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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Daim Interview

The Daim interview.
The Daim interview- carried by Utusan, China Press, Sun and maybe others which I have not read were lapped up as life changing phenomena and a just in time reprieve for BN.  This attitude was a far cry from the treatment Daim got when he gave his predictions on the 2008 elections. Then he was assailed in the most denigrating terms- a past shelf life politician, irrelevant, even senile.
So recently, when Daim consented to be interviewed- I presumed at the 9th floor of his office somewhere in KL- the interview as with the man, were treated worshipfully. It’s like the BN was waiting for the great witch doctor or great shaman to come out with something uplifting.
So Daim did the customary thing. He cut up a chicken and let the entrails smatter on the floor below the office building. He owns the building anyway. His faithful Mei Chuan would then have to ask the workers below to clean up the mess. Daim would be cursing because then he would have to pay some overtime fees to the workers below.
The entrails quickly formed a pattern for the reporters to see. As the question to whether Najib did right over his transformation plans- Najib got an A ++. On whether Selangor can be captured- the entrails said possible because so many Kampucheans usually residing in Pekan had their addresses transplanted in Selangor and were given immediate ICs.  The entrails also revealed some many caveats and preconditions to whatever questions the reporters posed. But these, like in all previous interviews were largely ignored. They wanted to hear only nice things.
Here is the thing. The reporters get to see Daim maybe once a year. They don’t have the feel on Daim’s thinking. If readers remember, a few weeks ago, I write an article entitled That Saturday with the Oracle. I get to see the Oracle on average once a month. The oracle is Daim’s alter ego and what he says reflects what the Man is thinking.
What I am saying, it’s stupid if the reporters spun what Daim said just from one annual interview. They can’t detect his nuances, his thought flows and subtle messages.
I wrote the article with a specific purpose- to preempt whatever lies and spins that are going to be published by the MSM. So I quickly repeated what the Oracle said was Daim’s thinking on the politics of East Malaysia. Why East Malaysia? Because the BN seems to be stuck with the idea that East Malaysia is their mother lode- and a fixed deposit. They don’t know that if the East Malaysians have their way, they would rather kick the ass of Semanjung people out of Sabah and Sarawak. So before the MSM do some blatant lies I repeated what Daim thought is going to happen in East Malaysia.
In Sarawak, the BN may lose up to 16 parliamentary seats and in Sabah up to 12.  Both the great helmsmen in Sabah and Sarawak have grown weary of Najib’s double face dealing. The wife does her thing to mollycoddle Musa Aman, while Najib strokes Shapie Bedal Apdal. So Musa Aman is taking what Najib says at face value only and has come to realize that he can continue ruling Sabah even not on BN ticket. He may be the very person behind the moves taken by Lajim Ukin.
In Sarawak, the great Pek Moh knows he absolutely doesn’t need UMNO to win the state. He proved that in the last elections by winning all the seats contested by his party, something which UMNO cannot achieve. He knows full well, he can win Sarawak on his own and here is the fearsome thing- as he can win Sarwak, he can also take his party out of BN. he has said privately- we will see who is going to retire first- referring to Najib’s various very public  and arm twisting exhortations asking Taib Mahmud to go.  


Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 07:43  

melayu murahan

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 07:50  

udah2 la dinosaur...

bruno,  9 March 2012 at 10:09  

Dato,the Umno lap doggy media can spin all they want.To be kind and nice to Umno for screwing the Felda settlers and eventually sending them to the doghouse,Umno loses a minimum of five seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

The three little siblings loses fifteen seats.All BN Sabah and Sarawak has to do is to lose twelve seats.That should sent Umno/BN packing their bags.

If not enough to add insult to injury,for robbing the Malays of their allocation for education, training,small entreprenership and zakat money they lose another five to ten seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 10:13  

The two Anon Melayu above seem's to be the one's that are the so called The Katak's bawah the Tempurong"

I sincerely hope that the East Malaysians give BN and it's cronies a 1-2 punch out of Sabah/Sarawak.

Keep up the good work Sak AK47.

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 10:25  


There is one factor you have not considered in your arguements.

Daim is TERRIFIED that the opposition will win the next elections...Look at what has happened to Shahrizat and others..

He will be the No 1 target of Investigations for Corruption and Money Laundering if the opposition comes into power...

He has to do EVERYTHING within his MEANS to prevent that including playing up BN's hopes of improving their position..

Joe Black

malchindian,  9 March 2012 at 10:32  

Great Friday read!
Hurrah! The Sultan of Brunei is about to gain "royal" neighbours!
King Taib will have to "mandram" a few more decades of living while King Musa will have to work harder to fend off the Sulu King's claims on his plot!

