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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 1 May 2011

The rights and wrongs of sumpah laknats

Let us debate the proclaimed right of a person to do a sumpah laknat or mubahalah. The PM says anyone has that right. It's dangerously becoming an everyday occurrence that the somberness and the solemnity that go along with that conduct seem to be lost. Any Tom Dick and Harry can do the sumpah laknat
It's the arrogance of human beings thinking that God's retribution does not come immediately which encouraged some people to carry out sumpah laknats. It's the jom heboh of religious trial by ordeal.
Yes, everyone has the right to do a sumpah laknat. It's a special oath taking affirming one's innocence or guilt by beseeching god to deliver instant punishment. Yes, everyone can do a sumpah laknat especially if doing that involves Anwar Ibrahim and slows down the declining fortunes of UMNO.
What if RPK does the same thing- he does a sumpah laknat somewhere in Regents Park Mosque in London or some mosque in Patani? It's equally right and capable of producing the same conclusions. That the object of that sumpah laknat has actually done what is prayed for. What if P Bala converts to Islam and carries out a sumpah laknat. Then he invokes god and says Rosmah was present as the grisly scene. What then?
They can't, not because they don't have the same rights- but they must fulfill some conditions precedent. If we demand these requirements in hypothetical situations involving RPK and PI Bala, then the same mandatory requirements must be accorded to the accused in this case.
The whole mess we are in at the moment is because we take up and crusade on a moral issue. We are then caught up in our own moral morass. The BN people are gunning for Anwar's morality when they are themselves soiled. We must come with clean hands or not come at all. I am sure these 3 people behind the smut filming have serious moral issues not unearthed yet or not interesting to other people to be worth their effort.
Can Najib himself trust these 3 fellows? If they can do it to Anwar, they can one day do it to Najib himself. There is much dirt and money to be made digging up the PM's own morality issues.
We are in full agreement that everyone has that right- but it must be done in accordance to the rules laid down by Islamic law. It's not done and never done in a circus like atmosphere like the one we were told done by Dato Eskay. He was flanked by the two clowns. One an UMNO MKT member, the other a Perkasa reject.
There must be some conditions precedent. This sumpah laknat is not a trivial matter. The requirements are absolutely strict. Consider the requirement of 4 witnesses. Rahim and Shuib Lazim are not witnesses. They are more like accomplices.
Did Eskay bring with him 4 righteous witnesses? Were Rahim and Shuib Lazim present during the filming of the video? If Eskay swears that it was him who made the film, the police should not wait any moment longer. If making a smut film is a punishable offense, arrest him.
When they showed the film to reporters and private viewers did they commit a crime? I am not sure about this. They said they have not distributed the film and therefore haven't committed the offense of distributing pornographic material. They can be caught out on the offense of making the film and showing it. But they say they are willing to suffer the consequences. This is because their aim was never to distribute the film.
Their aim was to expose Anwar's moralities and to show the world that Anwar is an immoral person. In order to show that to the world, they had to show the video.
Now that's a catch 22 situation. How do you prove that Anwar is a bugger and an immoral person? You have to show evidence in the form of a film. The film will of course be subject to intense credibility challenge. That challenge is done in a court of law- so far there is none. So why is Eskay jumping the gun and doing the sumpah laknat?
You see, the real objective of the whole thing is politics. Politics is judged in a general election. That's a tricky situation. Najib knows he needs more time for the voting public to buy this story about Anwar. My thinking is that the GE is not going to be held this year? The hooray for our side boys didn't see how dangerous the situation was for BN in the recently concluded Sarawak elections. The DAP sapu-ed almost all urban seats making the call by the PM for the Chinese to choose BN a futile academic exercise. But the more dangerous thing is this: Anwar with all the problems he has, can win 3 seats? That's sending shivers down the spine of Najib which nowadays is becoming increasingly difficult to locate.
Some modern Islamic jurists say a video or films are good substitutes for 4 upright witnesses. In my mind videos or films lack the important ingredient of being alive and imbued with righteous qualities demanded. A film or video is a technical thing subject to manipulation and is unreliable. They are inanimate objects and if conferred with living attributes, that can become ungodly or shirik. They are the products of living persons which therefore require the persons involved in filming and making the video having the necessary moral attributes. If its Eskay or Rahim doing the film, the accusation lacks integrity. Any judge will throw their submissions out.
There must be a full court case first preceding a sumpah laknat. Arguments must have been exhausted such that an impasse is reached. The judge is at wits end. The only choice opened is to invoke God. It's a form of religious trial by ordeal rarely done and sanctioned by rational judges.
We want to finish off Anwar, let's do it using the right methods. Our Islamic judges were deafeningly silent when Saiful took the oath. He did it before any court case and did not produce 4 witnesses. If after the present court case, Saiful takes the oath; his conduct would be more credible. He did it before any court case and before all legal debates is exhausted. Islamic experts said nothing of that.
Why do you insist on procedural matters and the requirement of righteous witnesses? Because that's what Islam demands and the requirements are strict. Because Islam sees accusing a person of serious moral misconduct as something serious.
Was there a court case involving the allegations about Anwar as represented by the Dato T Trio? No, right? This is a requirement in the dispensation of Islamic law- you do a sumpah laknat after the full legal debates are exhausted. Once that point is reached, then the two legal combatants are called before a Sharia court judge to utter their sumpah laknats. The accuser has to produce 4 upright witnesses to support his accusation. If he can't, then the value of his sumpah laknat is nil.
This is not a defence of Anwar. I have said that many times. The last time, a smart alec from the Star newspaper asked me, in a sweet taste of premature victory manner, now how would you defend Anwar? So to humor that fellow, I wrote an article on that.
I have not seen the further installations of the Anwar tape. From the tape I saw on the web, since when does Anwar spot a crew cut style hairdo? The person looked more like a Siamese actor and anything to do with things Siamese, Eskay should be an expert. One of his parents is Siamese and the other Indian. Is he Malay in the first place? What are his Islamic credentials?


Aku Peduli Apa @ APA 1 May 2011 at 12:29  

Salam Dato,
Saya hanya ingin menyentuh sedikit pasal gaya rambut 'crook cut'lelaki X yg dikatakan anwar dalam video itu.

Anwar sememangnya mempunyai rambut yang nipis sehingga nampak kulit kepala.Ianya hanya kelihatan lebat sewaktu kering dan mungkin juga dia menggunakan kaedah sprinkle untuk menutup kulit kepalanya yang jelas kelihatan.

Dalam video tersebut dia baru lepas mandi dan pastinya rambutnya kelihatan saperti crook cut.

Kalau Dato lihat Video ceramah terbarunya di Bandar Baru Ampang kelmarin,amat terserlah ciri ciri yang saya sebutkan tadi.


Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 12:32  


Thanks for giving clarication on the much publicised SUMPAH. What irks us all is the fact that muslims can allow the Mosque and its holy book to be defiled by muslims with questionable moral background and in the name of the Muslim God.

All other religious leaders have warned of the path taken by the government in allowing free for all display of immoral activities by immoral mortals.

