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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 4 May 2011

UMNO and its principles-1

I feel uplifted that Muhyidin as the number 2 man in Malaysia says that UMNO will not forgo its principles. But pray tell, what are the UMNO principles? It's not just 'fight for the Malay cause' simpliciter anymore. People want to know more because they want to be convinced and they want to believe in UMNO's cause.
The UMNO people I asked around don't seem able to lay down the principles other than muttering the usual stuff about Malay survival. Perhaps Muhyidin has read a book which no others have. I hope he will share his knowledge of the principles with the rest of us. Otherwise, as a blogger friend told me once, UMNO's principle is to have NO principles.
It's very important for Muhyidin and other thinking UMNO leaders to say what UMNO principles are. We know UMNO was formed as a vehicle to provide forceful political expression and representation to Malay causes. In the past, UMNO hasn't had a serious competitor to its claim as a representative of Malay causes. It could get away with almost anything. Then, it could just say we fight for Malay interests and every Malay would cling on to every word UMNO says. Not anymore.
Now it has serious competitors to the claim of representing Malay causes. Now, it has to show, why it can represent Malay causes BETTER that its competitors so that, upon judgment and reflection, it deserves more support from the people. It simply has to build a better mousetrap.
Just as people can't rest on their laurels of past achievements (most of them not debated anyway), so is UMNO subjected to the same reminder. Sure, everyone remembers it was UMNO which mobilized the Malay masses to rise up against the tendentious idea of a Malayan Union. Malayan Union wasn't just about bringing about more democratic principles, better governance, transparency, system of laws etc. I don't think Malays are averse to that. Malayan Union would have worked of Malays were given prominence right from the start.
The main problem back then was this. Malay leaders saw Malayan union more as an attempt to black-hole them into insignificance. The condescending perception that Malay leaders are good only at managing their own religious and cultural affairs, qualified only as peons and thambys consigned forever to go around with bowl in hand, pleading for succor and charity wasn't lost on the minds of Malays. Fears such as these were greatly amplified by the growing emergence to dominance of recently arrived ethnic groups. As these grew to prominence, Malays faded into insignificance.
Yes UMNO put a stop to Malayan Union. Malays are indebted to that. But you can't hold people captive to this idea for indeterminate time. People are gratified yes- but soon people realize that gratification doesn't feed families or put roofs over the heads and gratification doesn't mean unqualified surrender of rights to question or to chart a different course or take up causes different from UMNO.
People just don't buy unqualified statements and sloganeering anymore. If MUhyidin or anyone else says, UMNO will never abandon its principles and by that I understand to mean, the principles it lives by in giving political voice to Malay causes, then say so in explicit terms. Don't force us to fill in the gaps.
We have no unified document outlining the principles of UMNO. UMNO people say UMNO hasn't got an ideology. UMNO leaders make them up as they move along. Some people say there is a pattern in madness of things. We can almost also say, our principles are like case based laws. Judges makes new laws through cases.
Let me try though. Even though they are not codified, the UMNO principles can be culled up from UMNO's history. Our starting point must be 1946.
What moved the 1st generation UMNO leaders and people? The principles if I recall correctly are summed up by the alphabets Alif, Ba and Ta. These stand for Agama, Bangsa and Tanah Air.
They don't represent any racist supremacist idea at all. Let me begin with the imperative bangsa. It means UMNO must begin with charity at home. We don't mind sharing with others. But Malays must be given their dues.
In a way, UMNO stood for MalayLand Uber Alles. Malays before anyone else. When I say this, it doesn't in any way import any Nazi-like exhortations as western commentators are wont to say about the original anthem Deutschland uber alles.
The poet who wrote the anthem was himself a fugitive and when he wrote the lines Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt, he did not mean literally "over all," as in Germany "ruling over all in the world," but more of a "before all others."
The call for Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air was a rallying urging to the Malays in the 1940s to put national unity above local loyalties and petty rivalries over religion and regionalism. To stop thinking of themselves as Malays from different parts of the country and to start thinking as Malays one and all.
So let us remind Muhyidin what it means to put Malay before all others.
When leaders talk about Malay interests, their pronouncements will probably be met with sarcasm. Because people know they are just fudging the issue when in reality, they and big Chinese business interest are like the skin and nail. People now see the call for Malay before all others as a sham.
When UMNO talks about development, people no longer believe them because the portion of development enjoyed by the people is minuscule. So small that simple development needs such as decent roads to villages, provision of affordable housing, schooling facilities, CAN be provided by ANY government in power. People know UMNO leaders are more interested in milking the latest multi-billion projects and making hay while the sun shines.
Hence even while the PM speaks of his big business ideas- ETP, NEM, EPP, NKRA, PDP whatever, the ever so nameless and faceless people, but real people anyway, don't really give a dam. The JKKK if led by capable people bring and understand peoples' needs better than high handed government officers.
Will water supply be uninterrupted? Will the bridges be built and repaired? Can we get a multipurpose hall? Can we have new suraus and mosques? Can we get welfare assistance? Will our children get educational financial aid?
People know the PM is talking to big businesses. The business of small people can be tackled by ANY government.
So I hope, when Muhyidin offers a broad-brush description of UMNO principles, because he is Malay first and Malaysian second, he will be the first to understand what being Malay is all about. You can tolerate sham and hypocrisy up to a level only.
I hope Muhyidin will further remind himself about what Malayland uber alles means in light of what he went through when visiting China. See whether the claim Malays before everyone else apply or not.
Part of his itinerary to China was to negotiate with Chinese political and business leaders and decide the rules of the game as it were when selecting the contractors for a rail double tracking project to Johor. He found himself bushwhacked when a parallel negotiation of the project took place wheeled and dealt with by the honorable porn actor from MCA. The porn actor came highly recommended by the golfing buddy of the PM.
So the firs principle that Muhyidin must establish is to tell all UMNO leaders not to be duplicitous and double faced when they deal with people. Don't brag about fighting for Malay causes and interests when what you actually do is horse around with Chinese cukongs.


Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 00:00  

When you have a DPM who can unnerve you , where is hope for this country.?Sorry you find such shallow idiots in Umno and this guy IS going to be PM ONE DAY! God save us and Malaysia.....

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 01:46  

Yah Sakmongkol, whack and kick his shin bones cukup cukup till he moos his pain out.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 07:11  

The President of a party without a portfolio upstaged him eh? They were on Chinese soil and doesn't need an interpreter to speak through so I guess his words are better understood by those from China.
Pak Tua

Khun Pana aka johanssm 5 May 2011 at 07:43  

Moohidin's type of "fight" is totally different from the original umno .

Moohidin's fight is all about retaining the NEP plus the usual quotas. Its all about staying in power, no matter what.
He is not interested in teaching the Malays on how to fish and to survive in an ever changing world.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 08:17  

The whole problem with the current situation has been the sudden inability to force through many of the Malay agenda unlike before 032008 when anything went through without consulting anyone.

This , for the likes of Quiet Despair , is their excuse to say " Malay is losing power".

Now they are more answerable to what they do rather than the Non Malays actually usurping power. Only an idiot will conveniently repeat such rubbish.

It is the inabilities now to deprive the rights of non Malays that is what irks these UMNOputras.

The Nons have now just emphasized their rights with their feet(going overseas) and their votes. Now these Pekasa/BTN brain washed goons are starting to set fire everywhere with the slimmiest excuses with demos and threats (somehow allowed under a "certain law" for them only).

They just love to raise the tensions. Notice every issue has been initiated by them from interferring with the Bible to the Headmistress's racists remarks on students. Seldom you find non Muslims or non Malays even step a foot on the other people's territories like touching on Islam etc. Yet these goons said the Nons' reactions are racist.

The senile old man even braned DAP racists simply because the Chinese mainly voted for them when not even a single speech DAP has said was agianst Malays in general.

This guy conveniently participated in Perkasa rhetorics to gain Malay votes (stupid idea anyway), and at the same time to scare the Chinese to get their votes if they are not represented. So clever ..get both sides of the votes and win.

I think this fellow is really senile and think today 2011 is like the 80's.

You can feel the obvious arrogance when guy like Quiet Despair said.. "Najib was pandering to the Chinese" after the former had announced a few millions for the Chinese schools while forgetting that billions upon billions had gone to institutions that non Malays cannot even enter.

So the entire issue has been now the ruling UMNO find themselves in a situation where they cannot anymore order their running dogs to do any of their bidding without question.

