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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 17 December 2023

UMNO's fatal conceit: part 1

  1. Umno has got an unexcisable problem. It thinks when it enters any elections, it must win. It thinks it's etched in stone.
  2. Hence, when it entered the kemaman by- elections, it's a fait acompli, it's written in the stars. It must surely win.
  3. When they lost, it starts blaming others but itself. Some reputable newspaper blamed for example, low voter turnout as a cause for UMNOs loss.
  4. Wait a minute, weren't we were told repeatedly, That low voter turnout was advantageous to UMNO? Why the change in story? The liar must have a good memory. Obviously the people at that newspaper don't
  5. Then there are the ignoramuses who fall back on the tiresome story, that UMNO lost and is rejected by the Malays because they are pimps or Barua to DAP.
  6. Let's put our thinking caps for a while. What these people are saying, is that they do NOT need the non Malays to keep UMNO in power. If they don't need, why must the nons support them? The nose is flat, you push your cheeks to make the nose looked sharp.
  7. Even if UMNO needs non Malay support, UMNO is not willing to give the rights that accompany non Malay support. So don't support them
  8. Apply the same logic. If UMNO loses Malay support because it becomes DAPs Barua , it follows that PH , in particular the DAP is injured when associating with UMNO.
  9. UMNO is the sickman in the unity government. It's the leper, no one wants to touch. Or to use a more earthy comparison, its the person with contagious STD.
  10. So treat UMNO as one. Stay away from it
  11. Put them in their proper place. Not by ditching them out, since they want to be part of the unity government and they have not insulted the unity government.
  12. The strength of UMNO lies with the Malay base and its ability to indoctrinate and lie to them. Cut them off, there.
  13. Limit their access through MARA, Felda, Risda and other glcs giving them access to the Malay base .
  14. Mamu Anwar doesn't have to be sentimental about UMNO. Don't allow them recover their deficit. Ease their eventual demise. Remember what Napoleon said, when your enemies are making mistakes, don't interrupt them . By giving them Mara, Felda, Risda etc, mamu Anwar is interrupting them. What la
  15. Meanwhile the UMNO 'extras' are busy coming up with cock and bull excuses as to why UMNO lost in the kemaman by-election. They do not erase the fact that UMNO lost, can't deliver and fast becoming irrelevant.
  16. Too much analysis does indeed lead to paralysis.umno first doesn't know what to do despite the shriling and shrieking Quranic incantations of its secretary general. UMNO is in a state of rigor mortis, a bodily condition following death. That is what is happening to UMNO .
  17. Even dr Mahathir, who has nothing to do with UMNO now, warned that UMNO risks being wiped out in the 16thh GE. Why should he be concerned about UMNO?
  18. Unless, UMNO he says go back to its constricting and choking ethic extremism and chauvinistic proclamations. Which is a sure prescription for racial implosion.
  19. The way forward for Malaysia is an acknowledgement of racial pluralism and harmony capitalising on the races best merits. Not the reactionary prescriptions of the doctor.
  20. The hard truth on the ground is, racial harmony and accommodation is the norm and not incessant racial confrontation.
  21. All the reasons given and rationalised by UMNO people, UMNO 'extras',UMNO deviants who got sacked and even busybody Dr Mahathir,share one common denominator
  22. That one common denominator is that UMNO has a natural entitlement to rule. When UMNO loses the entitlement they , UMNO people go mad .
  23. They become irrational, blamed others and choose to close their minds.
  24. That they become irrational, lose their minds, enter into a state of non compos mentis, should not surprise us. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad .
  25. With all the happenings in UMNO, it is indeed going mad. The election results deniers, cock and bull excuses , blaming others and intensification of chauvinistic proclamations, it is indeed going mad .
  26. What will eventually follow is the destruction of UMNO. I am afraid, that part of dr Mahathir's prognosis that UMNO will be anihilated in the 16th GE, will be true. Hehe.
  27. The only thing that surprises me is that dr Mahathir, who has nothing to do with UMNO,should be concerned over its fate. Why Maa?
  28. UMNO does not represent ALL Malays, only the extremists, chauvinistic and right wing Malays. So the only reason dr Mahathir is concerned about UMNO could only be because he is actually a closet umnoist.
  29. Perhaps eventually he hopes to be reinstated by UMNO as a person who continuously stirs up cause celebre. Then UMNO can say a wilted sireh pulang ke gagang.
  30. How was it possible that UMNO who believes that's it is entitled to rule, has the mandate from heaven, lost badly in the kemaman by-election?
  31. Some of the reasons, I have pointed out in my article, written a week before voting. See my article UMNO has 2 chances in the kemaman by-election, slim and none. I am sure other 'analysts have other reasons not thought of by me .
  32. I look at the UMNO Now from different perspectives. Mamu Anwar may want to look at UMNO differently too.
  33. The diminished majority in Pelangai and the embarassing loss in kemaman, showed that UMNO can't enter elections without the help of PH. It's a shell of its former self. Just a paper tiger
  34. From afar, it looks manacing, when near we all say, ' cilaka it's only a paper tiger' meant to be burnt before the altar .
  35. The UMNO Now,must necessarily force us to look at UMNO in the context of politics.
  36. If we define politics to be the art of struggling, achieving and maintaining power, the present UMNO must be treated accordingly.
  37. That is to treat UMNO as a diminished power, a shell of its former self and just a paper tiger. Not to elevate UMNO to prominence as if it has the Devine right to govern.
  38. The reality is , UMNO is barely surviving on a respiratory machine provided by PH. Let us ease its passing and not give it more oxygen .


Sunday 3 December 2023

Who let the dogs out


It seems, now is the season when crooked UMNO lawbreakers get off the hook. They are tried but eventually, acquitted. Bung Mokhtar joins the long list of UMNO rogues to be exculpated. They are now whiter than a white piece of cloth. Many of them got full acquittal. Bung Mokhtar, Azeez Rahim, Musa aman.others like Zahid got a partial acquittal. Enough to cause his supporters to celebrate. That has emboldened the UMNO hoi poloi. They are asking for a royal pardon for Ali babavum Najib. The behavior of the UMNO Malays in particular, God forbid other Malays is perplexing and personally to me, shameful. Because they are Malays and Muslims and as a bonus, UMNO they are by nature, entitled to special privileges and concessions. If they break the law they can be excused. They expect some leniency. That goes for being bumiPutra what. Notice that the phrase bumiPutra, has Bumi at the back, Putra at the front . All other citizens take a backseat to the bumiPutras and within the Malay race, the Putras come first. The Putra of the royalty, elite and the folks on the hill.
People like Najib, because he is bumiPutra and a member of the aristocracy is entitled to special concessions. If he is jailed for 12 years now, he should get a 30% discount and because the king is seen as king to UMNO people only, he deserves complete freedom. To plunder more. The king is king to 32 million Malaysians less Najib. But you may wonder, who let these dogs and mongrels out? It's the Sungai long Bolshevik, the LV liberal, the latte socialist. He has accumulated a team of useful idiots now headed by the jawa penorogo.

1. Just a short commentary. What's our reaction upon hearing that the uncouth and unciviliized sorry excuse of a man, bung Mokhtar is acquitted!

2. Like my Chinese colleagues in shell used to say,' niama pukluk and tiu nia Seng

3. Don't ask me what they meant. I am not even whether the terms in the Chinese language exist .

4. But I am pretty sure that they were some pejorative terms said, when somethings are disagreeable with you.

5. I think that's what many of us, I included want to say upon hearing the oaf Bung Mokhtar got acquitted. Niama pukluk, niama kahai , tiu nia Seng and puki lu punya ama

6. That last derisive term was actually said to me. Many years ago, when I was 12, I think, at a very impressionable age, where somethings you remember for life. I was cycling from the market-yes I was doing market chores. My mother would write on a piece of paper, what to buy and I would buy them at the market .

7. I was cycling on a narrow lane ,when I knocked a Chinese man. Well not knocked but brushed him at the elbows with the handle of my bicycle. As I cycled past him, I turned around and said, sorry towkay

8. Instead of accepting my apologies, he barked at me and said, ' puki lu punya ama.'

9. My sentiments exactly, upon hearing the proboscis monkey got acquitted. He is mp of kebinatangan right?

10. Well, kinabitangan actually, but who effing cares .

11. Who let the dogs out,?. Ultimately, it's mamu Anwar. Through his pious but pompous, I tak campur urusan kehakiman .

12. Sure, those immediately responsible include the not so clever prosecution team, the cleverer defense team, the compliant judge and the bomohs in attendance. But ultimately it's papa Non and I will tell you why.

13. At this juncture, let me tell you about the paradox of the idle bystander and the drowning man.

14. A person standing idle, does nothing but watches another person drown, so the shyster lawyer says, is not liable in law. But as soon as he helps, but does not help properly, below the standard duty of care, he maybe liable in law .

15. That sounds a bit shitty to me. Your proximity to the drowning man, either physically or in terms of relationship between civilised people, precludes you from saying you are not legally responsible or that you owe no duty of care. You do .

16. Secondly, your behavior is not the behavior of the fabled reasonable man. A reasonable man would do anything to help. Extend a branch, throw a rope, a life ring, do something

17. So standing idle, doing nothing is unconscionable.

18. Regrettably, Anwar is like the idle bystander. He declares piously but pompously, that he does not interfere with the judiciary and law. That declaration only reveals the hypocrisy of the man.

19. As pm , he owes us all a duty to prevent a travesty of justice. Just as the idle bystander owes a duty to help the drowning man.

20. He is briefed, reads the Intel reports-he knows the proboscis monkey is guilty as hell. By doing nothing, he perpetuates a travesty of justice .

21. A good manager does his job right. A good leader does the right thing. By not doing anything, he is just a 2 bit manager .

22. Perhaps my DAP colleagues will rethink about Anwar. Whether he is just a 2 bit manager, or the leader we want .

23. So who let the dogs out? Papa Non be is the answer. Who shot the Robin?I said the sparrow. With my bow and arrow, I shot the Robin.


Thursday 30 November 2023

One political party's reticence.

