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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Tangled Web UMNO Weaved (1)

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

That’s the whole problem with UMNO in short. It has deceived the country and most of all it has deceived the Malays into believing that only UMNO can deliver Malays to the Promised Land. And it continues to weave the web and got itself entangled that the only way to free the Malaysian races is to destroy the web of deceit. 
Let’s us now resolved to do just that. Kick out the band of robbers and the trader of false hopes. Let  us kick out the deceivers. 
It forfeited what it got- power since 1957 to accomplish what it set out to do, uplift the Malays. Why? Because it started on the wrong premise, and that premise wasn’t adapted and evolved into the engine to uplift Malays first (since UMNO’s struggle and raison detre is to serve Malay interest) and this country.
What’s the fundamental flaw in that premise?  The fundamental flaw is, and this is what I believe personally, you think by having article 153 in our constitution, the position of Malays would be automatically improved. No one in Malaysia, including the DAP leadership dispute the meaning and intention of article 153 as far as it involves the protection of Malay rights and so forth. UMNO rule of over 50 over years has proven to us one thing- that legislating rights do not confer the desired effects without applying dedication, quality leadership and determination over well thought of policies to accomplish what article 153 sets out to do. UMNO hasn’t provided those other than living off article 153 and stoking the fears of the Malays, believing that just by having that article, Malay position would be automatically improved. 
Let’s have a small debate over this fundamentally flawed premise which we can only resolve by offering a better alternative. But first, let us do away with some minor irritants. 
I find it pitiful the half spirited responses of UMNO supporters here in my blog. The way they responded show they are in sixes and sevens. They can only do the ad hominem attacks and make unreasoned judgment calls. Example- I reasoned out why UMNO will be rejected, they can only respond with a miserable and very personalized statement- no!  UMNO can triumph. 

Here, we present to you a reasonably argued position and you can only respond by giving one or two sentenced rejoinders with expletives and exclamations? You are at liberty to hold that view but please honor us with some reasoning. That which is written cavalierly cannot be expected to be taken seriously. If you insist you want to respond in such a wishy-washy manner, may we recommend some of the gutter quality pro UMNO blogs? 
But I also understand their frustration. They must say something. Even making an incomprehensible noise. Then there is this habitual spiteful question asking me whether this morning I have already sucked Guan Eng’s or Ki Siang’s D**K. That’s the UMNO quality. UMNO is the sugar glider hiding in the pouch of article 153 as they interpret it. 
UMNO has reached its end. Malays don’t have to feel sentimental about it. We can’t hasten nor postpone its demise. UMNO has survived on several myths spun and drilled into the Malay subconscious over generations. It has survived on the myth that Malays and UMNO are inextricably linked.  

The myths we mean include:-
(1)        The fate of Malays rests on the fate of UMNO.
(2)        The fate of Malay rulers is linked to the fate of UMNO.
(3)        The fate of Islam depends on the fate of UMNO. 

This is UMNO’s trinity of falsehoods.  These formed the foundation of UMNO’s legitimacy with the Malays. It makes itself out as the protector of Malay rights- protects the Malay, their religion and their country as represented by Malay rulers. Expose the myths and UMNO loses legitimacy. This now, is the overriding fear of UMNO because it can no longer defend its legitimacy and therefore its reason to continue to be in power. 
The only and principal reason why UMNO is coming to its inglorious end is because these myths are no longer sustainable. A party that survives on falsehoods and not sustained by principles, can never endure. This is the gravest mistake of UMNO. Its claim to be pragmatic really means, it makes up whatever is convenient as it goes along.
After over 50 years of leading the nation, what has UMNO achieved for the Malays? Development? UMNO has overrated itself. 
Development is not something unique to UMNO. Every party that has power can carry out development. We should be able to separate government and political party. A political party does not own the government. It legislates yes- but the implementation is carried out by civil servants- beholden to the constitutional ruler. So UMNO can’t go around claiming only they can bring on development. The governments in Penang, Kelantan, Selangor, and Kedah also carry out development, indeed the development there has been achieved on more meritorious grounds. These states have better reserves, operated and achieved surplus budgets and have been able to avoid wasteful spending. Those are sterling qualities of good governments. 
Last week PM Najib, leader of the party that lives on falsehoods and deception, lectured the people not to repeat their mistake. What mistake? The only mistake which people are now realizing is that UMNO and BN has fleeced the country. This is a government that subsidizes its falsehoods on mounting debt. The public debt in relation to our GDP is almost reaching the camel back breaking point. Yet the country’s incompetent and ignorant leaders are proclaiming it’s all right. And we have not even counted the value of guarantees given by this government to incompetent GLCs which, if they default, places all the questionable loans given to questionable people with questionable business proposals, on the shoulders of the people. 
RM1.3 trillion of ill-gotten money has been spirited out of the country over a period of 10 years. RM 130 billion of which could be injected into the national budget to finance development funding. In addition we have RM 20 billion a year lost on leakages- an euphemism for corruption.  We try to convince ourselves that using a refined term is able to assuage our sensibilities.


Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 09:26  

Datuk Sak,

UMNO since Mahathir's time hijacked article 153 and the NEP for its own benefit of enriching its leaders, their families and cronies. UMNO under the great Pharaoh Mahathir had successfully deceived the Malay masses and blackmailed the Royalty into believing that UMNO is their saviour and protector. After 50 years, we still see many Malays struggling to make a living and young Malays uni graduates with mental capabilities not much better than Lower Cambridge Education (LCE) students in the bye gone British education system.

The great Pharaoh Mahathir, with his Kerala roots, did learned a lot from the Indian Maharajas which is to keep the masses stupid and ignorant while at the same time provided a decent overseas education for his own children. The result is for all to see. His children are drowning in wealth and power and so are his UMNO and business "machais" and their children.

The sad truth is there are still many Malays who would kiss the feet of this great Pharaoh and his appointed successors such as Najib and Muhyiddin just to get the crumbs which these deceitful UMNO leaders brush off their few thousand ringgit Italian suits or batik shirts. How does one get the message across to these ignorant and naive Malay masses that UMNO had destroyed their potentially better livelihood?

bruno,  29 March 2012 at 09:56  

Dato,what these Umnoputras or the people running Umno thinks is that they deserved the right to rule and run the country to the ground.Instead of guiding the Malays to better education and a higher standard of living,they have instead deprived them by stealing the money meant to upgrade their living standards.

Money meant for education,training and entreprenership were siphoned elsewhere.Only a minority targeted for these aid actually got them.The majority are left to fend for themselves and are left behind.Them these crooks turned around and blamed the misery they caused on their fellow Malays on the Chinese.

That is what the Ali twins are for,to serve the purposes of Umno.To do the dirty and filty work of Umnoputras.Up till today Hassan Ali is still searching for the talking bibles.They only know how to resort to dirty tactics because they have immunity from the law.

The comments posted from some of their supporters are written by uneducated fouled mouth creatures.Sometimes what they say makes no sense,except the vulgarity they sprewed.These are the actions of losers.Even these hardcore supporters who comment here know that they are backing a lost cause,sensing from their lack of energy from their comments.

Even Kampong Man has toned down on his critisism.QD has even resorted to asking for help from the heavens too.These hardcores are resorting to hope.In the real world,it is an unwritten rule that when one resorts to hope,it is the beginning of the end.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 10:53  

Not every civil servant grovel at Mahathir's feet.

In a recent gathering of top Malay civil servant for a briefing with the man, a great number walked out when he did not answer the audience question on why Kelantan was not given their oil royalty when Kelantan is a majority Malay state.

But the man is still walking as if he did nothing wrong to the Malays.

May he live long and see the downfall of UMNO/BN...

OneMalaysian,  29 March 2012 at 10:57  

Dear Sakmongkol

“After over 50 years of leading the nation, what has UMNO achieved for the Malays? Development? UMNO has overrated itself.”

Politicians and political parties seek power to achieve their objectives. So for being in power for 55 continuous years UMNO has little to show.

Have the lot of the Malays improved? In absolute terms, yes. But so have those of every other nation. But progress is also measured in relative terms. Against the Chinese – in reality that seems to be the real measure here – the plain answer is no. But the Chinese are not interested in competing with the Malays. They are interested in competing with everybody, here or internationally. It is a bit like playing badminton. You don’t just want to beat Malaysians. You want to beat everybody.

So the Chinese mind-set and the Malay mind-set are quite different. The Malay is always measuring himself against the Chinese Malaysian. But the Chinese Malaysian doesn’t look over his shoulder to see where the Malay is. He is looking ahead trying to catch the Singaporean or Korean or Taiwanese.

This is where Article 153 comes in. The Malay sees this – actually that is how UMNO sees it – as the leveler. This is the special provision that they think guarantees them a certain portion of the cake. They do not understand that Article 153 merely guarantees certain OPPORTUNITIES (educational places, certain licences i.e. opportunities to make money, etc) but it does not guarantee OUTCOMES. But UMNO has over the years concentrated on outcomes. You cannot have something that you did not make or create, unless you take it away from someone else. The Chinese are unhappy because they pay most of the taxes, much of which is wasted by imprudent spending and corruption in government procurement. They are unhappy that opportunities are now harder to come by, and the well-connected UMNO Malays are getting the special deals that they then sell to them under Ali-Baba arrangements – that is, rent seeking. That is why our economy is under-performing compared to ASEAN neighbours.

