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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 30 August 2020

An idiot's outing in P. T. Barnum's circus.

1. If there was any financial impropriety on the part of Guan Eng when he was Finance Minister, I would gladly join others in criticising him.

2. But at the same time I would not be chorusing noises like braying donkeys in parliament without more information.

3. What I heard that day were cheap political points shouted mostly by UMNO ignoramuses. There were a lot of below the belt political points but meagre intellectual substance.

4. But that is expected from UMNO 's unrefined idiots. They are in the same coarse league of Trump 'grab them by the pussy' personality.

5. Acting as if on cue from the Pontian Banjar, the bean counter, from MOF acted stupidly.

6. So he merrily repeated the political kick in the groin, saying that 101 recipients got 6.6b financial largesse through direct negotiation, courtesy of LGE.

7. If I had never been an Adun and MP before, I will also join other mouth gapping Malaysians to accuse LGE and DAP of acting improperly.

8. Certainly I would say LGE and DAP are kong kalikong too. Dua kali lima too.

9. It's an epiphany for me, the bean counter acted stupidly or acted with intentional malice using figures that would be scrutinized and whose narration would be challenged.

10. Such behaviour is that of a political novice accustomed to being unchallenged and surrounded by subservient Uncle Toms. Now he's talking to people who can talk back and challenge his narrative. Something new to him.

11. Meanwhile, the UMNO rednecks acted with characteristic bellicosity and pugnacity shouting themselves hoarse without an iota of intellectual substance, scoring cheap political points. They rushed in like fools where angels fear to tread.

12. They were more driven by herd instinct like a herd of wildebeests. It's true when P. Ramlee described parliament as a 'sarkas'.

13. As to the unelected finance minister, let me be more blunt to him in a language a nitwit like him can understand.

14. Perhaps when he enters his wife, he likes to do it halfway or a quarter way. As Negri people say 'masuk suku'. Its not our business if he likes it that way.

15. But the narrative he gave in parliament is our business. He gave a half measure only but sat down smirkly thinking he had given a pièce de résistance.

16. Which is the infamous incomplete list of the 101 projects worth RM.6.6b.

17. Please give us the list of the recipients who got the money through direct negotiation. Its our father's money.

18. Ada faham? A complete list of the recipients. Its like the opposition asked-a list of the recipients.

19. Otherwise, he's like a cook giving us a half cooked meal. That gives us stomach indigestion. I am afraid I didn't bring my Gaviscon with me. Have to go to the toilet then.

20. Could it be the list(incomplete)he proudly repeated is the following one?

21. Then from far he looks clever, but up close he is far from clever.

22. If that is the list then he has misled parliament with malicious intent. He's in deep waters.

23. But I am sure that is not the list. Even a 1 eyed buccaneer will know it's not the list. But the bespectacled finance minister maybe seeing 4 visions.

24. He should be referred to "the what" committee, I forgot. Privileges committee, rights or ways and means. Pardon me. For having misled parliament.

25. Now that is a serious matter on his part. If I were a teacher, I would give him passing mark whereas he thinks he has scored a distinction.

26. He has joined the 'Apa aku malu' bandwagon. Being a crook is a virtue.

27. Obviously Zafrul does not read or understand the Financial Procedure Act
He therefore made the asinine statement.

28. The pugnacious MP from Pontian gave him a baited shuttlecock and Zafril smashed it into the wrong court. He proved he can be a useful idiot.

29. The question was designed to make him look stupid or it had that effect. He swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

30. Now that LGE has acknowledged giving out 101 projects through direct negotiations, Zafrul must come out with a more detailed list. Ada teloq?

31. But LGE also said that the direct negotiations represented only 1.4 percent of Total Expenditure and 4 percent of Development Expenditure.

32. Of Zafrul a friend, a Malay said this about him.

33. Zafrul tak faham dan tak baca financial procedure act...buat statement macam budak bodoh...

34. But out of all these I know now. There is a provision for direct negotiation. Now, that is a cause for concern.


Friday 28 August 2020

Najib's faux pas

1. Rather than making oaths that he did not steal money which is already proven in court, Najib should be making oaths about his promiscuity.

2. For God's sake - He's convicted for his thievery not his generosity. Now he's criss-crossing the country evoking sympathy.

3. In a sense that's a cruel indictment on his defence lawyers. Implicitly he has no confidence in the due process of The law.

4. The Malays have a saying-the fish flips in the water, we know its male or female. Similarly, we know what Najib is up to.

5. Asking for sympathy he's trying to politicize the issue. He's trying to make public a private gain. The benefits he sapu the liability he wants to share. It's an offer we will politely decline.

6. Making use of people is second nature to him. He once told me what the Malays like most is getting free money. The minions around him are regrettably corruptible.

7. To him they are just digits to be manipulated by superior born like him.

8. That's why he wants to supplant his faulty legal defence with mass support from the people.

9. Give him enough rope and he' ll hang himself. So let him open his 7-eleven mouth. The more he opens it the more offence the courts get.

10. He's arm twisting the courts to arrive at a conclusion amenable to him. The courts which are independent will find this strategy offensive and unpalatable.

11. That's like bullying the courts into capitulation. A judiciary made of sterner stuff will not tolerate that. Hence, a more likely outcome, is the courts affirming the findings of the high court. Amirulmusyrik will be a special guest of the government.

12. It confirms that Najib is a selfish fellow. Asking people to overturn a legal decision, he's asking people to not respect the law.

13. Najib thinks he's a law unto himself. He can violate it with impunity. If he does regard himself as such then he doesn't need the people. Does he?

14. By asking the people to something in the PRU if they sympathise with him, he's asking people to do extra judicial means to overturn a judicial decision. That in itself, is unconscionable.

15. Also, he assumes the people will vote UMNO. Then UMNO overturns legal decisions against UMNO leaders? Don't let him make an ass of u and me.

16. By asking the people to do something he's asking people to throw religion out the window.

17. The principle of helping others as enunciated in the Holy Quran, is to help others further goodness and increase piety and not otherwise. To do so would be to invite the wrath of God.

18. Helping Najib is to fortify transgressions and surely that would invite the wrath of God.

19. But what does selfish Najib care? As long as he saves his neck? The people can go to hell.

20. After the baptism of Allah will the people smear themselves with Najib's filth?

[And say, "Ours is] the religion of Allah. And who is better than Allah in [ordaining] religion? And we are worshippers of Him." - Al Baqarah 138

21. The people may not be as sophisticated as sly Najib, but they know their religion.

22. The blasphemous and transgressors among the children of Israel were cursed by Allah through David and Jesus because they were transgressors and violators.

23. When they see among them those who commit crimes and corruption they keep quiet.

"Cursed were those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and of Jesus, the son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed.

They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing.

You see many of them becoming allies of those who disbelieved. How wretched is that which they have put forth for themselves in that Allah has become angry with them, and in the punishment they will abide eternally."

- Al Maidah 78-80

24. The people have a choice as how to deal with Najib. Let's deal him and UMNO a death blow.

25. Heed the sayings of our holy Prophet(pbuh). Societies before you self-destruct. The same fate can befall you. Why? Because they have 2 sets of laws. One for the rich and one for the poor.

26. When the rich violate the law they keep will quiet. When the poor break the law the authorities become vicious and oppressive.

27. Najib can also act stupid by asking the rhetorical question did I steal your father's money?

28. Of course not. That's when the state steps in. It assumes the identity of the aggrieved. Ada faham?

29. It's the state vs Najib. Najib is no saint but a lousy politician.


Wednesday 26 August 2020

Old Kuantan.

1. I was born in Pekan, Pahang. Up to 6 years old I stayed in Pekan. From standard one to 6th form I stayed in Kuantan.

2. My home town is therefore really Kuantan. It is there where my fondest memories are.

3. I am very fortunate to come across a video of old Kuantan. Many of the landmarks were there before I was born.

4. Be that as it may, I was in time to experience some of the things of old Kuantan.

5. For instance, I was in time of the ferry at Tanah Puteh. I saw barges plying the Kuantan river. I was in time when the buildings in front of Rex Cinema were wooden buildings.

6. You can only get to Tanjung Lumpur by boat or overland via Kampung Semangat. A goat costs RM 40 only.

7. Enjoy old Kuantan. Progress has overtaken many of the features. 


Tuesday 25 August 2020

Memperlakukan seorang amirulmusyrik.

1. Najib seperti budak yang nakal na'uzubillah. Diatas pentas bukan main lagi bersumpah. Masih mengaku tidak bersalah. Sedangkan mahkamah sudah mendapati dia bersalah.

2. Kenakalan segini memerlukan pendisiplinan dengan sebatan rotan, yakni dengan sebatan yang menanggalkan kulit seperti yang diguna oleh sang algojo sang algojo Pakistan.

3. Najib bolih jadi alumni tokoh2 terkenal sekolah Henry Gurney. Itu sangat cocok buat dia.
Mereka yang dipenjarai sekarang usah rasa kerdil kerana tidak lama lagi mereka akan dapat seorang bekas pm sebagai rakan kamar.

4. Tapi se2orang rakan banduan kenalah nasihat akan dia, ketika mandi kalau sabun buku jatuh, jangan menonggeng! Itu bahaya dong.

5. Amirulmusyrik ini tidak segan silu bersumpah, laknat dan tidak laknat. Sumpah itu sebenarnya pengakuan bahawa tuduhan itu benar!

