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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Hikayat seorang banduan tersohor di Malaysia. Bahagian 1

1. Orang2 umno kena terima fakta bahawa AliBababavum Najib dah masuk Jel. Bukan merindui nya selepas 3 atau 4 hari dalam Jel. Dan menjadikan taklimat khas menyerang sistem penghakiman .

2. Heran kita. Taklimat khas digunakan untuk menyerang sistem penghakiman dan meratapi bossakau. Astagha .

3. Kawan2, rakyat Malaysia, warganegara, pinjamkan saya pendengaran anda semua.

4 . Saya tampil untuk menguburi Najib bukan memuja nya,
Kejahatan yang dilakukan hidup selamanya,
Kebaikan nya di pasong dengan jasad nya di kajang Hilton.

5. . biarlah saya jadi Brutus. seperti kata karpal Singh, I can't be 2 extremes at the same time.

6. Yakni, memuja dan membalun Najib. Wak ponorogo, lan banjar, mat ayam den lapeh dan Azalina dua alam dah memuji bercerek cerek, Najib mulut merah.

7. Podium dan mimbar taklimat khas jadi big bully pulpit untuk menyerang institusi penghakiman dan menyemai perasaan tidak percaya dan distrust kepada kedaulalatan undang2 dan hukum.

8. That shouldn't be the case. Kedaulalatan undang2 mesti dipelihara dan dikekalkan.

9. Màsaalah nya, protocol tidak membenarkan jawapan balik dari hakim2. Jadi, kritikan orang2 umno jadi monolog saja . Cakap kat dinding lagi baik.

10. Karpal Singh pernah berkata,if in court, anytime, anywhere, any place. Dia tidak menang semua kes, tapi perasaan nya terhadap kedaulalatan mahkamah tidak pernah goyah.

11. Ini,orang umno, kerana Najib bapa samun Malaysia kena jel dah hilang akal,menyerang habis habisan institusi kehakiman.

12. Mana2 pihak yang rasa terkesan dengan hentaman pimpinan umno, boleh buat lapuran polis dan tindakan undang2 .

13. Misalnya majlis peguam boleh buat lapuran polis keatas wak jahid, wak lan dan heshim Azalina dan mana2 pemimpin2 umno gedebe dan preman yang lain.

14.apa dia tujuan serangan2 umno terhadap kedaulalatan undang2? Tidak lain dan tidak bukan, ialah supaya Najib bebas.

15.yakni bebas untuk menyundal dan merompak negara kita. Dan kita akan kata takpe, dia melayu Dan umno pula.

16. Sepanjang ingatan saya, umno tidak pernah berhimpun membincangkan kepentingan peribadi. Umno tidak berhimpun kerana Dato harun atau Anwar Ibrahim.

17. Maka tidak kah umno malu berhimpun membincangkan kepentingan banduan Najib? Mengheret anak bini kawan tu menceritakan hikayat hiba banduan Najib?

18. Anak bini pencuri susu yang kena jel tak bersedih? Anak bini sifulan yang buat claim palsu dan kena jel tak sedih? Anak bini majistret yang kena jel tak sedih?

19. Apakah kebebasan Najib lebih berharga dari Kebebasan orang2 itu tadi?

20. Umno menunjukkan diri sebenarnya. Parti yang tidak menghormati kedaulalatan undang2. Ia menyuruh rakyat mendaulatkan undang2, tetapi ia sendiri tidak .

21. Mahkamah telah membuat hukuman penjara 12 tahun serta denda. Membuat petition menterbalikkan keputusan mahkamah, in itself satu jenayah. Jadi yeop2 umno peghak yang membuat petition pun melanggar undang2. Tak gitu adeh!

22. Di Malaysia,darul rasuah ni macam2 boleh berlaku . Jadi saya nak tanya,mengapa Najib ke mahkamah naik SUV,outriders dan berbendera lagi. Apa pasal banduan tak naik track penjara?

23. Dan dilapurkan Najib membuat Catatan di FB nya. Bagaimana dia mendapat akses kepada fb? Jabatan penjara tolong jawab .atau FB Najib selama ini dikendalikan oleh blue shirt army nya?


Sunday 28 August 2022

Jurisprudential Jests

1. I find the conduct of Najib's lawyer to be despicable. Now if you happened to be that lawyer, please don't take this assessment, personally.

2. No litigation is necessary. Their conduct drives home, a true observation. What the difference between a lawyer and a jellyfish? One is a spineless and poisonous blob. The other is a form of marine life.

3. The previous lawyer was good. The present one tries to be better. The previous one managed to drag najibs case for 4 years. The present one tries to drag it longer.

4. Until he is stopped by a woman CJ. What Maggie Thatcher said must be true after all.

5. When you want something said, ask a man. When you want something done, ask a woman.

6. Only a woman seems to put meat on the bone, proving you need a woman to prove what Lord Hewart said was true.

7. That justice must not only be done, it also must be seen to be done

8. Nearer to home, it drives home a local truth. Never mess with tkc girls.

9. Not with the one you are sleeping at home with, and certainly not with the one deciding your case.

10. Some smart Alec suggested we bring back the trial by jury system. Not a good idea if 8 out of the 12 jury members were women.

11. Najib would have pleaded guilty earlier. He can't fool even one woman, what more, 8 of them.

12. If I see the courtroom with so many lawyers, I shall rue the day. I will never be able to tell the truth. Even though I swore to tell the truth and nothing but the whole truth, I won't be able to.

13. That's because when I want to, a lawyer will object.

14. That further convinces me that lawyers are a despicable lot. A zookeeper mistakenly left the door to a snake pen opened. Try as he does, he couldn't get the slithery vermin back in.

15. A zookeeper colleague comes to help. Together, they still can't get the snakes in. Exasperated, the colleague yells out. Call a lawyer!

