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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Up and around, here and there.

UMNO and its mathematics.
I was 'bad' at math when I said out of 10, 11 do not believe. I almost believe that I was terrible at math until I scanned the mainstreams papers that screamed- DAP wants a Christian PM and Christianity be made an official religion.
I know, the trappings of power have made some people soft. What I didn't realize as quickly as I should have is they have made some people soft in the head.
We have 222 parliamentary seats for grabs. DAP contests at most 40. Assume they win all the 40 parliamentary seats. Perhaps the UMNO mathematicians can tell me, with 40 seats, can DAP or anyone else with 40 seats forms a national government? You have 82 seats; you can't yet form a national government.
Malays number 17-18 million. They formed 60 over percent of the population. Even if the DAP marshals all Chinese support, can 20% of the population outnumber the 60 over percent? Perhaps the UMNO mathematicians can enlighten me.
Next we have the screamer who says hidup Melayu . There is no way, we will allow DAP to take over the country. If that makes you happy, please scream some more. We can't argue much against such emotions and illogic.
But PAS is also Malay. So hidup Melayu can also mean hidup PAS in as much as it can also mean UMNO. UMNO people have this self-conceited idea borne from uncontested arrogance perhaps that UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO. Hello kawan- you can't even marshal support from 1.5 million UMNO members to support you and UMNO candidates got around only 2 million votes from the 5.7 in the 2008 elections. So the Malays live but they do so without needing UMNO. I hope many will realize that every Malay wants to live with the slogan Hidup Melayu, but the Malays can now do so with choices. That's what democracy is all about.
Pray tell, how on earth can a party which contests 40 seats and is not sure of winning all form a government what more to rule Malaysia as PAP does Singapore?
Christianity and other issues.
A government minister says, what's wrong with a Christian PM? He isn't wrong there. Nothing wrong if the PM is a Christian in a majority Christian country. Nothing wrong if the Christian PM is accepted even in a Muslim country. In the context of Malaysia he is saying that probably because he is also a Christian and he if were to become a PM he thinks he can take care of all the people. So what's wrong with a Christian thinking that way of himself and of the coveted position of PM?
Secondly, he is probably thinking that way because he knows such a proposition isn't going to work in Malaysia. Malays who are Muslims dominate the parliamentary seats and they hold the bigger number as legislators. Unless of course, these Malay legislators can be bought out with money and women. Or the entire Malay population can accept a Christian as PM.
Just suppose many Malays are comfortable with the idea of having a Christian as PM. What does that tell you? That tells you that Malays are disillusioned at the Malay who is a Muslim who is PM. Think about that.
3rdly, the majority of the population is Malay who are Muslims who are most likely NOT to support such a proposition.
So what that Christian Minister says is not wrong because he knows it's an impossible dream.
But it's good for the minster to say so because it throws the UMNO people into a frenzy and extreme paranoia.
Christianity as the official religion replacing Islam?
Islam is the official religion or if it isn't formally so, it's so in substance. Again it is so because the majority of people here in Malaysia are Muslims. The Malays make up the greater number of the population. The sheer number will prevail over any attempts by the minority to make Christianity the official religion.
But let us for a moment pursue the proposition. By official religion, what do they mean? Do they mean that they want to ask that Christianity be accepted as a constitutionally guaranteed religion practiced by a section of the Malaysian people? For they also know, by doing that, a constitutionally guaranteed religion deserves to get funding and all that. Then even if they do mean it that way that is a valid proposition as Christians too form a legitimate section of this country. Christians have a right to be fearful that the religion they practice will not be obliterated. They want recognition and I think that is valid request. As to funding, I don't think they want any from the government.
I find it unbelievable that a majority who can never be dislodged from the seat of power on account of the sheer number is paranoid over an unconfirmed report of this so called Christian crusade.
On a serious note. The government should go after those responsible for causing this distress and sedition. If their conduct done with malice aforethought is evidently clear, place them under ISA. Perhaps a brief sojourn as guest to the government can make some people lose weight and other people learn the art and science of anger management.


Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 08:53  

Now AlKitab can use the word Allah, there is nothing for Christian to be PM. It a silent way of conversion to Christianity.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:12  


What u have just written SHOULD be repeated ad nauseam to the Malays within the hearthland.

bigdog/marahku/utusan r not stupid. They r the hired tools to achieve a mean. They r the small-minded intelligentsia, with the cruelest intention, working for the highest bidder! They r scums.

