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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 24 December 2021

Measuring The Productivity Of Our Ministers.

1. I have a corrupted version of Parkinson's Law. It says that useless work expands so as to justify a bloated cabinet.

2. By the end of this year, China is expected to have a GDP of 15.6 trillion USD. And according to econometric models her GDP in 2022 is expected to reach usd16.6 trillion and in 2023, USD 17 4 trillion.

3. In contrast, Malaysia, in 2020 had a GDP of around usd336 billion. Singapore had 340b and
Philippines had USD 360b.

4. Let's take Germany. In 2020 Germany had a GDP of USD 3.806 trillion. Many times ours.

5. China has a cabinet of 35 while Germany has one of 15. We have a cabinet of 70+.

6. That means that the productivity and intelligence of our ministers is half that of China's and almost 5 times less that of Germany.

7. Hence, my watered down Parkinson's Law. Useless work expands so as to justify the bloated cabinet

8. So what are our ministers doing? Perhaps two to scratch Ismails testicles, one to comb his hair, one to apply deodorant to his armpits and one to wash his bottom.

9. I now charge our ministers to produce a GDP of usd1 trillion like that of Indonesia's.

10. That ought to be the measure of our cabinet. Otherwise, like a late friend in kampung Ubai, Pekan says, 'you failed'!

11. Our GDP is now overshadowed by even Vietnam. Our ministers are not paying attention to the people's productivity.

12. If we keep sending the wrong reward signals, people will promise to work less. Perhaps we are busy taxing those who work abroad.

13. These people work hard abroad, pay taxes there, and you want to tax them again? That's double taxation, the bean counter at mof should know.

14. You are encouraging a climate for the working of a perverted backward supply of labour curve. People want to work less not because working less is sufficient to earn an acceptable level of living, but producing more will be taken to pay for the upkeep of a pernicious government. Abdullah Munsyi spoke about this more than a century ago.

15. The energies of the people are wasted in unproductive pursuits. One, for example, is you insist on infusing your Malayness in every aspect of life. You create tension instead of focusing on productivity. But in so doing you are dissipating the enemies of the people and using the tension to divert peoples attention in measuring your functionality. The reality is, you are worthless.

16. Ponder this too. One of the reasons why countries like China and Indonesia are successful is because they abhor corruption. In China, corruption invites the death penalty. In Indonesia, there are suggestions that corruption be punished with death. Indonesia progresses from a poor country to a rich one because they want to exterminate corruption.

17. Malaysia progresses from being a rich country to a poor one, because it embraces corruption. Where corruption invites even a death penalty, in Malaysia, it is defended to the death!


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