16. Why a lawyer?asked the first zookeeper. We need someone who speaks their language.

17. Lawyers must really be obnoxious creatures. A swami, rabbi and a lawyer were travelling in the countryside when the car in which they are travelling broke down.

18. They came upon a cottage and the owner said. It's too late to call the tow truck, but I am afraid I have only 2 spare beds. One of you will have to sleep in the barn.

19. The swami said. My faith taught me humility, so I'll sleep in the barn. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. The swami said. There's a cow in the barn. My faith forbids me to sleep with a cow.

20. It's OK said the rabbi. I'll sleep in the barn. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. The rabbi said there's a pig in the barn. I can't sleep alongside a pig.

21. This time, the lawyer goes to sleep in the barn. Again a few minutes later there were knocks on the door. The cottage owner sighed but still open the door. This time it's the cow and the pig.

22. when you take a photograph, to make the subjects smile, you say, say cheese. Lawyers are an unsmiling lot. To make them smile, you say fees!

23. If this is your chosen profession, don't take these jurisprudential jests personally. On the sidebar, make a note. No litigation necessary. Instead, take these jokes as a compliment.


Friday 26 August 2022

The ego is unbowed

1. I don't like kicking a dead horse. But when I heard Najib speaking to his supporters, after the guilty verdict, makes my blood boil.

2. What he said, showed the egoistic person that he is. He remains petulant, unrepentant, showing no remorse. His reddened face betrayed the spoilt rich brat who did not get what he wanted.

3. As usual, like the patrician and manufactured aristocrat that he is, Najib chooses to speak to a submissive audience whom he knows will accept his every word.

4. In English, people would say he is just playing to the gallery. Or dressed up to the nines.

5.and the responses from the captive audience were predictable. There were plaintiff cries of zalim,mahazalin mari kita doa....

6. Najib, of course, didn't want to listen to those words. He just wanted to put across his 'I am a prisoner of Auschwitz message across.

7. He said he tried his best, all that he asked were denied. So I redha..

8. Just exactly what was the best did he do? The answer is, he did his best to wriggle out of the tangled mess he weaved.

9. First, he tried to unearth all the dirty linen of justice Nazlan. From the unfounded allegation that RM 1 m mysteriously went to the judge's account. Later there maybe a conflict of interest as the judge had served as general counsel to Maybank.

10. Even to the extent of doubting, the judgment of Nazlan couldn't have been written by the judge. It was too long-a ghostwriter must have written it for him. Tun Sufian and lord Denning never wrote lengthy judgments. Although lord Denning wrote a book on the profumo case. Looks like him, writes like him, but it's not him.

11.may I remind readers, that the judgment of Nazlan, was affirmed and upheld by the CA. The 3 judges of the CA were not chopped liver either.

12. You think Najib gave two hoots about the wailing supplications of the makciks from kampung ketepang, parit, Pahang tua or lamir in Pekan?it probably was no skin off his nose. All he wanted was to get the message that he is a victim across.

13. Now, what is the all he asked that were denied? First was an extension to prepare this case. . 2nd, he asked the CJ to recuse herself. What brazenness!

14. I wouldn't know how to describe this as artfully and in a fanciful manner like lawyers do. But doesn't it mean that once you accept the brief, it means you are ready?

15. When a lawyer accepts a brief, he or she is assumed to be ready. The lawyer knows of the hearing date. The federal court repeatedly mentioned of it.

16. The lawyer can't come before the court, with a poker face asked for a 3-4 month extension. If the lawyer is not ready, as my secondary school teacher used to say, it's your own funeral.

17. I like the English idiom quoted by Lord Denning, having made the bed, you must now lie on it.

18. And I find it heart-warming, the balsy statement by the current feisty chairperson of the bar council. She is sounding more credible with each passing day.

19. That any lawyer pulling a fast one can be subject to some disciplinary measures. Let's see whether Hisyam Teh is disciplined.

20. The other shitty request made by Najib was to ask the CJ to recuse herself. It was denied because the request was, well, shitty .

21. To infer bias because of a spouse's involvement in some unrelated court matters, is mischievous.

22. There are many case laws that demolish such a pedantic, finical and flimsy request.

23. It seems to me, the only basis to accuse the bench misconducting itself is because it disagrees with the defense counsels request. The request is devoid of any legal substance. Can it be said that because the bench disagrees with you, it is therefore lousy?

24. Sorry mate, Najib comes across as an unbowed person, not in the Churchillian sense, but a person unbowed by his egoistic self.

25. He wasn't interested to hear the wailing of the makciks many of whom he doesn't know, but was only interested to spread his Goebbelsian gobbledegook.

26. Hey, he couldn't care less if the umno ladies in Pekan were to run amok or cry until their eyes are swollen or roll on the floor pulling their hair or pulling off their kain batik lepas . He's only interested if these suckers stormed the gates of the istana just as the mob stormed the Bastille a long time ago. Many umnogok want to be a Robespierre.



Wednesday 24 August 2022

Mencari kesiuman dalam kegilaan. Bahagian 2

1. Saya nak Komen kenyataan Zahid bahawa federal court tidak beretika tidak ada integrity dan tidak adil. Kedua, saya nak Komen mengenai syarahan Najib mengenai kebebasan,kehidupan dan mendapat pengadilan yang saksama.

2. Jahid penorogo adalah orang yang paling Corot hendak bercakap mengenai Etika dan keadilan. Dia sendiri berdepan dengan 87 dakwaan. Sepatutnya dia lebih baik berdiam diri daripada berkelahi dengan mahkamah.

3. Betul,mana2 hakim yang ada konflik kepentingan sepatut nya recuse dirinya . Tapi untuk mengaitkan axiom ini dalam kes Hakim nazlan tidak tepat.

