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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 29 March 2012

The Tangled Web UMNO Weaved (1)

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

That’s the whole problem with UMNO in short. It has deceived the country and most of all it has deceived the Malays into believing that only UMNO can deliver Malays to the Promised Land. And it continues to weave the web and got itself entangled that the only way to free the Malaysian races is to destroy the web of deceit. 
Let’s us now resolved to do just that. Kick out the band of robbers and the trader of false hopes. Let  us kick out the deceivers. 
It forfeited what it got- power since 1957 to accomplish what it set out to do, uplift the Malays. Why? Because it started on the wrong premise, and that premise wasn’t adapted and evolved into the engine to uplift Malays first (since UMNO’s struggle and raison detre is to serve Malay interest) and this country.
What’s the fundamental flaw in that premise?  The fundamental flaw is, and this is what I believe personally, you think by having article 153 in our constitution, the position of Malays would be automatically improved. No one in Malaysia, including the DAP leadership dispute the meaning and intention of article 153 as far as it involves the protection of Malay rights and so forth. UMNO rule of over 50 over years has proven to us one thing- that legislating rights do not confer the desired effects without applying dedication, quality leadership and determination over well thought of policies to accomplish what article 153 sets out to do. UMNO hasn’t provided those other than living off article 153 and stoking the fears of the Malays, believing that just by having that article, Malay position would be automatically improved. 
Let’s have a small debate over this fundamentally flawed premise which we can only resolve by offering a better alternative. But first, let us do away with some minor irritants. 
I find it pitiful the half spirited responses of UMNO supporters here in my blog. The way they responded show they are in sixes and sevens. They can only do the ad hominem attacks and make unreasoned judgment calls. Example- I reasoned out why UMNO will be rejected, they can only respond with a miserable and very personalized statement- no!  UMNO can triumph. 

Here, we present to you a reasonably argued position and you can only respond by giving one or two sentenced rejoinders with expletives and exclamations? You are at liberty to hold that view but please honor us with some reasoning. That which is written cavalierly cannot be expected to be taken seriously. If you insist you want to respond in such a wishy-washy manner, may we recommend some of the gutter quality pro UMNO blogs? 
But I also understand their frustration. They must say something. Even making an incomprehensible noise. Then there is this habitual spiteful question asking me whether this morning I have already sucked Guan Eng’s or Ki Siang’s D**K. That’s the UMNO quality. UMNO is the sugar glider hiding in the pouch of article 153 as they interpret it. 
UMNO has reached its end. Malays don’t have to feel sentimental about it. We can’t hasten nor postpone its demise. UMNO has survived on several myths spun and drilled into the Malay subconscious over generations. It has survived on the myth that Malays and UMNO are inextricably linked.  

The myths we mean include:-
(1)        The fate of Malays rests on the fate of UMNO.
(2)        The fate of Malay rulers is linked to the fate of UMNO.
(3)        The fate of Islam depends on the fate of UMNO. 

This is UMNO’s trinity of falsehoods.  These formed the foundation of UMNO’s legitimacy with the Malays. It makes itself out as the protector of Malay rights- protects the Malay, their religion and their country as represented by Malay rulers. Expose the myths and UMNO loses legitimacy. This now, is the overriding fear of UMNO because it can no longer defend its legitimacy and therefore its reason to continue to be in power. 
The only and principal reason why UMNO is coming to its inglorious end is because these myths are no longer sustainable. A party that survives on falsehoods and not sustained by principles, can never endure. This is the gravest mistake of UMNO. Its claim to be pragmatic really means, it makes up whatever is convenient as it goes along.
After over 50 years of leading the nation, what has UMNO achieved for the Malays? Development? UMNO has overrated itself. 
Development is not something unique to UMNO. Every party that has power can carry out development. We should be able to separate government and political party. A political party does not own the government. It legislates yes- but the implementation is carried out by civil servants- beholden to the constitutional ruler. So UMNO can’t go around claiming only they can bring on development. The governments in Penang, Kelantan, Selangor, and Kedah also carry out development, indeed the development there has been achieved on more meritorious grounds. These states have better reserves, operated and achieved surplus budgets and have been able to avoid wasteful spending. Those are sterling qualities of good governments. 
Last week PM Najib, leader of the party that lives on falsehoods and deception, lectured the people not to repeat their mistake. What mistake? The only mistake which people are now realizing is that UMNO and BN has fleeced the country. This is a government that subsidizes its falsehoods on mounting debt. The public debt in relation to our GDP is almost reaching the camel back breaking point. Yet the country’s incompetent and ignorant leaders are proclaiming it’s all right. And we have not even counted the value of guarantees given by this government to incompetent GLCs which, if they default, places all the questionable loans given to questionable people with questionable business proposals, on the shoulders of the people. 
RM1.3 trillion of ill-gotten money has been spirited out of the country over a period of 10 years. RM 130 billion of which could be injected into the national budget to finance development funding. In addition we have RM 20 billion a year lost on leakages- an euphemism for corruption.  We try to convince ourselves that using a refined term is able to assuage our sensibilities.


Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mentalqinkan UMNO

Mari talqinkan UMNO.
Ianya bukan apa apa. UMNO sudah sampai masa tamat nya. Bila dah tiba maut, kita tak boleh melambat atau menyegerakan  walaupun se saat. Rakyat sudah lemas dan meluat dengan UMNO. Untung nya, UMNO tidak boleh melakukan apa apa untuk menyelamatkan diri nya. Setiap hari UMNO menunjukkan lemas nya. 
Najib berkata kepada rakyat jangan melakukan kesilapan sekali lagi. Amat benar- jangan melakukan kesilapan dengan memberi lesen kepada pimpinan UMNO untuk merompak dan melanun negara ini. Pada kadar kerajaan UMNO memberi kontrak dan pinjaman dengan kadar rendah, seolah olah nya, kerajaan pimpinan UMNO memerah rakyat. Negara akan bengkrap. 
Lebih mendukacitakan- Najib menunjukkan sifat UMNO yang bongkak. UMNO merasakan dia lah sahaja Melayu nya. Dia lah sahaja yang pandai mengurus negara. Dia lah sahaja yang melindungi orang Melayu. Dia lah sahaja yang boleh beri masa depan kepada orang Melayu dan Malaysia. Akan tetapi, fakta menunjukkan negeri2 di bawah Pakatan Rakyat di tadbir dengan lebih baik.
Bagaimana UMNO boleh memberi kita suatu masa depan yang cerah, jika ia telah menyebabkan suatu sejarah yang muram dan masa kini yang kacau? How can you offer a bright future when you have created only a dark past? 

Ternyata Najib tidak menghormati pilihan rakyat. Ternyata Najib bukan seorang democrat tapi seorang closet feudalist yang despotik.

kerana yang Najib kata buat silap itu merupakan 51% dari undi popular di Semenajung Malaysia. Siapa Najib untuk berkata 51% dari pengundi popular telah silap kerana menyokong Pakatan Rakyat? Penyokong UMNO dan BN hanya merupakan 49% peratus dari pengundi popular. Yang menyelamatkan UMNO dan yang membolehkan Najib jadi PM, ialah persempadanan kawasan mengundi. Kalau tidak ada pembohongan dan ‘arrangement’ macam ini, UMNO yang melakukan kesilapan demi kesilapan keatas rakyat Malaysia sudah lama bungkem!.
Apa punca kesombongan UMNO yang paling besar? Ada 2 punca nya. 
Pertama UMNO menyifatkan diri nya penaung dan orang Melayu mereka yang UMNO naungi. UMNO patron dan Melayu budak budak. Ini bertentangan dengan piagam manusia yang merdeka- bahawa penentu nasib dan masa depan individu ialah diri mereka sendiri. Dengan sikap sombong UMNO menerapkan jiwa hamba keatas orang Melayu.
Kedua nya- UMNO menganggap diri nya sesuatu yang mesti di sembah dan rakyat ialah budak2 hamba sahaya mereka. Sekali lagi ini bersalahan dengan piagam manusia yang merdeka- yang menyifatkan kerajaan hanya suatu wadah yang melalui nya, rakyat mencapai pelbagai matlamat kepentingan masyarakat. Kerajaan bukan sesuatu yang menekan dan menindas rakyat.
Jadi apa yang rakyat dan bangsa Melayu hilang dengan menolak UMNO? Merka hanya akan menghilangkan rantai dan pasung yang selama ini memenjarai jiwa mereka. UMNO membodohkan orang Melayu dan suka selagi orang Melayu bergantung kepada UMNO dan tertunduk tunduk meminta sedekah seperti segala tambi dan peon. Ini bukan cara untuk memertabatkan maruah bangsa.
Nasib baik yang menyebelahi kita ialah kerana UMNO bodoh. Kalau UMNO cerdik, pakatan rakyat yang jadi jurubicara rakyat akan susah. Jadi kita tepuk bila Najib kata pembangkang auta. Kita tepuk bila Najib tidak hormat 51% pengundi popular. Kita tepuk bila Najib cakap merapu dan kata Anwar tidak layak jadi PM. Tapi kita jangan lupa, kedua dua PM dan TPM sekarang adalah pengikut orang yang hari ini di katakana tidak layak jadi PM.Kedua mereka adalah pengikut setia team wawasan yang ketika itu di pimpin oleh orang yang di katakan tidak layak jadi PM.

Reality nya- jika Najib boleh jadi PM, maka sesiapa sahaja ada peluang jadi PM. If Najib can become PM, anyone can too.
Najib dan UMNO tidak tahu lagi menangani keadaan. Mereka bercelaru. UMNO dan BN ingat semua ini is about Anwar. Sebab itu mereka attack Anwar dengan cara lama- Izam Mat Nor, Nallakarupan, Umi Hafilda, Hassan Ali, Zulkifli Nordin di perkudakan untuk menyerang Anwar. 
Sebetulnya kita suka keadaan demikian berlaku kerana UMNO bodoh. Akhirnya UMNO akan sedar bahawa penolakan rakyat kepada UMNO bukan disebabkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim. 

