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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 19 August 2022

Poh pale Pekan aok.

1. I don't read tea leaves or chicken entrails, but in AliBababavum najis case, I will make an exception.. So here goes

2. As the Malay is wont to say, takde hujan dan ribut, ini terjadi.

3. But if we were to think rationally, that is the inevitable conclusion befalling Ali babavum Najib.

4. First, are some shitty internet portals saying that najibs eldest son would be the best person to succeed Najib as Pekan mp.

5. I won't be surprised to find out that these shitty portals are financed by Najib . The social media blitz is designed to preempt any possible successors other than najibs issue .

6. So eat your heart out deputy umno chief of Pekan and other hopefuls . By the way, the deputy umno chief, bakàr zamri is my friend.

7. Assume it's Najib who is behind this shadow play . Economists like to assume don't they? ceteris paribus as they say .

8. The implications are many. It may mean that Najib wants to ensure that the Pekan parliamentary seat is inherited by his progeny and not anyone else.

9. Certainly it means he doesn't believe in the other Pekan bozos, his timbalan included .

10. Beyond that it may mean that he himself thinks he has a rats ass of a chance against the court. In fact he has 2 chances- slim and none .

11. Know that,all this hullabaloo is started by najibs cyber troopers . In order to achieve a desired end,they have to create a public opinion first. That's all to it . Don't fall for the same old trick.

12. Najib knows he's guilty as hell. He stole from src, 1mdb, possibly lcs,ecrl,sukhoi, , scorpene -heck everything under the sky. All financial catastrophes in Malaysia is his doing.

13. Hence the idea of putting up his son as a successor mp is just a means to validate his miserable existence.

14. Let us now discuss the issue of being handed something for free. I find the idea of getting something on account of being born correct, very repugnant.

15. Being handed something without having to work for it, is an insult to the millions of us who had to struggle and strive to acquire anything.

16. This is the clash between achieved and ascribed status mentioned by David McClelland in his book the achieving society

17. Ascribed status is social status assigned to you at birth or given to you later,gratis. Achieved status on them other hand depends on your innate abilities, you struggle and work for it.

18. It is obvious that the society that surges ahead, has achieved status hot wired in it's psyche. Now, the malays with their many ascribed values, I am afraid will remain backwards.

19. To overcome this impediment and gridlock as it were, demands you to be stouthearted, manful and determined to demolish and demonize all ascribed values from our psyche.

20. The proposal to put up najibs son as successor Pekan mp, is an invitation for us to continuously subscribe to an archaic value. It's an invitation the Pekan people must resolutely refuse.

21. Perhaps due to overconsumption of belacan, we have become stupid. But as a Pekan native, I always thought of Pekan people as the stupidest.

22. When tun Razak died, they are so overcome with grief and misplaced piety, they chose AliBababavum Najib as mp. Now they are asked to choose najibs son.

23. It's not as though if tun Razak progenies are not the mps of Pekan, the sky over Pekan will fall down. Or we will see droves of Pekan umno ladies queing up sultan Abu bakar bridge to jump into the pahang river.

24. The response by pahang umno is better. It said anybody in Pekan can become the mp. It's not a given that the mp must be najibs son

25. Isn't the response interesting? It means pahang umno acknowledges that Najib will be on a long sabbatical at the bamboo river university .

26. Let's thump Zahid at his nose. Susah senang kita bersama. Rakyat susah, mat sakau and mat kebas senang lenang.


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