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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 5 March 2012

Courted Today, Cheated Tomorrow.

Courted Today, Cheated Again Tomorrow.
This is an abbreviated version of Walla’s comments. I have chosen the above title.

The second episode of Lord Of The Rings may come on (if Rais allows after reading this).
Watch the flip-flopping schizoid creature Gollum in action. One minute sweet-talking, next minute venomous and scheming. Gollum (aka Preciousss) only wants the Ring. Because the Ring confers power to protect the Evil One.
As Umno president, Najib has been flip-flopping from day one. His party has no winnable candidates.
That will explain all the forthcoming cheating at the polls of GE13. It will also explain all past moves and present maneuverings. If a party has to monopolize the mainstream media to obfuscate the rakyat and make use of a psych-op warfare unit to try and turn voters, you already know it is finished.
The Ring is to make sure Umno is returned to power so that we can get more cheap meat for the next five years?
Or for Felda settlers to sign off their fields, hearing sweet promises that those fields will never be taken away? After all, how can one move a fixed place? But never tell them that the ownership of the fixed place will change hands - for once in the market, who will own what will always be fleeting. That’s what markets are supposed to do.
Last but not least. Voters must stay focused from now on. Remember only one thing. Everything dispensed to you is but a small fraction of the bigger amount skimmed off for a few.
Shahrizat and Toyo are small fries useful as door-stoppers, respectively to lead Umno Wanita and Umno Selangor. The big ones are elsewhere. So too the bigger sums of the rakyats’ money siphoned. It’s all about corruption of rakyat money using federal organizations by a combination of proxy process and coerced suppress.
If Umno tells you the Opposition only makes empty promises, hold Umno to it. Tell Umno to distribute more federal funds to Pakatan-run states so that the voters can see if those state governments will be doing any less than Umno-held state governments for the rakyat. Then come talk.
In fact, the Umno general members should vote for the Opposition wherever they be so that Umno can be put to sit in the opposition bench for one term in order to finalise the list of mistakes it should be apologizing for.
With what it has been showing all this while, it is only pretending to be sincere, or worse, it doesn't seem to know.
How else can one explain why the MOE is asking for feedback from the rakyat after half a century spending gruesome amounts of their money to create an education system only best for attracting toxic waste foreign investments and producing BTN-zombies who having been given british-best seats over others more deserving are now only good at badmouthing non-Malays behind their backs?


bruno,  5 March 2012 at 09:17  

Dato,try as hard as they will,appologised as much as they do and Mr Moo comes out about not wanting to bring up about BN's past mistakes of taking the rakyat for a ride.

Najib,Mr Moo's boss says one thing,he says another thing.It is high time Najib shows the Moo who is the boss,and sent him packing.

bruno,  5 March 2012 at 09:46  

Dato,one thing is for sure.The signs are for all to see.Umno/bn is on the way out.Najib is having one last try at getting public support and sympathy by appologising for Umno/BN screwing the rakyat's backsides.

If Najib wants to have one last shot at hanging on to power,he has to throw the AG,ex IGP Musa aka Musang,Umno,Mca and Mic ministers into prison for corruption.Do not worry about his own baggages and skeletons.After all he is the 'big bro',the PM.He is the boss and better to save his own ass than the asses of dungoos.

The second the FGV is listed is the beginning of the end for many Felda settlers.Many of them will start to sell one lot or a couple of lots of their shares at a time.

When the money is spent and finished they will sell more and eventually end up with nothing.Umno/BN knows that it is finished this coming GE,so the future of the Felda settlers will be the baby or timebomb for the next GOM to carry.

When that time finally arrives,these Umno robber barons will be basking at the beaches at the Bahamas or living in palaces in Timbaktu.

Lynas and Felda are timebombs which are primed to go off eventually.The GLC's and EPF will follow suit too.The only thing is to lock down all the gates before the date of polling to allow these thugs to escape.

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 10:20  


I salute you! Tabik!

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 10:30  

The only avenue left for jib to remain as head of bn is to do the one and only thing that is left for people to accept jibs words as genuine.
Without mercy, fear or favour, Arrest all umno,mca,mic branch chairman upwards and investigate their wealth stashed glocally.No talk.
Investigate ex-pm ,ministers and honchos for all the excessive accumulation of wealth.No talk.
Arrest ibrahim ali, hassan ali ,perak mufti,and all those who have uttered seditious words to upset the citizens.No talk.
Investigate all corruption in bn leaders including himself.No talk.
Arrest sharizat and family for cbt of the first degree and charge them .No talk.
Make available all contracts of public intrests for public viewing.No talk.

