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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 16 March 2012

Into the Lion's Den.

I went back into the lion’s den last Wednesday, 14th of March. I took part in my first ceramah as a DAP member in Pekan Pahang in a kampong called Kampung Sungai Miang. The ceramah was organized by the local PAS chapter at a house belonging to a PAS supporter. The house has a big compound and was able to accommodate a large crowd. The two other speakers at the ceramah were my fellow DAP colleague, Encik Aspan Alias. The other was PAS firebrand, deputy president- Tuan Haji Mat Sabu.
Readers can listen to my speech on the u tube above. I spoke with the Pakan slang.
This is the seat of our PM. He is the MP for Pekan with its 4 ADUNs. He is the man with the 69% approval rating. He is the man who coined so many acronymed initiatives. A smorgasbord consisting of strange morsels termed as NKRA, ETP, PDP, NEM, and so many others. We have lost count. He is the one speaking about 1Malaysia and who taught adults and children alike to show up one obscene finger. Altogether now- UP YOURS!
I have proven one point. While Najb’s personal rating goes up 60%, UMNO’s rating has gone down. And that night on the 14th of March, the response shown by UMNO Pekan did not do justice to the man who gets a 69. Hmm….I wonder what kind of 69 is that.
While we were holding the ceramah where more than 600 attended, UMNO was given permission to do a ceramah barely 100 yards away. The attendance? Not more than 60 people. Of course if you count the drinks and refreshments, the empty chairs, the lamp posts, the chickens, more than 100 attended the UMNO ceramah.
Is this the best UMNO Pekan can do? It just proves my point. UMNO Pekan is just Najib personified, no Najib, no UMNO Pekan. That’s how he wanted it. UMNO Pekan survives and revolves around him. Below him, UMNO Pekan is just an empty shell- a paper tiger pretending to roar and prowl. That night they only managed to purr like a kitten.
We had to carry on with our ceramah in spite of the speakers blaring in our direction. Speaker after speaker from JASA( the professional whores owned by UMNO) shouted obscenities and repeated the standard issue of UMNO propaganda crafted by the cerebrally challenged desk bound eunuchs at JASA office. Hello Jasa, you are meant to serve the people not UMNO.  
Now allow me to answer an article from a fellow blogger who I thought can muster a little bit more analytical substance. Alas, he has shown himself to be just another party apparatchik.
My critical assessment of Najib and UMNO was taken as criticisms to
1)      Najib the PM
2)      Najib the UMNO President
3)      Najib – one of the 4 chieftains at the Pahang Royal Court.
My criticism was also taken to be an attack to the Pahang Royalty. As I had received my Datoship from HRH the Sultan of Pahang, accordingly because I assailed one of HRH’s 4 chieftains, my action is taken as an attack to the Sultan himself (?).
Are we living in ancient times?
This is the problem with UMNO apparatchiks. I am as loyal a subject to HRH the Sultan of Pahang as any other UMNO dumbasses. Even DAP members are loyal subjects to the King. The King is King to all Malaysians and not King only to UMNO people.
If my initial ceramah can cause this kind of consternation so as to invite the bizarre response of escalating the fight with UMNO and its president as a fight against the 3 items listed above, then it only shows UMNO is in deeper shit that we thought.  The office of the PM is only a TOL- not a permanent title. The PM serves as long as his party receives support from voters. If in the next elections more Malays reject UMNO like in 2008, then my wish that Najib must be given a victory in Pekan so that he goes into parliament as opposition leader will come true.
I have no wish to expend my thinking on items 2 and 3.
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bruno,  16 March 2012 at 21:20  

Dato,when you guys went into the lions den,did you see any lions.I guessed not.They got wind that you guys were coming and the Mama and Papa lions hightailed for the hills to avoid eye contact.

Instead in a hurry to get off,they forget about the babies,and left them behind.That is why we can hear the babies playing and screaming in the background.

As usual,when push comes to shove the loud mouths turned chicken.Even so very afraid of a simple ceramah.

yum,  16 March 2012 at 22:05  

Umno blaring their speakers while you were speaking shows them up as no class. They must think it is so smart of them to have thought of such an idea. I, for one, have the feeling that they were afraid of you.

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 22:23  

Teruskan perjuangan.

*ahli umno*

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 22:25  


You're da man.

bruno,  16 March 2012 at 22:27  

Dato,since the Umno ceramah held to oppose the PR's ceramah could only add up to 100 attendees,that is including the chickens,chairs,tables,kambings, additional lamposts put up for the ceramah plus the two legged Jasa lembus.

That means the 500 ringgit carrots and the civil service pay hike is not working.Maybe the repatrition of funds of the 500 million from the two subs that cannot sink to distribute to the Pekan folks will give Najib and Umno/BN another shot at the title.

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 22:35  

Tahniah Dato',
Hopefully soon you can pay a visit to my
hometown in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu.
Currently some of us also struggle fighthing the Gov over corrupted land acquisition practise.
Suka logical Dato sampaikan, sng dan mudah paham.
Walaupun DAP terengganu tak berapa menonjol, harap Dato tak keberatan untuk berceramah atas nama Pakatan.

