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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 11 March 2012

The Fall of the Dark Empire.

We, those who are opposed to the sons of bitches and bitches who are ruining the country, actually like it when Najib enjoys a personal rating of 69%. What was the population sample taken? And we don’t know the composition of the sample. But if we started off by selecting the population sample on which we want to draw conclusions beforehand, we only arrive as spurious and deceptive conclusions. If we grant the survey the benefit of the doubt and accept the conclusions face value, it serves our purpose really. That means while Najib is enjoying a high, UMNO’s reputation travel south. Najib got A++, means UMNO gets E++. Then it’s only necessary and strategically opportune for us, to just show Najib’s political infirmities. As to his personal characteristics and moral foibles, I leave that to others. We just need to go after the leader. Once he is destroyed his outfit crumbles.  So enjoy.
A long time ago, the overriding ‘ideology ‘ to which UMNO committed itself to was Alif Ba Ta- Agama , Bangsa dan Tanah Air. Let us examine what are these and what they should mean.
Agama of course refers to Islam. If Islam is already complete, it requires no further gloss. It needs guardians to ensure it remains pure. We accept this role. We also accept their prescriptive role- suggesting to us, how we should behave and act.
The truer role of the guardians of Islam in Malaysia should be directed at making what kind of Muslims we want to be. Are we going to be the claustrophobic Muslims who rejected the presence of Erikah Badu because, once upon a time she acted in a film which demanded that her body be temporarily tattooed with the names of the Gods worshiped by people of various practices? Her recent photo didn’t show any of those markings.
Yet the rich and the powerful, their sons and daughters and their kept women in tow, crossed over to Jakarta to watch Erkah Badu sing there. So the pristine morality to which they claimed guardianship is for the hoi poloi, the lumpen-proletariat, the underclass- while they, the rich and powerful and the refines, practise and adopt less strict morality demands. 
The poor want bread, so we give them bread. We treat ourselves to scones, cheese and fruit preserves.
If every religious denominations start to impose their sectarian moral values onto a national scale, what results from that behavior, can only be a divisive state.
Where was the PM during this time? Busy asking Poad Jelani to erase evidence that it was the PMO which arranged the payment for the engagement do of their daughter? I am inclined to believe that it wasn’t the PMO that actually paid for the expenses. Poad Jelani can easily summon some of his benefactors to pay and the money went through him. Maybe the contractor of the aborted crooked bridge? His stupidity was to make it out as though it was the PMO which paid for it. Or perhaps as is the common practice, the PM’s boys, demanded a certain payment and after the usual deductions, paid the required amount. There must be a fee for people who serve as mules, right?
The PM as leader of this country is doing a big disservice to the country by stepping aside and allowing divisive sectarian and religious values undo harmony. In the case of Erikah Badu, the people who wanted to watch her sing here, wasn’t made entirely of Muslims. The Muslims who did not want to watch should have chosen the more pragmatic step of just staying away. It’s no skin off our noses really if people, including some Muslims want to watch and enjoy Erikah Badu sing. But they should not impose their religious morality onto others by demanding the concert be banned entirely.
But then, stepping aside and doing nothing has always been the personal credo of the PM. I have already said he is a schemer by nature- aligning him with sectarian groups and working to ensure his groups triumph. He knows sectarian and religious clashes will only produce fissures in our society and yet chose to step aside because, divisions and disunity actually serve the purpose of ensuring he stays in power. That is the measure of the man. He is running the country just as he running UMNO Pekan. Those below him can slug it out; he watches idly by and aligns with winning groups.
Does the PM actually have the IDEA of a Malaysia?
Are we going to be progressive Muslims, confident and self-assured?
As to the Bangsa, what we should mean is a Malaysian race- consisting of Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians and Malaysian other races. We should morph into a single description of just a Malaysian. Tanah air really means this country of ours to which of all us belonged and under whose patronage we enjoy the same laws, assured of the rule of law as opposed to discretionary rule of the rich and powerful aided by leeching judiciary.
In short the overriding ideology is something that the present UMNO claims to have a copyright but rarely exhibits in its character. Since DR Mahathir’s rule, UMNO is one big hypocritical party.
Why is UMNO (UMNO actually fading away, while its president is enjoying much publicity and high personal rating) stalling on the cow gate affair? The business owed by Shahrizats famly was given a RM 250 million grant for the specific purpose of appointing the funds to businesses related to rearing of cows. How the funds are to be handled are set out by the terms of conditions of the grant/loan agreement. The terms and conditions are the governing guidelines, not the Memorandum and Articles of association. Whoever justified the use of the funds as justifiable in turn by the terms of the M and A must be an imbecilic. So we give grants to imbecilic and stupids.
Why are we stalling to act against the alleged irregularities committed in the application of the- 250 million grant? A long time ago, I have written about the stupidity of UMNO (a party to which I once belonged) owning up to the wrongs and misdeeds. In doing so UMNO becomes the owner of misdeeds and wrongs committed by its leadership.  In doing so UMNO adopts the culture of corruption and abuse of power as its ideology. It has abandoned its Ali Ba Ta.
Why should I concern myself with what UMNO does if I am no longer a member? The answer is I have an interest to kick out a party claiming copy rights over how Malays should behave.  Also, because I reject its claim on the ownership of the Malay mind. UMNO doesn’t own the monopoly. I am speaking against a party claiming a monopoly on how to define the Malay. Also, because it’s in power at the moment- so we strike at the one in power. This isn’t rocket science.
Nobody can believe that Najib is unaware of what the man Shahrizat goes to bed with does in the NFC scandal. People can now conclude that the institutions which the PM has at his disposal have been deliberately kept weak by politicians and government in power so that they can get away with their misdeeds.
We want those in power to crack the whip on corruption. We want the cases of corruption in the country exposed and disproportionate assets of scores of officials and politicians explained what troubles us, is that the government has not taken appropriate action in any of the cases. The plan to ask ministers give full disclosure about their wealth is met with objections from some ministers. The powers of SPRM seems limited, hence they cannot move court to prosecute the corrupt. The law has been made by politicians like Najib and gang, so, naturally, no matter how strong an outfit SPRM becomes, the results are not going to be up to the mark. But this does not mean that the SPRM is a useless institution. Give it the power and the institution will definitely deliver.
Najib’s fibbing stand will cause UMNO and BN dearly in the coming elections. It will show that this government is in cahoots with offenders when the government refuses to take action against ministers in matters where prima facie a clear case for a prosecution was made out. It would lead to a situation where people in power may break law with impunity, safe in knowledge that they will not be prosecuted as requisite sanction for prosecution will not be granted.
UMNO has been ruling the country for over 50 years after independence and takes credit of the development done in the country after 1957, hence the responsibility of corrupting the system also lies with it. So many stings and big scams have taken place in Malaysia, of which all occurred during UMNO rule.
What about the so called overriding principles upheld by UMNO? Sycophancy rules and individuals have become important than ideologies. Today, winning elections has become the only aim of political parties and in the process, money, mafia, muscle, and masjid have been introduced in the system to influence voters.
The political arithmetic to win elections is not about getting majority votes but how to get maximum votes by applying various divisiveness combinations, by fielding dummy candidates, by using muscle to prevent weaker sections from voting, by using money to buy floating votes etc.
We want to save this country from ravenous politicians who have made `politics a business'. We want this government to provide as a matter of public record, the total assets of all the MPs. We want to know how ministers can live beyond their means. What’s the assets per BN MP? We all know that politicians take vote from people but work for corporate. Is this the best democracy?
The election centric politics (instead of people-centric) with an aim to grab power at any cost has been then main cause of corruption. Hundreds work for a party but few become MP or ADUN. The rest survive on `cuts and commissions’ or by grabbing government contracts. The elections are mostly funded through illegal means. After winning, the office is used to earn several times than investment.


Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 10:20  

This article is one entirely from the spleen. I wish there are more Malays like you who can see through UMNO's and Najib's deception.

Alas, most of the rural Malays are the "hoi poloi and the lumpen-proletariat" you mentioned earlier.

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 10:25  

Realistically, Ban Everything !
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

I am utterly dismayed that Islam is being constantly ridiculed by our younger generation of Malays. We keep on saying that we will protect the good name of Islam with our lives, but we fail to see that our radical approach has smeared the good name of our religion.

Nowadays, Muslim does not even try to hold a topic over religion with our non muslim counterparts. We really have no rational answers as to why our religion is so hypocritically abused by some half
baked Malays.

Perkasa wants to have the Syariah laws amended to prevent non Muslims to enter mosques and suraus.
They also want the MCA president and the DAP assemblywoman to be placed under ISA for desecrating Islam.

They should place their members at the National Mosque and Shah Alam Mosque to turn away the tourists.
Dont just talk, start the action now. Forbid non Muslims to gaze at the mosque, just like we forbade them to utter God's name. And why stop there?

Mosques and Suraus must be built with the sweat of Muslims and not with the sweat of foreign kafirs. At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter, around the mosques, so non Muslims cannot get near the mosque.
... to cont

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 10:25  

Anyone entering or leaving the mosque must show their identity cardsto identify themselves as Muslims.

Perkasa should also call for all Pubs, alcohol and cigarettes to be
banned as they considered Haram.
Ban non-Muslims from the homes of Muslims as well.
While at it, all Muslims should
be separated from non Muslims at the workplace, as Kafirs cannot work together with the righteous.
Even better, segregate all the communities, kampongs and towns so that Muslims cannot stay together with the nons.
Ban the community from celebrating our festivals together.