It has been months, after mp William Leong, told parliament and the public hears it. The community he heads, will call the two Ronnies, the present AG and his predecessor to explain the DNAAgate.
Until now, there's nothing. Perhaps William Leong is hoping, with the passage of time, all is forgotten.
I was disappointed too, when the MP of kota Melaka seemed apologetic about the DNAA. Instead Of Asking Probing And Robust Questions about a dubious DNAA, he berated opposition MPs for making noises about the DNAA. The issue is the DNAA not the normal conduct of the noisy opposition MPs.
The DAP too had politely asked for an explanation from the AGC. It seems the request is politely swept under the plush carpets of Putrajaya . DAP has since been quiet on the issue.
The public sees the DAP as the bastion and an uncompromising fighter against all forms of social injustices. Don't betray this trust .
The DAP is recalcitrant, obstinate and even evasive about playing its role as the mouthpiece of all law abiding citizens and right thinking members of the public.
It is diffident and unassertive and not robust when asking the government.
For these reasons, I am again posting the article. When will the Two Ronnies be called?

1. I don't care about other political parties, especially the opposition PN, over the vociferous noises they made over zahid's infamous DNAA. They're eager to win brownie points.

2. I am however, disappointed with the DAP, over its overall reticence, restrained articulations, laconic and almost mousy utterances, except for a few truncated typical opposition against jahids DNAA.

3. This kind of submissive behavior is so out of character with DAP. It has been perceived as being the vanguard in the fight against all forms of social injustices, indiscretions, corruption etc. Now, it seems to have accepted as trade off between shutting up and elevating the infamous DNAA to prominence.

4. As my former colleagues in shell would likely say, tiu kaw, tiu nia Seng !

5. DAP is politely and courteously asking the AGC to provide an explanation. In actuality, it doesn't accept the DNAA and yet it's worshipping the DNAA at the altar and for good measure, burning joss sticks

6. For God sake,si Fu, ah soh, ah Kong, this is not a political Phillips curve trade off . You don't pay for the blasted DNAA by zipping up

7. If DAP wants to do that,sit down in a corner, eat Bak kut teh, draw a painting or make an embroidery. Then asks the AGC to come up with for a sanitized explanation of the DNAA .

8. DAP needs to say clearly and emphatically to thick headed AGC, that it doesn't agree with the DNAA. It wants an explanation that convinces DAP and the public.

9. Better still , DAP prepares its own legal reasons opposing the DNAA. But release the document containing its reasons at the same time as the parliamentary committee sees the former and present AG. That way, the 2 AGs cannot prepare their answer tailored to circumvent DAPs objections .

10. Surely, DAP lawyers can list down all the technical arguments for objecting the DNAA. These are necessary but not sufficient. The technical objections must be tempered with wisdom and compassion which can only come from listening to the public. The people find the DNAA repulsive and obnoxious.

11. The statement by mp William Leong is welcomed. He told parliament that the committee he heads, would call the former and present AGs.

12. But we can't help feeling that the committee hearing will be a whitewash. The 2 AGs will come up with cerita Mak nenek .

13. If we are sincere about reaching the truth, why not also call the former head of prosecution, Raja rozela?

14. Perhaps, not only she could enlighten us about the prosecution, but for good measure, tell the committee why she was euphemistically asked to retire?

15. I am however a bit disappointed when the mp from kota Melaka spoke on the matter . What he spoke didn't serve any purpose -does DAP agree with the DNAA or does it not? That is the point.

16. He spoke about the formation of a committee headed by William Leong and the inclusion into that committee, the mischievous noise Maker, shahidan Kassim. For what purpose? Possibly to appear one up over shahidan .

17. I am not even sure whether attendance of the AGs before bill leongs committee is mandatory unlike appearance before the PAC .

18. When kota Melaka spoke about the matter, it's as though he regretted that the thunder of the DNAA issue was mostly monopolized by the opposition instead of the DAP. What to do?

19. If he regrets, then it is justified. People looked upon DAP as the rampart and bulwark in the fight against any forms of social injustices.

20. There is a quote wrongly attributed to e. Burke that reads, there's only one thing necessary for an evil to triumph. That is when good men stand idle. Corruption will triumph, when DAP is hesitant.


Sunday 26 November 2023

UMNOs chances in the kemaman by-election:slim and none

1. UMNO has 2 chances in the kemaman by election. Slim and none.

2. UMNO overestimates it's importance and it's relevance to any Malay interests .

3. The hard truth is , UMNO is no longer a mandatory requirement for the survival of the Malays in particular and Malaysia in general. UMNOs dismal results in the 2022 elections showed us that . UMNO is simply not relevant to Malaysia. A good government is and that minus UMNO.

4. The harder truth is, Malays and Malaysians picked themselves up, by pulling their own bootstraps.

5. This is UMNOs basic problem. It approaches the kemaman by election, as it does all elections and by elections.

The way UMNO approaches any elections has always been the same and characteristic of UMNO. It's the way of the arrogant, supercilious, pompous and conceited bastard. The embodiment of such attitude can be seen in the person of the UMNO youth chief. Such a character is only much loved by a degenerate like Tajuddin Rahman.

6. It's overall cocksure attitude, will prove to be UMNOs, to use the famous term used by F.A.Hayek, fatal conceit .

7. UMNO just can't shirk off its elitist and feudalistic psyche. As if affirming it's pompous attitude, it has to pick a brahmin candidate, a former defense chief

8. Well, like policeman, the general, upon retirement will discover, he has few civilian friends. And furthermore like Zahid once said, we will not support a candidate who enters our house, by jumping through the window.

9. So when the former army chief says he has a duty to serve, as a good soldier, he has it coming.

10. He is under a duty to serve alright, as a useful idiot and and as a sacrificial lamb.

11. Thus far, we have cited several reasons why UMNOs chances are slim and none. First, UMNO is not a determinant for the betterment of Malays and Malaysians. Second, people abhor UMNOs pomposity. 3rd, UMNO has chosen a wrong candidate, parachuted from somewhere .

12. Come to think of it, I too have a call of duty-to go to the toilet.

13. Do we see people dropping dead like flies because UMNO is not the government and the people not represented by UMNO MPs or ADUNs?

14. No is the answer which means that an UMNO government, MPs or ADUNs are NOT required. The betterment of the people is not dependent on UMNO. They need a good government.

15 . A good and an effective government under an effective leadership. Now the present terenganu government may not fit the bill 100%, maybe 60 to 70%, but that is enough for the people.

16. The pas government in Terengganu may be so so, but the people have demonstrated that they are willing to forgo the promise of meterial benefits sold by UMNO, in exchange for the promise of spiritual salvation sold by pas

17. Even though the promise of spiritual salvation is often ludicrous and absurd. Such as guaranteeing going to heaven or building an ecclesiastical government .

18. But compared to the crass materialism and the attendant widespread corruption which is taken as a normal characteristic of being a Malay, the kemaman voters are willing to forfeit them in favour of the promise of spiritual salvation.

19. What does PAS offer? A decent government acceptable enough, a promise of spiritual salvation and a generally universally accepted candidate

20. What does UMNO offer in return? A conceited, arrogant and hubristic attitude.

21. UMNO still thinks it's number one in Malaysian politics. So it offers the same stale stock in trade.

It thinks the Terengganu and kemaman people would succumb to its offer of material progress and development.

23.umno misses the point. The point is the people in kemaman attach lesser importance to material bribes than religious salvation, however absurd the latter may sound.

24. The kemaman voters can see through the farce and superficialities of the UMNO election machinery. There's nothing the cartoonic mat sabu or the big guns in PKR can do.

25. UMNO remains its usual self; an unrepentant, condemned and delusional creature. It's leaders exhibit the same obnoxious habits .

26. From the mindless diatribes of the UMNO youth chief, to the thuggish demeanor of wak jahid and to the comical Antic of lil' Lan, the pontian gnome, UMNO is its despicable self .

27. UMNOs campaigns are nothing more than political entertainment and storytelling about nothing. It can't campaign saying the DAP will control the government because it's not true. And also because it has been telling that lie all the while.

28. The most idiotic statement to come out from the mouth of the UMNO president took place when he said that PAS is in panic mode and has no candidate when it fielded the MB as its candidate .

29. The Javanese neanderthal is unaware of what sun Tzu said. Sun Tzu says, nothing is lost more than by doing things halfway. When confronting the enemy, destroy him in body and spirit.

30. PAS is more aware of the infidel sun Tzu's theory on war than Zahid. That's why they put up the MB as candidate. Destroy the body and spirit. They are out to win not to humour Zahid.

31. And poor lil' Lan, the pontian gnome was made to dress up to show UMNOs religiosity. Replete with skull cap and maybe sarong and robe, to show his Islamic credentials.

32. But the people of kemaman all know its all fake. And I know for a fact, that the UMNO people are allergic to mosques and suraus .

33. Which can only mean that the UMNO kemaman division under the leadership of the moron Mat Said has neglected the spiritual brainwashing, indoctrination and pontification aspects of local politics.

34. And now, UMNO will reap what it sowed. It's own laggardness and indolence are capitalised by PAS. Its a by election UMNO chooses to lose.

35. When push comes to shove, UMNO can't deliver the goods. It can only win in areas where the majority of voters are as bigotted as them.

36. It's inconceivable that the people of terenganu who had voted 100% for PAS would now give UMNO a beachhead. Furthermore, the decision of the election court was really faulting the kemaman voters for being 'cheap' enough to be bribed. They will now punish UMNO for this insolence.

37. For these reasons, I say UMNOs chances in the kemaman by-election are slim and none.


Saturday 18 November 2023

The Washington PC and the Revealing Flotilla issue

1. Someone sent me this video clip. This prompted me to give a few comments.

2. I am very disappointed with the quality of the reply. I hope I am not alone feeling disappointed.

3. The answer was confusing and very very off tangent. Very off the mark.

4. The pm was ill prepared. The research officers at the PM's department did not brief the pm on a very current topic and must have been scratching their balls . Hey, be ready at my typical colourful description .

5. The pm was asked on the Gaza flotilla issue. Why did Malaysia regard it as an important issue. It's just inconceivable that the research officers at the PM's department do not stay abreast on this issue. You suckers telah menjatuhkan kemaluan Pak Nana. sungguh kurang sopan!