4. Membaca ada konflik kepentingan antara tugasan Hakim nazlan sebagai general counsel,dan operasi pemberian pinjaman oleh Maybank, adalah suatu kerja kurang cerdik, tipikal pada orang seperti jahid penorogo.

5. Sebagai general counsel, nazlan tidak terlibat dalam day to day operations Maybank apalagi pemberian pinjaman.

6. Kalau pinjaman diberi kepada syarikat A, bagaimana wang tersebut diperlakukan oleh syarikat A tidak ada kaitan sebesar zarah pun dengan nazlan. Link nya bukan remote malah takde pun.

7. Kalau syarikat A pindahkan juta2 kedalam akaun syarikat B dan syarikat pindahkan 42j ke akaun Najib, apa kaitan nazlan?

8. Orang yang bertanggung jawab tentang kocakan yang mengelirukan ini ialah Najib. Dia menjadi sutradara kepada wayang ini. Alhasil, Ia nya tidak boleh dijadikan asas mendesak nazlan sepatutnya recuse himself.

9. Betullah seperti obiter dictum lord hewart dlm rex v Sussex justices bahawa justice must not be only done but also must be seen to done.

10. Justice can be seen to done kalau tidak ada campur tangan politik, kalau justice dilakukan without fear or favor atau with regards to the personality concerned .

11. Certainly it can be seen to be done kalau orang macam wak jahid tidak sow seeds of contempt and hatred towards the judiciary.

12. Perkara2 yang sama boleh dikatakan kepada mat Hassan ayam den lapeh dan Ustaz asyraf Al budu .

13. Mahkamah dikatakan tak adil,tak beretika sebab tak ikut kehendak Najib ye? Kalau ikut ok? Kak Mun ter the best?

14. Kita kena tahu bezakan antara asas teknikal dan tiada merit. Permohonan Najib bukan ditolak on technical grounds. Ianya ditolak sebab tidak ada merits.

15. Perkara2 teknikal adalah benda seperti salah haribulan atau nama Najib salah eja. Najib eja jadi najis ke. Alasan merit erti nya permohonan itu tidak ada kebaikan atau keabsahan dalaman. Alasan nya lemah.

16. Juga mahkamah mungkin mahu mengambil pendirian sudah sudahlah nak mempersenda institusi kehakiman. Atau there should be an end to litigation.

17. Dalam bahasa latin bunyi nya:- interest rei publicae ut sit finis litium. In the interest of the state, there should be a finality in litigation.

18. Tidak kan kita terfikir,ledakan jahid sebetunya satu diversionary tactic?

19. Ianya bertujuan mengalih pandangan umnogok2 dari kes dia sendiri.

20. Najib mesti diselamatkan. Jika tidak dia akan jadi jiran Najib di Sungai buloh Hilton.


Monday 22 August 2022

Mencari kesiuman dalam kegilaan. Bahagian 1.

1. Kalau orang jantan dan betina nak datang kl untuk sokong bosku, lah la. Negara ini negara bebas. Ada kebebasan bergerak Dan berkumpul.

2. Setiap bahagian umno(part gengster) beri bas untuk pakcik,makcik tua dan muda datang bersyusyun syusyun ke kl .

3. Mereka nak mencarut, memekik, melolong dan bertakbir,takde Hal.

4. Sambil memekik,nak pàkai lilit kepala atau bandanna bossku atau t shirt bossku pun tak mengapa.

5. Tapi ketika awak me bertakbir, awak pasti Allah menyebelahi awak? Allah tu ahli umno ke?

6. Allah disebelah kebenaran Dan bossku awak mewakili kebathilan. Berbuih mulut awak mendoakan bossku, bala yang pasti datang .

7. Nak memekik,melolong, berguling atas tanah lantaklah. Tapi jangan sampai menguggut pertumpahan darah dan suruh ketua Hakim undur diri dan mencemuhi suami dia.

8. Kalau orang tak bersetuju dengan awak, takkan awak nak belasah orang tu? Jika awak bebas buat ape je, awak mesti bersedia menerima orang tidak menyetujui awak.

9. Awak suruh tengku maimun undur diri apa pasal? Sebab enggan beri permintaan Najib yang tak ada asas undang2?

10. Jika ada ugutan mencederakan CJ, polis buat apa?

11. Ini, lapuran tentang suami dia awak layan tapi ugutan2 terhadap dia awak diam?

12. Mengapa polis tak hantar FRU ke mahkamah? Kumpul ramai2 ni ada permit? Badan komunikasi tak dapat kesan matlaon yang ugut pertumpahan darah?

13. Heran bin ajaib kita, perkara2 begini berlaku. Kalau berkumpul tak ada permit tangkap dan sumbat makcik pakcik dalam lokap. Kalau ugut, tangkap. Suruhanjaya komunikasi tolong kesan penghantar ugutan pertumpahan darah.

14. Cuba awak me fikir. Awak me berjemur, berpanas Dan berlengas, mana adun dan ap? Erti nya awak me jadi cannon fodder. Tak ke bodoh awak semua?

15. Mat penorogo dan mat Hassan money changer menyerang federal court dari bully pulpit parti gedebe mereka.

16 . Bukankah serangan2 emosional ini mecederakan kedaulalatan institusi kehakimah di Malaysia?kita tidak tengok serangan2 dengan vehemce sebegini . Tidakkah serangan2 ini constitute contempt of court yang tidak boleh didiamkan?

17. 3 orang gengster umno mengeluarkan kenyatan2 berbaur hasutan,seditious, mencemar dan menghina institusi mahkamah. Zahid, mat Hassan dan asyraf wajdi behaved macam kaki2 pukul organisasi jinayah. Dia orang membuktikan umno bukan hormat undang2 .