Quiet Despair,  9 March 2012 at 10:38  

So the civil servants are happy with the new salary increase. And the Felda settlers will reap the harvest of the Felda listings.
Yay. Hip-hip hooray. Now with the fixed deposit of these two groups assured, BN is ready for a GE in May.
Najib, the favored brand (quoting Najib) is all poised for a more than 2/3 majority.
These are the two issues Najib wants resolved before calling fot the polls.
And I pray my dearly beloved bro will contest and win in Raub. Hope he will be back as YB.
Bro, you seem not to believe Daim's prediction of a better showing this time around. That BN will recapture Selangor and Kedah.
And you seem to be sceptical of BN support in Sabah and Sarawak.As i have said before DAP will win two seats in Sarawak and one in Sabah.
Was in Kuching last week, and the talk is that Taib will make a clean sweep in the state for BN.
Awaiting your posting on the truth of the matter since you infer the media is spinning tales of a rosy picture.
I am sure the Oracle will be telling you on what his boss is really telling.

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 11:49  

Dear Dato,
The rural folks, fed by BN handouts and mass media will continue to vote BN. All the PKR folks does so far is talk and day dream - have done virtually nothing to neutralise BNs influence. At this rate BN will recapture Selangor with the help of new citizens, Kedah handed by shoddy PAS and retain Perak with bigger margin because PKR has virtually neglected the state.
Sabah and Sarawak voters will note vote to replace another Peninsular Imperial invader with another.

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 13:31  


Enough of dirty linens of UMNO.

Can you tell us what you can do to make life different for us, the people who eke a meagre living day to day ... life without UMNO?

walla 9 March 2012 at 16:12  

(in the car)

A: 'Where do you want to go, Sir?'

B: 'My favorite nasi lemak stall, Sofea. Satu ringgit dua kupang!'

A: 'Ok. Sit tight. We'll be there in a jiffy.'

B: '(quiet for a while). Wait a second, Sofea. Start the car, turn on the aircond, and, unstrap.'

A: '(eyes widen). What?!'

B: '(eyes roll) Unstrap your seat belt, Sofea.'

A: 'Erhh. Ok..'

B: 'Now, push your seat back.'

A: 'Hmm. Ok... but why?!'

B: 'So you can get more space. See what i mean? In this step-back position, you get a wider perspective of things. And that's important. Why do i say that? Because we are now at the crossroads. GE13 may come anytime. That is if the french court permits, hehe.'

A: 'Ah, the summons. I can see the dilemma he's in but knowing how Umno treats judicial matters, he'll just ignore it.'

B: 'For one who travels almost every month, his global integrity will be shredded if he doesn't turn up. After all, national honour is at stake, isn't it?'

A: 'I see where you're heading, Sir. Yes, Umno has been only good for Umno, not what is right.

But lately, Umno has been giving out goodies to the people. Surely that can't be wrong? Maybe that's why Daim gave Najib an A+?'

B: 'Sofea, when you were at your garden just now, did you happen to tanam the plant using some rare earth? If my eyesight isn't so bad, i could have sworn you were actually glowing back there. Careful of thorium, sayang, although i suspect QD can take it. His skull is made of lead. Kekeke!'

A: 'You're so mean, Sir! He's actually a nice gentleman. A bit young and downright naive though. Any greener around the ears and he'll have to join PAS next.'

B: 'Why, you like him ke? Unlike someone, he can't rescue you from any job as a TV3 newscaster. But that was so long ago, wasn't it?

Now, where were we? Ah, Umno for itself first and last.

Now that you have more breathing space, the mind clears quickly, doesn't it? Suddenly matters become LCD-sharp after all the tumult and congestion of opposing and conflicting words, actions, events...'

A: 'It seems we are now more than at a crossroad. We are at a knife's edge. This minute this, next minute that. Where is the bottom-line, Sir?'

B: '(tugs janggut). Oh? I'm no oracle, Sofea. Just a poor old man waiting for his number to be called.

But i can tell you this. When perplexed or confused, use your brain and heart, and find all the wisdom you'll need from our Holy Book. These organs and His Words our Almighty gave us for good reasons.

To be able to discern what is right from wrong, what has been done with bad motives whose results have been coming out on their own one after another day after day. Like the aggrieved dead crying for justice.'

A: 'I am thinking over what you're saying. If there has been no Opposition, these things would not have come out so fast. But now that they are out, Umno has shown it cannot answer even one of them. Even with all the MSM and moneyed resources, not one! In fact, our Umno leaders have been fumbling and fulminating in frustration.'