6. Before we go discussing as to why Malaysia regarded the issue as important, let's discuss what the episode reveals about the PM. This is based solely on the conduct of the PM at the Washington interview . Remember that

7. The few things we can discerned of the pm is follows.
A. The pm is incapable of giving a direct answer.
B. The pm isn't witty enough to give an impromptu answer
C. Different question asked, different answer given. It shows that the PM cannot stick to one theme and his mind meanders.
D. More damaging, it can mean you can't hold the PM on his words. Anything in his mind is ephemeral . Or to put it more bluntly, you can't trust him.

8. The last observation comes at no surprise. Promises given were a thing of the past, promises broken are a thing of the present.

9. What's the impact? The impact is, it affects your political longevity. You can't stay long as a leader, if you keep reneging on your promises. If you promised something, you'd better carry them out.

10. So far we have little done in the way of weeding out corruption, wastage, abuse of power, ensuring the country is run on law and order. There is law, but order is sacrificed.
The DNAA given to Zahid, shows that order has been thrown out of the window.

11. Law and order requires that stiffer and proportionate sentences be given to law breakers and not watered down sentences. If powerful law breakers do not mind commiting crimes knowing they would possibly get discharged, they would happily commit them. The powerless and voiceless will be at the mercy of the full extent of the law.

12. The slippery answer given by the PM, reveals that he is a person driven more by what is more convenient and advantageous to him. Shifting from answering the flotilla issue and rambling on the Allah issue, shows that he will avoid answering an inconvenient issue and talked about unrelated issue .

13. To me, that means we can't hold on to his words. He will avoid tackling the hard issue and would rather move on to subjects over which he has rhetorical mastery .

14. Which leads us to believe that most of what he spoke and speaks on stage, were and are all empty rhetoric. He will probably allow the exact opposite to happen.

15. Then it will be more of the same. More and widespread corruption, more wastage, more abuse of power, more embezzlement and sakau.

16. He will encourage us to forget and stay muted on Zahid DNAA issue, brushed aside the issue of the purchase of expired vaccine and probably 'fondle' the issue of giving Ali babavum Najib a royal pardon.

17.its obvious, the pm can't give a direct answer. This can mean he doesn't know this subject, ill advised by his research officers. Sack them because their lethargy and deficiencies all all borne by the PM.

18. Unlike Mahathir, the PM showed he isn't worthy enough to give an ascerbic rejoinder. An opportunity to condemn Israel and its chief benefactor, the apple pie imperialist

19. Just so, why is the flotilla issue important? Chiefly because it's simply against human decency and must be roundly condemned .

20. First what right has a well armed country to put up a blockade against an emaciated people? It's the same like starving the Gazians, 'austhwitzing' them.

21. On 31st May 2023, a flotilla of 6 ships carrying much needed aid were to arrive at a port in gaza.they were attacked by Israeli ships and resulted in the death of 10 volunteer, mostly Turkish people .

22. In the first place, the blockade cannot be justified on any grounds. It should be condemned as armed bullying .

23. But it's the muted response by the west, especially USA, Europe and UK that is despicable. Malaysian condemns the farce and duplicity .

24. Their common response reveals:-
A. The hypocrisy of western diplomacy
B. The western supremacy complex
C. Islamahobic and anti Islam
D. Residual racism of the west.

25. The representation of these elements makes the flotilla issue important to Malaysia and other countries .

26. The flotilla issue reveals the hypocrisy of western/white diplomacy. They bend backwards to excuse Israel of doing every unconscionable atrocities . Using their 'white' diplomacy they confer upon Israel the right of defending itself while refusing the same right for coloured Palestinians. Theirs is a lollipop diplomacy, licked by a tongue not unlike that of a chameleon's, a tongue that curls backwards .

27. Western, especially USA diplomacy really consists of subterfuge pitting off one party against another, but actually benefiting their choice party. While comforting the Palestinian with false promises, they applaud the Israelis for removing the stones in their Shoes.

28. Thinking about it seriously, you will realise that western and especially US diplomacy is an extension of supremacism in various forms, in their political intercourse. The Palestinians are really screwed.

29. Supremacism,being the belief by one particular group(read the west) that it is and will always be superior than non west culture.

30. The supremacism of the west is it almost always, based on its belief that the west is superior in terms of:-
A. Culture
C. Morality
D. Ethnicity and racial. This refers to the the residual racism encoded in the deep recesses of their emotional constitution. But it's always there and resurfaces under the name, diplomacy.

31. Now , there is new form of supremacist thinking, espounded by people like sueElla Braverman of the world, which is that the Palestinians are like that, because it's their life choice.

32. It's the fault of the Palestinians. They chose a life of the homeless, living in squalor and smeared in holy camel dung.

33. Correspondingly, the west does a service to humanity, by worsening the situation of the Palestinians. Lets hasten the ethnic cleansing because the west can't stand the sight of them.

34. The flotilla issue is important to Malaysia because aggression cannot be tolerated. The blockade is wrong

35. The issue is also important because western response is essentially, disguised bigotry hiding all the supremacist values we mentioned above.

36. Hence, the PC in Washington was important because it revealed some hard truths .

37. It certainly showed the shallowness and infirmativeness of the PM's political constitution. It revealed the the PM has the tendency to sweep the principal issue and veered to pontificating on issues he is comfortable with, but people in the audience know nuts of

38. Nearer to home, we can certainly deduce, the PM will sweep the major issues under the thick Putrajaya carpets .We most likely won't be hearing about the LCS scandal, the OPV issue, the howitzer cannon issue , purchase of unusable ventilators, purchase of expired vaccines etc. But we will be hearing more of his personal vendetta issues about him settling old scores.

39. The Washington PC certainly exposed the West's hypocrisy in more ways than one.

40. Many friends find it hard to believe that my continuous harsh criticisms of the PM, I still am supportive of him. Yes I do, for the reasons I have said in previous articles. He remains the best hope for Malaysia, provided he's willing to listen

41. No, I won't throw him under the bus but I won't stay silent either. The PM requires guard rails to help him walk on the slippery road of the country's leadership.


Tuesday 7 November 2023

'The vulgar people are always taken in by appearances and the world is full of them.' Signore Machiavelli. Part 1

1. Two things that Machiavelli said, remained fresh in my mind all the time.

2. The first was that ' the vulgar people are always taken in by appearance and the world is full of them .

3. Translated into more current terms, it would read as the idiotic people are taken in by appearances and the world is full of them.

4. Hence, the idiots would typically say, hey the pm kuat kerja gila. They would say this in such forceful manner, as though the manner in which they say it, would suggest that's it's an uncontestable truth

5. Perhaps they are taken in when the pm appears to working maddeningly hard when eating at warungs here and there, praying here there and everywhere, escorted by a phalanx of bodyguards including now, security details in dark glasses running alongside his car all of which convinced the idiots, PM kuaat kerja gila woi .

6. We have never seen security details running alongside the PM's official car before. The present PM must indeed be working kuat gila! To the point that his own personal safety is compromised .

7. The seriousness of the compromised security issue is sufficient to prompt the IGP to say, the PM's personal safety is top security. Don't play play!

8. So he puts security details running alongside the PM's official car. Like the American President. The Malaysian El presidente!

9. Maybe the threats against the PM are real. Who are we to question matters of security? Only mahiadin and Hamzah will dispute it. But we must also not dismiss the possibility the PM enjoys big burly and sweaty big asses running infront of him . Waduuh!

10. But like Walter Mondale said, following ms Clara Peller in the Wendy commercial said, where's the beef!!!!

11. The whirlwind assertion that the PM kuat kerja gila, must be evidenced by the results that matter, produced. And the results are dismal.

12. Where are the results of the PM's kuat kerja gila my bigmouth friend? There are shortages of rice, cooking oil and other food items. The ringgit is very down. Inflation despite the yearbook explanation by the senator minister, is high. The economy overall, has bombed. The result of kuat kerja gila?

13. The shortage of rice, poultry and other foodstuff is very depressing. This reflects the buffoonery of the said minister.

14. Although he is my friend, his incompetence in terms of work, won't insulate him from my usual strident criticisms.

15. When he replied a question in parliament by asking the questioner, why he eats more expensive imported rice, I thought that was a 'Poh Kee Mak' answer. I am not swearing ya, that's a name of a character in Pak Sako's novel, in case you don't know.

16. It didn't occur to him, some of us buy more expensive imported rice is because we can't buy locally produced rice.

17. So, the myth about the PM kerja kuat gila, is made worse by having incompetent fools in his cabinet.

18. Because vulgar people are taken in by appearances, it remains for Anwar to manage his appearance, image and perception .

19. There will always be useful idiots like the mp from Hulu Langat,who will amplify, embellish and perpetuate the farcical image.

20. In truth, Anwar maybe far removed from the appearances his image want us to believe. He actually maybe an obnoxious fellow, develish and imperial and Mandarin like. He surrounds himself with lackeys who will work overtime to preserve his imperial self. And there will always be useful idiots who will chorus the farce .

21. Meanwhile, Pak Nana will capitalise on the idiocy of the majority.

Part 2. The other thing Machiavelli said.


Sunday 29 October 2023

Malaysian ringgit is falling down, falling down, my fair lady. Part 1.

1. Nilai ringgit susut bukti dunia hilang keyakinan terhadap Malaysia, kata Anwar


2. That was the prognosis then,it is now too. That others have no confidence in the manner of how this country is run .

3. Specifically, it's how the country's economy is managed.or to use a more imagination capturing phrase used by James Carville, it's the economy, stupid!

4. So, saying things like the ringgit has been falling down since Najib was the PM, looks suspiciosly pedantic to me.

5. Pedantic in the sense of elevating an important cause of our ringgit depreciation to a factor such as Najib's tenure as PM. The ringgit depreciation happened too during his time, so Anwars management of the economy is not to be totally blamed

6. Yes, but the rate of increase in the decline is fastest when Anwar is managing the economy. So, more than proportionate share of the blame must be borne by the Sungai long Bolshevik.

7. As to the issue of linkage to Najib's tenure as PM is concerned, it's for Najib's minders to answer. I shall not provide an econometrics analysis on that linkage. I am not interested in defending Ali babavum Najib moreover.