6. Makanya Najib siamirulmusyrik boleh bersumpah beribu kali, semua tidak berguna sesen pun!

7. Bukankah bekas mufti WP berfatwa bahwa sumpah laknat hanya releven untuk kes suami isteri?

8. Kalau gitu lebih baik Najib bersumpah kepada Rosmah bahawa dia tidak pernah meniduri perempuan lain.

9. Berbuih banyak manapun Najib bersumpah, Rosmah tetap meraguinya. Manakala Rosmah ragu, Tuhan tahu.

10. Mungkin lain yang tahu termasuklah Isa Samad, Razak baginda dan bolih jadi Rahim Tamby Chik. Tapi 3 matlaon2 ini tidaklah bersifat ketuhanan ya.

11. Yang patut dilakukan olih amirulmusyrik kita ialah bertaubat dan beristigfar.

12. Sebab ustaz-ustaz saya beritahu, bila kita merompak mencuri , menyamun dan merogol serta membunuh iman kita jatuh.

13. Jadi untuk mengembalikan keimanan kita, kenalah kita banyak2 beristigfar dan bertaubat.

14. Nabi kata dia beristigfar paling kurang 100 kali sehari. Itu orang maksum. Kalau amirulmusyrik berapa banyak?

15. Najib bersumpah minta simpati dan tolong. Tak ada rasa malu langsung. Sebab dikalangan audiens nya yang polos(naive and innocent) ada yang berkopiah segala.

16. Tentulah amirulmusyrik mempercayai bahawa faham agama dan keimanan orang2 ini tidak tebal. Orang2 bodoh bukan?

17. Mereka tahu prinsip tolong menolong yang dianjurkan Quran. Yakni tolong menolong kearah kebaikan dan meningkatkan ketaqwaan bukan tolong menolong untuk kejahatan dan mengurangkan ketaqwaan.

18. Mereka juga tahu, menolong kejahatan Najib akan mengundang azab yang sengsara dari Allah.

19. Selepas subuh mereka baca Quran dan membaca al Baqarah 138. Ayat sibghah Allah atau celupan Allah.

20. Setelah mewarnai kehidupan mereka dengan celupan Allah, mustahil mereka mahu mencemar kehidupan mereka dengan celupan amirulmusyrik.

21. Apa hukum menolong orang musyrik yang kufur dan durhaka?. Mereka membaca al Maidah 78 ke 80.

22. Mereka akan dilaknat oleh Allah. Jangan main2 ini janji Allah, bukan janji manusia.

23. Setengah yang kufur dikalangan bani Israel dikutuk oleh Allah melalui lisan nabi Daud dan Isa anak Maryam.

23. Hal demikian terjadi kerana mereka kufur dan durhaka. Bila melihat kawan2 mereka merasuah, merompak dan melanggar undang2, mereka diam dan berpeluk tubuh.

24. Kalau kita membiarkan Najib terus menipu dan mencuri atau hendak bantu Najib lepas dari undang2, kita kufur dan durhaka. Kita akan dilaknati Allah. Berani kita lawan Allah?

25. Kita akan dibinasakan. Bukankah nabi telah bersabda yang membinasakan kaum terdahulu dari kita ialah durhaka kita?

26. Yakni bila pembesar dan yang ternama melakukan kesalahan kita berdiam diri. Tapi bila rakyat marhaen melakukan kesalahan bukan main garangnya kita.

27. Binasalah bangsa kita kalau kita membelakangi prinsip dasar ini.

28. Saya memohon agar sesetengah orang yang merupakan hasil gelian kankang sesetengah bahlol, memerdekakan diri dari pengabdian Najib.

29. Sekian lama anda mati dalam setia, kali ini hiduplah dalam durhaka.

30. Janganlah jadi seperti wanita2 yang mengeliligi Najib dalam satu kempen. Tergedik gedik dihadapan amirulmusyrik.

31. Mungkin mereka diserang sawan birahi yang Memuncak membayangkan bibir Najib yang merah. Keseronokan sementara membuat mereka lupa bahawa sosok jantan dihadapan mereka itu seorang crook.

32. Orang macam Najib memanglah cocok sekali dengan sistem umno yang korap. Kerana Najib ada 2 kelayakan yang dihargai oleh umno.

33. Pertama ialah kebodohan. Ke2 ialah ketidakjujuan. Pasukan pembela Najib sedaya upaya cuba menggambarkan Najib seorang nincompoop. Ternyata kita telah mendapat seorang yang bahlul sebagai pm ke6.


34. Dalam mahkamah dia kata dia tidak tahu menahu dan tidak mengendali akaun nya. Diluar mahkamah dia kata dia beri kepada rumah yatim dan umno.
Maknanya dia tahu dan mengendali akaunnya. Yang mana satu?. Tahu ke tak tahu?

35. Memberi wang yang dicuri ialah mengobah wang kotor kepada wang bersih. Itu pendobian wang namanya.

36. Mencuri wang src dan 1mdb serta dari tempat2 lain, mengesahkan Najib seorang yang tidak jujur.

37. Apabila sekumpulan orang menjerit apa yang hendak dimalukan penyamunku, itu sama seperti menyatakan sila masuk rumah kani dan tiduri anak2 dan isteri kami. Di layui oleh amirulmusyrik adalah suatu penghormatan.

38. Adakah itu bermakna orang melayu meng agungkan perompakan? Kerana ia dilakukan oleh orang melayu yang beragama islam, maka jenayah itu menjadi suatu yang kudus?

39. Yang nyata juga ialah Najib mempunyai kulit tebal dari badak sumbu!


Monday 24 August 2020

Dealing with a petulant felon.

1. Najib penyamunku is behaving like a petulant youngster. The only form of disciplining he deserves is canning by the severest pain inflicting rattan.

2. The cane that inflicts flesh shedding normally used by Pakistani canners. Najib is not averse to taking money and flesh right?

3. As a petulant youngster and a delinquent he should be inducted as a hall of famer to the Henry Gurney school of miscreants.

4. Those incarcerated at the moment should not feel diminished as they would soon get a former pm as a buddy.

Someone advise him not to bend over to pick up the soap. That would be a bottom shaker.

5. So Najib can make as many oaths as he wants, both damning or not before a receptive audience. They are of no avail and are useless.

6. Didn't the ex mufti of WP say that a sumpah laknat is not applicable to criminal cases but relevant only to matrimonial cases?

7. Then Najib should make the sumpah laknat to Rosie saying he hasn't screwed any other women. Only Rosie suspects and God knows. Also, Isa Samad Rahim Tamby Chik and Razak baginda know too. But that doesn't make them God like.

8. To a liar like Najib, another lie and oath is a walk in the park. He won't be struck by lightning or get and incurable disease. Or would he?

9. In court, he says he doesn't handle or knows about his account. Outside the court he says he gives the monies to orphans and umno. Meaning he handles and knows his account. Which is which?

10. I wish the receptive audience, the pleasure product of the loins of some ignoramuses, would reject Najib's hypocrisy and entreaties. The tree of liberty should be shaken from time to time.

11. I am surprised he didn't use umno nationalism to appeal to the masses but instead used religious sentiments to elicit mass support. Perhaps he knows that nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel and nationalism is the virtue of the vicious.

12. Umno nationalism is therefore ephemeral. Devoid of its weltanshaung support for umno is fluid. So I say that religious sentiment is the last refuge for the scoundrel and religiousity the virtue of the vicious. Like Najib is.

13. So i urge the people to exercise the material in between their ears( it's not the nose). For so long you die being loyal, lets be alive in rebellion!

14. In exercising the material between their ears, don't be like the dumbos surrounding Najib during a recent umno campaign. See the second photo. They were probably experiencing some orgasmic seizure drooling at Najib's red lips.
A brief moment's pleasure makes them forget the man before them is a bloody crook.

15. A person like Najib can subsist within the corrupt system of umno. Najib has 2 qualities highly appreciated by umno. (a). Stupidity and (b) dishonesty.

16. His defense lawyers made him out as a stupido. Its no-brainer to know we got an imbecile as the 6th pm. He stole money from SRC and later to be proven from 1mdb. That he is dishonest is an unchallengeable fact.

17. What can I say about the following video? Certainly Najib has got a skin thicker than a rhino.
Then this sermon is for Najib.

18. Some people are telling Najib it's okay to steal. That's like telling the man it's okay to enter the house and sleep with their daughters. To be deflowered by penyamunku is something celebratory.

19. By instigating the people to do something in the PRU Najib maybe liable for inciting.

20. He's asking the people to overturn a legal wrong. What more of turning a private wrong into a public one. It's the law against Najib and not the law against the people.

21. When Najib stole from SRC did he think about the people? No.

22. Asking the people to get involved, is like having sex. Before having sex you undress your partner. After the act you dress yourself only. The thing is dear Najib nobody gives a damn when you are f****d!


Saturday 22 August 2020

Menangani kedegilan UMNO.

1. Saya membaca amaran yang diberi olih sosok cocksure Khaled Nordin pada Bersatu. Waduh!

2. Bergabung dengan muafakat bersatu kalau tidak. Kalau tidak apa ya shekh?

3. Ternyata amaran umpama itu terbit dari rasa angkuh. Rasa UMNO itu sudah mantap.

4. 5 kemenangan dalam PRK tidak bermakna semuanya kembali baik dalam
UMNO. Ianya semua adalah amaran kepada PPBM ketika itu.