Ianya adalah kerana UMNO sudah sampai masa untuk kita takqinkan.Dari debu dia datang, kepada debu ia pulang.


Wednesday 21 March 2012

Get Real Mr Prime Minister!

Like many others, I read somewhat amused at PM Najib’s war cry that he is confident of getting back the states now under the opposition. I say war cry because here we have a PM seized by an extreme bout of paranoia declaring that we are at war. With who?
He has to stop the charade. It’s not like UMNO and BN people are gifted with extraordinary talent that reserves them the right to govern the country. Who can argue against facts? The top 3 states which drew the highest level of FDI are Pakatan led states. Just under one term, Pakatan governments can achieve these good things which no other BN lead states have ever achieved is an incontestable testimony that Pakatan people are more talented.
This is what UMNO and BN and the UMNO president fear most. That people are slowly but surely realizing that there is life without UMNO and what’s better- there is a better life without UMNO. Let’s repeat this once more there’s life without UMNO and there’s a better life without UMNO indeed. Tell your friends, neighbors about this- let us kick out the kleptocratic maniacs out of Putrajya and forge a new future. Let’s square off with Najib as the opposition leader. We will see he is a paper tiger who without a scripted text, cannot respond to out of pre-approved questionings.
I felt vindicated somewhat when Daim came out with his only 3 states are safe for BN. I have been writing about what the Oracle of Syed Putera has been saying to me every month. My views culled from my interviews with the Oracle of SYed Putera are like the moving instances in a video camera. The interview by Utusan Malaysia and the other mainstream papers are snapshot views of an instance. So when we compare instances with an instance, I would say that the conclusions reached out of instances are more valid that conclusions arrived from just one instance. I meet the Oracle almost every month- Utusan people meet Daim once a year. You judge which observations carry more legitimacy. By the way- just so one feller doesn’t lose sleep; The Oracle isn’t the earthy Sanusi Junid. Can we imagine Charles Bronson playing the role of Superman?
It was also the Oracle who told me BN can lose as many as 16 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and up to 12 parliamentary seats in Sabah. Every other states in Peninsular Malaysia- Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Terengganu- all these states are tough battle grounds for BN. so they can talk big for all they want, when they go to the battlefield, they will get a reception never known to them before. The era of paying your way through to win elections is over. Now, as the Oracle told me- people are asking where are you taking this country to. For over 50 years, you have lost you way, how can we believe you now know where to go?
A few months ago, he mentioned about even if our bodies are crushed, we must defend Putrajaya at all costs and if others dispute the position of Malays, there will be ethnic cleansing. Let us, the people answer him this way.
He does not own Putrajaya and the only people harping about the imagined assault on Malay position are UMNO people themselves. Its Murphy’s war adopted by UMNO apparatchiks.The only people who have violated the trust given them by Malays is UMNO!

Is this the type of PM we want who thinks he can transform Malaysia? He can’t even transform UMNO with its culture of warlordism and tenderpreneurship. The fact is UMNO does not have a cause, they make things up as they go along. UMNO is like Jack Sparrow. A pirate to the core. Yesterday- Malay supremacy, today champion of Islam, yesterday royal basher, today royal bootlickers.
His ETPs are nothing but a compilation of 5-year business plans of various leading businesses, artfully re-packaged by Idris Jala and his team of kopi O pemandus. Oh yes- maybe here and there re-touched by Mckinsey boys and Ethos people.
Are we at war? Perhaps we are- because Najib and the BN stand on the side of the oppressors, we from the Pakatan Rakyat stands on the side of the oppressed. Elsewhere, everywhere in the world, the oppressors are taking a beating and are on the retreat.  We will fight them on the beaches, in the trenches, everywhere.
But who are the opposition? In 5 states, he and BN are. In other words, what he’s saying, if he retains the states now ruled by BN that would be a relief. When he speaks in Selangor, he forgets that the BN and he ARE the opposition.
I won’t join others who challenged Najib to call for elections if he is so confident. I wanted to ask a similar question but from a different perspective. If Najib is so upbeat, I want to ask him why are his business friends cashing out?
30 years ago, when Proton was culled up from the fertile imagination of the then PM, the great Dr Mahathir, the birth of Proton was hailed as a national project. Proton was justified on the basis of pride of the nation, and of course the fruits of Mahathir’s loins. Since its inception generations of Malaysians have been drilled and instructed with the idea, that Proton is a national project. Now, in 2012, Proton, our National Project was sold to a BN friendly party by the name of Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari. Word on the ground has it that, what really happened is that; Proton is actually sold to the man who thought about the idea- Dr Mahathir Mohammed.
Lang Botee Lang ! Kui Botee Kui !  Han Yu Pin Yin Ren Bu Xiang Ren ! Gui Bu Xiang Gui !
How can u say that about the great helmsman, the man who can walk on water? That’s blasphemous. It can cause some fat slob with the lard layered brain lose sleep the entire night. How vicious!
Why, because, friends in the know about the sale of Proton tell me, the price tag by which Proton was sold, was dictated by Dr Mahathir himself. This is the price, you take it. Now, who is to dismiss the suspicions, that after the sale, the buyer gives UMNO some reimbursements?
What about the cannibalization of MAS. I wrote about this sometime ago in an article titled A Sting in the Air. The idea of dismembering MAS so that a group of people can make a lot of money was thought of 2 years before the press conference about the share swap took place. This means, the idea of cutting up MAS was planned a long time ago and was done even during the time Idris Al Dunlap Jala did his famous hatchet clean up the book scam in MAS. This is another question I want to repeat asking- what has Idris Jala actually done during his tenure as MAS CEO? If he has done a splendid job as everyone claimed, why is MAS in its present mess? If Jala was seen doing a sterling job, why was the disemboweling of MAS planed by some people while holidaying in the land of fish and chips imperialism?
When I asked the Oracle of Syed Putera about the AA-MAS share swap, he had no hesitation saying it was all an elaborate scam of insider trading. Of course, as in the sale of Proton, the buck returns to UMNO and BN coffers.

