah mewakili kesemua orang Melayu.

14. Perhatikan fakta2 ini. Keahlian umno ialah 3 juta. Jumlah orang Melayu semuanya sekitar 18 juta.

15. Bermakna 1 dari 6 orang Melayu adalah ahli umno. Jika 1 orang umno/ Melayu mati, 5 lagi orang Melayu bolih hidup tanpa umno.

16. 1/6 hanya merupakan 16. 66% dari jumlah orang Melayu. Satu jumlah yang besar tapi tidaklah menyombongkan.

17. Sementara jumlah 3 juta bolih dibanggakan ia bukan sesuatu yang patut meng angkuhkan.

18. Fakta ini patut menjadikan umno merendah hati dan parti yang bermaruah.

19. Dan dibawah pimpinan si Jawa penorogo Bagan Datoh sekarang, umno jadi parti yang tidak bermaruah dan berintegriti. Apabila memilih untuk bersekongkol dengan kerajaan pintu belakang Wak Muhyi. Rupa2nya dalam umno ramai yang suka main pintu belakang!

20. Bersatu dengan sebuah kerajaan yang illegitimate yang akan pasti melahirkan 'anak'2 yang illegitimate. Mana maruah umno?

21. Umno hendak perintah siapa sebenarnya? Jika hanya orang Melayu saja ia hanya wadah untuk Malay supremacists dan neo feudalists yang reaksioner! Orang macam Zahid dan Najib dan orang suka kelahi macam Tajuddin.

22. Realiti politik nya, umno mesti hendak memerintah Malaysia yang berbilang kaum. Dan dengan jumlah 3 juta dari 30 juta, umno hanyalah 10%. Itu jauh dari angka 30% yang suka di guna oleh Malay supremacists sebagai aras tanda majoriti. Apa yang umno nak banggakan?

23. Maka nya daripada kita bercakap dan menyibukkan diri dengan2 tokoh takguna satu sen seperti Zahid, Najib atau Adnan Mansor lebih baik kita memikirkan bagaimana merekayarsakan/rengineer umno.

24. Tidak payah kita nak tahu Najib beratur nak beli nasi lemak ke, berak ke, atau kencing ke. Ia membuang waktu kita je.

25. Dalam bab ini kita harus sedar bahawa untuk merekayarsakan umno kita harus melakukan perubahan pada kepimpinan umno dan pada kualiti ahli nya. Dalam bab 2, kita akan menghalusi asas2 falsafah perjuangan umno.


Friday, 19 February 2021

When LKY Wept: Lessons In Leadership. Part Two.

1. Corruption is not tolerated at all in Singapore and is weeded out. In Malaysia, it is a way of life and indeed the s.o.p of the Malay based political parties like umno and Muhyi's ppbm.

2. I need to get something off my chest. There appears to be a positive relationship by the more intense you profess to be a Malay and a Muslim with corruption.

3. It seems the more Malayness and more Islamic you claim yourself to be, the more is your propensity to commit corruption. Your pompous claims as to your ethnicity and your religiosity means nothing if you are not honest.

4. The measure of man is not his claim of ethnicity and religiosity but as to whether he is honest. That to me, is more relevant in our discussion.

5. That is how I would measure people like Najib, Zahid, Teuku Adnan, Tajuddin and the court jester, Bung. Clearly they are not the right leadership for Malaysia. Nothing personal, its just business.

6. Once corruption is dealt with we move on to the next ingredient. The other factor is pragmatism.

7. By pragmatism, I mean the adoption of a theory and belief as long as it works. The acid test as to whether a policy works is to ask does it work here. It is the refusal to be menacled by any one theory.

8. This rule is best described by the phrase I don't care whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

9. When LKY wanted to develop Singapore, he wasn't tied to the theories of Friedman, Keynes, or a Samuelson. Rather, the test is does it work here?

10. It involves the hard-headed choice of a set of policies that work in the Malaysian environment. All other considerations are ignored.

11. It does not involve the need to play favourites, play God to pick winners and to cater to special interests groups. It is the creation of an impartial system within which the actors operate to the best of their abilities.

12. This leads us to the other requirement for economic success. It is meritocracy.

13. It simply means management by the best of talents. The best talents for leadership, for the judiciary, for the civil service etc.

14. It is the opposite of kakistocracy- management by the least able. It suggests to just accept the mediocre.

15. That would mean leadership comes willy-nilly, perchance and happenstance. Then we get people like the embezzler in chief like Najib and his cohorts.

16. Meritocracy on the other hand is purposeful and deliberate. Its the positive cultivation of talent and not leaving it to chance.

17. One of the tools to get meritocracy is education. The other is a rigid vetting process. In Singapore those wanting to become MPs and ministers go through a series of interviews. These are designed to get the best.

18. It may sound elitist, but it is necessary to eliminate those who rise to prominence because of their ascribed status. This would include those who rise to the top because of their family socio-economic status, or we assume people somehow inherit family leadership traits. Not necessarily so. Not only the cream rises to the top so does the scum.

19. Kishore Mahbubani,a former dean of the LKY School of Government, summarised Singapore's success in the acronym, MPH.

20. It stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. I had earlier added resolve and a sense of noblesse oblige and a score to settle.

21. These are necessary requirements but not sufficient. I would add two more. The quality of the people and the elimination of any forms of extremism.

22. By quality of the people, I mean they should be robust, disciplined and possessed of correct and strict values set. They should be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

23. Any forms of theft and corruption are wrong. People who commit them must never be worshipped and adulated. They must be ostracized and heavily censured. And deservedly so.

24. Any forms of extremism must not be allowed to jeorpadise the cohesiveness of society. That includes Malay supremacism, religious bigotry, Chinese chauvinism or Indian gangsirterism. Deal with them with an iron hand.


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