What’s the goal? ketuanan umnoputra!

Malay Joes, wait till Jahannum, u would still be in the blur-sotong stage. And that’s the reality check reverberates within the chronic cries of ‘tak melayu hilang di Dunia’ & Alif Ba Ta.

The Malays will forever be manipulated within the bolihland - not till that siege mentality is overcome. Not till that inferiority complex is sub-pressed. Not till that nep-drug induced mindset is rehabilitated.

Until then, 98% of the Malay M’sians will ALWAYS look upon umno as their godfather, even to the extend that they know this godfather has abused them THOUSANDS of time.

justicenequality 11 May 2011 at 09:13  

In India, they are more 'broad-minded'.

Didn't they have a minority MUSLIM as a President before?

Didn't they have a minority Sikh as the present Prime Minister?

Can Malay/Muslim move towards this direction? Friends, the world has change drastically and therefore the mindsets need to keep up the time.

Either you 'progress',or you will 'REGRESS'. Life goes on, they will not 'stand still' for you.

Ariff Sabri 11 May 2011 at 09:14  

anon 08:53

you a Muslim? will you convert?

d'enricher 11 May 2011 at 09:14  


Probably so, not many really know math, and so they add the numbers wrong.

However, more so its a tail to scare and make certain people angry.

That is the dangerous part, even scary, if some are trying to create anger and therefore tension.

All in all, lets be knowledgeable, think and keep our peace.


Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:21  

Ayoooooo Dato"

Don't be stupid..this melody is for Mak Cik Felda and Tradisional Malay Kampung la..their Hard core UMNO supporter..ha ha ha.

That why UTUSAN put it in front page..most kedai kopi at kampung used to have Utusan Newspaper. Now they have Harakah side by side ..ha ha ha.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:23  

Dear Sir,

I truly respect you...although I too supported Perikatan and BN (read as UMNO), they have become truly cocky and this Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa and Pembela are causing severe headache and diarrhoea for the PM and the people as well.

You are right Sir.....UMNO better learn...and learn fast that PAS, DAP, PKR and others in the opposition parties are also Malaysians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists...they better....and the faster the better....the perpetrators and trouble makers are condoned while the innocent victims are punished and shamed and persecuted and prosecuted....RAKYAT bukan buta dan tuli......Salam

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:30  

You are one unique Malay I respect. And it looks like you are the only sane Malay in UMNO today!

The others are in a trance and frothing at the mouth with epilepsy, mad cow disease or rabies.

UMNO may even declare tomorrow that God is Malay and anyone who objects to that will be incarcerated. Such is its arrogance.

I am amused that you said "The government should go after those responsible for causing this distress and sedition."

Isn't it obvious that it is the GOVERNMENT (read UMNO) which is responsible for causing this mayhem!!

Even your Home Minister and misInformation Minister (like educated idiots) believe this lie.

Even an moron will tell you that the pro-UMNO bloggers, Pembela, Perkasa and Utusan have been given the green light by UMNO to run berserk... and protected.

If UMNO only realizes that all these will only distance Malays away from the party.
As for non-Malays, there is no hope for BN to get their votes. They are irrevocably lost!

Quantum Metal Consultant 11 May 2011 at 09:34  

Dato'saya kurang arif dan malas pula untuk semak samada di dalam dunia ini ada negara yang majoriti rakyatnya Islam tetapi Ketua Pemerintahnya bukan Islam? Jika ada sejauh mana keadilan dan keamanan negara tersebut? Bukankah selalu orang Islam dilabelkan 'ganas dan merbahaya'.

Di Malaysia, jika ada orang Melayu yang sanggup ber PM seorang Kristian (That tells you that Malays are disillusioned at the Malay who is a Muslim who is PM. Think about that.) . Antara faktor lain ialah kemungkinan Melayu dan Islam di Malaysia hanyalah pada kuantiti dan bukan pada kualiti. Dalam keadaan ini Melayu yang berjumlah 18 juta akan terpecah dua menjadi yang kualiti 9 juta dan yang Islam pada nama menjadi 9 juta - dalam keadaan ini ber PM kan seorang Kristian bukanlah sesuatu yang mustahil.

Negara kita bebas dari dijajah, sudah merdeka, tetapi sejauh mana minda kita bebas dari 'dijajah'. Tidak mustahil strategi musuh ialah jika belum dapat ditawan secara fizikal, tawan secara halus, tawan minda Melayu dan Islam.