8. Not only is Najib not the present PM; He was succeeded by mahiadin Al Capone Yassin and the man whom people forget was ever the PM, ismail sabri. Saying the ringgit depreciation began during Najib's time ,does not lessen the pain from the bite of the gila monster.

9. We do not need a history lesson as to when the depreciation took place but what concrete actions are taken by PMx to arrest the ringgit decline. On the various sosmed updates, we want to see what is being done to the ringgit.

10. The public is actually feeling nauseous about social media updates of the PM eating here and there, attending kenduri Rakyat, or meeting sex crazed Ustad. The public wants to see what is being done about the ringgit.

11. The banal and pedestrian explanation given by the trade minister was equally matched by the PM's ignorance of economic matters.

12. The minister said, what's there to worry, our economic fundamentals are strong. Our growth rate, productivity, unemployment, inflation are all good.

13. Of course it's worrying. Now all our imports are more expensive. We have to pay more

14. If our economic fundamentals are strong, how do you explain our ringgit keep diving down?

15. Perhaps, it didn't occur to the PM, that the strong economic fundamentals were caused by spurious factors. That's why I said PMx is an economic novice

16. We just had 2 years of near total economic shut down due to the COVID pandemic. Any slight increase in the economic fundamentals, because we are starting from a lower base, will register extraordinarily very high digit growth .

17. So, the textbookish explanation given by the senator trade minister tak boleh pakai

18. But that kind of explanation appeals to the pm, who says he is not economics ignorant.

19. But as lawyers like to say, res ipsa loquitur, the facts speak for themselves. The economic facts glaring at us, soaring food prices, creeping inflation, menacing unemployment, slower FDi and the bete noire of all things, the bugaboo, the falling ringgit. These nullify the PM's claim he is not economics stupid.

20. If our economic fundamentals were strong as claimed by the senator minister, why didn't they arrest the depreciation of the ringgit? Or worse, the figures in the mind of the election loser were fictitious. Nang bohtee nang, kui bohtee kui

21.our analysis of the exchange rate of the ringgit must begin with basic building blocks of all economic analysis - the law of supply and demand .

22. Assuming that supply is kept constant, what are the factors that affect the demand of our ringgit? Why for instance, demand of RM not Rosmah ya, low compared to the demand of the SD!

23. I think it's time to distinguish the psychology of an investor and the currency trader. They may give different weightage to the factors usually given by academic analysts.

24. The currency trader for instance, may put a high weightage on interest rate differerentials. The investor looks at how the country is run overall. Things like inflation, corruption, gdp, total national debt, ease of doing business etc.

25. The currency trader deals in currency only. The investor builds plants, invests in people, machines. His psychology is different from that of a pure currency trader .

26. I wouldn't pay much attention to the stale story as told by the senator trade minister about economic fundamentals. He tells stories that explained nothing.

27. In fact, I see an inverse relation between an investor and a currency trader. More currency trading activities crowd out investing activities.

28. Why is that so? Because more currency traders mean higher interest, but higher interests make investors less attracted because to them the cost of capital will be high .

29. You have to decide then. Do you want more currency trading or investing? Our ministers are confused over the psychology of these 2 economic agents.

30. I won't discuss the academic bucket list that affects Fund managers cum investors. Things that you normally hear if you are sitting in an exam. Income rate differerentials, inflation, unemployment rate, national debt, GDP, political stability and so on.

31. The grouping together of fund managers and investors is in itself, reflective of the confusion understanding the psychology between a currency trader and an investor.


Sunday 15 October 2023

The ballads of the Sungai Long Bolshevik part 1

1. It's like ms Clara says. She's the old lady in the Wendy commercial. Where's the beef?

2. Many of us feel like asking the same question. From Papa Non. We are inundated with slogans upon slogans. Everything Madanised.

3. We have masyarakat Madani, Negara Madani, ekonomi Madani etc. Everything can be Madanised.

4. Everything seems to be maddening. Perhaps kita kena MainDahNi. By the villaiNons . Malay, walanon.

5. On stage, the slogans were enthralling and entertaining. With the typical nasal voice. Hands puncturing the air. For emphasis. And dramatic effects .

6. There were many promises. Kita bela Rakyat. Kita Lawan korupsi , sakau, pembaziran, cabul kuasa . When you promised, you better carry them out. Otherwise don't promise.

7. The English have an idiom for that. It's called be all talk. The Chinese say, much thunder little rain . The Malays will say, habuk pun tadak. The Indians will have a similar idiom

8. We are repulsed and revolted at the PM's verbal yo yos. They insult our intelligence.

9. When asked why he included Zahid in the cabinet at that time, he hid behind the overused cliche of innocent until proven guilty.

10. Which meant that at that time, Zahid was between innocence and guilty. By including Zahid in the cabinet, PM Anwar removed zahid's undetermined fate and want him to be innocent.

11. The message he's sending was, Zahid was already innocent. He took out the decision making from the judiciary. He predetermined zahid's fate

12. To me that's an indirect interference with the judiciary without having to actually interfere .it was a sly move.

13. He achieved this preliminary and ignominious rehabilitation of the Javanese neanderthal by 2 things. By hiding behind the overused rule of innocent until proven guilty and including the Javanese dullard in his kitchen cabinet .

14. Now, the rehabilitation of Zahid is complete. He hides behind the less defensible rule of judicial independence. He causes the 47 gold nuggets to be dropped, for the time being.

15. I say less defensible rule, because who is to say he doesn't interfere at the levels of SPRM, AGC or even at the judicial level?

16. We can't prove that he actually did interfere. Just as we can't prove the existence of oxygen. But we know it's there in the atmosphere. We lived and are alive, aren't we?

17. On the preponderance of probabilities, we can conclude he has interfered in judicial enforcing institutions. He has created only chaos and destruction.

18. As a politician, he is more governed by Bismarck's rule, politics is the art of the possible. He has no guard rails as premier.

19. So, he can appear in parliament, feigned ignorance and innocence, nobody believes him. 11 out of 10 don't .

20. Anwars view to the law is also suspect. It's iffy, irresolute and vacillating reflecting his own skirmishes with the law.

21. By causing the issuance of DNAA to Zahid, he has shown he cannot be depended to enforce a common law. It's common law to peasants, uncommon law to patricians.

22. The many promises he made so easily but not carried out, show that he is duplicitous and a fraud. Perhaps pathological liar is too strong a description, but lying is second nature to him.

23. On top of that, he failed to provide the type of leadership needed. Which is to prevent and correct a grievous wrong.

24. When it comes to the law, Anwar is milk-and -water, wishy-washy and a sissy. When it comes to governing, hes a political anthropod, a political invertebrate. With the many centrifugal forces pulling you from the true north, Whoever governs Malaysia, must have that iron in him.

25. Even by Machiavellian standards, he is wanting. He doesn't know how to differentiate between being a nice person and an effective leader. The 2 are practically incompatible.

26. That is indeed a difficult question. It must necessarily involved political tradeoffs. You can only be an effective leader if you become a stricter disciplinarian. As Machiavelli said, you must sometimes inspire terror . It's better to be feared than to be loved,said Lee Kuan Yew.

27. As to being a nice person, anwars reputation is legendary. He eats here, there and everywhere. At warungs, eating grilled fish, biryani and so on. Jamuan Rakyat, signing this and that, officiating this and that, social gatherings etc. He has the knack of making you feel he has known you for years where in fact you have only met .

28. But as to being an effective leader, Nahi, Babu. An effective leader enriches the country, brings honour to the country and achieves political stability. His achievements in these areas, are in doubt

29. The chummy gestures may all be a red herring. Meant to divert our attention from looking closely at his real tasks. Managing the economy, managing those around him, forging social cohesiveness, political stability and so on. Instead we are brought on his frolics in the political jungle .

30. We actually feel nauseous whenever PM shares on the social media what he does , but which we are not concerned with. Eating here, there, opening ceremonies here and there, meeting someone here, there everywhere. In that sense, the PM is no different from gossipy ladies sharing things they do on the social media. I am cooking for my darling, I am trying my new branded handbag etc

31. But with the PM, there is an ulterior motive. To show people that he is working tirelessly. As Machiavelli says, the vulgar crowd is always taken in by appearance, and the world is full of vulgar people. Anwar will always find people who allow themselves to be decieved.
We want things shared like, I have done this today to reduce the price of cooking oil, of rice etc. I am doing this to stop the ringgit from falling down further. The economy, stupid! said James Carville .

33. Unless of course, like uncle Machiavelli said, promises given were a thing of the past, promises broken are a thing of the present.

34. I won't talk much about economics today. I will reserve that juicy subject later. But it puzzles me that we are a palm oil producer but the price of cooking oil is skyrocketing . It doesn't occur to mat sabu to import cheaper rice. That despite our economic fundamentals being strong as mentioned by t zafrul, our ringgit is going down. Telling that to the PM is of no use. He is an economics illiterate!

35. Unless the PKR yahoo boys are willing to be true congsigliaries, advising the PM bluntly and brutally, even at the risk of being scolded, rebuffed or even sacked, that would make throwing him under the bus, like the charge of the light brigade, seems a sensible option.

36. Like the ballads he likes to croon and dances along, reformasi is being processed imperceptibly. In fact, there is a real danger, that reformasi teaches you to be a better and slickier persons than the people you condemned. It's what Frantz fanon said, the oppressed becomes the oppressor!


Wednesday 11 October 2023

Pelangai oh Pelangai!

1. In the tale of 2 cities, C. Dickens wrote, it was the best of time, it was the worst of times.

2. Exactly the way we can described the situation oomno was in . It was the best of times, because UMNO gets to place it's candidate in Pelangai.

3. It was the best of times, because UMNO gets to leverage on the strength of the unity government. It can say it's part of the ruling government and the incumbent. It enjoys the advantage of an incumbent. The candidate is from UMNO just like the previous adun who unfortunately died in a plane crash

4. But it was the worst of times for UMNO. UMNO can expect all sorts of tirades, lies, diatribes, villification, hurled at it . UMNO can't expect PN to serenade it with adulatory songs. That occur only in mkt meetings. Sanusi would even say, buah peliak hang lah UMNO.

5. Therefore for Zahid to say, UMNO got a reduced majority because of the lies and slanders by PN, was not a clever statement.