OneMalaysian,  16 March 2012 at 22:46  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Even DAP members are loyal subjects to the King. The King is King to all Malaysians and not King only to UMNO people.”

This is a very important point to make. Somehow UMNO, using the docile, line-toeing press, has succeeded in making the people believe that only UMNO/BN has the mandate to rule. The opposition, mind you, His Majesty’s loyal opposition, are subversives out to destroy the country. They should therefore never be allowed to rule. This conveniently ignores the fact that should the opposition come into power it would also have a majority of Malays and be Malay-led. There are only about 42 Chinese Majority parliamentary seats (out of 222), so if the opposition gets the minimum majority of 112 seats, Malays and non-Chinese would have a minimum of 63% (70 seats), that is assuming the DAP wins all 42 Chinese-majority seats. It also ignores the fact that DAP will have Malay candidates besides Chinese , Indians and others.

So clearly, there is a lot of spin, mainly against the DAP. It has been made out as if voting the opposition is to vote DAP into power. Simple arithmetic shows otherwise, unless these UMNO-types can’t do the simple math, or less they are lying through their teeth. The DAP knows this, that’s why they are cooperating with the Malay-based PKR and PAS.

Now a bit on Najib’s so-called popularity. If an American came here – its election season over in the US – and he read the unreadable local papers, and saw this glowing reports about Najib’s popularity of 69% rating (Obama and Romney would be extremely jealous), he would conclude that Najib would win the Malaysian presidency hands down. With it finally Rosmah would be correctly be referred to as the First Lady, a title she has pretentiously stolen from the Queen. But Malaysia only elects MP Najib, and his party then elects him PM. Malaysians do not directly elect him PM, and certainly not president. I hope he realizes that this isn’t a presidential campaign where that 69% (assuming correctly sampled, but doubtful) would translate into a landslide victory. The way UMNO is rejoicing suggests that they think Najib’s dubious 69% would somehow rub off on them as they hang on to his coat tails to victory. If only it were this simple. Najib may not be very bright, but I think in his heart he knows this is all fiction. Otherwise the elections would have been called on 11th March, his lucky date.

Suci Dalam Debu 16 March 2012 at 22:49  


I am proud of you. It shows that you love Malaysia more than UMNO.

Will be good for our future generations. You kids will say "My dad did the right thing".

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 23:53  

I congratulate you for going with your conscience. The world is such an upside down place at times, I tend to wonder are we stupid, wanting a just world when others seem to think, it's ok for our leaders to enjoy all the extras as long as they give us a roof over our heads. I really hope the niggling voice in our heads telling us this is not right, prevails

Anti Pembelit,  17 March 2012 at 00:49  

When UMNO and their supporters are using primitive tactics to counter their opponents,its a good indicator the party is dying.Lembu's IQ leaders condoning their Rempit's IQ members behavior proved that UMNO is the party of the past and would not leads us into a better future.For those still harboring any hope of UMNO reforms,just forget it.UMNO is just beyond repair.

Selepas diA.B.Ukan,campak ke loji najis.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 07:20  

It looks like najib is using an election manual from americanstyle presidential elections -apco again? People vote here for local personalities who are good be they BN or Pakatan unfortunately not many good BN people around these days most are tainted esp here in selangor

Flyonthewall,  17 March 2012 at 09:19  

That was a well executed move on the umno jugular and you did good!
Working the grassroots is EXACTLY what PR needs to focus on. This is the game plan leading to June.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 10:17  

The UMNO people say the PR was blaring by you having the ceramah there in their kampong.Of course you cannot fool those Pekan people.The result there will show who prevail.Good luck, i hope you take on Najib.Will you take up the challenge.Of course you wont dare. right !!

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 10:44  

Salam datuk

Dont be surprise datuk bcoz that's what they are very good at. Nowadays its so evident that this thugs get the blessing from powers that be to do such a thing. They got everything even the laws behind them. They have a peanut brain that cant think properly just like ahmad maslan. So what good do we expect from this grassroot. They only have in their mind israel, ammerica, jews, sodomy, cheap sex story that can make them climax prematurely . They cursed everybody but themself. They cant debate anything. That is umno dulu, kini dan selamanya.

walla 17 March 2012 at 11:10  

Sak, Umno is going to cheat at the polls.

It controls the EC which has been moving boundaries behind the voters' backs. Why are boundaries still being 'corrected'? This is already 2012 and so many general elections have already taken place. It could not have been due to the fukushima earthquake that the boundaries have moved, could it?

All concerned voters and citizens must do something about this. If necessary, hold Bersih 3.0. The police who said they don't want street rallies forgot to qualify themselves on two counts - if peaceful, it's the peoples right; and if it's for reform of a government which only protects itself, then it's even more the peoples right.