18. There's one way to deal with these people . Put the fear of god into them. Slap the umno goons with contempt of court and other citations. . masuk lokap penghantar mesej pertumpahan darah. Yang maki ham in CJ, jel dan lada mulut. Akak yang derma gelang membazir je.

19. Kalau suami CJ seorang penyokong BN macam mana? Yang CJ isteri dia bukan zamani. Dia sokong pH bukan nya kesalahan undang2. Dia nak ambik gambar sekitar mahkamah tak menyalahi undang2. Dalam mahkamah kalau dibenarkan, adakah kita nak berguling dan tarik rambut kita?

20. Kalau nak berkumpul ramai2, boleh tak tinggalkan kebodohan kat rumah?


Saturday 20 August 2022

A court comedy

1. I try to refrain from commenting on Najib's court drama, but can't. I felt compelled to say something about an ongoing case. As Mr Sithambaram says, rules are broken everyday-suggesting that the courts choose to ignore them. Hence, I will also be one of the lawbreakers and be a nuisance big mouth.

2. First, I think changing horses as it were at the 11th hour is an ominous sign.

3. Of course as the litigant and appellant, Najib has the right to change lawyers which he did. But that personal right does not extend to a right of forcing the federal court to do as he wishes.

4. Najib wanted to produce 'new' evidence and new extension for arguing his case, as he has a new lawyer.

5. the federal court doesn't buy his new evidence posturing. Such evidence would have been presented at the court of appeal. He did not produce them then. Why?

6. Because the court knows the evidence is all balderdash and would be mere verbiage.

7. Najib's new evidence is predictable - implicate everyone in sight. He is a victim. He is sanguine.

8. Najib new evidence has always been outside the court. Apply extra judicial pressure. Character assassinate everyone who matters.

9. Remember that he attempted to destroy the integrity and credibility of justice Nazlan? Started of course by the royal fugitive now ensconced safely in the UK?

10. Najib of course later withdraws his allegation of corruption, knowing that it has no merit. His withdrawal is just a pompous show of magnanimity, designed to impress the makciks out there.
Allah, baik nya DS Najib. I want to have your kid.

11. Knowing his 1 mil allegation can longer hold water, he wanted to show nazlan has a conflict of interest by being a counsel to Maybank.

12. Where is the link between being a counsel to Maybank and najibs sakau of SRC funds?

13. Hello, being a counsel predates the SRC embezzlement, mah. Maybank has no prior knowledge that Najib would sakau src money.

14. This underhanded tactic of casting aspersions on the character of persons who matter, has gone to a ridiculous extent. The 1 mil allegation in nazlans account started by a beret wearing fugitive,is superseded in it's idiocy by a police report made by najibs supporter that the chief justice's husband is an alleged pH supporter.

15. Nang bohtee nang,kui bohtee kui. Orang bukan orang,hantu bukan hantu,is a fitting description of Ali babavum Najib.

16. The Najib shuffle is designed just to waste court time. Despite the humble and pious assertion by najibs present lawyer that it isn't designed to procrastinate, it remains as his own subjective view. In the eyes of the public, it's another delay tactic.

17. Najibs earth-shattering new evidence is this. The federal court ought to hear it la.

18. Because of that, in a shocking development, the federal court reverses the decision of the high court and the court of appeal.

19. Have we forgotten that the judgment of the high court was upheld by the 3 judges of the court of appeal? It's unthinkable that the federal court would overrule the judgments of 4 judges. There's only 1 ending for Najib.

20. We may see Najib employing an old tried tactic.

Najib dah mula sakit belakang. Tiada pakar di M'sia...kena dapat rawatan di luar negara. Drama sudah bermula...


Friday 19 August 2022

Poh pale Pekan aok.

1. I don't read tea leaves or chicken entrails, but in AliBababavum najis case, I will make an exception.. So here goes

2. As the Malay is wont to say, takde hujan dan ribut, ini terjadi.

3. But if we were to think rationally, that is the inevitable conclusion befalling Ali babavum Najib.

4. First, are some shitty internet portals saying that najibs eldest son would be the best person to succeed Najib as Pekan mp.

5. I won't be surprised to find out that these shitty portals are financed by Najib . The social media blitz is designed to preempt any possible successors other than najibs issue .

6. So eat your heart out deputy umno chief of Pekan and other hopefuls . By the way, the deputy umno chief, bakàr zamri is my friend.

7. Assume it's Najib who is behind this shadow play . Economists like to assume don't they? ceteris paribus as they say .

8. The implications are many. It may mean that Najib wants to ensure that the Pekan parliamentary seat is inherited by his progeny and not anyone else.

9. Certainly it means he doesn't believe in the other Pekan bozos, his timbalan included .

10. Beyond that it may mean that he himself thinks he has a rats ass of a chance against the court. In fact he has 2 chances- slim and none .

11. Know that,all this hullabaloo is started by najibs cyber troopers . In order to achieve a desired end,they have to create a public opinion first. That's all to it . Don't fall for the same old trick.

12. Najib knows he's guilty as hell. He stole from src, 1mdb, possibly lcs,ecrl,sukhoi, , scorpene -heck everything under the sky. All financial catastrophes in Malaysia is his doing.

13. Hence the idea of putting up his son as a successor mp is just a means to validate his miserable existence.

14. Let us now discuss the issue of being handed something for free. I find the idea of getting something on account of being born correct, very repugnant.

15. Being handed something without having to work for it, is an insult to the millions of us who had to struggle and strive to acquire anything.

16. This is the clash between achieved and ascribed status mentioned by David McClelland in his book the achieving society

17. Ascribed status is social status assigned to you at birth or given to you later,gratis. Achieved status on them other hand depends on your innate abilities, you struggle and work for it.

