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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 30 August 2020

An idiot's outing in P. T. Barnum's circus.

1. If there was any financial impropriety on the part of Guan Eng when he was Finance Minister, I would gladly join others in criticising him.

2. But at the same time I would not be chorusing noises like braying donkeys in parliament without more information.

3. What I heard that day were cheap political points shouted mostly by UMNO ignoramuses. There were a lot of below the belt political points but meagre intellectual substance.

4. But that is expected from UMNO 's unrefined idiots. They are in the same coarse league of Trump 'grab them by the pussy' personality.

5. Acting as if on cue from the Pontian Banjar, the bean counter, from MOF acted stupidly.

6. So he merrily repeated the political kick in the groin, saying that 101 recipients got 6.6b financial largesse through direct negotiation, courtesy of LGE.

7. If I had never been an Adun and MP before, I will also join other mouth gapping Malaysians to accuse LGE and DAP of acting improperly.

8. Certainly I would say LGE and DAP are kong kalikong too. Dua kali lima too.

9. It's an epiphany for me, the bean counter acted stupidly or acted with intentional malice using figures that would be scrutinized and whose narration would be challenged.

10. Such behaviour is that of a political novice accustomed to being unchallenged and surrounded by subservient Uncle Toms. Now he's talking to people who can talk back and challenge his narrative. Something new to him.

11. Meanwhile, the UMNO rednecks acted with characteristic bellicosity and pugnacity shouting themselves hoarse without an iota of intellectual substance, scoring cheap political points. They rushed in like fools where angels fear to tread.

12. They were more driven by herd instinct like a herd of wildebeests. It's true when P. Ramlee described parliament as a 'sarkas'.

13. As to the unelected finance minister, let me be more blunt to him in a language a nitwit like him can understand.

14. Perhaps when he enters his wife, he likes to do it halfway or a quarter way. As Negri people say 'masuk suku'. Its not our business if he likes it that way.

15. But the narrative he gave in parliament is our business. He gave a half measure only but sat down smirkly thinking he had given a pièce de résistance.

16. Which is the infamous incomplete list of the 101 projects worth RM.6.6b.

17. Please give us the list of the recipients who got the money through direct negotiation. Its our father's money.

18. Ada faham? A complete list of the recipients. Its like the opposition asked-a list of the recipients.

19. Otherwise, he's like a cook giving us a half cooked meal. That gives us stomach indigestion. I am afraid I didn't bring my Gaviscon with me. Have to go to the toilet then.

20. Could it be the list(incomplete)he proudly repeated is the following one?

21. Then from far he looks clever, but up close he is far from clever.

22. If that is the list then he has misled parliament with malicious intent. He's in deep waters.

23. But I am sure that is not the list. Even a 1 eyed buccaneer will know it's not the list. But the bespectacled finance minister maybe seeing 4 visions.

24. He should be referred to "the what" committee, I forgot. Privileges committee, rights or ways and means. Pardon me. For having misled parliament.

25. Now that is a serious matter on his part. If I were a teacher, I would give him passing mark whereas he thinks he has scored a distinction.

26. He has joined the 'Apa aku malu' bandwagon. Being a crook is a virtue.

27. Obviously Zafrul does not read or understand the Financial Procedure Act
He therefore made the asinine statement.

28. The pugnacious MP from Pontian gave him a baited shuttlecock and Zafril smashed it into the wrong court. He proved he can be a useful idiot.

29. The question was designed to make him look stupid or it had that effect. He swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

30. Now that LGE has acknowledged giving out 101 projects through direct negotiations, Zafrul must come out with a more detailed list. Ada teloq?

31. But LGE also said that the direct negotiations represented only 1.4 percent of Total Expenditure and 4 percent of Development Expenditure.

32. Of Zafrul a friend, a Malay said this about him.

33. Zafrul tak faham dan tak baca financial procedure act...buat statement macam budak bodoh...

34. But out of all these I know now. There is a provision for direct negotiation. Now, that is a cause for concern.


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