How can muslims justify their religion being better if not equal to others?

Joe Black

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 14:14  

Tuhan Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Adil. Jika benar, tak payah nak bersumpah laknat untuk menegak kebenarannya. Jika tidak, kita tunggu dan lihat pengadilan dari Tuhan. Tuhan akan memperlihatkan kekuasaanNya dan menurunkan azabNya di dunia dan tak payah tunggu lagi di akhirat. Dunia ini sudah akhir zaman. Lihatlah sekarang malapetaka yang terjadi di seluruh dunia. Insaflah wahai manusia terutama bagi mereka yang mengaku sebagai orang Islam.

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 14:17  

The sex video doesn't feature Anwar. Everybody knows that including the Police. But the police is an acolyte of Umno. Umno says don't divulge who the porn actor is, the police subserviently follows suit. The idea is to keep peddling the suspicions amongst stupid malays that the porn star is Anwar. Umno's target group are the rural malays. So the sumpah laknat is to reinforce that spinning. Sumpah laknat or not Eskay is more interested in his RM20million suit. I don't think he knows what it means. Eskay is just following Rahim's instruction...and Rahim's possibly just follows Rosmah's.

Gani Paatail will charge the 3 stooges for an offence u/d s.292 Penal code for publicly exhibiting or for possession of that obscene sex video. They will plead guilty and a fine is imposed. In mitigation, they will repeat their allegations that their act was done for national interest since it involved Anwar. Both prosecutor and police will never divulged who the real actors are on the excuse that it is irrelevant to the charge. Umno's paper/TV will then keep spinning that the porn actor is Anwar based on the sumpah laknat and the 3 stooges mitigation in court.

This will keep the lingering suspicions amongst rural malays that Anwar was the man featured in the tape, as peddled by Umno. That is the Umno's agenda, ably assisted by the police and Gani patail for political purposes.

OneMalaysian,  1 May 2011 at 14:30  

Dear Sakmongkol

“You see, the real objective of the whole thing is politics”.

That pithily summarises the current circus of the Anwar sex videos.

In order to push their political agenda, these people have resorted to morality – to show how immoral Anwar was, or is – and they have even invoked the name of God. It is indeed a desperate move, and a dangerous one, too, that religion is dragged into politics.

Those three chaps should be the last to talk about morality. People can see how soiled they are. Like they say in law, if you go to court to seek justice, you must go with clean hands. Their hands are filthy in the eyes of both man and God.

But what is the stand of the Police and the PM? There is already no doubt that these 3 have committed certain crimes by making and exhibiting a sex video, whoever might be the “actor”. On this alone - they have not denied what they have done; indeed they have boasted about the “valiant” act - so why are the Police not taking action immediately? This shows partiality. Does the Constitution not promise equality before the law? When such an important institution of government takes what is clearly a politically motivated stand, Malaysians have valid reasons to worry. It means if we do not play ball with those in political power, we are not entitled to the protection of the law.

As for the PM, we should also worry that he has remained silent on such important issues of morality and legality. We can understand that he wants to destroy his political enemies. But he must do so within the laws of the country, and within accepted moral mores. You cannot use unacceptable means. Even in war there are accepted rules of engagement, so in the most bestial act of mankind there are rules of legality and morality, e.g. no killing of unarmed civilians, no rape and pillage, and no use of certain arms and munitions. But in Malaysia, our political wars are of the “no holds barred” type, tolerated by the PM himself. This is not acceptable. It will bring us to a moral low. Any political victory will be a hollow one. The winner destroys the moral foundations to succeed. All Malaysians will be the real losers.

evilcooler 1 May 2011 at 15:02  

Salam Mr. Ariff,

Nicely put. As much as I wanted to criticise constructively on this piece, I couldn't. It has no flaws. Instead, I'm in awe. Well done!
p/s : The arrogance of man is always a precursor for the fall of an era - anonymous

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 17:20  

Let God be the judge if a person is immoral. If you are pointing your 1 finger at another, your four fingers are pointing at you. Do you think God will forgive you for setting up this immoral video and still have the guts to ask people to swear in the name of God. Who is the dirtiest?

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 17:22  


Leaving the terrible Trio aside for the moment, isn't it un-Islamic to drag God (pbuh) into this mess? And why didn't the National Islamic Council put a stop to all these sumpah laknat which is getting way out of hand. I sense that those who have to-date performed the sumpah laknat (eg Saiful, Umi, Eskay) are following in the footsteps of the PM as it appears to these people that the sumpah laknat will make their claims more believable. But to whom? Most people I have spoken to are laughing their heads off at these "suddenly religious people (srp)" performing the sumpah laknat but the sad thing is these srp fellas have destroyed the sanctity of the mosque, sumpah laknat and Islam.

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 17:38  

Why are you making simple things so difficult? Do you think someone will treat this 'sumpah' thing as a joke? If it is not anwar do you think he dare make the 'sumpah'?

Ariff Sabri 1 May 2011 at 18:19  

anon 17:38

its not i who is making something simple difficult. Islam does not make light of mendedahkan aib orang apa lagi menuduh orang berzina.

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 18:31  

dear aku peduli apa,

i'm sure you looked at the video 100 times already. it's very obvious that you hate anwar. so no matter what people say especially negative elements on anwar you will believe. remember this, look at him, he NEVER EVER had any crew cut style since those days...also his hair is not has always been black (maybe dyed all the time) shut your yap and don't talk so much...most of the readers here are umno people who regret that the party's direction has gone towards someone's penis or ass...

donplaypuks 1 May 2011 at 19:01  

"Do you think someone will treat this 'sumpah' thing as a joke?" Anon 17.38.

Heh, heh, Heh! Which well or stone are you living in/under Anon? According to Maha Firaun, the Malay vote is split 3 ways and with KITA and MCLM, perhaps it will be 5 ways. Then there are all the nons, including those in Sabah and Sarawak whom you think don't exist but whose vote is what is keeping UMNO/BN alive.

You think they give too hoots about swearing? Dream on!

But Sak, "What are his Islamic credentials?" That's a curious question indeed!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 19:19  

And why didn't the National Islamic Council put a stop to all these sumpah laknat which is getting way out of hand...? Anon 17.22

Who is superior UMNO or the NIC. If course UMNO makes religious edicts all all oblige. Najib says its OK and who is NIC to say no.
That is why the trio were given life jackets, police protection and an Imam to boot on a holy ground.
On matters of Islamic doctrine UMNO has to final says.
Now this is the reality.

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 20:42  

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can do the sumpah laknat. BUT not every Tom, Dick or Harry dare do it. Not something like going for a picnic.

Family,  1 May 2011 at 21:27  

The man in the video is definitely NOT Anwar Ibrahim. The face may resemble Anwar but the body is definitely not his. His wife, children, otopedic doctors and close friends can easily verify this in court. His wife herself Wan Azizah verified this at yesterday's press questionning by RTM and Astro Awani 'wallahi it's not Anwar' and she does not have to do a 'lian' or 'sumpah laknat' when it's clearly physically not the body of her husband.