18. It is obvious that the society that surges ahead, has achieved status hot wired in it's psyche. Now, the malays with their many ascribed values, I am afraid will remain backwards.

19. To overcome this impediment and gridlock as it were, demands you to be stouthearted, manful and determined to demolish and demonize all ascribed values from our psyche.

20. The proposal to put up najibs son as successor Pekan mp, is an invitation for us to continuously subscribe to an archaic value. It's an invitation the Pekan people must resolutely refuse.

21. Perhaps due to overconsumption of belacan, we have become stupid. But as a Pekan native, I always thought of Pekan people as the stupidest.

22. When tun Razak died, they are so overcome with grief and misplaced piety, they chose AliBababavum Najib as mp. Now they are asked to choose najibs son.

23. It's not as though if tun Razak progenies are not the mps of Pekan, the sky over Pekan will fall down. Or we will see droves of Pekan umno ladies queing up sultan Abu bakar bridge to jump into the pahang river.

24. The response by pahang umno is better. It said anybody in Pekan can become the mp. It's not a given that the mp must be najibs son

25. Isn't the response interesting? It means pahang umno acknowledges that Najib will be on a long sabbatical at the bamboo river university .

26. Let's thump Zahid at his nose. Susah senang kita bersama. Rakyat susah, mat sakau and mat kebas senang lenang.


Monday 15 August 2022

The LCS scandal.Part 2

1. The LCS scandal is known to the public for some time. Yet the parties tasked to prosecute those responsible for the scandal, SPRM, AG chambers, the government don't want to stop the scandal.

2. We have a kind of death-wish or what, waiting for the scandal to run its full course? We seem to not have the resolve and sense of urgency to stop all the nonsense.

3. In the littoral combat ships project, we know something is gravely wrong, yet we continue with it. As though we have personal interests interwoven with the project, we don't want to stop it. We continue to reward corruption and mediocrity. That being so, our society is doomed.

4. let's cut the chase, the main contractor, bastard naval shipyard(boustead should be called that) is the chief wrongdoer. Kick it out!

5. Instead, we fall back to the usual sob sob story, we can't do that. Because we are risking the lives of workers and vendors.

6. Bull, that's a fallacious argument. We are taking out the chief mischief-maker, bns. Not the workers and vendors.

7. It's the sapura and Chrysler argument all over again. Save the main contractor to save workers and vendors.

8. Anyway, let's get back to the main story again. In 2013 or circa, the government gave a contract to boustead to build 6 high-end patrol boats over a 10 year period.

9. The high-end patrol boats are known by their fancy name littoral combat ships. That's the LCS project costing RM9b, 6b has been paid thus far.

10. So, LCS refer to littoral combat ships. Its main contractor is boustead naval shipyard -BNS.

11. Up to now, 5 ships should have been delivered. None has been yet we have paid rm6b.

12. Yet in 2017, the then defence ministers, the computer aficionado, Hishamuddin Hussein, welcomed the 1st ship.

13. He tweeted and photographed it. It seemed real. Hurrah, and bravo!

14. Except, of course, the ship did not exist. He lied to the whole country. Elsewhere, such a minister would have resigned. In Japan, such a person would commit hara-kiri.

15. Yet we find the Malaysian naval chief insisting that the ship is real. Well then, the navy would have no problems inviting multipartisan MPs to verify its existence. Right?

16. If the navy chief is perpetuating a vicious lie, he too must be removed. He can then row a sampan to fish or jump into the ocean.

17. By now, you have guessed it right. The most unique technological feature, the LCS have, is their ability to disappear from our radar. And with them, rm6b

18. It's not funny you know .you have heard about migs stranded in a desert somewhere in the USA, about rumours that the scorpene submarine cannot submerge and £1b being paid for our submarine and missing jet engines.

19. This lcs scandal is even bigger than 1mdb and it's inconceivable that Najib may not be involved. It's not as explosive as the scorpene case where altantuya the Mongolian was c4red. But the kickbacks may be more than the rm500m commission for the submarine.

20. Najib is just sabre rattling and putting up a show saying he's not involved and is not afraid. Well, a detailed investigation will bare all.
The issue of revealing state secrets does not arise at all. Strategic interests are not najibs concern alone and he must not turn it into a racial issue. Ini semua DAP punya hal. be continued.


Sunday 14 August 2022

The LCS Scandal. Part 1.

1. I am sceptical, when Hishamuddin piously and solemnly declared those who had committed any wrongdoings as regards the construction of 6 LCS, will be brought to justice.

2. Who would trust the pompous declaration of the man with the perpetual monkey grin? Never trust a feller who spends time more on computer games. The business of governing is serious business, my friend.

3. And the business of honest governance demands even greater resolve and determination.

4. Certainly, it is not to be treated as a given, even when uttered in parliament. It's just like coughing and clearing the throat on the steps.

5. It may satisfy some gullible and irritable MPs. They become less pesky. They are like small children given lollipops and ice cream. Happy to be given an assurance.

6. Don't talk only. It must be followed up with real action. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

7. I learnt in contract law sometime ago, that when you post a letter, it's not a job completed just as you post it. Your job is considered done when your letter is actually received, acknowledged by the recipient. Whether it's actually read is a different matter.

8. Similarly, when the apish Hisham spoke about taking action against all wrongdoers in the lcs scandal, until it's followed up by action, his job is not completed.

9. He's being a NATO-no action, talk only.

10. He has not even had the chance to sit down and write down his instructions, perhaps NFA instructions, the java penorogo of Bagan latok, said declassifying the LCS files, may reveal state secrets.

11. The Bagan latok penorogo is also the umno president and Isham PS2 is an umno subordinate. The warning from Zaid is tantamount to saying to Hisham to shut the f**k up!

12. So how not to treat hishams pretentious declaration in parliament without scepticism? Nang bohtee nang,kui bohtee kui!

