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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 14 August 2022

The LCS Scandal. Part 1.

1. I am sceptical, when Hishamuddin piously and solemnly declared those who had committed any wrongdoings as regards the construction of 6 LCS, will be brought to justice.

2. Who would trust the pompous declaration of the man with the perpetual monkey grin? Never trust a feller who spends time more on computer games. The business of governing is serious business, my friend.

3. And the business of honest governance demands even greater resolve and determination.

4. Certainly, it is not to be treated as a given, even when uttered in parliament. It's just like coughing and clearing the throat on the steps.

5. It may satisfy some gullible and irritable MPs. They become less pesky. They are like small children given lollipops and ice cream. Happy to be given an assurance.

6. Don't talk only. It must be followed up with real action. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

7. I learnt in contract law sometime ago, that when you post a letter, it's not a job completed just as you post it. Your job is considered done when your letter is actually received, acknowledged by the recipient. Whether it's actually read is a different matter.

8. Similarly, when the apish Hisham spoke about taking action against all wrongdoers in the lcs scandal, until it's followed up by action, his job is not completed.

9. He's being a NATO-no action, talk only.

10. He has not even had the chance to sit down and write down his instructions, perhaps NFA instructions, the java penorogo of Bagan latok, said declassifying the LCS files, may reveal state secrets.

11. The Bagan latok penorogo is also the umno president and Isham PS2 is an umno subordinate. The warning from Zaid is tantamount to saying to Hisham to shut the f**k up!

12. So how not to treat hishams pretentious declaration in parliament without scepticism? Nang bohtee nang,kui bohtee kui!

13. WTF state secrets is Zahid talking about? The only secrets he wants to conceal include who authorised and who received the RM 6B payment.

14. Hello, the mischief we want to expose is who sakau the RM 6B? Purely security details we don't want to know. Just the RM 6B money trail.

15. Hisham doesn't know which details he needs to declassify and which he should not. Perhaps he needs to consult a certain singer first. Me? What me know.

16. Hishamuddin and Zahid and possibly Najib were all involved. Has Hishamuddin got the gumption to even head an investigation?

17. So when the PAC submitted its report on 4th August 2022, I hope they don't consider their job done and completed.

18. It owes a duty to the public to expose of any financial shenanigans involved.

19. And SPRM should stop pulling wool over our eyes. We are tired of being repeatedly told that an investigation of the lcs scandal is ongoing. We need to be updated in stages.

20. This also mean that all defence ministers failed in their duty to rectify and correct the situation. It can also mean they are possibly complicit in the scam to fleece monies from the consolidated fund. Some people in the treasury must also be involved. Otherwise, monies can't walk away from the treasury.

To be continued in part 2.


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