This they termed as "Malays losing Power " when from army to GLCs they have everything. Their failure after 50 years of such previleges to achieve economic parity is not their own fault but rahter they start blaming on others

Goosh what a joke. Malays losing power or rather UMNOputras cannot anymore take others for granted.

The Chinese and Indians belong to two of the biggest world populations in the world and will not be easily intidimated. In war or peace these two races survive.

They are responding to every reaction and for 50 years they have acted with their feet. Today is what is happening . With declining Chinese/Indian popuation you see a direct co-relation to the downward fall of the economic status compared to our neighbours with steady Chinese populations.

Facts cannot be denied. So in reality the Chinese and Indians are trying to save this country from ruin which essential help the Malays to live in a better developed country rather than one that is bluffing everyone that all is fine. Somehow , goons here think they are better than the World Bank. Hahahaha.

Ariff Sabri 5 May 2011 at 08:29  

sorry guys. before anyone else misses the point- the debate here is about UMNO.
when i say, UMNO should understand the term Malaylan uber alles- Malays before anyone esle- its a call for Malays to unite. secondly, its really the measure by which you judge UMNO on its record. has it given Malays over whom they rule, their deserved place?
UMNO should and must never operate on the basis that what it can achieve is dependent on the 'approval' or the agreement of non Malays. how is the performance of UMNO really, without dragging others into this issue?

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 08:42  


UMNO needs KPI style using ISO 9001 2008, to define the principles. Do not forget the SMART methodology. And then shows to the Malay. No more general statement.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 09:12  

When you cheat and rob your people and enrich yourself, you cannot claim to have principles.
UMNO has deliberately kept the Malays semi-educated, semi-employed and rural so that they will be dependent on UMNO.
UMNO's principles is the end justifies the means or power at all costs.... sell your mother if need be.

MeorUSA,  5 May 2011 at 09:39  

Malayu has slowly shifted to urban areas...Chinese continues moving overseas...and maybe will be back. New opportunities has to be created to reduced these urban areas from becoming Port-au -Prince or any other modern slums.The needs for political and cultural identities are up for grab.
Umno has to compete with the Chinese and Indians parties in these urban cities . This time the Toukeys and Mandors are the bosses of the Malays not ,Ketua kampong ,their own kind anymore.
The Toukeys and the Mandors finally has first hands experience working with the Malays this time and they are in the position of authority.The Malay has move into their turf.
Will Umno be stronger because of this confluence.?
Will the non Malay parties be finally alienated.?Will they claimed the suburbs.?
The Urban areas has to be redevelop with or without the Non Malays Blessing.Will it be a blessing for new contracts.
Will Umno be presented.?Will the principle uniting the Malays grows.?

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 10:19  


Here is a different view from yr last comments about this is all about umno.

To most current generation of German, the lines Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt, is a dirty phrase that has cut deep into their soul.

Many like to forget it & YET it lingers on.

I work with a lot of German speaking people (see - it actually affect not only the Germanic tribes) in Cern. 99% share that view point. & many just don’t want to forget the tragedies that THAT phrase led to.

It’s best expressed in the 40’s movie – The Mortal Storm. Get a copy & watch it.

This is the deepest psych that’s been represented by the guilt-conscious one. Unfortunately they are also the consequences-carriers.

Did anyone tell those Germans, before the coming of the 3rd Reich, that such a slogan can led to untold suffering for many other, & the subsequent psychological misery that’s forever scarred the Germans?

Yes, some did. But they r tiny voices in a drowning sea of Deutschland-über-alles chant. At that time the syiok-sendiri feeling was running in full steam among the siege-mentality Germans.

Dato, u r tracking into a dangerous ground here. It should be more correct to say that we should move forward. What used to motivate the Malay masses, NO longer in tune with the advancement in human development.

Old song is best listen when one is in reminiscence mood.

Especially a racial one.


fatcat,  5 May 2011 at 11:18  

UMNO have been recapitulating malay rights and welfare however after so many years you still can read in the papers about malay houses with no roofs and doors

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 12:11  

Ameno has become porn party whom loves sex and not principles

Tribubu 5 May 2011 at 12:43  

" The business of small people can be tackled by ANY government."

Could, if they would. But UMNO would not. Big mistake. The bizness of small people give big votes. Otherwise, the Chairman of SPR, IGP, AG, CJ, Customs Chief and all Chiefs must be in your pockets. Ever wonder why they won't?