What of the upbeat note that PM Najib appears to play up? It’s funny that he said those words in Selangor. Many people hold the perception that when it comes to Selangor, despite PM Najib being the Liaison Committee Chairman, he doesn’t know what’s going on in Selangor. Selangor is a case where there are too many cooks spoiling the broth. Zain Badak who hails from Melaka can’t dream of becoming the MB. Noh Omar is embroiled in so many personal issues with the other Selangor warlords that he will be stopped in his tracks en route to becoming MB. The other warlord, Satim Diman can’t be considered a winnable candidate as he has been proven to be behind many dubious land transactions.
Where is the candidate in Selangor, hailing from Selangor who can take over as MB for the opposition BN camp? There seems to be none. FD Iskandar the man leading the Glomac property development giant could have been a winnable candidate had he been born in Selangor. And Najib has proven to be totally ignorant of the groundswell among Malay Selangorians disgruntled as the overwhelming Java-nising of Selangor UMNO. Hence it’s true, like what the Oracle of Syde Putera told me some time ago, as far as Selangor goes, Najib isn’t aware of what is really going on.
He gets an A++ in the art of posturing. Substance? Nyet! Nahi! Nein!


Monday 19 March 2012

jadi anak jantan, buka gelanggang lawan berhujjah.

Saya tidak mahu membosankan pembaca mengenai ceramah yang saya sertai bersama Mat Sabu dan Aspan Alias di Pekan. ianya hanya salah satu ceramah yang sudah saya mulai sejak bulan yang lalu. Yang menjadikan ribut, ialah tidak ramai yang sangka, kita berani lakukan program seperti itu dalam gelanggang Najib sendiri. Entah apa yang kita mesti takut dan segan, saya tak tahu. Najib hanya harimau kertas dan mudah kita koyak kan satu persatu. Hanya tunggu. Its no big deal. Saya akan menyertai banyak lagi ceramah dalam daerah Pekan.
Ada beberapa reaksi yang tidak rasional timbul daripada ceramah sulung saya sebagai ahli DAP di Pekan Pahang. Goga dan riuh orang UMNO Pekan. perkara yang saya bangkitkan amat mudah di jawab. Baru sekali datang- orang UMNO Pekan macam hilang akal. Relax lah brader. Saya akan datang lagi untuk menyampaikan ceramah.
Anjurkan suatu majlis penerangan poltik dan jawab lah. Jawab lah isiu cincin, handbag, Melayu tak Melayu nya, benarkah UMNO membangunkan bangsa Melayu semua nya, dan lain lain isiu. Cuba bezakan antara tanggung jawab melaksanakan amanah dengan melakukan jasa. Mengenang jasa jangan di paksa. Ianya datang secara suka dan rela. Jawab juga hal lembu. Jawab hal korapsi dan rasuah.  Malah bukan itu sahaja yang akan saya bangkitkan. Saya bercadang meletihkan UMNO Pekan.
Politik jawablah dengan politik. Namun, saya tidak ada masaalah jika mahu menceritakan soal2 peribadi. AJK UMNO Bahagian Pekan ini semua nya rakan rakan saya. Budak hingusan yang jadi MC malam itu sahaja yang tidak lahu latar belakang hubungan saya dengan ramai AJK bahagian dan ketua cawangan. Ramai yang datang berjumpa saya sebelum dan selepas ceramah tersebut. Si hingusan itu menyebut perihal ketibaan SU Bahagian Pekan yang di canangkan sebagai tahu mengenai Dato Ariff Sabri dari A-Z. saya meyambut dengan berkata Alhamdulillah sebab saya tahu juga mengenai SU Bahagian , bahkan Najib Razak dari A-Z. takde hae, kata orang Pekan.
jika mereka tahu saya dari segi A-Z, maka saya pun tahu kesemua mereka termasuk Dato Najib dari A hingga Z jugak. Ingat ya- jika pipi kanan saya di cubit, saya tidak akan beri pipi kiri untuk di cubit jugak.itu amalan orang Nasrani. Saya akan cubit ke dua2 pipi kamu. Jadi, jangan bercakap bohong mengenai saya, dan saya berjanji tidak akan mendedahkan kebenaran mengenai kamu di khalayak ramai.
Jika ada orang menyatakan mereka mengenali saya- ini adalah dusta yang amat besar. Tidak ada sorang pun ahli UMNO di bahagian Pekan bersama saya di tingkatan 5, 6 dan seterusnya ke university. Jadi sekali lagi jangan berdusta mengaku kamu mengetahui saya. Ertinya, jika saya cakap terus terang- jika kamu tidak pernah bersama saya dari alam sekolah hingga ke university, kamu bukanlah sama taraf dengan saya. Bahasa begini sahaja yang di fahami oleh mamat UMNO ini. terpaksa lah saya cakap kasar sedikit.
Kaedah penyampaian ceramah tidak sama dengan menulis blog. Ia memerlukan emotional appeal sahaja. Maka yang demikian perkara sensasi di timbulkan. Kita mesti juga sedar bahawa tahap kapasti minda para pendengar adalah average. Mereka lebih memahami kaedah asosiasi. Bongkak sombong dan lagak mewah di kaitkan dengan cincin yang berharga RM 72 juta. Saya tidak menyebut ianya cincin di beli oleh sesiapa. Saya bertanya berapa banyak RM 500 kita hendak beri untuk menyamai harga sebentuk cincin. Juga berapa RM 500 yang kita mesti beri untuk menyamai harga satu handbag yang kaum wanita sanggup mati untuk mendapatkan nya. Ini kemewahan di tengah sengsara rakyat.
Saya menyebut hal pelat dan masuk Melayu kerana untuk memusnahkan anggapan dan metos yang di jaja UMNO bahawa Melayu UMNO sahaja yang Melayu nya. Jadi jangan kita berlagak kita lebih Melayu hanya sebab kita Melayu UMNO. Akhir sekali- saya menyebut tajuk ulasan saya sebagai memasuki lion’s den bukan untuk menyamakan diri saya dengan nabi Danial tapi untuk memberitahu pembaca, kubu PM di anggap sebagai lions den.
Ceramah juga bukan pembentangan kertas kerja. Oleh yang demikian tidak perlu lah ada orang menunjuk dia pandai dengan membutirkan setiap rangkap yang ceramah yang saya sampai. Handal mana lah kekuatan analisa kamu? Nanti bukan nya kehebatan yang di tunjukkan, tapi kebodohan yang di pamirkan.
Bolehkan kita terima menyamakan kritikan yang saya beri sebagai menjatuhkan maruah institusi raja Pahang? Mentang mentang lah, Najib Razak merupakan orang besar berempat. Berempat, berlapan, ber enam belas, kalau mungkar akan saya tentang.
Kajang pak malau kajang berlipat
Kajang hamba mengkuang layu
Setia hamba setia bertempat
Setia pak malau setia melulu