6. When I was mp, Zahid was the home minister. There was a joke, from those have worked with Ghazali Shafie, that the whole of zahid's body is equivalent to only half of king ghaz's brain. But what to do, that is the kind of dullard preferred by Nana Anwar.

7. I can only say this about zahid's logic and explanation. It was banal, vapid, platitudinous and pedestrian. If that's the quality of explanation given by Zahid, we can expect him to under-performed as rural development Minister.

8. Poor Anwar, he expects a bumper harvest of talent, instead he gets a barren one. It's a person like Zahid that should be moved to another ministry or moved out altogether .

9. The reduced majority by UMNO can possibly mean that it no longer enjoy the monopoly in the extremist narrative of the MMGA(make Malays great always) ideology. That monopoly is now chiseled away by PN.

10. It could also mean that UMNO on its own, can never beat PN. UMNO needs a whole village to beat PN . Under the leadership of Tok 4 Nana Anwar.

11. So wak jahid, don't be smug in your explanation. UMNO has to be part of the unity government by all means necessary to stay relevant.

12. Many Malaysians are unhappy that some online newspapers keep repeating the garbage, that BN won, BN retains seat or it's a victory for BN.

13. Fellers, it's a win for the unity government, not BN. UMNO has to be part of the government to win. It's not the government. It's only a cog in the wheel. Ada faham?

14. These online papers are probably paid for by UMNO newspapers. Told to repeat lies that in the end be believed. It's obviously a Goebbelsian propaganda.

15. The misinformation is intentional. It seems there are misguided souls still romanticising that UMNO is the government .

16. The misinformation gives UMNO and its stooges, the illusion of UMNO is the government. These reactionary are dreaming of the halcyon days of free wheeling and dealing, unchecked corruption and mismanagement.

17. So papa Non, check your tendon and heel. UMNO aims the arrow at your Achilles body .

18. The hard truth is, UMNO is the unity government weak link. But it's behaving like a petulant child. Making all sorts of unreasonable demands .

19. Like demanding the release of the embezzler in chief. As if this country has no law .

20 . And asking the pm consider appointing Jo Ghani as finance minister. As though this country's economy will prosper overnight . Is this an UMNO government?


Monday 2 October 2023

How the PM can last long -i am not talking about taking ubat kuat, drinking kopi jantan, tongkat Ali or Viagra.

1. Other people may be indifferent as to whether the PM stays long as leader of this county. If some are interested to see the PM last long, they are not being brutally frank to him. The temporal and ecclesiastical dictators in PN want the PM out asap.

2. It's good that some people will not throw the PM under the bus or throw him to the wolves. It's comforting to know that some people won't abandon him .

3. But what is the use of staying loyal and being steadfast to him, if doesn't last long as leader? The wolves will devour him.

4. Right now, his longevity as leader is threatened by zahid's DNAA issue. Don't whitewash it. People are angry that Zahid got a DNAA.

5. I may be critical of him at times, but I support him and want him to last. As do many others. He is our best hope at the moment. Just look at the alternatives, mahiadin, Hadi et all? Our future will be depressing. They are not tenable except to Malay and pas's Islamic chauvinists.

6. So, tell the PM, do not take this DNAA issue lightly. It's the albatross hanging around his neck. Or to use a phrase much loved by Lokman 'goebbels' Adam, the PM is carrying a body of a live monitor lizard.

7. It's not enough saying the PM doesn't interfere with the judiciary, the investigation was done by SPRM, the charge by AGC, the verdict by the judge. Despite these palliatives people still believed the PM interfered and therefore, is accountable.

8. If the judiciary is strictly off limits and the PM does indeed and in fact, not interfere with the judiciary, the same cannot be said of the SPRM and AGC

9. These 2 entities are not on the same level as the judiciary. There are just government departments subject to oversight by the PM's office. So, we can bitch about them to our hearts content. There are many inferences and assumptions we can impute on them.

10. It can possibly mean that Azam baki's boys have done a shoddy job. The report they made can be mutilated mercilessly by the defence lawyer. Rather than endure the ignominy, the DNAA was a godsend.
Perhaps the boys were too engrossed over their mistresses and kept women.

11. It's time for the pm to reassess the competence of these boys with sijil pengampu rendah Malaysia. Whatever happened to the loud promises to retire Azam baki? That's the first sign that PKR has reneged on their many promises .

12. But I think the more bizzare and unexplainable behavior, was the conduct of the DPP. After listening to the 11 reasons contained in the representation of Herr Zahid, he meekly surrendered and waved the white flag .

13. It's as though the DPP was intimidated by zahid's representation and rather than arguing his brief vigorously, he took the face saving route of discontinuing the proceedings.

14. It's shameful, isn't it? The DPP is cowed by the representation of a rich and powerful person like Zahid, but legal high-handedness was readily apparent in the case of a Terengganu mother who was jailed for 14 months , for stealing 2 packets of Milo!

15. The DPP has suddenly caught the dreaded foot and mouth disease. He'd rather walk down the hall of shame and the cat has bitten off his tongue

16. He didn't show a Ballsy attitude did he, not as did his counterpart in Terengganu. Perhaps he didn't eat enough keropok lekor . Guane mu Awang?

17. The same deferential and black to minstrel attitude is generally shown to the rich and powerful elsewhere. I didn't hear any howls from the legal fraternity when Ali babavum Najib is escorted like a VIP to court instead as like a convict that he is. And wearing his Zegna or Hugo bossku suit to court instead of the standard issue prison garb emblazoned on the shirt, 'I love kajang Hilton'.

18. Hence , there seems to exist a social apartheid in our legal system brought about by fee chaser lawyers. That makes the proposal by Mr Dick the butcher, in Henry 6, 'the first thing we do, is kill all the lawyers', sounds sensible

19. Possibly the current DPP was part of the prosecution team once headed by Raja rozela. If he was, he wasn't paying attention,was sleeping or only acted as passenger. When it comes to him helming the prosecution team, he doesn't know what to do or is ill prepared.

20. That's a serious dereliction of duty or bald incompetence. Sufficient reasons to have him cashiered.

21. The PM can appear before parliament and asked where's the proof that he interfered in the DNAA case . That's like asking show me the air that we breathe. Of course nobody can show the air, but we know it's there. We are alive aren't we? Similarly nobody in parliament has proof, but you can't obliterate the public view that the PM interfered in some ways .

22. Engaging in verbal fisticuffs in parliament will not solve the trust deficit with the public. It's not verbal joustings in parliament that are important, but regaining public trust.

23. Rather than arguing until you are blue in the face about the DNAA which is actually defending Zahid and looked at as being on the side of the oppressor, it's better to dedicate efforts at regaining public trust . By default, it shows that Zahid is a liability.

24. Don't be sentimental about Zahid. He is expendable. The damage to people's faith, far outweighs the political advantages of saving Zahid.

25. The overriding task now is to cause zahid's subsequent proceedings to resume asap. The government must have an impregnable case .

26. In order to have an unassailable case, the pm must precede the case by reforming the 2 institutions which he in practice, can influence. SPRM and the AGC

27. Perhaps it's time to terminate the services of Azam baki and other deadwood in SPRM. That's fulfilling some of the promises made in the last election. The institution does not exactly inspire confidence, when you have some officials having publicised relationships with their mistresses and their comfort women and some people allowing their brothers using their accounts to buy shares. It's reflects their belief that being in SPRM makes them invincible to any forms of disciplining.

28. It's also time to restructure the prosecution team. It must be a crack team comprising of very competent lawyers, Messianic and pit bullish in attitude desiring a win in their case. Isn't it a shame to see the government loses its case? The prosecution team members ought to commit seppuku, if they do .

29. Many of us are puzzled as to why the government must claim ownership of the DNAA. It's a decision by the court. Claiming ' ownership over the DNAA means it has to defend the DNAAs legitimacy at all cost. It actually means the government is defending a crook.

30. Having to defend the legitimacy of the DNAA only strengthens public belief that there was indeed unconscionable interference in the case. Otherwise why defend it?

31. Unashamedly, the government is arguing about the DNAA, many of the speakers going blue in their faces and veins in the necks bulging . For what?

32. Better to divert and focus efforts to regain public faith and confidence. Announce that zahid's case will continue asap. Reform SPRM. Reconstitute AGC. Stop claiming ownership over DNAA. Zahid's not worth it

33. The many promises the PM makes on stage and at many occasions, start fulfilling many of them. There are many things promised-jailing crooks, weeding out corruption and sakau, eradicating abuse of power, stoping wastage, enforcing good governance. If the pm is serious about the last, create a minister for the civil service or minister of good governance. Start fulfilling, otherwise people say the pm is a hypocrite!

34. The pious but pompous declaration that I won't throw the pm under the bus, can be raised a notch higher by advising the PM how to last long- and I am not talking about ubat kuat or Viagra.

35. By advising the PM, in a brutally frank manner, don't break faith with the people and do the things you promised!

36. To achieve the 2 things, the PM must use the kitchen sink politics. Do everything politically practical to achieve the objectives. If the institutions I mentioned are formed by Royal charter, interfere with them if you must. Removing the mischief is the most important thing. I don't care if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice!

Next article, "Is zahid's DNAA PM's Waterloo?"


Sunday 24 September 2023

DNAA, political leadership, regaining faith and trust, do as promised, prosecutorial evangelism and other issues.

1. Like the mp from pasir gudang, I too won't throw the pm under the bus. But we are discussing about zahid's DNAA, not whether the PM interfered with the judiciary or he didn't.

2. Where the pm erred, weakest or treat the DNAA lightly, I won't be shy to criticize him whether he listens or not, is irrelevant. He is someone appearing as someone who won't listen to anyone .

3. There is a universal condemnation that Zahid was given a DNAA. The public, by and large find it abhorrent and repulsive.

4. If the Judge ignores this universal public revulsion over the DNAA, his choice of decision is on his conscience.

5. Some so called technical experts have apologized, rationalised and exonerated the judge for his judicial insensitiveness and apathy. But who the hell are they? To the general public, the judge, sucks

6. The pm in addition, is not pristine either. You think by emphasising he does not interfere with the judiciary, all is well?