When the corrupt Chinese and the corrupt Malays go to China to do corrupt things, it's not about the missing pages in the "Malay Qur'an".

What Najib said when he called PAS to sleep in the same bed is not unimportant. Of course, if PAS would which they wouldn't, it means UMNO would have to abide by PAS' values. Or would they? Ever? With their butts on the line?

Mana boleh? All they want to do is break up PAS. They'll make sure PAS mati.

The other side of the coin is this. Say, it is justifiable that PAS breaks up for some honky tonk reason. Ultimately those that stay behind not joining, will regrow and rebound. PAS in essence is a growing organization. Based on wider superencompassing phenomenal universalist and fundamental values, there is plenty of room to grow. UMNO is at the end of their thethers! ;)

Take it from here. This is what UMNO must do. Hive off that part of UMNO which will regrow and Malays and Chinese and cats and dogs may have better prospects in Malaysia. Listen to Dr Mamak Matir ... break up UMNO. The Malays who left UMNO have started it. There is hope for Malays. It's for Malays own good. Plus the good of all the cats and dogs in eyes of UMNO.

Err ... to make the idea jingle give it out as rebranding? Soaring to new heights? Jaga-jaga TNB cables!

Then we can all haggle it out in Parliament with new Pakatan gomen, which we still have to keep in check. Then make sure you throw them out if they become like present BN.

Of course lah, if you don't want to check them, they might kill themselves as UMNO is doing. Here's the rub ... as it is now there are signs Pakatan can check themselves. This is life. This is real but you must check them osso lah.

UMNO? They just want blank checks!

So what is UMNO's values? Mana ada ... dah kena Sumpah Orang Minyak! :)) Sentiasa cantik molek. Sekarang dah hodoh! Tak caya lagi!

UMNO, susah lah. You can't even check them. They just want to die.

It's nihilistic.

Like ben Laden. Buat semua orang susah, buat world Muslim ummah susah!

Quiet Despair,  5 May 2011 at 13:02  

Now who is the serious contender to UMNO cause for the Malays? Or for that matter, being fair to the non-Malays. Pray tell.
If you can name me one, I will disavow my faith in UMNO.
Yep there's nobody or one party aside from UMNO which is committed to agama, bangsa and negara.
PKR? Haha fighting to realise the ambition of one man.
That man is cowardice itself when it comes to fighting for any race,let alone the Malays.
It's all about I, me, myself and trying to salvage his dubious morals.
He dares not say a word in defence of the Malays. And he's mum when the nons feel they are under seige by UMNO and the Malays.
Kita - the newly found party of another Anu-war clone wanting to be PM.
DAP - haha... a chauvinisitic Chinese party masquerading as a Malaysia for Malaysian crusader.
Trying very hard to be multi-racial party so much so a pure Chinese like Zaril Khir Johari is touted as a Malay.
A sorry sad attempt to add the Malay flavor like sambal without the belachan. Another haha.
(Zairil Khir Johari is Chrisitne's son. Pak Khir's kids are bin and binti Mohamed Khir. Their grand-father was Johari).
That is why Najib wants PAS to leave the PR cabal. It's an appeal, mind you and not a threat.
PAS is just being made use of by DAP and Keadilan for their own ambitious move of getting Putra Jaya.
Anu-war can never be like Muhyiddin who is brave enough to admit he is a Malay first and a Malaysian second.
Isn't your race your identity first? Malaysian is only for when we are overseas.
You are a hypocrite if you consider yourself a Malaysian first.
If not why is there such an expression of "we all Chinese what." Must go to chinese school.
If not there won't be an Indian primary school where there is only one Indian pupil.
Count your blessings.UMNO leaders made this possible.

Red Alfa 5 May 2011 at 13:23  

Salam Dato'

Not missing the point UMNO must reiterate the principles and that being the raison d'etre will unite the Malays again!

For that to be achieved UMNO wants Malays to declare in the Forms they are Malays not Malaysian and for being such UMNO shall promote/headstart/support Malays in their every endeavour to succed among the other Malaysians?

Just to share, Kazakhs of Kazakhstan has formed a bumiputera party like UMNO but do not make Kazakhs as a separate or tuan race.

And this 'Kazakh' party as among its principles will endeavour to promote/headstart/support ALL Kazakhstan members without discrimination.

The reality is the Kazakhstan people who benefited most from this principle are mainly its majority Kazakh members.