B: 'Ah, but those are just second-tier Umno power mongers, Sofea. Take the first-tier's instanced by Mahathir and Daim. Now that your seat is further back, can you see more clearly what they are?'

walla 9 March 2012 at 16:13  


A: 'Yes, Sir. Mahathir and Daim are only focused on two things - Umno and their interests. Everything they say and do revolves around those two things.

They have put themselves above the rakyat of all races and backgrounds. They have painted their interests to look like those of the nation. Their pronouncements are about the present and future of Umno, not about the specific crimes, excesses and arrogance of specific Umno members.

Why? Because if they were specific on those things, they will have to be specific on the doers who are protecting them from so many times where they would have been called to answer for what they have done so that the rakyat will immediately see how the interests they have painted as if noble are the opposite of those of the rakyat and the country in actual fact.

If people wielding power don't do the right things for the rakyat, who do they expect to do them?

So i ask myself again, what is Umno? Just one of many available organs that can be used to meet the objective of governing this country to be a better place for the future of the rakyat.

Have those two done anything defensible, non-controversial and sustainable to that effect, i ask again? The rakyat and voters themselves have supplied their own answer to that. The number of rakyat saying no has mushroomed over those who have stuck to their guns not with good reason but with just blind denials and fawning adulation, overlooking the excessive and fattened costs of everything the present government dispenses using their money.

The immovable object has finally crumbled before the unstoppable force of rakyat waking up to all the deceit, greed and arrogance.

Once the peoples realize they've been cheated, there's no way Umno's leaders present and past can ever regain the misplaced trust. And that is the real situation today, now.'

A:'(eyebrows rise and get jammed) Ok, i read you, Sofea. Can you please turn the air-cond up a bit?

Let's also take note. When things get tight for Umno, Mahathir opens his mouth. He says this, says that. Everything he says is embedded with a deflective mirror to shine on your face so as to defocus you from the issue. Sometimes he makes a wisecrack. Other times he says the lie loud enough thinking people will not believe someone like him would be so bold to shout out a denial. Notice also Noh Omar has just tried the same. Loudly challenging for an investigation to be called on Umno's administration of Yayasan Selangor which had lost millions of the rakyats' money in suspicious deals in the style of Toyo.

walla 9 March 2012 at 16:15  

3 (contd)

On the other hand, Daim has done it the Najib way. A mixture of flip-flop and cold-blooded calculation. Before GE12, Daim opined BN would lose states. After GE12, he tarred the performance of Najib and his cabinet. Mahathir did the same, even to the extent of saying Umno is rotten and corrupt to the core. The old method of dissociation by association. When they were neither ovum nor spermatozoa, one had already written manuals on such techniques.

Now i ask you, Sofea, and anyone listening in, including those two - what was it that Najib and his cabinet has suddenly done so right in just months that has caused Daim and Mahathir to out of the blue predict such a colossal reversal of their so-called opinion of the Umno government's chances at GE13?

With your seat back and your view enhanced, your answer has to be - nothing that they have not been doing all the years before.

So if that be so, why did Umno and BN lose so much in GE12 that they should now think they will not lose as much if not more in GE13?

Think back what has been done. They gave goodies to the rakyat and spun some gasing about this and that. Meanwhile even the third-tier Umno's like Shahrizat and Toyo get meatier things like a condo here, a bungalow there, and say two hundred and fifty million ringgit of the rakyat money to blow - with Muhyiddin's people looking the other way, Badawi-Khairy jumping in to hurry the hari away, and all the federal governance institutions in the universe looking as though they should tread warily in their sworn tasks under the thumbs of such fantastically generous albeit blackened leaders giving another un-rationalised jump to be paid by your grandchildren.

Like the lanthanide poisons of the rare earths, the Umno DNA of those two have passed into the ecosystem of this country. Now it's fear plus greed plus personal interest even in the federal, and higher, institusi's.

Look into the eyes of all the IGPs and the blues. Study the judgements of the bench where the cases affect Umno directly. Feel the earth shake under your feet as you cringe with disgust at the flimsy and coincidental excuses given on encountering the indisputable exposures of outright corruption and conflicts of interest.

These multi-billion highways, one to a pair involved in seizure of Perak from its voters, and using two companies but the same address, the other with a sixty year concession almost as long as the half-life of a radiation material - they are just another set of the long list of projects using your money to safeguard Umno and their personal interests over the future and wellbeing of your own generations.

If our rakyat cannot see this because they chose to be enamoured by crooks, criminals and low-life's in gandhi cloaks, mamaks, racists and clowns from Penang to Johor, dumbasses from Sabah to Sarawak, then all i can say for one who is even more diam than Daim when he chooses to be, is that our rakyat like to be screwed.'

walla 9 March 2012 at 16:16  

4 (contd)

A: 'Perhaps that explains Daim's sudden rush of confidence in Umno, Sir.'

