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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Why I think Najib will serve jail time.

1. Some friends  are sceptical  whether Najib  will serve jail time.  He will appeal right up to the federal  court.  That will take up to 1 year.

2. It's pointless for Najib  to do a judicial filibuster.  Its vexatious  and a waste of time. If Najib  wants to waste time, waste his time not the time of others.

3. Appealing may just increase the annoyance and irritation of the appellate judges at the Appeal and Federal court.  They may affirm  the sentence.

4. Its very difficult  to totally  overturn a well reasoned finding  of the Court  of first instance.  It wasn't a wishy-washy finding.

5. The evidence  collected were so overwhelming  against  Najib,  that it would take a gargantuan effort and extra judicial  means to overturn  the 2-hour findings  of judge Nazlan.

6. If the defence team could  not overcome the 'balance of probabilities' level burden of proof requirement,  it is unthinkable to expect the higher courts to invent a still lower level  burden  of proof requirement  to accommodate  the defence team. That would  be preposterous!

7. Najibs defence team employed the following  strategy :-
(a)  mock the judicial systen
(b) fake stupidity
(c). Behaved arrogantly or as I  would  say behave like a cocky bastard expected of a feudal lord.

8. It is highly unlikely  for the higher courts to ignore  these insolences.

9. At every level Najib  will mock the judicial system.  Remember  the time he refused to sit in the dock even after  being asked politely? He expects preferential  treatment symptomatic  of a feudal slum lord.

10. He openly flouts the rules of a court. He challenges the court on points  of law on every occasion  he has. He assumes the judge stupid and part of  the corrupt  environment he created.

11. Najib faked stupidity  as his defence  strategy.  He didn't know millions entered  his account. He didn't complain to Ambank or the MACC. He was too duff.

12. Najib did a Baldrick as in the Blackadder series. He denied everything. It  you were to ask whether  his name is Najib he will say no.

13. The  evidence  are too glaring to be ignored. Monies flowed from SRC to Gandingan Mentari to Ehsan Perdana. From there the millions went into Najib's accounts.

14. When told about this Najib feigned upset and shock.  But he did not report this to the police, SPRM or the bank.

15. The Penang  woman  whose account  was wrongly credited with rm20,000 was fined.  In Najib's case it was rm42 million.

16. In fact, he went  on a shopping  spree and joli katak with wrongly  credited  money.  That shows he willfully spent money that is not his.

17. To  willfully spend destroys  the lie he does not handle his own account. He was the sole signatory of cheques  issued.  He did issue and signed many numbers of cheques  worth millions.

18. Through  an EGM he appointed himself emeritus  advisor to SRC.  That demolishes his claim of ignorance.

19. I learnt a long time ago that ignorance  is not an excuse  in law. But SRC appointed a moron, and we elected the  stupidest pm.

20. There's  another reason why I  think Najib's sentence  will not be cavalierly overturned.  This is to prove the judiciary  is not for  sale.  Its to convince  the public that UMNO kingpins do not  always escape  liability.

21. It's  the imperative  and the unspoken judicial conscience  to tell the public  that the judiciary  does not operate like  a business cartel  and  not a judicial scammer working hand in glove with  the crooks.

22. At least I  hope there's  still a judicial  conscience.

23. That the judiciary functions like a business cartel and scammer, fleecing money from the government was pointed  out by appeal court judge Hamid Sultan Abu Baker.

24. For example companies would enter into contracts with the government  on terms impossible  to enforce.  The companies would  take the government  to court. Wanting to avoid costly trials the government  will admit liability.  They will pay and probably some portion of the payments will go to some judges.

25. So in order to avoid being labelled the other side of the same coin plus the presence of some judicial  conscience,  the higher courts will affirm the findings of Nazlan.

26. Because  of these  reasons  I  suggest Najib  would better practise  eating rice with rotten fish.


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