There isn't much time to nail for clean elections. Get international intervention and observers. GE13 is definitely going to be the dirtiest general elections in the history of this country. Umno is behind it. It has done other things. If it can do such a cheap thing as blaring loudspeakers at your forum, it will not be above doing other things against voters.

Pro-Umno supporters should think about this. It is what happens after GE13 that will tear this country apart. People won't accept results from cheating.

Pakatan must do something now. So too Umno's general members. Be fair.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 11:55  

Yes,Najib is doing what a Malaysian PM should do fot Malaysia.Arff does nothing apart from badmouthing Najb in Pekan.Sorry , i disagree with you.Just keep Sakmongkol a blogger not a politician.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 13:15  

Please post a time table for your ceramahs on your blog.

This would give us an opportunity to attend in the future.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 13:19  

Calling QD. Where are you boy? You asked for it. Sak gave it to you. So sore is it that he tears your one and only leader? KAhkahkah.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 16:55  

Salam Dato,

This is your starting point to reveal the true colors of UMNO where some folks in kampung never realised the truth of UMNO's behaviour due to mainstream media that is the among the most undemocratic in South East Asia. As Mynmar was known to be very harsh on oppositions, recently the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kii, was given a chance to deliver her message to the rakyat of Burma live on TV.

This means that Malaysian mainstream media is worst than Mynmar media. As most South East Asian nations go towards modern democratic principles in all areas, our UMNO led government go backwards to ancient times where hooligans of UMNO shout like mental retarded people even the UMNO control all the mainstream media and even the paid cable was still more on UMNO style news with a thin slice of news for the opposition.

But UMNO leaders must don't be too arrogant as the youth nowadays are very different from we of the youth in the 70s.

The mainstream media (small stream in the jungle) fully controlled by UMNO, will not be able to resist the GREAT TSUNAMI of IT technologies.

Malaysian,  17 March 2012 at 17:20  

I was pretty worried when I often read comments that you would not be accepted in a Malay constituency, that you should have entered PAS instead of DAP and was anxious (to know too) when QD asked about your ceramah in Pekan, before you posted this article.

So, it was an immense relief to read that you were well-accepted in Pekan. And those annoying tactics by UMNO members nearby is an indication that they see you as a threat. I salute your courage to walk into the Lion’s Den, Dato! It was a big risk doing it but I guess for you, it’s taking head-on instead of playing it safe, like in Penang, as someone has suggested.

Yes, Dato, pls be that dragon slayer (QD, to borrow your words) to destroy that image that DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Royal ! And if you come across any chauvinist in DAP, ‘slay’ them too! Likewise, PAS should counter-claims against BN propaganda that they are to be feared by the Nons - by accepting a prominent Non into their party to speak out. Someone mentioned Ambiga and I’m for it.

Honestly, Dato, whether you are in Pakatan or BN, I would gladly vote for you cos I know you are a man of principles and we need principled MPs in our Parliament who would not just toe party lines to avoid troubles with his party.

Thank you, Dato, for giving us hope by leading the way …… A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 18:33  

may God always bless you and your family.

your civility deserves commendation. dont need to stoop as low as your opponents with the sole purpose to disrupt others.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 19:26  

What a daft statement from desperate Walla ! BN going to cheat? Come on stand up like a horny man.Believe in the SPR.Judiciary,PDRM etc.No excuse for losing PRU 13 ok.You start drumming unfairness.It is of course is going to be fair.Daim said BN khas the advantage and the edge.Dont dream Walla.!

walla 17 March 2012 at 19:41  

anon 19.26,

you're flame-baiting (again).

write something smarter for a change.

Anonymous,  17 March 2012 at 22:18  


Syabas! Congratulations on your 1st ceramah. You are full of energy and conviction.

I have also arranged for my cousin in KL to transfer some $ to your CIMB account tomorrow as a show of support.

Thank you for your effort, time and dedication......very admirable indeed.

I laughed aloud upon reading the following:

"While we were holding the ceramah where more than 600 attended, UMNO was given permission to do a ceramah barely 100 yards away. The attendance? Not more than 60 people. Of course if you count the drinks and refreshments, the empty chairs, the lamp posts, the chickens, more than 100 attended the UMNO ceramah."

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 09:08  

Recently I was watched "Keluarga 69", a classis filem by Arwh. P. Ramlee on one those Govt's TV station that has been hijacked by UMNO.That is what the "69" rating signify.In the words of Arwh.P.Ramlee " tungang terbalik". UMNO sudah jadi tungang terbalik.

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 10:37  

be a chieftain and quit politics altogether or otherwise. royalty is an umbrella for all subjects irrespective of class, belief or creed. if royalty is meant to be an institution catering to some selected group of beneficiaries then you might as well refund me my taxes which go into upholding the institution.