B: 'That Umno's fortune depends on making sure the rakyat like to be screwed? What, do those jokers think this country is a whore-house? Fitnah!'

A: 'Back to Daim's undiam interview then, Sir. What do you think of it?'

B: 'It was staged, Sofea. Otherwise, how can you explain why there were no probing questions from the floor which would have forced him to recheck his assumptions?'

A: 'What sort of probing questions, Sir?'

B: 'Let's take all of what he said apart in the order the interview was reported by one MSM.

One, he said Pakatan erred in the way Hassan Ali was booted out. Wasn't he aware what had already been patiently done prior to the dismissal to give the guy a chance to explain and redress what he had done against the inter-faith relations of a 1Malaysia that underpins his Umno?

Hassan Ali knew his number was up. He had made wild accusations and turned Jais into a self-styled vigilante force. The rakyat have already given up on tainted mattresses, supernaturally long-life DNA, the still-missing six boxes of Ezam, and the x-rated 2D movies of Datuk T. That the guy is now misspending his illusions on road-shows goes to show that Daim was grasping for a scissor to cut the Pakatan accord by blaming DAP in the one state Umno craves to win back. Has Daim forgotten how he had made his first fortune? Taman Maluri Cheras, a DAP enclave, was given to him without merit by Harun Idris who went to jail for corruption.

Next, two. blaming Anwar. We can go into this at length. But that would take the time to read the book. Excerpts of Daim the Diam you already have in your inbox, for those who want to know another side of the face. Who to believe? An ex-minister who can buy banks on the one hand and tar someone who has had twenty years of hell trying to change a government insistent at every step to frustrate his reformation movement for this nation?

You know, Sofea, an enlightened federal government contrite in its own apologetic stance would honestly welcome with open arms such a voluntary effort to make changes in the interest of the rakyat who can see for themselves whether such efforts are real or just antics.

A wise government would not have arrogated to itself the monopoly to make changes, especially if better changes have already been done in those states run by the competition.

So if Anwar and the rakyat have been frustrated in their efforts, how to know whether not they are for real? Does Daim know? If he knows and yet still tars Anwar and Pakatan, it must mean he has chosen to ignore all the bad things that Umno has done to the economy until today the interest rate the bank pays for your hard-earned money is reaching zilch, the federal government is steeped in debts, and there is a rm 17 billion debt in the PTPTN that will never see the light of repayment which also tells you those 17,000 expensively trained overseas graduates are either not servicing or they cannot afford to service their loans which thus tells you the real state of this high-income economy. No?

Next, three. Daim said Najib has been tested to the fullest. How can that be when he has been out of the country most of the time? How can it be when he has done nothing - and absolutely nothing - about the blatant torrent of high-level corruptions going on in his administration until his deputy has the cheek and chicanery to say that highway project was awarded on merit? Crony merit or open tender merit?

walla 9 March 2012 at 16:16  


One more, the tainting of independence of both judiciary and enforcement until an ex-Chief Justice has to confess how the judiciary was savaged by the executive arm under Mahathir whose only response was to produce a set of gobbledygook legalese to evade direct answer of the charge, a method repeated recently by a judge who now goes into global legal history for okaying the use of just an affidavit to abbreviate the pursuit of the real culprit behind the heinous murder of a foreign innocent - a young pregnant woman, to boot.

So how will the checkered performance of our federal institutions under Umno's influence help in the creation of a true civil society with good governance? Unless Daim is suggesting that such a civil society is created when some are allowed to use their crash helmets on others while enforcement looks on.

Frankly, Sofea, if someone who flips-flops for a living and just doles out big contracts to lackeys while feeding our blinkered hoi polloi with a wad here a wad there is said to have been tested to the fullest, the one giving such glowing encouragement must have some sick sense of what a real test of national leadership entails. Perhaps out of personal experience? Or is it sheer unmitigated desperation?

Next, four. Daim said that BN must look for a new candidate for Selangor. Shall we insist that Shahrizat is recommended? After all, she has oomph. In his same vein, Mustapa would crackle Kelantan but then again if Ku Li can't win except at Gua Musang, can Mustapa of a moribund Miti win for the whole of Kelantan?

Next, five. Kedah. One is amazed that for a veteran Umno politician, he has no inkling about PAS. Unlike Umno whose birds click together come what may, even if dirtied by oil and grease, PAS leaders are at least open in their discord amongst themselves where integrity is questioned. Principles come first. That would also explain why those three amphibians in Perak are now getting a taste of the real medicine.