Suci Dalam Debu 1 May 2011 at 22:17  


I am saddened by the fact that UMNO has dragged the Malays down to another level closer to hell. All because of money and politics.

Apakah Melayu tidak tahu aib?
Apakah Melayu tidak tahu ada batas untuk segala-galanya?
Apakah Melayu Bodoh?

Sungguh memalukan Malaysia amnya dan Melayu khususnya.

Your writings help to redeem some honour for the Malays but one man's job is not enough. We truly need an alternative to UMNO-led BN.

Suci Dalam Debu 1 May 2011 at 22:28  

How can we humiliate someone like this?

Why is UMNO so kejam? I never was a strong supporter of DSAI before but I am going to do so from now on. Not only that, I am going to contribute some money to his cause.

This man has suffered enough.
His family has suffered enough. The Malay race has suffered enough.
Malaysians have suffered enough.

STOP! yes STOP UMNO from power from now on.

Aku Peduli Apa @ APA 1 May 2011 at 22:28  

Salam Anon 18:31

We agree to disagree

dahserkinganvideo 1 May 2011 at 22:50  

Dato' i sense some dissappointment in u, expressing the spineless ness of our PM.

Was he always this way when u were working with him?

dato' more on something of substance please, more on the rare earth stuff, its in pahang right, any whispers?

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 23:26  

If we remember the old TV series 'Mission Impossible'; it is easy to have an impersonator acting as another person in physical attributes, mannerism and voice.

Hence a video can only be used as collaborating evidence in support of other stronger evidence like witnesses, alibis etc.

In Islam, there must be 4 witnesses; otherwise the accuser is guilty of fitnah. Besides, sumpah laknat is only for spouses who accuses the other but does not have the required 4 witnesses. If both the spouse proclaimed the sumpah laknat, the syariah judge may dissolve the marriage with the question of guilt legally undecided (An-Nur; 6-8).

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 23:44  

Look like this sumpah thing is a joke from this three loonies!
Like they say Islam is a great religion but its the people that is bad.We now see this in this act from the three datuks.
Why the silence from the learned ulamas? Were they mute or dumbstruck ?Looks like anything can do for these guys with the blessings from higher up of umno!

Soonhock,  2 May 2011 at 00:54  

Dear Dato,I think most Malaysians know that the Anwar sex video thing is a political distraction plan by his enemies.This sumpah laknat is a political joke which is sure to backfire on these clowns and their political backers.We know that they were provided security when they first show the viewing of the sex tape and then again at the mosque when this joker did his sumpah laknat.The polital warlords behind these three clowns with their huge war chest sure could afford to hire someone with a little bit of brains to be thier strategeist.Who need these this clowns to do the sumpat laknat?With the AG and PDRM at their disposal and the amount of time spent and they still cannot prove that Anwar is the guy,then something sure is very wrong.Who ever behind this better migrate to some third world country,if they are accepted,because if UMNO were to lose GE 13th because of this blunder their hide is for the taking.Aside from his baggage DS Najib could have been a good PM if he had loyal people around him.All he had around him was disloyalI f Najib crazy power hungry clowns who goes around sabotaging the plans he wish to implement.Najib was loyal to Abdullah Badawi till the very end.In the end he had no choice but to offer himself as a candidate.If Najib doesn't start handind out pink slips soon GE 13th is his to lose.Anwar has made many costly blunders too.Zaid Ibrahim lossing the Ulu Selangor by elections,the Sabah PKR leadership issue twice and the PKR presidential elections,ending in ZI leaving PKR all because of his blue eye boy,internal sabotaging and his poor leadership for reasons known to him.So long for now.Best regards.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 00:57  


Based on what you just wrote, can you blame the non-Muslims in Malaysia for their views of Islam?

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 01:12  

how does this esky make his pile? linking up businessmen to ministers for millions. typical UMNO rent seeker, no?

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 07:52  


There is another power play ongoing not just between Najib and Anwar and it involves Bukit Aman folks.

The current IGP is quitely being nudged out it seems for not being hard enough on Anwar.

Anyway, why can't the Dato' T trio make an SD instead? it's provided by the law isn't it?

It will be a joke nonetherless, but at least we get to read some creative writing crap like "I am reliably informed by Dato' so and so that..."

I so hope that we have a program like Saturday Night Live in the future to spoof up all these comedy gold....ohh wait, we have Buletin Utama...

Fooart 2 May 2011 at 08:03  

UMNO boleh buat apa sahaja pada Anwar, boleh malukan Anwar. Tapi saya dan keluarga sebagai orang Melayu yang layak mengundi tidak akan mengundi BN khususnya UMNO. Moral Anwar buruk atau baik itu hal lain ( majoriti pemimpin UMNO pun bukan baik sangat pun!!!) yang penting disini masalah ekonomi negara, rasuah dan bermacam-macam hal yang rakyat sudah menyampah. Tak perlulah nak perbesarkan hal peribadi Anwar wahai kaum UMNO.Jangan cuba alihkan perhatian rakyat daripada memikirkan masalah yang makin menimpa negara sekarang. UMNO=ARROGANT

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 08:49  

semuga orang melayu islam kita tidak mudah diperbodohkan. ulama' tolong sampaikan dengan lebeh lantang bahawa perbuatan pendusta, penyumpah ni bukan dari islam.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 09:25  

Anon 20:42 said, " Any Tom, Dick or Harry can do the sumpah laknat. BUT not every Tom, Dick or Harry dare do it."

Eskay just did it what. Whether he did it for his RM20million suit or out of national duty, only he knows. But he is a confessed pimp and only he knows what other sins he has committed. He must be thinking like this: ' after all the sins that I had committed, what's wrong committing another one ie sumpah laknat as long as I can win my RM20million case'. Who knows. Only an idiot would do a sumpah laknat when everyoone knows that the police had investigated the case and had identified who the porn actor is. If it is Anwar, I'm sure the police would have revealed this bf the Sarawak GE.

Why, police acolyte of Umno refused to disclose who the porn actor is? Any takers?

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 09:34  

And what are the royal institutions doing?

The last time the 'Allah' issue was alive actively, these institutions came out with their views.

This time around, so many did this 'sumpah' thing - from PM, Saiful and now this fellow.

When will that institution (protector of the faith) come out to guide the rakyat on this matter.

And as someone rightly said, "can you blame the non-Muslims in Malaysia for their views of Islam?"

For some, this question alonw will invite rebukes like "non-Muslims stay out of this matter"?

Sudah lah. So much for the much hyped-up 'democracy and opinion freedom' that the BN blares about locally and overseas!


Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 10:09  

Suci Dalam Debu, I feel for you.

I too was apolitical until sodomy I happened.

I too was not an Anwar fan, but I felt that the values of UMNO must not be allowed to become the values of Malaysia.

The values of UMNO is not and was never the values of the Malays!

UMNO was long hijacked by hybrids from all over the world, in particular from Kerala and other parts of South India, who have injected their distinctive, garrulous culture into UMNO.