13. WTF state secrets is Zahid talking about? The only secrets he wants to conceal include who authorised and who received the RM 6B payment.

14. Hello, the mischief we want to expose is who sakau the RM 6B? Purely security details we don't want to know. Just the RM 6B money trail.

15. Hisham doesn't know which details he needs to declassify and which he should not. Perhaps he needs to consult a certain singer first. Me? What me know.

16. Hishamuddin and Zahid and possibly Najib were all involved. Has Hishamuddin got the gumption to even head an investigation?

17. So when the PAC submitted its report on 4th August 2022, I hope they don't consider their job done and completed.

18. It owes a duty to the public to expose of any financial shenanigans involved.

19. And SPRM should stop pulling wool over our eyes. We are tired of being repeatedly told that an investigation of the lcs scandal is ongoing. We need to be updated in stages.

20. This also mean that all defence ministers failed in their duty to rectify and correct the situation. It can also mean they are possibly complicit in the scam to fleece monies from the consolidated fund. Some people in the treasury must also be involved. Otherwise, monies can't walk away from the treasury.

To be continued in part 2.


Thursday 11 August 2022

The case of the Malaysian spy catcher.

1. I am dumbfounded to hear that a former Malaysian spy chief was given a full acquittal. The kelantanese would be horrified and will likely exclaim terkejut beruk ambo!

2. I am exasperated to hear the judicial commissioner saying that it's not fair, the judgment of not amounting to a full acquittal hanging over the accused's head for over a year.

3. Hooray! Belts off, trousers down. Isn't life a scream. Suddenly the courts become conscious of the duration of a case.

4. Wah, the courts are suddenly conscientious about the duration of this case but exceedingly patient about a case involving Ali babavum Najib. Jeepers Creepers!

5. the case involving Ali babavum Najib has dragged on for almost 4 years, but the courts are suspiciously quiet about it.

6. Perhaps our warped sense of fairness has tolerated the serpentine nature of the case. Justice rushed in that case is justice crushed. In the spy chief case, justice delayed is justice denied.

7. If I could describe the behaviour of our court system, it's penny wise, pound foolish. Don't know whether they still teach that idiom in our schools nowadays.

8. The 2 cases remind me of Dickens bleak house and Oliver Twist. In the first, the court system is synonymous with unbearable procrastination. In the 2nd book, as Mr Dimble says, the law is an ass, an idiot.

9. Enough to prompt me to specialise in one particular area,if I were to qualify as a lawyer. To prosecute errant judges, dpps and lawyers. I will apply to the courts to be an amicus curiae. I'll do a watching brief.

10. Why do the courts so want to resolve the spy case expeditiously but willing to procrastinate on najibs case? Is this their sense of fairness even to the extent of casting doubts on the lengthy judgment of nazlan?

11. I read a few weeks ago, the former spy chief returned the monies taken. Some were found to be forged notes. Shouldn't she be charged for attempting to deceive the government? Or will the government say small matter, mah. Returning the money can only mitigate sentencing ,enche

12. Proving the monies were procured by corrupt means may be difficult. The dpps maybe half past six bozos or mce 3rd graders. Failure to do so may lead to technical acquittal. As in this spy chief case.

13. But the fact of thievery remains. Even if all sen of the money were returned, the factual act of taking money wrongfully remains. Ya kan?

14. So while the court may acquit the accused because of mediocre dpps and sleeping judges, the original act of stealing the money, is not cancelled out. The court cannot exonerate the then accused.

15. What if Najib decides to return all the money he took illegally, will he be forgiven? The initial act of embezzling remains, sirs and madams.

16. So I submit that the full acquittal of the spy chief is a miscarriage of justice. Not only is the spy mistress on trial, so too are the judges, dpps and lawyers.

17. I know some shylockian lawyer will appear on video explaining this anomaly using ingenious legal subterfuges. But as uncle Karl says, lawyers have hitherto explained this and that, the point is to change the world.

18. Lord Denning is a supporter of judicial activism, never ball polishing.

19. Seems to me, judicial activism is much needed as of now. There seems to be 2 set of laws;one to defend and protect the rich and powerful, the other, often derided and trivialised, for the weak and powerless. The former sanitized by our warped sense of fairness, while the latter increasingly depend on our depleting judicial conscience.
Carpe diem! Before it's too late.


Tuesday 9 August 2022

Tiada siapa lupa 1mdb, waghih wei. Bahagian 2/2

1. saya mulakan bahagian 2 artikel ini dengan muat turun lagu yang cocok untuk mat ayam den lapeh.

2. Seperti dalam lagu tersebut, tiada lain terbit dari nya melainkan malang dan musibah kepada ramai orang.

3. Malang untuk mat ayam den lapeh kerana gagal segagalnya membaca perasaan rakyat, peduli mengenai 1mdb.malang untuk ghakyat umno dikutuk terus serta dihina rakyat Malaysia. Yang anti perasuah dan perompak2.

4. Malang sungguh dan bala pada umno kerana disebabkan keceluparan mulut satu orang dan angkara setitik nila perasuah dan perompak, umno bukan role model yang baik untuk masyarakat .

5. Mungkin tidak sampai pada tahap orang membenci umno tapi sampai pada tahap menjadikan umno tidak releven kepada orang melayu.

6. Anda fikir ianya mustahil? Dalam pru 14,setelah 60 tahun berkuasa orang melayu menolak umno. Bukankah puasa mengajar kita meninggalkan perkara2 yang biasa kita buat, dan kita bertambah sihat kerana melakukan nya?

7. Mat adl akan menyesali kenyataan nya melayu tak peduli 1mdb. Tak peduli akan wang disonglap sebagaimana di beritahu pac. Demikian madah mat adl.

