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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 29 May 2011

UMNO- self-induced rigor mortis

I have written so many essays critical of UMNO in the past. Friends asked me why am I still in UMNO? How can I write many nasty things about UMNO and seemed to get away with it-why haven't I been hauled up by the UMNO disciplinary committee or something and not ticked off? Isn't there anything good that UMNO has done?

Let's clear one thing first. This is the source of many of UMNO's problems. Some people assigned to themselves the right to determine who should or shouldn't be in UMNO. They then judge others in terms of their thinking and criteria. Pak Lah or any others can't measure up to Mahathir in many aspects. But they are not necessarily inferior to Mahathir. They are different. They must be judged on objective terms, not the subjective standards of one Mahathir.

Najib doesn't seem to do things anything right according to Mahathir. The old man is so stressed up and suffers physical debilitations.

The problem worsens to become person-centric. One person determines and defines UMNO. Inevitably, the right to be in or out of UMNO depends on loyalty to individuals and not on the political ideals, ideas, shared vision and so forth.

The problems become multiplied many fold, when UMNO 'farms' out the responsibility of sieving and determining leadership material to hired hands outside the party. These are the intellectual hacks and overrated audio visual and print media practitioners who arrogate to themselves the ultimate discretion of how should UMNO behave.

Hence there are people who think UMNO is the personal kingdom of some people and that the issues of these individuals exist to inherit the kingdom of UMNO.

What has UMNO become then? It becomes an organization feudal in nature where its leadership depends on being from the right loins. The leadership in UMNO is therefore no different from the method of ascribing extraordinary abilities by being conceived from a buloh betong, materializing from a cow's vomit or suddenly beamed from across the terrestrial highs to bukit si guntang Mahameru.

From thereon, the majority of UMNO suckers pledged eternal loyalty to the blue blood.

This is the earliest symptoms of the inability of UN+MNO to manage success. For over the years, UMNO attracts a multitude of thoughts, aggressive and independent minded individuals, a vibrant ward of supporters, personalized political inclinations as success unavoidably do, that its continuity and longevity, depends ultimately on the ability to manage all that diversity.

This, the current crop of leadership spawned unfortunately during the Mahathir years failed to do. UMNO has generally failed to spawn 'elastic' leadership that is capable of adapting. Instead it has led to the emergence of a leadership hell-bent on preserving freakish control and one opposed to internal transformation.

I can only answer by asking why shouldn't I be in UMNO? UMNO isn't the property of the present crop of UMNO leaders. Some of them are there because of some unexpected happenstance. They have the right 'bins'. You are bin somebody, therefore you are leadership material. This is a fundamental defect of UMNO's leadership. Which I will continue to offer criticisms.

Secondly, I believe I have done nothing wrong to be the guest of the disciplinary committee. Finally, there are of course many good things that UMNO has facilitated, whenever there was good leadership.

There are of course the people whose replies are directed ad hominem. My personal problems used as weapon to demolish my arguments. My service as a one term UMNO ADUN taken as an indication that I have not performed well. To the first approach, it only serves to entrench my conviction that the majority of UMNO members and supporters do not have the stuff to win over people with reasoned arguments. I employ the term stuff as a mild description. To the second, I myself can't defend my track record. You asked my detractors they will give you the answers you desire to serve the purpose by which you set out in the first place- i.e. to look for 'facts' that can vilify me.

In the not so distant future I hope to be able to tell you my side of the story. I believe it will show that it is not I who will be found wanting- but we will discover that I am put in an environment where UMNO can't manage success.

This then is the biggest problem with UMNO now. It just doesn't know how to manage success. It can't because it doesn't have the right leadership with the right values, the right institutions to manage the overall success that UMNO has generated for the country.

It is still a party held back by old tools of the trade unable to deal with new realities. The development brought possible by UMNO- general rise in educational level, rising expectations, infusion of new values, new experiences, all are never appreciated to the full by UMNO. As a result, it's a party that has refused to adapt. DS Najib as the current UMNO president is now desperately trying to force UMNO to adapt.


Friday 27 May 2011

MIC: Big Chiefs and little Indians

Sometime ago, a leading member of the Chinese business community declared that the Chinese do not actually need Chinese politicians and Ministers to represent them. That statement sapped the smugness off the MCA. In one sense its true- Chinese businesspersons can always talk direct to Malay leaders. They have ingenious ways to convince their Malaysian Malay brethren.
That's an interesting topic to expand. We will do that perhaps later. In the meantime, maybe the Malaysian Indians should emulate their spirited Chinese brother. Indians don't require representation by the MIC really. They can do so through Nor Mohamad Yakob, Naina Merican, Azeez Rahim, Zambry Kadir et al. no?
They too can also talk direct to Malay leaders. Tony Fernandes knows how, Ananda Krishna knows how. So do Ravi Menon, Arumugam, Gnalingam. Even the one time driver keneth Eswaran knows how too. They ALL know how to. Forget MIC and forget Palani.
The Indians should have more reason to dismiss the near extinct MIC. MIC does not fight for the untouchables, for the Sentul people, for the Sungai way Indians. They should now demand to know what actually happen to the RM 100 million suit against Samy Vellu and the 7 seven trustees. How much money was actually lost? And how will the Indian community be compensated for the loss? Pandykutti!
High Court Judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim granted MIED's application for leave to withdraw its suit over alleged mismanagement which it claimed caused the education arm of the MIC to incur losses. The suit was withdrawn today after former MIC Youth chief A Vigneswaran, who initiated it, was appointed to sit on the MIED board as observer for one year from May 12.
Will the Indians now accept that their interest in the field of education has all this time been depending on the resolve of one Vigneswaran? And now that he has wilted, their hopes are also dashed?
Don't you want to graduate from being a seller of pirated CDs to owning Airlines, from advertising salesman to owning ports, airports, controlling the media? Vigneswaran agrees to withdraw because he is now appointed a board member as a mute observer. An observer is not allowed to talk you know, unless invited by the board chairman to speak.
I think public spirited Malaysian Indians must now check up the story behind Vigneswaran's capitulation and they should also check out who is behind Deloitte Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd which has been appointed as the management consultants/management accountants for MIED.
MIED is now charged to adhere to full disclosure of major transactions and matters relating to MIED at board meetings. Come again? You mean all this time it hasn't and that must be one of the reasons why our friend VIgneswaran brought the suit in the first place. How is Vignes's personal constitution? Is he of unimpeachable character?
Vigi's withdrawal must have brought relief to Samy Vellu, his successor, G Palanivel, M Mahalingam, Dr T Marimuthu, Dr SK Ampikaipakam, Dr Karnail Singh Nijhar, K Kumaran and G Vadiveloo and audit firm Kumpulan Naga.
Counsel, Gurupatham told reporters that his client withdrew the suit in the best interests of the Indian community so that MIED would be run in a transparent manner. What about the RM 100 million?
The other counsel for MIED, Vasanthi said the judge was pleased that settlement had been reached for the benefit of MIED, and granted the application to withdraw the suit with no legal costs.
In the suit, MIED claimed the defendants had breached fiduciary and statutory duties, and failed to discharge their responsibilities as trustees and auditors, which caused the institute to suffer huge losses. How big was the loss to the Indian community?
Is Samy Vellu going to return all monies or profits made from MIED, either by himself or through family members and close friends? MIED also wanted a court order to make Samy Vellu compensate all the financial losses incurred by the institute in the time he had administered MIED as its chairman as well as special and general damages over the alleged losses, which it claimed totaled RM100 million.


