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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 24 August 2020

Dealing with a petulant felon.

1. Najib penyamunku is behaving like a petulant youngster. The only form of disciplining he deserves is canning by the severest pain inflicting rattan.

2. The cane that inflicts flesh shedding normally used by Pakistani canners. Najib is not averse to taking money and flesh right?

3. As a petulant youngster and a delinquent he should be inducted as a hall of famer to the Henry Gurney school of miscreants.

4. Those incarcerated at the moment should not feel diminished as they would soon get a former pm as a buddy.

Someone advise him not to bend over to pick up the soap. That would be a bottom shaker.

5. So Najib can make as many oaths as he wants, both damning or not before a receptive audience. They are of no avail and are useless.

6. Didn't the ex mufti of WP say that a sumpah laknat is not applicable to criminal cases but relevant only to matrimonial cases?

7. Then Najib should make the sumpah laknat to Rosie saying he hasn't screwed any other women. Only Rosie suspects and God knows. Also, Isa Samad Rahim Tamby Chik and Razak baginda know too. But that doesn't make them God like.

8. To a liar like Najib, another lie and oath is a walk in the park. He won't be struck by lightning or get and incurable disease. Or would he?

9. In court, he says he doesn't handle or knows about his account. Outside the court he says he gives the monies to orphans and umno. Meaning he handles and knows his account. Which is which?

10. I wish the receptive audience, the pleasure product of the loins of some ignoramuses, would reject Najib's hypocrisy and entreaties. The tree of liberty should be shaken from time to time.

11. I am surprised he didn't use umno nationalism to appeal to the masses but instead used religious sentiments to elicit mass support. Perhaps he knows that nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel and nationalism is the virtue of the vicious.

12. Umno nationalism is therefore ephemeral. Devoid of its weltanshaung support for umno is fluid. So I say that religious sentiment is the last refuge for the scoundrel and religiousity the virtue of the vicious. Like Najib is.

13. So i urge the people to exercise the material in between their ears( it's not the nose). For so long you die being loyal, lets be alive in rebellion!

14. In exercising the material between their ears, don't be like the dumbos surrounding Najib during a recent umno campaign. See the second photo. They were probably experiencing some orgasmic seizure drooling at Najib's red lips.
A brief moment's pleasure makes them forget the man before them is a bloody crook.

15. A person like Najib can subsist within the corrupt system of umno. Najib has 2 qualities highly appreciated by umno. (a). Stupidity and (b) dishonesty.

16. His defense lawyers made him out as a stupido. Its no-brainer to know we got an imbecile as the 6th pm. He stole money from SRC and later to be proven from 1mdb. That he is dishonest is an unchallengeable fact.

17. What can I say about the following video? Certainly Najib has got a skin thicker than a rhino.
Then this sermon is for Najib.

18. Some people are telling Najib it's okay to steal. That's like telling the man it's okay to enter the house and sleep with their daughters. To be deflowered by penyamunku is something celebratory.

19. By instigating the people to do something in the PRU Najib maybe liable for inciting.

20. He's asking the people to overturn a legal wrong. What more of turning a private wrong into a public one. It's the law against Najib and not the law against the people.

21. When Najib stole from SRC did he think about the people? No.

22. Asking the people to get involved, is like having sex. Before having sex you undress your partner. After the act you dress yourself only. The thing is dear Najib nobody gives a damn when you are f****d!


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