5. Amaran tersebut sudah dijawab oleh pak Muhyi. Seekor burung walid berterbangan bukan bererti musim panas sudah tiba.

6. PPBM telah mengganti
UMNO maka tidak ada sebab rakyat mesti kembali kepada UMNO.

7. Kenyataan khaled nordin itu adalah lanjutan cakap-cakap bersifat sengketa puak
UMNO. Paling mutakhir pemuda UMNO johor memberitahu pm jangan lebih camca dari sudu.

8. Cerca demi nesta dilontar kepada bersatu dan bersatu membisu? Hukum fisik mengatakan tiap aksi akan bertembung dengan reaksi yang setimpal.

9. Masaalah si
UMNO ini ialah menyangka ia sudah kembali gagah seperti dahulu. Hari-hari halcyon tersebut sudah berlalu. Rakyat sebetulnya meluat kepada UMNO. Dengan budaya korupsi segala dan neo feudalism nya.

10. Yang
UMNO ada ialah crass Malay nationalim yakni nationalism ras yang membabi buta tidak ada kebijaksanaan lansung.

11. Rakyat yang kian bistari menolak
UMNO dan crass nationalism dan budaya korupsi. Itu sebab utama mengapa UMNO jatuh.

12. Tapi
PPBM jangan hanya berharap pada accretion perkembangan organik saja. Ia harus melakukan langkah-langkah yang ruthless kepada UMNO.

13. Pujuk mereka yang ada jawatan dalam kerajaan dan GLC-GLC masuk
PPBM. Ini tidaklah susah sebab mereka suka wang, wanita dan tamar. Jika mereka enggan, pecat mereka.
Tajudin pasti menangis dan melalak.

14. Kebanyakan orang
UMNO ada kes. Gunakan tindakan mahkamah untuk menjinakkan mereka. Guna penyata cukai keatas mereka. Bukan bosku saja yang lari cukai.

15. Gantikan isian minda rakyat dengan nilai-nilai bersatu. Rakyat tidak perlu lagi diwarnai hidup mereka dengan nasionalisme membabi buta
UMNO. Nasionalime kita mesti bersandarkan pencapaian ekonomi, keterbaikan pendidikan, agama yang menyatukan, budaya yang mengikatkan semua.

16. Pecat
UMNO dari PN. Musuh dalam selimut lagi merbahayakan. Biar mereka jelas dengan permusuhan mereka. Biar mereka hidup dengan ilusi masyarakat melayu bersama mereka.

17. Rakyat marhaen menolak mereka. Nilai-nilai salah yang
UMNO terapkan, budaya rasuah yang menghidupi mereka, yang telah merebak kepada perjawatan awam, paternalisme yang menjiwai mereka dan neo feudalime yang mereka amalkan. Sungguh menjelekkan. In i semua asas untuk rakyat menolak bukan mendakapi mereka.

18. Lepaskan white terror kepada budak degil yang bernama
UMNO. Haramkan parti itu. Biar mereka bertempiaran. Bersikap lembut hanya meransangi mereka bersikap kurang ajar. Lihat apa jadi kalau UMNO diharamkan.

19. Yang utama dan pertama ia akan mengesahkan dan mentahkikkan bahawa orang melayu akan terus hidup tanpa mereka. Raja-raja melayu akan terus hidup dengan kebangsawanan mereka. Diatas kematian
UMNO kita berkembang dengan kehidupan baru. Tidak ada bencana yang akan menimpa orang melayu. Matahari tetap naik dari timur.

20. Anggaplah mereka sebagai golongan pengacau yang perlu ditangani dengan kekuasaan yang ruthless. Orang macam khaled nordin adalah sosok yang hidup dengan intransigence mereka. Yakni enggan menerima hakikat
UMNO tidak akan segagah dahulu.

21. Biarlah 5 kemengangan pyrrhic pru mengkhayalkan mereka dan sokongan segelintir manusia yang sesat terhadap penyamunku membuai mereka.

22. Biarkan nombor 11 yang disukai olih penyamunku menjadi batu nesan yang menguburi
UMNO. Dari tanah kamu datang, kepada tanah kamu kembali.

23. Biar saya segera menyatakan bahawa saya ada ramai kawan dan sahabat dalam
UMNO. Saya tidak ada perbalahan dengan mereka. Hanya saya ada isu dengan UMNO secara umum.


Thursday 20 August 2020

Pejuang-janji terang, kemungkinan yang mendukacitakan.

1. Alkisah satu lagi parti politik muncul di Malaysia. Ia ditubuhkan oleh 'General Melched', Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

2. Tidak lain ia hanya Mulligan's Army dilawati semula-tentera hadapan yang dipimpin Captain Blackadder leftenan George dan private Baldrick. Disokong oleh Captain Darling.

3. Mengapa kemunculan parti baru ini tidak menaikkan keterujaan saya? Kerana seperti ramai orang lain, saya tertakluk kepada hukum pulangan berkurang.

4. The law of diminishing returns ini mengatakan bahawa penambahan satu lagi parti tidak memberi faedah tambahan kepada saya, bahkan memberi saya rasa mual, ketidakselesaan dan kepayahan.

5. Dr Mahathir tidak ada pilihan tapi terpaksa membuat parti baru untuk kekal releven, tapi penubuhan nya membuat saya rasa tepu.

6. Teriakan perangnya iaitu membasmi korupsi bukanlah perkara baru, bahkan ianya hanya pembungkusan baru makanan yang sudah basi. Air tamar dalam botol baru sahaja.

7. Setiap parti mempunyai pembasmian korupsi sebagai sebagian dari agenda mereka. Tinggal lagi pengistiharannya bertenaga atau tidak.

8. Parti yang dibenci rakyat seperti umno pun mempuyai pembasmian korupsi sebagai agenda nya yang tidak disebut. Tapi parti itu bergelumang dengan rasuah. Ia menjadi sebagian dari darah dagingnya.

9. Kalau membasmi rasuah satu dasar yang umum, apa yang membedakan parti Pejuang dengan parti2 lain? Ianya sebuah parti run off the mill saja.

10. Parti Pejuang membisu mengenai isu2 kesenjagangan pendapapatan antara kawasan desa dan bandar, mengenai ekstremisme agama, ras dan sebagainya.

11. Membasmi rasuah itu penting tapi ianya kerja yang berterusan atau work in progress -bercakap mengenainya basi dan memualkan. Sebaik berkuasa rasuah masih ada dan bermaharajalela.

12. Lagipun saya sangsi dengan pencapaian nya. Mahathir ada 22 tahun untuk membasminya tapi gagal.

13. Bukan saja gagal tapi membajainya sehingga mengujudkan makhluk yang jelek dalam bentuk pm ke6.

14. Yang mencuri sini sana
Curi di mana mana
Dia ingat dia bijaksana
Tapi terus membawa bencana.

15. Rakyat hidup dalam sengsara
Sekian lama mati dengan setia
Kini biarlah hidup dalam durhaka
Enggan membiarkan diri diperhamba!

16. Mahathir ada 22 tahun untuk melaksanakan nya tapi gagal. Mana mungkin kita percaya dia bisa melakukan nya dalam masa 5 tahun?

17. Ketika itu usianya menghampiri 100. Semoga kecacatan dan kematian tidak mencemburuinya.

18. Membuat saya berfikir. Adakah kita memerlukan seorang pm berusia 100 tahun? Adakah Malaysia ketandusan pemimpin?

19. Selepas itu bagaimana? Matlamat melawan korupsi akan dipikul oleh sosok2 yang tidak semantap Mahathir. Kita akan terus bergusti dengan rasuah.

20. Lebih baik kita menginstitusikan pembasmian rasuah. Jadikan ia sebagian dari perlembagaan kita. Supaya kita tidak bergantung pada mana2 parti dan tokoh.

21. Kalau pada usia 100 tahun dia masih mahu berkuasa ini bermakna dia gila kuasa. Benarlah seperi dikatakan olih madam Chiang Qin, kuasa lebih baik dari seks, kuasa berpanjangan.

21. Kita tidak akan lupa pada jasa Mahathir -dari melengkapkan rakyat dengan kerangka minda Malaysia bolih, kepada infrastruktur yang membanggakan dan mengemudi kepesatan ekonomi. Ini semua dipahat dibatu sejarah.

22. Tapi dia juga yang mengujudkan sistem yang membenarkan seekor toyol menghisap darah kita.

23. Bila dia memilih untuk meletak jawatan sebagai pm, dia bukan saja mahu mencipta ruang menjalankan muslihat2 politiknya tapi yang lebih memudaratkan memperjudikan masa depan kita. Ini kepada saya adalah kemuncak ketidakpedulian.

24. Pada usia segini Mahathir kalis kritikan, tapi tidak bermakna dia saja yang betul. Tidak bermakna yang betul itu yang terfikir olih dia saja.

25. Benar dia melakukan ini semua dengan caranya sendiri, tapi saya rasa penghujungya sudah tiba.


Tuesday 18 August 2020

Pejuang - Bright promises dismal possibilities.

1. Yet another political party has materialised before our tired eyes. It is called parti Pejuang. Formed by Dr Mahathir.