There is hope yet in UMNO's 1 Malaysia if it learns from Kazakhstan 'bumiputera' policy?

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 13:26  

Politicians look after themselves and their cronies. They shout as loud as possible to attract attention to show how great they are and how extreme and loyal to the party so that they can move up the rank and get more benefits. Do you think they really care for the people?

walla 5 May 2011 at 14:56  

I thought of doing another dialog but the moxie has evaporated. Maybe it's because of the political ennui and forfolie à deux that overhang like black clouds over us.

First, Placido Domingo. He's hardly qualified to talk about Umno's principles. Aspan would be a better man to talk about Umno's principles.

One would think the only principles this Domingo knows are those stacked inside two samsonite cases c/o the late Mr Omar (not you, Umar). If he now says they were for the poor, please produce the list of recipients even if one can overlook the tortious manner in which they were extracted.

Who would therefore not think that going down on one's knees upon assuming high office would be an insult to the Great Reckoner in much the same way the eskay's and saiful's of this umnofied world can taint the sumpah laknat while on holy ground? Doesn't it imply they think the Almighty can be made notary to a pimp and a homo?

Furthermore, this political animal of shallow capability is helming a function which is supposed to shape young minds for the future. Holding a federal post, he is yet malay first but in 1Malaysia. One is already stumped there. Even if we try to excuse it all by saying it's just sandiwara to placate our more firebrand Malays, isn't education about making men and women better and more rational people so why do things to entrench irrational thinking?

In a year's time he is going to announce a new syllabus for history as a compulsory subject - to unify the rakyat, no less. With content primarily from which race, one asks? Does history of Malaya start only from year 1400AD, one adds? And are we so big but yet insecure that we can marginalize the study of other civilizations for more poignant lessons to avert the extinction of ours, one surmises?

So we conclude that sort of unification is again the same old intent to assimilate. But assimilate to which low standards remembered only for just hypocrisy, ineptitude and corruption? What credentials do he and his ilk have? Do present them for closer inspection.

Their frisson of fear has yawned into a torrent of political insanity. How else can one explain that 1Melayu 1Bumi is explained off by a federal minister as the official expression of a community in a multi-racial multi-rakyat country?

So if the other communities start saying they are one this one that, will he come forth to bravely acknowledge they have equal right to do so? But if he does so, how will he and others reconcile the fact they are still trying to change special position to extra privileges to unalienable rights of one community?

Second, AlifBaTa. It's just a tool for a season. When the season has changed, we should look for another tool. Using the same tool in the wrong situation will not yield any positive result; in fact it can cause more harm.

In section one above, we can see what harm has come from using the wrong tool. Corruption, hypocrisy, contradiction, confusion, arrogance, regression, conflict, division, waste, denudation. If these be the result of Umno's principles, better not to have any.

One asks - if AlifBaTa had united our old Malays of yesteryear, how come the political vehicle propagating it is disuniting the new Malays of today?

It is because the situation has changed but they are using the same tool to do other things - to stoke fear, blame others, create division and deflect attention from their own personal avaricious agendas.

Like the Umnoputra who couldn't wait to pull the very pricey watch from the hand of the salesman in the ground floor watch shop in the afternoon of May the 1st in The Gardens of MidValley. Labour's Day but was there any real labour?

walla 5 May 2011 at 14:56  


This country is multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-faith. Like the branches of a tree, the leaves have variegated. Live with it.

Or, is AlifBaTa still about mono-ethnic supremacy all over again? In which case how does one explain why someone is still bemoaning that those cut on his cloth of racism can be excused as defenders of rights? If they are not racists, why the need for discriminating rights to justify their stand? And if there be no need for discriminating rights, what's there to defend? So how can he also in the same breath say BN may be race-based but it accommodates all races better? Shall one draw up lists to debunk that? Do they need an incredible amount of time to be degazetted?

A gigantic, rare and earthy pile of contradictions.

Has Umno evolved with the times, or has it dissolved into some nugatory state playing the jester in some palooza to make this nation the laughing stock of the world?

Where are our Malays with the real compos mentis to put a stop to all the nonsense?

Will they ask which country in the world hounds its opposition from sodomy 1 to sodomy 2 to suicide 1 to suicide 2 while who had ordered the hit is denied even the most elemental elucidation by the finest judiciary in all of lingam land?