We should change the constitution to redefine who really is the Malay! Otherwise, the Malays will really disappear from the Earth, notwithstanding Hang Tuah's assertion.


Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 12:33  

Will the non muslims stay out of this!!!

Unless they are looking forward to another 13 May.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 12:39  


Its obvious that UMNO is behind this three stooges and the sex video. Who has the political power to provide police protection and immunity against prosecution to the three stooges plus allowing the three stooges to continue with their nonsense? Who has the political power to shut up the ulamaks and the royalty for not speaking out against the blatant abuse of the sumpah laknat?

The deputy IGP had already proclaimed the police know the identity of the male in the sex video so why don't the police or the AG revealed the identity of the male and close this matter once and for all. If the male is proven to be Anwar, then let the Islamic syariah court and the likes of JAKIM take action against Anwar. Why prolong this matter unless UMNO thinks there is great political mileage to be gained in continuing with this sex video fiasco?

Majority of Malaysians are getting fed up with the political games played by UMNO. The PM has himself to be blamed for allowing this fiasco to happen and to continue. A true leader will have directed his home minister to take immediate actions against the three stooges and those involved for breaking the laws concerning porn material. Oh I forgot, those responsible for this fiasco are the ruling UMNO itself so how can the police and AG prosecute their own masters????

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 12:45  

To Aku Peduli Apa@APA @ 1May2011, 12:29

Wow, you should work for the PDRM's CSI team as the PDRM CSI stinks to high heavens as they can only come out with "sudden death" conclusions most of the time.

But judging from your "analysis" of the person in the video, you are much better at directing and producing the next episode of the continuing sex romps of malaysian politicians.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 13:54  

Apa juga gua akan pangkah pembangkang, tak kiralah wakil rakyat dari kaum apa juga. Pilihanraya lepas pangkah pembangkang, akan dtg pembangkang juga gua pangkah, cayalah sama gua.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 14:48  

Suci Dalam Debu

What about what anwar has done to the malays? But then a hypocrite will not know another hypocrite until he sleeps with your daughter. And your wife.

Do some thinking.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 15:06  

Al juburi - hari ini cakap lain esok cakap lain. Tengoklah web badut rakyat. Why should anyone support a snake like anwar.

Hang Ten 2 May 2011 at 15:15  

"...We should change the constitution to redefine who really is the Malay! Otherwise, the Malays will really disappear from the Earth, notwithstanding Hang Tuah's assertion...."

How would Hang Tuah know?

He was not even Malay.

He had khalwat with Tun Fatimah, some more. Or was it Tun Tijah?

He was an MCA pre-cursor, what!

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 16:34  

Ooi! You orang ada ke filem P Ramlee "Sumpah Orang Minyak" versi yang lengkap dan penuh?

Ni si Rahim Tambi Chik dan UMNO cuba nak buat ape lagi?

Bukan kah P Ramlee dah kemukakan persoalan asas 50 tahun lalu?

Tak kesian ke you orang tengok UMNO dan Tambi Chik? Bertanya-tanya mengapa orang UMNO yang mulia dan cantik-cantik dan handsome-handsome hodoh macam "Orang Minyak"? Bukan macam tapi sebenar "Orang Minyak" ???

Sdra Sak,

You kena exorcize hantu supaya keluar dari UMNO ler! ;)

Ape ler? You orang tak boleh kesian ke? Najib begitu putih bersih? Matir elok gagah? Semua dah macam orang minyak? Ada yg lain pula, mulia-mulia sekarang dah jadi hodoh? ;)

# Sumpah orang minyak (UMNO)

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 19:12  

I am sorry to say that one day Najib, his family and his future generation will have to pay for his misdeed and they are the one that will suffer.
What a sad day to the once well respected Razak the former PM of Malaysia.
Remember GOD acts in a mysterious way!
May be 'coz of this that will be the end of UMNO!

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 20:10  

This Eskay is close to all top people in cabinets due to his specialty as tukang urut siam. Tun M has given acres of land for forest plantation in Kedah. He smuggled in goats and cattles from Myanmar that caused the spread of FMD but got scots free.

Anonymous,  2 May 2011 at 21:51  

Will the non muslims stay out of this?
They should and watch the show from the sideline. Afterall, it is muslim vs muslim in their mosque and in the name of their muslim god. However, they forgot that it is their duty to preach and uphold the high value of Islam to the non muslim so that some may one day embrace Islam.

So, if you are offended by some comments from non muslim which are sincere, you are not doing justice to your own religion.

Ibni Ismail 2 May 2011 at 23:02  

Ada beberapa perkara yang bermain dalam fikiran saya:-

1. Salah ke bersumpah laknat? Apa hukumnya? Wajib, Haram,sunat,makruh atau harus?

2. Jika haram.. maka jelaslah perbuatan itu perlu dikutuk. Akan tetapi, sumber hukum mestilah dinyatakan dan disepakati oleh ulamak muktabar. Pastinya jangan lah beri pendapat bahawa ianya haram kerana membuat sesuatu yang tidak berfaedah. Berfaedah atau tidak ianya sangat subjektif.

3. Jika lain dari haram, seperti mungkin hukumnya hanya Harus, maka kenapa nak dipersoalkan hak mereka yang nek bersumpah laknat ini?

4. Saya setuju benar bahawa kita jangan buka aib Anwar. Akan tetapi kita kena konsisten tentang isu jangan buka aib orang. Bukan hanya aib Anwar jangan kita buka, tetapi aib Najib.. aib Tun M.. RPK dll.

5. Berkaitan isu fitnah jika tiada saksi. PAS (PKR saya tak heran) bercakap ttg isu ini bila ianya terkena batang hidung Anwar. Akan tetapi bukan sahaja senyap malahan turut sama menuduh Najib terlibat dgn pembunuhan altantuya. Tidak langsung bertanya jika ada saksi. Ini yg dinamakan memberikan hukum dengan berpilih pilih.

Tuan juga diharap selepas ini akan memastikan sentiasa menjaga aib orang. Orang itu bermaksud semua bukan nya hanya Anwar atau Ku Li.

osman khiladi,  3 May 2011 at 05:37  

Kepada AKU PEDULI APA@APA..'crew cut' dan bukannya 'crook cut'. Bukan saja ejaan tak betul, dia punya hujah pun tidak betul. Beza 'crew cut' dengan orang yang mempunyai rambut nipis dan bila kena angin akan menampakkan kulitnya adalah jauh dan saudara ini jngan gunakan pendekatan itu. Amat jelas, DSAI tidak mempunyai potongan rambut 'crew cut'. Itu muktamad. Kalau mu orang UMNO...sila bertaubat kerana apa yang dibuat oleh UMNO adalah politik jijik. Dedahkan video lucah kepada umum menerusi saluran TV..bukan kah membawa padah yang buruk kepada umum. Anak2 dan Isteri mu kalau ada dirumah, tentu mereka akan tonton video lucah itu. Apa penjelasan mu kepada anak apabila mereka bertanya, apa itu 'mani' dan lain2.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 09:22  

Kalau dah dasar penyokong pembangkang namanya, gajah depan mata pun tak nampak. Pelakon siam lah, body double lah, crew cut lah. Macam alasan diberi tapi hakikat nya lelaki dalam video tu adalah Anwar bin Ibrahim!!!