Thursday 26 May 2011

Saying it differently

Say it differently.


Wednesday 25 May 2011

Talking Malay on false premises

Let us demolish one pet belief of UMNO people and those who think they speak for UMNO. It's time for the real Malay to speak for the Malay. Where have the real Malays gone?
How can we force ourselves to suffer fools by allowing ourselves to consume the hate spewing writings of some bloggers whose Malay-ness are questionable? Why isn't the peddler of rancid curry speaking on behalf and for Kimma members? He looks more kitol-ish that the person he castigates as Kitol. Why isn't the gold nugget seller doing the same? We thank you but no thanks.
Jadi jadi lah kita orang Melayu kena tipu.
I find myself in strange territory listening to people like Reezal Merican, or Azeez speak for the Malays. I would have thought, Malays are better off if these people speak on behalf of KIMMA. I think Malays have got enough talented people to speak for ourselves.
Then we have those who pretend they speak for UMNO but are themselves not UMNO members. Can they have the same thinking dynamics of an UMNO member? And I am not even differentiating between good and bad thinking- just undifferentiated UMNO thinking. Why is this important? It's important because then, what we say can be leavened with realistic assessment. Then we can appreciate the UMNO spirit.
Without the UMNO spirit, what you write is mechanical.
The real UMNO man wouldn't speak of an imagined clash of Christians and Muslims or spun the story about Christians taking over this country. I think Malays are already suffering from an overdose of ghost stories and will NOT want to add to their consumption ,manufactured tales about DAP becoming PM or Christians taking over this country.
Does a Malay cease to be a Malay if he is not UMNO member? Being UMNO is not an absolute requirement to fight for a Malay cause. Even being Malay is not an absolute guarantee that Malay interests are taken care of. Both require the right Malay with the right values and the UMNO Malay with the right values.
Consider the record before us. From the day we got independence, most of our MBs are Malays. The top bosses in the Police and the army are Malays. The KSUs and TKSUs are almost invariably Malays. The top government officers are Malays. All the District officers are. All penghulus are Malays. All the Kings? All are Malays.
Now, one would be justified into assuming that given the fact that almost all the important office bearers are Malays and the governmental institutions we have are peopled by Malays, the lot of the Malays would be greatly improved or would have been vastly improved. Wouldn't it?
Well, in terms of control of the economy, Malay economic interest is just about 20%. That's 20% of the overall wealth being shared by 65% of the population. We would further imagine that Malays would own more land in this country. We would also imagine that Malays owned better housing. Their education would be of higher standard. With Malays in power, there would have been more rich Malays than rich non Malays. Yet in the top 20 richest in Malaysia, you would find probably one fellow. In the top 40, you start getting more Malays but you also get more non Malays.
So what conclusion can you deduce from these observations? The only valid and justifiable conclusion, is having Malays up there does not readily translate into Malay prominence in any of the fields we mentioned. It follows from here, that positioning Malays in strategic offices is not necessarily beneficial and advantageous to Malays.
The other conclusion is those Malays in power have not helped other Malays. So if UMNO insists that UMNO is Malay and Malay in UMNO, then by extension, Malays in power do not help the rest of Malays will also mean, UMNO in power does not help the rest of the Malays.
UMNO people must be realistic on this. One doesn't stop becoming Malay if one dismisses UMNO. People are already doing that if you still don't realize it. 1.5 million UMNO members protested by not voting in UMNO candidates. That should be interpreted as a rejection of not merely the candidates but perhaps more so of the policies and vision that UMNO projects. 1.5 million members didn't share in the vision of UMNO. 3.7 million Malay (including the 1.5 million) voters didn't subscribe to the UMNO ideals pedaled by UMNO leaders.
Yet the leadership is hyping themselves, aided by a pliant audio visual and print media into believing all is well. Ignorance is really bliss.


Saturday 21 May 2011

Will the GST be another nail in the coffin?

A long time ago, I have written about the government's plan to implement GST. I am not going to bother looking at what I wrote. Maybe what I write then did not make sense at all.

But to me, the plan to implement the GST will be another nail in the coffin for the BN government. In almost all cases where the GST was introduced, it has raised a lot of discontent. Governments have fallen because of the GST and finance ministers have resigned.

Remember this: governments have fallen. Finance ministers have quit.

I hope, the government's tax package is not an attempt to trick workers into thinking that they will be better off after the proposed tax cuts. I also hope it will not trick people on government benefits that they will be better off after the so-called "compensation", despite the introduction of a goods and services tax (GST).

Consider this. Our tax base is perhaps only 15%, i.e. only about 15 percent of the population pays tax. The balance have nor or were not paying taxes- kampong people, self-employed, ordinary folks outside the tax bracket. Now, all are caught in the tax trawler net and pay consumption tax. Never mind says the government; we will compensate the ordinary people.

Ok. So we ask, what then is the size of the compensation and its value? Will it be larger than the revenue the government collects after implementing GST? Then the government ends up spending more after all.

What is the purpose of the GST? The GST, levied at a rate of x %, will replace the government's wholesale sales tax and other indirect taxes. How much will the abolition of these taxes cost and how much will the GST raise?

I don't have the figures but I am sure the reasoning by the government is that the GST will increase the amount of tax collected. Meaning the GST will increase government revenue by X amount. Revenue will likely to increase over time because of the expansion of the service sector.

Here is an interesting question. Somebody will make money as a result of introducing and implementing the GST. Ask this question- who will collect the revenue? It will be collected by some companies already proposing or about to propose further privatization of government services.

Who is actually paying the excess revenue that government collects after GST? If we study carefully, we can know who is NOT going to pay: big business- the tax burden on Malaysian business will be reduced by more than the GST revenue collected. How so? Because business which export a lot will be treated to a substantial decrease in costs because they will be eligible to have GST they pay on business inputs refunded.

So if business doesn't pay, who pays? If businesses won't be paying the extra GST revenue, then it means that workers and people on government benefits will subsidize business.

Cilaka punya government! We subsidize these people? Because, really the GST is not a tax on business as input tax credits ensure that businesses effectively do not pay GST on their inputs.

GST paid by business on raw materials, tools, electricity and rent is refunded. Business is exempt from paying the GST.