Kick out Astro cable TV as we have too many channels of shit to choose from.
Go back to TV1, TV2 and TV3.
Ban the internet, as it is a western tool to confuse the Muslims.
Ban the cinema and all forms of Western entertainment like in Iran . Ban women altogether from public life. Ban women from driving.
Ban cell phones, ban cosmetics as we are not going to see their
faces anyway.
Ban women from sitting in cars and motorbikes due to close proximity.
In fact just ban cars and reintroduce horses and camels. Better for the environment anyway.

We Malays love our non Muslim brothers and sisters.
Your presence in this country is a blessing.
We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined. Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix. They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party.

We are supposed to be weak morally and religiously, easily influenced by the devil, our spines are still weak, and we need constant assistance, which only our government can give us.

They always say, please be patient, and wait for the scraps to fall from the table.
Sometimes, when the wind blows,
the scraps do fall.
They keep reassuring us to be satisfied with our meagre incomes, and to be happy with one meal a day.
They say when you go to heaven, there will be a big feast.
They tell us to protect Islam, these same leaders who are overweight and bulging.

And after all these years, I still
do not see the invisible enemy out there trying to destroy Islam and our way of life. As if I really have a life worth living!

Perkasa must have been fighting very hard alone in the last half century to keep the enemy at bay.

Lastly, the disparity with the Malays seem so huge from billionaires to abject poverty.
This is such a big contrast between the non Malays that seem to have a majority of middle income earners.

I scream at the thought of our
younger Malay generation, so ill equipped to face the world, so inadequate to accept the simple challenges of employment in the private sector, and so stubborn not to accept that we are now in the 21st century.

The non-Malays seem so at home, with their conventional attitude and command of language, and most of them are bi and trilingual.
Is that why Perkasa seems so adamant at protecting us from sinking further? Even their leaders seem to fall into this category.

So if our leaders feel that, in order for this country to progress, we must keep protecting our racial and religious Rights, we should in fact then ban
everything and call it a day.
Better go to heaven today as saints before it is too late.
If we continue to stay on this earth and commit more sins unconsciously, we may lose our Right to enter heaven.

With PERKASA's ideology, we don't really need 1Malaysia and we don't really need to exist.

It is really up to us now to make the ultimate decision.
Either we go or our leaders must go.

Perkasa, Mamak Mahathir (The pseudo Malay) and UMNO, you are the cause of the failure of the Malay race.
You threatened your own race by belittling them.
Gave rotten education that retard their thinking ability so that you can control them and manipulate them, for your own self interest.

The other races in Malaysia are no threat to the Malays.
We Malays are our worst enemies.

OneMalaysian,  11 March 2012 at 11:08  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I reject its claim on the ownership of the Malay mind. UMNO doesn’t own the monopoly.”

The biggest obstacle that lies in the path of Malay progress is the enslavement of the Malay mind to UMNO’s feudalistic ideology. Some Malays have managed to shake off the shackles, but many haven’t. The poverty trap in which they find themselves makes them susceptible to the little bribes that UMNO throws at them. The BR1M RM500 is like a balm that assuages a wound, but it has no long-term effect. It is through these little inconsequential acts that UMNO has been able to control and own the Malay mind – by portraying itself as the savior and provider. And of course by also telling the Malays that it is UMNO that protects the Malays against the ravenous Chinese.

In the meantime, with this control over the Malays, and with their votes, the Malay leaders in UMNO go about enriching themselves. Shahrizat and the NFC cow-gate is just one example of the abuse that takes place. Then we have the RM7.2 billion West Coast Highway, the RM2.2 billion highway given to the ex-Chief Justice’s wife (as if she knew anything about building highways), the MAS fiascoes from Tajuddin’s time until now, and all the stuff given to the crony-in-chief Syed Mokhtar al-Bhukry. Where does the ordinary Malay who has placed his trust in UMNO feature in all this? And how does his future improve under such a regime?

The Malays desperately need selfless and enlightened leaders. They will not be found within UMNO. Their current chief – Najib Razak – is not the man. He is good though at managing his image with a picture here distributing some goodies, a picture there visiting a temple and a picture wearing a garland at Batu Caves. Is that all it takes to convince Malaysians that this man is fit to rule? If we fall for this kind of cheap publicity we deserve what we get. Najib is not a substantive man. Never mind that he does not fight corruption. But he surely cannot be PM if as you have pointed out: “The PM as leader of this country is doing a big disservice to the country by stepping aside and allowing divisive sectarian and religious values undo harmony. But then, stepping aside and doing nothing has always been the personal credo of the PM”.

We have to bring Najib down, and with him UMNO/BN will crumple too, like a sand castle when the tide comes in.

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 11:29  

Sak, if I may humbly share as thought,

We, those who are NOT opposed to the bastards & bitches who are RUINING the country, are what I would termed as UMNOphiliacs.

UMNOphilia is a specific form of Zoophilia where the person wants to be treated like an animal wearing a collar and even eating out of an animal dish (shit upon by UMNO).