Donplaypuks® 5 March 2012 at 11:56  

Note that in the same way Muhy undermined and backstabbed Badawi, he's continuing that denial strategy with Rosemajib.

Rosemajib apologises, Muhy who's declared he's Muslim first and erything else a distant 2nd and 3rd, says there's no need to go into details!

Muhy has the face of a super teflon-coated frying pan - your eyes roll off him frictionlessly as soon as it appears on TV or in print.

If Rosemajib is to survive GE 13, and I'm confident he can't/won't, he must sack Muhy now, or be consigned to being a mere footnote in history.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

wongty robert 5 March 2012 at 12:46  

Good idea. Vote the opposition into federal government for a "trial" period of one term and see how they work out. After all, the present government has been in power for 54 years and the country is now moving closer to being the sick man of ASEAN. Anyway, there is nothing to lose, UMNO-BN with all their hands-on experiences in malpractices, will be a very good "jaga" for Malaysians. With their 54 years of experience, they will be able to see through any funny businesses, abuses, corruptions that PKR, DAP, PAS may want to try out!

bruno,  5 March 2012 at 12:47  

Dato,puppet masters are at work.Shahrizat will resigned in early April on her own accord.Jibby will put on a show of his pr guys leaking out about the extension of her senatorship.

Then Shahrizat will come out and publicly declare that she is handing in her letter to Najib.That way she can exit with her head held high.Of course her enemies faces will turn red and purple.

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 14:03  

now, your blog is in my must read listing everday
your writing is so real about what is happening in the BN gov.


OneMalaysian,  5 March 2012 at 15:21  

Dear Sakmongkol

This “apology” from Najib looks rather gimmicky. It was timed for the imminent general elections. Those were not mistakes that needed an immediate apology. They were serial “errors” made over decades. Why apologise now? In March 2008, the people signaled in no uncertain terms how unhappy they were. No action was taken beyond some fuzzy, empty promises to reform. And now more words of contrition. They are too little, too late.

When we were schoolboys we were punished for little offences even after apologizing. And the same at home. Some form of punishment always accompanied apologies. That’s how we learned, and it molded our character. For those few who didn’t learn at school or in their homes, and made mistakes when they were adults, spending time in jail, if those were serious crimes appropriately punished them.

Now, the mistakes that Najib apologized for are serious stuff. In the good old fashion way, such an apology must be accompanied by time in “jail”, that is, we put them in the opposition benches. The cleansing effect of the loss of (abusive) power is salutary. Governments in many advanced countries are routinely sent into opposition for non-performance, and from there they reform and then given another chance in office if they deserve that. This medicine is what UMNO/BN needs. A few words of apology won’t do. In any case, apologetic words from a weak leader, however sincere, will not effect behavioral changes in the dyed-in-the-wool UMNO/BN.

mitchell 5 March 2012 at 15:40  

Anandan Krisnan has just announced the sale of Tanjung Energy to 1MDB for RM8.5bil, upon checking webpage for 1MDB, it is a strategic development company wholly owned by the confused...where does the funds come from and this 1MDB different from Khazanah. Rumours on the street is all of Tun MM's cronies are selling to avoid Najib/Rosemah digging up the shit

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 17:04  

After the Felda settlers are done with selling, UMNO will come in and blame the Chinese again. It's a vicious circle.

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 17:14  

Having share certificates is like having casino chips and sitting in front of the roulette table. Sooner or later you will be tempted to place your bets when you think you're in for the killing.

john black,  5 March 2012 at 17:39  

see u in the coming general election. you have been talking alot!

Anonymous,  5 March 2012 at 19:28  


Have you read Daim's interview? It sounds like BN is ready to win back Selangor again. What do you think?


Pok Li,  5 March 2012 at 19:28  

Apologising for past mistakes doesn't mean anything especially if sincerity from the person uttering the word is questionable. We want to know how the country will move on. The least we should expect is to see the two top leaders from opposing coalitions debating on how they intend to move the country forward if they are given the mandate post GE13.

Donplaypuks® 5 March 2012 at 20:46  

An insincere, meaningless apology. He’s not walking the talk.

