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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 19 August 2023

Vanishing UMNO. Part 1

1. Let UMNO fade into insignificance, let us not be sorry UMNO is fast becoming irrelevant. The hard truth is people no longer like UMNO and will not give two hoots whatever happens to UMNO.

2. For all they care, UMNO can go to hell, fade into oblivion or self implode. They all want to perform the last rites on oomno .

3. Can UMNO moderate itself? When someone asks such a question, I feel like laughing.

4. That's asking UMNO to be ordinary, run off the mill, temperate etc. Like AR Tompel says,'impossible'!

5. With the bellicose, xenophobic and paranoid voices coming from the 2nd echelon UMNO leaders, asking UMNO to moderate itself is like asking a camel to go through a needle hole .

6. For example, the berserked and almost maniacal noises from the UMNO youth head, seemed to find consonance with the UMNO hoi polloi, that to ask UMNO to slow down is like asking a driver speeding at 120mph to suddenly engage the reverse gear. The car can overturn and perhaps kill all the passengers . That can happen to UMNO .

7. The great economist, Milton Friedman wrote a book called Bright promises, Dismal performance. That's how I looked at UMNO. It promises the moon and the stars, but only a few bought .

8. UMNO won 19 of the 108 seats it contested. There's a joke making its round among the chattering class, that the number of charges faced by jahid are more than UMNO seats won, combined . ( Pru +prn).

9. UMNO then , is the proverbial carcass of a monitor lizard carried by PH. It's the sick-man of the unity government.

10. As expected of UMNO, it must find somebody to blame for its dismal performance. It's typical for UMNO to find a scapegoat. And the one ,most convenient is wak jahid, the lazy and not so smart ' presideng'.

11. What UMNO wants to do with the Bagan latok neanderthal, we don't Care. The UMNO cavemen can even string Zahid by his balls,for all we care. It's no skin off our noses .

12. But when some UMNO quarters start blaming others, especially the DAP for instance, this behavior confirms that UMNO is in a state of non compos mentis .

13. UMNO is suffering from a massive don Quixote syndrome. It fancies itself a knight or an invincible adi Putra striking out at Chinese dragons or Indian nagas

14. Perhaps suffering from mad cow disease also, some UMNO mental retards attribute it's poor performance to its association with DAP.

15. That view is both erroneous and preposterous. A few examples can easily debunk such a myopic view .

16. At the first level, DAP contests in non Malays dominated areas and usually against non Malays candidates. Malay votes are insignificant there .

17. Secondly, DAP also contests in mixed areas where non Malay population is around 30 to 40%. To win,DAP will need 20 to 30% Malay votes, assuming it gets 80% non Malay votes .

18. DAP needs free will Malay votes, but is hardly hard up of Malay votes. It's a case of melukut ditepi gantang, keluar tak mengurangi, Masuk tak menambah

19. Hence to ditch mein Fuhrer Zahid will not solve the woes UMNO is facing. To assign importance to Zahid either way, is to assign importance to him much more than he deserves. The man deserves nothing .

20. Zahid has provided a populist, pat you in the back leadership and a clueless direction for UMNO. But the UMNO delegates chose him democratically and must also remove him the same way. Having made your bed, you must now lie in it .

21. Then there is the question of would Zahid leave UMNO and by necessity, the post of DPM? My answer is nein! Nahi!

22. If Zahid were to leave the 2 posts, he would be naked as it were. He would no longer has the illusion of protection from the 2 posts .

23. And imagine if Zahid were to be naked. Some people will faint and small children will get nightmares.


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