Quiet Despair,  18 March 2012 at 11:01  

You liken yourself to Daniel in the Lion's Den. Of course not. It's your old haunt. Your stomping ground. The people there know you.
Wow I am impressed. You sure don't need a teleprompter like my President Obama.
You have fire in your belly, fire in your soul. Fiery speech played to the hilt to a rip-roaring crowd. You sewed it. You have them eating out of your hands.
But then it's expected, since they are kefiyyeh, pelikat sarong, baju Melayu clad PAS audience.
So it is true, you are the dragon-slayer. How about taking on a duel with Najib? I dare you.
Even if you lose, you will go down in history as a giant killer.
Pathetic to lose to Ng Yen Yen in Raub. Honorable to lose to the Goliath.
You tore him to shreds, driving home the point that he must lose. That his 69% rating is a farce.
In the same breath, you said he will win, albeit less majority. No point Najib wins, if UMNO loses, you added.
Now which is which?
No one doubted your loyalty to our Tuanku. You earned the Dato'ship.
But I think you will lose votes by denigrating Tun Razak, his late father and Najib's lineage.
Orang Pahang amat menghormati Tun dan Aruah bapanya Orang Kaya Dato' Indera Shahbandar Hussein. Of course by extension, Najib.
Datuk Shahbandar Hussein's is immortalized in roads and schools etc.
Like it or not, we are still feudalistic people. Masih taksub dengan orang bangsawan. Mereka adalah orang kanan Tuanku. Have the listening ears of our Sultan.
So it's a no-no to touch on our orang raya berempat, berlapan, ber-16 and whatever.
Just touch on Najib as PM and his performance.
I suppose this is your warming-up session. In your coming ceramahs, please tell the crowd what you could do better than Najib and other UMNO leaders.
Everyone knows the fallacy and weakness of UMNO. But we need to know what Pakatan can do much, much more superb once you are in Putra Jaya.
And I must praise you for the word sesiapapun pemimpin Pakatan yang jadi PM, tak kita siapa. You sebut nama LGE, Hadi etc. Bagus tu tak sebut nama ehem ehem si dia tu.
Thank you for the U-tube postings. That's good since you are not gonna get good press from the media. But why no U-tube on Aspan? Mat Sabu, I am not interested.
Please give us your ceramahs schedule. Insya-Allah when the real campaign begins I may go to your ceramahs.
I can't believe that our gentle benign kampung folks have resorted to such hooliganism. They are usually very welcoming to outsiders especially oghang besor like you.
Hmm, budaya samseng Anu-War dah meresap ke dalam UMNO.
Tulah Mahathir bawak dia ke dalam UMNO. Import Anwar dan bawak budaya samsengnya sekali. Hahaha.

Quiet Despair,  18 March 2012 at 11:12  

Walla the Wise

You sounded like you are already defeated before doing battle. Defeatist like you will offer inane excuses to justify Pakatan's coming defeat.
Cheating? Bwahaha. That means Pakatan won Penang, Kelantan and Selangor through foul means.
You guys are confident of a Pakatan big victory in the coming GE. You even said it will be a hung parliament.
So it goes without saying that if you win, it is also via cheating, right??
EC cheated to ensure your previous victory. Will cheat again for another win. LMAOF.

Anon 07.20

Pakatan is very sure of victory by using dirty tactics.
Anu-war has gotten hold of a manual which he revered as a bible from a Jewish link group on how to topple BN via dirty play.
I did post on it in my previous comments. Please refer to it.

OneMalaysian,  18 March 2012 at 12:16  

Dear Sakmongkol

One of your readers said it is pathetic to lose to Ng Yen Yen in Raub, but honorable to lose to the Goliath.

This reminds me of a movie about the legendary American war hero, General George Patton. In the opening scene, the general is shown addressing a large gathering of G.Is about to go into battle. He said: “I don’t want any of you bastards to die for your country. I want the enemy to die for his country”. He was a foul-mouthed general but a darn good one.

If you contest, it is to win, not to lose honorably. Leave the losing to the other side.

It might comfort you to know that in mythology, David did slay Goliath.

Kampong man,  18 March 2012 at 12:23  

It is good for Sak to have his maiden political speech under DAP in his hometown Pekan though i know it will be pointless for him to contest at the lion's den.
We are fully aware that Sak has this unfinished disagreement with his former boss Najib and for that matter anything Najib.I dont know why just like those who are critical of of Tun Dr Mahathir.Well,well.We cannot please everyone,can we ?

Out of curiosity i went through his full speech and i think i prefer him as blogger.It is about Najib,the NFC and the Felda listing that we know but not the poor kampong folks may be.So he is accepted there and that is good.I have yet to listen to my good buddy Sdr Aspan speech.

Despite his strong opposition to his former party UMNO,his Datukship was probably secured under UMNO (Correct me if i am wrong).He deserved it i suppose for contributing under Najib for the people of Pekan.But do we really think that the majority of Pekan people will reject Najib ? i doubt it very much not in the coming election.Why should they when they are seeing a PM to be coming from their kampong,Pekan.

He is right we are all loyal citizen of Malaysia and the King and there is no question of disloyalty there.So do not assume that his critical assessment of Najib as disloyalty.This we are all in agreement as long as we can avoid personal attack (Fitnah) by all means have your freedom of speech.