Only today, 1MDB bought over Ananda Krishnan’s power “assets’ for RM8.5 billion.

Why? Tanjong is nearing the end of its Tenaga PPA when the assets will be worth zero unless the Govt extends it, which beautiful situation it can used to drive prices down to bargain basement level.

So, why is 1MDB paying a premium and how is the puchase of an already existing and dying power biz going to add multipliers to our economy? By what math or economic theory?

Who really owns Tanjong Plc?

And why are all these crony “entrepreneurs’ cashing out, retiring, moving their HQ’s outside M’sia and listing them in S’pore & HK, or transferring them to “Charitable Foundatons” controlled, not by charities, but by yours truly!

BUMNO/BN looting continues unabated! We are being cheated, daily.

ABU indeed at GE13.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Suci Dalam Debu 5 March 2012 at 22:00  


Jangan Ditanya - Kartina Dahari

Jangan ditanya ke mana aku pergi
Jangan ditanya mengapa aku pergi
Usah kau pinta kumenanti lagi
Usah disesal ku tak sabar menanti

Putuslah tali, putus sudah ikatan
Pecahlah piring, hancur sudah harapan
Tamatkan saja riwayat nan sedih
Selamat tinggal kubermohon diri

Pandai dikau mempermainkan lidah
Menjual madu di bibir yang indah
Kubayar tunai dengan asmara
Kira berbisa racun berlaka

Jangan ditanya ke mana aku pergi
Jangan ditanya mengapa aku pergi
Hapuskan saja kenangan yang lama
Selamat tinggal kubermohon diri

Anonymous,  6 March 2012 at 00:14  

After reading about "skewed reports favoring Putin" on Russia's election results, i wonder, if a nation such as Russia could manipulate results then surely country like ours, cheating will be played at the hilt by UMNO/BN this GE13!!!

And reading TDZ's claim that BN can wrestle back 4 states from PR,surely UMNO/BN have set concrete dirty plans to do this!!!

Oh God...pls save Malaysia!!!

Anonymous,  6 March 2012 at 09:56  

Saying sorry 40 to 50 years ago had much sincere better value! Today most political scumbags will say it without flinching an eye and silently mock us public.
Gosh! how we wish this guys were in Sin...The higher the position the greater the penalty you pay...Even LKY 's good buddy who was caught for corruption was left on his own to answer his crime with a bullet...
What is the value of our Jibbly's apology..? Dont be fooled by that puppy eyes of his? He must be rolling with laughter because he never meant it at all...Thats the sorrowful state of this country...apologies even got outta man!!!!

stk,  6 March 2012 at 12:50  

It is a very good lesson for Felda settlers!

Anonymous,  6 March 2012 at 19:18  

Daim interview printed in certain MSM last sunday shows that the voters will go for stsbility and continuity which is BN.All these rhetorics will not work he said.Plesse write your views on his comment since Daim used to be your idol.~Pengundi Pekan

Anonymous,  7 March 2012 at 08:50  

nothing new about what you are saying. just like you, an old record that keeps on spinning and spinning. you better campaign to your master Lim family to put you as candidate. better still, fight against Najib. you'll sure lose your deposit, ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous,  7 March 2012 at 10:03  

Dato & Commentators,

Please share your thoughts on this article regarding the struggle of
asian rare earth plant in Bukit Merah:

Anonymous,  7 March 2012 at 16:04  

Dear Dato,
Dear Dato
You have been writing great pieces. Majority of leader your readers seem to think that BN is on the way out. But these are educated and internet savvy minority. After GE13, BN will still be helming Putrajaya. Why? The majority of feudalistic rural and urban Malay peasants will continue to support UMNO and BN

Anonymous,  8 March 2012 at 03:17  

Continue badmouthing mate.That is what you are good at .PR will not smell Putrjaya because of the peope like you who continue buat fitnah.Tell us the good things that PR has done.Nothing to shout.Disagreement among themselves for positions and power like in Kedah and Penang.

Kampong man,  8 March 2012 at 03:31  

Sir, Quitely i am following your progress in DAP.Dont let them place you in Perak.You are better of in Raub or Kuantan.Pahang people need you more.Dont fool my Mahbub friend , he is a strong UMNO man and believe Lembah Pantai will be difficult for BN.Forget Bukit Gantang.It is only good for durian or was it a diversion ?

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