Mengapa kita mahu taksub dengan jawatan feudal ini? kita hormat tapi tidaklah sampai menyifatkan kedudukan itu maksum. Hormat kita hormat bertempat dan bersyarat. Itu sumpah seribu jebat si anak tani. Kenapa saya harus taksub? Sementara tok nenek saya berparang, bertombak dan berlembing melawan penjajah, ada sekumpulan yang di sanjung setengah orang sedang berpoya2 dan bergundek dalam kediaman mereka. Dan apabila keadaan kembali aman, yang bergundek dan berpoya tadilah yang tampil kehadapan dan mengaku merekalah yang memperjuangkan kepentingan yang berkuasa. Saya katakan- jadi jadi lah dan cukup lah hendak menjual kelentong dan cara yang lapuk.
Itu pun prinsip perjuangan moyang saya yang turun dari Kelantan dan menetap antara tempat nya di Jerantut- Pulau Tawar dan Tebing Tinggi. Menyamakan kritikan dalam ceramah dengan menjatuhkan maruah Raja Pahang adalah kerja orang pandir.
Elok saya nyatakan disini, cara persembahan ceramah tersebut memang di sengajakan. Tujuan nya ialah membangunkan orang Melayu yang sudah lama tidur dan lena dalam buaian UMNO dan BN. UMNO dan BN lah yang mengekalkan orang Melayu dalam penjara minda yang  beku.
Apa pasal kamu bercakap mengenai UMNO jika kamu sudah keluar UMNO? Jawapan nya, UMNO buat masa ini memiliki apa yang kita mahukan iaitu kuasa kerajaan. Oleh yang demikian, ia mesti diserang. Itu jawapan mudah.
Jawapan yang lebih panjang ialah kerana UMNO menganiayai bangsa Melayu. Kita telah memberikan UMNO kuasa lebih 50 tahun, apa yang orang Melayu telah capai? Penguasaan ekonomi tidak sampai 20% sedangkan orang melayu merupakan 60% lebih dari penduduk negara ini. walhal, hampir semua pimpinan jabatan kerajaan, menteri besar, ketua polis-, ketua jabatan, KSU dan kepala GLCs adalah Melayu.
Kenapa kedudukan orang ekonomi orang melayu tercicir? Jawapan nya ialah kuasa yang kita berikan kepada UMNO lebih dari 50 tahun, tidak digunakan dengan baik. Sebab, tujuan perjuangan UMNO hari ini, telah menyimpang jauh dari missi perjuangan UMNO yang asal.
Memang benar UMNO memperjuangkan gagasan Bumiputera, akan tetapi, konsep Bumiputera UMNO mempunyai pengertian khusus. Bumi di belakang atau tercicir, putera di hadapan. Dan putera yang di maksudkan ialah putera bangsawan, putera pemimpin atasan, putera golongan elit. Mereka inilah dalam golongan Melayu yang memonopoli kekayaan negara. Mereka bersekongkol dengan cukong2 India dan Cina. Golongan majority Bumi- tercicir dan di tinggalkan di belakang , menadah tangan di suruh bersyukur terhadap kebajikan yang di teteskan kebawah.
Pemimpin UMNO kalau pergi turun padang hanya tahu mengkakaktuakan 3 ayat Quran:-
(1)        Mengenai syukur- La azi dan nakum…….
(2)        Wa’tasimu bihablillah- berpegang teguhlah kamu kepada tali Allah
(3)        Bersetia kepada rasul dan pemimpin- ati ‘uLlah ha wa ‘ati urrasul…..
Memang benar kita di suruh bersyukur tapi bukan kepada UMNO. Memang kita berpegang kepada tali Allah tapi bukan kepada tali yang di bekalkan oleh UMNO dan memang benar kita bertaaat setia kepada pimpinan dengan syarat pemimpin berlaku adil dan baik.
Makna nya, sokongan kepada UMNO sentiasa bersyarat dan bukan mutlak. Demikian juga jawatan presiden UMNO, pengerusi BN da PM adalah bersifat TOL atau LPS- Lesen pendudukan sementara. Ia bersifat sementara selari dengan sokongan yang di berikan rakyat. Dan bila rakyat memilih untuk menarik balik mandat dan amanah yang di beri, kita hendak mohon maaf apa lagi.
Izinkan saya menurunkan beberapa rangkap sajak yang di karang oleh Pendita Zaaba dalam tahun 1920an.  Zaaba telah menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris:-
I tell you not in mournful numbers
That the Malays are a dying race
I only want the soul that slumbers
To wake and work in these bright days.

Tapi inilah yang di lakukan oleh UMNO selama ini. mengekalkan orang Melayu dalam tidur yang di buai mimpi rekaan UMNO dan mengekalkan jiwa hamba orang Melayu. Akibat nya orang Melayu menjadi bangsa yang lesu sentiasa bergantung untuk perlindungan dan kemajuan dari UMNO.
Sebab itu seterusnya, Zaaba menyatakan:
Bukan saya nyatakan dengan nada sedih
Mengenai cara nya memajukan bangsa Melayu
Biarlah setiap Melayu insaf
Caranya bukan bergantung harap dan cepat berpuas hati.


Friday 16 March 2012

Into the Lion's Den.

I went back into the lion’s den last Wednesday, 14th of March. I took part in my first ceramah as a DAP member in Pekan Pahang in a kampong called Kampung Sungai Miang. The ceramah was organized by the local PAS chapter at a house belonging to a PAS supporter. The house has a big compound and was able to accommodate a large crowd. The two other speakers at the ceramah were my fellow DAP colleague, Encik Aspan Alias. The other was PAS firebrand, deputy president- Tuan Haji Mat Sabu.
Readers can listen to my speech on the u tube above. I spoke with the Pakan slang.
This is the seat of our PM. He is the MP for Pekan with its 4 ADUNs. He is the man with the 69% approval rating. He is the man who coined so many acronymed initiatives. A smorgasbord consisting of strange morsels termed as NKRA, ETP, PDP, NEM, and so many others. We have lost count. He is the one speaking about 1Malaysia and who taught adults and children alike to show up one obscene finger. Altogether now- UP YOURS!
I have proven one point. While Najb’s personal rating goes up 60%, UMNO’s rating has gone down. And that night on the 14th of March, the response shown by UMNO Pekan did not do justice to the man who gets a 69. Hmm….I wonder what kind of 69 is that.
While we were holding the ceramah where more than 600 attended, UMNO was given permission to do a ceramah barely 100 yards away. The attendance? Not more than 60 people. Of course if you count the drinks and refreshments, the empty chairs, the lamp posts, the chickens, more than 100 attended the UMNO ceramah.
Is this the best UMNO Pekan can do? It just proves my point. UMNO Pekan is just Najib personified, no Najib, no UMNO Pekan. That’s how he wanted it. UMNO Pekan survives and revolves around him. Below him, UMNO Pekan is just an empty shell- a paper tiger pretending to roar and prowl. That night they only managed to purr like a kitten.
We had to carry on with our ceramah in spite of the speakers blaring in our direction. Speaker after speaker from JASA( the professional whores owned by UMNO) shouted obscenities and repeated the standard issue of UMNO propaganda crafted by the cerebrally challenged desk bound eunuchs at JASA office. Hello Jasa, you are meant to serve the people not UMNO.  
Now allow me to answer an article from a fellow blogger who I thought can muster a little bit more analytical substance. Alas, he has shown himself to be just another party apparatchik.
My critical assessment of Najib and UMNO was taken as criticisms to
1)      Najib the PM
2)      Najib the UMNO President
3)      Najib – one of the 4 chieftains at the Pahang Royal Court.
My criticism was also taken to be an attack to the Pahang Royalty. As I had received my Datoship from HRH the Sultan of Pahang, accordingly because I assailed one of HRH’s 4 chieftains, my action is taken as an attack to the Sultan himself (?).
Are we living in ancient times?
This is the problem with UMNO apparatchiks. I am as loyal a subject to HRH the Sultan of Pahang as any other UMNO dumbasses. Even DAP members are loyal subjects to the King. The King is King to all Malaysians and not King only to UMNO people.
If my initial ceramah can cause this kind of consternation so as to invite the bizarre response of escalating the fight with UMNO and its president as a fight against the 3 items listed above, then it only shows UMNO is in deeper shit that we thought.  The office of the PM is only a TOL- not a permanent title. The PM serves as long as his party receives support from voters. If in the next elections more Malays reject UMNO like in 2008, then my wish that Najib must be given a victory in Pekan so that he goes into parliament as opposition leader will come true.
I have no wish to expend my thinking on items 2 and 3.
Readers are invited to read related articles here and here.