Najib approval rating of 69% is an indicator that his social,political and economic reforms is beginning taking shape in a positive direction in favour of him leading the nation convincingly.This is not conclusive but seems to be the trend that the majority rakyat has this feeling good mood sentiment all around now and surely this is a state of readiness for an election hopefully in June.

Disagree strongly that BN will lose 16 and 12 MP seats in Sarawak and Sabah,a BN fixed deposits, respectively as Sak predicted.Sak has no basis there.I must repeat this ,despite DAP playing the racial card in 2008 the DAP/PR secured only 1 MP seat in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu each.Not much to shout about.A psychological war may be.Lets face reality on the ground there.

The 2008 political scenario where BN was caught off guard will not happen again in the coming PRU 13 in my view.The lost of Malay support was due mainly to support for Anwar who was seen by the Malays as an unfair treatment by the Government as seen in the street rallies.Pak Lah was not performing as expected because Tun set too high an expectation of him and with half of his life gone for good it did not help him either.No longer now. The DUBIOUS Anwar is not accepted by most people,the Malays especially. Najib took over the helm without full mandate from voters.Despite that his social, political and economic reforms are showing positive and good results.He has to continue combating corruption across the board and he has to have the political will to to make positive changes like that abolishing of ISA,independce of the judiciary, clean election and the list can go on for any betterment.So we are all ready for an election.I for once will not underestimate the Chinese support for BN as they have shown time and time again in the last many elections such as in 2004.Like Daim ,I predicted a win by BN thumbs down,improve seats by DAP,reduce seats from PKR and PAS. Selangor and Perak will be fiercely contested and Kedah will be a goner.Penang and Kelantan maintain their status quo .Prove me wrong.Thank you.

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 12:50  

Hypothetical question, if Najib's policies meant that those people who are nearing retirement today (btw core UMNO supporters) face a bleak retirement due to the weakness of their future purchasing power, wouldn't that make you mad at Najib?

And by the way, from an economic point of view that is exactly what is going to happen because Najib's policies are highly inflationary. He drives up deficits and takes on federal deficit to give money directly to people.

I believe Dato did the moral thing by blasting Najib. Friend or no friend, Najib must be opposed. I believe this point of view is shared by many people but they are afraid to tell him directly

Sir Wenger

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 14:20  


dont waste your time engaging UMNO louts.

jeebong,  18 March 2012 at 14:58  

hello QD...overenthusiastic umno supporters have been behaving like thugs everywhere...especially lately.

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 17:15  

Saya ni suka dengar ceramah. Ceramah dap ke, pkr ke,pas ke, umno ke. Semua saya dengar. Tak kisah lah apa dia orang cakap. balik2 semua nya politik.
Ceramah dato, satu saja yg saya nak tegur. Part ibadat haji PM. Saya rasa tu jahat sikit. Tak silap saya (maleh dah nak rewind) dato nak mengatakan dato najib is used to paying his way through, hingga kan buat haji pun buat salah je, tanya jer brapa dam. Bayar. Habis masaalah (my words, not yours but I'm paraphrasing what i heard u say).Mana dato tau bagaimana pm buat ibadat haji hari tu. Yg dia kena bayar dam for this and that. Dato ada situ? Oh, dengar cerita org yg ada bersama disitu? Tu dah mengumpat nama nya. Berdosa. This is as dumb as those pictures on some blogs yg mengatakan pm pakai tangkai pi tawaf. (Pic menunjukkan ada tali di leher pm. Walhal itu adalah buku doa bergantung yg TH sediakan utk memudahkan jemaah membuat rujukan). Mindless dosa kan?

M.H Hanief

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 17:59  

QD, pathetic to lose to Ng Yen Yen in Raub.

ha ha ha this time round, the arrogant woman with the megawatt cynical smile of the Umno / BN Actress is OUT !!!
Mark my word. Take courage Sak.

Quiet Despair,  18 March 2012 at 19:22  

Anon 17.59

Frankly I want our favorite man here to win against Nyonya Yen Yen.
In the first place I don't know whether she will be chosen again.
Yep I agree she's arrogant. She looks so cock-sure and is frequently visiting Raub these days.
The only thing I like about her is she's as well-groomed as my mom.LOL.
Although Raub is a constituency with a Chinese majority. I am afraid Sak will lose.
Maybe the Chinese in Tras, Chetang, Sang Lee, Sg Lui, Sempalit and Bukit Koman will vote for him. But it will be split votes between DAP and MCA.
But Malays in Sega, Dong, Kuala Atok, Batu Malim, Batu Talam etc will not.

M.H. Hanieff

Is it in the Utube Sak posted? How come I missed that. Or you saw it in full on other websites?
If it is true, Sak, buat dosa keringlah. Tak baik tuduh Najib macam tu, bro.
Manalah tau haji dia lebih mabrur daripada ulamak PAS. Yalah tag yang di lehernya memang doa untuk dihafal.
Sak, as an educated gentleman with economic crededtials can easily fight BN on Najib's transfomaion policies. Please don't go personal.
Bro, you must not stoop to the level of Mat Sabu.