7. He has failed to provide leadership in this instance. Leadership in the sense of a motivation to right a wrong .

8. If he foresees that the junky eyed zahid's case will end in shambles, he must intervene.

9. Such Inglourious end to the case is foreseeable given the half past six brief prepared by the last minute replacement of a DPP.

10. The charge was prepared by AGC, investigation by sprm , decision by the judge. We know that , but was the DNAA justified?

11. Where can the pm interfere? Certainly not with the judge. We have established that. Independence of the judiciary must be preserved at all cost

12. In an earlier article, I have suggested that the pm can supply the judge with more Intel information. I spoke as a politician and with frustration at seeing crooks like Zahid, the proboscis monkey and other UMNO rouges get away with murder .

13. That's an absolute no no. Judicial independence must be protected at all cost. Any suggestions that it is amenable to influence, threats, inducements etc is legally and morally reprehensible. No way Jose!

14. But there is no law which says you cannot cause better Intel reports be given to SPRM and the AGC. So they can provide better report and the AGC prepare a solid brief.

15. I will write about the AG and the prosecution team in another article. For now the self congratulatory speech is too salivating to pass. Good show, old boy.

16. It's jolly good for the pasir gudang mp , saying he won't throw his boss under the bus. That was a pious but pompous statement and this is why.

17. He didn't give his boss truthful and plain advice of how to last long as the great leader.

18. No doubt, abang Non has the zest and enthusiasm to help people. He can Boria with them for he is an excellent communicator.

19. But he didn't tell the Sungai long Bolshevik, he must avoid 2 things, if he wants to stay long as leader .

20. First, PM Anwar must avoid breaking faith with the people . By somehow, causing the Javanese neanderthal be given a DNAA, Anwar loses some trust by the people. Some cannot believe him anymore.

21. He is just sending horrendous message. Which is, you can plunder and steal as much as you can. At the end of the day, if you can kautim the PM and he in turn whispers to the AG, you will have all 47 charges dropped.

22. It's extremely implausible to imagine the AG acting on his own in this very high profile case involving Zahid Hamidi of Bagan latoh.

23. The AG is lawyer to the government, his client. Probably, he received encrypted instructions via a messenger pigeon sent from Sungai long or Putrajaya.

24. The other thing, is that the pm must do what he has promised to do. He has said he wants to send the crooks and wrongdoers to jail. He wants to weed out corruption, eradicate abuse of power, exterminate wastage etc. Mana? Bu DUI, Mei you, gak ada dong!

25. What must Anwar do to redeem himself and regain the trust of the people? Don't be sentimental of Zahid. UMNO is just a paper tiger. Have the proceedings against Zahid, continue.

26. Supply better facts and evidence to AGC and SPRM. Reconstitute the prosecution team if necessary. Have it be composed of determined, resolute and pitbulish prosecutors to win the government's case

27. I am saying all these, because I want Anwar to last long as our leader. I want him to have political longevity. He is our best hope. Believe you me, look at the alternatives. Mahiadin, Hadi and others? You have Malay chauvinism and pas's Islamic chauvinism. Make multiracialism with Anwar work!


Sunday 17 September 2023

Judicial independence, tyranny of the minority and related issues.

1. I listened carefully, the speech given by the pasir gudang mp. He won't throw his boss under the bus. The pm says he doesn't interfere with the judiciary. Judicial independence is intact

2. At the moment we are debating about DNAA. Not about any intrusion on judicial independence. Debating about this bloody DNAA ought not drag in whether the pm has exercised any undue influence on judicial independence.

3. Judicial independence is a given. It must be free from threats, influence or inducements from any parties or any branches of government. Any opinions on the contrary are wrong.

4. In an earlier article, I have mentioned as an opinion, in the exercise of leadership, the pm should give Intel information to the judge. I was and am wrong in giving such opinion.

5. Judicial independence must be preserved at all cost. It is an unasailable and an inviolable principle.

6. In simple terms, we do not interfere in the business of a judge, any judge in deciding cases before him or her.

7. In an adverserial system like ours, the judge decides the case on the basis of arguments of the contending parties. Suppose, in a case the prosecution team prepares a half past six brief and is overwhelmed by the defence team, the judge will decide in favour of the defence team.

8. In a book written by 2 Harvard professors, ziblatt and levitsky, democracy will continue if at least we ensure 3 things are done .

9. The book, called tyranny of the minority , tells us how democracy can continue and be sustained.

10. Similarly, borrowing some ideas from the book, our judicial independence, indeed the whole legal superstructure can be sustained and be continued, if we do at least 3 things.

11. The 3 things we must at least do are:-
A. Accept the decision of the court
B. We must not engage in any violence, aggression and extrajudicial activities aimed at overthrowing the decision of the court
C. We must not support or align ourselves with extremist element seeking to overthrow the court's decision .

12. Everybody talks about judicial independence like it's some airy fairy concept. To ensure actual judicial independence, I think we must at least do these 3 things.

13. When these basic things are not done or are willfully violated, judicial independence and indeed the whole legal superstructure are imperiled.

14. Take the case of alibabavum Najib . BTW, alibabavum is an old Tamil movie about Alibaba, who was actually a thief but romanticized as a folklore hero .

15. The decision of the court is not accepted and is disputed. UMNO leaders engaged in all sorts of extrajudicial activities, the CJ threatened. UMNO leaders demand a royal pardon to circumvent the courts decision. They align themselves with extremist elements ready to create trouble .

16. If we do not do at least the basic things, then don't talk la about protecting the superstructure of the law( rule of law, supremacy of the law, judicial independence yada yada). Provocations by the extremists and UMNO leaders are not song and dance issues. They are a kind of insurrection that must be dealt with decisively and with the full force of the law. Hey, the proud boys in the USA January 6th insurrection got more jail time than red lips Najib got. And they didn't steal any money.

17. Having said that principle of judicial independence is a non contestable issue, I am however appalled at the tortiese pace of the legal process.

18. It takes years for some cases, especially corruption cases to come to a finality. Stranger things happened here in the jungle of the law than in the jungles of India, described by Rudyard Kipling.

19. Everything seems to end in the long run, which is ridiculous. In the long run, says the economist John Maynard Keynes, we are all dead.

20. I have heard about justice rushed is justice crushed, but in Malaysia, its more of the case of, justice delayed, is justice denied .

21. As I have said, the length time by which some cases reached finality, has reached ridiculous proportions. Allow me to embellish it thus:-

22. Finally, I am agitated when some people say the judge has no choice, don't blame judges and courts and so on.

23. Hoi hello, some British judges in history were corrupt and abusive and self serving. They were rightly condensed and punished. Over here, judges are not sacrosanct and are not sacred cows. They can also err and when they do, can be criticised and blamed

24. That sir and Madam, is my opinion. My own opinion, says Christopher Hitchens, is enough for me. I claim the right to have it defended against any consent and majority any place, anywhere and anytime. And if you don't like it, get a ticket, fall into line and kiss my ass.'


Thursday 14 September 2023

Conduct unbecoming. The judge, yahoo boys and the PM.

1. Hurrah! Belts off, pants down . Isn't life's a scream? The PKR yahoo boys want parliament to debate the conduct of AGC in giving the thug wak jahid, a DNAA .

2.i am not exaggerating. It's jahid. If you don't believe me, listen to DAPs nga kor Meng pronouncing the mp of Bagan latoks name. Jahid, not Zahid.

3. At this point, I'd better tell readers, the origin of PKR yahoo boys. It's not name calling.

4. Many years ago, an important PKR youth leader called on a business colleague. As we were in business we thought it was good for our business if we cultivate this PKR Leader. So I asked my colleague to bring him out for dinner.

5. After dinner, the PKR guy wanted to go for a karaoke session. Well, I asked my colleague, did you enjoy it? I didn't, said my colleague. But he did.

6. He's like kerbau lepas kandang. The first he did at our table in the karaoke joint, was to shout on top of lungs, yahoo! That's why from that day onwards, I have been calling the PKR Young people, PKR yahoo boys!

7. Now, the PKR yahoo boys are asking parliament to debate the conduct of the AGC. Their agitation and calls will at least give the public, an illusion, that out of their conscience,PKR youth is doing something about the Zahid DNAA.

8. I am telling you, that the calls and agitation will amount to nothing. The matter will not be debated in parliament. Their arousal will wilt,as it were.

9. Already some senior PKR leaders said the DNAA was a court decision. The biggest kahuna alias papa Non said, he doesn't interfere with the court. Given these preemptive statements, do we think asking for a debate will materialize? Nahi, nein!

10. The public won't be cowered though. We want the conduct of the AGc debated. Not the courts. 2 seperate thing, la.

11. The conduct of the AGc is very very questionable. Why should it now retreat from the proceedings, after having succeeded in establishing a prima facie case?

12. It seems to suggest, that once getting the initial orgasm, the AGC is not preparing for the final climax carefully or has prepared a chinchai brief.

13. In asking for a DNAA, it seems to be exercising a fait acompli and arm twisting the court. What it asks, the judge must give.

14. It is behaving like the AGC has a sense of entitled-its feels it is entitled to get what it asks, a DNAA.

15. It would appear then, that the virus of UMNOs Bumiputera-ism agenda,has also infected the AGC and the DPP.

16. Hence it walks around with a sense of entitlement. What it asks, it will definitely get.

17. In that respect, the conduct of the judge is not very commendable. He has countenanced being cajoled, having his arm twisted and validate the AGCs mediocrity. I still stand for saying, rather than agreeing to Justice's d & C, he should have severely reprimanded the DPP.

18. He is also complicit with the DPP in defrauding the people. The people feel cheated for the court not trying jahid.

19. As to the yahoo boys , I think it was all a put on show. Just to show the public they are concerned and doing something about it .

20. It's a wasteful endeavor, like pouring salt into the sea or bringing coal to Newcastle. Already PKR senior leaders don't want it debated. So what the yahoo boys are doing is what the Chinese say, much thunder, little or no rain. Like shooting blanks.

21. By the way, don't get upset at being called Yahoo boys. The DAP people are also called names- dapigs, ks's running dogs, redbean soldiers, cina Bukit, jinjang Joes etc. The pemuda UMNOs are the dangdut brigades. They are more interested at hitting on the pu3s and patronizing the dangdut joints around Sari Pacific.