PM Malaysia kekal Melayu tetapi pro Kristian? Adakah ada perbezaan?

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:36  

UMNO thinks that Malays are gullible fools who will accept lock, stock and barrel dished out by Utusan.

At first glace at Ibrahim Ali, Yusri, Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela,Hishammudin, Rais, Najib etc, one may think Malays are indeed stupid.

But I think they are smarter than these idiots. Their Maths is better than UMNO's.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:47  

You ae right , the ISA and the slammer will do these rabble rousers some good medicine.
Dont be fooled ! you never know they had teh tarikh with the PM , hence the protection....
Notice something ? these buggers are getting bolder by the day!WHAT DO THEY REALLY WANT? to start a racial war ? SO THAT MALAYS CAN return to mother umno ?

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:51  

india, with most of its people are Hindu can accept a "Sikh" Prime Minister without any racist remarks.
this tell us how backward our country is.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 09:51  

Dear Dato'

Where do we put our faces when our Malay folks when in power have koyak-ed a lot of things.

I have worked in the corporate scene for donkey years now and I can vouch that (for any "secular" operational governmental positions) any non-Malay can be much more professional and trustworthy.

I'd go for Ketuanan Moral rather than Ketuanan Melayu. Concepts will not fill empty stomach but at least I know public funds are safe in the hands of a highly-moral person than an average Malay Joe.


OneMalaysian,  11 May 2011 at 10:32  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The government should go after those responsible for causing this distress and sedition”.

You took a lot of space to tell those UMNO and Utusan guys to go back to school to relearn their maths. If they had passed that exam we won’t be reading so much nonsense the past few days, causing unnecessary agony for all. There are so many other pressing issues that need our attention.

People like Hishamuddin and Rais Yatim are really not that dumb or can’t do maths. But they are using this DAP grabbing control and the Christianisation of Malaysia issues as political godsends to whip up Malay support for the coming elections. This is despicable and divisive and will do our country great harm. Electoral victory will come at the expense of national unity. We will never achieve 1Malaysia. We will instead get 1Melayu, 1Chinese, 1Indian and 1Everyoneelse. What kind of country are we trying to create?

Wenger J Khairy,  11 May 2011 at 10:47  

"Perhaps a brief sojourn as guest to the government can make some people lose weight and other people learn the art and science of anger management"

Unfortunately these were the so called "aristocracy" of Malaysian bloggers. I think they have been living too long on condemning and sabotaging people.

On a serious note, I agree with what you say. Over the weekend, the country was talking about this issue and it eats at the social fabric of the nation. This kind of talk makes people afraid, on all sides.

But I doubt the Government will take any action. Bloggers now rule Malaysia. The types that cause trouble, that is.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 11:11  

It is incredible how far and how low these balls carriers are willing to go to push their agenda. Where is the ISA that can be used to "protect" a reporter ? Why is it not used against these people who are obviously seditious ?

Has anyone ever heard of a successful story of a Muslim converting to Christianity in Malaysia ? If not, how do you make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia ?

If Ibrahim Ali had come out to say it is not possible, my respect for him would have gone up one notch from nil. Instead, he behaved in the same predictable way. Same goes for TDM.

Soonhock,  11 May 2011 at 11:28  

Dear Dato,This Christians trying to upsurped Muslims script is turning into a comedy.We have the Home Minister and misinformed Information Minister turned "CHEERLEADERS" cheering the crowd on.What they don't realised is that they are the laughing stock for all Malaysians and the whole world to laugh.A Home Minister's first priority is to keep peace and security,and not to fanned tensions and insecurity.Our misinformed Information Minister has been a minister under so many PMs.Yet his behaviour is unbecoming that of a "Senior Minister",more likely that of a school kid.What these guys don't get it is that even the kampong "Mak Chiks" and "Pak Chiks" have figured it all out.This is the "21st"century "kawan".Not all the kampong folks are Perkasa,Pembala,Utusan and Big Dog.Even some Umno paid bloggers wouldn't have sunk this low.Nowadays Malays are better educated and some very educated.They don't just be led blindly.Just because the "Ministers" have inferiority complex they have to make their own people look bad so that they can have that "feel good effect".These are guys sick in the head.PM Najib should know that these clowns don't belong in his cabinet,because you can't win elections with them,period.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 11:30  

"...On a serious note. The government should go after those responsible for causing this distress and sedition. ..."