Hi Sir Wenger

Regards to you too. Many do not think like you do.
They are happy with the pay increase. Happy with the goodies thrown along their way.
Whatever deficits or over-expenditure, the onus is on the government. Why do they bother.
Like I said some moons ago, people regard Najib as the next best thing to Santa Claus in sunny ole Malaysia.

bruno,  18 March 2012 at 21:46  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,just because Sak critisised Najib in his den,doesn't meant that he has to stand against Najib.Dozens if not hundreds of politicians up till nomination day will have critisised Najib.Do these dozens or hundreds who critisised Najib has to stand against him too.The more the merrier I guessed.

Sak to lose to Ng Yen Yen in Raub.Hahaha.I would be very surprised if Yen Yen does not smell dust on election day if Sak were to stand against her.Don't kid yourself,bro.For a man who has been out of active politics for sometime,to come back and defeat a federal minister and a vice president of the second largest political party,is already a great feat.

One does not have to defeat the PM in an election to earned the title of dragon slayer.It is what the public sees what one has achieved.

Kampong man,

Najib's popularity ratings is sixty nine percent.Hahaha,only to the NFC lembus and yesmen.

Anonymous,  18 March 2012 at 23:55  

Quiet despair,
If i was not mistaken Najib was pissing in his pants when the votes was counted in Pekan where he nearly lost ! He won narrowly [ less than two hundreds we think] and today as a safety net he is shifting some askar by the hundreds to his boundaries!
You call this fair? Ptuiiiii....

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  19 March 2012 at 01:52  

TO all UMNO supporters:

If so confident and sure of winning the GE13,why disturbed PR ceramah like a schizophrenic or gila babi person?

Anonymous,  19 March 2012 at 05:38  

I did some research and have to disagree with both your assertions, on Najib and on Raub.

But I'll keep the disagreement with Najib for a latter date, perhaps after Q1 2012 numbers are flashed.

On the issue of Raub, NYY got less votes than all the votes cast for BN at the 3 state constituencies (607 less votes to be exact). She won with a majority of 2,700 votes or about 8%. So Dato needs to only "turn over" 4% of the voters to come up even.

Secondly, I hope your not basing your analysis on the MKN folk. I have met up these guys and they don't seem all to bright.

Lastly, I remember you quoting a statistic that 74% of the Malays will vote for BN. I found out that number was lifted from the Merdeka Survey's result. I would caution against reading too much into that.

But all of this will be answered when Parliament is dissolved. Felda issues will play heavily in Pahang, I think Dato can take down Nyonya Ng in Raub and maybe even do more

nick 19 March 2012 at 08:23  


Not in a million years will UMNO and its "loyal" members be fair, not when there's billions and trillions at stake (not to mention the threat of jail and confiscation of their ill-gotten wealth)! Just look at the "ceramah" where Dato Sak, Pak Aspan and HJ Sabu attended, that's the real face of UMNO in microcosm.

And of course UMNO will cheat. Have they ever held an honest and clean election before? Not to my recollection and even maybe not to the recollection of every Malaysian alive today. Gerrymandering, phantom votes and voters, illegal usage of government machinery and treasury allocation and of course the unfair and bias treatment of the opposition by our law enforcement bodies and judiciary. Those are but a small example of how unfair and dirty our election are (and you know that as well as I do).

We can't really depend on international observer and intervention. What we need is the rude awakening of the slumbering Malay masses. And I think that's what Dato Sak and Pak Aspan is trying to achieve and judging by the knee jerk reaction of the UMNO Pekan jerk, it is working. And that is why, there is a flurry of attack directed at Dato Sak in this posting by you know who and his sidekick with a mixture of wishful thinking gobbledygook and feelgood magical facts and figures such as Najib approval rating of 69% (social and economic reform taking place? really? where and when?) and 74% of malays will vote UMNO (or is it actually only 47%?) thrown in to hide their smelly laundry because they are in fact "pissing in their pant".

The sign are clear that the malay masses are beginning to rise from their slumber (the election not being called right after the BR1M program is a clear indication of this). UMNO have lost the votes of non-malays and it will take many years of hard work and hard currency to offset the current ratio and it is time that UMNO doesn't have. SO UMNO are desperately relying upon the possibility of gaining huge ground on the Malay votes but looking at current issues and future ones that will emerge, UMNO is not doing very well (NFC alone is fast eroding whatever gain UMNO has from the past 3 years). UMNO is still trying to delude themselves that the Malay votes are their fixed deposit but they forget that during the "reformasi" era and during the 2008 tsunami, the malay ground swell is as big as those of the non malays. And historically, it was the malay ground swell that shook the Malaysian political scene during the "reformasi" era where UMNO and BN was saved by the support of the non malays votes.