The only GST payer is the consumer at the end, who pays a X% GST on the total price of the product.

Now you know why representatives of big business are waxing lyrical about the tax package.

What is the chief government selling point? It's the so-called compensation. We will compensate the people, the advisers tell the PM. And the PM repeats what his officers and advisers say. The income tax cuts, welfare rebates, compensation to government beneficiaries and self-funded retirees that is costing money will all be funded out of the projected revenue surpluses over the next few years.

But what if tax revenue is not as optimistic as planned? Will the government cancel or reduce the income tax cuts and the compensation package?

Where will the government find money to pay the compensation? Where did this surplus come from? Suddenly I was thinking about the removal of subsidies which the government is carrying out.

Removal of subsidies will cause severe hardship to the people who will duly translate that into political backlash for the government. That is why I said, this GST is a potential nail in the coffin for the government.

The money for compensation come from attacks on the social wage — the sacking of tens of workers, massive cuts to hospitals, schools, libraries, child-care, public transport and public housing, and the denial of government benefits to young people and redundant workers.

When the government suddenly finds that a lack it has less of revenue, it will be announcing that more government services have to be cut back or abolished.

See whether the government has the balls to do that.


Tuesday 17 May 2011

The Ariff and Aspan Blog

Today, I am pleased to announce the launching of a new blog site. It's called The Ariff and Aspan Blog. Readers can access it here.

This website is a collaborative effort between En Aspan Alias and I, Ariff Sabri. Aspan manages his own blog at Aspan Alias.
I write through my own blog
We hope to engage Malaysians and offer them debates and opinions on the state of politics in Malaysia. We welcome participation from our readers and promise we will not have difficulty in respecting a well-reasoned counter argument. We urge commentators not to resort to personal attacks and vilifications. We tolerate no name callings and will not entertain them.


Sunday 15 May 2011

Malays and cerita cerita hantu

There has been a sudden surge in Malay preference for ghost films recently. Perhaps the implications for this preference are more serious than just the indication of productivity of the artistic creativity that produced them.
Let's see the political implications.
When DS Najib addressed the UMNO hoi poloi, the UMNO lumpen-proletariat, the UMNO murba, I was sure he wanted his message to reach a wider audience. In particular the Malay masses who have deserted UMNO in the 2008 elections. Even more so, the 1.5 million UMNO members who did not vote for UMNO candidates for various reasons.
Najib's call for unity is not made to a vacuous audience, this he must know. I hope he doesn't underestimate the discerning capabilities of the rural folks and UMNO members.
UMNO members can no longer be divided into old and new UMNO. By old I mean those UMNO members who desire a return to the old UMNO. The UMNO that was founded on the principles of saving the Malay honor and wished honorable things for the Malays. By the new UMNO I mean the UMNO people who were seduced by the seemingly robustness of Dr Mahathir. Mahathir's UMNO is the UMNO that sees itself as the dispenser of life's sustenance. Mahathir's UMNO is the UMNO that sees itself as the indispensable life giver to UMNO and Malays. In the process UMNO members and Malays in general lost their dynamism. UMNO has become the father figure to dependent children.
So what kind of audience is Najib targeting? I am afraid, the audience that Najib is addressing is the pliant sections of the Malay community who are susceptible to horror stories that the future PM will be non-Malay and that Christians are taking over this country.
That brings me to a characterization of the Malays referred to frequently by the Oracle of Syed Putra. It's the section of the Malay community that's unfortunately the larger portion that is easily seduced by ghost stories, tales of the occult and of a world inhabited by creatures of the night and mythical beings. Although I understand many UMNO leaders are on intimate terms with certain creatures of the night.
Malays who are addicted to cerita2 hantu. For that reason, the periodical 'Mestika' achieved an envious circulation of more than 400,000. That's more than some of the Malay newspapers and the mainstream newspapers.
So Najib is perhaps appealing to the mestika reading public- those who are addicted to cerita cerita hantu and believed in them.
That reading public moreover represents the belief system of the Malays. This portion of the Malay people is easily taken in by far-fetched takes of Christians taking over this country, tales of non-Malays taking over the premiership.
If these are the Malays DS Najib are targeting at, then Malays have not really climbed up the ladder of social consciousness from the state in which they were in when Tun Razak wanted to free them from.
Consider the philosophical and political underpinnings when Tun Razak formed Felda. The transplant of whole sections of the Malay people forming the pioneers in Felda schemes were to be that section of Malays Tun Razak wanted to free from inhibitory thinking. The inhibitory thinking that was characterized mainly by beliefs in supernatural stories, fairy tales etc. Razak wanted to deliver Malays from the debilitating mindset that was trapped by cerita cerita hantu.
So as what the Oracle observed, if present day Malays are still stuck in cerita cerita hantu, then they have not achieved the deliverance that was intended by Tun Razak. The people chiefly responsible for that paralysis are the UMNO leaders themselves.
Think about this.


Thursday 12 May 2011

The current state of UMNO

Now, the Oracle of Syed Putera is the alter ego of Tun Daim Zainudin. I enjoy the privilege of meeting this character at least once a month. Usually our meeting lasts on average for one hour.
During these sessions I get to share some of the thoughts of Daim Zainudin as transmitted through his alter ego. Daim remains an elusive figure, lending his presence only occasionally.
It was probably one and half months ago, Utusan Malaysia published an interview they had with Tun Daim Zainudin. I was again privileged to read the hardcopy of the interview before publication. Again by courtesy of the Oracle.
The interview carried a series of questions and answers posed by Utusan Malaysia to TUn Daim Zainudin. Tun Daim Zainudin or TDZ as I refer him as, was a onetime Finance Minister of Malaysia. He served under the loved by many, Tun Dr Mahathir. I have often described Tun Mahathir as the man who can walk on water- and I used that description as a mark of amazement and admiration.
When I first read the scripted interview, I remarked to The Oracle, this is an endorsement to PM Najib. Coming from TDZ I said, it's worth more than the Malaysian stock market. That's how valuable the thoughts of TDZ are said I. that's real power

When we want to know what power is- it's when a diminutive 70 something young man in crumpled shirts wearing sandals speak eliciting awed and respectful response from people.
Everyone was laughing and many were even disparaging TDZ when he said 5 states were in jeopardy at the 2008 (12th) GE. Khir Toyo whom TDZ actually identified to be the Selangor MB, were among the many who said TDZ was out of touch, a pensioner, a has been and all other unpleasant epitaphs. When the results of the 12th GE came around, people quickly realized how prescient the diminutive TDZ was.
So, now when TDZ speaks, Malaysia pays attention. Probably if he sneezes, Malaysia catches a cold. It must be with great welcome relief to hear TDZ giving so many complimentary comments about PM Najib and his government.
This is a much welcome endorsement from TDZ I said to the Oracle.
Read carefully and more importantly, critically cautioned the Oracle. TDZ wanted me to pass to you so that you can read.
Yes said I, clearly, on an overall basis, this is endorsement.
Sure, said the Oracle, but TDZ can't be as openly critical as you are when speaking about a government of which he was a member once. He can't also be openly critical to Najib. Read between the lines.
Of course said I, this piece of interview is replete with conditions and preconditions. UMNO can win provided this. UMNO can win provided that. UMNO can win provided the UMNO president manages firmly and shows more robustness.
Yes, continued the Oracle. Winning is predicated by so many conditions. The machinery must be ready. The PM and DPM must go down to visit the Bahagians and listen to the UMNO members directly.
Don't trust the ketua bahagians. They tell only the good stories. Don't trust the intelligence sources completely. Don't listen to opinion polls by independent survey groups. You pay the piper; you determine the tune to play.