2. It's Mulligan's army revisited. A bunch of soldiers led by captain Blackadder.

3. Why am I not excited by the emergence of another party?

4. Like many others I suffer from the law of diminishing returns.

5. An additional political party does not confer me any more satisfaction but only discomfort and inconvenience.

6. Pejuang makes the boastful claim of eliminating a perennial problem - corruption. But it's just repackaging of rancid food. Its just wine in a new bottle.

7. The elimination of corruption is not the sole monopoly of Pejuang. All political parties have it as one of its agenda, only with more or less enthusiasm.

8. Even despicable UMNO has it as one of its unwritten promises. So Mahathir's explicit declaration about it is just hot air to me.

9. He's had 22 years to do it but didn't snuff out the enabling system. In fact, he nourishes it further.

10. If he had 22 years to do it and failed, I am not confident he can do it in 5 years.

11. By which time he will be approaching 100. Let's hope infirmity and death don't catch up on him. His promises will be left to lesser mortals who may not share his aim. So it's a case of bright promises but dismal possibilities.

12. When he chose to resign he was not only playing out his machinations but playing with our future. To me, that's the height of irresponsibility.

13. I know at his age he is beyond criticism but that doesn't mean he's right always.

14. We know Mahathir has done many great things-giving Malaysians the right mindset of Malaysia Boleh, great infrastructure and all that.

15. But he is also responsible for creating the system which in turn created the ogre in the form of the 6th PM. Although he did it his way, I am afraid the end is near.

16. This time around Pejuang will be consigned to the dustbin of inconsequentiality.


Saturday 15 August 2020

Surgeon General's warning: Winking is hazardous to your health.

1. I have learnt one thing-that we can say 1001 things before the court hearing, they don't mean anything.

2. The actual arguments will be done in court. We may not have all the facts. So we may huff and puff until we are blue in the face, the concrete roof will never fall down.

3. But all our writings complaints and aversions towards anybody served at least one thing. They stir up the emotions of reasonable men. Being reasonable men, we hope they affect the judicial fraternity too.

4. So we vigorously fan the charcoal embers to cause a lot of smoke, shake the tree, throw a lot of mud and dig up enough dirt.

5. Throwing a lot of mud includes dragging in Betty Chew who is not on trial here. So why drag her in?

6. Possibly to cast aspersions on LGE. If Betty were not LGEs wife who was then the CM of Penang would she be paid excessive legal fees?

7. If the fees were voluntarily made who are we to question it? The nasi kandar stall charges us more than 100 per cent. Don't be a sanctimonious bastard.

8. The court can prove or disprove whether the consultancy firm got any benefits from LGE right?

9.if it did not then its just casting the net wide enough to catch the fish.

10. If it's not relevant then its hilarious but damaging nonetheless.

11. Nowadays winking can be hazardous to our mental health. If I were to wink at a lady, that can be interpreted as I am asking her to come to bed with me or asking her to do something salacious.
Right? If readers have a yellow mindset that is.

12. So when LGE was said to have winked at Zarul Zulkifli he was interpreted to say yes to an offer of a bribe of 10 percent of a 6 billion project.

13. Admittedly this Malaysian Charlie Chaplin of the silent movie said he arrived at the affirmative conclusion as a result of his Boy Scout training. I suppose if you were trained as a St. John's or Sea Scout you will arrive at different conclusions.

14. Further if you were trained as a Girl Guide or a brownie you may arrive at still different conclusions. Indeed, there are so many conclusions as there are permutations.

15. I can also say that Mamu Zarul arrived at his conclusion, as a result of his wet dream or sexual mental excusions or intoxication from eating too much nasi kandaq from Line Clear, Beratoq or Kampung Melayu.

16. I say let's appoint Mamu Zarul as the interpreter for the deaf since he's so conversant at sign and bodily language. Who knows he can be the brown Jack Jason.

17. The winking may be caused by many reasons. Some dirt may have got into LGEs eye or the eye can react that way because of the coldness or LGE may be winking at the brazenness of the dark apparition appearing before him offering a bribe.

18. To me, a company which is in the habit of giving bribes to somebody, anybody ought to be banned in all business dealings. A bribe giver is as guilty as a bribe taker.

19. This case is akin to trawler fishing that sucks all the fish, big and small and all other forms of sea life into the whirlpool of notoriety. And mind you, trawler fishing is illegal in coastal waters.


Friday 14 August 2020

Badi al Anfal 46


1. Ya ampun! Amirul mukminin, raja pada mereka yang beriman mengungkap firman Allah . Dan dia terus dijawab.

2. Sejak bila siamirul mukminin ni baca Quran? Boleh jadi dia mengupah seorang ustaz yang lulus general degree, mencari ayat.

3. Apabila Najib mengungkap ayat 46 surah al anfal, saya berguling atas lantai dan ketawa terbahak bahak. Orang yang duduk atas kerusi hampir jatuh.

4. Ini kerana Najib mula menjadi melayu sekitar tahun 1976 dan jadi Islam lama kemudian. Maklum saja lah semasa menjadi timbalan menteri dia sibuk dengan girlfriend-girlfriend dia. Semasa, jadi MB Pahang dia sibuk dengan seorang bini orang yang kerja dengan Island n Peninsular.

5. Masaalahnya kalau kita petik satu ayat(yang terputus pulak tu) orang lain boleh memetik satu ayat lain untuk meneutralisasikan ayat kita. Sebab itu Najib dijawab.
Padan muka.

6. Nasihat saya yang faqir ini ialah ayat 46 itu harus dibaca bersama dengan ayat 45 dan 47.

7. Ayat2 tersebut adalan pesan Allah kepada team Muhammad saw berdepan dengan team Abu Jahal. Najib ni team Muhammad atau team Abu Jahal? Nabi Muhammad bukan ahli UMNO!

8. Tentera Islam berjumlah 313 orang lawan 1000 orang Quraish yang dipimpin oleh Amr ibn Hisham aka abu Jahal.

9. Najib macam abu jahal lagaknya. Bila ke mahkamah dengan belasan peguambela dan puluhan antek2nya. Semasa penghukuman dengan ribuan apparatchiks UMNO yang diangkut dengan bas. Dari segi jumlah, Najib macam abu jahal kan?

10. Pada perperangan Badr atau bhazwat Badr atau yaumal furqan itu, si Abu Jahal membawa pancaragam, penyanyi dan penari2 gelek nya segala, tapi kalah dan tewas juga.

11. Abu Najib membawa belasan peguambela, antek2nya dan ribuan apparatchiks UMNO yang tidak henti2 menyanyi pujian kepada Najib yang tiba2 dilantik amirul mukminin.

12. Dan dia, macam Abu Jahal tewas dengan hukuman jel dan denda.

13. Najib ni mekngong betul-ingat pada Allah dan rasul itu apa? Ia bermakna ikut semua perintah Allah. Curi duit src, bagi duit curi ke anak yatim dan UMNO tak turut perintah Allah. Menyokong Najib, tidak taat pada Allah!

14. Bila diperintah jangan berbantahan sesama kamu ada Najib ikut? Bila dinasihat merendah diri Najib dengan keangkuhan dan kesombongan dia. Selepas mahkamah mulutnya tetap celupar macam biasa. Mulutnya macam 7 eleven-tak tutup sokmo.

15. Ada kita dengar Najib ingat pada Allah? Yakni dengan berdoa dan berzikir? Besar kemungkinan tak ada. Kalau dia buat tentu dia heboh. Dasar mulut tempayan kan?

16. Najib keluar rumah dengan riya' dan takabbur suka dipuji. Pencuri, perompak.dan penyamun dipanggil bosku. Orang yang tak kenal agama digelar amirul mukminin. Dia enggan duduk dalam kandang tertuduh bila diminta. Meraikan hari lahir di premis mahkamah.
Dia tertuduh bukan pm. Cocky betul!

17. Dalam proses mahkamah, UMNO dah berantakan dan berbantah bantah. Ada yang lari, ada yang dipecat, ada yang suruh mengaku mencuri. Macam mana nak berdepan dengan lawan?

18. Gerombolan UMNO yang didatangkan dan diberi imbuhan datang dengan riya' dan keangkuhan.

19. Mereka ingat jumlah yang ramai menakutkan mahkamah dan pihak berkuasa. Bangga menyokong kejahatan bukan kebaikan dan ketakwaan. Macam orang Pekan cakap palat aok!

20. Demikianlah kalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam jangan hendak diduga. Pandai2 sangat nak ungkap al anfal 46. Ini belum Ustaz jawab.

21. Macam Shakespeare akan kata... Najib is hoist by his own petard.


Thursday 13 August 2020

To Kill a Malaysian Mockingbird.

Apparently they recovered some cash in Lim Guan Eng’s house, quite a lot of it too.
Here it is.


1. That's how I see the prosecution of Lim Guan Eng. Comical. I was ROFL.

2. Even funnier we are asked to believe the words of a political pimp.

3. It would be interesting to see him expose his instrument in court soon.

4. I hope he's not hung like a baby carrot when he flashes his evidence in court.

5. He's the contractor of the tunnel who once bragged that he doesn't have to kautim anyone in the government to get the tunnel project.

6. The contract was awarded through open tender and commiteed by senior Penang and Federal civil servants. They too will provide evidence.

7. But for now we'll have to go on from the contractor since he is the prime actor in these charges.

8. He paid 3 Million to Azeez Rahim. He paid 100k to Halimah Saddique. He paid 100k to Nurjazlan Rahmat. Paid 50k to Zahid Hamidi's officer. He paid 500k to Nazri Aziz, UMNO's rottweiler. He also paid 500k to Rahman Dahalan.

