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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 17 December 2021

Title. 'If the law presupposes that,the the law is an ass. Mr Bumble. Part 1.

1. I had to have a part 2 to my article, the Malay Enigma because I felt compelled to write this.

2. Common sense should prevail, rather than the twisted and strenuous logic of the shyster lawyer.

3. When Mr Bumble, the spouse of a domineering wife, is told in court that the law presupposes that the wife follows the direction of the husband, he replied:-

4. If the law presupposes that, said Mr Bumble, then the law is an ass.

5. I am of course referring to the conviction of the most infamous felon, Najib Razak. You convict a person, then on the next breath, sets him free. Where is the common sense?

6. In my opinion the court of first instance, the high court made a mistake last time and now the CoA compounded the mistake. It's a case of you fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me.

7. When the courts made such an asinine mistake, I am inclined to agree with Mr Dick the Butcher.

8. The first thing we do, is let's kill all the lawyers. The judges, pardon me, should be killed twice.

9. What happened to Najib Razak is such an asinine mistake. Let the judges never forget that justice, must not only be seen to be done, it must actually be done.

Let our judges remember the dictum of Lord Hewart, CJ that justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

10. I think in the case of Najib Razak, it seems that justice was done, but we didn't see it.

11. So I ask the question again-you convict a person and then set him free? Where is the effing logic? You can get punch drunk in trying to understand the illogic.

12. To me, it has reached a comical point, that I want to add the following snippet:-

13. The joke is especially severe on the Pahang people in general and on pekan people in particular:-

14. I am surprised the judges didn't consider the importance of the common good. Instead, they directed their minds to inconsequentials. That implicitly showed their capitulation to the rich and powerful.

15. If the law presupposes that by freeing Najib, the felon will behave with remorse and behaves circumspectively, then as Mr Bumble says, the law is an ass!

16. In fact, the felon behaved with wanton abandon and recklessly. He played golf with a billionaire buddy from Singapore.

17. Whether they played 18-hole or 1-hole golf, that is not our business. Playing golf is not the issue. The issue is what the particular golf represents.

18. That particular golf game represents defiance and mocking of the judiciary. It represents the felon's recalcitrance. That's the issue.

19. It is regrettable the judges did not have the far-sightedness when freeing Najib. Or perhaps Najib's aura extinguished that.

20. The reasonable common man, want Najib imprisoned. It is regrettable that the judges, having the sophisticated reasoning they do, failed to give expression to the wishes of the reasonable common man on the Srijaya omnibus.


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