Article 153 did not help the Malays as was intended. But it enriched a new class of constitutional Malays (which was never the intention); it created a class of rent seekers; it suppressed the entrepreneurial spirit of the wealth creators. We must help the Malays, but Article 153 needs to be better understood and better interpreted. The NEP and its subsequent variants are a poor interpretation of a noble intention. It really helped no one.

Rakan Media Rakyat News 29 March 2012 at 11:00  

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

Minta jasa baik pihak Tuan untuk linkkan blog JOURNEYMAN dalam SENARAI 'BLOG PILIHAN' milik Tuan agar maklumat dan info2 Politik dapat kita kongsi bersama.

Akhir Kalam, semoga penulisan anda dapat memberi inspirasi buat pembaca lebih matang dalam menentukan masa depan politik Negara, Insyaallah.

Blog anda juga telah saya senaraikan antara blog menarik yang WAJIB dikunjungi pembaca di blog saya. Sekian. TERIMA KASIH

"Paparan Info Politik menjangkaui sempadan ideologi."

Krishna 29 March 2012 at 11:02  

Islam and the Malay race existed long before anyone coined the word UMNO. They will both survive and exist without UMNO.

Najib says that only BN can govern. Naib says only BN can deliver. The Auditor-General's reports says otherwise.

Najib says that the flood alleviation program cannot be implemented if BN does not win Selangor. I ask why were you not able to do so in the years when BN governed the state.

Najib says that he cannot implement the poverty alleviation program because the Selangor government took back the land belonging to the foundation. I ask, what did the foundation do in the years when they had the land.

bruno,  29 March 2012 at 11:12  

Dato,the period of cooking the books by the crooks in the ruling regime is coming to an end.Even if Umno/BN were to hang on by a thread after the GE,that is by excessive cheating and by deploying all its might in the manupilation of the public institutions.They will eventually be thrown out by the people.

Why,because all the cash is almost gone.Even cash rich EPF is almost pokkai.Last year in buying some prime rental properties in upscale London,the cash rich EPF has to borrow from banks to the tune of several hundred million pounds.Why pay a higher interest to banks when the EPF is supposed to be a cash rich cow.

How about Petronas.Has anyone seen their accounts.Maybe their accounts is under the official secret's act and only the PM and his trusted deputies can have access to.

When the markets one day wake up and refused to buy the bonds offered by the GOM,they will have dificulty in servicing the nation's debt,lest to say paying the wages of the civil servants.

Then the retirement age being raised.This will offered the EPF some extension of temporary life.But eventually they will play the Maddy Madoff game.So either way they will run out of cash and all the cheating will not help them.Then they will be chased out and beaten by broom wielding mak'ckiks.

manfrommachap 29 March 2012 at 12:15  

I would still hold on to the belief that UMNO empowers the Malays if they had done what the Chinese party of both divide had done that is build and strengthen the Chinese school in all aspects which has now bear fruits upon the Chinese community. Name me one school that emulates the chinese school that is all built and strengthen ny UMNO. The answer is zilch. Yes, the government have all the schools that favours the Malays much to the chagrin of the opther races which has now become the bone of contention. But that is what the government is doing for the Malays, which rightfully would have to accord the same to the nonMalays. So what have UMNO done on its own, without using the government's (tax payers) money?

Other than playing politics, trivial things such as football tournaments and its likes; other than that, nothing.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 12:18  

I wish the young Malay in the universities will read this blog.

I would say there is no Malay writer who has analysed UMNO in such depth and as you have done in this blog.

This blog can awaken the young Malay mind.

Only the Malays can decide their future and the future of their children and their children's children.
Meanwhile the UMNO Malays leaders will light their cigars with a RM 10.00 note.
Look at Nazri and his son.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 12:40  

To all UMNO die hard supporters. Read the article below and use reason and common sense to make your choice.


"Najib Razak, the prime minister, fallaciously thinks that the Opposition in the country is all about Anwar Ibrahim. So as the election fervour is making its grip among politicians on both divides there is a surly group purportedly with Najib’s blessings and with the obvious help of the mainstream media adopting character assassination as a political offense on Anwar.

Indulging in gutter politics must be a bad diktat on Najib’s part. He does not seem to have the political will to stop this garbage politics. The people have had enough of this mucky approach to politics. Najib is fast digging his own grave. He is also dragging UMNO into the bog faster than anyone could think of.

Najib is still oblivious of the fact that the people have opportunely accepted a two-party system for the country. They feel that with such a system there can be an apposite check-and-balance of a government for the betterment of the nation. Anwar is thus not the real issue here, as what the people are demanding is a sustainable two-party system for a better deal from politicians.

Many capable leaders blossoming in the Opposition

It is no more Anwar that will determine the fate of the Opposition as how Najib will determine the fate of UMNO. The people are now wary looking into the performance of the nation on the whole – comparing this with the sterling performance of the four states under the Opposition. The outcome of this observation will see which party can take control of the nation after the 13th general election – with or without Anwar.

It is a known fact that there are many capable young leaders blossoming in the Opposition who can at any time replace Anwar as the leader. But Anwar on his part has done one great service as a politician to the nation and that is, he has helped unify the Opposition into a cohesive force against Barisan Nasional (BN). This is his bequest for all Malaysians to treasure, though this political scenario may not be in UMNO’s favour.

To UMNO, it must always be UMNO-led BN – the one and only coalition – to govern this nation. But UMNO-led BN has literarily failed the nation after 54 years of holding on to power. It has observably bred arrogance among the leaders. The perception is that widespread corruptions, abuse of power and mistrustful financial mismanagement have put the country in severe debt. The country if allowed to proceed in this manner will soon be on the brink of bankruptcy. This is self-made by UMNO and it is not the issue of Anwar here that UMNO is sinking.

Anwar is now 64 years old and under him in PKR are many talented leaders who can take over his place if he decides to retire from active politics. Anwar has for long unassumingly groomed a few potential personalities for this job within the Opposition pact, unlike what Najib has done within UMNO.


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:41  


Is all for himself

Unlike Anwar, Najib as a politician is all for himself. He has little confidence in his deputy, Muhyuddin Yassin, who he sees as an immediate threat to him if he fails to garner enough support for UMNO in the 13th general election. Neither has he much confidence in any other stalwarts in UMNO as he considers them all as threats to his position as well. He is all alone fighting a battle within his party and against the Opposition. Daim aptly described Najib as “a general without an army.”

Ambitious Khairy Jamaluddin has been put in cold-storage right after Najib took over as prime minister for fear that this young leader will mount a “coup” to topple him. Neither is Mukhriz Mahathir or Hishamuddin Hussein his trusted and reliable allies. Many political observers believe that Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s rib, is playing a subtle role in ensuring that Najib remains the prime minister.

But then Najib is a man all for himself – trying tremendously hard to build up himself as a political icon. He spent the past three years more on enhancing his image rather than building the nation. He has the proclivity to only hear pleasant things from those around him, play safe in politics and astutely keep away from controversial issues. On the ground the people perceive him as a leader with a lot of skeletons in the closet and unfortunately these images do keep haunting him. And this too has nothing to do with Anwar.

An UMNO member has this say about Najib: “Never in the history of UMNO has so controversial a figure become its leader. And this has no doubt become a flavoursome fodder for the Opposition.” Najib play-safe approach to politics is much to the detriment of UMNO. He does not even have the political guts to ask Sharizat Jalil quit her post as Wanita Chief, or her ministerial post with immediate effect since the RM250million NFCorp scandal cropped up. The complaints against most of the misdemeanours in his government have been swept under the carpet. Denial syndrome has become the trademark of his way of governance. Beyond that, Najib is well-known for his flip-flop economic policies and this has made the people lose confidence in him as a leader. Some UMNO members would still prefer the Mahathir-style of leadership where firmness in decisions was the order. The general perception is also that Najib has failed to mend up the image of the police, judiciary and the MACC. This too has nothing to do with Anwar.

Evasive to the many complaints

The people perceive UMNO under Najib is tainted with widespread corruption and cronyism. There is lack of transparency in his economic plans despite his promise to the people that the government will be more accountable in all financial dealings. The EPF (Employment Provident Fund) has been reduced to a mere 40% as a chunk of it has been taken by the government to give out as loans to cronies with trifling amount in interests. As to whom the money was lent to, nobody knows all. And many contracts given out under negotiated tenders have failed and the companies bailed out. And nobody understands all why this process should continue.

Najib’s denial and defensive ways of getting out of criticism has become his trademark. He has been evasive to the many complaints levelled against him on his failed economic policies, the many shady issues relating to the procurement of defence equipment, huge commissions paid out for these transactions, the Altantuya’s murder case, the AG’s and police misdemeanours, his cronies becoming richer, he and his rib’s expensive lifestyle, financial leakages in government expenses, wastage of public funds, poor health service that is going to be revamped soon with a crony-based ICare Health Scheme, deteriorating standard of education, the poor becoming poorer and worst of all racial politics and the lack of religious tolerance – all of which have made him being perceived as a weak prime minister. The Opposition is thus gaining so much strength for all these reasons – not duly to Anwar’s charisma as a leader per se.


