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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 28 August 2023

The elder anarchist, the other side of Mahathir and kakistocracy. Part 3.

1. Please don't take it lightly. There is only 1 political system which will allow and enable Mahathir's racial hegemonic designs. It's a dictatorial, autocratic and unitary rule.

2. The prescriptions of the doctor can only be supported by a dictatorial regime. Mahathir's Malay Malaysia and malayanised economy can only thrive under Kim Jong Det.

3. Beware of the subtle putsh towards the creation of an Orwellian society preferred by the evil doctor.

4. In such a society, every aspect of public life, will be controlled by a committee of commissars. Of course the final say will be determined by Kim Jong Det.

5. That's the twisted and immoral logic of The Great Leader dr Mahathir in arriving at his dream State. Of course such a state will be baptized and declared sharia compliant by the ecclesiastical dictators.

5. It's part secular and part ecclesiastical wet dream state of Mahathir. It's achieved at the cheap cost of surrendering your scepticism and critical faculties.

6.its some sort of part secular and part divine North Korea. Under that political system Mahathir can ram through any policy he likes-malay Malaysia, malaynised economy or Mahathirnomics.

7. The feudal minded, the free loaders, the layabouts, those who like to see peasants slaved and provide them a luxury lifestyle and they Lord over things etc, will warm up to Mahathir's reactionary ideas .

Hence they shout loudly, ready to quarrel with anybody and complained bitterly when the gathering to declare Malay rights is denied. Because they see a privileged and a life of entitlement, go up in smoke .

9. Meanwhile, the ecclesiastical dictators are already indicating the creation of a regimented society where our critical faculties would be exterminated.

10. For example, we now have the presence of a morality police in parliament, where all this while we thought his kind existed in the land of fantasized purity of Kelantan. We are wrong.

11. While we see our nurses or missy wearing proper and becoming attire, the Kuantan mp sees nurses wearing tight and therefore sexually excitable clothing . Perhaps his divine eyes can see what the nurses are wearing underneath their attire, which cause unbeatable stirrings at his loins .

12. I don't care if he's silly enough not to take the opportunity to speak about the spending on COVID vaccines. I am more alarmed at the ominous message he is bringing .

13. The impending doom which the bugger is talking about, nay pray for,is the creation of an Orwellian society.
14. A society in which every aspect of life will be controlled and regulated by strict pompous moral codes. Soon every women will wear jilbabs and chador. Men will have to sport beards and all non Muslim men will have to be circumcised. Hurrah! For a gloomy society .

15. The latest danger that's threatening us, is the speech by the newly appointed mb of klate. It's irresponsible and divisive.

16. That cleric says that those who oppose pas, oppose the strive for Islam. You are judged and convicted for having a different political persuasion and denomination.

17. For now you are judged and convicted for having a different political belief but soon it will be generalised to being punished for being different.

18. So, non Malays will have no future and a multiracial country is anathema. It's a country dreamt of by the other side of Mahathir and the ecclesiastical dictators.

19. So if we love this multiracial country, all reasonable people must reject the entreatments of Mahathir and the ecclesiastical dictators.

20. Having said the above, I find one criticism by Mahathir which is persuasive, credible and a bit difficult to dispute. That is, this country is fast becoming a kakistocracy. IE rule by incompetents.

21. Except I wouldn't go as far as saying that this country is a kakistocracy. Mahathir is of bies course being melodramatic. How else to catch the attention of the political zombies?

22. Here's how I look at it. There are above average, average and below average performers. The below average performers are dragging the work quality of the government.

23. Whether you like it or not, the hard truth is the above average performers are the DAP people. Perhaps they have the determination and resolve to do their jobs well for the country .

24. Their work ethics and quality, have earned them racist disapprobation. Mahathir et all, have accused the government as being dominated by the DAP. That is preposterous -the truth is the Malay ministers are not up to the mark .

25. So stop blaming others for your own deficiencies. Mahathir should start looking at his own team .

26. Notwithstanding all the above, why is it important to have the right people for the right jobs? Or to avoid placing square pegs in a round hole?

27. Because when that trust is violated or when you entrust the wrong people to do a job, then doomsday or in this case, the downfall of the government will come .

28. It is reported that the prophet of Islam was giving a sermon. A Bedouin walked in and asked, when will doomsday or kiamat come?

29. The prophet did not answer immediately. At the end of the sermon, the prophet asked. Who was the one who asked about kiamat? It is I, said the Bedouin.

30. Kiamat will come when trust is violated. The other companions asked. When is trust violated?

31. Thus when I see ministers endorsing a certain film in which they know nothing about, or uttering nonsensical things like, kita lagi kuat boh, I knew something is terribly wrong.

32. These ministers like you and I, are just movie watchers. They are probably more eager to get the phone numbers of the female artistes and hoping to score. Hehe.

33. This whole business about putting square pegs in a round hole must begin with the PM, papa Non, himself.

34. He must stop 'cheapening' himself. Eating ikan Bakar, nasi biryani, pasembor or Mee Abu and publicising them. We know la. Hang suka tu , chombi

35. He should reduce becoming a street agitator and demagogue rabble rouser. That role should be taken over by the PKR yahoo boys

36. In doing all those,he makes it easy for some people to contemptuously ridicule him and to mockingly criticise him .

37. In my mind, he must be ready to apply the iron hand. He must start becoming a strict disciplinarian on errant ministers and pesky trouble makers.

38. Forget the celebration of differences and of artificial liberalism. Like Lee Kuan Yew, when you are pushed to the corner, you must come out with the brass knuckles.

39. Never be shy to use something similar to the Isa on repugnant people;such as those who want to use different theme for Merdeka. They are acting treasonous.

40. It's an inexcusable abberation, that must be dealt with firmly. Remember, as Lee Kuan Yew said, sending your opponents to jail, is like making love to a virgin. It's painful initially, but is pleasurable subsequently.

41. Perhaps, the PM is imprisoned by the reformasi slogan. So, the political process becomes so tempered and magnanimous. Such that the pm cannot act decisively.

42. The whole reformasi thing, is that it represents a huge slack on pmx. It curtails him from doing the assertive action.

43. Failure to take decisive actions,makes the whole reformasi movement, so leisurely and placid. Reformasi is like doing a painting, making embroidery, drinking teh Tarik, eating pasembor or eating nasi kandar beratoq .

44. And failure to do so will make the pm seem hypocritical. He is but a smoked salmon socialist, gauche caviar, limousine and Lear jet liberal and the latest, a Louis Vuitton liberal. He is forever regarded as a pathological liar. Therefore act!

45. I am suspicious of the phrase reformasi. It's slow and imperceptible. It can also mean you become a better thief, embezzler and more dishonest, on the quiet side.

46. I prefer the term revolution. It must involve a little violence and upheaval because it's the overthrow of one class by another. The oppressor by the oppressed, the dishonest by the righteous!

47. In the next and final part, I will discuss the other average and below average performers. Rafizi for instance gave a convoluted story that failed to explain why the ringgit dived. The trade minister tells an economy created by spurious results .


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