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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 13 August 2020

To Kill a Malaysian Mockingbird.

Apparently they recovered some cash in Lim Guan Eng’s house, quite a lot of it too.
Here it is.


1. That's how I see the prosecution of Lim Guan Eng. Comical. I was ROFL.

2. Even funnier we are asked to believe the words of a political pimp.

3. It would be interesting to see him expose his instrument in court soon.

4. I hope he's not hung like a baby carrot when he flashes his evidence in court.

5. He's the contractor of the tunnel who once bragged that he doesn't have to kautim anyone in the government to get the tunnel project.

6. The contract was awarded through open tender and commiteed by senior Penang and Federal civil servants. They too will provide evidence.

7. But for now we'll have to go on from the contractor since he is the prime actor in these charges.

8. He paid 3 Million to Azeez Rahim. He paid 100k to Halimah Saddique. He paid 100k to Nurjazlan Rahmat. Paid 50k to Zahid Hamidi's officer. He paid 500k to Nazri Aziz, UMNO's rottweiler. He also paid 500k to Rahman Dahalan.

9. My God! This man is a serial briber. And we are asked to believe in his credibility.

10. Perhaps the
UMNO luminaries will be called as defence witnesses to confirm they did recieve money from this contractor.

11. By the way the contractor made these allegations in writing. Having made the bed he must now lie on it.

12. Perhaps he will regale us with tales he met LGE at fancy hotels in Penang or Kl. Mandarin Oriental seems to be the hotel of choice.

13. Over cups of kopi luwak, sushi and cigars? Perhaps a visit for a charkuat session ?

14. In the case of the
UMNO luminaries there was a smoking gun. He actually paid these people and it is evidenced in writing.

15. In LGE's case there is no smoking gun. How do you put in writing, a promise to pay and a demand to be paid?

16. There may be intervening events that cancel such a promise if one was ever made.

17. Then the whole 'covenant' depends on whether the contractor is honourable and will honour his promise.

18. There are grounds to believe that he is not an honourable person. He paid the
UMNO  luminaries and admitted to paying them in writing. In other words he ratted on them.

19. Surely these are grounds to doubt him. Unless the court rejects the admission in writing and rules the written admission not admissible.

20. Then that begs the question -how can something in writing is NOT admissible but something said verbally IS.

21. The contractor must come to court with clean hands. If they are muddied, then he is just the mud thrower!

22. I find it ridiculous a person who once sung praises for the Penang' government's transparency and bragged he did not have to kautim anyone now does a turnover?

23. Now he reverses his storyline and does a Benedict Arnold on his benefactors?


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