Kalau ko orang semua tak percaya terpulang lah tapi biarlah rakyat Malaysia tengok sendiri dan tentukan. Tak payah nak bertekak panjang pasal siapa Rahim, siapa Eskay! Moral dia orang lebih teruk ke, apa ke? Itu bukan soalnya tapi apa Anwar buat dengan amoi Cina perlu dijawab. Kalau Anwar memang suka ada hubungan seks luar nikah, biar lah dia mengaku. Kalau rakyat boleh terima, ok lah tapi biarkan rakyat yang tentukan. Ada paham ka??

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 09:51  

Ibni Ismail,

kes bunuh mana perlu ada 4 org saksi. Telah diterangkan dalam Al-quran Ayat 4 Surah Nur hanya sekiranya kamu menuduh orang ber ZINA shj, maka anda perlu kemukakan 4 orang saksi. Sekiranya gagal, maka mengikut ayat tu, kamu bolih dikenakan 80 kali rotan dan kesaksian anda tidak diterima selama2nya termasuk menjadi wali.

Adakah sesiapa menuduh dan bersumpah laknat yg Najib berzina dgn Altantuya? Yg ada ialah tuduhan Najib terlibat dlm pembunuhan Altantuya.

Sumpah menyumpah ni kerja orang munafik. Sila baca Ayat 2 Surah Munafiqun. Org munafiq suka bersumpah untuk menyatakan kebenaran mereka. Mereka bersumpah depan Rasullah saw.

Sumpah ni dibenarkan dlm dua perkara. 1. Apabila suami tuduh isteri berzina dan tidak kemukakan 4 saksi. Bolih sumpah laknat spt Ayat 6-9 Surah Nur. ( 2) Dalam kes Qazaf- dimana sumpah hendaklah dibuat dalam mahkamah olih orang yg kena tuduh; dalam kes ni Anwar.

Aku ni Ustaz bagitahu. Dia bagitahu dengan nas sekali. Itu fasal aku yakin. Yg Eskay dan Tahmby buat tu tak ada nas langsung. Sepatutnya kes Qazaf yg difailkan bolih didengar dimahkamah syariah & mahkamah bolih mengarahkan Anwar bersumpah yg ia bukan individu dlam video tu. Baru lah betul. Ini tidak. Eskay dan anak Tahmby yg penuh dengan dosa termasuk Utusan dan TV3-penyebar fitnah menyuruh Anwar bersumpah.

Kau patut suruh mahkamah syariah mempercepatkan kes Qazaf tu dan menyuruh mahkamah mengarahkan Anwar bersumpah...itulah jalan dan prosedur yg betul. Sumpah dalam mahkamah syariah dan bukan merata2 tempat.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 10:00  

@Ibni Halim
1. Salah ke bersumpah laknat? Apa hukumnya? Wajib, Haram,sunat,makruh atau harus?

Saudara, kalo dah ada mahkamah syariah, peguam dan hakim kenapa nak susahkan diri buat sumpah laknat? Ada agenda peribadi lah tuh!

Org takde iman nih bukan bersumpah laknat dia sanggup lakukan, jual mak bapak sendiri pun dia sanggup. Kuasa dan duit punya pasal. Itulah kuasa duit sedara! Buat manusia tak takut dan semakin jauh dari Allah...

Tgk pada moral si penuduh yg kerjanya carik pelayan org kenamaan a.k.a bapak ayam. Org sebegini boleh ke diterima pakai sumpahnya? Moralnya sendiri pun diragui? Org yg fasik pun tak diterima jadi saksi dlm undang2 Islam. Tak gitu?

rexuan 3 May 2011 at 11:39  

dear dato',

u got it all wrong abt sumpah laknat. your fear of sumpah laknat is one sided. quoting ur own example, if PI Bala converted and do the sumpah laknat as what u've mentioned then Datin Rosmah shud do sumpah laknat to state her innocentness. and after that both of them shud keep quite and wait for devine's punishment. rest assured that the god is most fair.

but if their case are being tried then that's another separate matter. they'll be judged and punished by human law. regardless of their innocentness.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 11:40  

Dato Sak...

Macamana jika tiba-tiba Anwar membuat sumpah laknat, terutama semasa sedang hanggat kempen PRU 13..bukankah ini menjadi senjata kepada Pakatan Rakyat..renung-renungkan perkara ini..keran Sumpah laknat Eskay bermotifkan Politik dan tak mustahil juga jika tektik yang sama di ggunakan ..ha ha ha..

nawawi,  3 May 2011 at 14:08  

A good enlightening, straight forward article.

Suci Dalam Debu 3 May 2011 at 16:58  

Anon 14:48

What about what anwar has done to the malays? But then a hypocrite will not know another hypocrite until he sleeps with your daughter. And your wife.

Do some thinking.

BN/UMNO has done a lot worse to the malays.

The lesser of the two evils is my choice. It is leeser by a far margin.

Ibni Ismail 3 May 2011 at 19:22  


Anon 9.51 dan 10 ini sebenarnya keliru dengan persoalan saya. Cuba cubalah tanya ustaz tuan tentang hukum bersumpah laknat. SOALAN SAYA AMAT LAH JELAS.. APA HUKUM BERSUMPAH? JAWAPAN NYA SAMADA WAJIB, HARAM, SUNAT, MAKRUH ATAU HARUS. Semudah itu pun nak diputar belitkan.

Harap ada hamba Allah yg ikhlas utk jawab persoalan ini kerana jawapan ini akan menjawab semua persoalan tentang sumpah.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 20:59  

Isu Sumpah laknat & Perlukah Dibalas oleh Ust. Zaharuddin. Sumber dari

Ramai yang bertanya saya pandangan berkenaan sumpah yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang politik dengan bermotifkan politik tentunya. Sebenarnya, elok sokongan yang diinginkan tidaklah digunakan mana-mana kaedah2 Islam sebagai platformnya.

Ada yang berusaha untuk menjadikan satu peraturan dalam hukum Islam iaitu sumpah dengan nama Allah sebagai senjata dalam politik kepartian. Bagi saya,itu kurang sihat.


Kembali kepada isu terkini iaitu ‘sumpah laknat’ yang dilakukan oleh Dato’ Eskay di dalam masjid tempohari sambil memegang dan mencium Al-Quran. Oleh kerana sumpah tersebut dilakukan atas dasar dan prinsip hukum agama, bagi dianggap sah dan mempunyai nilai, cara ia dilakukan mestilah disandarkan kepada dalil khusus dari Al-Quran atau Al-Hadis. Oleh itu, menjadi satu KEMESTIAN bagi memastikan sumbernya dalam hukum Islam dan betul pula cara pelaksanaannya.