22. In making noises about the conduct of AGC and the infamous DNAA, the yahoo boys are doing 2 things.

23. First, by all means, blame somebody. In this case the AGC. Secondly, to deflect or divert from the real issue. Play Tai Chi a little bit. These 2 things are the typical habits of UMNO. UMNO blames the DAP for its own deficiencies and divert attention from looking on what UMNO does do for the Malay masses.

24. It would appear that these bad habits have caught on with the yahoo boys. The real issue is an honest evaluation of the involvement or abstinence of their Great Leader, Kim Jong an war.

25. Rather, they would be better off by honestly evaluating the political longevity of Anwar. Say honestly and without fear, that Anwar has done 2 fatal political moves .

26. First, Anwar has broken faith with the people. By doing or not doing anything with zahid's case, he is seen as the person giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the Javanese neanderthal.

27. He didn't point a gun at the judge's head, yes. But what's stopping him from giving inputs and information to the judge? He has intelligence reports from various institutions. Give the judge. Help the judge to make better and informed decision.

28. Because he did not do these, he is estopped from claiming non interference with the judiciary. Saying he doesn't is not believed anyway.

29. All told, he has broken faith with the people. He won't be trusted anymore and thus will not last long. The people want Zahid to get his due punishment. Anwar is seen as frustrating this and will be punished .

30. Secondly, Anwar hasn't done the things he says he will do. He incessantly talks about rasuah, sakau, membazir, Salah Guna kedudukan etc. Tapi habuk pun tarak.

31. Anwar cannot hope and depend on the yahoo boys to give honest evaluation and speak with candour .

32. They aren't interested to see papa Non last long. Perhaps they are interested to make hay while it shines. Reformasi only makes you a better perasuah and pesakau .

33. I can almost see Anwar reading whisperingly the poem from TS Eliot.

34. I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope,
For hope is to hope for the wrong thing,
To wait without love, for love is to love for the wrong thing,
Yet there is faith. But the hope, love and faith are all in waiting .

35. So, hang tunggu sampai tua. Waiting for a decent response from your Yahoo boys is like Waiting for Godot .

36. He must do the right thing. Provide facts and information so that the prosecution can reopen high profile corruption cases. Especially on Zahid and the proboscis monkey.

37. Otherwise, he'll just be the Lear jet , limousine or the LV liberal. Or the Sungai long Bolshevik.


Tuesday 12 September 2023

Conduct unbecoming. The Judge.

1. Some lawyers say the judge in Zahids DNAA infamy had no choice. He was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

2. The prosecution applied for a DNAA while the defence asked for a total acquitted. Manyak susah wo.
If I swallow the mother dies, if I spit it out , the father dies .

3. I suppose it's a difficult decision for a high court judge to make, harder for a court of appeal judge, harder still for a judge sitting at the federal court .

4. Well, I think it was Robert Duvall or Michael Caine character in the Eagle has landed, who says difficult decisions is the privilege of rank .

5. I am sorry, after a decision has been made, don't make an excuse you took decision A because you had no choice.

6. If between total acquittal and DNAA, you chose the latter, it means you have a choice when you decided on the latter.

7. You have a choice to refuse both and decide that the trial or proceedings to go on .
8. How do you reconcile the current decision when almost 2 years ago, you ruled that there exists a prima facie case . Are you licking your own spit?

9. The judge should have reprimanded the prosecution bozo .
10. Whether the prosecution is prepared or not, having ruled there was indeed a prima facie case, the trial must go on. It's not the business of the judge to countenance possible mediocrity on the part of the prosecution.

11. Having made the bed, we all must now lie on it. The judge must go on because he has ruled ada prima facie case. The prosecution must go on having argued for legal culpability .

12. Like Alice, it's getting curiouser and curiouser. The conduct of the judge is perplexing. By acceding to the request of the DPP, it means he indeed has a choice, one made by the DPP. He has played favorites.

13. That's hardly a commendable conduct! YAA CJ, Potong dia punya gaji

14. This is what happens when you let things to be decided by lawyers only. It's sensible when Dick the butcher, in Shakespeare's Henry VI, says, the first thing we do, is kill all the lawyers!

15. This reminded me of a caveat by a famous judge, justice is not a technical game to be decided solely by technical experts. It's a living force that must be decided with wisdom and compassion. These two commodities seem to be better supplied by the reasonable public.

16. All right thinking people should find it repulsive at attemps to obfuscate, to engage in verbal gymnastics to make the judge superclean, sanitized and pristine .

17. Mengaku saja Lah, by acceding to the request of the blasted DPP, the judge has become an assesory in the commission of a travesty of justice. A minor assesory perhaps, but nevertheless an assesory.

18. The duty of the judge is to make the law live and breathe. By granting the DNAA, the law has gone comatose. The judge ought to dear in the pursuit of justice even though his decision leads to unpopularity. His duty is not just to apply the law technically, but to arrive at a just decision the serves the interest of society best.

19. Right now, the overriding interest of society, is to see all crooks recieved their appropriate comeuppance. Whether they robbed from a sovereign fund, from tabung haji, from a Yayasan, from rubber smallholders fund, they all must bite the dust.

20. So dear judge, don't worsen our winter of discontent . Make it glorious by the sun of justice.


Friday 8 September 2023

Is the DNAA , a D&C, forced abortion to our justice system?

1. I am dumbfounded at hearing that Zahid was given a DNAA . He was asked to enter defense earlier signalling there is case to answer. Suddenly the DPP proposed to discontinue the case and the judge accordingly granted it.

2. Dusuki Mokhtar did an Oppenheimer, inventing and dropping an hydrogen bomb on the Malaysian justice system.

3. I am inclined to believe, as Mr Bumble says, the law is an ass and an idiot .

4. If we have believed that the duty of a judge is to make the law live and breathe, the opposite has now happened .

5. It seems the judge has murdered the law. It is dead and breathless. The law cannot protect the weak against the strong. It's no longer a shield for the oppressed but a sword of the oppressor.

6. Now that the DPP wants to study the case further, justice is delayed. As one famous judge said, justice delayed is justice denied.

7. When the DPP concerned says the AG chambers wants to study the case further, it suggests the prosecution has a weak case. Or it means the case was prepared and written by not so clever DPPs and IOs.
If that is so, then it behoves the AG to terminate their services .

8. We simply have no time for timid souls, who pulled their hands back when it should have been alang2 peluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. Having made the bed, you must now lie on it

9. Nearly 2 years ago, the court has established that the prosecution has proven that there was a prima facie case. So now at this advanced and late stage of the proceedings, for the prosecution to discontinue the proceedings, is unconscionable.

10. After establishing a prima facie case, calling numerous witnesses, expending court time and so on, to discontinue the proceedings is a waste of public funds and disrespectful of the courts. Yes, certainly the government through the AG chambers have a lot of things to explain to the public.

11. Some lawyers say the court is blameless and should not be faulted for discontinuing the proceedings, yada yada. Forgive me, I disagree with this argument

12. Let me remind such lawyers, that justice is done in the courts, not in the AGs chambers. A request and a representation has been made by the prosecution, the judge can either refuse or consent to it, can't he?

13. So by agreeing and possibly not paying attention to the ability to refuse the application, the court is complicit in the perversion of justice . No, the court is not shielded from this travesty. No sir.

14. The law is not a technical game to be spoken of only by so called experts . very often spoken of in fuzzy terms by these people to intimidate them . The law as a famous judge says, is a living force to be spoken of with wisdom and compassion

15. The judge in dispensing justice must be fearless and never must capitulate to political expediency. In this case, we find none of these.

16. So it's not true to say the court is insulate from blame but rather is complicit in the perversion of justice.

17. The diffident attitude of the court and the bizzare withdrawal of the proceedings, has enabled the infamous person of interest here, to gloat cockilly.

18. Aren't we ashamed, when Zahid, amidst the jubilance , in typically UMNO condescending way, says he hopes with the DNAA, all political persecution and prosecution will end.

19. DNAA sounds eerily like DNC, forced abortion of the law, made possible by the judge and the prosecution team.

20. Isn't Zahid figuratively speaking and implying that his own prosecution was and is politically motivated as do all other prosecution against the other UMNO crooks?

21. That sounds a bit shitty to me - the DPM of the ruling government saying that sort of thing? He is bloody undermining the rule of law in this country.

22. And hello, no one is above the law, sir. Wasn't it Lord Denning who said , be ye ever so high, the law is above you ?

23. Since when is the AG chambers an extension of an UMNO department? Leaked documents and memos take place and are being used by UMNO people with wanton abandon?

24. Those who actually leaked them, allowed the leak to happen, enabled the leak should be punished accordingly. That's tata kelola not tadak telor .

25. Also, we must stop regarding this prosecution as a vigilante move by a non Malay(Tommy Thomas) towards a Malay. The idea of thinking that because a prosecution is started by a non Malay and therefore must be defective and malicious, is nonsensical. Biar cerdik sikit la.

26. If you do a wrong and is caught out, you will face the law . Justice, is afterall, blind.

27. A few disagreeing voices in the AG chambers do not make the prosecution politically motivated.please leave your stupidity at Menara Hussein Onn will you?

28. We are more concerned about the leaks of internal memos and the like from the AG's office. How do these take place?

29. It can only mean that there are bad apples in the AG's office who served as informants to outside parties. Worse, we cannot discount the possibility that they do this for money .

30. The DNAA and the leaks have allowed UMNO propagandists to spin lies that further undermine the law of the land .

31. One favourite lie, is to generalise that UMNO crooks have no cases to answer. Thus the Zahid DNAA has led to calls to drop all cases against the chief crook, Najib. See, the DNAA as a result of the recklessness of a judge, has opened the floodgates to more D&C, eh DNAAs and even acquittals.

32. As to calls to drop cases against Najib, let me remind the idiot who said so, of Aristotle's remark in Ethics. One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day. Zahid's, perhaps a temporary fortune, may not be repeatable on Najib, samdol!

33. Herr oberlieutenant DPP must have gotten his marching orders from Herr Oberst AG. Could it be a last defiant cry from an AG scorned?