Three, if Umno has any real principles, it would not as leader of the BN pack allow for vote buying in the recent Sarawak elections. The money belongs to the rakyat. How could it use their money to buy their votes? If people like Muhyiddin think principles are elevated things, why can't Umno think doing so is actually sinking them into the mud from which they would have climbed out if they had their money in the first place but without preconditions?

State revenue belongs to the rakyat. Governments are just there to protect it and dispense it equitably and fairly, efficiently and effectively. Can Umno say it has done that through its administration in all aspects?

And governments should only be elected by means fair and professional. Right now too many have concluded that election was rigged to win the two-third majority. Showmanship on tv aside, the EC must be taken to task for numerous mysteries, one of which counting of votes away from public scrutiny. Just as people are starting to ask who is auditing the recent bilge of traffic summons collection amounting to a few hundred million ringgit. Where exactly is that sum now? If votes can be rigged, electronic records of serialized receipts no less. And one can add toll collections next.

Since it had all started with the tainting of the judiciary, that is how low trust in a Umno-run government has sunk today. So which Umno principle under AlifBaTa can be employed to remediate and save the institutions of today?

Fourth, there are many ways to adjudge the relevance and effectiveness of a political party. One can use KPI's on its executive and judiciary arms; one can scan with an electron microscope for fairness and due democratic process in its institutional or parliamentary houses.

But there is another way. It is to see how that party performs when it is in the opposition.

So, how has Umno performed in Selangor and Penang, for that matter Kelantan and Kedah and Federal Territory?

The only things that have come out are (a) it doesn't have a representative head in Selangor; the last occupant is in limbo but probably living it up; and (b) its presence in Penang is reduced to making noise that the state government there was not living up to its promises but why are the Umno branches there not asking Putrajaya for more development funds for Penang so that the state government there can then live up to its promises? Silly one, the rakyat of Penang are not deemed rakyat of Malaysia for having voted for the opposition of BN. Now, which principle of Umno is satisfied by that omission of duty to all?

After all this and some more best left unsaid, how can the Umno of today show it has any principles at all beyond the rhetoric and polemic of idiotics and lunatics?

OneMalaysian,  5 May 2011 at 15:13  

Dear Sakmongkol

The first thing that should be recognised is that the Malays of 1946 are not the Malays of 2011. Economically, socially and politically they have evolved. The British no longer rule them; they are now the political masters (although they are claiming – not convincingly though – that the Chinese are muscling them aside). They are much wealthier now in an absolute sense, though still behind the Chinese on a per capita basis. And they are socially more sophisticated and pluralistic, unlike the more simplistic and monolithic race they were in 1946.

If UMNO could represent the Malay interest in 1946 based on a set of “principles”, surely these principles must be quite different now because the Malays have changed. Simply put, the UMNO of 2011 simply cannot be the UMNO of 1946. Those who believe that it is must have living on a desert isle the past 55 years. This explains why the Malays now support UMNO, PAS and PKR, not just UMNO as in the past, because their interests have diverged and covers a broad spectrum that no single Malay political party can ever represent. No one party can be all things to all people. No single ideology can possibly satisfy the political aspirations of the modern, pluralistic and increasingly sophisticated Malay. Times have changed.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 15:48  

Dear Y.Bhg. Dato',

Very interesting and fluid article. I cant agree more.

I am a Malaysian first, second, third, fourth, fifth......true, Iam a Hindu and Indian as well but that is secondary when it comes to me being a Malaysian. I am a Malaysian FIRST.

I was born in Kelantan and until today, we never know the difference between the different races; leave alone practise or profess any racist outlook.

My grandparents and parents voted for Perikatan (now BN) and I and my family and brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews and nieces did the same.

UMNO seem to champion the Malays and Bahasa Melayu. Is it true?

What does the acronym UMNO stand for?

UMNO and BN must wake up from their slumber and stop regarding the Rakyat as naive and stupid. The Rakyat is fully celek. UMNO and BN cannot talk down to us.

salam hormat.

Suci Dalam Debu 5 May 2011 at 16:51  


Not ONE politician of significance has told TDM and PERKASA straight in their faces that they were plain wrong with the Ketuanan Melayu & Rights spewing from their mouths.

UMNO principles jauh lagi tuan.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 17:24  

You are quite right when you say that Umno's principle is to have no principles.

But you are only half right.