ABU - 'Aku Benci UMNO'

~ Loud Despair

Donplaypuks® 11 March 2012 at 12:50  

I think these Merdeka pollsters were standing outside the SBPA meeting room in Suckcesspool Princeville and getting the questionnaires filled by civil servants, while Najib was negotiating with the Chief Sec and his mafiaso.

Did Merdeka adjust their 69% popularity ratings "findings" for the skewed dispersion caused by the recent BR1M handout? I doubt it.

Btw, should not the Chief Sec to the Govt and the SBPA committee members be sacked forthwith for trying to feather their own nest while attempting to royally screwing the rank and file? $60,000 a month for that gaji buta waiting for a Chairmanship at a Plc (cost - $250K per month)?

Good god, is there no end to this brazen looting?

Even Najib's 15% increase ($6 billion/$40 billion) for civil servants is more than the average 10% increase for private sector employees!

So, what was the Chief Sec's final pay rise (hidden by average of 15%)?

Btw, 69, kinda liners, doesn't it? Lol!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

bruno,  11 March 2012 at 13:52  

Dato,if Umno/BN still retains federal power after GE13 th,the country will be in line to be the next member of the PIGG'S family.Than those people who voted for them will have no crutches and walking sticks to hang on,and will be the most vulnerable ones when the country finally goes to the dogs.

Basic commensense tells us that two set laws do not work in a democratic country.A simple example,the khalwat law.Do not most if not all Malaysians know that Thambi Chik comitted statutory rape on an underaged schoolgirl.

He was let go unpunished and rewarded with a Risda chairmanship.And his dick is still intact.This animal admitted screening xxx movies of supposedly big bellied Anwar.He was punished with a kiss from his hubby.

Any ordinary Malay or Muslim would be beaten blue,black and purple with his dick hardly left hanging intact.Then what about the senior minister who was accused of raping his maid.Or about the Umno minister who shot dead a man and was pardoned.Or a pretty Mongolian lass who was blown to smithereens.

It is time the Malays wake up and not blindly support the regime thugs,rapists and murderers.And the Thambys with their tongues wagging and saliva dripping at the danggling carrots will eventually have the stick shove up their butts.

Suci Dalam Debu 11 March 2012 at 15:39  


I have colleagues who turn a blind eye to all these rampant abuse-of-the-system as something necessary in the pursuit of Ketuanan Melayu ala TDM.

Why can't they realise that if this continues, the whole house will collapse with them buried in it?

The coat hangers and free loaders think that their good life will continue in perpetuity as long as the non-malays keep on generating wealth and the malays demand their %.

So sickening!

Only ABU can save Malaysia.

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 16:53  

It is only your perceptions.As though the corruptions are rampage that the country are going for bankcruptcy and that the govt is not doing anything about it at all .I am honestly feel sick with thisPR arguments to win votes?.It is the same story again and again.Now tell me what PR going to do when they rule the country.They have no clues.No abu for thank you.
Hell with weak Pakatan .

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 16:58  

in malaysia BN UMNO has been the boss n they can do anything under the sun?? its all over the place - no one can challenge them

Nasir,  11 March 2012 at 17:08  

One umno division chairman in Kedah insists that the mamaks in umno is one of the reason that umno is unpopular. They are acting more malay than the malays. The stupid incident by them in penang will not help umno.

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 21:43  

Quoted, " We Malays love our non Muslim brothers and sisters.
Your presence in this country is a blessing.

We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined. Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix.

They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party "

Your heartfelt lines made me ponder in absolute silence, visibly moved. Thank you so much for these sincere heartfelt thoughts.

When some Malay youths call us derogatory names - cinababi, indian keling, it makes us grieved to our hearts and mind for all that our forefathers toiled and sweated alongside our beloved Malay brethren of yesteryears not too long ago, we never knew racism, prejudice and extremism then, but, since the last two decades,

many of us have never felt accepted unless we carry a title, dato, tan sri - regardless of our service to this beloved nation of ours in different fields : education, health, law, etc or some of us as laborers by " some " new generation of malay youths, even there were instances, instant Malaysian citizens from Indonesia have shown " bullying behavior " to the simple educated or voiceless amongst us in places where they are defendless!

The big bullies must have been fed with systematic lies and manipulations by some irresponsible leaders and certain reading materials and ceramahs. This has to stop by you, our beloved Malay brethern if you consider matters that have eternal value.

Likewise when "some" of us retaliated by calling " those Malay bullies with derogatory, knowingly and unknowingly calling even absolutely wonderful mindful Malay bloggers whom are like brothers to me. All these mud-slugging, derogatory drive you insane,hence the divisive wedges or the insane suspicions.

Hence, let's us as individual, heck, leave those " same leaders who are overweight and bulging " behind, move on together as a nation with a fresh vision, a new hope, renewed friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood and make positive differences, build bridges in muhibbah spirit to build this beloved nation of ours starting in our neigborhood and beyond,

Together, I promise you, I will impact others with the little that I have, we will support our beloved Malay youths, our beloved Malaysian Indians, our beloved Malaysian Chinese and our beloved orangaslis. And God is willing, there is not if.