Maybe they should. But they have to go through the grind. Pass the problem back to Rais to mull over and apply his intellectual honesty standards before he raps people. If the decision is wrong it must be the fault of the non Malays, the Dayaks, kadazans, the Penans and Orang Asli. And the Indians Red or Dark!

Why they wouldn't ask nice UMNO guys like Sak, well meaning and forward looking, is a puzzle!

It's the eternal dilemma of the Melayu UMNO! But poor guys always kena tipu by someone. If it's not the living Chinese, its the dead Jews!

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 11:50  

This is the time for the PM and the Home Minister to apply the ISA on the dog who needs to lose weight and the perpertually angry small boy. It will definitely do them good. But of course thats mere wishful thinking.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 11:53  

Awaiting Quiet Despair's take. Why so quiet one, that fella now.
Wah takut ke? Dah lari balik tempat asalnya?
No syoklah. Can taruk him kaw-kaw.
He mst be busy with the badut-badut attending the clown party anniversary today.
Sure got live telecast one.
Sakmongkol, you not going? Are you still a member?

Richard Cranium 11 May 2011 at 12:09  

a brief sojourn as guest to the government can make some people lose weight...?

heheh, good one.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 12:35  

Dear Dato Sak

The old, moderate Malay nationalist UMNO of Tunku Abdul Rahman died during the reign of the Doctor and has been replaced by his body-snatched UMNO Baru.
The outer shell is still the same but the contents are very much different and even repulsive!

Dr Hsu Dar Ren left the body snatched Gerakan of today (after much agonising, I would guess, because he spent many years with Gerakan) and became a political independent. Perhaps you should seriously consider leaving the body snatched UMNO Baru too.

Phua Kai Lit

Rahim Ahmad,  11 May 2011 at 13:00  

Dato' Sak,
You're right. Why not you try to inform and educate the Malays (both PAS and UMNO)to think logically, use common sense and accept Malaysia as a multi-racial country. We're are all human beings and religion should not be used to suppress any group or followers of any religion. It is clearly mentioned in the Quran. It is the Malays that are paranoid and suffer from inferiority complex. 50 years of UMNO rule doesn't change the Malays' mentality. Without the non-Malays we would not be able to see so many mosques and suraus around the country. The Malays should be thankful especially to the Chinese
who have transformed our country into what it is today. If not, the Malays would be padi farmers and fishermen living along the rivers and the coastal areas. The Malays have to admit their shortcomings. That's the only way they can improve their position. Political power alone doesn't helps them.

Quiet Despair,  11 May 2011 at 13:05  

Christianity as official religion and a Christian PM for Malaysia is never an issue. So why deliberate on a non-issue.
When I read the postings on the two blogs and exploited by Utusan, I thought this is a stupid spin.
Never for once did I believe it. Or else you will see me making my protests in your blog.
Let's move on from this volatile issue.
And as usual, UMNO leaders are to be blamed. I don't think it is so.
It's the media who shoved the mike to Najib and all the ministers to comment and so they have to reply they will investigate.
Nothing to probe. Case closed. Don't waste police time.
It's Shamsul and Big Dog's call to sweat it out (already being questioned) and if they are to be ISA guests, so be it.(One needs more than treadmill to shed excess fat. The other need more than EQ lessons to curb his anger).
But you don't see Malays really up in arms over this. We too do not want to be like Eqyptians who burnt churches when barely 3 months ago they were holding Quran and Bible side by side to dethrone Mubarak.
Muslims and Malays, be they intellectuals like Sak or country bumpkins, know there will never be a non-Malay or non-Muslim PM or Christian the offiial religion as long as they are in the majority.
This can happen only if we change the constitution to be a republic and remove our beloved rulers who are our protectors.
We are secure in this and not at all rattled of any threats, imagined or real.
And as mathematician SAk points out, DAP knows it can nver rule the country.
That is why it is sleeping with PAS
without having sex and just having foreplay with Anu-war and his men.
And that is why bro Najib is courting Hadi and his people to elope from dad Tok Guru.
Let's be rationale and sober. There's more to being PM in a monarchy democracy.
The PM has to be in charge of religious rites and Malay customs and Royal ceremonies and traditions like ascension to the throne, funerals etc.
It's incongrous to have a non- Muslim PM doing all the palace ceremonial rites.
In Penang, it's okay since the Yang Dipertua Negeri is a commoner.
Don't you all see how LGE feels out-of-place or awkward in the prescence of the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri.
Okay by your leave, I got to be ready for our party's 65th birthday with fervent hopes and renewed vigor.