8. Den sangko lamang nasi tuai
Kironyo ta tumpah kuah gulai
Awak ke pasa ala usai
Oi la malang den nai
Ooi hoi ayam den lapeh
Ooi hoi ayam den lapeh

9. Terlajak perahu boleh di undur
Terlajak kata buruk padahnya.
Statement rengkas mat adl adalah satu terrible reflection and indictment keatas bangsa melayu .

10. Ia "implies" bahawa orang melayu tak hiraukan rompakan Dan rasuah asal saja perasuah dan perompak itu melayu, terlebih lagi kalau dia umno.

11. Bukankah statement itu suatu damnation yang dahsyat mengenai bangsa melayu? Melayu itu bangsa yang kuat mencuri,kuat makan duit dan tidak sekali kali boleh dipercayai? Semua ini angkara keceluparan mat adl.
Cakap Siang pandang2
Cakap malam dengar2, waghih.

12. Yang tidak pedulikan 1mdb,rasuah,perompakan, pencurian serta pelbagai bentuk pencabulan kuasa adalah mat ayam den lapeh. Dan oleh kerana dia pemimpin umno,mewakili golongan umno yang seminda dengan nya yakni pengikut2 buta umno.

13. Realiti nya rakyat peduli itu semua seperti berikutnya:-


Sungguh kronik permasalahan rasuah ini di Malaysia. Dari PM, menteri², Timb. menteri, KSU, Ketua Pengarah, Pengarah negeri, timb pegarah negeri, Pegawai Daerah , kakitangan teknikal jabatan² kerajaan , kakitangan pengutkuasaaan , kakitangan Jabatan Agama, Jabatan Baitul Mal, Jakim ramai yang terlibat rasuah . Dah jadi barah teruk tahap lapan. Semua yg menjawat jawatan awam pusat dan negeri ramai yang terlibat rasuah , makan duit tepi , makan komisyen, makan bulan², makan komisyen dari kontraktor² yang diberi projek. Malaysia ini dah jadi lubuk rasuah, dah tak terbendung manakan tidak menteri² terlibat rasuah , didakwa akhirnya semua lepas sebab hakimpun terlibat rasuah , Pesuruhjaya SPRM terlibat rasuah , kakitangan SPRM ramai yang didakwa terlibat rasuah.

Sempadan negara, perairan negara, pintu masuk negara semua bocor, semua mudah dibolosi oleh sendiket² kerana mereka tahu di Malaysia ada sogokan, ada duit untuk penguasa² kerajaan bertugas semua boleh lepas. Itu sebab apapun masalah termasuk pendatang asing ikut laut , ikut darat boleh lepas masuk . APMM pun dikhabarkan senang dibolosi dengan duit , Jabatan Laut dan Marin semua mudah dibolosi , habis itu kita nak cakap apa lagi. Memang kerajaan yang ada memang tiada ikhtizam nak benteras rasuah sebab mereka sendiri terlibat rasuah , menteri² kaya-raya, tak padan dengan gaji tak sampai setahun jadi menteri dah kaya luar biasa.

Apa yang dikatakan oleh Pengarah Nakortik Bukit Aman Dato Ayob Khan itu adalah realiti dalam Jabatan Polis sendiri. Bukit Aman itu lubuk duit bagi penjenayah, ketua² sendiket haram , dadah , judi, maksiat . Mereka membayar pegawai² polis satu paku , dua paku , tiga paku , tiga , empat bintang semua dibayar . Cuba tengok Ketua Polis Negara,Ketua Polis Negeri, Ketua Polis Daerah mana yang tak kaya mana yang tak hidup mewah, rumah besar yang dinilai tak mampu dibeli jika menggunakan duit gaji mereka . Kereta² mereka walau tak semua , rata² mewah² dan berharga ratusan ribu . Mana mereka dapat duit jadi kaya raya dan jadi senang sebagai penjawat awam.

Ayob Khan mungkin ditamatkan perkhidmatan lebih awal kerana membuka pekung pegawai² besar Polis ramai yang rasuah . Ayob Khan adalah baki manusia berjawatan dalam Polis yang masih ada iman , ada pegangan agama, tahu takutkan Allah SWT , sedangkan yang lain dah lebih teruk dari mereka yang tak beriman , hidup makan duit hasil yang subhah , bagi anak bini makan hasil subhah , pergi melancung duit yang subhah , pergi haji duit subhah, serba serbi bagi mereka boleh sahaja.

Dato Ayob Khan berkata macamana dadah nak dihapuskan di Malaysia kerana dia memerangi dadah sendirian, pegawai²nya sendiri ramai yang terlibat dengan sendiket dadah, menjadi talibarut sendiket dadah, menjadi pengkhianat kepada bangsa dan negara. Pegawai² Nakortik sendiri yang melindungi sendiket dadah, serbuan gagal rahsia bocor awal kerana Pegawai Polis sendiri melindungi mereka .

Bekas IGP Hamid Bador pun berkata yang sama seperti Dato Ayob Khan. Pegawai² besar berbintang² di Bukit Aman dibela , disuap oleh ketua² sendiket haram. Hinggakan Tan Sri Hamid Badur mencadangkan supaya diteruskan IPCMC yang bertujuan untuk menyiasat salahlaku Pegawai dan anggota Polis.

Negara Malaysia telah masuk ranking negara kedua di dunia yang termasuk dalam indek paling kuat mengamalkan rasuah. Itu sebab PM, menteri² Malaysia tiada negara yang ingin berkawan dengan mereka , mereka dipandang hina macam kita pandang babi. Menteri² dan PM kita tidak dilayan, tidak dihormati oleh negara² luar kerana nama² mereka ada dalam senarai orang² yang terlibat rasuah.