No matter how Najib and UMNO try to deny it, a bigger tsunami is just on the horizon and it is coming. All Najib and UMNO hope to do is try to lessen the damage and impact of said tsunami. Personally to me, employing thousands of cyber hoodlums and troopers and opening lame facebook pages are totally useless. It might work on shoring the eroding moral of UMNO own supporter but it is very damaging to the effort of attracting and courting new followers. Cyber hoodlums and bullies are considered trolls by the netizen and no one like trolls. So Walla, just ignore those trolls. They are loud and brash but can we really expect something greater or more from that? Not really, right?


Anonymous,  19 March 2012 at 10:33  

Poor Nick,
What ? The masses are for the problem DAP as seen in Penang now ! Solve the warlord Ramasamy and the PAS Kedah issues first and the PKR defactors issue.Your posting is a fable of fairy tales stories like Alice in the Wonderland.Another unrealistic ,childish and overblown spinner .Keep on dreaming boy.Why breeding hatred and splitting Malsysians for political gain .Shame on you PR cybertrooper.


Anonymous,  19 March 2012 at 11:11  

Sdr. Sakmongkol,

Heard some UMNO diehard supporters very confident with the 69% ratings...

They are confident of reclaiming 2/3 majority in Parliament...

As for me, my wishes are simple.

(1) If UMNO/BN wins, only by slim majority. No more than 52%.

(2) If PR wins, Anwar must not become PM...


walla 19 March 2012 at 11:51  



Thanks for your support. My grey cells are dying faster these days so i may not be very lucid ahead. Hope that you and others who are concerned for the rakyat and our country will carry on to help make Malaysia a better place for all.

When a government cheats at the polls, blackmails voters by selectively withholding development, buys votes using the rakyats' own money, steals huge sums of money for its own political leaders and cronies, spends recklessly money that should have been saved for future generations, lies to the rakyat with flimsy explanations for all the crimes, corrupts officials and the governance process that would have stopped the crimes, uses all means to bully, tar and thwart the opposition, and is clueless on building real national competitiveness - and does all this again and again after every general election - then enough is more than enough. This year 2012 is the last straw for the rakyat.

The only avenue for the rakyat to do something about all these things is to change the government by democratic elections.

But if Umno continues to cheat at the elections - from changing the electoral boundaries and database to changing polling results with postal votes and phantom voters to pressurizing voters from the civil service sectors - then the rakyat will be denied their right to do the right thing for themselves, their families, and the country.

I have surmised before - but people persist in choosing to ignore what has already been argued - that for all we know, Pakatan could actually have won GE12 or won more seats - if the election process had been clean then.

We know it wasn't clean. That's why Bersih 2.0 took place. That's why the EC now says indelible ink is a go after flip-flopping.

But there is now a lull after the committee on election reform was formed. There is a lull in the entire political landscape now. Today. This moment.

It is a dangerous lull for the rakyat. Because the election process is still not clean. The other reforms are being held back. Umno is not playing a fair game.

If we are seeing boundaries being redrawn with GE13 coming up, how is anyone not to conclude that mischief and injustice against the rights of the rakyat are being committed by Umno?

Why not the EC acting alone? Simple, look at them. Have they ever showed any initiative on their own? They have had to be pushed on the indelible ink proposal. And they have been only giving the flimsiest excuses when found out in other areas.

The EC cannot be trusted in much the same way the AG and MACC cannot be trusted for not doing anything about the conflict of interest by the ex-SC Chairwoman or the role of Muhyiddin as AgriMin at the time of approving the NPC cowgate deal. And those are just two clear and simple examples.

walla 19 March 2012 at 11:51  


In a political environment where the federal government run by a political party has been corrupted by bad practices and hidden agendas protecting and serving only the interest of some leaders of that party, then the peoples, country and future suffer.

That is why cheating at GE13 must be prevented. It is the only chance the rakyat will have to answer for themselves whether they want to finally and really wake up to what has been done to them all these years so that they can take the only step each can make to safeguard and develop the future of their children and family.

Now, if you think what i have written here is reasonable, then we all must wonder why people supporting Umno are so ready to question why i said this GE13 will be the dirtiest ever committed by Umno in the history of this country.

I for one am worried about the level of intelligence of these Umno supporters. Worried not for them but for our rakyat. Because such idiots are supporting an Umno which is running the country into the ground but only trying to sell the appearance that all is well, building just another feel-good moment with money from the country placed in the hands of the poor just to get them to vote for an Umno that has put this country into its biggest debt hole ever, meanwhile egged on by business interests partial to the future of the cronies and Umno network of thieves.

It's all to get past GE13 and nothing else. Despite the mess, dangers and bad things done.

I said Umno is going to cheat at GE13. The Umno supporters jumped and used their usual methods - tar the messenger, deflect the message, talk-C.

But if they were to think for a second before they respond, they would have stopped themselves.

You see, if i am wrong, then my saying Umno is going to cheat should create a process for a cleaner election. Since they try to devalue my message, are we to conclude they don't want clean elections which thus reinforces what i've said?

And if i am right, and they still tar my message, then it goes to confirm that what i have said is all the more true and they are mischief-makers and mud-rakers only.

In other words, they are trying to block the road to clean elections at GE13. Ergo, Umno is going to cheat in GE13.