So when we read Najib's speech at the '65th 'birthday celebration of UMNO on the 11th May 2011, did we see the admonitions of TDZ being heeded? UMNO would have been 65 years old, if we assumed away, the formation of an UMNO Baru in 1988. In that year, the original UMNO was declared an unlawful party. The causes for its illegality will forever be debated. Otherwise, the UMNO we celebrated on the 11th May 2011 is a new UMNO with a different character and philosophical underpinnings.
We must not forget the description of UMNO (this UMNO, his UMNO) by Dr Mahathir as a party rotten to the core. By rotten to the core he must have meant it's a corrupt party. Corrupt from the top to the bottom. It's not I who am saying this- its Dr Mahathir. He said the party is corrupt from the top to the bottom in an off the cuff speech as a gathering cum luncheon of ex ministers.
In his speech at the celebration of UMNO's 65th anniversary, the UMNO president implored UMNO members to carry out bigger transformation in order to earn support from the rakyat.
But the UMNO president needs to be reminded that transformation must begin at the core- at the leadership circle. Get rid of the fakes. The faked Tengku for example whose roots I searched cannot be traced to any royal families in Pahang. How on earth did this Achenese who was a one-time carpet salesman who was married to a Pahang Royal Family member became a Tengku? If he can become one, everyone else can also become one.
But in a land where even a Chinese can be referred to as Tengku, perhaps, I cannot call this strange any longer.
Is UMNO split up into factions?
Then I remember, in the state the size of an ape's spread-eagled legs, there are at least 4 factions. UMNO Perlis for example is split up into camps belonging to Isa Sabu, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Shahidan Kassim and Azmy Khalid. UMNO cannot win.
The Oracle said that if Najib wants UMNO to win in Perlis where as many as 9 state seats are in danger, he must eliminate all these factions.
Then you have the infamous factions in Terengganu between Idris Jusoh and the pugilistic Mat Said.
In Selangor, when Noh Omar calls for a meeting, Mat Taib's people, Khir Toyo's faction, Zain Badak's group will not turn up. How to regain Selangor like this?
In the meantime Dr Mahathir has complimented the current MB of Kedah who is from PAS. The current UMNO Ketua Perhubungan is there because of his friendship with the UMNO president. The UMNO president was reluctant to appoint someone else fearing this chap will revolt. The original plan was to appoint MUkhriz Mahathir. But that appointment, if he had taken place wasn't premised on rational reasons but would have been done on the basis of an attempt to placate the man who can walk on Malaysian political waters.
So, I hope UMNO people will ponder over the ominous exhortations of its president.
"Kalau kita bersatu, tiada politik puak-puak dalam Umno, kita merupakan parti yang lebih kuat daripada parti-parti lain. Apakah semua (perjuangan) kita sudah selesai? Belum... kenapa masih ada cakap-cakap, masih ada lagi politik puak-puak, apa guna kita sambut ulang tahun 65 tahun kalau kita tidak bersatu?


Wednesday 11 May 2011

Up and around, here and there.

UMNO and its mathematics.
I was 'bad' at math when I said out of 10, 11 do not believe. I almost believe that I was terrible at math until I scanned the mainstreams papers that screamed- DAP wants a Christian PM and Christianity be made an official religion.
I know, the trappings of power have made some people soft. What I didn't realize as quickly as I should have is they have made some people soft in the head.
We have 222 parliamentary seats for grabs. DAP contests at most 40. Assume they win all the 40 parliamentary seats. Perhaps the UMNO mathematicians can tell me, with 40 seats, can DAP or anyone else with 40 seats forms a national government? You have 82 seats; you can't yet form a national government.
Malays number 17-18 million. They formed 60 over percent of the population. Even if the DAP marshals all Chinese support, can 20% of the population outnumber the 60 over percent? Perhaps the UMNO mathematicians can enlighten me.
Next we have the screamer who says hidup Melayu . There is no way, we will allow DAP to take over the country. If that makes you happy, please scream some more. We can't argue much against such emotions and illogic.
But PAS is also Malay. So hidup Melayu can also mean hidup PAS in as much as it can also mean UMNO. UMNO people have this self-conceited idea borne from uncontested arrogance perhaps that UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO. Hello kawan- you can't even marshal support from 1.5 million UMNO members to support you and UMNO candidates got around only 2 million votes from the 5.7 in the 2008 elections. So the Malays live but they do so without needing UMNO. I hope many will realize that every Malay wants to live with the slogan Hidup Melayu, but the Malays can now do so with choices. That's what democracy is all about.
Pray tell, how on earth can a party which contests 40 seats and is not sure of winning all form a government what more to rule Malaysia as PAP does Singapore?
Christianity and other issues.
A government minister says, what's wrong with a Christian PM? He isn't wrong there. Nothing wrong if the PM is a Christian in a majority Christian country. Nothing wrong if the Christian PM is accepted even in a Muslim country. In the context of Malaysia he is saying that probably because he is also a Christian and he if were to become a PM he thinks he can take care of all the people. So what's wrong with a Christian thinking that way of himself and of the coveted position of PM?
Secondly, he is probably thinking that way because he knows such a proposition isn't going to work in Malaysia. Malays who are Muslims dominate the parliamentary seats and they hold the bigger number as legislators. Unless of course, these Malay legislators can be bought out with money and women. Or the entire Malay population can accept a Christian as PM.
Just suppose many Malays are comfortable with the idea of having a Christian as PM. What does that tell you? That tells you that Malays are disillusioned at the Malay who is a Muslim who is PM. Think about that.
3rdly, the majority of the population is Malay who are Muslims who are most likely NOT to support such a proposition.
So what that Christian Minister says is not wrong because he knows it's an impossible dream.
But it's good for the minster to say so because it throws the UMNO people into a frenzy and extreme paranoia.
Christianity as the official religion replacing Islam?
Islam is the official religion or if it isn't formally so, it's so in substance. Again it is so because the majority of people here in Malaysia are Muslims. The Malays make up the greater number of the population. The sheer number will prevail over any attempts by the minority to make Christianity the official religion.
But let us for a moment pursue the proposition. By official religion, what do they mean? Do they mean that they want to ask that Christianity be accepted as a constitutionally guaranteed religion practiced by a section of the Malaysian people? For they also know, by doing that, a constitutionally guaranteed religion deserves to get funding and all that. Then even if they do mean it that way that is a valid proposition as Christians too form a legitimate section of this country. Christians have a right to be fearful that the religion they practice will not be obliterated. They want recognition and I think that is valid request. As to funding, I don't think they want any from the government.
I find it unbelievable that a majority who can never be dislodged from the seat of power on account of the sheer number is paranoid over an unconfirmed report of this so called Christian crusade.
On a serious note. The government should go after those responsible for causing this distress and sedition. If their conduct done with malice aforethought is evidently clear, place them under ISA. Perhaps a brief sojourn as guest to the government can make some people lose weight and other people learn the art and science of anger management.