P.S. I like Kluangman's rationale.
And Sak, your Math is good. You are just being naughty to be that no 11 guy. I think the 10 guys are make-believe, no? Hahaha.

Quiet Despair,  11 May 2011 at 13:12  

Yes Hidup Melayu means Hidup UMNO. UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO.
There's still no better substitute.
But if PAS is in UMNO, the trill will resonate better.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 13:50  


It is the liberal malays like you who thinks they are where they are without UMNO helps. Common la, without NEP do you think you can compete with the Chinese?? Why dont you migrate to Australia and compete la with the chinese there? Dont just simply shoot ypu mouth off and make snide remarks about others ok! Your own backyard you cant even keep clean, you dare condemn others, hisshhhh!!

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 14:13  

This race and religion obsession is going overboard at the expense of the nation.

Why? They are highly emotional issues that can be manipulated to help those in power to maintain their hold.

Here, the Malays are taught:
Malay is UMNO and Malay is Muslim

I guess the Malay champions will argue with God on Judgement Day that all Malays submit to Him !!

bumi-non-malay 11 May 2011 at 15:27  

so what is so wrong with a Christian PM...or for that matter Hindu or buddist PM?? Better them than some defender of Islam Sultan derharka Bapak Hina Islam dan adat melayu.....If you lack intelek to know who...visit my blog.

meanwhile asalkan ada $$$ anybody will be a willing UMNO Dog!!

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 15:53  

Anon 13:50,

Do you need to take anger management lessons as well? kah kah kah. Dato is talking about common sense. Quiet Despair agrees. Papa Gomo agrees, the king of UMNO bloggers agrees. Its only those who are soon to be guests of 1Kamunting or followers of the rancid kari who think otherwise. kah kah kah

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 16:05  

Anon 09:12 said: "Until then, 98% of the Malay M’sians will ALWAYS look upon umno as their godfather, even to the extend that they know this godfather has abused them THOUSANDS of time."

Are you saying the Malay M'sians are unthinking inferior species. If so, your are racist. And yes, I am reading too much into your texts! :(

Rahim Ahmad,  11 May 2011 at 16:31  

Dato' Sak,
You're right. Why not you try to inform and educate the Malays (both PAS and UMNO)to think logically, use common sense and accept Malaysia as a multi-racial country. We're are all human beings and religion should not be used to suppress any group or followers of any religion. It is clearly mentioned in the Quran. It is the Malays that are paranoid and suffer from inferiority complex. 50 years of UMNO rule doesn't change the Malays' mentality. Without the non-Malays we would not be able to see so many mosques and suraus around the country. The Malays should be thankful especially to the Chinese
who have transformed our country into what it is today. If not, the Malays would be padi farmers and fishermen living along the rivers and the coastal areas. The Malays have to admit their shortcomings. That's the only way they can improve their position. Political power alone doesn't helps them.

rance,  11 May 2011 at 17:03  

Dear Dato'Sak, QD said.."that is why bro Najib is courting Hadi and his people to elope from dad Tok Guru" Hello QD, tak kan guna the same modus operandi. PM dah dapat dah the 1lady.

Quiet Despair,  11 May 2011 at 17:24  

Phua Kai Lit

You must be joking. Resigning from UMNO is not like resigning from Gerakan.
You will not lose anything if you resign from Gerakan which is a loser party.
Resigning from UMNO means you are losing a lot.
If you are in UMNO you can entertain the dream of becoming PM, Ministers, MP or at the very least Chairman of Felda or Risda.
Don't tell me you cannot see this.

Habib RAK 11 May 2011 at 17:52  

You said "Islam is the official religion or if it isn't formally so, it's so in substance"

By substance, do you mean by the majority being muslims in Malaysia?

In my view, countries like Norway and Sweden are more Islamic than Saudi or Iran or Malaysia. The people of Norway and Sweden, by their deeds and actions(mostly), reflect more true islamic values than the majority of the muslims in countries like Saudi, Iran and Malaysia.

So what defines a country being an Islamic country?

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 19:00  

Quiet Despair,

Even when you try to sound intelligent, it still does not work. You are still the same idiot....blaming everyone else for the lies on behalf of your UMNO. You tried to sound like an impartial person by chastising Big Dog and Shamsul but you deliberately left out Utusan which is UMNO. By doing this, you are more stupid than we initially thought you were.