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:44  


They will spin to Najib’s tune

UMNO under Najib’s leadership has become very weak – the weakest since Mahathir officially left the scene. UMNO is now being perceived as a party more for the elite. It’s branded as a party where leaders drive expensive cars, own high-end properties locally and overseas, have an expensive taste in life and are big-time spenders, are corrupt and arrogant. They hear ministers and their families becoming filthy rich within a short period of time after holding top political posts when the ordinary people are becoming poorer.

They hear arrogant ministers and their children getting involved in shady social activities and scuffles. Apparently, UMNO has lost support from those who are aware of all these misdeeds by their leaders and family members. Only some rural voters are still unaware of all this. So, losing the support of the urban and learned voters Najib’s only resources now is to go round duping the rural voters. Only in this arena could he mischievously side track the truth and play the usual game of race and religion to win the support of the Malays.

And for this to materialise effectively the mainstream media (MSM) is used all-out to cover up issues detrimental to UMNO and keep on lying to the masses. MSM will spin to Najib’s tune to mislead the innocent rural population into believing all the blatant lies on Anwar and the Opposition. And with that comes some short-term rewards for these people such as the BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) RM500 “bribe” to make them feel good about the government. And with this too comes all the promises that can never be fulfilled after the general election – for not only the poor Malays but also the poor Indians and Chinese.

The majority Malays are becoming poorer by the day as nothing much has reached them under the NEP. The poor among them even have to take a big PTPTN loan for their education when children of ministers and their cronies have the means or are given scholarships to further their studies overseas. When the ordinary Malaysians are forced to study locally, children of these wealthy and well-connected people could afford overseas’ education. The Chinese and Indians too are pissed off with all the basic but empty promises given to them sby UMNO for the past 54 years. The Chinese gets the least from the government. They have to stand on their own feet to survive and fortunately they have the resilience to do this. Thus those disappointed with Najib and UMNO-led BN are picking on the Opposition. Why blame Anwar then for all the misdeeds created by Najib and UMNO?


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:46  


The recent “nambikei-tembikai” issue

And to survive education is important to the Chinese community as they do not want their children to be deprived of good education wherein positive traits are being nurtured in their children. To the Chinese, education is always a wise investment. This is not to promote language bigotry of any sort but to instil in the young some good values in life in order to survive and become more resilient. Over 60,000 Malay pupils are also studying in Chinese schools for this same purpose. But the government cannot even provide Chinese schools adequate trained teachers in Mandarin when religious vernacular schools are being fully helped.

The Indians are of course the most pathetic group and are marginalised in many ways. The recent “nambikei-tembikai” issue raised by Hindraf is yet another witty reminder to Najib that the Indians can only hope for nothing under his leadership. Over 60% of the Indians are still poor and are now aware of all the empty promises made by UMNO for the past 54 years. And, unsurprisingly, they are opting for an alternative government to change their fate.

For all the dissatisfaction, Malaysians of all races are looking for a better political deal and thus the advent of a two-party system. They cannot depend on a single party – BN– to determine their future. Today we observe that the Opposition has managed to garner support of over half of the Malaysian voters.

Credit should be given to Anwar, no doubt, for making the people aware of all the shortcomings under UMNO-led BN and for his effort in creating a strong Opposition. But the Opposition that exists today has grown much stronger and formidable than Anwar. Even without Anwar, the Opposition will remain as a robust entity in Malaysian politics. The reality of having a two-party system has now become imbued in the people’s psyche all because of UMNO’s failure for the past 54 years and not just because of Anwar factor.

Not all UMNO members are with Najib, though. Many UMNO members are dejected by what is going on under Najib’s leadership. But being very feudal-minded they would naturally put up a stance that they support the party. The 2008 general election saw almost half of UMNO members vote for the Opposition. This is how real Malays show their protest against an entity they hate.


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:48  


“Backdoor” ministers and senators

They are also not happy that Najib has appointed too many “backdoor” ministers by first making them senators. “Najib must be the only prime minister in Malaysian history to have done so at the chagrin of many UMNO members. Those MPs who have been working hard to please the voters feel that they are left out,” quipped an UMNO MP. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was none other than the appointments of Ezam Mohd Nor and Solaimalai Nallakaruppan as senators – the two political opportunists. This has irked many UMNO members. The taxpayers too are questioning the rationale for their appointments as senators. “Are they appointed to serve the nation, UMNO or Najib?” asked an UMNO member. Naturally, the Opposition members are equally peeved about these appointments.

This move, according to critics, is obviously Najib’s ploy to use these two political clowns for his own political survival by making them go for personal attacks on Anwar. Little does Najib realise that he himself has many skeletons in the closet. To most UMNO members the two political misfits appointed as senators have not contributed anything worthwhile for the development of the nation. Another UMNO lawmaker has this say: “This is crazy. What have they done for UMNO or the nation to deserve these appointments? There are many others who deserve more to become senators but are left out. We know…this is for Najib’s survival.”

Another former UMNO Branch leader noted, “This is how Najib’s administration wastes public funds for his personal benefits. These two jokers were scooped by Najib from the mire to help him build his sinking image.”

Anyway, these disgraceful toadies are now with their newfound masters. These were the same people who were “married” to Anwar in politics at one time. It was a happy “marriage” then. They would be seen on stage together giving fiery speeches condemning Mahathir, Najib and UMNO. One of them even claimed that he had “boxes of evidence” against UMNO on corruption. But until today the people have not seen those secret boxes. The other guy was singing praises for Anwar all the way until when he could not contest a state seat in Selangor against a BN candidate and was later advised not to contest a vice president’s post in PKR. He became sullenly aloof and left the party. Can the people then trust these hopping politicians?


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:50  


Disaffected and traitorous turncoats

They are real ingrates who have lost grassroots support. But these disaffected and traitorous turncoats had no shame to crawl to the very party and leader they used to condemn at one time without shame to become relevant in politics. But to their newfound master, Najib, this is a real chance for him to turn them into lapdogs by exploiting them to the ceiling for his own benefits. Anyway, soon these political scraps will be thrown out after the master has achieved what he wants in politics. But it looks like their mission to attack Anwar is backfiring. Nobody wants to listen to them.

These infamous two lackeys are deliberately being made use of to smear Anwar thinking that the Opposition is all about Anwar. It will be an ineffective trade as the maverick Opposition leader is already immune to this kind of politics. He knows that the Opposition will stay as a strong entity even without him around. Even UMNO members are aware that despite all the smearing tactics purportedly used by Najib with the zealous help of unsellable Utusan Malaysia and unwatchable TV3 the Opposition is getting stronger by the day. In the 2008 general election, the Opposition won 51% of the popular votes and Barisan only 49%. According to political observers, with the present political and economic scenario the Opposition can garner more votes in the 13th general election that what they secured in the last general election.

In one of the recent local university survey only less than 6% of the people believe in all the wild accusations and personal attacks against Anwar. In other words, MSM is doing an unjust duty for political reasons to please their masters – Najib and UMNO. Thus all the political tricks supposedly adopted by Najib have thus far failed and in fact it has readily backfired. The more Anwar is smeared the more the support is for Anwar and this trickles down to the Opposition. As mentioned, the Opposition of today is bigger than Anwar. UMNO is still ignorant of this phenomenon. The people are for the Opposition, with or without Anwar. It is just like those who support UMNO – they are for UMNO, with or without Najib.

A former UMNO leader in Kedah said, “Najib can go and get as many people as he wants to do personal attacks on Anwar. But the Opposition is not all about Anwar. Just like UMNO is not all about Najib. Najib has to accept the fact that the Opposition has grown to become a formidable entity – with or without Anwar. ”


Iruga 29 March 2012 at 12:51  


Opposition will remain strong

The people have had enough of “sex recipes” in politics. These recipes are not turning into food on the table. Prices of food is skyrocketing, corruption is on the rise, the rich are becoming richer, the poor among all races are anguished, the elite group have their children educated overseas, education in local public universities is not free, toll has not been abolished, savings are getting a negligible amount of interest and prices of commodities are spiralling. The people hence are not interested in all these irrelevant “sex stories” to bring down Anwar.

The people are keener to have a system that is void of corruption, racial politics and abuse of power. Little do these two minions supported by a few other frustrated sycophants realise that the Opposition is now much bigger than Anwar – with or without Anwar the Opposition will remain as a credible party. They can go on attacking Anwar and this will help the Opposition become stronger.

They were ambitious and their greed for power and positions in the party had made them disappointed. It was this inconsolable disillusionment that made them jump ship. And now they, together with a few other despicable and contemptuous politicians who cast-off friendship, have left their former party to become Najib’s flunkies. This includes a political “loose cannon” who was Anwar’s secret admirer at one time and admitted that she was sleeping with Anwar’s photo under her pillow. Fortunately, Anwar did not take her as his second wife. Ironically, these brownnosers are not questioning all the morally loose characters in UMNO.