Tuesday 10 May 2011

UMNO fixing itself: recognizing the new realities

A Chinese friend asked me, why do you think the Chinese will not vote BN? My response was- I don't know why they won't. What I know is they CAN. The question we should be asking is why can they?
They can because, the great advances achieved by the Chinese as a whole, happened when there is least interference from the government in the course of the Chinese pursuing their self-interests. So, the answer is, why should they give up this freedom to pursue their self-interests, as long as they don't run foul against the law up, in return for bigger government which means bigger interference which means also, admitting the high handedness of the little and not so little napoleons into their lives? For these reasons, they won't vote for BN.

The Malays. 

The Malays have got it wrong. Part of this mistake, or a greater part of the mistake they make, is to believe, they are little children depending for their succor and sustenance on UMNO or by extension the UMNO dominated government.
What do you need to do business for example? I remember my many talks with the Oracle of Syed Putra. I have met him for two successive weeks and each week he is lamenting the path taken by UMNO and its current leadership. I shall write on that later.
The practical idea of capitalism, is to provide capital to the Malay so that he can have the capital to start business, the educational and technical skills to sustain and expand the business etc. read again- thy need capital( capital is not UMNO), they need educational and technical skills( both are not UMNO).
So, where does it state anywhere in the word, that Malays need UMNO absolutely to advance? They don't.
Let me give some more examples. Every town and city in Malaysia displays the same characteristics. I am most familiar with my hometown, Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur. In Kuantan you have a section of town dominated by Chinese (Ayer Puteh) and in Kuala Lumpur you have (Old Klang Road). In my schooldays, these two areas were and are still dominated by the Chinese. Both these areas enjoyed least attention from the government in the past. Go visit Ayer Puteh in Kuantan today; you will be almost convinced that it's a city in itself. It developed on its own on account of the vibrancy of the people pursing their economic interests with the least interference and meddling from government. It has achieved this status with lesser interference from government.
Old Klang Road area has developed into a commercial behemoth that it's almost fair to say, it has developed a parallel economy rivaling what the official government can do. Yet old Klang Road has achieved that without the excessive interference of government.
In other words, it's absolutely hogwash to say, we depend on the government for our livelihood.
Let me go to the other extreme of the logic. We have millions of Malays in rural areas who can do better if they have what? If they have capital, accessibility, education and technical skills etc. very true. So Malays need capital (capitalism), the need accessibility (freedom) they need education (self-interest). None of these are in any way synonymous with UMNO.
Let me repeat this statement. The Malays need capital (yes), they need freedom (yes) and they need to pursue their self-interests? Now tell me, if I were to purse this extreme logic, do the Malays need UMNO? They don't because their advancement is not absolutely dependent on whether it's UMNO that provide capital, freedom and creates the environment that enable them each to purse their self-interests. So when Dr Mahathir says, the Malays need help, where does it say in the world, that that HELP comes in the form of UMNO?
So before UMNO goes to the polls, I hope they get rid of this cockiness and self-conceit that the people need us. They don't.


Monday 9 May 2011

The coming political renaissance

Each year, I refresh my memory by reading the immortal words of Milton Friedman. He is arguably one of the greatest minds in Economics and sees himself as a public intellectual. The joke people make is everyone likes to debate with Milton Friedman, especially when he is not around! He is a formidable debater. He has a rapier sharp intellect and does not shy away from arguing his stand. His conversations with Phil Donahue and in later years with Charlie Rose are must watched recordings.
What makes Friedman special is that he can vary his arguments to for the level of understanding of society. That makes his social writings more understandable and accordingly absorbable. His wrings meant for the more intellectually serious are formidably technical > go read his Monetary History of the United States written with Anna Schwartz or even Money Mischief intended for the technically inclined layperson.
His position as a public intellectual, elaborating and laying bare the main issues of society is perhaps best summed up by the feelings of 1 commentator( American) : I f*king love Friedman because he makes things seemed so easy to understand.
I hope the same understanding is reached among the socially aware here in our country. The core of Friedman's philosophy must forever remain his assertions that government must have a limited role. There is a political interest for use here- get rid of government from business and you get rid of the little and not so little Napoleons.
Applied to local conditions here, it must also include calls for the government to stay out of business. The government should not see itself as Father Christmas continually dishing out goodies and freebies to its parish members. The government can't position itself as an all knowing and omnipotent entity, running the lives of people.
So what the writings of Friedman do I hope, is to enervate the imagination of as many people at large as possible. The exertions of sophisticated urban voters are good indicators that Malaysia is traveling on a promising future. The emergence of the socially aware or emergence of members of society with heightened awareness is a good signal for our society. It marks the beginning of the rise of society which is becoming more conscious of their own power. People have power. Government does not. People have real power. Ministers only borrow them temporarily. We shouldn't be afraid of government and ministers. We decide our destiny. We are responsible for ourselves.
So let us remind us of the significance of what Friedman wrote by looking at it again:-
"In a much quoted passage in his inaugural address, President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country." Neither half of the statement expresses a relation between the citizen and his government that is worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society. The paternalistic "what your country can do for you" implies that government is the patron, the citizen the ward, a view that is at odds with the free man's belief in his own responsibility for his own destiny. The organismic, "what you can do for your 'country" implies the government is the master or the deity, the citizen, the servant or the votary.
To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them. He is proud of a common heritage and loyal to common traditions. But he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favors and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served. He recognizes no national goal except as it is the consensus of the goals that the citizens severally serve. He recognizes no national purpose except as it is the consensus of the purposes for which the citizens severally strive.
The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country. He will ask rather "What can I and my compatriots do through government" to help us discharge our individual responsibilities, to achieve our several goals and purposes, and above all, to protect our freedom? And he will accompany this question with another: How can we keep the government we create from becoming a Frankenstein that will destroy the very freedom we establish it to protect?
Freedom is a rare and delicate plant. Our minds tell us, and history confirms, that the great threat to freedom is the concentration of power. Government is necessary to preserve our freedom, it is an instrument through which we can exercise our freedom; yet by concentrating power in political hands, it is also a threat to freedom. Even though the men who wield this power initially be of good will and even though they be not corrupted by the power they exercise, the power will both attract and form men of a different stamp."


