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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Do the talking in court. If in court, anytime ,anywhere.

1. Najib can say whatever he wants. He's lucky he doesn't say that in court. Otherwise, he is in contempt of court.

2. The fact is he's sentenced to 12 years.jail. Why does he want to involve the rakyat?

3. He's trying to make public a private wrong. That's selfish and irresponsible of him. But what to do? He's born that way.

4. I urge the people not to listen to a sly person like him. It's between him and the court not the court vs the people.

5. He may not be in contempt of the court per se, but he is certainly contemptuous and derisive of the people's court.

6. He sees people as mere digits to be manipulated by a Shylock like him. When it comes to money isn't Najib; a person who wants both the money and the flesh?

7. Why am I not surprised at what Najib said? Because that's what you get when something that's supposed to come out from his posterior comes out from his mouth instead. Every time he opens his mouth he spews shit!

8. He says he gave the SRC monies to the orphans and to UMNO. Let's have the names of these. There must be receipts.

He did not issue ANY? Oh I forgot, he's stupid.

9. What he actually did was:-

10. Who cares about Najib? Maybe the rented UMNO crowd. When he took the money was he thinking about other people? If he can, he wanted to hide from everyone. As pm he thinks he can do anything with impunity.

11. Let me say it in a language a stupido like him can understand.
Before sex, you undress your partner. After sex, you dress yourself only. The morale of the story dear Najib, nobody gives a damn when you are f****d!

12. By trying to involve the people Najib wants to use extra judicial means to overturn a judicial decision. That is irksome and annoying.

13. If he can't poke at the prosecution's case at the high court, then as lawyers say it there is a priori reason to say he will not be able to do it at the higher appellate courts.

14. Maybe he didn't ask for the 42 Million, but he didn't report it either.

15. What's so unfair about the conviction? Is it fair only when Najib walks free?
The conviction arrived at, on well reasoned arguments, considering the overwhelming evidence and a justiciable rejection of the far-fetched, astounding and logic defying narrative of the defence team.

16. Don't throw the water on hearing the thunder in the sky-a higher level of defence would also invite a higher level and stout prosecution. Two can play at the same game.

17. So we say adieu to Monsieur Najib.


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