Kedua hal tersebut mesti disemak sebelum inti sesuatu sumpah itu diterima oleh orang ramai dan pihak berkuasa sebagai mempunyai ‘sesuatu kekuatan’ untuk menyokong kes individu yang melakukan bersumpah.

Secara ringkasnya, membaca pandangan beberapa tokoh ilmuan tanahair dalam hal sumpah laknat ini, saya bersetuju dengan pandangan beberapa mereka yang secara ringkasnya berkata, sumpah yang dilakukan itu :-

1. TIDAK PERLU; disebabkan proses mahkamah perlu dinantikan bagi menjamin keadilan bagi semua pihak. Maruah adalah isu besar dalam Islam, justeru, setiap kes yang boleh memalukan dan tidak lagi dipastikan benar atau salah, mestilah dibicarakan secara adil di tempat perbicaraan yang tertutup.

2. TIDAK TERPAKAI; sumpah laknat dengan nama Allah itu tidak dikira terpakai atau sah, kerana sumpah laknat atau li’an hanya wujud untuk urusan suami isteri yang menuduh isteri pasangan mereka berzina, sebagaimana wujud peruntukan di dalam Al-Quran dalam surah an-Nur ayat 6-8. Ertinya :

“Dan orang-orang yang menuduh isterinya (berzina), padahal mereka tidak ada mempunyai saksi-saksi selain diri mereka sendiri, maka persaksian orang itu ialah empat kali bersumpah dengan nama Allah, sesungguhnya dia adalah termasuk orang-orang yang benar. Dan (sumpah) yang kelima: bahwa laknat Allah atasnya, jika dia termasuk orang-orang yang berdusta.” (An-Nur 6-7)

Justeru, sebarang tindakan mewujudkan sumpah laknat dalam hal menuduh zina individu lain adalah SATU TINDAKAN SALAH atau REKA CIPTA DALAM URUSAN AGAMA yang tidak dibenarkan oleh Islam. Ia ditegah oleh seluruh para ulama berdasarkan dalil-dalil yang sangat banyak, disebabkan ia memungkinkan individu secara bebas mencipta peruntukan baru tanpa sebarang basis atau sandaran dalil.

3. MENGELIRUKAN; Protokol sumpah tersebut dilaksanakan secara sangat mengelirukan dan ada juga yang kurang tepat, ini kerana bersumpah sambil memegang al-Quran bukanlah satu keperluan. Nabi bersabda :-

فمن كان حالفاً فليحلف بالله أو ليصمت

Ertinya : Barangsiapa yang ingin bersumpah, hendaklah dia bersumpah dengan nama Allah atau (jika tidak), hendaklah dia diam sahaja (tidak bersumpah) (Riwayat Al-Bukhari)

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 21:00  

Melakukannya di dalam masjid adalah HARUS menurut mazhab Hanafi dan Hanbali berdasarkan hadis nabi bahawa pernah kes kehakiman dan pertelingkahan serta sumpah laknat antara suami isteri dijalankan di masjid pada zaman Nabi s.a.w. ( rujuk Fath Al-Bari, 3/133 ; Syarah sohih Muslim An-Nawawi, 1/121 ).

Bagaimanapun mazhab Syafie menganggap melakukan urusan sumpah dan perbincangan pertikaian hak serta tuduh menuduh di dalam masjid adalah MAKRUH. (Fath al-Aziz, Al-Rafi’e, 8/165 ; Al-Muhazzab, Al-Shirazi, 2/293)

Apapun, kita tidak mahu, kaedah dan cara khususnya memegang Al-Quran ketika bersumpah dan dibuat di dalam masjid sedang telah wujud mahkamah, menjadi syarat dan kebiasaan masyarakat kita, hingga disalahfahami oleh ramai sehingga merasakan ia adalah kaedah dan cara sebenar pelaksanaan sumpah li’an.

Sumpah laknat yang sebenarnya, perlu dilakukan di dalam proses mahkamah dengan empat kali, DIIKUTI yang kelima sumpah laknat dan IA TIDAK untuk tontonan dan sebaran awam.

4.Sumpah mubahalah juga tidak perlu dan tidak terpakai, kerana sumpah mubahalah memerlukan kedua-dua belah pihak untuk bertemu dan sama-sama bersetuju.

Pun begitu, sumpah yang dikira terpakai dan sah dalam kes yang dirujuk adalah hanya sumpah biasa, bukan sumpah laknat. Sumpah biasa boleh dianggap sah apabila dimulakan dengan lafaz “wabillahi, wattallahi” atau salah satu antara lafaz tersebut juga sudah mencukupi.

Namun SUMPAH BIASA ini sepatutnya hanya dilakukan sesudahkan ‘bayyinah’ atau bukti yang diiktiraf oleh syarak dikemukan di mahkamah. Apakah bayyinah ini?

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 21:01  

Di dalam Islam, setiap individu adalah dianggap TIDAK BERSALAH selagi belum dibuktikan bersalah. Prinsip ini datang dari pelbagai dalil dan disimpulkan oleh para ulama dalam kaedah dan dalil berikut :-

Hadis Nabi:
Ertinya : Kalaulah diberikan (kebebasan) kepada manusia untuk mendakwa; nescaya akan akan individu yang mendakwa milikya harta satu kaum yang lain dan darah mereka, oleh itu (dalam Islam), Pembuktian menjadi tanggungjawab pertama ke atas pendakwa, dan (apabila telah sabit bukti), sumpah menolak adalah bagi mereka yang mengingkari (bukti tadi). ( Riwayat al-Bukhari & Muslim)

Kaedah Fiqh :
Ertinya : Hukum asal (bagi semua individu) adalah bebas dirinya dari tanggungan.

Dan satu lagi kaedahnya :
Ertinya : Yakin ( iaitu asal semua individu sebagai tidak bersalah), tidak akan dapat dihilangkan oleh bukti-bukti yang bertaraf syak.

Juga satu prinsip yang berbunyi
Ertinya : Sesungguhnya sebarang keraguan ( tidak kukuh bukti dakwaan), akan ditafsirkan sebagai menyebelahi pihak tertuduh (untuk membuktikannya tidak bersalah)

AL-BAYYINAH yang disebut di dalam hadis nabi di atas AMAT diperlukan bagi mewajibkan sumpah ingkar dan bantah dari tertuduh, tanpanya, sumpah tertuduh TIDAK WAJIB sama sekali.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 21:02  

Imam Ibn Qudamah dalam kitabnya al-Mughni (10/139) dan para ulama menjelaskan ringkasan bahawa untuk mendapatkan bayyinah, ia bergantung kepada kes yang dibawa seperti berikut :
1. Zina dan liwat

Syarat untuk penuhi bayyinah : Empat saksi adil atau pengakuan pelaku.

2. Hukum hudud yang lain seperti bunuh, qazaf, murtad dan lainnya.

Syarat untuk penuhi bayyinah : saksi dua lelaki adil dan sumpah dibenarkan.

3. Jual beli, dan lain-lain pertikaian melibatkan isu harta dan pemilikan kewangan

Syarat untuk penuhi bayyinah : dua orang saksi lelaki atau seorang lelaki dan dua orang wanita ( sebagaimana disebut di dalam Al-Quran) dan sumpah dibenarkan.