Saturday 7 May 2011

The killing of Osama: 2 worlds-apart statements

Al Qaeda, the organization led by Osama ben Laden has confirmed its leader has been slain. America says the killing of Osama will end Islamic terrorism. Islam has long been associated and linked to terrorism. For so long, the world is engulfed in Islamophobia- the fear of anything Islam.
That morbid fear has spawn what seemed to be justifiable counter aggressions over Muslim nations. Iraq is occupied by America even though Sadam has been executed and no weapons of mass destruction were even found. The alleged accumulation of WMD was first used to justify the invasion on Iraq. America has remained as the occupying power in a Muslim land until now. The presence of the American military juggernaut is justified by the hawkish elements of America's foreign policy makers as necessary to effect regime change. America has continued to be the policeman of the world.
The news of the slaying of Ben Laden was received with an almost universal jubilation across mainly the western world. In the Muslim world, the reception is somewhat mixed.
In Malaysia, we can judge who has given a more rational and well thought out answer. The leader of Malaysia's Islamic party says that Muslims all over the world will unite in offering prayers for Osama if he has sinned. His statement is soothing to the families of the departed.
The other leader of Malaysia toadies up to Uncle Sam in saying the world will be a better place without Osama. Perhaps that is too early to tell. Could it possible, that the slaying of Osama will give rise to a sense of triumphalism on the part of those who are anti-Islam for whatever reasons?
The leader of our government should call upon America to desist in its policies of anti-almost anything of Islam. Muslims are subjected to humiliating body searches and predisposed suspiciousness. Islamic countries continued to be occupied by forces under American hegemony.
So the knee jerk response that we join America in saying the world is a better place without Osama is ill-timed and sure to incite bad feelings among Muslims around the world.


PEMILU dan angka 1………..1

Apa punya baghal setengah orang. Tarik pilihanraya di kaitkan dengan nombor ong 11 yang di sukai oleh DS Najib. Kita mudah sangat lupa apa sudah jadi apabila kita seronok dan asyik dengan nombor dan angka.

Dahulu, orang kata Pak Lah amat menyukai nombor 13. Lihat apa sudah jadi kepada kesukaan tersebut. Kesan nya di lihat pada pilihanraya yang lalu.

Apabila kita sudah bergantung kepada angka untuk menang- bukan diatas persiapan dan kesiap sagaan, kerja kuat, berhujjah dengan siuman memenangi hati rakyat, itu petanda, kita akan kalah.

Apa yang orang duduk heboih dengan kesukaan DS Najib dengan nombor 11? Memang lah betul, dia menjadi MB yang ke 11 untuk negeri Pahang. Adakah negeri Pahang melonjak maju luar biasa ketika DS Najib jadi MB yang ke 11 itu? banyak peristiwa yang tidak bagus dari segi politik berlaku pada zaman Menteri Besar Pahang yang ke 11.

Apa yang juga mengherankan orang ramai bila Najib menjadi OKIS- orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar yang ke 11? Jawatan tersebut adalah jawatan yang di pusakai. Sesiapa kalau jadi anak TUn Razak sudah pasti jadi OKIS yang ke 11. Anak yang sulong mewarisi jawatan terpusakai tersebut. Tidak ada yang mengherankan.

Zaman dulu kala, di negeri lain, orang buat ramalan dengan melihat dan membaca daun teh. Di tempat lain orang baca masa depan dengan menengok isi perut ayam yang terburai.

Macam macam cara yang di gunakan untuk buat ramalan untuk masa depan.

Amatlah malang jika PM dan orang UMNO meletakkan harapan yang menggunung kepada angka 11 untuk menang pilihanraya. Jadi adalah orang kata pilihanraya mesti berlaku pada bulan 11 tahun 2011. Itu bermakna 6 bulan lagi.

Kita nak buat pilihanraya mestilah bergantung kepada kekuatan parti sendiri. DS najib mungkin mendapat penerimaan peribadi oleh masyarakat yang tinggi. Approval rating menurun tapi masih tinggi. Tapi UMNO tidak akan menang hanya sebab nama Dato Najib harum. Dan keharuman tersebut pun adalah penghasilan media citak dan audio visual yang berkerja 25 jam sehari.

Tapi janganlah kita letakkan significance yang tinggi kepada polls result yang di lakukan oleh kaji selidik pihak swasta. You bayar lebih, you dapat keputusan yang di kehendaki. Perpatah Inggeris ada menyebut, he who pays the piper decides the tune. You hendak baik punya ramalan, kasi taruh wang lagi banyak.

Kita mesti sedar kekuatan UMNO di negeri negeri yang sekarang di kuasai oleh UMNO. Kalau pemimpin UMNO asyik mendengar dendangan lagu baik baik punya yang di sampaikan melalui angin lalu oleh saluran media percitakan dan audio visual yang bersifat kesotongan, itu alamat nak mampus.

DS Najib sebagai ketua UMNO jangan mempercayai 100% maklumat yang di sampaikan oleh saluran penyampaian yang biasa. Turun ke cawangan UMNO sendiri dan tanya soalan soalan secara terbuka. Kalau saya pilih si anu, adakah kamu akan sokong? Jangan dengar 3-4 kerat suara vocal dari cawangan dan bahagian. Biasa nya mereka inilah golongan yang bersidai di kedai kopi dan kaki lima yang tidak buat kerja. Matlamat mereka ialah menjatuhkan orang lain yang tidak menyukai tabiat bergentayangan dan bersidai di di kedai kopi. Penerimaan rakyat terhadap kita bergantung kepada perkhidmatan yang di beri bukan kepada lakunan buat kerja banyak.

Cuba lah kita ihat keadaan UMNO di negeri2 sebelum kita buat kenyataan yang berguruh nya banyak, tapi hujan nya sedikit.

Di negeri yang besar sekangkang kera Perlis pun UMNO menghadapi banyak sangat masaalah. Ini disebabkan negeri kecil tersebut banyak sangat kepada besar. UMNO berpecah kepada kumpulan yang memihak kepada MB sekarang, Azmi Khalid, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad dan mafia perlis Shahidan kassim. Sebanyak 9 kerusi DUN yang sekarang di pegang oleh UMNO berada dalam keadaan yang bahaya. Semua angkara wakil rakyat yang tidak beri perkhdimatan yang baik.

Kalau DS Najib hendak menang Perlis dengan lebih baik, ke 4 mafiosi Perlis ini mesti di buang. Kalau DS Najib tak berani lakukan, TS Muhyidin mesti lakukan. Kamu 4 orang pencen dan we expect no troubles from you. Tapi adakah DS Najib berani? Sebab cakap di Hot FM, seronok seronok, santai santai tidak terdaya berdepan dengan karenah politik UMNO wok.