Now is the time, now is the critical moment, we want to reap God's blessings here on our tanahair Malaysia while we are still alive - on our way to our final destination, upward ( hopefully ) into eternity, Amin.

And if the new generation of Chinese and Indians have become more successful through their tears and toil, i pray there will be many mindful voices to replace us, to urge them to be humble, to share and care for the poor Malays , orangaslis, poor Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Chinese.

Hopefully by then, the future generations, in two decades, will reap maturity and be strong, proud, more united to be known as Malaysians.

Thinking aloud, due to my work, I have worked with so so many nationalities in the world, Malaysians, especially those in the middle age onward are really really pleasant people - discover their niceness - GO and travel on buses, enjoy simple meals at warongs, gerai, beyond the plush restaurants and hotels ! And bless them with smiles and lavish surprises and assist them - Go figure it out yourselves. Salam to all, Merci !

Bleeding heart,  11 March 2012 at 22:05  

Dato, my vote in the next PRU has nothing to do with Malays, whether they be true blue Malays or those with dark blue lips. I have decided purely on a few issues: the AP issue, the MAS-TR issue, PKFZ issue, NFC, the AG-exIGP Musa-Ramli-Rosli Dahlan issue. In short, it is entrenched corruption, massive thieving, and abuse of power by BN.

This life is not just for people from UMNO and BN. This country deseves better.

Quiet Despair,  11 March 2012 at 22:38  

Is the Najib popularity rating of 69 percent a surprise? I thought it could have been higher.
Why not? He's been giving goodies to all and sundry and fixing the problems of the people. There's a feel good feeling especially among the common people that the PM cares about their welfare.
Now with the resignation of Shahrizat, his approval rating will be higher.
Remember I said before, Najib has his way of forcing Shahrizat to quit.
He is politically astute to make it seem that Shahrizat volunteers to resign.
He's unlike Anwar who will make it a point that it was at his behest that Shahrizat is given the marching boots.
Look at his statement following our Aunt's announcement: "Tepat pada masanya. Kita sanjung pengorbanannya kerana tidak mahu membebankan UMNO. Beliau dengan rela hatinya bersetuju meletak jawatan."
He makes her feel happy when he is working behind the scene to force her to quit.
And Shafie Afdal is quick to say that it's got nothing to do with the opposition pressure.
So Najib is on a firm footing to call for an election in May and win big now that the final hurdle is clear.
I was watching the CNN's State of The Union a short while ago. Forbes was asked if he thinks that Obama will be re-elected. His reply: "It's like an appointment to fix a problem. If he can fix the problem, then he can be, if he cannot, then he can't be."
I agree and that goes for Najib.
Nothing goes untouched by him, no matter how small.
Everything is 1Malaysia. Today we hear him announcing 1Malaysia vitamin for elementary school kids. And the Mrs presented I Malaysia ice cream blender for single mums in Pekan.
Who knows tomorrow he may even give free dentures to octogenarians. Alas, Tun M has perfect teeth, haha.
So how can we oppose the sons of bitches and bitches, dear bro? Do you think you should apologize for that harsh words?
Hey, it's the fashion now to say sorry after the PM did it. Anu-war has apologized to Penangnites for choosing Zahrin to be an MP. But no apology for his past wrongdoings in and out of the government.
And the PM's press secretary is asking Rafizi to apologize for alleging 5 million is spend for Najib's daughter's engagement.
It is a ridiculous amount to be true. And the PM's office has stated whatever the expenditure, it comes from Najib and family and not from the government coffers.

Loud Despair

I am happy that I found a brother in you. Obviously you are a fan of mine.
I must tell Gramps and Nanna who gave me the QD nickname. Nan must be elated because he likes her grandson to despair loudly and not quiet as a mouse.Huhuhu.

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 23:59  

No Nasir, it was not due to the Mamak from Penang that satrted all these. It was the one from Kerala who for 22 years change the mindset of the Malays into a Mamak culture of subservience.

ordinary malaysian 12 March 2012 at 04:16  

Datuk. I am sorry. I have to disagree. You said give SPRM more power and they will definitely deliver. Are you sure? As it is, SPRM has enough power to do its work. How about the AG? He has not sufficient power? The problem is whether the guys vested with the power dare to act honestly and with conscience? Everybody's thinking how quickly to fill up their pockets to give any hoots to what they are supposed or paid to do. The culture of patronage and corruption has been so entrenched for so long now that only a complete overhaul would bring some hope of real change for the better. The alternative? There is no alternative. Unless we are talking of bankruptcy, not only in the more familiar sense that we have come to associate with the word but also of morals and mind. This last will mean that we may become so devoid of any imitation of humanity that we are no different from the animals. Sorry, animals is not the right word. They are in many ways better beings than we are. At least they are not wont to deal corruptly with you. And they certainly won't try to charge their meal to someone else. Now, do we kick out UMNO and pick Najib Kor? Are they so different?

jeebong,  12 March 2012 at 07:23  

idiots! whoever did the survey were wasting their time. there's one Question need to be asked. "If an election is held today which party would you vote for: BN or PR"?. Track the numbers every month. no beating around the bush, no bullshit.