Actually its principle is not only having no principles, it is to have all the wrong, harmful and depraved principles and then go about bragging about them and defending them shamelessly.

For more than half a century, it has been going around trying to mould the Malays into embracing this disgusting mentality.

Things are in a sorry state. Franksteins are all over the place

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 20:41  

a politician once are my principles.....but if you don't like them i can change these to others...

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 20:57  

To Quiet Despair @ 13:02,

My, my, my, you are really thick. Of course Perkasa led by Ibrahim Katak Ali and your beloved TDM as patron and mentor is the most serious and genuine contender to UMNO to fight for the ketuanan melayu cause. The mere fact that Ibrahim Katak claims that UMNO members including senior warlords are also members of Perkasa shows that Perkasa is the next UMNO Terbaru!!

Why aren't you a member yet of Perkasa?

Soonhock,  6 May 2011 at 03:21  

Dear Dato,Muyidin is the opposite of Najib.PM says black DPM says red.They always contradict each other.Umno under Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn is different from Umno Baru.During general elections Umno ask Malaysians to support them.Umno Baru ask a certain race to support them.Why?It's because corruption has become so rampant that Malaysians are getting so fed up with these politicans from the coalition.That's the politicians from Umno,Mca and Mic.Malaysians and especially the well educated Malays are showing their displeasure in the ballot boxes.That's when racial politics come into play.They try to scare the not so educated and the poor that all hell might break loose if they don't vote for them.Comment's made by Umno ministers usually contradict each other.Usually it means that factions are making a power play.The opposition is not going to Putrajaya in GE 13th.So Najib better clean house soon,and get rid of the power crazy backstabber's in his party.Power crazy in politics can lead to chaos.It's better to stick to Najib.At least we know that he is much fairer than the rest of his so called buddies.Best regards.

BENatang10,  6 May 2011 at 09:53  

Keranamu Mahathir, Kerandamu umNO!

Simple as that.

OneMalaysian,  6 May 2011 at 10:55  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Selangor Umno to win back the country’s wealthiest state with whatever “weapon was at their disposal”.

This was what Najib said as reported by Malaysia Insider today. Actually the headline of the report said, “Najib wants UMNO to recapture back Selangor at any cost.”

This quote captures the spirit of UMNO’s “principles”. UMNO might fudge the meaning of “whatever weapon was at their disposal” or “at any cost”. But people would have no problem understanding that he wants UMNO to use ALL means to achieve their objective – the end justifies the means. And UMNO has no compunction in using government resources, the Police and other institutions of government (that should not be used because they do not belong to UMNO but the public), money (bribery was said to be widely used in Sarawak), character assassination, and who knows what else whether legal, illegal, moral or immoral. This is essentially a call to use a no-holds-barred, take-no prisoner method.

Such exhortation should never have been uttered, not least by the PM. This is only a political battle between political parties of citizens, each trying to serve the public better. This is not a war against external enemies in war, in which the survival and existence of our country is at stake. Therefore in political campaigns we must not resort to illegal, immoral, extreme or abhorrent tactics. Those who do this will win a hollow victory because in the process we destroy what is precise to us – an orderly, wholesome, civilized, peaceful and law-abiding society.

The words of Najib neatly capture and reflect the “principles” of UMNO and its politics.

Malaysian 6 May 2011 at 20:44  

Why is MCA involved in the railroad track project? That's why the Chinese voters voted against MCA and BN. We're tired of corruption. We believe on helping the Malay; thus, we want transparency and open bidding of government projects. If we've open bidding of government projects by any Bumiputra I'm sure non-political connected business folks will get it. Sadly, crooked folks from the Chinese, Malay and Indian stole our money to enrich their own people. None of BN politicians are interested to help the poor especially the Malay. I learned that DAP able to give projects to BUMI contractor based on their capability and price. Why can't UMNO learn from DAP? Like PAS leader stated that UMNO is the worse enemy of Malay and non-Malay.

Tan Ah Kau

Anonymous,  6 May 2011 at 21:22  

Dear Walla,
just picking up a point from your comments - to win the votes of its citizens, the PM should appoint a credible Minister of Education with the political and personal will to put in place a proper education system for all Malaysians. At this moment now it's all fizzle and pop, and our children bear the sins of the MoE who has no idea how to provide a legacy in education. Is there any hope left? Sadly no.

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