By the way, Najib's or Anwar's “sexual prowess” – if there is any worth in it – will not determine the people’s economic and family's future. The people are absolutely sure that Anwar was never a corrupt leader nor was he in any way a principal player in any murder or rape case in the country. The people realise that it is corruption, cronyism and incompetence in governance that will destroy the nation and for these reasons they are seeking justice and a government that is more competent, accountable and transparent – not sex anecdotes to lull the people into a world of fantasy.

The winds of change

As the winds of change gather strength the people are looking for an alternative government. Anwar may have paved the way for a strong Opposition. But today the Opposition can survive even without Anwar around – just like UMNO that is anytime bigger than Najib. Anwar has cohesively cemented the three political parties PKR, PAS and DAP into a strong political body – transforming them into an viable alternative to BN. Any personal attack on Anwar is not going to pull to pieces the Opposition.

Nevertheless, both the Opposition and BN are not perfect. But the people would want to be better served when there is real competition between political parties. They have sought a two-party system and now that this has become a reality in the country, Anwar will soon become secondary to the whole scenario. He can opt to lead the Opposition or just pass the baton of leadership to any of his competent army.

As for Najib it is still nightmarish and distressful. Not only the Opposition are against him but many within UMNO want to see his downfall. The 13th general election is going to be an uphill task for Najib and UMNO.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 13:20  

Salam Datuk Sak,
Sudah 50 tahun kita ada Kerajaan BN Umno. Sudah begitu lama, kita Bumiputra, Malay, Mamak semua masih tak puas hati kerana apa ? Umno BN semua jaga Kroni Cronies lebih dari Rakyat, pasal itu, kita Bumi semua macam orang cacat. Kita di Singapura tengok, mereka tak ada ARticle 153 atau pun Bumiputra Non Bumiputra, mereka Singapore Malay lebih canggih, lebih ber depan dengan world competition, mereka lebih pesat, lebih progress, lebih baik dari Malaysia. Kalau kita boleh, kita mesti learn from Singapore. macam mana kita boleh lebih baik dari mereka, kita Malaysia memang jauh way behind compared to Singapore, HK, Korea, Taiwan etc, kita better change government to PR, jom ABU. continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different result is insane, buat perkara yang sama, yang sama, tetapi harapkan keputusan yang beza, itu gila. so jom Abu.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 13:47  

You said the myths we mean include:-
(1) The fate of Malays rests on the fate of UMNO.
I think more than 50% of Malays have extricated themselves from this. Syabas!

(2) The fate of Malay rulers is linked to the fate of UMNO.
I think almost all the Malay rulers still have their umbilical cords firmly attached to their UMNO Mothership and are still being breastfed.

(3) The fate of Islam depends on the fate of UMNO.
I think only the PAS and Keadilan members and some intellectuals change their political diapers regularly enough. UMNO supporters reckon the turd stuck firmly in their backside courtesy of UMNO is part of their major anatomy.

OneMalaysian,  29 March 2012 at 14:50  

Dear Sakmongkol

Allow me to follow up with my earlier comments about Article 153 and how it has come to bedevil Malaysian politics, and more specifically Chinese-Malay relationships.

Cast our minds back to 1956, when the Reid Commission was set up to write the Constitution as part of the process leading to Independence. In exchange for granting non-Malays the right to citizenship, the bargain was that the “special position” of the Malays would have to be safeguarded. This was written in Article 153 of the Constitution where a proportion of quotas in permits, licences, educational opportunities and positions in the public service were to be reserved for Malays, and later, natives of Sabah and Sarawak. This reservation of quotas and opportunities was not originally meant to be a never-ending provision, but for only a limited time. Subsequent amendments after 1969 removed the time limitation.

Now, let’s imagine what the Reid Commission saw in 1956. The Chinese were economically ahead of the Malays, who lived mainly in rural areas, cut off from the mainstream of economic life and without the educational opportunities that came with living in towns. Sure, even at that time we had Indian Muslims, Pakistanis, Arabs, Turks, etc. But they were not the Malays that Lord Reid had in mind when his Commission drafted Article 153. He was thinking about giving more educational and economic opportunities to the “original Malays” then living near subsistence in rural and semi-rural Malaya, not to those Indian Muslims, Pakistanis and Arabs who lived in towns as small traders and such.

It was quite clear as to whom Article 153 was intended to help. But sometime in the 1980s when Mahathir was PM – he registered himself to study medicine in Singapore declaring himself Indian Muslim – some people gave a whole new meaning to “Malay” by invoking the definition of Article 160 (Interpretations), wherein “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speak the Malay language and conforms to Malay custom.

So a big loophole emerged, and through it all those “non-original Malays” that Article 153 was not meant to help, crawled in as “constitutional Malays”. Today, we can see this new class of Malays taking full advantage of the Article 153. The original Malays are aggrieved; they are unhappy; they feel that Article 153 has not helped them, as it should have. Bad laws, however well intended, will always be abused. The solution is not easy, but for the Malays to make real progress, they must stop using Article 153 and the NEP as crutches. Those are not passports to a better future. But first they will have to get rid of UMNO, which keeps reminding them that they cannot walk on their own.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 15:59  

The biggest task for PKR is to win the heart and minds of rural folks who has been under the spell of UMNO Baru for the last 34 years.

Suci Dalam Debu 29 March 2012 at 16:17  


I truly treasure the comments in this thread.

Thank you all for making me even want to do more for PR. I will contribute in whatever way I can to make a 2-party system a reality.

Mahathir should have his day in court. So is Najib. The rest should start queuing up.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 17:16  

Salam Dato,

I think it's enough of us to talk about the "bad behaviour" of the UMNO and BN. Almost everybody knows that. It's crystal clear.

I suggest if Pakatan Rakyat holds more seminar, forum dicussions with rakyat on every level starting from tukang sapu jalan to high level income people. The discussion should be 2 way communications. No need protocol. Be free and open air discussion.

Example :

1. AI should have 2-way discussion with maybe low income people first. Hear what this group want to say. Then a group of young engineers, a group of young entrepreneurs, veterans from different experience and so forth. This should not only be done in KL only, but also to Sabah and Sarawak also. Maybe 2 or three major towns in each state.

2. Set up a Facebook, where Pakatan Rakyat open for suggestion where RAKYAT can put forward what Pakatan Rakyat should do if given Putrajaya administration.

What I mean here is the normal ceramah, where AI always talk about UMNO, talk about his recent visits to other country to INdia to Turkey, his history in jail, the corruption of big cronies. I think at certain time it might be quite boring. Maybe AI should put more focus on the Buku Jingga, what Pakatan Rakyat wants to to do. It's not about empty promises. It's about PR wants to "perbetulkan" apa kepincangan yang sedia ada. Not too academic, but just like bincang santai-santai, then it will be more interesting.

Maybe during ceramah, not only AI, but can bring some RAKYAT of PR led state to give short speech on what PR leaders have done in the state. Then RAKYAT of other states can understand what PR had done and their success.

Be more PRACTICAL, SPECIFIC and RAKYAT ORIENTED while delivering messages the Malaysian people.

As in world of business, be practical in MARKETING strategies, not too much on other peoples product, but we should put more emphasis on OUR PRODUCT and it's strength.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 18:28  

@ Anon 29 March 2012 10:53
" a great number walked out when he did not answer the audience question on why Kelantan was not given their oil royalty. " it gave hope for a new dawn, - a little teary for a man with mature sensitivity.

@ Anonymous, 29 March 2012 12:18 - met two final year students from UKM the other day - from the kampong - worried about not finding employment - suggested to them not to be afraid to work hard - do any decent even low wages for a start is fine - to gain invaluable job experience - to take care of their elderly parents in the kampong - to vote to END grafts, lavish spending of rakyat's tax contribution ; then they asked to verify about the Rakyat's money spent on cincin, hermes handbags, ( check it out for themselves as young educated ladies ) unemployment, crimes etc !!!

@ Krishna, good question !

@ Suci Dalam Debu - Brave heart for all your convictions ... from the ashes will rise New Hopes !

Thank you and God bless each individual who contributes a little, some so much each day to realize our hopes for our nation until the election is done and work harder together - with integrity henceforth !

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 18:46  

Anon 29 March 2012 17:16
what brilliant solution provider ! not kedekut to share ideas with both our dear Saudara Sak & Saudara Aspan for the benefits to relate better, to win the hearts and mind of the people - in particularly the kampong people, as well as those poor in the cities who dahagakan pembangunan to have jobs to provide decent meals and a shelter, good education for their children, and meaningful jobs for the youths, many of which our grandparents and parents had embattled and persevered for us to have a future now - still vivid in our mind.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 22:01  

Deak Sak,

“The Philippines managed to arrange overseas voting for its citizens in Singapore. "

From the New York Times: Malaysians Living Abroad Want a Say in Next Election.

In reply to a mindful guest's query the other day.

Anonymous,  29 March 2012 at 22:21  

The man that can walk on water and regarded as a saint by all die hard UMNO members said that "UMNO is short of smart Malays". This is the 2nd time he is telling the truth. The first time was when he said "UMNO is now corrupt to the core".

And yet many are still loyal to UMNO. This is what we call blind loyalty despite the many financial astrocities committed by UMNO. What a stupid bunch of supporters.