9. My God! This man is a serial briber. And we are asked to believe in his credibility.

10. Perhaps the
UMNO luminaries will be called as defence witnesses to confirm they did recieve money from this contractor.

11. By the way the contractor made these allegations in writing. Having made the bed he must now lie on it.

12. Perhaps he will regale us with tales he met LGE at fancy hotels in Penang or Kl. Mandarin Oriental seems to be the hotel of choice.

13. Over cups of kopi luwak, sushi and cigars? Perhaps a visit for a charkuat session ?

14. In the case of the
UMNO luminaries there was a smoking gun. He actually paid these people and it is evidenced in writing.

15. In LGE's case there is no smoking gun. How do you put in writing, a promise to pay and a demand to be paid?

16. There may be intervening events that cancel such a promise if one was ever made.

17. Then the whole 'covenant' depends on whether the contractor is honourable and will honour his promise.

18. There are grounds to believe that he is not an honourable person. He paid the
UMNO  luminaries and admitted to paying them in writing. In other words he ratted on them.

19. Surely these are grounds to doubt him. Unless the court rejects the admission in writing and rules the written admission not admissible.

20. Then that begs the question -how can something in writing is NOT admissible but something said verbally IS.

21. The contractor must come to court with clean hands. If they are muddied, then he is just the mud thrower!

22. I find it ridiculous a person who once sung praises for the Penang' government's transparency and bragged he did not have to kautim anyone now does a turnover?

23. Now he reverses his storyline and does a Benedict Arnold on his benefactors?


Wednesday 12 August 2020

The folly prosecution of LGE.

1. How do we see the prosecution of Lim Guan Eng? I am not going to say this is political persecution or the consequence of other people fanning the smoke vigorously. Nobody is a sacred cow.

2. The arrest of LGE parallels the conviction of Najib. But that's where the similarities end.

3. In Najib's case, he is already convicted. In LGE's case, he still has to be produced in court.

4. If LGE is guilty he can be friends with Najib at Sungai Buloh.

5. It depends on whether SPRM and the government have a strong case. It also depends on the quality of the prosecution team.

6. If they don't, they better get ready to be sued for a wrongful arrest and possible defamation.

7. Let's assume they think they have. Let the hearing therefore begins.

8. First the politics behind it. The prosecution seemed to be driven by the need to be seen fair. A Malayman did it, now a Chinaman must be prosecuted. Only then it's fair.

9. That seems irrational, but at the moment I have to suspend my judgment.

10. Prosecute a Malaysian Indian too, then the fairness circle is complete. We are non-racial.!

11. If they don't have a strong case be damn ready to pay for it. It may also bring the PN government down. If PH can bring the BN government down, it can also do the same to the unelected government of puffy faced Muhyiddin.

12. I hope SPRM doesn't play the role of a useful idiot to do the bidding of the PN government or appease the Malay crowd.

13. Is LGE a tax evading schemer? Do we find any money in his account? Did he go on a shopping spree in Hawaii and Rome? Check his credit cards.

14. If he doesn't have all these then any moron can see he is not the same as the gorgon Najib. Don't be a Chinese uncle Tom and say LGE is the same as Najib.

15. We would be forgiven for thinking that the case against LGE is because SPRM found 42 million or USD 2.6 billion in his account. Instead, it's based on an allegation that LGE demanded 10 percent commission.

16. Without more SPRM has handed the prosecution a weak case from the start. LGE is said to have demanded not paid yet. So he is not equal to Najib in any way.

17. When monies actually went to Najib' s account they say it's a malicious lie or fitnah. But when LGE is alleged to have demanded only, that is an indisputable fact.
Forgive me, do our SPRM officers have standard 6 qualifications?

18. So SPRM just want to play the racial equaliser and the case is just wind catching straw.

19. Then what is the aim of the prosecution of LGE? It's an exercise in futility right?

20. The aim is to tarnish the image of LGE. See the length they go to achieve this. Find something, anything to nail this LGE.

21. So the powers that-be-can say-look at this China man - he's got warts too. He's kong kalikong too.

22. Its just throw enough mud hope some will stick. Its a new game called Malaysian roulette.

23. But then we don't know what SPRM has. Let them produce the evidence.

24. So hold on to our moral high horse and see where this is going.

25. LGE has to fight this in court. If hes not guilty he walks free and sue the pants off all. If he's guilty then he can say he gave the monies to single mothers, OKU or flood victims in Penang.

26. See if we find these excuses cartoonish. Najib did these.


Tuesday 11 August 2020

Do the talking in court. If in court, anytime ,anywhere.

1. Najib can say whatever he wants. He's lucky he doesn't say that in court. Otherwise, he is in contempt of court.

2. The fact is he's sentenced to 12 years.jail. Why does he want to involve the rakyat?

3. He's trying to make public a private wrong. That's selfish and irresponsible of him. But what to do? He's born that way.

4. I urge the people not to listen to a sly person like him. It's between him and the court not the court vs the people.

5. He may not be in contempt of the court per se, but he is certainly contemptuous and derisive of the people's court.

6. He sees people as mere digits to be manipulated by a Shylock like him. When it comes to money isn't Najib; a person who wants both the money and the flesh?

7. Why am I not surprised at what Najib said? Because that's what you get when something that's supposed to come out from his posterior comes out from his mouth instead. Every time he opens his mouth he spews shit!

8. He says he gave the SRC monies to the orphans and to UMNO. Let's have the names of these. There must be receipts.

He did not issue ANY? Oh I forgot, he's stupid.

9. What he actually did was:-

10. Who cares about Najib? Maybe the rented UMNO crowd. When he took the money was he thinking about other people? If he can, he wanted to hide from everyone. As pm he thinks he can do anything with impunity.

11. Let me say it in a language a stupido like him can understand.
Before sex, you undress your partner. After sex, you dress yourself only. The morale of the story dear Najib, nobody gives a damn when you are f****d!

12. By trying to involve the people Najib wants to use extra judicial means to overturn a judicial decision. That is irksome and annoying.

13. If he can't poke at the prosecution's case at the high court, then as lawyers say it there is a priori reason to say he will not be able to do it at the higher appellate courts.

14. Maybe he didn't ask for the 42 Million, but he didn't report it either.

15. What's so unfair about the conviction? Is it fair only when Najib walks free?
The conviction arrived at, on well reasoned arguments, considering the overwhelming evidence and a justiciable rejection of the far-fetched, astounding and logic defying narrative of the defence team.

16. Don't throw the water on hearing the thunder in the sky-a higher level of defence would also invite a higher level and stout prosecution. Two can play at the same game.

17. So we say adieu to Monsieur Najib.


Sunday 9 August 2020

UMNO yang sebenarnya, sila bangun!

1. Kita tak tahu konstitusi seorang askar kecuali bertembakan. Ada askar nampak hebat dalam keadaan biasa tapi kaku bila bertembakan. Itulah cara kita tahu perwatakan sebenar seseorang.

2. Akhirnya kita tahu perwatakan UMNO yang sebenarnya apabila diuji dengan pengahukuman Najib anak Razak.

3. Watak sejati UMNO ditunjukkan dengan 2 cara
(a) gelagat penyokong Najib yang didatangkan dari seluruh negara
(b) gelagat Najib sepanjang perbicaraan.

4. Untungnya perwatakan tulen UMNO ini bukanlah perwatakan orang melayu.

5. Aduhai, ia memerlukan suatu bencana untuk mengeluarkan perwatakan tulen UMNO.

6. Sah dan nyata, bangsa melayu itu lebih mulia dari UMNO dan UMNO itu bukan bangsa melayu.

7. Dari peristiwa penghukuman Najib, maka terserlah lah perwatakan melayu yang sejati

8. (a). Melayu itu bukan penerima dan pemberi rasuah
(b). Melayu itu tak langgar undang-undang. Biar mati anak jangan mati adat
(c) melayu tak menolong kejahatan
(d). Melayu tidak suka mengaku dia yang buat bilamana perkara itu diusahakan bersama
(e) melayu tidak hipokrit berpura pura. Apa yang dilihat itulah seadanya.
(f). Melayu itu tidak menggunakan Tuhan untuk menguatkan kepalsuan.

9. Sifat-sifat jelek dan bobrok ini dicerna oleh UMNO saja. Merekalah yang membudidayakan sifat-sifat buruk ini. Dan kita tahu hanya najis saja yang dicernakan.

10. Solusinya tinggalkan UMNO. Faedahnya banyak. 1 dari 18 orang melayu adalah UMNO. Mati sorang orang UMNO, 17 orang melayu hidup tanpa UMNO!

11. Hanya orang UMNO yang sanggup menggadai harga diri untuk 30-50ringgit. Menjual harga diri menjadikan mereka hanya, angka-angka yang boleh dimanipulasi oleh Najib dan warlords UMNO yang lain.

12. Orang yang tiada harga diri sanggup melakukan apa, saja termasuk melalak tak tentu pasal depan mahkamah dan diperlakukan sejadi jadinya.

13. Menjadikan diri mereka sebagian dari kumpulan yang datang konon kerana menyokong bosku adalah satu cara diterima oleh orang yang tidak normal. Kesian orang UMNO.