34. If so, then Herr Oberst AG Got a lot of explanation to do to us, the reasonable man. Please treat us so. We are not mere digits nor dumb asses.

35. But I doubt he will give us a believable explanation. As usual, he will give us a cock and bull story or any grandmother's tale.

36. Herr Oberst AG may possibly take instructions from Herr general, IE generalissimo Chiang An War . Here, the story gets more interesting.

37. As usual, the PM gave a standard issue answer -he does not interfere in the affairs of the judiciary.
38. But when he says, the AG has full powers and authority, that is extremely dissapointing.

39. For, it is clear he did not provide the Leadership required. In this instance to prevent a grievous wrong being committed.

40. Without a doubt, he knows the Javanese neanderthal stole monies from Yayasan takde Akal and takde Budi, yet he allowed the bloody man be given mouth to mouth resuscitation.

41. Hopefully, he doesn't administer the resuscitation himself. The java man may have eaten petai, jering or kerdas before passing out.

42. Obviously, mamu Anwar has forgotten or ignored the advice given by the great Lee Kuan Yew on Leadership, especially on how to last long as one

43. Sure, he has the desire to help other people or put the interests of people before his own. And he is excellent in communicating with them. But to last long as a leader, he needs to do at least 2 other things .
44. According to LKY, in order to last long as a leader, never break faith with the people and actually do the things you said you want to do .

45. Even if he did not do anything (non feasance), ie refrain from doing the right thing to prevent a more horendous thing from happening, regrettably people have lost faith in Anwar as an upholder of the law. Our country isn't a Negara hukum after all

46. His pompous inaction will prevent judges from using the law to protect the weak from the strong and prevent the law to be used as a shield but allowed the law to be used as a sword by the powerful .

47. Blood is in your hands, as it were, Mr PM sir. Now, cocky, emboldened and thuggish Zahid together with UMNO cybertroopers are slashing and stabbing everyone and institutions which they think have wronged them. You, Mr PM sir has unleashed the psychological terror .

48. It's UMNOs version of the night of the long knives and the cybertroopers, UMNOs brownshirts wreaking havoc.

59. On stage, the PM prances around, gettin'jiggy, jiggles around and shouts shrieking like with his typical nasal voice about rasuah, sakau, tata kelola, curi etc, but as Clara Peller the octogenarian asks, where's the beef?

50. The things that he mentions, have not been done substantially and emphatically. Or, have been done, but done in a leisurely manner, temperate and so magnanimous.

51. It's being done, like doing a painting, making crochet, eating pasembor, nasi kandar or drinking teh tarik. Don't spare, the rod la.

52. The fight against all the evils the pm spoke about cannot be so courteous,kind, temperate,gentle etc . It must dealt with some form of violence and roughness. For goodness sake, have some rough sex!

53. It's an overthrow of one parasitic class by another, the powerful by the weak, the corrupt by the virtuous. A revolusi not reformasi.

54. If the pm doesn't do all these, he'll be just a Louis Vuitton liberal.

55. The political longevity of the pm, is being determined by what he does not do. Doesn't cultivate the trust of the people by breaking faith and not doing what he said he would do .

56. In part 1 of this article, I have given arguments as to why I think the DNAA to Zahid suck. In part 2, I will argue the opposite. Why I think the DNAA is advantage to Anwar . Meat for him , but poison to Zahid.


Monday 28 August 2023

The elder anarchist, the other side of Mahathir and kakistocracy. Part 3.

1. Please don't take it lightly. There is only 1 political system which will allow and enable Mahathir's racial hegemonic designs. It's a dictatorial, autocratic and unitary rule.

2. The prescriptions of the doctor can only be supported by a dictatorial regime. Mahathir's Malay Malaysia and malayanised economy can only thrive under Kim Jong Det.

3. Beware of the subtle putsh towards the creation of an Orwellian society preferred by the evil doctor.

4. In such a society, every aspect of public life, will be controlled by a committee of commissars. Of course the final say will be determined by Kim Jong Det.

5. That's the twisted and immoral logic of The Great Leader dr Mahathir in arriving at his dream State. Of course such a state will be baptized and declared sharia compliant by the ecclesiastical dictators.

5. It's part secular and part ecclesiastical wet dream state of Mahathir. It's achieved at the cheap cost of surrendering your scepticism and critical faculties.

6.its some sort of part secular and part divine North Korea. Under that political system Mahathir can ram through any policy he likes-malay Malaysia, malaynised economy or Mahathirnomics.

7. The feudal minded, the free loaders, the layabouts, those who like to see peasants slaved and provide them a luxury lifestyle and they Lord over things etc, will warm up to Mahathir's reactionary ideas .

Hence they shout loudly, ready to quarrel with anybody and complained bitterly when the gathering to declare Malay rights is denied. Because they see a privileged and a life of entitlement, go up in smoke .

9. Meanwhile, the ecclesiastical dictators are already indicating the creation of a regimented society where our critical faculties would be exterminated.

10. For example, we now have the presence of a morality police in parliament, where all this while we thought his kind existed in the land of fantasized purity of Kelantan. We are wrong.

11. While we see our nurses or missy wearing proper and becoming attire, the Kuantan mp sees nurses wearing tight and therefore sexually excitable clothing . Perhaps his divine eyes can see what the nurses are wearing underneath their attire, which cause unbeatable stirrings at his loins .

12. I don't care if he's silly enough not to take the opportunity to speak about the spending on COVID vaccines. I am more alarmed at the ominous message he is bringing .

13. The impending doom which the bugger is talking about, nay pray for,is the creation of an Orwellian society.
14. A society in which every aspect of life will be controlled and regulated by strict pompous moral codes. Soon every women will wear jilbabs and chador. Men will have to sport beards and all non Muslim men will have to be circumcised. Hurrah! For a gloomy society .

15. The latest danger that's threatening us, is the speech by the newly appointed mb of klate. It's irresponsible and divisive.

16. That cleric says that those who oppose pas, oppose the strive for Islam. You are judged and convicted for having a different political persuasion and denomination.

17. For now you are judged and convicted for having a different political belief but soon it will be generalised to being punished for being different.

18. So, non Malays will have no future and a multiracial country is anathema. It's a country dreamt of by the other side of Mahathir and the ecclesiastical dictators.

19. So if we love this multiracial country, all reasonable people must reject the entreatments of Mahathir and the ecclesiastical dictators.

20. Having said the above, I find one criticism by Mahathir which is persuasive, credible and a bit difficult to dispute. That is, this country is fast becoming a kakistocracy. IE rule by incompetents.

21. Except I wouldn't go as far as saying that this country is a kakistocracy. Mahathir is of bies course being melodramatic. How else to catch the attention of the political zombies?

22. Here's how I look at it. There are above average, average and below average performers. The below average performers are dragging the work quality of the government.

23. Whether you like it or not, the hard truth is the above average performers are the DAP people. Perhaps they have the determination and resolve to do their jobs well for the country .

24. Their work ethics and quality, have earned them racist disapprobation. Mahathir et all, have accused the government as being dominated by the DAP. That is preposterous -the truth is the Malay ministers are not up to the mark .

25. So stop blaming others for your own deficiencies. Mahathir should start looking at his own team .

26. Notwithstanding all the above, why is it important to have the right people for the right jobs? Or to avoid placing square pegs in a round hole?

27. Because when that trust is violated or when you entrust the wrong people to do a job, then doomsday or in this case, the downfall of the government will come .

28. It is reported that the prophet of Islam was giving a sermon. A Bedouin walked in and asked, when will doomsday or kiamat come?

29. The prophet did not answer immediately. At the end of the sermon, the prophet asked. Who was the one who asked about kiamat? It is I, said the Bedouin.

30. Kiamat will come when trust is violated. The other companions asked. When is trust violated?

31. Thus when I see ministers endorsing a certain film in which they know nothing about, or uttering nonsensical things like, kita lagi kuat boh, I knew something is terribly wrong.

32. These ministers like you and I, are just movie watchers. They are probably more eager to get the phone numbers of the female artistes and hoping to score. Hehe.

33. This whole business about putting square pegs in a round hole must begin with the PM, papa Non, himself.

34. He must stop 'cheapening' himself. Eating ikan Bakar, nasi biryani, pasembor or Mee Abu and publicising them. We know la. Hang suka tu , chombi

35. He should reduce becoming a street agitator and demagogue rabble rouser. That role should be taken over by the PKR yahoo boys

36. In doing all those,he makes it easy for some people to contemptuously ridicule him and to mockingly criticise him .

37. In my mind, he must be ready to apply the iron hand. He must start becoming a strict disciplinarian on errant ministers and pesky trouble makers.

38. Forget the celebration of differences and of artificial liberalism. Like Lee Kuan Yew, when you are pushed to the corner, you must come out with the brass knuckles.

39. Never be shy to use something similar to the Isa on repugnant people;such as those who want to use different theme for Merdeka. They are acting treasonous.

40. It's an inexcusable abberation, that must be dealt with firmly. Remember, as Lee Kuan Yew said, sending your opponents to jail, is like making love to a virgin. It's painful initially, but is pleasurable subsequently.

41. Perhaps, the PM is imprisoned by the reformasi slogan. So, the political process becomes so tempered and magnanimous. Such that the pm cannot act decisively.

42. The whole reformasi thing, is that it represents a huge slack on pmx. It curtails him from doing the assertive action.

43. Failure to take decisive actions,makes the whole reformasi movement, so leisurely and placid. Reformasi is like doing a painting, making embroidery, drinking teh Tarik, eating pasembor or eating nasi kandar beratoq .

44. And failure to do so will make the pm seem hypocritical. He is but a smoked salmon socialist, gauche caviar, limousine and Lear jet liberal and the latest, a Louis Vuitton liberal. He is forever regarded as a pathological liar. Therefore act!

45. I am suspicious of the phrase reformasi. It's slow and imperceptible. It can also mean you become a better thief, embezzler and more dishonest, on the quiet side.

46. I prefer the term revolution. It must involve a little violence and upheaval because it's the overthrow of one class by another. The oppressor by the oppressed, the dishonest by the righteous!

47. In the next and final part, I will discuss the other average and below average performers. Rafizi for instance gave a convoluted story that failed to explain why the ringgit dived. The trade minister tells an economy created by spurious results .


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