Devlin,  29 March 2012 at 23:06  

Dear Krishna, think you hit the nail squarely. Yes, malays and islam/muslims have been here long before UMNO's claim of guardian representation. So why can't the malays and islam/muslim stand without UMNO and or represented by another guardian? The analysed thoughts of this article shows clearly the falsehood and non achievements of UMNO. Just a thought but the Opposition should bring this message across...the message of individual thought and choice, the reality of the benefits enjoyed by the 'ward' of the sel-proclaim guardian over the ages

Quiet Despair,  29 March 2012 at 23:10  

So true the words by Sir Walter Scott who penned the lines in 1808.If I remember well, it has 6 stanzas which I have to memorize in school.
In modern parlance, the Scottish author/poet was saying the truth shall set us free.
And bro Sak, wants us to destroy the web of deceit right NOW.
How to when we don't feel that we were being deceived for 55 years?
That we don't feel repentant to trust again or that we are fools to allow ourselves being lied too.
That we did enjoy some bounty from the so-called deceiver, though some more than others.
That our esteemed Sak too was a part of the system. Not just a part like us all, but a major cog in the spinning wheel. That he only now realized it!
And should we clean that cobwebs to be replaced by the web of a tarantula.
Someone whom we feel is the ultimate liar. The Emperor of deceit or Maha Agong Penipu.
We don't want to be tangled with a new web of deceptions that is so apparent and clear.
He refused to even accept the two subpoenas served on him on the Hong Leong case. Why? It's just as a witness when he was Finance Minister.
Then the qazaf case which is still pending.
The latest is the RM100 million suit he served on his former tennis partner, Nalla on his alleged immoralities.
Then maybe faced an impeachment in the Dewan Rakyat.
Are we prepared to have such a leader when we want someone who can lighten our burdens of livelihood. Not us worrying about his travails.
If we can have a better leader, then maybe we can destroy the old.
The men you are anointing and his chohorts were the splinters of the party we want to rid of.
That it will be same old, same old. And sure worse off.
We are so scared. Very scared.
By the way, our kampung old folks think it is "tak baik" usik labah-labah atau musnahkan sarangnya kerana labah-labah bawak rezeki.
And here's another poem by the patriotic Sir Walter called The Lay Of The Last Minstrel.
I am writing this out of memory and if there are errors, my apologies.

Breathes there the man with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land,
Whose heart hath never within him burned,
As home his fates he hath turned?
If such there be, go mark him well,
The wrench, concentrated in itself.
Doubly dying shall go down,
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored and unsung.

Quiet Despair,  29 March 2012 at 23:20  

Sorry. Correction.

Fifth stanza: As home, his footsteps he hath turned?

Seventh stanza: The wretch, concentrated all in self

walla 30 March 2012 at 00:28  

Mahathir himself has now let the Umno cat out of the bag.

In suggesting that Umno fields clean and competent outsiders based on brains and meritocracy, he is finally confirming what the general members of Umno have long concluded - the party has no winnable candidates at all for GE13.

This also reinforces Daim's earlier statement that Barisan is only secure in three states, and they exclude Sabah and Sarawak if one would care to note, so that these two states are therefore no longer to be considered Umno's fixed deposit.

Neither should Umno harbour any pretensions to maintaining its position in Perak, to which Muhyiddin has apparently been busy visiting every week. Perhaps to confirm the additional six thousand postal votes that Zamry must have?

Back to the one who wades. In making his suggestion, Mahathir explained that Umno has been facing a scarcity of competent leaders at the top for decades due to the unwritten policy of restraining those with brains from joining the party.

That political nepotism is now making it difficult to find suitable candidates so that the party will lose if it fields incumbents who are deemed incompetent.

But it's no longer an 'if'. Because there isn't enough time before GE13 is called for Umno to start the tedious process of recruiting, grooming and orientating brainy and competent outsiders to be candidates, if any at all can consider it an honour to join the country's premier band of thieves and hypocrites.

Therefore, based on Mahathir's own diagnosis, Umno will lose. Since he mentioned the cause as due to the lack of meritocracy, one may add, "fittingly so". Unless those who think otherwise are admitting that meritocracy in selecting political leaders is not exactly Umno's cup of teh tarik. Which means they would rather the national leaders of this country be people who would mix politics with business with pleasure so as to liberate the rakyat of their money even while spending it exorbitantly with the bill for the rakyats' children to clear, if at all possible under present and projected economic circumstances.

To reiterate the point, which outsider can find any remnant of the old spirit of Umno these days to be able to volunteer their face, energy and time for the party when its leaders to-date have already completely disrobed the party of all that were the original remits and spirit of Umno?

When the voters add to Mahathir's suggestion his earlier assertion that Umno is rotten to the core with corruption, they must next ask themselves why they are still harboring any residual sentiments for a party which is not only irrelevant and downright destructive of national wealth but also an international embarrassment.

Their veneer of affected normalcy has been punctured by too many scandals and too few credible solutions, let alone any political will that can at the same time be unequivocally clean and competent enough to solve the issues that will cascade right up to polling day.

Their procrastination is not that of laziness but of trying to outwit the rakyat because they uphold more their own self-serving interests, knowing full well if just one of them relents, the entire edifice will be exposed to show how rotten the pally back-patting Umno structure has grown to be. That's why Najib continues to shield Shahrizat.

That structure is infested by nematodes and needs to be demolished at GE13. Pesticides won't work because Umno has had half a century to immunize and inure itself from the rakyats' united call for clean and fair government.

walla 30 March 2012 at 00:29  


Umno's leaders have been honing their sandiwara. Wearing a tudung and carrying a baby is just the kindy stage. Using race, religion, rights and royalty to incite is just the PMR stage.

To graduate, the SPM stage will feature the ultimate election weapon. Perhaps it was a freudian slip when Mahathir mentioned outsiders will make better candidates. Because outsiders will be used as voters?

Those foreigners given instant citizenship will be weaponized by Umno to be its new fixed deposit, taking over from Sabah and Sarawak whose folks are now seething with anger that a fifth column has been inserted into their communities by absorbing foreigners across the borders as citizens, bumiputra's no less, and all with just one objective - shameless and treasonable votes.

And the law minister has to quip that they can't vote because they don't have the MyKad. It is precisely because they have been given the MyKad that they can vote. Why else would the Immigration Dept/Home Ministry be so brazen as to walk away from a parliamentary interview on Project IC/M? In artificially changing the rubric of our Malay society, what affront hasn't been done to our Rulers?!

Indeed, our Malays are today facing a dilemma. Their dilemma is what to do with Mahathir's Malay dilemma, a term he had coined and then deepened and widened using an Umno of his own making.

While Umno the party has been partying for its own elites and tenderputra's as Nazri's son may attest, its general members have to face their own indignity of pretending to be happy and confident while knowing full well that the putra's are first and in front of the queue, leaving the bumi's to pick up crumbs from the floor behind. But all tickets have been taken. The show is now over.

Meanwhile, Najib says we can help Myanmar with its reforms. Considering our own flip-flopping policies, premature confidence, perhaps.

Let it be known that Myanmar was once a rich man of Asia and the moment they realize how far behind they are, their young and hardworking people will do for Myanmar what the same of China and India have respectively done for those two giants.

Let us not have to sink like Burma of old in order to be hungry enough to crawl out of the ashes again sometime after 2020. We can't because the lard has hardened.

It's all about mindset. At risk of over-extension, the same cultural fatalism and wearing of the sarung that are holding back the Myanmar folks resonates a similar pattern here in our own society.

The day they change sarung and sandals to pants and shoes, they will move faster. The month they realize their own fate and destiny lie with their own effort and not some dispensation or largesse from a state hiding its own personal excesses, they will embark on the great journey of life. The year they enjoy the fruits of their own labour, there will be no holding them back from catching up with us. Just eight to ten years, counting now.

Meanwhile, our own labour productivity has achieved a significant milestone. It has been halved. Let this important point sink in, especially in those three thousand brainless nitwits hawing away at Umno's General Assembly, let alone the magical number of 9,000 Umno wanita's who could somehow fit into the same hall as emblem of Shahrizat's inflated support.

At the same time, our planners seem oblivious of developments around us that will knock the stuffing off our national competitiveness.

If, for instance, Myanmar's Dawei port was to be connected inland to Vung Tau in Vietnam under a USD50 Billion project, our Straits trade position will be rendered suboptimal for bunker transport.

But Umno has been too busy fanning itself and parading with neither rhyme nor reason. Just moronic insanity.

walla 30 March 2012 at 00:29  


Take Petronas' one hundred million ringgit air-conditioned pedestrian walkway. What the hell is it really for? To cool some tourists who are here for the sun anyway, or to raise the valuation of property in the vicinity of the towers, or to grease some palms, or to impress some vip?

That's still rakyat money and the rakyat whose children are attending school classes with their feet in flood waters would be happier if the Umno-run government and its GLCs like Petronas were to show some real corporate social responsibility instead and put the rakyat money to better corporate use, not conporate fritter. For that matter, the rakyat whose homes are uncompleted by errant developers or who have been asked to take four hundred thousand ringgit loans only to be told their incomes disqualify them.