14. Menjadi pengikut boleh saja tapi jangan jadi pengikut buta. Sadarlah dari membuat sesuatu yang sia-sia seperti menyokong seorang pesalah. Dia kata tak tahu menahu mengenai wang src tapi mendabik dada kata itu wang src yang dibelanjakan untuk UMNO dan anak yatim. Dia joli di Hawaii dan Rome. Dasar penipu bersiri!

15. Awak semua kuda tunggangan Najib mencapai sesuatu yang tidak bolih dicapai dimahkamah. Maka biarlah dia membuat rayuan sehingga lembu pulang kekandang.
Lembu tidak bolih menjadi manusia tapi manusia bolih dilembukan!

16. Bukankah berhimpun beramai ramai melanggar undang-undang? Apatah lagi semasa negara dilanda covid 19.

17. Tapi tidak mengapa. Kalau mati pun, mati syahid kata seorang matlaon. Mati mempertahankan amirul mukminin Najib Razak. Amirul mukminin yang suatu ketika sebut Muhammad subhanahu wataala dan Allah saw. Itu dia amirul mukminin kalian!

18. Tapi macang ahli parlimeng maghang kkabo dakpe awang, dia baru balajar.

19. Saya pung ramai kawang-kawang yang sebut waman, watang wapo, mana ssaw kali?
Kemaman kuantan, kuala lumpur mana besar sekali?

20. Agaknya semasa berhimpun tu orang UMNO naik sawan. Semua dilupakan. Kerana sedikit ole-ole. Tidak ada sighah atau warna Allah yang mewarnai kehidupan harian.

21. Apabila semua kehemahan/decency dan ketertiban/propriety dihumban laungan mempertahankan Islam itu tinggal laungan untuk menawan minda orang melayu aja.

22. Bila orang UMNO kata mereka membela islam itu klentong saja. Mana mungkin mereka membela Islam kalau mereka membela kejahatan?

23. Bukankah al maidah : 2 berkata kita tolong menolong orang lain untuk kebaikan dan menguatkan ketaqwaan dan jangan menolong kejahatan?

24. Menolong Najib nyata menolong kejahatan. Boleh kita percaya orang UMNO yang tiada harga diri ini?

25. Orang melayu tak tebal muka mengaku perkara yang dilakukan beramai dikakukan sendirian. Hanya orang berkulit tebal macam Najib boleh buat demikian.

26. Demikianlah Najib mengaku dia memesatkan kemajuan economi dan merancakkan pasaran saham sedangkan ini semua usaha ramai. Orang melayu tak bersikap lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama.

27. Hanya Najib yang tak malu saja mengaku ini semua. Tidak syak lagi ini cubaan melepaskan tengkuk sendiri.

28. Orang melayu tidak bersikap telunjuk lurus kelengking berkait. Tidak dakwa membasmi akta isa tapi menggantinya dengan undang-undang lain yang sezalim.

29. Orang melayu tak bemuka muka dua/duplicitous. Hanya Najib bersikap begitu sebab itu kesemulajadian nya.

30. Sikulit badak itu mengaku dia mahu memperkenalkam sistem sumbangan politik yang telus tapi ditentang oleh pembangkang. Bohong! Yang menentang ketelusan ialah UMNO.

31. Peristiwa himpunan umno mendedahkan perwatakan umno yang sebenarnya. Saya mengkritik umno bukan menyerang melayu ya. Melayu lebih besar dari umno!


Saturday 8 August 2020

A liar by any other name is still a liar.

1. I would like to address a few issues. They are mostly lies if unanswered.

2. Najib was the youngest MP. So what? We are supposed to drool at that?

3. It was just a fortuitous outcome. Tun Razak had just died. The Pekan idiots were too consumed by grief and believed that Najib must have inherited Razak's leadership skills that the man who didn't know to properly wash after urinating, was chosen as mp over others.

4. That's all to it. Najib was a consequential MP.

5. Najib was the Youngest MB. We are not told of the irreparable damage done to the Pahang logging industry. At that time ASPA was already treated as his personal ATM. So with SRC and 1MDB, its déjà vu.

6. He wasn't managing the state well but was more interested in sowing his wild oats. Especially on a certain then already married woman.

7. Didn't Najib as the youngest MB declared that his wife then was suffering from 'gila babi'? It was just an excuse to divorce the then wife.

8. As the youngest MB, he appointed his cousin, Aman Najas to head ASPA. That would make the pillage of aspa easier.
Not only did the cousin earn a princely salary of RM40,000 but the bloke was driving a Porsche to work!

9. Najib was the youngest man of steal.

10. Najib does not even have a parking summons. So do thousands of kampung people who don't drive.

11. How could Najib? He rarely drives. Tell me which policeman would issue a parking summons on a minister?

12. Everything Najib said is debatable. He was indeed pm for 9 years. It was a period more known for SRC, 1MDB, ECR and the purchase of expiring IPPS. And the fire sale of Khazanah's assets.

13. The stock market was the most robust. It was so because the robbers became the players in the market, fleecing ordinary investors. Plus they knew the robber in chief was at the helm.

14. The economy was great not because of Najib alone. It was a collective effort by the private sector, the government, investors and the household.

15. Shame on Najib for claiming the economy was good because of him. The economy would have grown despite of him not because of him.

16. Najib claimed that it was he who abolished ISA. Not true, it was the opposition which pressed for its abolition. It was Najib who replaced the ISA with more Draconian laws.

17. Najib further claimed he pressed for a transparent political donation system but was stymied by the opposition. This was a big lie as it was UMNO which was against the system.

18. Najib was lying through his teeth when he said he created massive infrastructure projects especially in transport and housing.

19. The most notable transport project was the overpriced ECR project which was negotiated downwards by Tun Daim Zainuddin. Needless to say somebody must have earned some mouth watering commission on the overpriced value. Guess who?

20. Out of the 1 million public and Felda housing project targeted, not even 30 per cent was achieved. It was a NATO (no action talk only) project.

21. Finally, I dedicate the following Chinese song to bossku. I don't understand Chinese but understand the photos.


Friday 7 August 2020

Sumpah Memakan Tuan.

1. Saya tertarik dengan kenyataan bekas mufti  ini.

2. Musibahnya ialah penjara.  Kalau ini musibahnya, Najib  sedari mula bersalah.

3. Musibah lain kita tak tahu lagi.  Najib tidak bermain hujan jadi tidak dipanah petir.  Tidak mandi disungai maka tidak dimakan buaya. Lagipun kerana professional courtesy buaya tak nak makan Najib.

4. Dalam jaman sains dan teknocoli ini sukar  dapat musibah masnawi.

5. Jadi bolehlah Najib,  penipu bersiri itu mempesendakan agama.

6. Ini mengingatkan saya cerita mullah nasruddin.  Satu hari dia pergi kedai gunting rambut untuk bercukur.

7. Setiap cukuran pisau cukur dia dilukai. Dan tukang gunting akan berteriak Allahu Akbar! Menyebabkan mullah Nasruddin berkata-boleh jangan libatkan Allah  tak?

8. Masa Najib  sekor duit SRC dan 1MDB ada dia ingat Tuhan? Kenapa sekarang berlagak alim? Jangan nak mengada lah.

9. Perogol pergi mahkamah baru tahu kopah bagai.  Siperempuan berhijab bagai.  Masa buat perkara-perkara terlarang tak ingat pulak.

10. Maknanya Najib  sama standard perogol atau kaki botol.

11. Sumpah ini bukan sendiri-sendiri buat tapi dilakukan oleh perintah mahkamah. Ada tuan hakim suruh Najib  bersumpah? Dasar tak malu.

12. Sumpah itu lemah bila berdepan dengan bahan bukti yang kuat.  Dan bahan bukti yang dikemukakan tidak tercabar peri nya.

13. Tapi Najib  tak tahu ini semua. Dia bodohkan? Bukankah strateji pertahanan nya ialah berpura-pura bodoh?

14. Saya heran macam mana orang yang berpura pura bodoh tahu signiken bersumpah?. Adakah selama ini dia membodohkan semua orang dan berbohong?

15. Jadi sumpah Najib ialah sumpah lagha yaitu sumpah yang sia-sia.  Yang biasa dibuat. Ini bukan kali pertama Najib  bersumpah.  Dulu dimasjid kampung baru.

16. Bahkan sumpah Najib  mencabar kewibawaan mahkamah.  Dia ingat mahkamah tidak dapat membaca kepura puraan nya.

17. Najib kurang ajar dan angkuh membuat sumpah sesuka hatinya tanpa perintah hakim. Pendakwa telahpun berjaya mengemukakan bahan bukti dan saksi-saksi.  Semuanya melemahkan sumpah Najib.

18. Ternyata Najib  seorang yang tidak bertanggung jawab:-dia tak kira kalau sumpah dia hanya suatu pembohongan, laknat nya menthabitkan semua orang dalam mahkamah.

19. Macam mana kita telah memilih seorang yang tak ada perasaan tanggung jawab?

20. Najib cuba memainkan emosi orang melayu dengan sumpah yang tak guna sesen itu. Masa dia curi duit src dulu ada dia ingat orang melayu? Binawe betul.

21. Orang melayu jangan lemah lutut bila dengar Najib  bersumpah. Ia sumpah seekor buaya tak makan bangkai.

22. Adakah dia cuba Untuk meng-awamkan satu kesalahan peribadi? Dan menggunakan extra judicial means untuk membatalkan penghukuman mahkamah?