Sofea, these are the sort of things that should have been considered at the interview in order to get real- life reactions, not artificial,padded pro-party, puffinations that won't lead to a civil society, let alone a clean, honest and fulfilling government.'

a: 'Wow, Sir! I've shrunk at your riposte. What then should we the rakyat do?'

B: 'Take them all to the limits, Sofea but this time vote Pakatan into Putrajaya on the ABU ticket and vote Barisan out into the Opposition for one term.

After all, just on numbers alone, now impregnated with indons, bangla's, cambodians, filipinos, pakistani's and thai's, Umno can easily walk back in but in GE14. Give Pakatan a five-year mandate to run this country. The days of Mahathir, Daim, Najib and Muhyiddin, and all those semi-uncouth bunch of Umno, Umno Youth and Umno Wanita - they are over. This country cannot afford another round of them. It's all very expensive spin to the rakyat, and torrential leakage to the cronies.'

A: 'I see what you mean, Sir. It's the only way for the rakyat to get the best deal. Pakatan has to work doubly hard to undo the damage done by Umno and Barisan. If it falters, it will be cooked. Umno and Barisan will have to work very hard as the Opposition to win back trust. If it falters, it's history. The voters get the best out of two elephants walking the same tightrope.

If Umno and Barisan are retained as majority after GE13, they will nuke Pakatan to avoid another fight in GE14. This is not good for the rakyat who will lose their voice and see another Mahathir-Daim regime emerge, especially emboldened by Muhyiddin, Mukriz, Khairy, Ibali and the goon mob.'

B: 'Now we go? You need to move your seat forward a bit. The seven million motorists who are also voters should do the same.'

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 16:29  

16 in Sarawak & 12 in Sabah=28. May not even matter if Kedah blows up for PR..

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 20:17  

Ha ha ha.....looks like you interviewed the wrong Oracle and you have been had......what a stupid guy. Always think he is great! Never woke up and smell the coffee!!

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 21:42  

another brilliant article, Walla.
would you get it translated it in BM ?

if the seven million motorists who are also voters,
do not deny umno BIN mahathir daim khairy
the 2/3, then it is bumper-to bumper crash into
bankruptcy,tyranny, elitism !

Anonymous,  9 March 2012 at 22:31  

Thank you Walla Sir. Your pieces of writing were brilliant, punched with many hardlined facts and truth.

What a wonderful, meaningful read just like Sak's!

Keep writing such pieces as more readers will understand the ABSOLUTE need to ABU this GE13!

Thank you once again Walla Sir!

**stands and applauses**

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 12:40  

Dato Sak,
We are very appreciative of Daim's recent interview, because it is apple polishing and bottom sampling Najib'S to his grave yard earlier than later.

Taib Mahmud (TM) had openly said that, who will retire faster than him, that is well said, that in any worst case scenario, he will have to pull the plug at the last minute and everything in the BN/UMNO will go haywire. After all in politic, everything is possible.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 20:44  

Daim is a spent force in politics and was kisked out as finance minister by Mahathir in 2001.
The interview was not Daim's ori. Media added a lot of stuff to placate Umno and make the readers feel good.

Kampong man,  10 March 2012 at 21:11  

Anwar tried to use the oil royalty issue by giving Sabah and Sarawak 20% oil royalty if PR wins but end up securing merely 1(one) MP seat in Sabah and Sarawak at Kota Kinabalu and Kuching respectively in 2008.

Now Sak is speculating that Sarawak and Sabah will loose 16 and 12 parliamentary seats respectively.I think it is too overly optimistic and is a far fetched... Sabah and Sarawak will continue to be BN fixed deposits. My two years stay in Miri , Sarawak teaches me that sarawakians are loyal people and Taib will remain as the MAN there and will always with BN.They will help BN to get back the 2/3 majority needed subject to Selangor and Kedah are won by BN.Anyone disagree ?

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 08:02  

ha, welcome back Kampong Man. Good to hear from you again.
Sak's prediction that Sarawak and Sabah will loose 16 and 12
parliamentary seats respectively is not impossible to come to
pass. Provided the Sarawakians, in particularly must be sickened
to their core of Taib and his goons and their lies, corruptions, ill gotten wealth, decades overdue development beyond their major cities, have reached the troposphere.

Kampong Man, with due respect to you, but I would like fellow Sarawakians to always carry their innate muhibbah spirit, sweet-nature, loyalty and nurture it as our martabat, but also on matters solidly focused no longer on leaders who fail, but on integrity, integrity, integrity, accountability, fairness and true democracy. Cheers. Salam.

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