And that's why Mahathir's Malay dilemma remains dilemmatic. Because Umno has been weaving a tangled web until the web entangled and starved the spider itself.

There is no reason why our Malay of Malaysia cannot be better than the Malay of Singapore. We need to because the Indonesian Malay is coming up, and the last one checked, there are many many more of them.

The way to do so is to abide by the factors for success that are universal. Thrift, education, hardwork, focus and sacrifice are not the domain of a selected few. They are qualities which apply anywhere to anyone independent of skin or culture.

Umno is already knocked out by the first quality of thrift. It propagates an impudence against the rakyat common by imprudent spending of their money.

Umno is already knocked out by the second quality of education. All the Umno-populated generations of educationists in the MOE, whether lower or higher, are qualified only to be the local version of the KKK. Why else would a cockerel have to be sacrificed this 21st century in this fine and enlightened country once known for the prowess of its scholars in international circles? Today our Malay scholars can't interact at international fora with any level of non-superficial peer quality.

Each and every member of the rakyat, including the foreigners given polaroid citizenship, must do the right thing.

Those who haven't registered to be voters have until this Saturday to register if they want to vote in GE13. They must. Each and every vote counts. Including phantom and postal votes, it seems.

Those who want to vote for the Opposition, please do. Don't stand on ceremony.

This entire post is addressed to the Umno general members. You have been thoroughly webified by the Umno tarantula spider which has a light, fine and tingling - but deadly - touch. The only possible silver lining is that if you get stung by the Umno spider while in Lynas, then it will be radioactive and you will be spiderman.

Personally i prefer cicakman.

So the Umno general member is invited to do what the Umno general member must do -

vote for Umno by crossing the box with an x, and that's to clear your conscience that you have done your best for the party, and then,

vote for the Opposition by crossing the other box also with an x, and that's to register your disgust, protest and what else against the mess and state of this nation, and hope for a better tomorrow for all.

Yes, Umno general members, phantom and postal voters, and foreign voters should spoil their votes.

That will go down in our history as the greatest massive swing achieved by all rakyat, old, young, newly-minted, to save this wayang kulit of a country.

For your young ones.

bruno,  30 March 2012 at 00:30  

Dato,once upon a time Malaysians used to have high regards for the people running the EPF and PNB.They used to be very competent professionals.But nowadays being competent and professional do not fit in the top management's criteria.

The norm of the day now is first of all,all good credentials goes out the window.The criteria in top piority is being a ball carrier,crony and corrupted to the core and most importantly a yesman.

Take the EPF as an example.They gave out loans to individuals who are political cronies or frontmen for the corrupted politicians.The EPF is not a commercial bank whose business is to lend money.And at low interest rates too.Then they went to invest in real estate in a foreign country and borrowed at higher interest rates.Even fools would know that it is a lose lose situation.

PNB who used to have lots of young Malay professionals with lots of potential have made a u-turn,to doing deals that have benefited the other parties rather then the fund.Khazanah too is going to the dogs.

Even the young son of a minister in Jibby's department is going around in his high end playtoy car,with his bodyguard in another expensive car beating up ordinary honest hardworking security guard.One has to wonder why an unknown useless son of a minister,can afford expensive cars and a bodyguard in tow.And his polished bald headed face is that of an ignorant spoilt brat,who is just fresh out from been breast feeded.

Kampong man,  30 March 2012 at 01:41  

Without doubt, it is only UMNO being the backbone of BN that will continue to propogate Malay and Islamic interest in Malaysia as MCA and MIC and other component parties for their people.Malaysia is not Palestine for that "Promised Land" as cited.Malaysia will forever be for malaysians.It is this BN spirit that keep us together as united Malaysians in Semenanjong,Sabah and Sarawak for this prosperous and magnificent years until this DUBIOUS Anwar PM wannabe create this political upheaval stunt and uncertainties ,brainwashing the rakyat mind through REFORMASI and many other street rallies by not trusting the govt elected democratically by the majority Rakyat just to achieve his personal agenda to be a PM.Gossh..! Haven't UMNO gone into more serious situation than this before through the many decades of its existence?.UMNO prevail because UMNO/BN is for the Malays and Malaysians.It is proven right ? not yet DAP! And certainly not the weak PKR ! and the unproven PAS (peace be upon them)

Brother Sak myths on that Trinity of Falsehood will anger muslim malays and will surely work against him if he continues the venom.It is synonomous to telling the Christians faith on the non Christian perceived myths of their concept of Trinity of God -God being the son,the holy spirit and the holy ghost.We muslims respect this Christian belief as our brothers and sisters being people of The Book(The old Testament) according to Quran.I wont complicate further on the four Gospels according to Mark,Luke,John and Matthews from my little knowledge on religious comparative studies decades ago.This respect for one's belief is clear in Al-Quran Surah 109 Al-Kafirun.No compulsion.You your religion and me my religion.Likewise politically ,you your party and me my UMNO/BN.It would be better and more appropriate for bro Sak to talk more of his DAP strength and plan for the future of Malaysia by being positive about DAP and not being negative on his previous UMNO.This i have not seen much yet and it is amazing that realisation came early Jan this year.Why not twenty years ago only Sak can answer.Anyway,we must respect his decision and choice.No big deal bro.DAP cannot go that much further going by Malaysian politics if you may recall my predictions in your blog months ago sir.

Through time MCA and Gerakan will recover and the unpredictable Chinese voters especially the business community will be back behind MCA and Gerakan just have they then fully supported Gerakan in Penang and turn around to dumb them in 2008.The Chinese are smart voters ! We shall witness better BN performance anytime than the 2008 coming soon in this Sept election according to my other Bangsar Feng Sui Master.I mean the election date !.Forget June he said ! .The longer Najib delay the better are the chances for the 2/3 majority.Insyaallah.

Al-Humaza 104 “ WAILUL LIKOLLI HUMAZATIL LUMAZAH !“ Just constantly reminding myself and other muslim commentators here Sak included.We fear the HUMAZA !
Thank you and Salam.
@Kampong man

NEXT be continued

UMNO being the backbone of BN has been rock solid for decades since its inception till today unlike other PR component especially the weak PKR

Anonymous,  30 March 2012 at 02:11  

Thank you to everyone who have written such inspiring comments but i have one pertinent question -How are we going to solve the massive cheating going on in the SPR electorate rolls with dubious voters?

Something must be done because we can't allow UMNO/BN win by cheating!

Anonymous,  30 March 2012 at 07:41  

My family knew Tunku and during the debate of NEP, he insist article 153 was meant to protect the Malays NOT a crutch. The idea that Malays are suppose to get to equality any other way than by themselves was never part of the founding of this country.

Anonymous,  30 March 2012 at 09:03  

If I'm not mistaken sometimes a month ago, during the Russian election, a video of one of the Election committe commiting maybe a fraud or doing someting fishy behind the desk, was caught on a video and spread like wildfire on YouTube and this makes the opposition parties very angry.

We see here, such a dirty tactic election committee had done.

With the advancement of technology (example camera) PR should setup maybe, a team of experts in fraud technology, forencic science, IT experts, criminology experts, sociology scientist etc to do some observation not only during election day, but also before election day as to detect some descrepancies physically or tactically and many other aspects.

Certain experts should study the speech given by UMNO and if possible detect some of their "meanings" in their ceramah and if possible try to counter their "meanings" and revela it to rakyat on YouTube, Facebook, Twiters etc.

If the team managed to catch some dirty elements, put it on YouTube, facebook and blogs to reveal it to the RAKYAT as evidence and report it to the police (police?).

I think merely ceramahs, Bersih 2 or 3 are not enough. it should be beyond that arena.

I hope PR strategies should put more focus and effort on this matter to ensure UMNO BN not trying to do dirty work.

Anonymous,  30 March 2012 at 09:08  

Quote: "The myths we mean include:-
(1) The fate of Malays rests on the fate of UMNO.
(2) The fate of Malay rulers is linked to the fate of UMNO.
(3) The fate of Islam depends on the fate of UMNO."

Here are my answers to the above points:

1. Yes, the fate of the Malays lies with UMNO, bringing them nowhere. Imagine 50+ years of absolute power with all the available resources to help the Malays and what they have achieved? Almost nothing to shout about. Most of the money have gone to the Umnoputras and the crumbs to the Malays.
2. Yes,UMNO certainly has the capacity to destroy the Rulers. They have shown it during Dr. M's time.
3. In fact, UMNO is destroying Islam and the Muslims in the country. How can a party full of corruption, bribery and unjust evil acts be the vanguard of Islam? Just look at what have become of our judiciary, ag, police, ec, macc which is supposed to be dispenser of justice (the core of Islam) but now compromised by Umno!

The sad fact is that the Malays have chosen the devil to be their saviour. Malays must ask themselves this fundamental question: "Is corruption, bribery and unjust acts Islamic? If not, then UMNo is the devil and enemy therefore must be exterminated! This is the duty of every Muslim.