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 09:51  


If Malaysia is corruption-free, we would all enjoy free education, nation-linked bullet train services and world's best transport system.

Is it possible for the corrupt to be uncorrupt or vice versa? Hong Kong was rife with corruption in the 50s, 602 and 70s but with the formation of ICAC, Hong Kong had gained respect for its corruption-free image

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 11:24  

Quiet Despair

You are doing well, boy. You write good English. I learn many new words from you. Tapi koi nak tanya sikit, matnya aok benci ngat Anwar? Ada ke kerana aok tala jubur ke dia dan dia buat tak sanan. Maknanya dia make dono je, cakap omputih. Kesian ke aok. Tentu lebih hensem dari Saypol kerana aok anak campur. Tapi direject Anwar. Kahkahkah.

Oghang Pahang tulen. Mak Bapak orang Tembeling

OverseasBumi,  12 March 2012 at 12:37  

Calling your enemies bitches and sons of bitches does not make you a paragon of virtue.

I am not an "UMNO cyber trooper" as your ilk likes to label any person opposing your circle-jerking views. I am just a disaffected member of the 'hoi poloi' who is sick of the partisan politics, that is actually getting worse by the day. The rhetoric which you and your BN counter- parts spew out (though BN seems to have toned down a bit) is vomit inducing.

I challenge you -- Mr Sakmongkol AK47 -- to publicly renounce your Bumi status, pay back ALL the benefits you gained by being a "Bumi" including any loans you may have received, housing discounts and other economic or social privileges. Pay back to the Chinese community whom you now serve, and who feel they are owed for those Bumi privileges granted to you and which they believe they had worked hard to realize for us.

Make sure declarations and payments are done legally, with affidavits, and in the presence of a true DAP representative (of the epicanthic folded eye variety, not the token tan-skinned varity which you now belong).

I want you also to publicly eat the food and drink that your dear DAP leader can consume, to prove your liberal credentials. That would include the flesh of swine and the fermented liquid byproducts of grains and fruits.

While you're at it, why not tattoo yourself with miscellaneous religious symbols, just to be sure your message gets through!

Suci Dalam Debu 12 March 2012 at 13:31  


Dear OverseasBumi,

You said "I challenge you -- Mr Sakmongkol AK47 -- to publicly renounce your Bumi status, pay back ALL the benefits you gained by being a "Bumi" including any loans you may have received, housing discounts and other economic or social privileges. Pay back to the Chinese community whom you now serve, and who feel they are owed for those Bumi privileges granted to you and which they believe they had worked hard to realize for us"

Your statement above clearly illustrates that you are fully aware and condone of the typical malay mentality "hak cina kita ambil ajelah sebab kita orang melayu"

You are a clear example of what is wrong with many malays. Dah bagi peluang belajar kat obersea, otak masih macam rejim Apartheid Africa Selatan dulu.

Wake up and learn to earn your keep. Benefits and respect must be earned, not demanded and definitely not hijacked due to race.

Kau ni buat jatuh standard orang melayu aje. You should remain overseas and not come back and spoil the genetic pool kita kat sini.

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 14:02  

This Empire will not fall.Honestly how many votes and seats did the PKR secure in the rural and semi urban areas in the 12th GE? This Empire continue to have the solid support of the rural folks and the semi urban poor who have grown to be dependent on its handouts.

greenbottle,  12 March 2012 at 14:16  

hello QD...that cow shahrizat did not resign lah...she just stayed as long as she could right up to when her senatorship ends.najib has no balls to kick her out.

of course najib and BN would be idiots to extend her senatorship with her hubby's cow don't spin lah...

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 14:23  

Sir, u r really God send. People pls open your eyes n heart 2 support such great illuminated gems of our country. What say u?

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 15:18  

To overseasbumi - You really are an umno cybertrooper. You write, speak and behave like umno. And you also missed the point at hand. Not all chinese or indian drinking beer or tattoed thier body. Your argument so childish. You dont belong here but papagomo will be more than willing to see you in his blog. Pls go and play far far away boy.

shan,  12 March 2012 at 16:56  

You got class in your writing, I learn much reading your articles, by the way don't feel depress with some of the commentators, let them be. To me you are one cut above them all.
Thank You