23. Sumpahnya bukan menguatkan ketidak-bersalahan nya tapi sumpahnya (yamin) tersebut menguatkan lagi pembohongannya. Macam orang pekan cakap, padan muka aok.


Thursday 6 August 2020

Keputusan besar umno.

1. Bila Najib dikenakan hukuman 12 tahun dan denda 420 juta, UMNO kata ia akan buat suatu keputusan besar.

2. Sehingga hari ini ia belum buat keputusan tersebut.  Apakah bentuk keputusan itu?

3. Langkah ini membayangkan ia tidak yakin penghukuman Najib akan dibalikkan. Tidak semua hakim boleh dikorupsi.

4. Lagipun ramai orang UMNO sendiri percaya memang Najib seorang penyamun tarbus.

5. Keputusan hendak sokong seorang pesalah banyak risiko. Ia menggambarkan UMNO tidak hormat undang-undang.  Ia juga tidak hormat perlembagaan.

6. Salah satu langkah yang ia boleh ambil ialah memecat bossku dari UMNO.

7. Tapi kalau ia buat begitu ia membuka pintu ampangan.

8. Ia mencipta precedent dan mana tahu nanti kena pecat Zahid, Tengku Palsu Adnan, Bung, Azeez,.Isa ketek dll

9. Itu akan bermakna UMNO akan kemarau kepemimpinan. Ia takkan berani buat keputusan pecat.

10. Kalau ia pecat Najib UMNO akan pecah sebab mamat tu ada juga pengikut buta.

11. Maka terpaksalah UMNO bermukim dengan penyamun-penyamun tarbus. Diketuai oleh penyamun 12 tahun.

12. Masaalah UMNO ni ialah menyangka ia akan kembali dominen seperti dulu. Bak kata orang putih, 'the halcyon days are gone'.

13. Rakyat dah tahu pekong UMNO.  Budaya umno tidak dapat tidak, akan mengujudkan kleptokrasi.

14. UMNO ialah parti sekular yang tidak ada jiwa agama.  Ia terus dipimpin oleh segolongan elit neo feudal yang reaksioner diatas rakyat marhaen yang naive.

15. Ia sebetulnya penentang kemajuan rakyat marhaen.  Sebab itu rakyat melayu terus mundur.

16. Bagaimana ia melakukan angkara durjana ini kita bahas dilain tempat.

17. Keputusan lebih besar yang ia boleh buat ialah keluar dari pn. Tunjukkan kejantanan nya.

18. Tunjukkan bahawa ia sanggup bertindak diluar undang-undang unrtuk menyelamatkan Najib seorang.

19. Namun menyelamatkan penyamun seorang tu, membawa malapetaka yang lebih besar dan banyak.

20. Ia akan hilang satu-satunya cara ia kembali berkuasa.  Ya disebalik cakap-cakap besar konco-konco UMNO ia sebetulnya satu harimau kertas aja.

21. Bersedialah mereka yang jadi menteri dan pegang GLC-GLC untuk melepaskan jawatan masing-masing. Ada berani?

22. Hanya seorang dua saja yang benar-benar jujur menyumbang kepada rakyat.  Majoriti lebih berminat mengumpul rumput kering (hay)  sementara ada cahaya mentari.

23. Ironinya dengan menenggek pada berasatu ialah satu-satunya cara UMNO kembali berkuasa.  Ia tidak berani keluar.  Tak ada telur punya.

24. Kalau ia keluar ianya akan mendedahkan lebih ramai pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO kepada tindakan undang dan kemungkinan penjara.  Dan UMNO tanpa pemimpin adalah parti tanpa arah dan haluan.

25. Keluar, ia menunjukkan UMNO benar-benar tidak berjiwa Islam. Bukan al  Maidah: 2, telah memberi asas spiritual yang nyata?

26. Yakni  kita tolong menolong untuk kebaikan dan meningkatkan ketakwaan jangan tolong menolong untuk kejahatan.  Ketahuilah hukunan Allah  itu amat berat.

27. Kita tahulah UMNO itu parti sekular, tapi sebagai parti orang melayu yang beragama Islam, tidak sedikit pun dipandu olih Islam.

28. Nyatalah laungan membela dan menyokong Islam, hanya omongan kosong.

29. Berdegil menolong matlaon Najib,  trade-off  nya kehilangan dokongan rakyat melayu konservatif yang beragama Islam. Dan UMNO tanpa dokongan melayu ialah UMNO yang almarhum!

30. Menolong Najib  bererti menolong kejajahatan dan membuktikan UMNO tidak ada taqwa. Orang yang tidak ada, taqwa akan buat kejahatan.

31. Orang melayu disebelah kejahatan atau kebaikan?

32. Makanya jika UMNO membuat analisa kos-faedah memecat Najib  adalah keputusan yang lebih baik. Walaupun ia mungkin menyebabkan bencana kepada pemimpin lain.

33. Sekurang kurangnya ia menunjukkan UMNO sebuah parti untuk 'greater good' orang melayu.

34. Apapun keputusan besar yang diambil UMNO, ia adalah keadaan ditelan mati emak, diluah mati ayah.  Bolehlah wak muhyi menangguk diair keruh.

35. Mengenai hal itu telah saya bahas dalam artikel yang terdahulu.


Wednesday 5 August 2020

Why I think Najib will serve jail time.

1. Some friends  are sceptical  whether Najib  will serve jail time.  He will appeal right up to the federal  court.  That will take up to 1 year.

2. It's pointless for Najib  to do a judicial filibuster.  Its vexatious  and a waste of time. If Najib  wants to waste time, waste his time not the time of others.

3. Appealing may just increase the annoyance and irritation of the appellate judges at the Appeal and Federal court.  They may affirm  the sentence.

4. Its very difficult  to totally  overturn a well reasoned finding  of the Court  of first instance.  It wasn't a wishy-washy finding.

5. The evidence  collected were so overwhelming  against  Najib,  that it would take a gargantuan effort and extra judicial  means to overturn  the 2-hour findings  of judge Nazlan.

6. If the defence team could  not overcome the 'balance of probabilities' level burden of proof requirement,  it is unthinkable to expect the higher courts to invent a still lower level  burden  of proof requirement  to accommodate  the defence team. That would  be preposterous!

7. Najibs defence team employed the following  strategy :-
(a)  mock the judicial systen
(b) fake stupidity
(c). Behaved arrogantly or as I  would  say behave like a cocky bastard expected of a feudal lord.

8. It is highly unlikely  for the higher courts to ignore  these insolences.

9. At every level Najib  will mock the judicial system.  Remember  the time he refused to sit in the dock even after  being asked politely? He expects preferential  treatment symptomatic  of a feudal slum lord.

10. He openly flouts the rules of a court. He challenges the court on points  of law on every occasion  he has. He assumes the judge stupid and part of  the corrupt  environment he created.

11. Najib faked stupidity  as his defence  strategy.  He didn't know millions entered  his account. He didn't complain to Ambank or the MACC. He was too duff.

12. Najib did a Baldrick as in the Blackadder series. He denied everything. It  you were to ask whether  his name is Najib he will say no.

13. The  evidence  are too glaring to be ignored. Monies flowed from SRC to Gandingan Mentari to Ehsan Perdana. From there the millions went into Najib's accounts.

14. When told about this Najib feigned upset and shock.  But he did not report this to the police, SPRM or the bank.

15. The Penang  woman  whose account  was wrongly credited with rm20,000 was fined.  In Najib's case it was rm42 million.

16. In fact, he went  on a shopping  spree and joli katak with wrongly  credited  money.  That shows he willfully spent money that is not his.

17. To  willfully spend destroys  the lie he does not handle his own account. He was the sole signatory of cheques  issued.  He did issue and signed many numbers of cheques  worth millions.

18. Through  an EGM he appointed himself emeritus  advisor to SRC.  That demolishes his claim of ignorance.

19. I learnt a long time ago that ignorance  is not an excuse  in law. But SRC appointed a moron, and we elected the  stupidest pm.

20. There's  another reason why I  think Najib's sentence  will not be cavalierly overturned.  This is to prove the judiciary  is not for  sale.  Its to convince  the public that UMNO kingpins do not  always escape  liability.

21. It's  the imperative  and the unspoken judicial conscience  to tell the public  that the judiciary  does not operate like  a business cartel  and  not a judicial scammer working hand in glove with  the crooks.

22. At least I  hope there's  still a judicial  conscience.

23. That the judiciary functions like a business cartel and scammer, fleecing money from the government was pointed  out by appeal court judge Hamid Sultan Abu Baker.

24. For example companies would enter into contracts with the government  on terms impossible  to enforce.  The companies would  take the government  to court. Wanting to avoid costly trials the government  will admit liability.  They will pay and probably some portion of the payments will go to some judges.

25. So in order to avoid being labelled the other side of the same coin plus the presence of some judicial  conscience,  the higher courts will affirm the findings of Nazlan.

26. Because  of these  reasons  I  suggest Najib  would better practise  eating rice with rotten fish.


Monday 3 August 2020

The death of a snakeoil salesman.

1. On TV, I saw thousands of people screaming their heads off supporting  bossku who was, waiting for his verdict.

2. The mob of people was bus-ed there from  all over the country. They were  probably given food and water, hat and money.

3. Obviously  these people are UMNO people.  The branch chief was probably  paid rm50 per head. The division  chief probably  more.  After the show of force at the court grounds these people are probably bus-ed to Chow  Kit  and Nilai to do some shopping.