Quiet Despair,  30 March 2012 at 11:09  

My choice of a PM is sooo simple.
Can you trust him alone with your kids?
Can you place your fate and your future and our destiny and that of the nation in his hands?
Some are to the palace born, some are to the manor born. Some are to leadership born.
Uneasy lies the head that wears a stolen crown. Or a crown that does not fit.

Oh how we love to spin the words of UMNO stalwarts to suit our own ends.
Now Tun M is our fave quoted man to drive the point that UMNO is losing and that fits perfectly the jigsaw piece of Daim saying UMNO can only win three seats.
So convenient when our revered old man is always called Maha Kutty or Mamak Kerala or Maha Firaun.
Walla purposely quoted out of context when all Mahathir said was UMNO should choose new brainy leaders like the technocrats which UMNO have in abundance. UMNO have winnable candidates in its midst. Lots.
He was cautioning Najib not to choose the dinosaurs who have overstayed their welcome and still want to be candidates.
And how we love to bring out the alleged illegal voters to prepare us for UMNO's victory from such voters.
Pakatan is on a high to win this time. Good.
And sure you do not like your victory is also because of Filipnos, Banglas, Indons etc etc.
Or is it when Pakatan wins, it's Malaysians' choice.
And BN wins via illegal voters with Red ICs.
Think before talking. Takut terpercik air di dulang, terkena muka sendiri. (hope it's the right proverb).

Kutty bang bang,  30 March 2012 at 12:23  

Our pioneering forefathers were imbued with the freedom germ but something lingered as faint hearts succumbed to greed and fell victims to racist dregs of Brit imperialism they exported to Malaya via historical Imperial India.

The last bastion still remains awashed with the Kutty with Malaysiaa's wealth locked up for dubious aims.

walla 30 March 2012 at 18:40  

""From what I see now, Umno is facing a problem in fielding candidates who are of calibre and able to garner the support from voters.

"So, if Umno does not give room to candidates from OUTSIDE the party, then it might face a uphill task in the coming general election," he said

(source: Dr M calls on Umno to field OUTSIDERS


Kutty bang bang,  30 March 2012 at 18:42  

"Kampong man, 30 March 2012 01:41",

It's time to come out of the psychosis lah!

"Kalau UMNO kalah, siapa nak jaga Melayu?"

Melayu pandai jago diri lah! UMNO mampus, mampus lah!

Dulu sultan-sultan Melayu siapa jaga? Hang Tuah? Bukan? Hang Tauh Melayu ke?

Melayu boleh jaga Cina, India, Iban dan Kadazan. Melayu boleh jaga Melayu.

Melayu bodoh nak jagu UMNO!

Paloi! :))

flyer168 31 March 2012 at 02:46  


Yes indeed.

Just to share this...

“...In the last analysis, the most important elements in any man’s career must be the sum of those qualities which, in the aggregate, we speak of as character.

If he has not got it, then no law that the wit of man can devise, no administration of the law by the boldest and strongest executive, will avail to help him.

We must have the right kind of character - character that makes a man, first of all, a good man in the home, a good father, and a good husband-that makes a man a good neighbor.

You must have that, and, then, in addition, you must have the kind of law and the kind of administration of the law which will give to those qualities in the private citizen the best possible chance for development.

The prime problem of our nation is to get the right type of good citizenship, and, to get it, we must have progress, and our public men must be genuinely progressive.”

New Nationalism Speech by Theodore Roosevelt -

You be the judge.


flyer168 31 March 2012 at 02:48  


Also to share this...

The Charade Of Meritocracy
Far Eastern Economic Review
By Michael D. Barr

The Barr chart

THE legitimacy of the Singaporean government is predicated on the idea of a meritocratic technocracy.

A tiny number of career civil servants play a leading role in setting policy within their ministries and other government-linked bureaucracies, leading both an elite corps of senior bureaucrats, and a much larger group of ordinary civil servants.

Virtually all of the elite members of this hierarchy are “scholars,” which in Singapore parlance means they won competitive, bonded government scholarships—the established route into the country’s elite.

Scholars not only lead the Administrative Service, but also the military’s officer corps, as well as the executive ranks of statutory boards and government-linked companies (GLCs).

Movement between these four groups is fluid, with even the military officers routinely doing stints in the civilian civil service.

Together with their political masters, most of whom are also scholars, they make up the software for the entity commonly known as “Singapore Inc.”—a labyrinth of GLCs, statutory boards and ministries that own or manage around 60% of Singapore’s economy.

The basis of the scholars’ mandate to govern is not merely their performance on the job, but also the integrity of the process that selected them. The educational system is designed to cultivate competition, requiring top students to prove themselves every step of the way.

Singapore’s schools first stream students into elite classes after Primary 3 and 4. They then compete for entry into special secondary schools and junior colleges, before vying for government and government-linked scholarships to attend the most prestigious universities around the world.

These scholarships typically require several years of government service after graduation, and the scholars are drafted into the Administrative Service, the officer corps of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), or the career track of a statutory board or GLC.

The government insists that all Singaporeans have equal opportunities to excel in the system, and that everyone who has made it to the top did so purely by academic talent and hard work.

Other factors such as gender, socioeconomic background and race supposedly play no more than a marginal role, if they are acknowledged as factors at all...

The Charade Of Meritocracy : Far Eastern Economic Review -

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 10:35  

Khutbah Datuk ini adalah rata rata di dengar oleh yang telah pun menjadi "believers".

Kisah kemungkaran dan kerosakan yang telah dilakukan selama 34 tahun( 22tahun dibawah Mahatir)dibawah regime dan pemimpin UMNO Baru dari atas keakar umbi terhadap Malaysia dan Malaysian tidak dapat dinafikan adalah telalu banyak untuk menjadi bahan analisa atau penulisan.

Tetapi usaha masa adalah lebeh penting dan segara perlu ditumpukan untuk menyedarkan penduduk luar bandar dalam dalam bandar yang telah dibuta hati dan mata terhadap segala kemungkaran ini. Mereka inilah yang akan terus memileh UMNO baru untuk berkuasa.

Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 12:52  

31 March 2012 02:48

Shalom. Thank you for sharing.

On home ground, ones could see the huge similarities being practiced here by the ruling regime for the elites, ( also the overstayed ones, the masqueraders ) as shared in the article about Singapore.

Government boarding schools such as TKC, MCKK and so forth run by tax payers' contribution, allowing the former students who are elites, holding high government posts to continue " robbing " other deserving students, those without connections, but bright from gaining access to the elite schools, being awarded scholarships by big GLCs in Malaysia and oil & gas companies ( before the actual exam results are announced )to the second and third generations.

When it is time to renovate the old buildings, the wealthy former students shamelessly allow their respective alma maters to ask for allocation from the government. In their annual dinners, are the checks written from their own wallets or handbags ? Their respective alma mater associations must be in debts being run by ladies and men who live for leisure, pleasure and rewards.

The same government which have repeatedly delayed transmitting allocation to the rakyat, thus depriving them of development, solving flood problems and so forth in the states governed with integrity and competence by the Opposition.

With the your sharing of the article, i take it positively, the opposition government for the time being, in particular to Penang, will NOT neglect fellow Malay citizens, Malaysian Indians. Quote : “ It is time to stop racial and religious division,” LGE said. “At heart, we are all Malaysians.” unquote.

It makes many wonder why the discrepancies, the injustice, the racism, the stereotyping that all Chinese have businesses, all Chinese are rich ? Why the injustice, neglects toward the poor Indian, Chinese, Malay and orangasli, not necessarily in this order - contradicting to the true teaching of Islam - mercy, fairness and justice ?
Mind - boggling and hugely fed up with the umno type, its practitioners of its own selective and systematic interpretation and practice in contrary to the actual teaching of Islam, God and His creations of every color and communities.

Hence the rebirth of justice, good governance, honor and goodness, with a new government, not impossible with decisively being conscious of " judgement day " in mind begins with ones lifespan on earth - what difference, equal justice, compassion, hopes, tools, academic and soft skills given to own and others counting from the years past by and henceforth, including this writer. And with a huge sense of humor, laughters, Always, Chilled.

Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 14:25  

hmmm...tetiba saya merasa takut,saya sygkan melayu,sygkan islam,dan benci pada kezaliman yg umno lakukan,saya tak pnh mengundi selain pas,apakah jaminan kiranya negara ini diperintah oleh pr,perlembagaan negara yg melindungi org melayu tidak dipinda sesuka ht yg akhirnya merugikan melayu..

bruno,  31 March 2012 at 21:39  

Quite Despair,

'can you trust him with your kids'.

Well buddy,for starters if you are referring to the sodomy (i) and (ii) as hard as Hassan Ali has tried looking for the talking bibles,I tried much harder but could only come up with the aquitted verdicts.

Like I have said before,I have not like Anwar since his student days.But just because I do not like the man,he cannot be given the benefit of doubt?If Umno's most hated man is tried in a kangkaroo court and aquitted,what more is there to say or argue about.

Besides,personal matters like straying partners whether they be straight or crooked do not concerned us.We should leave it to the spouses,but of course with Umno as the referee to square it out.Umno has to get itself involved in anything that is spelled "SEX",except when Umnoputras are the stars.