Quiet Despair,  12 March 2012 at 17:03  

Oghang Pahang anak Tembeling

Hamlorlah aok, Abang. Macam tau-tau pulak kaeh hensem. Kita pernah jumpa kot.
Jubur kaeh mahelah. Khusus untuk buang najih. Bukan untuk tadah najih Anwar.
Kaeh memang tak suka dia, dulu, kini dan selamanya. BFF (Best Foes Forever). Tak kenai dan tak pernoh jumpa dia. Syukur alhamdullilah.
Boasting kononnya dialah pemimpin Islam tersohor di dunia. When he's not.
Surely you you have seen him in ceramahs showing his photos with Qadrawi and other Muslim leaders to prove he's friends with them. Of course to dispel his blunder on Israel.
If he is a good Muslim leader, why is he allegedly using the Anwarinas in PAS to overthrow ulamaks like Hassan Ali, who was his committed and steadfast supporter and also Datuk Azizan?
If you want ABU to win, then Anwar should not be your leader and allowed to contest. Many do not want to vote Pakatan because of Anwar.
Pakatan likes to boast they have talented people as PM material like Rafizi, Saifudin, Nasrudin, Khalid Samad, Nik Naizi etc. Why not shove them forward as the PM if Pakatan wins?
Cukuplah menjaja si peliwat tua sebagai PM. Pencenkan saja dia.
In fact, Sak is more qualified than Anwar to be our PM. Sak's age is ideal as our PM. Barulah berbaloi meninggalkan UMNO.
Bro Sak, takkanlah cuma nak menjatuhkan dinosaurs dalam UMNO sedangkan lagi ramai dinosaurs haprak dalam Pakatan.
You must guard DAP jealously so as not to allow Anwar to undermine your leaders.
I remember you bro, saying many times that Anwar is irrelevant. Time for you to spear-head a crusade in getting rid of him.
Or have you change your stance now that you are in Pakatan fold? And you sheepishly follow the rest in acknowledging Anwar as the supreme leader who will be our PM?
I pray for divine intervention for him to lose in Permatang Pauh and we can see the last of him forever.

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 18:42  

Your comment on "
Ah Cheap Kor": "schemer by nature"

You have described him so accurately about his characteristic traits.

Many years ago, he schemed the KFC Franchisor,the late Mr. Loo forcing him to give up his license to the UMNO GLC because of the chicken halal issue.

Schemer all right.... same thing happened to Altantuya.

How can he lead the country with so much skeleton in his cupboard?

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 19:19  

Brother QD,
Lest we all forget Anwar is cleared of sodomy charge by the same judiciary that cleared Najib from the Altantuya's gruesome murder.

Frankly, I also disliked Anwar when he was in BN with his pompous Bahasa Baku and he may have his flaws, but has dearly paid his dues. In this respect not many of us are half the man that he is. As a human being he earns my sympathy pursuant to the inhumane treatments he & his family suffered from the 'Islamic' BN regime.

It is neither about 'Najib or Anwar' nor 'BN or PR' for these are only the 'medium' that is destructible when what is important is the 'message' which is indestructible. What is the message brought forth? Is it about justice, transparency, honesty, equality & harmony or is it strictly otherwise? And in this regard, it would not be too presumptuous to conclude that Singapore is more 'Islamic' than Malaysia (Tell that to the 'smeagol' Hassan Ali or his evil twin Ibrahim).

So let's be pragmatic in our vision, lest we 'glorify or crucify' the postman, instead of understanding the message.

~ Loud Despair

Anonymous,  12 March 2012 at 20:08  

@ OverseasBum,
where on which part of overseas are you residing in ? extremely shocking to read your charges to Sak to publicly eat the food and drink that the DAP leaders consume ! After the years you have been abroad ? ! For all that you refuse to acknowlege, DAP leaders are definitely more culturally conscious and respectful to only cater and serve halal cuisines for Malay DAP members ? From Indera Kayangan Felda ! From KFC !

Heard of vegetarian meals ? Tak pernah attend Malaysians' functions for Malay guests and friends ? Wedding receptions at hotels in Msia ? Tak makan " the meat " for one function is no fuss for them to entertain Malay guests and friends with class ! Lupa pulak Overseasbumi...

epicanthic folded eye variety ? ! This is ridiculous, what about those- mixed marriages with Malay ?

Anon 12 March 2012 15:18 is right, you can be detected from a far distance ! Piigiii main tepuk amai - amai jauh - jauh.

ordinary malaysian 13 March 2012 at 01:55  

@OverseasBumi, wah, kau ni bukan main main. Dah lupa cakap sepet ke? Apa tu epicanthic folded variety? Dan kau - the flesh of swine or the fermented liquid by-products of grains and fruits? Takkan lah. Now you want Datuk to be all that you don't want to be? Show some class lah and not bombast. If you are not UMNO cyber trooper, kesian you lah. All bull and ballast and no pay and substance.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 07:51  

I feel sorry for Datuk Sharizat Lembu who has been unfairly forced to quit. Her sadness will be compounded by the police charging her beloved and very honest husband with CBT,etc at the NFC. At least he is not charged with "feed-a-lot" of Sharizat. It looks like, however, she can be assured of getting justice in the next world (if not in this one) as a god fearing person that she is.Hidup UMNO.