Wednesday 14 March 2012

Dont cry for me Argentina- Shahrizat resigns!

The other night, as I was surfing the ASTRO channels, I came upon an interview with a crying lady. She was crying because Shahrizat has announced she will resign her cabinet post. The poor crying lady was also saying- if Shahrizat resigns, then Nik Aziz must also resign. I suppose she was alluding to the case involving Nik Aziz’s son in law. The SIL was cleared.
The woman need not worry. If it’s a case involving opposition politicians and those related to them is in question, the government machinery will leave no stones unturned to get to the bottom of the case. Its only in the case of Sahrizat’s bottom, the government has suddenly developed Parkinson’s disease.
Let me share with you, the thoughts of a frequent visitor to my blog. This person shows he is a concerned Malaysian mindful of the future of our country. He comments under the penname of OneMalaysian.
Here is a woman, whose husband clearly got RM250 million in very soft loans from the government to rear cows to meet 40% of beef demand, but who instead took that money, spent a little bit on the actual project, and used the rest to invest in properties in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and to pay astronomical, and undeserved salaries to her family.
Her husband has no background in rearing cows or producing meat. So why give him RM250 million when Felda actually has a subsidiary that does? Why does the government give RM250 million to a well-to-do Bumiputra family when there are thousands of Malays living in rural Malaysia who clearly deserve just such a loan?
It is obvious, therefore, that Salleh, the husband, would not have got the loan if not for his wife’s position in the cabinet and in UMNO. Did she have no knowledge that that loan was given to her husband? Do we believe that she did not lobby for it? If it is true that she had nothing to do with the NFC project, are we to assume that the cabinet and Muhyiddin drew lots from a big hat containing about 10 million Malay names and out popped Salleh’s name. He was the lucky Malay who got the loan. It could well have been Ariff Sabri, but sorry, Sakmongkol.

This is outright abuse of power by those who gave her family the loan. It is corruption because she had abused her position in the cabinet. It is morally wrong because RM250 million could have been used to help the poor Malays, who deserve such help more than Shahrizat and her wealthy family.
And now, listen to what the PM and DPM say when she finally “resigns”. It was a sacrifice! Give me a RM250 million soft loan that may never be repaid and I will resign from any position! “Magnanimous”, that’s the word Muhyiddin used to describe her resignation. Hah? You abuse RM250 million of public money, resigns reluctantly, and that is magnanimous?
And look how weak and immoral the PM is. Cabinet members serve at his pleasure. And if they don’t resign when they should, he has absolute power to sack them. But Najib seems powerless. He has to wait for her senatorship to expire, and then leave, that is, at her pleasure, not his. We cannot have such a weak, powerless, immoral PM governing this country. It is not good for the ordinary Malays, and not good for anyone else, except the Shahrizats of Malaysia.
If this sad NFC episode does not shake the ordinary Malays out of their stupor and see their leaders as thieves and not their benefactors and protectors, then nothing else would.
Res ipsa loquitur?