Dan akhir sekali, jangan layan sangat mamat mamat yang suka attacch signifikens yang bukan bukan pada angka 11. Kerana kalau di lihat dari jauh angaka 1…………1 juga menyamai rupa batu nisan!


Friday 6 May 2011

Out of 10 people, 11 do not believe!

I spent a major part of the day, including some small hours into Friday prayers assessing people's reaction of the sex video. It's the video made in Thailand featuring a person who looked like Anwar Ibrahim. The man looked taller, sports a close cropped hair do and the lady in question looks suspiciously like a girl from China. Maybe she's Suzie Wong. I am sure many of us remember the film no?
Here's the deal. Out of 10 people I asked- 11 do not believe its Anwar! Perhaps it's in the nature of the allegation. The allegation is so preposterous. Never before has any preposterous spectacle been created by so questionable a group made up of so dubious collection of characters.
As the issue of the smut video drags on, it's becoming clear that it has also become the sword of Damocles over the head of the UMNO leadership. The UMNO leadership is probably wishing this sex video issue did not arise at all. At first they thought this was a fortunate gift to finish off Anwar Ibrahim. The sex video now is like the sword held at the pommel by a piece of horse's hair hanging over the head of the UMNO leadership. It now wants the sword be taken away quickly or it now wishes not to be associated at all with the sex video.
To whom is the video directed? I think it's directed at the rural voters. The assumption is that rural folks are simple minded such that any aspersions cast on the moral attributes of Anwar Ibrahim will cause a massive swing to BN and UMNO.
I think UMNO should stay clear way from this moral issue. It should learn the object lessons from the raising of this moral issue by so dubious a group.


Wednesday 4 May 2011

UMNO and its principles-1

I feel uplifted that Muhyidin as the number 2 man in Malaysia says that UMNO will not forgo its principles. But pray tell, what are the UMNO principles? It's not just 'fight for the Malay cause' simpliciter anymore. People want to know more because they want to be convinced and they want to believe in UMNO's cause.
The UMNO people I asked around don't seem able to lay down the principles other than muttering the usual stuff about Malay survival. Perhaps Muhyidin has read a book which no others have. I hope he will share his knowledge of the principles with the rest of us. Otherwise, as a blogger friend told me once, UMNO's principle is to have NO principles.
It's very important for Muhyidin and other thinking UMNO leaders to say what UMNO principles are. We know UMNO was formed as a vehicle to provide forceful political expression and representation to Malay causes. In the past, UMNO hasn't had a serious competitor to its claim as a representative of Malay causes. It could get away with almost anything. Then, it could just say we fight for Malay interests and every Malay would cling on to every word UMNO says. Not anymore.
Now it has serious competitors to the claim of representing Malay causes. Now, it has to show, why it can represent Malay causes BETTER that its competitors so that, upon judgment and reflection, it deserves more support from the people. It simply has to build a better mousetrap.
Just as people can't rest on their laurels of past achievements (most of them not debated anyway), so is UMNO subjected to the same reminder. Sure, everyone remembers it was UMNO which mobilized the Malay masses to rise up against the tendentious idea of a Malayan Union. Malayan Union wasn't just about bringing about more democratic principles, better governance, transparency, system of laws etc. I don't think Malays are averse to that. Malayan Union would have worked of Malays were given prominence right from the start.
The main problem back then was this. Malay leaders saw Malayan union more as an attempt to black-hole them into insignificance. The condescending perception that Malay leaders are good only at managing their own religious and cultural affairs, qualified only as peons and thambys consigned forever to go around with bowl in hand, pleading for succor and charity wasn't lost on the minds of Malays. Fears such as these were greatly amplified by the growing emergence to dominance of recently arrived ethnic groups. As these grew to prominence, Malays faded into insignificance.
Yes UMNO put a stop to Malayan Union. Malays are indebted to that. But you can't hold people captive to this idea for indeterminate time. People are gratified yes- but soon people realize that gratification doesn't feed families or put roofs over the heads and gratification doesn't mean unqualified surrender of rights to question or to chart a different course or take up causes different from UMNO.
People just don't buy unqualified statements and sloganeering anymore. If MUhyidin or anyone else says, UMNO will never abandon its principles and by that I understand to mean, the principles it lives by in giving political voice to Malay causes, then say so in explicit terms. Don't force us to fill in the gaps.
We have no unified document outlining the principles of UMNO. UMNO people say UMNO hasn't got an ideology. UMNO leaders make them up as they move along. Some people say there is a pattern in madness of things. We can almost also say, our principles are like case based laws. Judges makes new laws through cases.
Let me try though. Even though they are not codified, the UMNO principles can be culled up from UMNO's history. Our starting point must be 1946.
What moved the 1st generation UMNO leaders and people? The principles if I recall correctly are summed up by the alphabets Alif, Ba and Ta. These stand for Agama, Bangsa and Tanah Air.
They don't represent any racist supremacist idea at all. Let me begin with the imperative bangsa. It means UMNO must begin with charity at home. We don't mind sharing with others. But Malays must be given their dues.
In a way, UMNO stood for MalayLand Uber Alles. Malays before anyone else. When I say this, it doesn't in any way import any Nazi-like exhortations as western commentators are wont to say about the original anthem Deutschland uber alles.
The poet who wrote the anthem was himself a fugitive and when he wrote the lines Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt, he did not mean literally "over all," as in Germany "ruling over all in the world," but more of a "before all others."
The call for Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air was a rallying urging to the Malays in the 1940s to put national unity above local loyalties and petty rivalries over religion and regionalism. To stop thinking of themselves as Malays from different parts of the country and to start thinking as Malays one and all.
So let us remind Muhyidin what it means to put Malay before all others.
When leaders talk about Malay interests, their pronouncements will probably be met with sarcasm. Because people know they are just fudging the issue when in reality, they and big Chinese business interest are like the skin and nail. People now see the call for Malay before all others as a sham.
When UMNO talks about development, people no longer believe them because the portion of development enjoyed by the people is minuscule. So small that simple development needs such as decent roads to villages, provision of affordable housing, schooling facilities, CAN be provided by ANY government in power. People know UMNO leaders are more interested in milking the latest multi-billion projects and making hay while the sun shines.
Hence even while the PM speaks of his big business ideas- ETP, NEM, EPP, NKRA, PDP whatever, the ever so nameless and faceless people, but real people anyway, don't really give a dam. The JKKK if led by capable people bring and understand peoples' needs better than high handed government officers.
Will water supply be uninterrupted? Will the bridges be built and repaired? Can we get a multipurpose hall? Can we have new suraus and mosques? Can we get welfare assistance? Will our children get educational financial aid?
People know the PM is talking to big businesses. The business of small people can be tackled by ANY government.
So I hope, when Muhyidin offers a broad-brush description of UMNO principles, because he is Malay first and Malaysian second, he will be the first to understand what being Malay is all about. You can tolerate sham and hypocrisy up to a level only.
I hope Muhyidin will further remind himself about what Malayland uber alles means in light of what he went through when visiting China. See whether the claim Malays before everyone else apply or not.
Part of his itinerary to China was to negotiate with Chinese political and business leaders and decide the rules of the game as it were when selecting the contractors for a rail double tracking project to Johor. He found himself bushwhacked when a parallel negotiation of the project took place wheeled and dealt with by the honorable porn actor from MCA. The porn actor came highly recommended by the golfing buddy of the PM.
So the firs principle that Muhyidin must establish is to tell all UMNO leaders not to be duplicitous and double faced when they deal with people. Don't brag about fighting for Malay causes and interests when what you actually do is horse around with Chinese cukongs.


