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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 3 August 2020

The death of a snakeoil salesman.

1. On TV, I saw thousands of people screaming their heads off supporting  bossku who was, waiting for his verdict.

2. The mob of people was bus-ed there from  all over the country. They were  probably given food and water, hat and money.

3. Obviously  these people are UMNO people.  The branch chief was probably  paid rm50 per head. The division  chief probably  more.  After the show of force at the court grounds these people are probably bus-ed to Chow  Kit  and Nilai to do some shopping.

4. Ignoring all medical protocol social distancing  and all that they gathered to show support for a felon.  Probably  there were some delegates  from party angkut sampah to ululate  God is great!

5. It's an opportunity  to earn some money for all of them.  For some maybe a chance to get laid with their girlfriends  or boyfriends.

6. Earning  free money is part and parcel of the UMNO credo.  They  have been taught that way for ages. The biggest freeloader  is of course the man tried in the SRC case.

7. So you see, it's not a case of burning  the mosquito  net on account of one mosquito  but the whole system  is dysfunctional.

8. The UMNO culture must necessarily lead to corruption leading to kleptocracy. Thats why its so objectionable.

9. The sycophantic UMNO media practitioners worked overtime to save the man of steal  from the judicial  kryptonite.

10. One strategy was to share a private wrongdoing (Najib's) with the UMNO knaves then invading the court premises and the other strategy was to invoke some religious writings  to placate Najib. But the man was not smiling.

11. I saw an incredulous  message that described  Najib  as king of the pious(amirul mukminin).  King of the pious my foot, Najib  can't even  give an example  of an unclean mughallazah!

12. The same message made the extraordinary  claim that whoever died defending  the king of the pious will die a martyr's death.

13. And that the bodies of martyrs are not consumed  by the earth and remained unscathed.
Can the asshole guarantee  this? Why don't we exhume the bodies declared martyrs and see whether  their bodies  remained intact or have disintegrated?

14. Such a claim reminded me that pas once stated that whoever supported them will go to heaven. Thus, you find many poor innocents  draping the bodies  of their dead with PAS flags.  That way they hope the 2 angels assigned to interrogate the dead, mukar and nakir will not smack the dead bodies.
What a load of BS are the 2 claims.

15. Isn't the writer implicitly inciting people to commit violence? If that is so shouldn't  the writer be investigated  under the incitement act?

16. Aren't the forms of gratification  received  by the UMNO people a form of corruption? Aren't they mean  to induce people to behave in certain ways? If they are, shouldn't  the people be subjected to some sprm act? Investigate them.

17. Perhaps  the idea  of pdrm to slap these people with  fines is a good one.  Teach these people it doesn't pay to listen  to the provocations of UMNO .

18. There was this article  that appeared in suara merdeka(SM). SM is the official mouthpiece of UMNO.  It doesn't take much intelligence  to  realise anything that appears in SM is propaganda.  In this case its Goebbellsian after Joseph  Goebbels.

19. It said the prosecutions against  Najib  and Zahid were selective  prosecutions. This was of course nonsense!

20. Any procutions against  UMNO would be labelled  selective. Its like America  labelling leaders it doesn't like as dictators. What's new?

21. If Najib  and Zahid were the persons committing  the offences, then they must face legal action. It's not selective but precise.  Let's not call them selective prosecution  but precision persecution. Instead of going after small fries let's go after the sharks.

22. Najib  was the actual person committing  the offence why should  we go after any will o the wisp?

23. Can the petty thief stealing  a few tins of baby milk or sardines, say they are victims of selective prosecution?

24. The article tried to console Najib by saying that it's alright to  be demeaned and belittled  in this temporal world but will achieve prominence and respectability  in the  afterworld.

25. If that is so, why doesn't the writer pray to God to hasten the demise of Najib  so that he can enjoy the prominence  the writer thinks Najib  deserved.

26. The writer must be suffering from selective absent-mindedness. Up to SRC and 1MDB pray tell when did Najib  suffer any demean? He was born to a cushiony life.

27. The article  also said that Najib  should  take comfort that a thing like SRC is only a small part of bigger and more wrongdoings.

28. True! We have not heard what destruction  has Najib  wreaked to Felda, Nfc, Petronas, Khazanah and the various  institutions  Najib  skimmed the top and treating these as his personal atm.

29. SRC is indeed a small part of the festering  wound on Najib's chest.

30. Najib did not just receive support but also condemnation.  Some even thanked God for  the retribution.

31. Najib said his mistake was doing his best for the rakyat, party and country. The reaction to this was up yours Najib!

32. We are asked to trust the fox guarding the  chicken  house. This  is what we  get:-


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