4. Penyusuan, kelahiran, dara dan tamat iddah

Syarat untuk penuhi bayyinah : Seorang wanita yang adil.

Justeru, perlu ditegaskan dalam hal zina dan liwat, bagi menganggap bersalah, salah satu antara dua cara ini mestilah menjadi jalannya, iaitu :-

* IQRAR ATAU PENGAKUAN SUKARELA secara insaf oleh pelaku bahwa dia melakukan sesuatu kesalahan itu, sama ada mencuri, berzina, liwat, membunuh dan sebagainya. Sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh pemuda bernama Ma’iz bin Malik Al-Aslami di zaman Nabi Muhammad s.a.w

* EMPAT SAKSI LELAKI YANG ADIL; Khusus bagi kes zina dan liwat, sesiapa yang menuduh mestilah membawakan empat orang saksi yang adil lelaki bagi mensabitkan kesalahan pada hukum Islam. Selagi tiada saksi sebegitu, kes MASIH BOLEH diadili tetapi IA BUKAN LAGI TERMASUK DALAM KES HUDUD BAGI SI TERTUDUH. Manakala yang menuduh tanpa empat saksi pula BAKAL DISABITKAN KESALAHAN QAZAF, penuduh hanya boleh terselamat dari hukuman qazaf (yang perlu dilaksanakan di dunia, jika tiada, hukumannya menanti di akhirat amat berat) apabila membawakan 4 saksi seperti di atas atau membawa kes tanpa 4 saksi secara senyap dan tertutup untuk perbicaraan di mahkamah. Di sana, hakim mahkamah akan menyemak semua bukti-bukti tambahan sama ada video, DNA, gambar dan sebagainya untuk beliau menjatuhkan sebarang keputusan di bawah peruntukan ta’zir.


Kerana asal setiap individu TIDAK BERSALAH sehingga dibuktikan sebaliknya, setelah bayyinah dipersembahkan, barulah tindakan menjawab bayyinah perlu dilakukan oleh tertuduh.

Bantahan dan keingkaran hanya diperlukan apabila pihak pendakwa berjaya membawakan bukti yang sah dan diterima oleh pihak qadhi atau hakim. Pihak hakim pula perlu memberikan masa yang sesuai untuk tertuduh membela diri. Namun tertuduh tidak boleh sengaja senyap sunyi tanpa membawakan hujjah balas, bantahan dan ingkaran terhadap bukti yang dibawa. ( Al-Mabsut, Al-Sarakhsi, 16/63; As-Syarh Al-Kabir, Ad-Dardir, 4/151)


Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 22:30  

The very purpose of releasing the video is to let the public know that the actor is/is not Anwar. Since that has been done with the support of the top leader, let the public judge for themselves.

So, why sumpah here and there? It only bring bad image to your holy place. May the moderate and religious UMNO members and non-members stand up to be counted.

If such practice is allowed to continue esp. by top leaders, very soon all sex related cases will be
taken to your holy place for sumpah. 1Malaysia will soon be well known globally as the only country in the world to have such practice in the mosque.

Do you malays/muslims feel proud of that? If yes, continue!! If not, demand a stop to it!!

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 22:58  

Ibni Ismail,

Apa kau tak ada Ustaz yg kau bolih tanya ke? Tak pernah berurusan dgn ustaz ke?

Kan aku dah cakap, sumpah itu kerja munafiq...takkan tak tahu apa munafiq. Amalan yg dibuat olih seorang munafiq semuanya haram. Bukan aku tak faham soalan kau..kau yg tak faham jawapan aku. Kalau perbuatan bertentangan dengan Al-Quran tu haram lah.

Anonymous,  3 May 2011 at 23:44  

Why anwar needs to mengelabah and act in arrogant everytime reporters asked him about DNA, Omega Watch, sumpah laknat and so forth if he thinks he is innocent?

If he thinks he is not the man in the video, just show to the public the Omega watch in question. Its just beyond my comprehension what is so difficult about that. If he is really innocent, why the need to create excuses and i just pity his family had to go along with his act.

This anwar is a great liar, he can talk about taking over the government and sweet lied the rakyat with his 16th September 2009 takeover date. He can make up stories about najib-altantuya and boast around in his campaign. He talked about corruption when in reality he is the most corrupted and cronyism is the order of the day during his tenure as DPM.

All the lousy things he has done during his tenure does not help the malays and sadly some chose to defend and support him. You can playback all these in the form of videos, speeches, action and real life of his unbecoming behaviors. GOD has displayed anwar's character in front of you only some of you fail or don't want to realise it.

Some of the reasons in defend of anwar in regards to the video are just ridiculous referring to his hairdo, tummy, body builds, using double, only siamese act as such and so forth.

There is a saying that goes "you can fooled all the people sometimes but you cannot fooled all the people all the times" but here i think "some the people liked to be fooled all the times".

- fcuk anwar!

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 01:08  

saya tidak minat soal politik, tidak menyokong mana2 pehak. Tapi amat jelas sekali , kerajaan memberi lampu hijau untuk mengaibkan Anwar dan keluarganya. Sungguh memalukan bangsa sendiri tanpa usul periksa terlebih dahulu lagi. adakah ini dinamakan pembela bangsa??
Read my lips.....PODAH !

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 09:38  


Adakah UMNO hanya bergantung semata-mata kepada jubur Anwar untuk periuk nasik?

Ibni Ismail 4 May 2011 at 14:17  

Tahniah dan terima ksih pada anon 20.59, 21, 21.01 dan 21.02.. hujah kalian mantap dan yg paling penting di ikuti dengan sumber hujahnya. Walaupun ada part yang saya tidak setuju tapi ianya adil kerana kita berhak dengan ijtihad kita sendiri. Agree to disagree adalah sangat penting dalam berbincang.

Buat anon 22.58, hujah tuan tidak sesuai langsung. jangan hujah ikut hati yg marah. Cuba cubalah belajar menghormati perbezaan pendapat. Tapi saya tiada masaalah dgn keperibadian tuan ini.

Quiet Despair,  4 May 2011 at 17:10  

Tak payahlah menegakkan benang basah woi Anu-war dan para pemujanya.
Amboi bila tang dia tu, banyaklah you all punya dalil tu dan dalil ni.
Tapi kalau Eskay ke, Najib ke, Saiful ke, jika tak nak bersumpah laknat, lainlah pulak dalilnya, ya tak?
That video 1 and 2 are the I Got You or the Aha, it's Anwar moments. Just accept the truth.
Don't have to justify anything like his crew or crook cut. Or the color of his hair which came from a bottle.
All these can be faked. But mannerisms, behaviors, stance, gestures have betrayed him. He's the one.
Orang kampungpun dah sahkah dan percaya. Kita sajalah yang bijak-pandai, nak kanen sini sana.
Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.
Tunjukkan jam Oh-Mega, DNA sample, sumpah laknat dan take a polygraph test. Easy-peasy. Case closed.
Why do you go round lambasting reprters when they asked you to do all those things?
That is a dead give-away of your guilt. And the funny thing is you brought their attention to Asri's fatwa on the sumpah laknat.
Hello, Asri and Husam, in reply wanted you to sumpah laknat. So do it.
Yes, Eskay has political motive and admitted it. But he bravely did the swearing on the Quran to prove the videos are authentic.
Anu-war too had the same politically motive by accusing Najib in the Mongolian woman's case. Swiftly Najib swore the truth because he is innocent.
You guys are just like those who did not believe that Osama is dead.
Even if the photos of Osama is released, they will still not be persuaded.
The same it is with you.
P.S. Sak is playing devil's advocate and some of you fail to see it.