Sunday 1 May 2011

The rights and wrongs of sumpah laknats

Let us debate the proclaimed right of a person to do a sumpah laknat or mubahalah. The PM says anyone has that right. It's dangerously becoming an everyday occurrence that the somberness and the solemnity that go along with that conduct seem to be lost. Any Tom Dick and Harry can do the sumpah laknat
It's the arrogance of human beings thinking that God's retribution does not come immediately which encouraged some people to carry out sumpah laknats. It's the jom heboh of religious trial by ordeal.
Yes, everyone has the right to do a sumpah laknat. It's a special oath taking affirming one's innocence or guilt by beseeching god to deliver instant punishment. Yes, everyone can do a sumpah laknat especially if doing that involves Anwar Ibrahim and slows down the declining fortunes of UMNO.
What if RPK does the same thing- he does a sumpah laknat somewhere in Regents Park Mosque in London or some mosque in Patani? It's equally right and capable of producing the same conclusions. That the object of that sumpah laknat has actually done what is prayed for. What if P Bala converts to Islam and carries out a sumpah laknat. Then he invokes god and says Rosmah was present as the grisly scene. What then?
They can't, not because they don't have the same rights- but they must fulfill some conditions precedent. If we demand these requirements in hypothetical situations involving RPK and PI Bala, then the same mandatory requirements must be accorded to the accused in this case.
The whole mess we are in at the moment is because we take up and crusade on a moral issue. We are then caught up in our own moral morass. The BN people are gunning for Anwar's morality when they are themselves soiled. We must come with clean hands or not come at all. I am sure these 3 people behind the smut filming have serious moral issues not unearthed yet or not interesting to other people to be worth their effort.
Can Najib himself trust these 3 fellows? If they can do it to Anwar, they can one day do it to Najib himself. There is much dirt and money to be made digging up the PM's own morality issues.
We are in full agreement that everyone has that right- but it must be done in accordance to the rules laid down by Islamic law. It's not done and never done in a circus like atmosphere like the one we were told done by Dato Eskay. He was flanked by the two clowns. One an UMNO MKT member, the other a Perkasa reject.
There must be some conditions precedent. This sumpah laknat is not a trivial matter. The requirements are absolutely strict. Consider the requirement of 4 witnesses. Rahim and Shuib Lazim are not witnesses. They are more like accomplices.
Did Eskay bring with him 4 righteous witnesses? Were Rahim and Shuib Lazim present during the filming of the video? If Eskay swears that it was him who made the film, the police should not wait any moment longer. If making a smut film is a punishable offense, arrest him.
When they showed the film to reporters and private viewers did they commit a crime? I am not sure about this. They said they have not distributed the film and therefore haven't committed the offense of distributing pornographic material. They can be caught out on the offense of making the film and showing it. But they say they are willing to suffer the consequences. This is because their aim was never to distribute the film.
Their aim was to expose Anwar's moralities and to show the world that Anwar is an immoral person. In order to show that to the world, they had to show the video.
Now that's a catch 22 situation. How do you prove that Anwar is a bugger and an immoral person? You have to show evidence in the form of a film. The film will of course be subject to intense credibility challenge. That challenge is done in a court of law- so far there is none. So why is Eskay jumping the gun and doing the sumpah laknat?
You see, the real objective of the whole thing is politics. Politics is judged in a general election. That's a tricky situation. Najib knows he needs more time for the voting public to buy this story about Anwar. My thinking is that the GE is not going to be held this year? The hooray for our side boys didn't see how dangerous the situation was for BN in the recently concluded Sarawak elections. The DAP sapu-ed almost all urban seats making the call by the PM for the Chinese to choose BN a futile academic exercise. But the more dangerous thing is this: Anwar with all the problems he has, can win 3 seats? That's sending shivers down the spine of Najib which nowadays is becoming increasingly difficult to locate.
Some modern Islamic jurists say a video or films are good substitutes for 4 upright witnesses. In my mind videos or films lack the important ingredient of being alive and imbued with righteous qualities demanded. A film or video is a technical thing subject to manipulation and is unreliable. They are inanimate objects and if conferred with living attributes, that can become ungodly or shirik. They are the products of living persons which therefore require the persons involved in filming and making the video having the necessary moral attributes. If its Eskay or Rahim doing the film, the accusation lacks integrity. Any judge will throw their submissions out.
There must be a full court case first preceding a sumpah laknat. Arguments must have been exhausted such that an impasse is reached. The judge is at wits end. The only choice opened is to invoke God. It's a form of religious trial by ordeal rarely done and sanctioned by rational judges.
We want to finish off Anwar, let's do it using the right methods. Our Islamic judges were deafeningly silent when Saiful took the oath. He did it before any court case and did not produce 4 witnesses. If after the present court case, Saiful takes the oath; his conduct would be more credible. He did it before any court case and before all legal debates is exhausted. Islamic experts said nothing of that.
Why do you insist on procedural matters and the requirement of righteous witnesses? Because that's what Islam demands and the requirements are strict. Because Islam sees accusing a person of serious moral misconduct as something serious.
Was there a court case involving the allegations about Anwar as represented by the Dato T Trio? No, right? This is a requirement in the dispensation of Islamic law- you do a sumpah laknat after the full legal debates are exhausted. Once that point is reached, then the two legal combatants are called before a Sharia court judge to utter their sumpah laknats. The accuser has to produce 4 upright witnesses to support his accusation. If he can't, then the value of his sumpah laknat is nil.
This is not a defence of Anwar. I have said that many times. The last time, a smart alec from the Star newspaper asked me, in a sweet taste of premature victory manner, now how would you defend Anwar? So to humor that fellow, I wrote an article on that.
I have not seen the further installations of the Anwar tape. From the tape I saw on the web, since when does Anwar spot a crew cut style hairdo? The person looked more like a Siamese actor and anything to do with things Siamese, Eskay should be an expert. One of his parents is Siamese and the other Indian. Is he Malay in the first place? What are his Islamic credentials?


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