Your point of arguing that Anwar cannot be PM because he preferred the opposite sex is like shooting stars in the skies.It is time you change your strategy and come up with something better.Then at least we will have somethings to argue or debate about.It has been a long time since we debate about anything.Afterall what are sparring partners for.Cheers buddy.

Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 23:04  

Anon 31 March 2012 14:25

Yang pasti dan kita semua merasai kerajaan yang ada memang sah dok jual melayu. memang dah tak ade pilihan dah...dah sahih, dah jelas walaupun hak orang melayu itu termaktub dalam perlembagaan. mereka jual jugak!

2. Jika kita tukar kerajaan baru, kita masih mempunyai pilihan masih ada peluang. Kalau hak itu dipertahankan, kita orang melayu terselamat. Jika tidak, kita masih ditakuk lama.

3. Tukar kerajaan melalui pilihanraya itu ada keistimewaan. Jika hak kita dirampas, kita boleh tukar kepada kerajaan yang ada setiap 5 tahun.

yang menjadi masaalahnya bila kita dok merungut hak kita dirampas tetapi kita dok nak pihak yang menindas tu jugak! Paling bodoh sekali dah tahu dok kena tindas setiap segi, lagi kita rela dan galakkan mereka dok menindas kita! Itu siapa yang bodoh bangang?.....KITAAAAA JUGAAAAKKK!

mat pendang

Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 23:49  

Anon 31 March 2012 14:25,

perasaan takut / fear of the unknown memang tidak boleh dielakkan, tapi cuba renung sejenak dengan educated rationality beyond the fear as follow :

- there is the parliamentary democracy
- there is a constitutional Monarchy, Agong and Sultan
- there is the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary authority
( hopefully more competent, independent with highest integrity and justice, without fear and favor
- there will still be Islam bodies
- there will be countless debates, diplomatic discussions,
- there is law and order in Malaysia
- fellow Malaysians also have their own belief in God to be fair minded

Dengan itu, the fear that perlembagaan negara yang melindungi orangg melayu tidak dipinda sesuka hati yang akhirnya merugikan melayu tidak perlulah dijadikan " jenis fear yang umno memang nak semai dalam jiwa kita.

Umno bukan Allah, dan Allah is Allah, bukan umno atau mana-mana parti politik, cuma insan-insanNya dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjalankan kewajipan masing-masing untuk berkhidmat secara amanah, adil, dengan empathy - selamat di dunia dan akhirat. Soalnya adakah begitu ? Jadi apa pula perlunya kita lakukan sebagai amanah ?

Mohon maaf kurang celik dalam Bahasa Malaysia kerana bertugas lama di perantauan namun dulu dapat distinction, tidaklah high achiever.

Anonymous,  1 April 2012 at 09:23  

Anon 9.52 ,30 march,
I am sympathetic to the flight of Malaysian chinese who are mostly filthy rich who claimed deprived under BN.Look around you sincerely.What else are not enough .Look at statistics.As yardsticks look at motorcycle riders and motorists and who shop at major shopping complexes and who go for overseas holidays.We need to close this gap of the have and the havenot to improve the lives of the most needed.Only through BN that this can be achieved through the transformations that will involve participation for all races.When the PR are so engrossed with political rhetorics the BN government works hard for thr rakyat.No way for PR in PRU 13 .They can only Cakap tak serupa bikin.Sorry no PR for my family.--Man from Penang.

Quiet Despair,  1 April 2012 at 09:38  

Bro Sak, please post your ceramah and Aspan's tonight at Subang Jaya. Infact, all your ceramahs, okay. Please give us your ceramah schedule too so that we know and can attend if we are free. Thanks.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 09:51  

Anon 1 April 09:23

the yardstick used is short, outdated with myopic units unable to measure fairly beyond your mental " area of view "

failing to feel the pulse of the hardship of the low income and those Chinese and Indians living in poverty - the manual workers, mechanics, painters, construction workers, hawkers, sundry shops owners - a long list competing with instant foreign citizens ?! ( who're the cosy contractors behind ? )

You said, " Only through BN that this can be achieved through the transformations that will involve participation for all races " ?

Through a new unno - bn with new faces of their elite children and cronies of the corrupted regime , rebranded, recycled ?

The Chinese you mentioned are of the fact that they're overconscientious, far-sighted and prudent with their hard-earned money. Is it wrong for them to spend their own hard earned money ?

While there are some Chinese who become wealthy through the transformation of UMNO - BN with interlinked " connections ".

It is a known fact Penang is efficient with the governor and its CM under Pakatan. I am awed by the fact that the smart Malay youth who completed the hostel / school with fair quotation and efficiency was awarded on merit. Amongst other projects managed in prudence by competent people has resulted in surplus budgets every year since PK took Penang in 2008.

Now that is what I call international class of governance with efficiency, integrity and honor - an open book for all to see
and to be emulated by other states.

At the rate, and the direction Penang is managed by PK, it will definitely lead the dignity Penang Malay Upward ! They deserve recognition.

Malaysia will be Better than Singapore as a Rebirth Nation with its multi-racial citizens, progressive, intelligent, honest, respectful with a soul, a caring heartbeat - refreshed after more states emerge with Pakatan this time forth. The choice is ours - the Power of People !

And spoiling votes at the last resort for those are forced to vote for umno ?

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 18:25  

Yes, the power is on the voters.The more i read this blog and the comments the more i am convinced of the rhetorics and the spinning which is not nescessary.Why not many contribution from the pro Barisan here ?.Many views appear lobsided and prejudice and difficult to accept as though the BN goverment has been sleeping and not doing anything about it.Hopefully we will all vote for the better soon.- mainland Penangite

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 18:42  

Keropok and Lemak, both from the same university met up for coffee at a chic cafe after having located each other on FB.

L : This meeting’s great, Keropok.

K : No problem.. What’s that you can’t sleep for weeks, having insomnia ? depression ? chronic anxiety ? deprived ? ( being a little cheeky ) Dekat undi kot ! You should be doing more than all right, drawing a four figure monthly salary. How much is the latest ? Heard your wife is a senior government officer.

L : Myself is around 6 K. With two kids, a condo, two cars, and a maid, I’ve got to make my money grow ?

K : So what’s up ?

L : My wife managed to get a loan and my Abah loaned me 500K. I bought over a laundry outlet, in tip-top condition for 150 K and a chic bakery for another 200 K.

K : So this is the first time you have been dabbling in business. How not to be stressed.

L : Yup, you got it right, dude. Aku work out dekat gym three times a week, bini aku pula health freak, low fat ini itu, serve fresh fruit, what they call it ? hm… fruit smoothies daily lah, quality time lah.

K : Hey you’ re in for luck !

L : Yes and no, aku banyak loan nak service tiap bulan, bini pula high maintenance, what to do anak kesayangan papa dia. You ?

K : hmm.... still happily married to my career and voluntary work whenever my boss sends me on extended work trip abroad .

L : In a way, luckier you ! Entahlah, aku terasa satu macam, lepas baca “ The Kennedy Dynasty “ from a different perspective , dengan body guards lah, round the clock protection, semua exclusive, dari exclusive education, sampailah shopping, luxury holiday sini sana, nannies on tow , supervised diet .... ending....

K : So what’s your point ? Trying to put things right, huh ?

L : You ingat tak Keith ?

K : Yang genius itu, kuat membaca, banyak self- reflect ? Apa pula dia kata ?

L : Keith nasihatkan aku, jangan tamak haloba, nanti temberang tak tersedar diri.

K : Habis ..... you nak sell off your business ventures ?

L : Taklah, Keith and I trashed it out together, ikut lah apa yang terkandung dalam Quran ! Jadi aku nak renegade dalam hal Undi , dan revamp my company staff, bagi kerja dekat semua orang secar adil. Aku ni allergic to nuts, aku pula bayar peanuts, ( aku tak nak lihat diri aku monkey boss dalam sweet dream aku ) long working hours. So my next month’s resolutions .... kalau tidak, pahalanya entahlah ... mungkin sikit ... the last thing I want is my kids not being blessed; with bad attitude, low aptitude ! Malu aku, bad genes.

K : You sure have a point. Ok, this treat is on me ! I’ ve gotta go …. Catch up someday ! Hey, next time, I’ll call you low fat, huh ?

L : You wanna a sweeeet pie thrown on your face ? ! They both roared with laughter.

L : Thanks for your time, Keropok. I’m feeling good vibes already.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 21:40  

Dear Sak,

So sorry, saddened that you and Saudara Aspan got so verbally abused by UMNO troopers in another blog for joining DAP.

I too will be receiving some swearing for supporting you both. No worries, just the eyes will be filled with a tear or two during doa time. Be strong, be good. Allah will be good and fair to you both. Be blessed with peace, good health, happiness and faithful, good friends. Amin.

Anonymous,  3 April 2012 at 18:15  

no1 is - i am the great pretender?? no 2- i am a great hypocrite?? 2 greatest partners ruling this nation. no wonder this nation is in abig mess all round?? do you malaysians agree??

Anonymous,  4 April 2012 at 14:39  

Could someone please navigate the LCD light on " Delineation, Political Funding and Alternative Systems " as reported in the English paper ? The reception is a little fuzzy. Thank you.

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