Err, don't forget to bring your little twisted pen knife to your UMNO's anniversary celebrations. There may not be many more anniversaries left to celebrate soon.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 19:40  

Habib RAK,

"So what defines a country being an Islamic country?"

In Malaysia, it is by UMNO's logic:

Majority of population are Malays;
Malays = Muslims

That's how Malays interpret the Al-Quran.
And as long as you are a Malay, you are going to heaven.

Doesn't matter if your values and deeds does not reflect Islamic teachings.

How the Al-Quran defines a Muslim does not matter because the Malaysian constitution clearly states a Malay is a Muslim.

alamin,  11 May 2011 at 21:46  

Whats wrong with having a bright, Intelligent Christian as a PM in a majority muslim population country. I don't mind. Rather then having a calibre like Brahim Ali as PM, I will put my money on a smart, Intelligent Christian PM who can run the country without corruption and bring progress to the nation, makes sure employment is at full rate. Who wants a corrupted Malay as a PM who only fillls his pockets with money, employs cronies to enrich his coming generation.

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 21:51  

Only Umno(the stupid ones of course) thought Malays are mostly stupid enough to keep Umno in power forever.

amin,  11 May 2011 at 21:56  

I hear many comments that PM should this and PM should that...Either these dumbos are naive or they sincerely think that PM isn't part of the problem. If one were to look at the picture closely, it's all linked to the highest chair in this country. All UMNO leaders beggining with the PM are in the plot. Otherwise you think PDRM will sit by and watch. hahaha

Anonymous,  11 May 2011 at 22:04  

So if most of UMNO members are stupid then this Sak guy and his supporters are the smart ones no? Well, they are smart yes but smart at being an arm chair critics. All talk but nothing much they have done. Some are frustrated ex-politicians, some are wannabe politicians, some are good at talk cock but most of them all are good for nothing!

Quiet Despair,  11 May 2011 at 23:22  

Anon 22.04

You are right. They only think PKR is smart.
Take smart-aleck 19.00. He did not understand my writing. And yet he branded me stupid and idiotic.
If being intellient is like him, I'd rather be stupid.
That's PKR mentality.
It's enough for me if my professors, school-friends, other friends, my workers and family know that I am not stupid.


Bring pen-knife to circumcise you? Anytime.

walla 11 May 2011 at 23:46  

Parliament was postponed for more than a year. But when it reconvened, the two things he said were:

1. government draws its power from the rakyat, and

2. we must not be influenced by seditious characters who want to divide the rakyat.

Now, 40 years later his son is saying the same thing.

Are we all - all 28 million of us - to understand that we're still having the same crap after 40 years of Umno rule?

What will Najib's father be thinking if he's around today to hear his son say cool it?

Will he tell his son:

'Jib, you've got it wrong. If the culprits are our own Umno Malays, then you who wear the same federal hat that i had won should have stepped up and done the right thing - tell them pointblank to substantiate what they said or face the music.

But what did you do instead? You told everyone to cool it, including those accused without proof. I notice that's the same technique the other premiers had used. Aren't in doing so you are actually suggesting to everyone in the world, let alone everyone in this country, that if an Umno Malay says something wrong and the others respond to it, then all should be blamed collectively?

Are we so spineless that after 40 years, we still need to cower from doing the right thing because we think we must use the 4 R's - race, rights, religion and royalty? Could it be because we never learned properly our 3 R's - reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic? Because without them, everyone will see how naked is our Umno in this country?

Look at your Kerisman. I'm surprised that someone with such a built has no spine. Could you ask him for me why he approved the Briged Setia Negara under Perkasa? Who's threatening our Umno Malays? If something flares up but is caused by our Umno Malays, which race will the Briged members be used against? The wronging race or the wronged races? If our Umno government is drawing power from the rakyat, why do we need to bestow it on an NGO which is dividing our rakyat in the tradition of its patron whom has been said can still walk on the waters of the highly saline Dead Sea? Who in our midst poses a threat to our existence? Mother Theresa? Sai Baba? Yoda? The Kungfu Panda perhaps?