Apakah kita patut buat ? , kita kena pastikan negara ini bertukar kerajaan yang tidak korup, kita perlu humbankan pemimpin² umno-BN sekarang kerana mereka lah yang membenarkan rasuah ini berleluasa, merekalah yang menguasai SPRM, Polis dan Tentera . Kita kena pastikan anak² kita, saudara mara kita menjauhi mengundi umno-BN kerana undi umno-BN itu bermakna memilih kecelakaan, memilih kehancuran dan memilih kerosakan.

Anak² muda yang melebihi umur 22 tahun keluarlah mengundi PRU15 nanti , ramai²lah bantu keluar mengundi menumbangkan kerajaan yang ada, tumbangkan muka² menteri yang ada sekarang , ini kerana mereka tidak akan berbuat baik kepada negara dan rakyat. Mereka telah digelapkan hati mereka dengan hasil² haram.

Kita cuma ada satu pilihan ditangan kita sekarang. Jika kita tumbangkan muka² menteri yang ada sekarang bermakna rakyat tumbangkan kemungkaran.

Rakyat boleh memilih kerajaan yang akan membenteras rasuah secara total , kita minta dijalankan hukuman mati kepada pesalah rasuah seperti di Indonesia , China dan Korea Utara. Selagi negara diperintah, muka² menteri yang ada ini , menjadi menteri semula kerajaan dan negara ini tak akan berubah, tak akan dapat bersaing dengan negara² lain dan tidak akan dihormati oleh dunia.

14. Maka dakwaan bahawa rakyat tidak peduli 1mdb, ternyata bohong.


Saturday 6 August 2022

Tiada siapa lupa 1MDB,waghih wei. Bahagian 1

1. Saya tergamam bila seorang pemimpin umno kata rakyat sudah tidak peduli 1MDB lagi. Siapa kata?

2.orang pekan kata kepala bapok aok. yang tak peduli ialah pemimpin tongong segini.pemimpin yang bermentaliti pencuri dan yang memekakkan diri pada denyut nadi rakyat.

3. Boleh jadi yang tak peduli adalah pemimpin lihai buat muka sardin hantar duit rm10 juta dengan menggunakan khidmat money changer.

4. Dengan harapan penghantaran clandestine dia tidak dikesan orang . Mulut tempayan bolehkah ditutup,wok? Bangkai gajah boleh ditutup dengan nyiru?

5.jika penghantaran Wang rm10juta tidak dilupakan orang, mana mungkin pencurian berbiliun biliun dilupakan orang atau tidak dipedulikan? Impossible waghih woi!

6. Malah, den nak tanya waghih sikit. Apo Kono Wang sebanyak itu ekau hantar ikut money changer? Mak ai!

7. Adakah cara hantar demikian di rencanakan untuk menyembunyikan ia dari pengetahuan orang ramai?

8. Kepada saya, cara demikian hanya terfikir oleh sosok yang mempunyai devious mind. Sayugialah orang seperti ini tidak peduli pasal 1MDB.

9. Kemudian, tolong tuan define rakyat macam macam mana yang tidak peduli hal ibu segala rasuah 1MDB?

10. Orang Pekan pahang, dulu2 membezakan antara ghakyat dengan rakyat. Ghakyat itu golongan public yang tidak bertamaddun Dan tidak ada values system. Yang mungkar dimertabatkan sebagai maaruf Dan sebaliknya .

11. Jangan tanya Najib hal ini. Dia lahir di Kuala lipis. Mustahil dia tahu akan cultural nuances orang Pekan.

12. Makanya,mungkin yang dimaksudkan oleh pemimpin umno ni ialah ghakyat umno yang tak bertamaddun. Tentu saja tutup sebelah mata akan perkara2 rasuah.

13. Bukan saja tak bertamaddun dan tak ada values system, mereka membelakangi agama dan bukan god fearing people. Kerana itu mereka tidak peduli 1mdb.

14. Ternyata ghakyat ini tidak faham konsep ummat terbaik. Bukankah agama dah kata ummat terbaik ialah ummat yang berlumba lumba melakukan kebaikan dan menolak kemungkaran?

15. 1mdb itu perkara2 maaruf atau mungkar? Jika hj Hadi sekali pun sokong 1mdb bererti dia ulama ussu' dan ulama berbudaya taghut

16. Apabila ghakyat yang disebut mat Ayam den lapeh, memilih untuk berkawan dengan perasuah dan penjahat,bererti mereka tidak takut penghukuman tuhan dan bukan god fearing.

17. Bukankah alquran ada menyatakan kita berkawan dan menyanjung orang baik dan yang mengajak kita bertaqwa pada tuhan dan degil bebuat demikian mengundang azab dari tuhan?

18. Walaupun diberi amaran oleh Tuhan,manusia tetap engkar. Dan Tuhan akan melaknatkan ummat yang engkar seperti mana Dia melaknat bangsa yahudi melalui sumpah nabi Daud dan Isa.

19. Maka on the contrary, orang ramai tidak melupakan 1mdb- bahkan mereka terus menyindir dan mengutuk perasuah2 dan perompak2.

20. adakah karikatur2 ini mengisyaratkan orang ramai tidak peduli akan 1mdb rasuah dan rompakan? NAHI !

21. Nyatalah kenyataan mat Ayam den lapeh bahawa orang ramai tidak lagi peduli mengenai 1mdb adalah suatu kenyataan misleading yang amat sangat. Bagero!

22. Dalam pada itu,kenyataan mat Ayam den lapeh itu tells us a few things. Not good.

23. Mat ayam den lapeh serta ghakyat umno yang mengeciskan 1mdb, bukanlah role model yang baik untuk bangsa Malaysia.

24. Bersambung bahagian 2
Ke jelobak ke jolobu,
Tuai padi 3 tangkai,
Kalau dapat komat jolobu,
Tak mati, badan menghasai.


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