MeorUSA,  13 March 2012 at 08:36  

"We, those who are opposed to the sons of bitches and bitches who are ruining the country" you go again.
Macam mana nak garnished votes orang kampung or yang datang dari kampung ni cerdik.!
"Bitches" .? Dah go to the dark side ke.?You got followers.!!
You and your commentators played the race cards.
Shame on you too.

Quiet Despair,  13 March 2012 at 09:22  


Please stop this labelling of cyber-troopers for those having different viewpoints from you.
We should welcome Overseas Bumi for coming here. By the way he writes, he's definitely NOT a cyber-trooper, a troll, goon or whatever derogatory terms for anyone you dislike.
If you disagree with his remarks, counter it with sound arguments. It's as simple as that.
You wanna see cyber-toopers? Then go to Papagomo and Parpukari which no one, not even UMNO members want to read. They are an embarassment to UMNO leaders.
Sak would not have released Overseas Bumi comments if he is a goon.
As I said before, Sak's blog should be a forum for all educated people with good manners.
Infact anyone, be they technocrats, farmers, can post their comments, befitting Sak's liberal status.
Sak with his rapier sharp wit can easily put anyone down, without your coercion.
Let's not cheapen this blog by unnecessary name calling just like some Pakatan hooligans which include uncouth Pakatan chief town-crier Tukar Tiub.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 11:53  

What ? Sak God send?.No lah..You must differentiate the god send and the frustrated people who are half bake politicians from any political parties like Zaid,Chua Joo Ming,Sak,Aspan and many other defectors.The problems with people who join political parties nowdays are actually their desire to get financial rewards/money /richess by being given projects,APs, concessions etc and of course power unlike the politicians of yesteryears who really care for the country and its people.Some who were so used to be given the red carpet treatment and the power as ADUN,MPs etc and had it suddenly gone after no longer favoured or no longer needed.Once the positions are no longer with them they slowwly felt the emptiness and what more they were put aside and people dont really care about them anymore and frustrations creep in with little power and possibly no money to sustain the previous lifestyle.

What an oppurtune time to change party prior election with nothing to loose and more to gain financilly at least.It is time for some good offers of positions and money from both ruling and opposition parties.Politics is about getting financial rewards and power it seems. See what money and power can do to change people !.You bet.Ask them sincerely why are they in politics.Hope they are really sincere to help the people !


Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 13:01  

Your are so human, if the country have majority Malays think like you, then the country will be a better place.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 15:22  

Dino dear. You really sound like ahmad maslan. Politics all about rewarding?? That only happen in BN or especially umno. You dumber lot to think that pakatan will reward everybody who join them?? As usual all umno members has the same standard of thinking.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 16:40  

Quiet Despair,
Overseas Bumi from overseas ? C'mon Give us a break ! i read the comments about Overseas Bumi, so mild, yet he can't take it like a man stand erected ? Baik write Desperado Valentine's passionate notes !

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 17:03  

"The PM as leader of this country is doing a big disservice to the country by stepping aside and allowing divisive sectarian and religious values undo harmony. In the case of Erikah Badu, the people who wanted to watch her sing here, wasn’t made entirely of Muslims. The Muslims who did not want to watch should have chosen the more pragmatic step of just staying away. It’s no skin off our noses really if people, including some Muslims want to watch and enjoy Erikah Badu sing. But they should not impose their religious morality onto others by demanding the concert be banned entirely.

Very well written. I agreed with you that they should not impose their religious morality on others. They have been imposing it on muslims, but other races are affected by them, but they do not bother. Everything must cater to them. They must have all their says and others just have to toe their lines. Other people cannot have their says.

The whole article is very written and very rational.

It is good for Sakmongkol that he can sees through Najib and UMNO ways, but unfortunately many kampong malays cannot see through it.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 00:00  

I have this feeling that there are too many DAP/ PR cybertroopers here.It becomes like those fools in Yahoo PR cybertroopers.
Overseas Bumi , thank you for your good write up.Continue giving your views.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 09:46  

Malaysia is not a secular state.Try Singapore they practise freedom.The more reasons PAS should distance themselves from this DAP secular values .Erika Badu or Baldi who cares , thr fact that she touched on our religious sensitivities this is not acceptable even to our Asian values.Faham !

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 16:55  

15 March 2012 00:00

It takes a bigger fool to call others such.
Without PK / DAP voices ? A good write up for
being obnoxious to Sakmongkol, the host and
his guests ?

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 19:22  

dear Sak,
this is a gift for you, meant to be private, on Youtube : A Parent's Love - I Cried After Watching This... for all that you intend to speak up for this beloved nation of ours, akin to playing the piano for you, all the wonderful parents and guardians, aspan, dap, and kampong man ( for all his niceness, tho he is with umno, ai say ) for speaking up with fairness, justice and compassion for all Msians.
from a bro to a bro !

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 19:03  

We will go for BN of course.It is the best for Malaysia !!

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