Son, are Perkasa and Utusan our special agent provocateurs? Did we really win your Sarawak elections or did our real performance there actually scare the shit out of your leadership even after blowing rm500 million so much so our Umno has to now go around looking for money to buy our Malays and the Indians in the next GE? What about the others? They cannot be bought, is it? What has happened to your 1Malaysia, our maruah, His teachings?

walla 11 May 2011 at 23:46  


You know what will congeal if you let your agents continue to spew rubbish on our rakyat? The rakyat will conclude we, namely Umno, are running a government with five different sets of standards:

first and foremost, Umno elites;
second, Umno general members;
third, non-Umno Malays;
fourth, BN non-Malays, and lastly
fifth, non-BN non-Malays

By the look of how events have evolved, i am ashamed that you've actually lumped Perkasa and Utusan under Umno elites. Is it because they draw their inspiration from the premier after my successor?

It's a dangerous thing to do because, let me tell, the day the nonMalays practice our faith, speak our language and practice our customs, we will have to eat our words and label them as Malays too. Is our nation to continue like this just because we think that is unlikely to happen? Why the circus show? To force our rural Malay folks to come to us, like cattle into a pit? I started Felda so don’t play-play around.

Now, i know what's going on in your mind. You're probably thinking you will look good if spun as a white knight telling everyone to cool it. But all that british education should have taught you that if a robber is caught, no polis should tell both robber and the robbed to cool it. Is our Umno so low today that we have to add special effects?

And by the way, do tell that Rais of yours to stop showing reruns. Money finished off, is it? Loaned to someone in the party whose four-storey mansion burnt down recently? From where i am now, i must have seen five reruns of Universal Soldier. Heck, i am starting to look like the muscles of brussels.

Now, this blogger, what's his name? Sakmongkol? He wrote our Malays need capitalism, freedom and self-interest to propel themselves forward regardless of which government is running the show. In my wisdom, may i add one other element. The market. And in our context, the market is the ecosystem of coexistence with the others. Our nonMalays. Now, tell me what you have still to do to lubricate that coexistence. You've got to stamp out the 5 standards. That should be easy, my son. Don't you have a tiger tank with you (phew)?

Let's not insult our own race anymore. The Malays are more than Umno. I hate to say this but PAS is turning into better universalists than us. Maybe it has to do with their cooperation with the DAP. So if people ask me how can that be so since they think the DAP is just pro-Chinese, how should i answer them? That PAS is blind? Seriously, if PAS is blind, then Umno might as well outsource our moral rectitudes to Datuk T Sdn Bhd.

Since i can now see further, let me tell you something curdling. Our Umno general members are going to quietly vote for the Opposition. And frankly, looking at how pentadrupled standard our Umno is today, maybe that's welcome reprieve for all our sins these forty years.'

Anonymous,  12 May 2011 at 05:34  

Sak, it's has never been about race or religion, but it has always been about using race or religion to divide and unite so BN can continue to rule.

The tactic is sick, self-inflicting, detrimental to the country, but it has always worked, so why stop now?

umar,  12 May 2011 at 05:47  

A famous Mamak Restaurant owner in Lumut is secretly arranging MyKAD for his clan.No need to pay anything.
He in turn was asked to arrange details and particulars of new applicants by powers that be in Perak.

Felda rubber Industries in Kuantan is dishing out contracts to import rubber from overseas to a few crony companies.These cronies don't have to go overseas to source the natural rubber. Everything has been arranged already.Shipment papers,import documents,endorsement from purchase department .QC ..etc. If you are in the circle, 100% profit. Have to share certain ratio with them.Imagine hundreds of FELDA subsidiaries non-performing and yet get annual grant from government.Ever since FELDA SUGAR took over Robert Kuok's business, sugar price has increased more than 70 sen.

The above two scenarios depict UMNO style mode of operation in business as well as social engineering.

Anonymous,  12 May 2011 at 07:06  

The obvious is soooo obvious.

This country is run by nuts and niiiiicooooppuuuuts if the level of reasoning we are to judge by.

The rulers or rather the race/religion is making a fool of themselves all over the world. We are broadcasting to the world the stupidity that comes out of these people.

The inaction of the government speaks a billion words. We know the deceit . It is sooooo stupid too.

One the one hand they created Perkasa with the sole purpose is to hit the feelings of the Malays while on the other they play 1Malaysia as though they are inclusive.

So on the one hand they get people like Quiet Despair to hurrah them and at the same time to get the non Malays/Muslim (fools) to happily join them as 1Malaysia. Presto . .they have both the Malays and the non Malay votes again with just using different parties.