One even said that Daim predicted another win for Umno.

Is Daim for the rakyat of Malaysia? Has he ever been for the rakyat of Malaysia as people?

Is there any real commiseration and empathy with the rakyat of Malaysia that you can see in the blank eyes of Najib when he is reading his prepared speeches to the people?

I direct these questions not at the QD's or crap anon's or Daim's or Mahathir's or Najib's in this country.

These questions are directed at the Umno strategist behind them. His identity is known.

To him, "you masih ada conscience tak? Servant not to the party, master not to the rakyat - but servant to the rakyat and servant to the country.

The party only pays you out of the rakyats fund. In the end, all money comes from what are due to the rakyat. Never Umno.

I don't expect the ones wearing Umno on those bikes can make the connection. Politically dead, that's why they responded to Umno's call in the first place. For pocket money. But those who know the real situation must make the connection and do the right thing for once so that all can arc over the landscape and take us to a new Malaysia.

The rakyat are not tools or chess pieces. This is not a game. It is the life and death of this country. We cannot afford another five years of squandering and plundering, cheating-lying-bullying. Hypocrisy must end on the day of GE13. Agree or not agree?"

Anonymous,  19 March 2012 at 13:30  

UMNO people talk obscene things and most of the time nonsense because they have nothing else to say. They cannot argue anymore that they are not corrupt or they are not the devils. It is their last breath of air and struggle before they die off. UMNO is the real enemy of Islam!

Kampong man,  20 March 2012 at 01:46  

Sorry,something not related.
Had a message from a dear friend while lazing on sunday morning yesterday "Rafizi passed away this morning-Accident ".It was the good and the ever polite Rafizi that i know very well who was gone forever.It is sad he was knocked down while cycling by a hit and run car in that sunday morning where most of his cycling friends were all waiting for the group weekend cycle along Genting Sempa.Al Fathiha for him.May God bless his soul.Ameen.

To Anon 16 March 19.22-The fall of the dark empire.

Thank you for reminding Sak, Aspan,
all parents and Kampong man on that You Tube -"A Parent's love -I cried after watching this ".I am touched !

I keep reminding close friends and myself of our responsibility to our future generation, our children the many good values of being together,being colour blind ,maintaining the unity and the harmony that we have enjoyed and hopefully look at politics as merely a vehicle and expect those elected by the voters really dedicated themselves for the Rakyat and also to those who have made it should also give as much back to society whatever they can.Be it time ,money,love,good values and least even a smile.

Rafizi was only 37 ,a CIMB officer ,a Tour de Langkawi cyclist and the only son in the family from Seremban has to die in this manner on the spot by an irresponsible and inconsiderate driver much to the outrage of the thousands of the cyling community of multiracial groups who pursue a healthy hobby together through this sport.Lets us all good Malaysians motorists take notice of such tragedy and be wary to other road users the pedestrians, cyclist and motorcyclst who are very vulnerable and almost at the drivers mercy.

If you have children you may also wish to listen in the You Tube "Father and Son with Lyrics" by Cat Steven as a follow up to the You Tube by that good Anon Samaritan.My sincere condolence to Rafizi's family the wife and the two kids of 8 years and 5 weeks old and his only mother.Thanks and have a good day.Apologise this diversion.

nick 20 March 2012 at 08:13  


Totally in agreement to all your points. However in my opinion, the real problem with our democracy and our "election or erection" is the Malay themselves. The malays are too deep in slumber that they have difficulties in distinguishing between the state and the government. Unable to see the difference between the country and the political party and most serious unable to fathom the role of the owner of the country and the servant of that said country. We are (the Malays) are too deep in "lullaby" land to even know there is a difference between those things. And after 50 years of slumber, it's about time for them to wake up and woken up rudely otherwise it will be a short lived awakening just like what we had in the early years of merdeka.

Having said that, I'm however is a firm believer that GOD plan will prevail over the machination of evil-doer. What we can do at least is try our level best and never give up. InsyaAllah, we will prevail. Some battle are won and lost but the war is still far from being over and "we will fight to the end".


shan,  20 March 2012 at 22:12  

I watch the video of your cheramah and am very impressed.I really hope someday you will come to Penang where I get to hear live. I use to send your articles to my friends, Malays, Chinese, Indians, many of them need to be woken up. Seem to be in deep slumber.Dear Sir, I am sure you have the capability to drive home the message. Thank You, and god bless you.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 19:52  

Yes, Lets pray to God that BN win.After all BN is Rakyat friendly.Najib reaches the ground with ythe masses support by thousands to any of his meeting the rakyat schedule.Hidup BN.

Haramakap,  23 March 2012 at 15:35  

Dato, why don't we all gang up, opposition parties,ngos,student groups etc, and really blitzkrieg the Pekan Parliamentary seat so that he does not have a wink of sleep. How can Najib flip flop be PM if he loses his seat in Pekan. I was told in 1999 he only won by about 200 votes and most of these come via the postal votes.

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