Tuesday 13 March 2012

The say sorry game

The say sorry game.
Malaysians are learning a new political game- The Apology Game.  The apologizer- in- chief is of course Najib Razak. He has said sorry for those undefined UMNO wrongs. Maybe he is sorry he couldn’t plug the gaping hole that allowed RM 1.3 trillion to leave the country. Crooks associated with UMNO embezzled money belonging to this country. Its financial mayhem. Saying sorry is sufficient.
Sources of regret.
Maybe he is also sorry for the endless list of financial scandals that were caused by UMNO. He is sorry for dismembering up the iconic MAS. He is sorry, for destroying the future of Felda. 5 years from now, when Felda doesn’t have the funds to manage and operate the 112,000 settlers in the felda schemes, the government steps in making up for the loss in revenue. What was the cause of the loss in revenue in the first place?
The ravenous appetite of UMNO politician businessmen.
The BN government was stupid enough to agree to the FGV listing because the FGV CEO promises the larger portion of the IPO profits to the PM department and a portion of that profits earned by Felda will be used to pay the sudden windfall. The PMO and the unsuspecting settlers share the same standard- both forfeit long term interests for short term one.
The opposition told the truth.
That means what the opposition has been telling is the truth. That UMNO has been a real rogue. The truth is UMNO has buggered and sodomised the Malay race.  And pilfered the nation.
The sorry game of shahrizat.
Enter shahrizat. She is also sorry but her regret takes a different form. Her apology is acted out in the form of sacrificing herself by announcing her resignation from the cabinet. That will make her out as a victim of some nebulous plot hatched by the opposition led by Rafizi Ramli and the PKR lady leader, Zuraidah.
2 months ago, the Oracle told me it was a done deal- Najib has a written note that Shahrizat will go. Maybe Najib secured a promise from Shahrizat to quit and he jotted down her promise in writing.
A little melodrama for political effects.
In the meantime, for public consumption a little drama for the desired political effects is good. Shahrizat was not actually planning to resign. Why should she, when her colleagues are also plundering the nation?  Her mistake was not being clever enough to disguise the thievery that took place within NFC. Her colleagues demanded her head not because RM 50 million or so was siphoned or how the RM 250-million grant was used- they wanted her kicked out for being not clever at concealing the plundering. She did not pay attention in classroom, when they were taught the Art of the Steal.
It is just a shameless game.
But know this. To the BN people, saying sorry is just a game. The game starts when someone on the "other side" says or does something that might conceivably offend (though of course it never really does offend). UMNO and BN people have everything except honor and scruples.
What did the other side do?  In this case, Rafizi Ramli and his gang unearthed the many shenanigans that took place in NFC. The NFC- National Feedlot Corporation was granted a 250 million grant at 2% interest to import cattle and beef up the cattle rearing industry. Instead, the family of Shahrizat used the funds for non-related businesses such as buying high end condominiums, office buildings, expensive cars and paying astronomical salaries to directors. About these condominiums, Sahahrizat claimed ignorance and innocence- though the interior designers whom she engaged will tell you, every minutia of details have to be screened by her such as what bulbs and curtains to use. Yet, she says, she has nothing to do with the extra mural activities of NFC.
The shameless reponse.
Shahrizat’s response: publicly claim mortal offense -- this secures your position as a victim -- and then very publicly demand sympathy.  What she did privately with the connivance of family members, she now wants to make public. It’s the same game all UMNO people play – privatize the profits, make public bear the gult.
She will resign her post if Wan Azizah resigned hers , though how Wan Azizah is connected to the case in point baffled everyone except the UMNO herds grazing the pastures of PWTC.  I though UMNO will not repeat this inanity, yet Ahmad Maslan just did by linking Wan Azizah to Shahrizat’s refusal to relinquish her wanita UMNO post. The MCA has a porn actor as president, Wanita UMNO has a person who has nothing to do with what went on in NFC other that going to bed with its CEO.  How can she be involved?
Did she send the wanita baju kurung?
Shahrizat when a step farther- she sends the UMNO baju kurung uniform to Rafizi and threatened to sue Rafizi and gang. Whether she actually sent them, we don’t know. She made quite a spectacle when she rolled up the sleeves of her baju kurung- Pakatan naughty boys were actually waiting for her to do an Elizabeth Wong. The blogger Tukar Tiub has made public his regret and said how sorry he is, for not being able to see Shahrizat’s more daring revelation.
She has suffered mortal offense hasn’t she?  Then rope in the media and the new media. When the media machinery becomes engaged -- which is essential to her publicity success -- then the various reporters and commentators will pile on, supporting her demand, as the politically correct victim, for an apology and punishment for the offending party.  If we were to ask Ibrahim Ali, he would suggest that Rafizi be hanged.
She has been mortally wounded, she is nothing except the woman to the man she goes to bed with. She has nothing to do with his business dealings.
She overlooked one thing.  The media supporting her is an opportunist band of brothers- they will continue covering the "issue," they'll pressure the offending party until he or she caves in and issues an apology.  Then the media will decide if the apology is sufficiently sincere -- the media may require several rounds of apologies before these arbiters of PC finally accept it.
But if the offending party stands its ground, the opportunistic media practitioners will be ready to do an about turn. Shahrizat feigned anger and combative stance during the UMNO GA. She issued challenges and threats. She even tried to widen her defense by alluding to the real possibilities that her colleagues in the party are guilty of even bigger financial thievery. She does all that not because she was offended.  She played the game because demanding an apology and feigning the victim, generates as much media coverage as possible. Why? Because if the offending party caves in and public sympathy swells as a result of media massaging, the whole melodrama will prove you are stronger and more powerful than your opponent.
You see, that is already happening. UMNO leaders line up like peons, praising Shahrizat.


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