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 17:57  

Mr. fcuk anwar! 3 May 2011 23:44

Anwar might have sounded arrogant to a few who chose to be offended, but I think it was fair considering the manner those "questions" were put to him, akin to public grilling. He had in his full rights the choice to either entertain those or not. Don't you think the reporters were being equally arrogant? Considering the fact that Anwar has not yet been called to answer the same in an appropriate legal forum? What more with his lack of confidence, nor trusts, that his answers would be objectively reported by the said reporting media company. I do not see any "gelabah" in his demeanor. Again I think you have chosen to see things through your orchid-tainted glasses (this is slight variation to rose-tainted glasses).

It had often been said, (no, drummed up) that Anwar is/was:
1) pengkhianat bangsa melayu
2) tipu melayu
3) corrupt (during his tenure)

...and you have just iterated them again. Care to elaborate? Or you are just playing perception game hoping all readers would bite hook-line-and-sinker at all your unsubstantiated "accusations". You sure you don't have any monetary interests in all these political charade, ah? Like having a close relative trying hard to climb the UMNO corporate ladder?

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 21:29  

Tuan Sak,

Anwar tak jadi masalah, UMNO beria-ia nak penjarakan dia apa hal..

UMNO yang jadi masalah kat Malaysia ne..

UMNO yang mesti di ajar supaya kenal seringgit yg dah tak boleh beli sebenda.

rindu menanti UMNO tersungkur...
supaya rebah ego mu...

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 21:35  

Quiet Despair @17.10,

Just when we thought you had gone into permanent hibernation, you finally crawled out of your tempurung to give your 2 cents worth. But as usual, your comments are just 2 cents worth.

Anonymous,  4 May 2011 at 22:32  

Salam. Cina buta dan sumpah lanat adalah kejahilan manusia untuk terus belajar. Allah jadikan munafik dan juga 73 kumpulan, pilih lah kita dengan betul supaya bila bangun diPadang Mashr nanti senang kita menjawab.


otoote 5 May 2011 at 10:54  

Tok Sak
I always thought that Rahim Tambi-Dia-Kecik was the ring leader. Why is Eskay leading the charge nowadays?
My assumption is that RTC has credibility and low moral standing in the eyes of the rakyat. Is Eskay any better? After his 'sumpah', I think he is looked down more like dirt and idiot. Shuib 'Who?' Lazim will make a better spokeperson as his moral background is less well known-giving more credibility to a poorly cooked up plot. I mean, a lesser known idiot that the other 2.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 15:42  

Aku minta 'Aku Peduli Apa@APA' balik dan tonton kembali video sex dan perhatikan betul2 ketika pelakon utama nak pakai seluar dlmnya,tengok si'anynya' betul sama ada dah sunat atau belum.

Aku dah tengok berulang2 kali dan pasti si'anunya' yang berjuntai tu tak bersunat.

Jadi pikiaq2 mai sendiri.

Anonymous,  5 May 2011 at 15:51  

@Quiet Despair dan org2 jahil sewaktu dengannya. Mrk ini kerap memfitnah Anwar berzina dan meliwat tanpa bukti2 yg kukuh.

Tanggunglah kamu dosa memfitnah yg lebih berat dari membunuh. Dosa dgn Allah boleh bertaubat, dosa dgn manusia bawa ke liang lahad selagi tak dimaafkan empunya diri.

Kenyataan Eskay kpd wartawan Malaysiakini semalam:

“Saya tidak pernah menuduh Anwar berzina. Bila saya tuduh dia berzina? Soal dia zina atau tidak berzina tidak ada kena mengena dengan saya," kata Eskay.

Dalam membuat penafian itu, Eskay cuba meletakkan beban kononnya Anwar adalah pelaku dalam video itu di atas bahu wartawan.

“Saya menghubungi wartawan untuk tanya sama ada orang dalam rakaman itu adalah Anwar, itu sahaja. Anda yang paling rapat dengan dia, selalu mewawancara dia,” kata Eskay kepada pemberita yang kelihatan tercengang dengan kenyataan beliau.

Anonymous,  6 May 2011 at 15:37  

Sumpah laknat taken in a mosque or outside the Shariah Court is not in accordance with the provision of the Islamic Jurisprudence according to many ulamak. More so the practice is not even a norm amongst other Islamic nations of the world. Maybe it is just a myth of some primitive people How then we can believe a man taking an oath and holding and kissing the Quran upside down is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is void of counter cross examination on the facts being pronounced. It defies all logic and reasons.
One Hadith narrated as follows
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Do you know what backbiting is?" They said, "Allah and His Messenger know best." He then said, "It is to say something about your brother that he would dislike." Someone asked him, "But what if what I say is true?" The Messenger of Allah said, "If what you say about him is true, you are backbiting him, but if it is not true then you have slandered him." (Muslim)

On the video thing I have this to say-.
When we make the verdict are we free from prejudices.

A fox should not be of the jury at a goose's trial.
Thomas Fuller

The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour on it, the more it will contract.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Prejudices are what fools use for reason.

Man associates ideas not according to logic or verifiable exactitude, but according to his pleasure and interests. It is for this reason that most truths are nothing but prejudices.
Remy De Gourmont
He that is possessed with a prejudice is possessed with a devil, and one of the worst kinds of devils, for it shuts out the truth, and often leads to ruinous error.
Tryon Edwards
Beware prejudices. They are like rats, and men's minds are like traps; prejudices get in easily, but it is doubtful if they ever get out.
Lord Jeffrey

Fairness n Justice, without malice toward none, and a mind free from prejudice TQ

Anonymous,  7 May 2011 at 11:05  

to Quiet Despair,

u ni mesti ketinggalan kan..mana ade dah isu jam Omega sekarang ni...xyah la nak menyalak2 lagi..

c'mon bro, debate isu yg lebih besar utk kemajuan Malaysia...

stop la politik kotor ni..xhabis2 create isu liwat, ni isu video seks lak..

xkan la UMNO nak remain in power melalui isu liwat ngan video seks....kata kuat...lau kuat, lawan anak jantan..turun gelanggang, kita debate, biar live satu dunia..

c'mon la, jgn igt org Malaysia ni bodoh...

Malaysia malu ade rakyat mcm quiet despair...yg bila mana berhujah hanya menunjukkan kebodohan yg ketara...

TQ n Salam

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