4. Ignoring all medical protocol social distancing  and all that they gathered to show support for a felon.  Probably  there were some delegates  from party angkut sampah to ululate  God is great!

5. It's an opportunity  to earn some money for all of them.  For some maybe a chance to get laid with their girlfriends  or boyfriends.

6. Earning  free money is part and parcel of the UMNO credo.  They  have been taught that way for ages. The biggest freeloader  is of course the man tried in the SRC case.

7. So you see, it's not a case of burning  the mosquito  net on account of one mosquito  but the whole system  is dysfunctional.

8. The UMNO culture must necessarily lead to corruption leading to kleptocracy. Thats why its so objectionable.

9. The sycophantic UMNO media practitioners worked overtime to save the man of steal  from the judicial  kryptonite.

10. One strategy was to share a private wrongdoing (Najib's) with the UMNO knaves then invading the court premises and the other strategy was to invoke some religious writings  to placate Najib. But the man was not smiling.

11. I saw an incredulous  message that described  Najib  as king of the pious(amirul mukminin).  King of the pious my foot, Najib  can't even  give an example  of an unclean mughallazah!

12. The same message made the extraordinary  claim that whoever died defending  the king of the pious will die a martyr's death.

13. And that the bodies of martyrs are not consumed  by the earth and remained unscathed.
Can the asshole guarantee  this? Why don't we exhume the bodies declared martyrs and see whether  their bodies  remained intact or have disintegrated?

14. Such a claim reminded me that pas once stated that whoever supported them will go to heaven. Thus, you find many poor innocents  draping the bodies  of their dead with PAS flags.  That way they hope the 2 angels assigned to interrogate the dead, mukar and nakir will not smack the dead bodies.
What a load of BS are the 2 claims.

15. Isn't the writer implicitly inciting people to commit violence? If that is so shouldn't  the writer be investigated  under the incitement act?

16. Aren't the forms of gratification  received  by the UMNO people a form of corruption? Aren't they mean  to induce people to behave in certain ways? If they are, shouldn't  the people be subjected to some sprm act? Investigate them.

17. Perhaps  the idea  of pdrm to slap these people with  fines is a good one.  Teach these people it doesn't pay to listen  to the provocations of UMNO .

18. There was this article  that appeared in suara merdeka(SM). SM is the official mouthpiece of UMNO.  It doesn't take much intelligence  to  realise anything that appears in SM is propaganda.  In this case its Goebbellsian after Joseph  Goebbels.

19. It said the prosecutions against  Najib  and Zahid were selective  prosecutions. This was of course nonsense!

20. Any procutions against  UMNO would be labelled  selective. Its like America  labelling leaders it doesn't like as dictators. What's new?

21. If Najib  and Zahid were the persons committing  the offences, then they must face legal action. It's not selective but precise.  Let's not call them selective prosecution  but precision persecution. Instead of going after small fries let's go after the sharks.

22. Najib  was the actual person committing  the offence why should  we go after any will o the wisp?

23. Can the petty thief stealing  a few tins of baby milk or sardines, say they are victims of selective prosecution?

24. The article tried to console Najib by saying that it's alright to  be demeaned and belittled  in this temporal world but will achieve prominence and respectability  in the  afterworld.

25. If that is so, why doesn't the writer pray to God to hasten the demise of Najib  so that he can enjoy the prominence  the writer thinks Najib  deserved.

26. The writer must be suffering from selective absent-mindedness. Up to SRC and 1MDB pray tell when did Najib  suffer any demean? He was born to a cushiony life.

27. The article  also said that Najib  should  take comfort that a thing like SRC is only a small part of bigger and more wrongdoings.

28. True! We have not heard what destruction  has Najib  wreaked to Felda, Nfc, Petronas, Khazanah and the various  institutions  Najib  skimmed the top and treating these as his personal atm.

29. SRC is indeed a small part of the festering  wound on Najib's chest.

30. Najib did not just receive support but also condemnation.  Some even thanked God for  the retribution.

31. Najib said his mistake was doing his best for the rakyat, party and country. The reaction to this was up yours Najib!

32. We are asked to trust the fox guarding the  chicken  house. This  is what we  get:-


Saturday 1 August 2020

Menegakkan Benang yang Basah.

1. Ada 2 pendapat yang  mengiringi penghukuman Najib  yang perlu dijawab. Supaya tidak terus menimbulkan kekeliruan.

2. Yang pertama mengatakan perbicaraan Najib  adalah selective prosecution.  Kedua yang mengakan penghinaan didunia akan membawa kepada pemuliaan diakhirat

3. Jawapan mudah dan solusi pada pandangan kedua ialah percepatkan Najib ke alam barzakh dan akhirat. Pendapat ini sebenarnya mendoakan Najib  mati cepat.

4. Sejak bila Najib  dihina? Sehingga src dan 1MDB terbongkar, najib sentiasa dimuliakan.

5. Mb yang termuda, mp yang termuda, timbalan menteri, menteri, TPM dan PM. Jika ini semua penghinaan berikan kepada saya.

6. Yang dimaksudkan al ghazali ialah penghinaan yang berterusan. Dan ia berlaku pada orang alim dan yang taat beragama.
Najib lebih suka menyemai bijiran-bijiran liarnya.

7. Jadi jangan gunakan pendapat hujjatul Islam  itu untuk menegakkan benang basah.

8. Jangan menyalahkan orang lain jika matlaon-matlaon UMNO dihentam termasuk oleh media sosial.

9. Ketahuilah bahawa mereka menghentam kerana perkara-perkara yang dilakukan matlaon-matlaon UMNO itu menjengkilkan.

10. Kita ucap tahniah artikel dalam suara merdeka(lidah rasmi UMNO) mengungkap panjang lebar pandangan al ghazali

11. Bagaimanapun ungkapan tersebut mengandungi bibit-bibit yang membinanasakan hujjah penulis.  Ia menjadi gergaji bermata dua. Terima kasih.

12. Jika kesalahan Najib  yang ini merupakan hanya sebahagian kecil dari kesalahan yang lebih banyak, bukankah tulisan ini mengakui Najib  atau wak jahid ada melakukan dosa yang lebih besar dan lebih banyak?

13. Kita lihat apa Najib  lakukan pada khazanah. Kita lihat apa dia lakukan pada Felda, Nfc, pada Petronas dsb nya.

14. Maka benarlah dosa Najib  dengan src hanya sebahagian kecil dari kejelekan yang lebih banyak.  Kalau dia didapati bersalah dalam banyak lagi kes, kita kena buat kubur dalam bilik penjara nya.

15. Seperti yang disarankan oleh ungkapan tersebut, Najib  perlu mendoakan yang baik-baik pada penghina-penghinanya. Doakan mereka kesihatan yang baik dan umur yang panjang, supaya dapat mereka mendedahkan pekong-pekong Najib  yang lain.

16. Dan Najib  jangan berduka nestapa, kerana diakhirat kelak dia akan mendapat kemuliaan.

17. Jangan percaya pada tukang kipas dan pengampu-pengampu kerana mereka hanya mematahkan tulang belakang kamu ya Najib. Ada tulang belakang Najib  ni rupa-rupanya.  Saya fikir tiada.

18. Dalam tahun 1999 tukang ampu UMNO Pekan kata semua ok bos. Itu ok dan ini OK. Bila  keputusan pru keluar Najib  hampir K. O. Dia menang tipis dengan majoriti 241. Lawannya calun pas ketika itu sudah sujud syukur ingat dia menang.

19. Dibahagian pertama penulis artikel mangatakan ini adalah pendakwaan terpilih.  Ia dimulakan oleh kerajaan ph.
Sudah tentu penulis akan berkata demikian kerana dia orang UMNO.

20. Ada kita lihat pelaku lain selain Najib? Mana mungkin kita mendakwa orang lain  semata mata tidak hendak dituduh mendakwa secara terpilih.  Yang melakukan nya ialah Najib. Jadi dialah kita dakwa.

21. Kalau Najib pelakunya sayugianya dia didakwa.
Kalau dia membeli kondominium tentu dia dapat diskaun yang besar sebab nama dia Najib  kan?

22. Mengapa dalam hal yang berfaedah Najib  dapat keutamaan tapi dalam perkara yang buruk dia tidak? Dia bukan boleh pilih-pilih.

23. Biasalah pohon yang tinggi itu mengundang angin yang kencang.

24. Faktanya tiada pendakwaan terpilih. Kalau Najib  pelaku kesalahan dialah yang didakwa. Adakan pencuri susu bayi atau ayam berkata mereka adalah mangsa pendakwaan terpilih?

25. Begitu juga jika Najib  arkitek skendel 1MDB dia didakwa, bukan sebab pilih2 tapi dia pelakunya.
Menuduh berlaku pendakwaan terpilih adalah menghina kecerdasan pendakwa-pendakwa raya.

26. Di Indonesia  mereka memanggil yang mencuri perampok, di singapura dia dipanggil pencuri, di Malaysia  dia dipanggil Perdana Menteri

27. Demikianlah ungkapan tulisan al ghazali ihya ullumidin menjadi gergaji bermata dua. Ia (src) benar2 menjadi pedang Damocles  yang tergantung diatas leher Najib  dan telah pun putus.

28. Dan tuduhan pendakwaan Najib  adalah satu pendakwaan terpilih adalah satu pembohongan.


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