But then, don't you think the entire plot is soooo stupid? My view is that today, Malays and non Malays are learned. Today is the day of Internet. In 1 sec almost everyone knows what happened.

Perkasa has soooo successfully driven most non Malay votes from BN without them realising it.

Without non Malay votes there is just no chance any party can win and be in Putrajaya. Why?

Because in ANY POLITICAL situation when there is no real fights between the Malays and non Malays to rule, the only outcome then would be Malays Vs Malays contests. No one group of Malays can ever hope to garner the support of 100% to counter the almost 100% non Malay votes (since every race do have running dos for selfish ends).

So the entire battle is not Malays vs Non Malays but rather Malays vs Malays and this direction of BN to use Perkasa on left hand and 1Malaysia on the right and expect these two hands to clap.. they must be about the most stupid politicians one can find.

Well we are not surprised. The same group of people has managed to bring us down from parity say with Singapore or above South Koreans to far far below both. GDP of US7,500 vs US37,500 is really not shameful I dont know what. Yes, go ahead let Malays be the leaders and be the leaders from Govt, PM to GLCs etc etc. Tell us which has excelled.

Dont mention about Petronas. That company only subcontract too. and the only thing they need to do is to give out licences belonging to all Malaysians but all Malaysians still have to pay higher Petrol prices when they make more profits with higher oil prices.

So what do the non Do? They move away to other rich countries to cari makan or be billionaires.
Good too otherwise the economic imbalance would have been worse and Ibrahim Ali would have blown his tops again with "shit, shit and shit, when am I going to get my 67%"

Actually the entire thing makes a top best seller book or movie. Movie director anyone.. sure make money and the world will laugh till they drop dead.

Jokers all.

Soonhock,  12 May 2011 at 07:07  

Dear Dato, I Would like to direct your readers to Lim Kit Siang's blog.An article entitled "ACT MEAN AND FAST AGAINST UTUSAN MALAYSIA" penned by Rtd. Brig. Gen. Mohd.
Arshad Raji.It makes good reading.Best Regards.

Anonymous,  12 May 2011 at 07:51  

Rahim Ahmad (11 May 13.00)made an interesting observation....Thanking the Chinese for our economic progress and for the 'number of mosques and suraus'.
If I may add... for the salaries of the Malay civil service, the army, police etc are paid by the Chinese.
Didn't Mahathir say 90% of the taxes come from Chinese.
May I also add. If the Chinese had not come to this country some of the rural Malays may be even living on tress today - not just farmers and fisherman as Rahim said.
The Chinese want to live harmoniously here with the Malays. Will the UMNO Malays, I repeat UMNO Malays, reciprocate that gesture.
Over to you UMNO and Ibrahim Ali/Yusri.

Anonymous,  12 May 2011 at 08:56  

Dear Quiet Despair 11 May 17:24

Yes, I know.

The issue is:

Whether UMNO elites (and their BN allies) want Malaysia to deteriorate further and further into a Nigeria or (God forbid!) a Haiti or Zimbabwe.
Or do they want Malaysia to reform and become a Costa Rica or a New Zealand? Would they rather go on holiday to Haiti or New Zealand?

Isn't it better to live in a society where there is rule of law (remember that UMNO elites from the "wrong faction" are also not safe in the absence of rule of law), secure property rights, efficient public services etc?

Or would they rather live in a society where one has to hide in one's palatial mansion behind high security walls, unable to go out unless accompanied by a phalanx of bodyguards, drive through cities with potholed streets and crumbling infrastructure, & streets full of stinking garbage and human excrement in the drains, shantytowns everywhere, violent crime occurring every day, racial tension in the air, constantly fearing that one's kids will be kidnapped for ransom, living with the constant worry that the seething masses will rise up in violent protest a-al Tunisia and Egypt & that one would have to flee into exile?

Phua Kai Lit

sam/PRAY, it works,  12 May 2011 at 12:42  

That why syed(I am sorry I have to say this) malay politicians are arrogant or dumb. I feel Allah has been very patient but the reckoning is near.

Anonymous,  12 May 2011 at 12:54  


My rankings on how the country's wealth is distributed is as follows:

First and foremost: UMNO elites
Second: Non-UMNO; BN elites
Third: UMNO ordinary members
Fourth: Non-UMNO Malays
Fifth: Non-UMNO; BN ordinary members
Sixth:the rest of the citizens

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 16:07  


A refreshing view from a Muslim and more importantly a Malay.

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