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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Pejuang - Bright promises dismal possibilities.

1. Yet another political party has materialised before our tired eyes. It is called parti Pejuang. Formed by Dr Mahathir.

2. It's Mulligan's army revisited. A bunch of soldiers led by captain Blackadder.

3. Why am I not excited by the emergence of another party?

4. Like many others I suffer from the law of diminishing returns.

5. An additional political party does not confer me any more satisfaction but only discomfort and inconvenience.

6. Pejuang makes the boastful claim of eliminating a perennial problem - corruption. But it's just repackaging of rancid food. Its just wine in a new bottle.

7. The elimination of corruption is not the sole monopoly of Pejuang. All political parties have it as one of its agenda, only with more or less enthusiasm.

8. Even despicable UMNO has it as one of its unwritten promises. So Mahathir's explicit declaration about it is just hot air to me.

9. He's had 22 years to do it but didn't snuff out the enabling system. In fact, he nourishes it further.

10. If he had 22 years to do it and failed, I am not confident he can do it in 5 years.

11. By which time he will be approaching 100. Let's hope infirmity and death don't catch up on him. His promises will be left to lesser mortals who may not share his aim. So it's a case of bright promises but dismal possibilities.

12. When he chose to resign he was not only playing out his machinations but playing with our future. To me, that's the height of irresponsibility.

13. I know at his age he is beyond criticism but that doesn't mean he's right always.

14. We know Mahathir has done many great things-giving Malaysians the right mindset of Malaysia Boleh, great infrastructure and all that.

15. But he is also responsible for creating the system which in turn created the ogre in the form of the 6th PM. Although he did it his way, I am afraid the end is near.

16. This time around Pejuang will be consigned to the dustbin of inconsequentiality.


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